Twitter Under Control of Western Intel Agencies: Bans JAR2

I used to enjoy Twitter and believe that there was actually freedom of speech there. That is until I got suspended for no damn reason! So I started this page to record the daily threats to my life and the daily harrassment I get from people who simply put can not stand the truth.

Twitter's Notorious Censor Identified: @Jack Ass


 Why Would the Israeli Ambassador Follow Me?

 Get Threats Every Day But This Was Persitent


#Russia Twitter Forced to Move Servers to Russia-My Letter





The Full Force, Full Spectrum Attack on Russia by NATO/CIA/MOSSAD/NSA/FVEY/GCHQ/MI6

by John Robles

The American demonization of Russia has been taken to the same insane levels as that being used by their Ukrainian nazi filth and anyone who is countering it is being attacked and silenced and being assisted by the West’s agents in Russia. The bellicose war rhetoric and hysteria in the West is a clear sign, as was the second false flag gas attack in Syria, that the West is bent on World War III.

What is more alarming is the assassination of Russian Diplomats which I am certain were organized provovations to war and another rerason the US and the Israel must be completely isolated from the international community and tribunals called.

It is so blatantly obvious what the West is doing but most of the people in the West do not understand, even many Russians do not and many officials as well. Please see my 5th column page for more:

The campaign in the last few months by social media such as Twitter to censor and ban anyone who is pro-Russian or countering the false western narrative has taken alarming levels with thousands of users banned for no reason other than being pro-Russian. The paranoia and ridiculous nature of Western demonization of Russia is epitomized by the Ukrainian SBU (under control of the CIA) ban on Russian singer Yulia Samoilova.

I was also banned recently for no reason after building an audience of almost 18,000 people. I was even followed by Donald Trump three minutes before I was banned. Other people on Twitter say it was because of the pizzagate material I was tweeting but I am not sure.

I again wrote to Twitter and asked why I was banned and again got this answer. I repeat that I never broke their rules! Scum! Pure scum! They give trash and pedophiles verified accounts, they ignore fake accounts like that of @JulianAssange which is run by some French guy but is pretending to be Julian and Twitter knows. Twitter is just another scummy CIA controlled social media platform assisting the CIA in subverting Russia. Unfortunately I have to use it to reach my audience but will be looking at other options soon.

Russia is a normal moral, honest and hardworking country where the people still have normal values of life and home and family yet because of Russia’s rejection of the NWO and the Zionist banker parasites they must be demonized and now it appears killed and slaughtered by those we are not supposed to talk about. I stand with Russia and will stand with Russia to the end! Glory to Russia and may she win against the aggression of the West!  



Old Account: Asked a Rothschild about 911/Genocide in Palestine and the NWO

Statement: On the 25th of December 2016 my servers were taken down in a cyber attack by a western state actor. They were physically destroyed. The actually motherboards on two servers burnt out and one monitor was sent into permanent hibernation mode. These gambits exist only for government and military actors, and the IP logs showed massive attacks coming from US controlled areas and one points to the US Embassy in Argentina for some reason. I am permanently attacked from IPs in New York, Virginia and California. We need your support to restore and improve out infrastructure


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