The Technology of Vote Rigging: Installing the POTUS Since 2000


Without Paper Ballots There is No Democracy

NEW 13 Russian Hackers Installed Trump?! Okay Where is the Proof? Not Here!

The lunatics in the US continue ignoring the corruption in their own government and the criminal cabal who has taken over and continue to fabricate fake reports of Russian hackers that do not exist or who actually worked for the FBI

In 2009 a NJ judge banned hooking up voting machines to the internet, but that's exactly how ES&S's "airgapped" machines work

  November 02, 2016 We Found Prepared Election Results on an NBC FTP Site

I was the first to start calling out the preplanned and staged election and wether the Zionists who control the media will admit or not that is the truth. I watch every day as they sit and then do their god damned reports off my material and never give me credit. Doesn't matter I stopped the Clinton World War III scenario, now we have to deal with the KKK's nazi candidate Donald Trump. Who I am sure, after already being told who really controls things will lose his cocky little attitude and start to appear burdened, subdued and sad as he realizes it is all a game and as their blackmailing reaches newer levels of creatitvity and manipulation. - HARSH

  November 02, 2016 We Found Prepared Election Results on an NBC FTP SiteI

The graphic below was from November 2, 2016 and was uploaded to an NBC news server and intercepted before it could be deleted. All the US media is already prepared for the billion dollar show they will be putting on during election day.

Story here:   Inaccessible on 11-06

Originally found here:   Inaccessible on 11-06

  110516 Newsweek has already printed a special edition for Clinton. No such for Trump


  DIEBOLD CODE: Completely Scrubbed from the US Web, All Hackers Arrested

The internal details from Diebold on the manipulation and ways to manipulate their own code.


Ignored by the media because the DCCC and the DNC files contain actual real evidence of election tampering, including how to pre-program recount results, change preferences and add and subtract voters. For example the letter below "updating vote history for a run-off"!

The most damning letters are to Tom Kaine from their cyber operations director John Hendler, in particular the confidential weekly reports!

Letters to DNC Head Tom Kaine

  The Kaine Files

Confidential DNC Elections Technology Reports for Governor Time Kaine




Completey ignored by the media thanks to Pizzagate and Pedogate which successfully distracted the public. These files contain the complete and total transparent corruption of the US election system. Trump is a tool and has done nothing to arrest these criminals. He is part of the game!


Completey ignored by the media thanks to Pizzagate and Pedogate which successfully distracted the public.


  The Fallacy of Democracy and How They Established Plutocracy and Fascism


To say that the United States of America is no longer a representative democracy is an understatement. It has fully become a shadow Plutocracy where only a handful of people controlling the wealth and all of the levers of control have entrenched themselves and "re-written" the Constitution and established laws to protect themselves and guarantee their continued reign and control of power. Unfortunately it is almost too late to stop them. However I will detail how they can be stopped and it will be up to the FBI and the American people to carry out taking "their" country back.

  Clear Election Fraud and Pay for Play at the National Party Level


From owning the voting machines to running the opposition riots and forces worldwide, Georgy Schwartz makes it all possible for the Rothschilds!

Asia - ASIA   Africa - AFRICA   Eurasia - EURASIA   Latin America - LATIN AMERICA   USA - USA   SOUK - SOUK   Europe - EUROPE   World Bank - WORLD BANK

President's Office - PRESIDENT   DDDC Leaks - DDDC  Warning: Pro Trump but good information on Soros

  The Snowden Files: Snowden/Greenberg is a Clinton/Obama Operative


Greenberg and Assange arguing over Clinton - Despite my work as a WikiLeaks Associate and the fact that I am the first American with asylum in Russia neither Assange nor Greenberg/Snowden have ever spoken to me even when I directly asked Snowden if he was an Operation.

  The Clinton Files: CIA Narcotics, Human Trafficking, Endless Murders and Treason

The evidence against Killary Killton is so damning and immense, including corruption, child trafficking and sacrifcie, treason and an endless list of dead bodies that it boggles the mind that she has not been put in front of a firing squad but is still a political force free as a bird!!!

Assange attempting to report hacktivists and leakers to Hillary Clinton and the US Government from his office in Norfolk, Virginia, USA "...I would like to speak to somone who can execute an action quickly to send someone to a location here in Norfolk" (2010?)


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