The UK/US/NATO/FiveEyes (NWO/IsraHell) "Above" International Law and the UN            

The Five Eyes countries and NATO led by the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom have placed themselves in a no man's land outside of the law in their blind drive for global domination. These countries openly ignore international law, the authority of the United Nations and the sovereignty of all nations.        

After the false flag event of 9-11 and the ensuing aggressive wars, droning and the illegal torture prisons they opened, such as the one in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, all events part of the commission of Crimes Against Peace (the ultimate war crime) and in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Charter, there is no way that the United States and this group of rogue nations can recognize the authority of the United Nations, for if they do they will have to recognize the crimes that they themselves are guilty of.           

The Crimes that the US is guilty of such as Aggressive War and Crimes Against Peace have no statute of limitations therefore they will never recognize the authority of the United Nations and Julian Assange and all who fought against them will die as I will/have. The exceptional elites and Zionists have determined who of we, the population of the world, must die and they will systematically kill us all. They will not stop killing us until they dominate the world or until the world destroys it, Which I am afraid will never happen.            

Welcome to he Matrix now go and die. There is no hope and their is no future, the genocidal Germanic/Anglo Saxons will kill us all. They should have been stopped but no one wanted to listen. They have been too busy sucking the economic teat.             

People of the world: if you do not rise up. You will soon no longer exist! John Robles 02132016 Moscow Russia - After being poisoned again

Terrorism, ISIS Funding, Snowden, 9-11 and Another Cover Up

This came in my e-mail from a reliable source "S" and as always, from 9-11 to Ukraine to the ISIS, the money tells the tale!

Well, well, well, It looks like Eric Holder is finally turning back to Covington and Burling, and NOT taking his job at JP Morgan. For those in need of refreshing, Covington and Burling was the law firm that represents Union Bank of Switzerland and HSBC (known to be ISIS terrorist finance money launderers) and whom Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer gave a non-prosecution agreement.

In exchange, they prosecuted Brad Birkenfeld--who had come over to the DOJ and gave them , or rather tried to give them , Swiss Bank account info he had smuggled out of Switzerland (which Edward Snowden knew about and participated in a CIA sting against Birkenfeld when he was a CIA analyst in Geneva).

Birkenfeld was thrown in prison for 40 months to silence him, and Holder and Breuer conspired with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in this operation.

Then God threw a wrench into their plan by allowing me to be falsley imprisoned by these same men...and instead of gong to California, I was re-routed to California, where I met Birkenfeld, discovered his Swiss Bank intel, and confirmed it with military authorities.

Reports were sent to Congressional Committees (Intelligence, Armed Services, Government Oversight, Homeland Security, Banking, Judiciary, etc.) Of course they ran from the report and buried it.

Roger Zakheim, son of Dov Zakheim, sabotaged my reports, and then also went to Covington and Burling. Seems Michael Chertoff, Lanny Breuer, Roger Zakheim, and now Eric Holder all work there now.

Funny thing is Booz Allen Hamilton also has joint projects with Covington and Burling, which of course is a serious violation of ethics and a conflict of interest--if not open contractor fraud.

Thanks to "M" for this intel. Keep your powder dry, this is a "gamechanger".

This completes the puzzle...and is the trigger to the avalanche. If you listen, you can hear the faint rumble in the distance....rapidly approaching.

Stay thirsty my friends. 

This came in my e-mail from a reliable source "S" and as always, from 9-11 to Ukraine to the ISIS

Pres. Putin Drops Intel Bomb: 40 Countries Involved in ISIS Project

Evidence Ukraine/Poland Supporting ISIS for the CIA + Soros/Nazis

Weekly collection of material regarding Ukraine, ISIS, Sorros and the nazi Scum in Ukraine

The Consortium: World's Leading False Flag Organizer

Flight 9268: FSB Calls 9268 a Terrorist Attack: $50 Million Reward

Offers $50 Million Reward for the Perpetrators

Foreign Intel Services Behind Paris Attacks

The Paris attacks could be the work of foreign intelligence services in order to “facilitate a NATO strike against Syria,” says US Army psychological officer


Western Double Standards in Terrorism Cases Interview With Ivan Eland    

US Military PSYOPs Officer Scott Bennet: Proof ISIS=CIA, No Mention of MOSSAD

02-26-2015 Last Interview by John Robles II with PSYOPs Officer Scott Bennet Part 1

MULTIDIMENSIONAL INFLUENCE OPERATIONS US Army Psychological Operations Officer Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)

ZIPPED FILE   WIthout Music   Zipped

On Flight 9268 and the Paris Attacks - By John Robles

Article by John Robles regarding the downing of flight 9268 and the terrorist attacks in Paris

SU-24: A Casus Belli for NATO: STOP CIA/ISIS - By John Robles

I would be derelict to, and in betrayal of, everything that I have fought for and stood for over more than the last 20 years, if I did not speak out on the latest atrocities carried out by the West and what I labelled “the Complex” in my last significant article. Make no mistake that “they” want war and World War III is what they are going to drag us all into. 

Article by John Robles on the Downing of SU-24 and the current war against ISIS and in defense of Syria

Al-Qaeda/IS/ISIL/ISIS=CIA/Mossad/Etc - By John Robles

Article from 2013 regarding the US invasion of Libya

Terrorist Joe Smith: Trained in Syria, Returning to America Says FBI - John Robles

14 January, 12:25

The director of the FBI recently cited Americans recruited by Al-Qaeda in Syria as the next terrorist threat to America. However with the almost 13 years of meddling in the Middle East, the dozens of revelations of US and CIA involvement with Al-Qaeda in places such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt and the fact that there has not been a single clear terrorist attack in the US since 9-11, there appears to be a credibility gap that is growing by the day. Is the threat real? Or is it just another attempt to keep people in fear and allow for more funds to be diverted to those who are profiting from the endless war on terror?

The entire US-government-military-industrial-complex-surveillance-security/police-state is dependent on one thing for continuity. One single thing that has allowed it to grow and completely take over the country, dispose of the constitution and drag the world into war after war, that one thing is terrorism. So now whenever you hear a US Government official talking about the threat of terrorism, you can be sure that they need more of your tax dollars to further inflate their budgets, are planning more wars and/or are stripping away more of your rights and want you to continue to live in fear.

From funding, backing, training and arming Al-Qaeda in multiple theaters since the creation of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan (when Osama Bin Laden was recruited by the CIA to fight the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics after the USSR was asked to play a peace-keeping role in the country by the then Socialist Afghan Government) to the same support of Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria, the US has almost lost all credibility and believability when it comes to fighting their “War on Terror” and the uncovering of the “threat of the week”.

In Syria Al-Qaeda was rebranded in the same way Osama Bin Laden was renamed “Tom Ossman” and given various names including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Now without the previously scheduled Libyan style open US/NATO support that they were expecting to help them finish off what they started in Syria the groups of fanatical homicidal mercenaries waving the black flag of bloody Islamic fanaticism have begun slaughtering each other in the thousands. Well and good but where does that leave the US?

Robbed of their aggressive war on Syria and without a single clear terrorist attack on the United States since the questionable events of 9-11-01, the “War on Terror” dependent US Government is growing more and more desperate to continue to justify the entire “age of terrorism” paradigm and continues to build straw man terrorists out of anything they can.

The latest “terrorist threat to America” is not some Sunni-Wahabist-Salafist-Sharia-homicidal-fanatic but, according to FBI Director James Comey, the danger is now from Americans who are recruited by Al-Qaeda, particularly in Syria. This may mean that all of the Americans in Syria who are engaged in “covert operations” against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, are now no longer needed and the FBI is in damage control mode, but that is another story.

Press TV quotes the FBI director as having said: “People, including Americans, can go to Syria and learn about dangerous techniques, and it's easy to get in and get out. My concern is that people can go to Syria, develop new relationships, learn new techniques and become far more dangerous, and then flow back to the US.”

Statements relating to Americans recruited by and trained in Syria by the same insurgents that a few months ago the US was backing and arming seem odd to say the least. Coming from the Director of the FBI of course they must be believed by the masses but in reality such statements are a clear condemnation of everything the US has supposedly been doing to stop terrorism. It is a clear condemnation of any action against the Government of President Assad as well since it is Al-Qaeda which is fighting the Assad Government for US/NATO. What is more vague statements and the identification of Americans overseas as a terrorist only goes to shopw the complete failure of the entire “War on Terror” and the hyper security state.

Such a statement from the head of the FBI is also almost an open admission of failure. However as I said earlier, the redeeming factor for the FBI is that it will allow for more funds and more “security”.

Sure there might have been about 70 Americans who have gone to Syria or tried to go there to fight the Syrian government and at least 1,200 Europeans but does this mean they are a threat to the US? Possibly, Washington is worried that al-Qaeda-linked groups might have recruited and trained Americans who have gone to Syria in order to get them to carry out attacks when they return to the US. Sounds plausible but what is more probable is that due to cancellation of the invasion on Syria, the US is left with hundreds (if not thousands) of Al-Qaeda “fighters” who are ready and primed for war but who are quite frankly now robbed of the spoils they had been promised.

Does it really matter who the threat is? Yes it does. In this case the US saying the threat is from Americans recruited by Al-Qaeda will allow internal US security bodies to further escalate the terror hysteria and raise their budgets.

Press TV reports that a US intelligence official said:“We know al-Qaeda is using Syria to identify individuals they can recruit, provide them additional indoctrination so they’re further radicalized, and leverage them into future soldiers, possibly in the US.”

After 12 years of the non-stop war and meddling in the Muslim world, it is not surprising that there may be fanatical terrorists who are now ready to attack the United States, however I would argue that the threat is not from Americans trained by Al-Qaeda, but from Al-Qaeda itself, if such a “database” really exists.

State Sponsored Terrorism: How USAID Funds Terrorist Groups - By John Robles

'State sponsored terrorism' or USAID funds terrorist groups

1 October 2012, 23:25  

The amount of information available is growing which points to the fact USAID is much more than it seems and that it is deeply intertwined, if not in fact an integral part, of the CIA. According to the Global Intelligence Files at Wikileaks one of the most overt cases of USAID interference and proof positive that it is in fact engaged in activities that are far beyond what it claims to be doing, was recently uncovered and involves the financing of subversive operations in Cuba.

It is sometimes difficult for people to understand and accept the sheer magnitude of the murderous and criminal things that the American government is capable of doing. Many people are ready to turn a blind eye and would rather be ignorant when they are presented evidence of monstrosities being committed by their government, labeling anyone who dares to question the official line as a kook or a conspiracy freak. We saw this with 9-11, when respected and educated structural engineers, architects, scientists and eyewitnesses reported on facts which brought the official version into question and these people lost their jobs, their freedom and many, their lives.

While investigating some of the activities of USAID (at the start this article was to be about their meddling in Russia) I learned more and more about what they actually do and the picture continues to become more horrible with each new revelation.

The activities of USAID in the past include everything from secret and even overt sterilization programs to facilitate selective control of certain race groups and peoples, population control experimentation using disease and even famine and even subverting governments and sovereign nations through the manipulation of educational institutions, critical infrastructure and using the most vulnerable segments of populations as tools to fulfill their own secret agendas.

This may sound bad enough but it gets worse, much worse. Not only is USAID a tool of the CIA and an instrument to bring about the fulfillment of the black operations of remorseless and conscious less monsters but it is a tool disguising itself as an innocent “friend” and a promoter of the more nobler aspirations of mankind. It is among other things a “tool” which finances terrorists and terrorist acts which kill innocent people.

This is clear in Cuba, which has been the target for US terrorism. Not only what might be called “state sponsored terrorism”, but as operation Northwoods showed the world, state planned, financed and executed terrorism. Sure project Northwoods was stopped by Kennedy, and it may be one of the reasons he was assassinated, but new evidence once again shows that the US Government will do whatever it takes to meet their objectives.

If you are not familiar with Project Northwoods it involved the US Government staging real terrorist acts in the United States, killing untold numbers of US citizens, blowing up airliners, sinking warships and staging various attacks on US properties and military installations and then placing the blame on Cuba, so that it could then invade the small Caribbean nation.

The projects details are strangely reminiscent of the events of 9-11. Project Northwoods passed through the entire chain of command, all the way to President Kennedy’s desk, who refused to sign it. When the information was finally leaked out it clearly showed that there are those who have no regard for human life when it comes to meeting their objectives in positions of great power in the US Government. If George Bush had been presented a plan to fly drone aircraft into the World Trade Center and fire a stinger missile into the Pentagon to serve as a catalyst for a global war of domination masked as a war on terrorism, would he have signed it?

According to an e-mail citing a report by the Granma newspaper, while Americans are suffering, schools are closing, unemployment is viral, healthcare is unattainable, and there are a myriad of other more pressing social issues, the U.S. Government set aside $3,400,000.00 to "… finance subversive operations in Cuba."

The money was reportedly transferred to one of the many anti-Cuba groups in Miami that are responsible for conducting anti-Cuban Government operations in Cuba, including acts of terrorism. The organization in question, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC), a subsidiary of the Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF), is involved in carrying out terrorist acts in Cuba.

The FHRC is located in Miami Florida and was founded by CIA-terrorist agent Jorge Mas Canosa and Luis Posada Carriles, men responsible for the loss of dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent lives. Their close relationship with the CIA and far-right senators and representatives is also at issue in the e-mail.

Luis Posada Carriles is one of the most proliferate terrorists of modern times, not only was he one of the organizers of the1976 terrorist bombing of Cubana Airlines flight 455 that killed 73 passengers, but he has a long history of terrorist activities and working with the CIA including work under the alias "Ramon Medina," with the “Contra” program run by Lt. Col. Oliver North in the Reagan National Security Council. In 1998 he admitted in interview with Ann Louise Bardach for the New York Times that he was responsible for a string of hotel bombings in Havana which injured eleven people and killed an Italian national. He was also imprisoned in Panama for trying to assassinate Fidel Castro in December 2000 with 33 pounds of C-4 explosives.

The e-mail, or rather the article it refers to, call the funding embezzlement, citing the case of a different Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) subsidized by USAID, the Center for a Free Cuba, owned by Felipe Sixto, the right-hand man of CIA agent Frank "Paquito" Calzon.

If we accept what is now part of the public record, that through USAID the CIA and the US Government funds terrorist and subversive activities then would it be much of a stretch of the imagination to postulate that they have done the same in Russia? This would include funding Chechen terrorists and their terrorist activities and operations some of which required amazing amounts of funding, planning, resources and funding.

Subversive activities in Russia would also include funding, recruiting and planning for the usurping of the government and the organization of a “color” revolution, things such as population control to facilitate the long term plan of diminishing the population and in the end a complete end to the Russian people and the Russian state. Sound far-fetched? All of these have been planned and discussed and talked about, and the ideal tool for bringing such events about was USAID.

In another e-mail Fred Burton at Stratfor was asked to verify how many people on a list of Americans killed abroad were undercover operatives to which he unconvincingly said that many were not CIA, but what was interesting is that he did say that one Laurence Foley, who was killed in 2002 in Amman Jordan, was CIA and working under U.S. Agency for International Development official cover and Freddie Woodruff, who was shot dead in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1993 was the CIA Chief of Station.

As I stated in an earlier report, USAID has long been known to be a front company for the CIA, this fact alone should be enough to raise the warning flags but if we now add to that the fact that they are active in the funding of terrorist acts it makes the organization an even worse one than most of us could have imagined.

US-Sponsored Haqqani Network Now a Manufactured Terrorist Organization -

By John Robles

12 September 2012, 13:42  

Created from a small organization by the US during the US-backed war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, the Haqqani network has now been classified as a terrorist organization by the US. What this means for the world at large, from a legal standpoint is really nothing, but what it means for the continuation of the endless “War on Terror” and the Bush doctrine of “Either you are with us or you are against us” may be a lot.

On Friday September 7, 2012 the Obama Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an official order which formally designates the Taliban-linked Haqqani network as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), adding yet another organization to the US terror blacklist and giving the US further justification for the “War on Terror” and further global military expansion. The move will also allow the US to seize and go after the network’s considerable resources, under US law.

Whether the designation is legal under international law is not a question the US or its allies spend any time considering, and few countries dare to question the US policy started by former US President George W. Bush of “either you are with us or you are against us.”

Official statements and extensive media reports paint a picture of reluctance on the part of the US Government to make such a move and attempt to shift the blame on intense pressure by the US Congress, something perhaps done in an attempt to dilute the effect of the designation on US-Pakistani relations.

According to Western media and open source intelligence, the Haqqani network’s operatives freely move and operate in North Waziristan and other areas of Pakistan, as well as the Paktiya, Paktika, and Khost provinces of Afghanistan. The media also reports that network operatives provide support to terrorist organizations including the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistani Taliban and al-Qaeda in the form of weapons, financing, sanctuary and even militants.

The Haqqani network’s financial assets are said to be vast and widespread and come from a wide range of legal and illegal activities all across South Asia and the Middle East.

The US blames the network for attacks against the United States, NATO, and Afghan forces, including the 2008 attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul, last September's attack on the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters and assassination attempts on President Hamid Karzai and others.

The move will also allow the US to label Pakistan a state that supports terrorism along with blacklisted countries such as Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria and give it another justification for the continuation of its “War on Terror”. All the US has to do is show ties between the Pakistanis and the Haqqani network - a campaign that has already started as proven by reports now beginning to circulate stating that Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Agency is backing terrorists. One such report quotes a Pakistani doctor who reportedly helped the CIA locate Osama bin Laden , Dr Shakil Afridi, who was speaking to Fox News, the US cable network famous for being a tool for promoting less-than-true propaganda.

The problem here is that the Haqqani network, as well as al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and even the Taliban all got their start with the help of the CIA and were all at one point (and may continue to) doing the US’ bidding.

Another problem is that anyone who fights the US, no matter where they be, is being classified as terrorists. We saw this during the invasion of Afghanistan, when anyone who fought the invaders was taken to Guantanamo, and we see this today. The US’ invasion of sovereign nations without an official declaration of war requires them to do so and to make even more terrorists in order to support their endless war.

It is common knowledge now that Jalauddin Haqqani and his fighters were leading recipients of CIA funding during the CIA backed war against the Soviet Union in Pakistan. Getting their start in the 1970s, they were supported and funded by the CIA and ISI throughout the 1980s.

Just like al-Qaeda and bin Laden, who was given the code name Tom Ossman, the CIA helped to make their organizations large and powerful and now the US is now waging an endless global war to supposedly try to eradicate them, if you believe their version. The fact is that it cannot be viewed as simply the “War on Terror”. This is only a pretext for global military expansion and the “terrorists” that the US created and is apparently fighting against, give the US the reason it needs to continue its military expansion.

Throughout the years, Haqqani has developed his network extensively even receiving money, weapons and supplies from Pakistan’s ISI. After the Soviet Union left Afghanistan he even served as justice minister and minister of tribal and border affairs after the Taliban came to power in 1996. Following the US invasion of Afghanistan he then joined the Taliban.

The events leading to the designation of the Haqqani network as a terrorist group and the attempted “disowning” began in 2011, when in September, at a congressional hearing, Admiral Mike Mullen, who at the time was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to Foreign Policy “…declared that the network of Jalaluddin Haqqani was a "virtual arm" of Pakistan's top spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate.”

The same publication stated that: “Sherry Rehman, the Pakistani ambassador in Washington, brushed off the designation, calling it an internal US matter and noting that Haqqanis are not Pakistani nationals.” She went on to say, "It's not our business”, but added that Pakistan would maintain its counterterrorism cooperation with the United States.

Apparently such a designation is not seen by the Pakistanis as something that will hurt relations which are already at a low point if they can be said to exist at all after years of “incidents”. We should recall the two Pakistanis killed by a CIA contractor, the killing of 28 Pakistani soldiers on November 26, 2011, the unilateral US raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, incidents with drones and more. All of which may have been classified as acts of war. However Pakistan would not make such a designation as it has continued to attempt to appease the US.

The latest move will allow the US to begin seizing the resources of Haqqani and will allow the US military to expand the range of their targets in the region.

Even in disowning its children, those very children are still doing their master’s bidding.

Islamic Terrorists Trained in US

By John Robles

13 April 2012, 12:31

This story is for you, provided that you are not subject to having to deal with censored news sources and are able to actually receive some information in some small way resembling the truth.

This story is for you, provided that you are not subject to having to deal with censored news sources and are able to actually receive some information in some small way resembling the truth.

If you are able to actually get around all of the censors and media filters and can actually see some sort of real news and have heard about the fact that the US is training terrorist groups inside the US and are actually shocked or surprised by the news, then you are, perhaps as I am, still living in a dream world that does not exist anymore.     

The world I am talking about may have existed in the dreams of the previous generation, it may have existed in our own misconceived notions when we our generation was younger, but it does not exist anymore, if it did at all. That naïve never-never land of justice and truth and peace and human rights.

What exists now and what has existed since 9-11 is a world of endless terror, mindless war to the ends of time and the endless stripping of your every right as a human being by an endless gun at your temple and boot in your face. And it does not matter what you or I want, or whether or not any of the us agree with what they are doing. Why doesn’t it matter? Well, for the main reason that what they are doing, be it torturing hundreds of innocent people, holding thousands without trial and incommunicado, or killing and destroying entire peoples, they are doing for our safety.

What I am getting at now are the endless calls by the US to arm the opposition in countries like Syria, Libya and anywhere else where the toppling of a government or the causing of instability is beneficial to the strengthening of the US position in the area. Calls which are becoming more and more frequent and more and more obvious and ever the more bolder with each passing day. In this case not just the opposition in some far away land but terrorists being trained in the US, and being sent to who knows where.

Recently another Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in Iran and the entire US News cycle on the event was covered with speculation that it was the Iranians themselves and their “Evil Death Squads” who killed him, most sane people and many experts thought it was Israel, after all they had committed such acts before, but no one, especially, and first and foremost the US media, in no way connected the US with the attack.

Well thanks a Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter for The New Yorker magazine, Seymour Hersh, we now know the truth, and it is blacker than anyone had imagined. Unfortunately US Officials are able to continue the line that they have nothing to do with such things. After all they only trained the terrorists, but still Hersh has shed some light into a very dark corner.

In an interview with Hersh, Amy Goodman with Democracy Now, reveals that starting in 2005 the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command  was training terrorists from the group Mujahideen-e-Khalq, or MEK, a group which had been on the US State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization List since 1997, at a secret site inside the contiguous United States in the state of  Nevada. The site is called the Nevada Nuclear Security or National Security Test Site and is a closed area for the general public, it is also the location of a secret air base which was used to fly the terrorists in and out of the country.

What is most revealing in Hersh’s interview is the number of times he negates the fact that the Iranians are attempting to build a nuclear weapon, even claiming to know firsthand at one point that the Iranians do NOT have a nuclear weapons program and this he says is known to Israeli and American Intelligence. Something that many experts have told me as well during the course of interviews, so as Mr. Hersh said, “…the United States is now increasing sanctions and putting all sorts of economic pressure on the Iranians to stop them from making a bomb that we know they’re not making.”

So why is the US really doing everything it can to build the case for an invasion of Iran? The answer may be obvious, but I will let you work it out.

Have a great day (or night) wherever you may be.    


Last Update: 05/26/2017 13:57 +0300


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