Russia Report 8: On Presidents, Puppets, Asylees, the CIA, MOCKINGBIRD and the Return of a Sovereign Russia

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Putin Rules

Date June 18, 2021

President Putin takes on the jackals, sharks, sycophants and mass murdering lunatics of the West and with truth, facts, honesty and unflappable composure delivers another crack to the glass house of the fascist, blood hungry, war mongering, global terrorizing psychotic empire of the West which continues to attempt to take over the world in their bloodthirsty drive for a Satanic New World Order and bring Russia and China to their knees along with hundreds of other states.

The Western CIA/MOCKINGBIRD fake media had the usual tissy-fits with their LGBTQPBND+ Russophobic trans-panties in a bundle over President Putin’s recent interview as they tried to continue the narrative that their senile pedophile “president” is an icon of power and some kind of a world leader and Russia is just bad bad bad.

During the interviews and the summit, which of course was a victory for President Putin, the President showed the world that he is still sharp, bright, focused, forever calm and able to get his message across right in the face of the enemy. In other words President Putin speaks, behaves and carries himself like a true leader and the president of the biggest, richest and most powerful country in the world.

As a former intelligence officer I am sure that President Putin knows that NBC and the Western media are all controlled by the CIA and attempting to break through their false narrative against Russia and himself is not an enviable task by any stretch of the imagination. Dealing with all of the leading questions asked him and even the outright rudeness of the NBC “journalist” President Putin did not once take the bait and answered with facts and truth that the Western media is no longer used to in any way shape or form. For anyone in the West who paid attention and is still able to view things critically and objectively all of that should be clear.

During the interview I was personally shocked by the level of open outright disrespect, hostility and even rudeness shown by the interviewer, who repeatedly not only asked leading loaded questions but also interrupted the president when President Putin did not say what he wanted to hear as though he were speaking to some low level stooge below his contempt and not the leader of the greatest country in the world.

It came to the point where President Putin even told to the NBC “journalist” the following: “You don't like my answer. You don't want your viewers to hear my answer, that's the problem. You're trying to shut my mouth. That's freedom to express one's own opinion? Or is that freedom to express one's opinion in the American way?”

Other takeaways we found especially telling:

He was not interviewed by Rossiya Sevodnya or RT which is a serious rebuff and does not portend well for the 5th columns at those state funded media outlets.
The above exchange was much deeper and telling than it appears on the surface and given the state of the global CIA MOCKINGBIRD media it is truly hoped that the statements by President Putin will be a seed of truth planted that will grow.

Press Conference After the Summit

 CNN’s MOCKINGBIRD stooge was just as aggressive and misleading throwing a whole bundle of loaded questions based on fake unfounded accusations against Russia and President Putin at the Russian leader. Apparently the burning question for the American sheeple consuming CNN garbage is regarding the “dynamic” between Pedo Joe and President Putin:

Question: “Hi, Matthew Chance from CNN. Thank you very much for giving me this question.”
“First of all, could you characterize the dynamic between yourself and President Biden? Was it hostile or was it friendly?”

“And secondly, throughout these conversations did you commit to ceasing carrying out cyberattacks on the United States? Did you commit to stopping threatening Ukraine’s security? And did you commit to stop cracking down on the opposition in Russia?”

Here we see clear evidence of the CNN CIA/MOCKINGBIRD attempting to maintain and promote its false narratives against the Russian Federation and President Putin.

Regarding cyberattacks these accusations by the USA have no basis in fact and no evidence has ever been presented. This line of attack on Russia was started by none other than Edward Snowden, who for some inexplicable reason continues to enjoy the protection of the Russian Government which he seeks to undermine and destroy for the CIA and his masters in the USA.

Regarding threatening the Ukraine, neither President Putin nor any member of the Russian Government has ever threatened the Ukraine. I would challenge anyone to provide direct evidence of this and the other claims made by CNN and the US Government and the West in general against the Russian Federation.

Regarding the “cracking down on the opposition” claim by CNN, this is patently ridiculous given the amount of time and the amount of damage the CIA controlled fake Russian opposition has been allowed to inflict on the Russian State and the Russian people. CIA Agent Navalny committed so many crimes that we have lost count, including being involved in an operation orchestrated by MI-6 and the CIA regarding a false Novichok attempt on his life. In any normal situation he would have been charged with treason and subversion and given the military nature of his claims he should have been put in front of a military tribunal, especially given his ties to NATO, the BND, MI-6 and the CIA which are all military organizations. This myth that the CIA is somehow civilian must be countered and exposed for what it is, a blatant self-serving lie.

The FBK and Navalny have been legally determined to be extremist organizations calling for mass unrest and the illegal overthrowing of the government, which of course is exactly what the CIA does worldwide, and those who have supported them are now liable under Russian law covering extremism. This is a long overdue developement and only made possible by Russia's new sovereign constitution. Obviously one has to further question Snowden's continued stay as this clearly illustrates his continued informational support for CIA operations against the Russian Federation and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin...

Had such been done to the USA the “citizen” would have been executed on site or disappeared forever. In the case of Russia the CIA’s agents for some reason have had almost complete impunity, but that is changing now and we at JAR2, who have detailed the anti-Russian subversive operations of the FBK and Navalny (Agent Freedom) are very pleased that Navalny was finally stopped. If you can call the arrest of one CIA puppet a crackdown then perhaps CNN should inform the English speaking world of the new definition of the word “crackdown”.

Here are President Putin’s answers to the loaded questions. As we see he did not take the bait.

Vladimir Putin: The United States and the Russian Federation bear special responsibility for global strategic stability, at least because we are the two biggest nuclear powers – in terms of the amount of ammunition and warheads, the number of delivery vehicles, the level of sophistication and quality of nuclear arms. We are aware of this responsibility.

I think it is obvious to everyone that President Biden made a responsible and, we believe, timely decision to extend New START for five years, that is, until 2024.

Of course, it would be natural to ask what next. We agreed to start interdepartmental consultations under the aegis of the US Department of State and the Foreign Ministry of Russia. Colleagues will determine at the working level the line-up of these delegations, the venues and frequency of meetings.

Question: Hi, Matthew Chance from CNN. Thank you very much for giving me this question.

First of all, could you characterise the dynamic between yourself and President Biden? Was it hostile or was it friendly?

And secondly, throughout these conversations did you commit to ceasing carrying out cyberattacks on the United States? Did you commit to stopping threatening Ukraine’s security? And did you commit to stop cracking down on the opposition in Russia?

Vladimir Putin: I will begin with a general assessment. I believe there was no hostility at all. Quite the contrary. Our meeting was, of course, a principled one, and our positions diverge on many issues, but I still think that both of us showed a willingness to understand each other and look for ways of bringing our positions closer together. The conversation was quite constructive.

As for cyber security, we have agreed to start consultations on this issue. I consider this very important.

Now about the commitments each side must make. I would like to tell you about things that are generally known, but not to the public at large. American sources – I am simply afraid to mix up the names of organisations (Mr Peskov will give them to you later) – have said that most cyberattacks in the world come from US cyberspace. Canada is second. It is followed by two Latin American countries and then the United Kingdom. As you can see, Russia is not on the list of these countries from whose cyberspace the most cyberattacks originate. This is the first point.

Now the second point. In 2020 we received 10 inquiries from the United States about cyberattacks on US facilities – as our colleagues say – from Russian cyberspace. Two more requests were made this year. Our colleagues received exhaustive responses to all of them, both in 2020 and this year.

In turn, Russia sent 45 inquiries to the relevant US agency last year and 35 inquiries in the first half of this year. We have not yet received a single response. This shows that we have a lot to work on.

The question of who, on what scale and in what area must make commitments should be resolved during negotiations. We have agreed to start such consultations. We believe that cyber security is extremely important in the world in general, for the United States in particular, and to the same extent for Russia.

For example, we are aware of the cyberattacks on the pipeline company in the United States. We are also aware of the fact that the company had to pay 5 million to the cybercriminals. According to my information, a portion of the money has been returned from the e-wallets. What do Russia’s public authorities have to do with this?

We face the same threats. For example, there was an attack on the public healthcare system of a large region in the Russian Federation. Of course, we see where the attacks are coming from, and we see that these activities are coordinated from US cyberspace. I do not think that the United States, official US authorities, are interested in this kind of manipulation. What we need to do is discard all the conspiracy theories, sit down at the expert level and start working in the interests of the United States and the Russian Federation. In principle, we have agreed to this, and Russia is willing to do so.

Give them a microphone – part of the question remained unanswered.

Remark: That’s correct and thank you very much for coming back to me, sir.

So, there were two other parts to the question. The first one is: did you commit in these meetings to stop threatening Ukraine? Remember the reason this summit was called in the first place, or the timing of it, was when Russia was building up lots of forces close to border. And the second part of the question, third part of the question was: did you commit to stopping your crackdown against the opposition groups inside Russia led by Alexei Navalny?

Vladimir Putin: I did not hear that part of the question – either it was not translated, or you just decided to ask a second question.

With regard to our obligations regarding Ukraine, we have only one obligation which is to facilitate the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. If the Ukrainian side is willing to do this, we will take this path, no questions asked.

By the way, I would like to note the following. Back in November 2020, the Ukrainian delegation presented its views about how it was planning to implement the Minsk Agreements. Please take a look at the Minsk Agreements – they are not a confidential document. They say that, first, it is necessary to submit proposals on the political integration of Donbass into the Ukrainian legal system and the Constitution. To do so, it is necessary to amend the Constitution – this is spelled out in the agreements. This is the first point. And second, the border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine along the Donbass line will begin to be occupied by the border troops of Ukraine on the day following election day – Article 9.

What has Ukraine come up with? The first step it proposed was to move Ukraine’s armed forces back to their permanent stations. What does this mean? This means Ukrainian troops would enter Donbass. This is the first point. Second, they proposed closing the border between Russia and Ukraine in this area. Third, they proposed holding elections three months after these two steps.

You do not need a legal background or any special training to understand that this has nothing to do with the Minsk Agreements. This completely contradicts the Minsk Agreements. Therefore, what kind of additional obligations can Russia assume? I think the answer is clear.

With regard to military exercises, we conduct them on our territory, just like the United States conducts many of its exercises on its territory. But we are not bringing our equipment and personnel closer to the state borders of the United States of America when we conduct our exercises. Unfortunately, this is what our US partners are doing now. So, the Russian side, not the American side, should be concerned about this, and this also needs to be discussed, and our respective positions should be clarified.

With regard to our non-systemic opposition and the citizen you mentioned, first, this person knew that he was breaking applicable Russian law. He needed to check in with the authorities as someone who was twice sentenced to a suspended prison time. Fully cognisant of what he was doing, I want to emphasise this, and disregarding this legal requirement, this gentleman went abroad for medical treatment, and the authorities did not ask him to check in while he was in treatment. As soon as he left the hospital and posted his videos online, the requirements were reinstated. He did not appear; he disregarded the law – and was put on the wanted list. He knew that going back to Russia. I believe he deliberately decided to get arrested. He did what he wanted to do. So, what is there to be discussed?

With regard to the people like him and the systemic opposition in general, unfortunately, the format of a news conference precludes a detailed discussion, but I would like to say the following. Look, I think I will not say anything complicated, it will be clear for everyone. If you find it possible to objectively convey this message to your viewers and listeners, I would be very grateful to you.

So, the United States declared Russia an enemy and an adversary. Congress did this in 2017. US legislation was amended to include provisions that the United States must maintain democratic governance rules and order in our country and support political organisations. This is in your law, US law. Now let's ask ourselves a question: if Russia is an enemy, what kind of organisations will the United States support in Russia? I think not the ones that make the Russian Federation stronger, but the ones that hold it back, since this is the goal of the United States, something that has been announced publicly. So, these are the organisations and the people who are instrumental in the implementation of the United States' policy on Russia.

How should we feel about this? I think it is clear: we must be wary. But we will act exclusively within the framework of Russian law.


Biden: Election Stealer and Rothschild Puppet Pedophile

As he was walking out of a solo press conference following his meeting with Putin, Biden bristled at a shouted question from CNN chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins, who asked why Biden is "so confident" that Putin would change his behavior after their summit.

"I'm not confident he'll change his behavior. What in the hell?" Biden said as he turned around to address Collins directly. "When did I say I was confident?"

"What I said was — let's get this straight — what I said was what will change the behavior is the rest of the world to them and diminishes their standing in the world," Biden said. "I'm not confident of anything. I'm just stating the fact."

Collins continued to press the president on Putin's evasiveness.

She pointed out that in Putin's own press conference, which came after his sit-down with Biden, the Russian president denied any involvement in cyberattacks, downplayed human rights abuses and refused to say the name of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

"So how does that amount to a constructive meeting?" Collins asked.

As we can see CIA/MOCKINGBIRD CNN even had problem maintaining their false narrative with senile Biden, who had to later apologize to CNN. The narrative is that the USA can control foreign leaders and the President is the one who does the controlling. CNN was having a fit because their cyberattack FAKE NEWS is not holding water and Pedo Joe did nothing to help them maintain the CIA/Snowden created narrative of cyber attacks, one of the most important of the fake accusations against Russia by the CIA and their USA puppet stooges. 

After the Summit it is clear that the USA continues to only look for things to support their false narrative against Russia. This is clear by the leading and loaded questions that Western reporters, and in particular CIA controlled CNN, asked both President Putin and the unelected US “president”.

Observing the US media and reporting is like watching entrenched sycophants blabbering endless lies. There is no truth or substance or reality in almost anything they do or say, it is all about maintaining and promoting fake narratives with no factual basis on evidence and even less of a basis in reality.


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"Перечень террористов и экстремистов (включенные)… Российские юридические лица:
1. Общественное движение Штабы Навального, Российская Федерация, г. Москва, ул. Ленинская слобода, д.19, оф. 21А", – говорится на сайте регулятора.

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На юге страны работали лишь три штаба — в Волгограде, Краснодаре и Ростове-на-Дону.

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