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1 May, 23:54

US Orchestrated Color Revolution Coming Soon to a Country Near You

John Robles and Stephen Karganovic

US Color Revolution coming soon to a country near you

The United States of America has been engaged in overthrowing governments, getting rid of leaders (including through outright assassination), organizing revolutions, financially manipulating and subjugating nations and destabilizing countries and regions for decades. For those in Washington and at the CIA in Langley, Virginia their actions are completely justified because they are "protecting and advancing US interests". The United States of America has been engaged in overthrowing governments, getting rid of leaders (including through outright assassination), organizing revolutions, financially manipulating and subjugating nations and destabilizing countries and regions for decades. For those in Washington and at the CIA in Langley, Virginia their actions are completely justified because they are "protecting and advancing US interests". 

They are not concerned with the millions of people that they kill, nor with the suffering their actions bring to the world. Their goal of global hegemony knows no conscience and any means are justifiable to attain their ends. It is a remorseless godless machine bent on global domination and must be stopped.

One of the most damaging ways that the CIA and their front company USAID destabilize countries is the organization of what has become known as the "Color Revolution". By manipulating societies through media and civil society non-governmental organizations (NGOs), carefully funding groups and powerful members of society who will do their bidding, the US is able to cause civil unrest, revolutions and even civil war, all for the sole purpose of installing leaders and governments who will do the US' bidding.

Currently the results of US manipulation are visible in Ukraine and several other countries are dealing with the same type of manipulation. The best way for the people of the world to be prepared to defend their countries and themselves from these types of attacks on sovereignty is to know what to look out for and to be educated on the sometimes extremely subtle ways that the US has of subverting sovereignty and manipulating public opinion.

One brave group of scholars and people studying the tactic recently met to discuss the issue and formulate strategies to deal with the practice. The following is the result of their meeting.

An introduction from Stephen Karganovic

The international scholarly symposium on "Coloured revolutions as an instrument of geopolitical transformation" was held at the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Republic of Srpska on April 26, 2014. The symposium was under the auspices of the "Strategic Culture Foundation" in Moscow and "Srebrenica Historical Project" from Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Taking part in the proceedings were: Ana Filimonova, editor-in-chief of the "Strategic Culture Foundation" and scholar at the Centre for the study of the Balkan crisis of the Slavic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Sergey Belous, M.A. in history and political analyst, Harkov, Manuel Ochsenreiter, politologist and editor of political monthly "Zuerst!", Berlin, Predrag Ceranic, professor of legal and security sciences, Banja Luka, Aleksandar Pavic, politologist, analyst at the "Strategic Culture Foundation," and director of the SCF office in Belgrade, Danijel Simic, writer and journalist, Banja Luka, Neven Djenadija, M.A. in international relations and diplomacy, University of Banja Luka, Dia Nader de al-Andari, ambassador of Venezuela in Belgrade, Serbia, Stephen Karganovic, president, "Srebrenica Historical Project," Dzevad Galijasevic, sociologist and expert on security and terrorism, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Srdja Trifkovic, professor of politics and international relations, University of Banja Luka.

Symposium participants considered the experience of other countries [e.g. the Ukraine and Venezuela] which have faced the process of "coloured revolutions" as a form of clandestine political warfare waged by foreign centres and the most efficient ways of proactively neutralizing their effects.

The summary conclusions and recommendations of symposium participants are set forth in the final document entitled "Banja Luka Declaration: A Safety Plan for the Republic of Srpska" [attached]. The final document was forwarded to the Government of the Republic of Srpska and made available to the general public.

Stephen Karganovic

Executive secretary of the symposium

Strategic Culture Fund, Moscow

Den Haag


The technology for the overthrow of noncompliant political leaders in order to replace them with subservient ones, better known as a "color revolution," has been conspicuously deployed in the Republic of Srpska over the last couple of months. Although in the Republic of Srpska this process has not reached a point where it constitutes an imminent threat to the stability of the constitutional order and sustainability of the democratic system, participants in the conference "Colored revolutions as an instrument of geopolitical transformation" consider that a proactive response is among the most efficient ways to neutralize this particular form of clandestine warfare waged by power centers from abroad.

The basic mechanism used in the implementation of this technique is exacerbation, across the broad social spectrum, of existing and often justified causes for discontentment, whereupon mass negative energy is directed toward political objectives in line with the agenda of foreign instigators. The real goals are of an entirely different nature from the proclaimed ones, for which local partisans have been led to believe that they are struggling. In that process, key roles are played by false "NGOs" specifically formed for the purpose, controlled media, and local political figures subject to blackmail, prosecution and other forms of external pressure.

"Colored revolutions" follow a standard pattern which may, to a certain extent, be adapted to local conditions. Essentially, these phenomena are manipulative and anti-democratic because they simulate popular rebellion while, in fact, they are carefully staged intelligence operations, conducted under a false flag and executed by trained cadres under the leadership of professionals. Currently, in addition to the Republic of Srpska, revolutions of this type are in progress or have been partially enacted in Venezuela and the Ukraine.

The basic measures that the leadership of the Republic of Srpska ought to implement in order to reinforce government institutions and impede the successful execution of foreign-inspired "regime change" may be divided in two general categories: social consolidation and an effective policy of social self-defense.

I Social consolidation

Some fundamental steps must be taken to restore and strengthen mutual trust between citizens and their state because only by reducing mutual estrangement in this sphere will the appearance of non-institutional movements, whose ultimate objective is the destabilization of the Republic of Srpska, be thwarted:

- At least one nation-wide television, radio and internet facility should be dedicated to the service of the Republic of Srpska, without the slightest admixture of foreign influence.

- Media should ensure that organizations which advocate solutions for problems by means other than democratic procedures prescribed by the law shall publicly and clearly be perceived as such, especially if they happen to champion any variety of "street action" and non-institutional resistance.

- All participants in public and political life should be obligated, or at least encouraged, to take a clear stand on the political status of the Republic of Srpska and, most importantly, to publicly declare whether he/she supports the inviolability of the Republic of Srpska as a distinct political entity, within or outside the framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- State media should always be open to representatives of the parliamentary political opposition and they should facilitate quality debate, including voices from a wide political spectrum.

- Quality public debate, with the participation of government and opposition on an equal footing, should be encouraged in particular with respect to such key issues as the future of the Republic of Srpska within Bosnia and Herzegovina, NATO integration, EU integration, ties with Serbia and ties with Russia.

- Following the example of Vladimir Putin's dialogues with the nation, government representatives should organize similar forums with citizens using the electronic media.

- Visible and legally effective steps should be taken to suppress corruption within the government in order to restore and strengthen citizen trust in state institutions.

- Initially at least one sector of the economy should be visibly opened to market competition under terms of equality in order to demonstrate that economic progress is possible outside the structure of corrupt political networks.

- Following the U. S. model, steps should be taken to create propitious conditions for institutionalized collaboration between science and the economy, selecting in the initial phase at least one area where fairly quick and visible results can be achieved.

- In the field of foreign policy, political, cultural, economic, and media ties should be strengthened with the Russian Federation as the only leading power whose objective is not to abolish the Republic of Srpska or subsume it within a centralized Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those ties should, as a minimum, be symmetrical to those maintained with EU states.

II Policy of social self-defense

ZERO TOLERANCE FOR LAWLESS CONDUCT – From the very beginning of any hypothetical "protests" it is necessary to strictly enforce all applicable laws (noting whether a permit for the assembly was granted, at what location, and for what length of time) and there ought to be zero tolerance for the violation of legal norms, excluding any type of violence, disrespect for instructions to disperse given over loudspeakers, infliction of physical damage to buildings or vehicles, or assaults on law enforcement personnel. "Protest" organizers regularly count on the hesitation of law enforcement to act decisively from the very start. Indecisiveness in the of response enables them to establish physical control over some symbolically significant point which subsequently becomes the focus of further activities.

EQUIPPING AND TRAINING LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL – Retaining control over public space is key to the survival of legal authorities when under attack by "regime change" organizers. That task requires superbly equipped, professionally trained and highly motivated policemen specialized in crowd control, i.e. police professionals prepared to prevent large-scale violations of public peace and order.

Regular RS Interior Ministry units are inadequately equipped and trained, tactically and psychologically, for this exceptionally complex task. That is not surprising: the challenge of crowd control in the "colored revolution" context is such that regular police are not up to the task. It is one thing to control soccer fans, and quite another to control a carefully choreographed street coup. The Special Police Unit (SJP) is primarily tasked with conducting anti-terrorist operations and combating organized crime. It has in its ranks sharpshooters, divers, an SMB team, a canine unit, etc. but it lacks crowd control specialists. The unavailability of a specialized police unit for crowd control carries a double peril, as has already been noted elsewhere on "colored revolution" battlegrounds: if the police fail to successfully place unlawful conduct under control from the beginning, the violence, accompanied by the use of weapons, may later escalate and that is precisely what the orchestrators of the protest are aiming for.

For the foregoing reasons, a specialized Intervention Unit of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska should be formed and tasked with maintaining law and order along the same lines as similar specialized units which have proved efficient in other countries. Personnel for this unit should be selected according to the highest criteria from within the existing police ranks. Adequate equipment (armored transport vehicles, water guns with colored liquid, helmets and invulnerable body armor, transparent shields, gas masks, tear gas, rubber bullet sidearms, tasers, pepper spray, police dogs, horses, etc.) is indispensable for intense and continued tactical training to commence. In the area of theoretical preparation, it is of particular importance to teach members of the Intervention Unit about the technique of street revolutions, i.e. the methodology of the orchestrators and executors of "regime change." This important aspect was missing in the training given to the Ukrainian Berkut. If members of the future Intervention Unit are comprehensively instructed in the difference between appearances and the genuine nature of the "protest," they will be enabled to remain calm and firm in the performance of their tasks.

LAW ON NGO FINANCING AND ACTIVITIES. A law regulating the activities of "non-government organizations" should be adopted in the Republic of Srpska. There are a number of institutions in Banja Luka whose goals, ideological inspiration, and methods are closely analogous to Belgrade branches of the same central organization (e.g. the Helsinki Human Rights Committee, Humanitarian Law Fund, etc.) and which constitute the key logistical foundation of the "regime change" process. Those NGOs are merely local subsidiaries of Western power centers. The more important among them have been financed for years by U.S. quasi-independent outfits such as the National Endowment for Democracy and the National Democratic Institute, which receive their funding entirely or for the most part from the U.S. Treasury.

The law regulating the activities of the "NGOs" should be no more than a copy of the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, which in the U.S. governs the activities of associations and private individuals that are financed by foreign governments. That law prescribes total transparency within the U.S. for activities that elsewhere in the world are generously financed by the U. S. State Department. In the United States, the Federal Election Campaign Act explicitly prohibits any and all foreign interference in the domestic electoral process in the U.S. However, such interference is considered legitimate and desirable when it is practiced by Washington's minions in the former SFRY (or in the successor states of the former USSR), under the pretext of "spreading democracy."

It is high time for the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska to consider passing a law based on the American model to regulate foreign financing of the so-called non-government sector. This law need not be any stricter or more confining than its U.S. counterpart: whoever is at the receiving end of foreign funding should simply register as a "foreign agent". Thenceforward it shall be business as usual for them, but in the media and in public statements by government officials of the Republic of Srpska it will be perfectly legitimate to characterise such outfits as "foreign agencies". The rejoinder to inevitable objections about "democracy suppression" is that, on the contrary, democracy in the Republic of Srpska is strengthened and broadened through such legislation by the assimilation of the practice and experience of, purportedly, the most democratic country in the world.

Bearing in mind the experience of other countries which have been targeted by this subversive process, participants in the conference "Colored revolutions as an instrument of geopolitical transformation" believe that, in the initial phase, measures proposed to the public and the Government of the Republic of Srpska in this document should be sufficient to anticipate and counter undemocratic varieties of political change. Such attempts are quite often marked by violence, and wherever seen, without exception, have served not their falsely proclaimed goals but as an instrument for the imposition of foreign domination.

Ana Filimonova, editor-in-chief of the "Strategic Culture Foundation," M.A. in history, scholar at the Centre for the study of the contemporary Balkan crisis of the Slavic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Aleksandar Pavić, political analyst, "Strategic Culture Foundation" and director of the SCF office in Belgrade.

Dr. Srdja Trifković, professor of politics and international relations, University of Banja Luka.

Dr. Predrag Ćeranić, professor of legal and national security sciences.

Manuel Ochsenreiter, political analyst, editor of the newsmagazine

"Zuerst!", Berlin

Stephen Karganović, president, "Srebrenica Historical Project."

Banja Luka, April 26, 2014
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3 May, 00:48

The Selling Out of Ukraine: What the CIA Does Not Want Ukrainians to Know

John Robles

The The Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov has stated that the so-called authorities in Kiev will, in the end, have to answer primarily to the Ukrainian people for their actions with regard to the ordering of military operations against civilians in the south eastern part of Ukraine. However the members of the junta government in Kiev who are responsible for ordering what they have tried to label as an "anti-terrorist" operation, one which has seen the participation of fighter aircraft, armed troops and the death of protestors continue to operate with impunity.

Junta Will be Responsible to the Ukrainian People

"With regard to the responsibility which inevitably incur those people who have made a decision on such operations taking advantage of combat aircraft, armed forces, then this responsibility, certainly they will be held before the Ukrainian people in the first place, is probably the most important thing," Peskov said to television channel Russia 24.

Early on Friday the Ukrainian military began to storm the city Slavyansk in the Donetsk region using aircraft and armored vehicles with reports of dead and injured.

Moscow has called Kiev's actions punitive and said they destroy the last hope for the viability of the Geneva agreements to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine.

CIA's Double Agent Gets Control of Operations Against Civilians

Control for the "special operations" in Slavyansk against demonstrators and those opposed to the nazi junta in Kiev was transferred from the Minister of Interior of Ukraine Arsen Avakov to the head of Ukraine's Security Service Valentin Nalyvaychenko, according to RIA Novosti citing sources in the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The junta installed nazi coup leader Turchinov, who has usurped the office of president stated that the change was made because of a "disastrous first stage". Turchinov's orders to launch military operations against civilians in opposition to a coup is a criminal act on an unprecedented level taking place right in front of the eyes of the world, yet the outcry by the West and "human rights" organizations is nowhere to be seen.

As I have said many times in the past this impunity and collusion by the press is because the US is behind the coup in Ukraine and even if the nazis in Kiev make good on their promises to hang Jews and Russians and anyone else who is against their reign, and even begin a campaign of genocide the western media will remain silent and the US will continue to call them legitimate and lawful.


According to the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko he has given order to liquidate all of the demonstrators and those opposed to the regime if anyone opens fire during what he caontinues to call "antiterrorist operations".

Valentin Nalyvaychenko made his plans clear when he told the Ukrainian TV channel "1+1" that his forces: "will intensify efforts to localize the situation and explain to the locals that it was dangerous to be at the meetings, where the terrorists are hiding behind women and children." Obviously he wants to clear the crowds of civilians from all walks of life of demonstrators of women and children in order tell his troops to go in and kill all of the protestors who are men. His calling anyone who is against the nazi junta a terrorist is completely ridiculous and fools no one but is designed for his western audience who are not informed of the real situation on the ground. The so called "terrorists" are merely common Ukrainians who refuse to pronounce nazis who took over the government by force as legitimate.

Nalyvaychenko made several other statements that are not worth repeating as they are nothing but lies that deny the reality of the situation in Ukraine and attempt to portray the nazi junta as a legitimate government.

CIA Stooge, neo-nazi Trainer and Ukrainian Traitor

The fact that Nalyvaychenko was made the head of the SBU cannot be ignored as he was being tried for treason for passing information to the CIA during a previous stint at the top of the SBU. It is reported that the CIA had such a cosy relationship with the Ukrainian security service at the time that the CIA was even given an office in the SBU headquarters where they could access any files that they wanted.

Recently another former head of the SBU Alexander Yekimenko in an interview with the Russia 24 television channel said that Nalyvaychenko was recruited by the CIA and US intelligence agencies when he was consul general of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States. He aslo said that the special services significantly helped his colleague Mr. Kondratuk who was also at the consulate in that period.

Yekimenko said records indicate that Nalyvaychenko maintained contacts with U.S. intelligence and after his retirement from the diplomatic service and during the period when he first led the Ukrainian Security Service in 2006-2010 .

Nalyvaychenko ties to power structures in Ukraine and the CIA explains the great influence that US intelligence agencies currently have on developments in the country.

Another known agent according to Yekimenko is Alexander Danyluk a leader of one of the far right groups who is closely linked to British intelligence. Through him British intelligence controls the country's Central Elections Commission.

We know Yatsenyuk is also a CIA stooge, Klitschko has ties with German intelligence and the CIA and Nalyvaychenko were instrumental in bringing the nazi Right Sector to power. Maybe it is about time the people of Ukraine who are still in the dark became more aware as to exactly who is running their country right now, traitors, Nazis, turncoats and mobsters. But then again, Washington would not have it any other way.

The views and comments above are my own I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_03/The-selling-out-of-Ukraine-what-the-CIA-does-not-want-Ukrainians-to-know-3060/


4 May, 23:59

"Saying Russia is at fault in Ukraine is lunatic"

Nick Hudson

Saying Russia is at fault in Ukraine is lunatic – Nick Hudson

© Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

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The publication of the book Spy Catсher, an autobiography by a senior MI-6 intelligence officer named Peter Wright, at that time was scandalous for Military Intelligence 5 (or MI-5) and every attempt was made to prevent its publication. Now the publisher of Spy Catcher is about to release a book by a hitman for MI-6 called "Just Between Friends".

As someone involved in the world of espionage we were interested in hearing the opinion of Nick Hudson, the publisher, regarding the current situation in Ukraine as well as the activities of MI-6 and the CIA in that country.

Hello! This is John Robles, I'm speaking with Mr. Nick Hudson. He is the Managing Director of Hudson Publishing in Australia and the former Managing Director for Heinemann Publishing, Australia.

Robles: Hello sir, how are you this morning?

Hudson: I’m very well thank you.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about the history of your book Spy Catcher and the new book you are about to release?

Hudson: Spy Catcher was a lovely case. What happened was that my London colleagues had commissioned this book, from the Deputy Director of MI-5, and MI got very angry about it and required them to sign an injunction not to publish it. So, they said to me – will you publish it? – and I said – yes.

However, there was a small problem. And that was that my marketing director, who was a very-very live wire, a good bloke, said he could only sell 3,000 copies. And here we are paying a lot of money for a book which he couldn’t sell. So, I had to one way or another get it on the grapevine get it talked about and known about. I wondered how to do it.

Next moment we got a letter from a senior solicitor acting for Her Majesty’s Attorney General in and for the UK telling us not only would the author be in breach of the Official Secrets Act and in breach of duty of confidence owed to the Crown. And he said the publisher would also be in breach of duty of confidence owed to the Crown.

At that point I realized we’ve got them, because if the Australian Government was not interested in prosecuting, we were in the clear.

So, I decided to leak it to our local newspaper The Age the point being, if I had held a press conference, it would have got on page 6 and I wanted it on page 1. It worked like a charm.

The next day we had a huge half-page story at top of the front page. That was picked up by the international press and wire services and the next day it was on the front page of all the big daily newspapers in the US as well.

And suddenly from being something that we were worried about getting our money back, we got it back from selling the American rights. That was good. And when I went to Frankfurt to the world book fair there, we were one of the books of the year, which was the only time I’ve ever done that and it was terrific. We sold rights to everybody.

Robles: Can you tell us some of the ways that MI-6 tried to intimidate you or threaten you or threaten the publisher?

Hudson: Yes, what happened was after they had written this letter and I had simply not responded to it, they burgled our office and stole all our Word processing disks.

Anyway, they must have looked at them and discovered they didn’t have the book on them, because they burgled again the next night and brought them all back. Which was rather polite of them actually.

Robles: Are you serious? They put the material back?

Hudson: Yes, they broke in again. So, they are very nice people, you see.

When I went to Frankfurt my luggage went astray, the first and only time my luggage has ever gone astray. And when I eventually got to Frankfurt, they told me it had gone to Karachi by mistake. All I know is when I arrived in Frankfurt it was sitting in my hotel there, all beautifully packed, much more neatly packed than I had packed it

And then we had a fire in the office and it could have been them but I don’t know. The only thing was that I was told there a warrant out for my arrest at Heathrow airport, if I’d tried to go into the UK. So, after Frankfurt I overflew England and went straight to America and sold it to the Americans, as I said.

Robles: Can I ask your opinion regarding, for example the situation in Ukraine? The US, the CIA, USAID, I am sure MI-6 was involved. I mean, they organized this coup in Ukraine where they got nazis in power there now. What is your opinion on what is going on in Ukraine and the involvement of the CIA and MI-6 and the secret services?

Hudson: From where I sit, it is all very sad and all very puzzling. A tragedy was that a lot of Russia was given to Ukraine when the Soviet Union was broken up. Crimea and Eastern Ukraine had such large Russian populations, one wonders why they were ever made part of Ukraine.

Having said that, Ukraine has suffered from a series of appalling governments, of which, the one which was overthrown appears, not much better, from the standpoint of what we are told about the great luxury the old president lived in. On the other hand, his opposition was, if anything, worse.

So, one has sympathy with him, when he was overthrown in that coup. And one has sympathy with the Crimeans, when they wanted to join Russia. And one has sympathy with the other Ukrainian Russians, when they… And Russian speakers and Russian people who just want to get back to mother Russia, I can sympathize them enormously.

If you ask Russian people in the street whether they would like to have these lands returned to mother Russia, I think they would all say “yes”. Quite naturally the Russians are on the side of the Russians who happened to have the misfortune to be in Ukraine. And there is nothing sinister about that.

That is what I feel about this case. I just don’t know whether any Russians went in and stimulated it. I do know that there was a tremendous amount which was not in any way stimulated by Russia. To suggest that but for Russia, it wouldn’t have happened, is totally lunatic.

Robles: I think your Australian media is more balanced than most in the US. There was real footage and I’ve heard this from multiple sources of Russian tanks rolling into Crimea and rolling through Kiev. There were no tanks rolling into Crimea. There was no way for tanks to even get into Crimea unless they go through Ukrainian territories.

Hudson: There has been media footage of Russian maneuvers allegedly near the border. It isn’t said and is not proved what they are, what this footage is of or where it is taken. But it is said there have been Russian troops movements on the Russian side of the border and the military-type engagements that have happened within it, are always between the Ukrainian Army and the local militias.

Robles: And the US even claimed last week that there were fighter jets that went into the Ukrainian air space. But of course, this was from the Pentagon. They could not cite what kind of aircraft, how many of them, what the coordinates were, nothing, they gave no details. It was like the thing with Syria, where they said – well, we know, we know, yes, Assad used gas, we know, we know. But no facts.

Hudson: All I can say is the Australian broadcasting commission, their services have been balanced They obviously got news feeds from both sides. And it seems to me they’ve done it quite well. But, let’s face it, people believe what they want to believe. And the fact that the news says this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody believes it.

Robles: Can I ask you a question then? In your opinion, don’t you think it is kind of ridiculous for them to say – oh, there was this Russian troop movement inside of Russia? Why does it matter to Washington if troops are moving inside of Russia? If the US move a bunch of troops inside the US, should Russia then be panicking and everything or what?

Hudson: It’s stupid! That is the point. When military movements start, people say – why is this occurring? And if it happens to be that it is towards some country, they say it is designed to frighten the people on the far side of that border. That is an ordinary logical conclusion.

I mean, to my mind Russia had every reason to object to the Americans putting missiles in Poland. And I don’t regard it as odd that Russia should be having troop movements on the border. It is a quite legitimate activity. But as it so happens (if it is happening) and I’m would think it probably is happening (I would be surprised if it wasn’t), I don’t regard it as sinister.

But I do regard this as something which is significant, that Russia is concerned about this. The Russians are not just leaving it entirely to the local people to settle their dispute with their government. It is fair enough, nothing wrong with that.

Robles: How do you feel about the fact that nazis are in power in Europe again?

Hudson: It is utterly horrific. I don’t know if they are in power, they certainly have influence and they threaten to be in power.

Robles: Well, it depends on who you talk to. I mean, we know the Right Sector is a Nazi group. We know they are being supported by those in power directly. Anything they do is not being investigated the way it should be. They assisted to put a US triumvirate of figures into power. I’m talking about Turchinov. And we know, Yarosh, he is the Nazi leader, he is running for president. It is all one little group almost.

Hudson: You are specifically talking about the Ukrainian Government?

Robles: I’m talking about the Ukrainian junta Government, yes.

Hudson: Yes, indeed. When you said – the return of Nazis into Europe – I was thinking of the rise of the Nazi-type parties in Britain and France, and up to a point in Germany – where they are still influential, but in minority, they do not form the government. I think that Ukraine has the only government where people who could be called Nazis are actually in power. I mean, it is horrific.

The only thing that I would say is that the previous government didn’t get a very good press write-up either. And it is sad, and it is to my mind the real tragedy of all this is that people used to be able to feel, I believe, that governments were in it for us, not for them. And now too many governments manage to spend all their time feathering their own and it appears from the pictures of the palace that the former president built himself, unless that is all a lie, it appears he followed his own interests in a big way. And it is alleged that he put a lot of money into overseas bank accounts and god knows what.

In other words, he has got a very-very bad write-up, but the present government has got a very bad write-up too. And the balance – what one wants to see – is a government which is not corrupt. And that seems to be a very-very long way off.

Robles: Yes, but that’s what the people wanted and that’s how these guys got into power. They manipulated that small unrest and made into a big issue, multiplied it, magnified it, warped it.

You just mentioned these groups were in the minority, like the UKIP and these other groups, I don’t know who do you have in Australia, but in Ukraine they were also in minority. They represent maybe 1.5% of the population, which is a huge problem, because the rest of the population, there is no way they are going to support them. And now we are seeing military maneuvers being carried out on Ukrainian citizens. And of course, they are being demonized as pro-Russian this or pro-Russian that and this Turchinov call it antiterrorist operation. A really dangerous situation.

Hudson: I wish I could see a simple answer to the problem. Quite obviously, what I would like to see would be those areas with the majority of Russian-speaking and Russian-loving population return to Russia. Exactly where the border would come and how you determine this, it is terribly-terribly difficult.

Robles: Can you tell us about your new book that is coming out soon?

Hudson: Well, Spy Catcher was about MI-5. This book is about MI-6 and it is about a retired hitman. It answers all our questions. It says how on earth do you ever get recruited to join a hit squad for MI-6. Then he tells us about all sorts of jobs that he did, some of them quite nasty. Then he tells us what happened to him afterwards, which is totally absurd and bizarre.

Technically it is a breach of the Official Secrets Act. I hope we don’t get shot. And that’s what they usually do, they just shoot people obviously. At MI-6, they are nasty people, they shoot people. But I think this book is of value.

Robles: Anything in there about Russia or any clashes with KGB agents, or anything like that?

Hudson: One of his jobs, rather more harmless jobs, was to visit Russia. He suddenly got a phone call saying: can you please go to Russia and take a parcel there. And here is your 1,000 pounds. He’s gets on an Aeroflot flight and next moment he landed in Moscow and sat down in the transit lounge there. And the next moment a lovely-lovely young girl in a red scarf, a Komsomol scarf, came up and gave the password, and took away the briefcase with a parcel in it. And then he got on a plane and flew back.

The question that arises is what was in that briefcase, because there is a diplomatic bag that travels between London and Moscow.

So, quite clearly there was something which the MI-6 didn’t want the British delegation in Moscow to know about. They were keeping things secret from their own people, as well as keeping things secret from the Russians. Anyway, it is a bizarre episode.

This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Nick Hudson. He is the Managing Director of Hudson Publishing in Australia and the former Managing Director for Heinemann Publishing, Australia.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_04/Saying-Russia-is-at-fault-in-Ukraine-is-lunatic-Nick-Hudson-2060/


5 May, 2013 13:35

Fascists Burning People Alive in Odessa, nazism on the Rise in Europe

John Robles

Fascists burning people alive in Odessa, nazism on the rise in Europe

Historically speaking it was just a short while ago that a group of "nationalists", led by a madman who had a gift for evoking ultra-nationalist sentiment and blind obedience and a special talent for awakening the mindless blood thirsty beast that may still reside in the deepest darkest primordial recesses of the human psyche, launched a campaign of genocide and drove the planet into a state of world war.Historically speaking it was just a short while ago that a group of "nationalists", led by a madman who had a gift for evoking ultra-nationalist sentiment and blind obedience and a special talent for awakening the mindless blood thirsty beast that may still reside in the deepest darkest primordial recesses of the human psyche, launched a campaign of genocide and drove the planet into a state of world war.

That man of course was Adolph Hitler and the genocidal beasts he led were called the Nazis, but then of course you know that. The reign of terror and death that was the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich lasted from 1933 until 1945 and took with it as many as 85 million human beings, with from 28 to 40 million of those being Soviet and Russian citizens.

The Nazis believed that the Jews were the principle ethnic enemy of their German Aryan race and along with Jews and other "mud people" (as most of us were described in Mein Kampf) the Nazis committed a campaign of extermination against the "mud people", principally Jews, that became known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memorial Museum puts the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust at between 4.9 to 6 million.

The amount of people killed and the atrocities committed by the Nazis in their campaign were so horrific, brutal and evil that there are few historical comparisons. Although the genocide of the indigenous peoples of North and South America being the only other which caused such widespread death only on a far greater scale. That campaign of genocide took the lives of as many as 400 million people.

So then how is it dear reader that the world has allowed Nazis to come to power again? Have we forgotten history, even such recent history as that which occurred only 70 years ago? Have we become passive and apologetic? Or too lazy to really be bothered? Who is to blame? Our gadgets? Our dehumanized 30 second culture. The endless violence and death people see on television?


Before I go any further I would like to share something with all of you and perhaps make you uncomfortable. Perhaps that is the root cause of the problem? I often discuss with my students the Great Patriotic War (World War II) and I am constantly appalled by how little they know about what had occurred and what the Nazis had done. Even here in Russia where everyone has a relative or someone they know who was affected by the war or perished fighting the nazi scourge. Just in case some of you have grown apathetic or have been the victim of historical revisionism let's recall what the Nazis did, the same Nazis that 17 year old kids in Banderastan (the former Ukraine) are glorifying, and it is important to note that the Banderavites were brutal even by Nazi standards. (If you recall all of this bear with me please.)

The Holocaust was a campaign to extinguish groups of human beings. Although for the Nazis they were dehumanized and merely seen as a disease, much in the same way as the indigenous peoples of North and South America and even Australia were dehumanized and classified as animals.

For the Nazis it did not matter if they were murdering a pregnant woman, a baby or an old grandmother, their goal was extermination and the advancement of their own race which they deemed to be the purest and most worthy to exist and dominate others. Towards this advancement thousands suffered and perished in brutal and insane medical experiments most of which had no scientific significance and are classified as medical torture and after the war what were called the Doctors' Trial was held at Nuremberg which led to the creation of the Nuremberg Code of Medical Ethics.

The atrocities committed by the Nazis at concentration camps and most exemplified by those carried out by Dr. Joseph Mengele and others such as Dr. Eduard Wirths, were some of the most revulsive committed during the war. They included many experiments on twins (there is information that MKULTRA mind control experiments were also done on twins and that Joseph Mengele was the founder of the CIA’s MKULTRA program), as they were believed to be important to Mengele to prove that genetics is more important than environment in order to support the Aryan race propaganda.

Experiments included: injecting eyes with chemicals in an attempt to change eye color, sewing twins together, randomly amputating limbs, injecting with chemicals and poisons and watching death occur, shooting and allowing to bleed to death, burning alive, removing organs while patients alive without anesthetic to see how long the patients would live, beating to death, torturing to death by beating lightly on the head with hammers, removing sections of bones and muscles and nerves without anesthetic to test transplantation, freezing people to near death and then throwing them in boiling water, injecting victims with thousands of known diseases and poisons, testing chemical warfare agents, forcing people to survive on nothing but sea water until they dies, sterilizing people with radiation without their knowledge and so.

The crimes committed in the concentration camps were some of the worst during the war, yet atrocities carried out in the field were also horrific. It was common to make soap from the bodies of Jews and lampshades from their flesh. It was also a common Nazi practice to cut skin with tattoos off of victims and save these as trophies or make book covers, purses, wallets or bags out of the bodies of victims. The murder committed by the Nazis of women, children and prisoners of war was often done in mass and with gun fire, however the Nazis were famous for their brutality and things like bashing babies to death against a wall (something favored by the Baderavites) and cutting off breasts or other body parts was not unusual.

The majority of Nazis had absolutely no human morality or remorse (perhaps a genetic defect?) and it was probably this inhuman animal quality that made them difficult to beat on the battle field for normal soldiers. Had they waged normal war against other armies instead of waging a cowardly campaign of genocide against civilians and women and children, their reign over Europe would not have cost so many lives.

These are the same non-humans that certain people in Ukraine are glorifying and attempting to personify along with homicidal maniacs like Stephan Bandera. Ignorant, uneducated, impressionable young people with misplaced patriotism and manipulated by those who would throw them to the wolves like Dmitry Yarosh the rise of Ukraine’s Nazis can no longer be ignored.

Apologists and Indifference

Did Ukraine forget the lessons of WWII? It is possible. But what is more likely is that it is the tolerance that the Ukrainian people had which led to the rise of the Right Sector, the Trident and all of the fascist groups in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people, for the most part, allowed these groups to erect statues to Bandera, train for over a decade, receive funding from the CIA and the US and finally take over their government.

Funded by the CIA, backed by the US Government, led by the likes of Yarosh, Tyahnybok, Yatsenyuk, Turchynov and the whole array of criminals and ambitious greedy power hungry manipulators Ukraine’s Nazis are now showing, beyond any doubt that they are animals of murder and violence just like their German SS heroes. But where is the outcry in Europe? Is Europe also going to allow these people to come to power? Do they really believe (as with American hegemony) that these are benign people who will go away? Or is it really more important for Europe to continue to demonize Russia and play lap dog for the US which brought these people to power?


Yesterday I saw photos from inside the Dom Profsoyuz (House of Unions) where 46 people were viciously killed because they simply wanted their voice to be heard and were against the Nazi junta that took power in Ukraine in a violent coup. The photos were disturbing and showed that several people died before the building was set on fire. The people who died were just demonstrators who were being beaten to death in the street even though Nazi leader Turchynov labels these civilians as "terrorists".

He did so knowing full well his Right Sector are the only real terrorists in Ukraine because it is the only way he can launch military operations against them (something he must have been told by John Brennan the CIA director who visited Ukraine shortly before Turchynov announced an "anti-terrorist" operations against his own civilian population. Something he will pay for no doubt in the future.

One blogger described the events in Odessa as follows:

1) They bussed in large numbers of Right Sector thugs.

2) They then got the local football hooligans (paid by oligarchs, according to some reports) to begin a nationalist demonstration.

3) The Right Sector then joined the hooligans and together they viciously attacked the anti-Maidan tent city: the tents were torn down and the anti-regime demonstrators viciously beat up to a pulp. The local cops stood by and watched.

4) The anti-regime demonstrators ran literally for their lives towards the building of Unions which had been their normal rallying point at which point they were surrounded and the building set ablaze.

5) Those attempting to leave the building were severely beat up and many murdered. Many were shot while standing in the windows to flee from the flames.

6) The neo-Nazis did not let the firefighters through.

7) With each jumping demonstrator or each person shot in the windows the crowd would scream "Glory to the Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" Many took souvenir videos. For them, this was a joyful, liberating event.

8) The Ukrainian social networks flooded with joyful messages congratulation the "heroes" in Odessa and promising more of the same to the accursed Moskals.

9) The Western and Ukie press reported the events as a "clash" with "casualties" but with no reference to any one party causing this massacre.

10) The last fatalities figure was at 46. But with many dying from smoke inhalation and, especially, burns, it will probably go up.

Television reports show the Right Sector thugs going through the pockets of the dead bodies and taking whatever they want, while they are laughing and taking trophy photos. These are the non-humans that have come to power. They are killing their fellow Ukrainians for the sole reason that they want their voice to be heard and the only voice allowed in Ukraine now is the voice of Turchynov and the Right Sector. Of course, no true investigation is forthcoming and the "authorities" will just look the other way as they did with the snipers on Maidan and as they do with the fact that there are almost nothing but traitors and CIA stooges amongst their ranks.

Russian State Duma Demands Probe

According to TASS, the State Duma is demanding a thorough investigation and the toughest punishment possible for those guilty of the Odessa tragedy on May 2.

The Chair of the State Duma Committee for Security from the United Russia faction, Irina Yarovaya noted that all of Kiev’s theories of the tragic events "look absurd." She recalled a theory "according to which federalization supporters had burnt themselves alive." "People allegedly entrenched on the upper floors of the building were hurling Molotov incendiary cocktails at "civilians" standing on the ground that triggered a fire that caused the death of such a large number of people," the lawmaker told about the theory that the Ukrainian Interior Ministry had made public. "However, this theory also does not stand any criticism, because numerous witnesses and journalists have irrefutable proof that these were radicals supported and covered by current Kiev regime with full connivance of police who ousted federalization supporters going out for a peaceful rally to the House of Trade Unions, blocked them there and set them on fire, hurling Molotov incendiary cocktails at the building," Yarovaya said, adding that there were "Many videos on which radicals without hiding their faces are literally boasting of what they had done standing in front of the burning building and giving mocking comments on attempts of people happened to be in a burning trap to save themselves."

"Instead of just scrutinizing available videos and finding those guilty official authorities prefer to devise some theories which are more fantastic than others, accusing Russia’s Federal Security Service and people from Yanukovich’s entourage [legitimate Ukrainian president] of the tragic events."


While Russia is being provoked and on a daily basis having to watch as more and more ethnic Russians and Russian speakers are being abused and those in Ukraine against the nazi junta are being killed some people are saying where is Russia? After all it was Russia who beat the fascists once. I would say where is Europe? Where is the "international community" where is the outcry? The silence is deafening. Such a big deal was made when supposedly 3 people died at the Boston Marathon a year ago so where is the outcry when 46 people are literally burned alive?

Russian Foreign Ministry

Where is the outcry? It is almost a given now that the West is not reporting. They continue to demonize Russia left and right and have so lost all sense of humanity that the lives of 46 innocent civilians means nothing.

"The Russian Foreign Ministry has demanded that the OSCE give an assessment of the situation and says that the West is not reporting that the Ukrainian Army is shooting unarmed civilians.

The West has actually imposed an information blockade on tragic events taking place in Ukraine," the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

"While Ukrainian punitive squads are carrying out their operations in east Ukraine, conducting sweeps in some settlements and blocking some others, the West has actually imposed an information blockade on tragic events taking place in that country," the ministry said, adding that "It is quite illustrative that even in the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) no one is aware that the blood is being shed in Ukraine and troops are shooting at unarmed people."

"Russia demands that the relevant agencies of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe give unbiased assessments to the development picking pace in Ukraine, ministry said.”

Right Sector/Trident/CIA Atrocities

According to various sources, the CIA and FBI have been very active in Ukraine advising the US installed puppets and the Right Sector what to do. The Right Sector is attempting to recruit and train more and more people with one of the key questions for recruits being "Can you shoot an unarmed woman?". In South Eastern Ukraine Turchynov’s operatives (what is left of the Ukrainian Army) are running over civilians with armored personnel carriers and opening fire on women, children and peaceful demonstrators.

Even with the tragedy in Odessa he is remorseless and continues his war on the Ukrainian people.

The Right Sector thugs laughed and cheered and called themselves heroes for killing innocent women and unarmed civilians. They laughed as the literally beat people to death in the street. They laughed at people jumping out of windows to their death and shot anyone who approached a window to try to get air as they suffocated to death.

In other parts of Ukraine things are just as bad as in Odessa, ladies and old people are being gunned down and run over by thugs who have been given tanks and military vehicles. Villages are being bombed and Ukrainian troops are gunning down entire groups of unarmed civilians. For what? Because they do not want nazis in power.

Where is Europe’s Outrage?

When Victoria Nuland said "F the EU" she admitted that the US had planted the very puppets who are killing Ukrainians today. Now we are seeing the true face of who these non-humans are.

Is Europe still under the impression, like many Americans are, that US hegemony and NATO expansion are things benign that will just go away or do not matter? Like Ukrainians thought about the Right Sector. Does Europe really not care that there are Nazis in power in Europe again. On the upcoming anniversary of Russia’s Victory in the Great Patriotic War and Europe’s being freed from Nazi terror, will Europe sit by and watch as the Right Sector and the Ukrainian Nazis stage pogroms and desecrate the memories of the millions who died at the hands of the Nazi scourge?

The world has not learned the lessons of history apparently. Just like many countries attempted to appease Hitler’s Germany, so have they tried to appease Yatsenyuk and the US triumvirate. And once again it is Russia doing the most to fight Nazi fascists.

More Sanctions

While admitting that there is no Russian involvement in the ongoing tragic events in South Eastern Ukraine the West is announcing more sanctions. For what? Because Russia has protested because ethnic Russians and Ukrainian civilians are being murdered on a large scale by neo-Nazis? Has the West lost its mind? Is it okay to kill someone because they may be pro-Russian? Does this mean being Russian is also a reason to be killed? Maybe it is not the same thing but wasn’t that was happening in Germany when the nazis were coming to power? Only then it was Jew and pro-Jew.

Russia was NEVER involved in anything that has happened in Ukraine. Russia did not fund the Right Sector or pay thugs to overthrow the legitimate government. The US did. Russia never sent snipers into Maidan to kill security forces and demonstrators. The Right Sector did. Russia did not take Crimea. The Crimeans left Ukraine (and who can blame them when the first thing that the Nazi did was outlaw the Russian language) of their own volition. Russia has not organized or funded groups in Ukraine, the US did. Russia did nothing to destabilize the country. Again the US did. Russia tried to offer financial assistance and attempted to broker a peace between the sides. So what are the sanctions for? So the US can blackmail and attempt to take the money and property of anyone they want?

So the West continues their sanctions and continues to try to paint homicidal lynch mobs as legitimate forces. If that is okay for America, half a planet away should it be okay for you, Europe? There are Nazis in power in Europe again. They are killing those who oppose them. They were allowed to rise to power by the US and the CIA and all of their agents. Shouldn’t Europe be initiating sanctions against the US? Or do you believe that the US is a benign friendly power, Europe? When will you all wake up? When there is a knock on your door? Or when you are forced onto a train to some sort of camp because you are Jewish, or Russian, or do not deny the Holocaust. If you had been around in 1933 and you knew what you know now about Hitler, would you have tried to stop him? Why are you silent now?

Thanks for reading. Peace to you all.



7 May, 21:38

Racist Genocidal Policies Continue in US/Canada

John Kane

Racist genocidal policies continue in Canada and the US - John Kane Mohawk activist

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Genocide is the most barbaric tactic for disposing of one’s enemies ever thought up by human kind. Throughout history it has been used by barbaric groups who believed they are superior or in some way “chosen” and chose to destroy those who challenge their delusional homicidal beliefs. Those who would commit genocide or their apologists must never be allowed to get away with their crimes. 

We spoke to John Kane, a well-known North American Mohawk Indian activist and radio personality on the genocide and the ongoing racism and marginalization of the indigenous peoples of North America.

Hello this is John Robles I am speaking with Mr. John Kane, a Mohawk Indian activist, a radio show host and a columnist for an indigenous people’s publication called the Two Row Times.

John Kane 

Robles: How does the US violate the rights of indigenous people?

Kane: I think it makes sense to make very clear that the US and Canada, they were both two of the last nations to even tepidly endorse the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.

In 2007, when the rest of the world passed it, these two countries along with Australia and New Zealand actually voted against it.

They clearly had a problem with indigenous issues being addressed globally or by international community and part of the reason they rejected that is because they didn’t want the scrutiny because they know that historically they’ve committed genocide!

There are multiple places, mostly throughout American history but through Canadian history as well, where you can see that our children… They had a policy called: "Kill the Indian. Save the man." Where they tried to cut our kids hair, change their names, Christianize them and basically tried to kill the Indian in them, and that is a federal government policy.

Robles: And institutionalized genocide has been a long-term policy of the US government.

As an indigenous person I would love to see something done about this. Is there anything that we can do about this in your opinion realistically?

Kane: I think the international community does have to step up and although I don’t hold out a great deal of hope that the UN specifically is going to ever take any firm actions against the US or Canada, but sometimes shining a light on the issue and raising the specter of scrutiny on countries that are still doing things…

They may not be a massacring Indians as had as late as a hundred years ago but we still have a significant amount of federal provincial state policy on both the US and Canada where they still keep trying to prevent us from developing economically, they try to forbid even native people to do the native commerce from native community to native community.

The fact of the matter is there is no basis in their law, even in "their" law or any part of their history where they can say at what point did any of us: When did the Mohawk nation transfer their sovereignty to the US or Canada. When did the Seneca Nation ever say now we are yours? There is no moment in US or Canadian history where they can ever say where we agreed to be subjugated, where we asked to be subjugated or where we were conquered.

The fact of the matter is, and even in the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, if you look at the very beginning of it where they have this section of affirmations, where they affirm this and affirm that, the third affirmation is as clear and direct repudiation at the international level of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, as exists in any international document!

It talks about any kind of doctrine that is developed based on race or racism or religion, that it is false and that it is unlawful! And yet the US specifically codified the Doctrine of Christian Discovery which is based Papal polls from 15th century. They codified it into law in 1823 an their whole body of Federal Indian Law is still based on this concept that because a Christian nation entered our shores, that they could claim not only our lands, but they could claim dominion over the entire land which means that they could try to claim dominion over us. But there is no legal foundation for them to do so, just the obscure reference to the Doctrine of Christian Discovery.

Robles: There is no legal basis, there was no conquest, there was no acquiescence, there was no surrender, there was so sale. So, they are squatters.

There was genocide, theft, and they are squatters. Hundred years ago was not that long. We get the second-third generation of squatters living in North America and there is nothing we can do about it.

Kane: And the crazy part is it is not just about what they did 100 years ago, it is what they are doing today.

So, when I talk about the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, a lot of people say "Yeah well that is an old law! Does it really apply?"

Let me tell you this, in 2005 the Jewish lady, Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the US Supreme Court cited the Doctrine of Discovery as her basis for throwing out land claims by the Oneida Nation. So, that was just in 2005.

In 2005 they are not just citing the case law that was built upon it! They are still citing the very Doctrine itself in their deliberation.

Robles: Are you serious? She actually cited the Doctrine of Discovery in a legal decision?

Kane: In a case where they threw out the Oneida Land Claims against the Oneidas she cited the Doctrine of Discovery as part of her rationale for throwing out the case.

The Jewish lady on the court! That is what is so absurd about this.

Just recently, 3-4 weeks ago, the US and Barack Obama hosted the French President at a state dinner and they actually publically made light and were joking about the Louisiana Purchase and what a great deal it was!

The problem that I found with that is when France sells this area that they call the Louisiana Purchase to the US, it wasn’t theirs to sell!

That too is based on the Doctrine of Discovery because that whole area, west of Mississippi was owned and occupied by native people.

There was barely any French presence there. What they really sold to the US was their "discovery title".

And so people treat it as if that was a legitimate sale, that the French legitimately sold that land and that too is Doctrine of Discovery Dogma/Manifest Destiny dogma and when you have heads of state joking about that, that is not only insulting, it goes beyond that. It shows how much light they make of their acts of genocide.

Robles: I don’t think they are human. You can’t really call them human. I have no words…

Kane: Here is the crazy part about some of this stuff. It’s been a lot of big news lately because the owner of a basketball franchise in California, a Jewish gentleman was making all of these racist comments and you would think that someone who comes from a people who have such a history of their own genocide being perpetrated against them, you would think that they would be more sensitive to racial bias and that kind of stuff but the fact of the matter is a lot of the Jewish community, specifically in the US, they really have a hard time any of us native people refer to our treatment as genocide or the American Holocaust, there is a large segment of Jewish population who gets offended and yet there were far more Native people killed intentionally with everything from Smallpox blankets to massacres that began in the 1700s, that were still going on in the late 1800s. The last major massacre was in 1890. So, that is not a whole terribly long time ago in the overall scheme of things.

Robles: No, it is not.


Robles: The research I’ve done, it is as high as (in North and South America) 400 million human beings were eradicated.

Since you brought up the Jews, we are talking about 400 million native Americans, or indigenous people of North and South America, "Turtle Island", we are talking in World War II, about 40 million Russians were killed defeating the Nazis. I am not anti-Semitic, I have nothing against Jews, but all the time we are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Kane:And again I think that what gets missed in all this stuff is that unlike a circumstance with the Jewish Holocaust, and I am not a denier by any means, but unlike the Jewish Holocaust, our Holocaust transcended centuries and it was handed off from country to country.

We had the Dutch who were massacring the Lenape Delaware on the island of Manhattan, we had the French that were doing it, we had the Spanish that were doing it, we had the British that were doing it and of course the Americans that are still doing it and the Canadians that are still doing it.

So, when I hear this stuff and when you think about it, it has become such a norm to oppress a people, and again some of the most oppressed people on the planet, then it gets out of hand in such a way...

And I hate to make this a big issue… But the fact of the matter is….

Robles: It is a big issue, it is a major issue!

Kane: Hold on, I have a specific reference that I always make.

Kane: I don’t like to make a "big deal" about mascot issues, but this is such an irony.

Robles: Okay…

Kane: An NFL franchise in the capital of the US in Washington DC uses a name that is a racial slur! To me that is not the big issue but it is emblematic of the acceptable policy

Robles: You are talking about the Redskins

Kane:The Redskins. You wouldn’t have a…

I made a joke one day: maybe they should call a football team the Aryans, and they call themselves an Aryan Nation. If that is not acceptable then why is Redskin?

It is amazing some of the things they can justify because it is borne out of racism that has became so socially acceptable in the US and Canada that nobody thinks about it.

You wouldn’t have New York (N-word) or the Long Island Jews. You wouldn’t have chinks or spics or any of these other derogatory words. And yet the word "redskin"… which is borne out of them scalping and saving our skins for bounty, that is where the word comes from.

Robles: It was the trash of British society who washed once every 10 years, who were the first scalpers. They were the scalpers.

Kane: Yes, that is a misnomer people think that we started that!

That was a British practice, the Spaniards were doing this it was a way that they could collect a bounty without having to drag an entire dead body! They could just grab a part of our scalp as evidence of a kill and that is what they got paid on.

The fact of the matter is that is something really creepy: imagine being a 7 year-old native child going to a football game and seeing 40,000 people making a mockery of your culture and a bunch of obese white people with feathers and war-paint on, imagine being a child that has to see that. It is incredibly insulting.

Robles: I was the child who had to see that.

Kane: And yet it is socially acceptable, At the college level they have the Florida State Seminoles, they have the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians, it transcends all of their sports.

What shows is the level of acceptable racism that exists in the US and the thing is when we bring it up, when we say that it is offense, they say: "Well we don’t mean it to be offensive so it is not offensive."

Who gets to decide that? I am not saying the mascot issue is a big thing, I am more concerned about the poverty levels that exist on our territories and that is where clearly the US and Canada violate the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People because there is language in that that talks about how we have a say over the natural resources on our territories.

It insists that we are entitled to full priory informed consent on anytime that they are going to establish a policy that has implications to our people. And yet they still pass laws, they do it discriminatorily on purpose to affect our lifestyles. They want to keep us in a welfare state rather than seeing us have any success.

When we started gaming for instance 30-40 years ago, they fought us in every state of the US until finally the US Supreme Court said they have the right to do this!

The Supreme Court didn’t give us that right but they acknowledged what we already knew.

Then the US scrambled to pass a bunch of laws within the year that the Supreme Court ruled. The Supreme Court ruled in 1987. In 1988 the US passes a gaming act, which gives them control of our gaming. We were not even at the table.

This is the kind of stuff that goes on time and time again. So, they keep trying to criminalize us.

Right now we asserted ourselves in the tobacco industry. Tobacco was something that was ours historically, and I am not suggesting that I am a great big fan of cigarette smoking, but the fact of the matter is when they bastardized that industry and they turned tobacco and cigarettes into nicotine delivery devises, that wasn’t our idea.

We treated tobacco with a certain amount of sacredness. We did use it socially, it was something that we did as a social activity, especially to introduce ourselves to people and to rekindle old relationships, but they turned it into something ugly and when we ventured back into that business because we knew that we had the regulatory advantages of our territory, and we could sell it on our territory without the authority of the state, or the province or whatever around us, they tried to criminalize it.

They keep trying to criminalize it. They just raided Mohawk territory with 400 RCMP, SQ OPP, they came to our territories with 400 armed officers, just over the last couple of days claiming to go after our "illegal" tobacco businesses. That is just days ago!

Robles: That is the first time I heard about that.

Kane: They came in with 400 police officers and they arrested 8 of our people and then they arrested a bunch of people that are supposedly connected to the mob or to the mafia or something, the "Canadian Mafia".

That is not a law enforcement action, that is an invasion and that happened just a couple of days ago.

It is all part of a systematic approach by the US and Canada to try to criminalize whatever we do economically.

We made major headway in the tobacco industry. We developed our own brands, we have manufacturing.

The US and Canada are always complaining; "Well we are losing manufacturing jobs!"

Well we have created manufacturing jobs and what does the US and Canada do? They turn around and try to criminalize what we do because we are not paying their taxes.

We are saying; "you don’t have right to assert that on our territories, this is something we are doing here, and the sale that we do is when consumers come onto our land and purchase".

And the crazy part is you can go into duty-free shops and buy stuff without paying Canadian taxes if you are any color of the rainbow.

In the US there are some states where there is almost no tax. You can go across state lines if you are using for your own consumption.

New York State has a law that says you don’t need to have tax paid on cigarettes in New York state, if you are only purchasing or acquiring 2 cartons or less and you can get those any place in the world. But they still want to insist that they can’t get it from our territories.

So, this is the kind of racially discriminatory laws that they have and yet they don’t really have any foundation.

What they do is they pass a law, then they make this assumption that it is applied to us and so law enforcement agents, they can plead ignorance: "We are enforcing Canadian law" but you are not in Canada anymore! Or; "we are enforcing New York State law", you are not in New York any more, you are on Seneca land, you are on Mohawk land.

The Seneca Nation specifically, they have documents right up until the late 1800s where the US and New York State keep saying time and time again: their lands are not ours, they are outside of New York State, they are separate from the US and the US will never claim Seneca lands! And yet they may not claim the land but they try to claim jurisdiction over it.

Well if it is not their land and we are not their people, then how can they claim to have jurisdiction over our land? It is absurd.

As we wind down the interview, one of the things that is really important: we are coming to a place in time where the capitalist system, the specific capitalist system that the US and Canada, Great Britain and Europe rely on is failing. You’ve got failed states all over Europe.

Here is a problem: the globe isn’t getting an bigger, so how can the economy keep growing?

We have major issues associated with climate change. We have some major issues with disparity of incomes from the poorest of people to the richest of people and that is what is making this whole global economy fail. And we are not the only one. All over the global, whether you are talking about Russia, China, Pakistan or India!

At the end of the day, I don’t care if somebody is Russian or Mohawk. We are people and we are global citizens and while we may not necessarily pass each other on the street every single day, we still have the same basic interests, the same basic needs as human being, or as "life on the planet".

They want to keep us as consumers, they want to keep us as mice on the treadmill, but at the same time we’ve got to step up, we’ve got to stop letting the government specifically dictate our lives.


You were listening to an interview with Mr. John Kane, a Mohawk Indian activist, a radio show host and a columnist for an indigenous people’s publication called the Two Row Times. Thanks for listening.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_07/Racist-genocidal-policies-continue-in-Canada-and-the-US-Native-American-activist-3633/


7 May, 09:40

President Putin Signs Law Criminalizing nazi Revisionist Tactics

John Robles

President Putin signs law criminalizing nazi revisionist tactics

On Monday May 5, 2014 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin passed a Russian Federal Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" aimed at opposing attempts to infringe on historical memory in relation to events that took place during World War II(the Great Patriotic War), according to the Kremlin. This is a clear sign to fascists worldwide.

The passing of the law shortly before the May 9th Victory Day celebrations (a bittersweet day when Russians remember the tens of millions who fell fighting the scourge of nazi Germany and joyfully celebrate the victory of Russia, the Red Army and the USSR over the nazi fascists) and against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine (where the US installed and backed fascist junta has mobilized the army and is employing armed paramilitary nazi Right Sector extremists to engage in what can only be described as a nazi "war of extermination" against those who refuse to be ruled by the degenerate followers of nazi SS stooge Stephan Bandera and grant legitimacy to the junta which violently overthrew the democratically elected government in February) has received a lot of attention worldwide, in particular with nazi glorifiers, white supremacists and Jewish groups.

According to the Kremlin"The new Federal Law makes it a criminal offence to deny facts recognized by the international military tribunal that judged and punished the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, approving the crimes this tribunal judged, and deliberately spreading false information about the Soviet Union's activities during World War II."

The brief summary wording of the law (the full text of which was not accessible at time of writing) has been posted on the Kremlin website and recognizes the findings of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and while not explicitly stating such as did a draft of the bill proposed in March of last year, would make Holocaust Denial a crime in the Russian Federation as this comes under "facts recognized by the international military tribunal".

Approving of the crimes the Nuremberg Tribunal judged and deliberately spreading false information about the USSR is not something that happens very often in Russia, but is more exemplified by the current junta in Ukraine including: Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Tyganbok and the groups that brought them to power such as the Trident, the Right Sector and Svoboda.

These groups not only approve of the nazi crimes against the Jews but also glorify them and attempt to paint them as deeds of heroism. A madness we saw recently in Odessa when "Maidan Defense Forces" and their Right Sector brethren shot people who were trying to escape as they were burning them alive and screamed "Glory to Ukraine" every time someone jumped out of a window to escape the flames.

Events such as these make it clear that such laws are necessary, and although such nazi ideology and glorification are not common in Russia, the danger of extremism, xenophobia and racial hatred is always present in almost any culture.

Russia, which lost more people than any other country during the Great Patriotic War, officially the figure is said to be at approximately 28 million (but there are some studies and estimates that say as many as 40 million due to the chaotic state of record keeping at the time and the fact that many died of disease and related traumas away from the battlefield or were not recorded), is one of the last of the countries to pass such laws in Europe.

Countries in Europe with Holocaust denial laws (many of which participated in the Holocaust themselves) and similar nazi related laws include: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Switzerland. Israel also has strict laws regarding Holocaust Denial.

Russia did not have such laws in the past for the reason that other laws covering extremism, the outlawing of nazi groups and the like also for the most part covered specific crimes such as public incitement to hatred and the Holocaust Denial and because racial hatred was not a serious problem in Russia. Although some say there has been a trend towards xenophobia in Russia.

The absence of such laws before now may have caused many white supremacists and neo-nazis (not at all bright people to begin with) falsely believe that Russia in some way supported their twisted ideology. A common statement by skin heads and other xenophobes and racists on the white supremacist website Stormfront is that somehow President Putin must be sympathetic to their cause because he is "the white leader of a white country". They obviously recognize that President Putin is a strong, brave and no-nonsense leader and would surely love to have someone so intelligent and powerful on their side, and judging by the number of posts and comments on their site, their hopes have been dashed.

President Putin's position on racism, anti-Semitism, extremism and those who would spread racial and interethnic hatred have been clear from the very beginning and those who mistake his patriotism for Russia, as somehow a nationalist/racist thinking, are sadly mistaken.

White supremacists, anti-Semites, neo-nazis and those who attempt to glorify the horrendous deeds of the Third Reich believe that if they can prove one fact to be wrong, for example about the Holocaust, then they can unravel some huge conspiracy. However these attempts always fail miserably as exemplified by the attempt by Yuri Sergeev, the nazi junta's representative at the UN, whose first move was to deny the validity of the Nuremberg Trials and evidence by the USSR presented against the Banderavites. His crimes of denial, attempted rehabilitation of war criminal Bandera, approval of the horrific acts of the nazis, misrepresentation of the facts and the attempting spreading of lies about the USSR's role in the defeat of the nazi fascists, through the media and using his position in power would make him a prime candidate for prosecution in almost any European country and now in Russia.

The Kremlin: "Criminal penalties are increased if the above-mentioned activities are carried out by individuals using their official position or mass media, or by fabricating proof of accusations."

Statements by Russian officials that those responsible for ordering military operations against civilians will surely have to answer for their crimes, especially to the Ukrainian people, is now backed up by President Putin who has sent a clear message to all extremists and in particular those of the nazi tilt, that they will not find refuge or sympathy in Russia.

The Kremlin: "The Federal Law also makes it a criminal offence to publicly spread information on military and memorial commemorative dates related to Russia's defense that are clearly disrespectful of society, and publicly desecrate symbols of Russia's military glory. The Federal Law sets administrative liability for legal entities that commit these offences."

The last paragraph should clearly be a cause of concern for fascist groups, officials and organizations that are planning to launch events or attempt to blacken the celebrations planned for Victory Day, May 9th .

In summary the recent law passed by the President is necessary to protect society and the honorable memories of all of those who died defeating fascism. It is sad that such a law is necessary but the specter of fascism and historical revisionism has risen its head in Europe and in particular in certain former Soviet Republics and unfortunately Russia has to defend itself again against those who would re-write history and those who would spread fascism. Yet Russia beat the nazis once, and apparently Russia will have to play a decisive role in beating them again.

Once the nazi Bandera coup in Ukraine implodes and collapses as any sick gangrenous cancerous disease is bound to do and the Ukrainian people rise up and begin prosecuting the criminals pretending to be the leaders of the country. They can rest assured that they will find no refuge in Russia. So where can they run?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple; the US. For one the United States is fully 100% supporting nazis in Ukraine, has no laws against Holocaust Denial or historical revisionism, neo-nazis, the KKK and other scum are allowed to stage parades and hold public functions openly and what normal countries would classify as hate speech, whitewashing nazism and approving the Holocaust is allowed in the US. Because when it comes to nazis (and 40,000 thousand found refuge in the US after WWII and many got good jobs in the CIA and new identities) freedom of speech applies. I wonder how Israel feels about all this?

If I do not get chance to talk to you all before Victory Day I would just like to say: Glory to those who beat the nazi scourge, glory to those who stand against fascism today, glory to Mother Russia and the memories of all her fallen children known and unknown who perished so that we would could live. Glory to Russia's great military victories! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru. Happy Victory Day! Remember the fallen and don't forget what they died fighting against.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_07/President-Putin-signs-law-criminalizing-nazi-revisionist-tactics-4771


8 May, 19:19

NATO’s Ukraine: Fascists, Blood, Terror, Fire, Water and Free Gas

John Robles

The junta in Kiev is continuing its campaign of terror and violence against the people of Ukraine and is also attempting to expand it short-sighted retaliatory measures against the peaceful civilians in the Russian Federal Republic of Crimea.

While continuing to receive Russian gas despite unpaid gas deliveries amounting to $3.5 billion (which Russia has been generous enough not to cut off due to the adverse effect such a move would have on the Ukrainian people) the junta, under false self-created pretexts, has decided to punish the residents and the civilian population of its former subject Crimea by cutting off all freshwater supplies to the territory through the North Crimea Canal providing another example of the junta’s complete disregard for the well-being of the civilian population.

Although Crimea, through a legal democratic referendum carried out after the overwhelming demands of the populace made the decision to rejoin the Russian Federation after decades of being a marginalized yet more-or-less autonomous part of Ukraine, is now part of the Russian Federation, during its transition period it is still partially dependent on Ukraine for some electricity and fresh water supplies and Kiev is using this as a weapon against the people.

The fascist junta occupying the bodies of government in Kiev continues to ignore the will, and more importantly the very well-being, of not only the people of Ukraine but of the Crimea which had been given to Ukraine like a sack of potatoes in an unfortunate decision by Nikita Khrushchev which was designed to bring closer unity between Ukraine and Russia exemplified by the slogan “Eternally Together" which could be seen on Soviet posters commemorating the event in 1954. Some members of the Supreme Soviet said the transfer was to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Pereyaslav which was supposed to have unified the Ukraine and Russia.

In contrast to Russian generosity and respect for the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state, further underlined by Russia recently pulling its troops away from the Ukrainian border (a move Russia in no way was obligated to do), Russia’s aforementioned continued deliveries of gas and other necessary strategic resources, Russia’s assistance in guaranteeing the security and wellbeing of Crimeans and the Ukrainian population and even the utmost respect with which Russia treated Ukrainian national symbols and soldiers in Crimea when they decided not to serve in the Russian army (Russia going so far as to ship Ukrainian tanks and military hardware back to Ukraine at its own expense), the complete disregard for the common people by the fascist junta is historic in proportion and can only be justified by the junta’s own twisted ideological psychosis which has openly targeted anyone opposing them for destruction in keeping with the genocidal ideology of the nazis they attempt to emulate.

The crimes against the people of Ukraine by the violent fascist thugs in power against their own people continue to be carried out systematically and with the assistance of the CIA and European powers, who are not only actively complicit but passively approving in their complete lack of any sort of criticism for even the slaughter of what are reported to be over 100 peaceful demonstrators whose only crime was emulating the Maidan tent city in protest of the fascists and who were then brutally butchered and burned alive by forces organized and sent from Kiev.

The West is even complicit in (being controlled by what was supposed to be a defensive organization NATO but which has become a lawless aggressor) the historically unprecedented move of a government activating the military and using nazi paramilitaries to suppress popular unrest.

Regardless of the false labeling of protestors as “terrorists”, the continued demonization of Russia, the war against journalists (including myself) and the covering up of crimes, the real terrorists in Kiev and the Right Sector can in no way justify the pogroms and the killing of their own citizens, neighbors and countrymen. Even the insidious use of the label "pro-Russian" is no justification. I am also 100% pro-Russian, does that mean I should die and be exterminated? If so let that be the case but I will not go down without a fight and I would be honored to die for Russia against fascists if it comes to war and this sentiment is held by millions upon millions in Ukraine and Crimea, hence guaranteeing the unmerciful demise of the nazi junta who in no way will be able to hold on to power and who are obviously insane for believing they will be able to.

For US/NATO/CIA/EU it does not matter of course, they need only be in power long enough to allow for NATO expansion into Ukraine and the division they are causing in the heart of Rus is already a victory for the mindless war machine that NATO has become.

By attempting to punish the people of Crimea by cutting off water, a populace forced by the actions of the junta itself, to seek reunification with Russia, the US/NATO/EU installed and backed illegitimate fascist junta that was assisted by the US in violently taking power in Kiev in February from a democratically elected government, is continuing its de facto cowardly illegal war on the Ukrainian and Crimean people.

According to the Crimean authorities water supply issues were addressed many time on the official level to counter the junta’s false claim that there were payment arrears and offers were even made to pay for the water at many times over the accepted rate. Each attempt to resolve the issue was met with obfuscation and non-response, clearly showing the junta’s attempt to punish the Crimean people.

The path of force, intimidation, brutality and murder that the fascist junta has chosen to continue on is one that is unsustainable and with each passing day and with every move they make, they are guaranteeing their own demise. Yet the West continues to support and attempt to legitimize the junta as they manipulate the media, twist the facts, ignore the truth, demonize Russia and confuse the western audience. This is important because no matter how the West attempts to twist the events and demonize Russia, that message will never change the truth for the Ukrainian people who are living under a nazi junta and that truth will eventually come out.

After bringing Kiev to ruins, killing hundreds in a violent coup that robbed the Ukrainian people of the president and the government that they had elected, outlawing the Russian language which is spoken by over 96% of the Ukrainian people, waging a campaign of terror, xenophobia, intolerance and hate to subjugate the people, making a mockery of government and all state bodies, subjecting innocent people to a reign of terror, terrorizing the press into blind compliance, losing an entire section of the country after marginalizing and terrorizing its people, calling forth the army to kill its own people alongside nazi para-military murderers, corrupting all bodies of justice and burning alive and brutally murdering those opposed to them, the nazi junta continues to pound more nails into its own coffin and prove to the Ukrainian people and the world, despite the criminal collusion of the West in attempting to legitimize them, the true nature of the animals that they are.

No Russian Involvement

Russia continues to attempt to help the Ukrainian people and Ukraine although this is made almost impossible due to the fact that an illegal "government" is in power but has nothing to do with the internal conflict in that country. President Vladimir Putin stated yesterday after a meeting with OSCE head Didier Burkhalter:

"As soon as our colleagues in Europe or the US drive one situation or another into a blind alley, they always say that now the key to resolving the problem lies in the hands of Moscow and it bears the entire responsibility…"

"As regards what will suit Russia and what won't suit Russia. We are not a party to this conflict. The parties are inside Ukraine," President Putin also stated.

Cutting Off the Water

Ukraine has already started cutting off the supply of fresh water to Crimea by erecting a dam made of sandbags across the North Crimean channel. "According to eyewitnesses, cranes and other construction machinery were spotted 40 km from the border between Crimea and Ukraine, near the Armyansk-Herson interstate. Following the reunification of Crimea with Russia, Ukraine decreased the flow of fresh water down the North Crimean channel to a third of the regular amount since April 14, and on April 24 closed off the channel’s sluicegates completely."

The Junta’s Days Are Numbered

Moscow knows that eventually those ordering illegal military operations against civilians and those responsible for the situation in Ukraine will eventually have to answer to the Ukrainian people. This is a given and one which the junta seems to have ignored. Ukrainians will never allow fascists, traitors and western puppets like Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Tyganobok, Klitschko, Yarosh to force their will on the people and stay in power for long.

By moves such as ordering military operations against civilians, burning people alive in Odessa, the daily atrocities and moves like attempting to deny people of water the junta is only showing it is playing a losing hand. The junta may be causing suffering but in the long term the damage they are causing to themselves is multiplying. The junta’s actions, like the actions of the West against Russia, are forcing Ukrainians, Crimeans and Russians to become more creative, self-sustaining, independent and in the end much stronger, and if there ever was a war fought for the hearts and minds of the people of Ukraine and Russia, I believe it is a very clear fact, that that war has long been lost.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_08/NATO-s-Ukraine-fascists-blood-terror-fire-water-and-free-gas-4526/


8 May, 07:38

NATO-Nazi Operation in Ukraine is Aimed at Moscow

John Bosnitch

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The genocide of the Jews and the Slavs in Yugoslavia was one of the most brutal in the WW II. Catholic fascists and others were infamous for their brutality and manually slaughtered their victims one by one. As recently as in the 1990’s genocide was carried out in Croatia and the former Yugoslavia against the Serbs, yet Croatia, without paying restitution or answering for its genocide, was allowed to enter the European Union. John Bosnitch, a 20-year-veteran of radio NHK in Japan spoke about the slaughter of members of his family in the former Yugoslavia by Croat fascists and said the current situation in Ukraine is part of NATO expansion to the east and the eventual destruction of the Russian Federation.

John Bosnitch

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mr. John Bosnitch. He was a journalist for the NHK Radio Japan English world service in Tokyo for 20 years. He is also the Director of the Jasenovac Memorial Center in Belgrade.

Robles: Hello Sir!

Bosnitch: Pleasure to be with you today.

Robles: Pleasure to be speaking with you too. Can you tell us about what happened with your great-uncle in 1941 in the light of what is going on right now with the rise of fascism in Europe and the upcoming celebrations for the victory over the Nazi Germany?

Bosnitch: Well in April of 1941 Nazi Germany invaded Yugoslavia and in a lightning attack they conquered Yugoslavia, and broke the country up into smaller parts in which they established puppet regimes. Now in Croatia there was a domestic fascist movement called the Ustaša, which immediately took power in Croatia and began arresting Serbs, Jews and Roma right away. So, the holocaust in Eastern Europe involves the first action that actually began with mass murder in Croatia before the Nazi death camps were up and running.

My grandfather’s brother, the eldest member of our family at that time, my great-uncle was among the very first arrested, because he was a World War I war hero who had a high profile in the community as a Serb. He lived in Croatia, because Croatia was a multi-cultural region with many Serbs in the region. More than 1/3 of the population of Croatia was Serbian. He was arrested immediately and almost immediately slaughtered as an example of what would happen to leading Serbs in the community. And the same thing was done to Jews and to Roma people right away, as soon as the Croatian extremist Catholic fascists came to power. And it is important to point out this extremist Catholicism that was an integral part of fascism in Croatia.

You might have had death camps in Nazi Germany, but here you had an entire death camp system that was independently run by the Croats themselves and in such a bloodthirsty manner, that even the Germans complained to Hitler about the bestial nature of the Croat slaughter.

Germans had a mechanized mass murder system using poison and so on. In Croatia the vast majority of the victims were killed manually, by hand, one by one, by slashing their jugulars, by slashing their throats. This is a blood bath of unparalleled proportion. And this was done to people who had been their immediate neighbor. And this was a country in which the death camps were actually run by Catholic priests. This is something that very few people in the west or in the east even know about. It has been heavily suppressed historically. It is a matter that was not even discussed or raised when Croatia recently entered the EU.

Modern-day Croatia paid no reparations whatsoever to the victims of the holocaust in Croatia. But here we have a country which was readily admitted into the EU. And as we know the EU is led by Germany. It was readily admitted into the EU without paying any holocaust reparations. And not only was there the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies in World War II, there was a repeat ethnic cleansing of almost the entire remaining Serbian community of Croatia just in the recent past, in the 1990’s.

And none of this was an issue for the EU. So, the EU is willing to accept states that not only were fascist states in World War II and which slaughtered their own people in the hundreds of thousands, but they are also willing to admit Croatia in particular which had a repeat ethnic cleansing in this modern era not many years ago, in the 1990’s. And this state has been accepted into the EU as if it were just any other normal European state. It is an incredible, terrible precedent. And it can be tired directly to the EU’s support for Nazis in modern-day Ukraine; these two things are tied together.

Robles: Can you comment on the founder of the European Union, the European Commission? Apparently, he was a Nazi.

Bosnitch: That’s not my area of expertise. I can tell you that there are many stories about Nazi links and the recreation of Hitler’s German community through the EU.

But what I’m more concerned about is the modern-day repeat that we are seeing in Ukraine today and that we most recently also saw in Croatia of actual Nazis wearing the same uniforms that their fathers and grandfathers wore in World War II, once again killing, raping, murdering and driving out the same victims that they identified and killed off in World War II.

Robles: You were talking about the brutality in Croatia of the Croats. The Banderavites and the followers of Petliura, the Nazi SS also complained about them and said that they were brutal. In Odessa it was the same thing. They were killing …

Bosnitch: Absolutely, absolutely …

Robles: They killed all these people, up to 100 people in this House of Unions, it was called, and then they set in on fire. According to the latest reports and evidence many of the people were killed before they were burnt.

Bosnitch: And we are not hearing any reproach from the United States. We are not hearing any condemnation from the EU, because the EU and the United States, and the Western powers are using Ukraine to try to destroy Russia. And they are using Ukraine just as they used the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. They initiated the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. They ripped the country apart. The divided and conquered the Slavs. And in the end, all of the remaining states, of the successor states of the former Yugoslavia have turned out to be in larger or lesser measure Western colonies. The government of each of these states is selected in the West. The political campaigns are directed and funded from the West. The countries are all guided into NATO to prepare them to be used as shock troops against Russia. There is no doubt about it.

And so, we are seeing the next eastward step in what was obviously called in German imperial times and in Nazi times “the drive to the east”. We are now seeing it progressed from the former Yugoslavia into the Ukraine and, obviously, it is targeted against Russia.

Robles: The Soviet Union, Russia, beat the Nazis once. Now Russia is being targeted again. Can you comment on this, the fact that Nazis are targeting Russians and Jews again? What is your opinion on that? And what is your opinion on … I know, there was the genocide on the Jews, but there was up to 40 million Russians killed by the Nazis.

Bosnitch: There is no doubt that the Nazi plan with respect to the Soviet Union and Russia in particular was to exterminate not just the Jews, but of course as many Russians as they could to clear what they called “lebensraum” – the living space – in eastern Europe for German colonization. Now thank God, Nazi Germany was defeated and there is nobody who knows anything about history who can deny that the brunt of that battle was carried by the Soviet Union and that the major credit for the victory over Nazism is to the credit of the Soviet forces.

Now what we are seeing today, however, is a much smarter “drive to the east”. Germany has economically colonized most of Eastern Europe and they have conquered economically, and then politically, countries which in the past they would have had to seize by force, and which they finally learned, after two world wars, that they couldn’t do. So, they bribe, they co-opt, they corrupt and they coerce all of Eastern Europe to come under their control. And where they run into resistance, as they did in Yugoslavia, especially from the Serbs, then they create divisions among the people and they make them fight each other. And they then divide and conquer and create an empire of smaller parts.

And that’s what they’ve done in the former Yugoslavia. And that’s what they are obviously doing in Ukraine by sponsoring these tiny minority movements and linking them with major forces, such as Right Sector and Svoboda. These certainly are not representative of the normal Ukrainian people and neither are the corrupt leaders, such as Yulia Timoshenko. These people are financed from the West, advised by the West and aided by the operatives of the FBI and the CIA, and the secret services not just of America, but of Germany, who create these movements. They arm them and they promote them.

What they succeeded in doing is creating an armed mass of real, I don’t call them neo-Nazis, I call them NATO-Nazis, because they are programmed, financed, coordinated and directed by the NATO powers. And so, this is just a new generation of the same old anti-Russian invasion and the victims of this, they are once against going to be Russians and Jews, and anybody who will not submit to these Western overlords.

And so what we see happening now in Ukraine is not a final target. The final target is the destruction and the crushing of the entire Russian state; Ukraine is just another stepping stone towards this kind of a slow step-by-step invasion.

Robles: I see. What would you say to young people out there in our audience, any people who have false ideas about what Nazis are, who glorify them, who don’t know or were never told about the holocaust? If you had a couple of minutes to tell them how wrong they are, what would you say?

Bosnitch: The first thing you need to do, especially if you are living in the West and you are under the Western media blackout, what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to get yourself to some alternative media right away. You’ve got to watch programs like RT, you’ve got to listen to media from the other side of this picture. And you’ve got to really make an intelligent comparison to what it is that you can see on RT and what it is that you can see on the Internet, at sites like antiwar.com and other sites which are giving you a broader picture.

And then, you’ve got to compare that to what you cannot see on CNN, CBS, MSNBC and the BBC, and the rest of the Western media, which is a hermetically sealed fairytale picture of the world designed to get the young people of the West to just sit back and accept whatever their governments do in their name. And when you get called up and sent to war, and go to die on the front, you are supposed to go there willingly and happily, because you don’t know any better.

But the job of a young person in the West and in Ukraine too, because the Ukrainian youths are now being sent to fight against their brothers in Nazi uniforms, you’ve got to find out what is going on. You’ve got to find out what is going on and you’ve got to find out what is going on fast before you are dead, before you become cannon fodder for the same old imperial conquest that killed your grandfathers. You’ve got to find out today, that’s your job.

Robles: With regard to Nazism and apologists, and holocaust deniers, what would you say to those people, people who are listening to anti-Jewish propaganda?

Bosnitch: The normal human being harbors no hatred for his fellow man. So, if you find yourself hating people that you’ve never met, then you’ve got to reject that as a fundamental principle. The selling of hatred is always a part of an ulterior motif and of a hidden plan and you are being used, and you are being turned into a murderer of people you don’t even know. And you will find American troops in Afghanistan who have been killing people that they call ragheads, that they never even knew, and coming back to America and going into mental hospitals, because they don’t know what happened.

Now you will find people who are being now put into uniforms in Right Sector, in Svoboda who are killing and burning to death their fellow Ukrainians in cold blood, who are soon going to end up in mental hospitals asking themselves “what happened?”, “how was I hypnotized with hatred?”. That’s not the world that we want to live in. That’s not the world the young people should allow to be created using them as cannon fodder.

Robles: That’s right! Okay, John, thank you very much. I hope we can speak again.

Bosnitch: Well I look forward to being in touch with you, because I’ll be returning to Belgrade and I can tell you that we people in Serbia are at least as much on the frontline as the people in Ukraine, except that our country is already occupied and Kosovo is being ripped out of Serbia. And we know where you are, because we’ve already been there and we are resisting today. Moscow is the target of all of this.

Robles: I know!

You were listening to an interview with John Bosnitch. He is a Belgrade-based journalist, a 20-year veteran of the NHK Radio Japan English world service in Tokyo, and the Director of the Jasenovac Memorial Center in Belgrade.

Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_08/NATO-Nazi-operation-in-Ukraine-aimed-at-Moscow-John-Bosnitch-9441/


9 May, 20:09

US/Nazi Collaboration: Ukraine and Worldwide

Prof Barry Lituchy

US/Nazi collaboration: Ukraine and worldwide – Prof Barry Lituchy

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The US government, NATO, European Union countries and their pliant media are all suppressing the truth about what is really occurring in Ukraine, just like in Yugoslavia. And they are supporting and using Nazi groups to fulfill geopolitical objectives, something that they have continued to do since the end of the Great Patriotic War (World War II). It would be understandable if Jews worldwide raised the alarm and took up arms, metaphorically speaking, against the US. However, they are not being informed and the truth is being suppressed. We spoke to Professor Barry Lituchy, the editor and co-author of the book “Jasenovac and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia”. He is also a member of the US-Jewish community and has roots in Ukraine. He spoke about the US support and the continuation of US collusion with Nazis and fascists worldwide.

Professor Barry Letuchy

Hello, this is John Robles, I’m speaking with Professor Barry Lituchy, he is a teacher of history at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the co-author of “Jasenovac and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia” analysis and survivor testimony. He is also the founder and President of the Jasenovac Research Foundation and the Vice President of the Holocaust Memorial Committee in Brooklyn, New York.

Robles: Hello Sir, how are you this evening?

Lituchy: I’m very well John, thank you for calling.

Robles: I’d really like to hear your views on the current situation here in Europe and in Ukraine in particular with the holocaust, the rise of fascist movements in Europe, the support by the US government of known Nazi groups in Ukraine and all of this in light of the victory over the Nazis in World War II?

Lituchy: John, the Jews in the United States are very much aware of the rise of anti-Semitism and of neo-Nazism in Europe right now. What they are less aware of though is the connection between US foreign policy and I would say even other EU countries’ foreign policy in helping to promote the rise of this neo-fascist movement that is occurring in numerous countries today in Europe and of course most spectacularly and most unfortunately today in the Ukraine.

I would say that the history of this connection between US foreign policy and other EU countries’ foreign policy in promoting and protecting and also subsidizing neo-fascist movements goes back to the end of World War II when the United States and Britain not only did not send Nazi war criminals for trial in countries like Yugoslavia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, but in fact protected them and with the cooperation of the Vatican and the ratlines out of the Vatican allowed them to escape, and then in fact co-opted them as assets for the CIA and MI-6 intelligence services in the post war/World War II years.

In fact we now know that an enormous budget was created to organize and support the organizations of these fascist movements in the post-war era. So, the truth is that it is not really a revival in places like the Ukraine when we see organizations like the Right Sector and Svoboda, with its neo-Nazi insignias and proclamations but rather a continuation of the past.

Robles: Isn’t this disturbing for Jewish Americans and Jews in general? How do you feel about the fact that the Jewish community in Odessa is preparing evacuation plans currently as we speak? I don’t know if you saw the Jerusalem Post article.

Lituchy: Yes, I did see it and as a matter of fact I think there is a great deal of confusion in the United States among American Jews about this because to a large extent unfortunately the major Jewish organizations have not really, I would say to a large extent, they have either gone along with the mainstream media or have not really sounded a clear alarm about these developments, because to a large extent a lot of the major Jewish organizations want to conform to US foreign policy and so therefore if US foreign policy and the US mainstream media’s policy is to suppress the truth, the historical truth about these fascist movements and their connection to US foreign policy, I think then that is also what the major Jewish organizations are going to do, unfortunately.

But I think there is also a great deal of knowledge about what is going on among many American Jews. So, you will see a very contradictory and differentiated response to these developments.

But historians certainly know what is going on and historians know the trajectory of this and the background to this current evolution of fascist movements in places like the Ukraine and I think that it is really incumbent on them to … it’s important for them to speak out and that is why I am here because it is very important for academics and scholars of the Holocaust to make clear that this is not an accident and it is a very clear danger.

What happened in Odessa recently is a development that in many ways is identical to what occurred in October 1941 when the Romanian army entered Odessa, took Odessa and after an attack on the Romanian high command in Odessa, they basically burned to death across Odessa.

So, it is not surprising that the Right Sector when they came into Odessa a few days ago repeated history. They burned their victims to death. Historians can see that this is not reminiscent. It is identical to what occurred in the Holocaust.

Robles: Those are their heroes and they are trying to emulate the Nazi SS and the Bandera Nazis who were even considered brutal by the SS.

Lituchy: I think that a lot of American Jews, a significant number of American Jews can trace their heritage back to the Ukraine, a place that was home to millions of Jews before World War II and many American Jews like myself have a direct connection to the past history of the Ukrainian fascist movement.

I can tell you from my own family’s experience, we came from a town in the Ukraine, the Lituchys that is, came from a town in the Ukraine called Zhashkov or Zhashkova in Russian, and in 1919 we suffered a terrible pogrom there organized by the Ukrainian nationalist leader Symon Petlyura, and the Jews of Zhashkov, or Zhashkova, were rounded up and sent to the Synagogue and others were sent to other buildings, and if they could pay enough in gold, they survived, and if they could not, they were burned to death.

So, this is a family memory and this story was told to me by my grandfather’s sister 30 somewhat years ago when I was young and it is something that everyone in my family knows because we never returned to our homes in that town after that pogrom and many, many, many Jews in that town were burned alive, killed, including two of my grandfather’s cousins who were shot even though we paid Petlyura’s boys the ransom that they wanted.

I see Petlyura really as the father of Ukrainian fascism more than Bandera. Bandera was more or less a pupil of Petlyura and so this movement has its origins to the time when the Germans first occupied the Ukraine in 1918. They saw the advantage then of sponsoring an extreme Ukrainian nationalist movement with clerical overtones, anti-Russian, anti-Jewish and deeply so. We should remember Petlyura denounced Russians and Jews and also outlawed the Russian language. And so the flag of present day Ukraine dates to that time as well.

So all of this was then re- … that was a kind of dress rehearsal. A lot of American Jews know about this because it is their family background, the estimates of historians is that between 150,000 and 200,000 Jews were killed in the Ukraine just during the period from 1917 to 1921, during these pogroms. There was over 2,000 pogroms.

So, this is well-known to many American Jews even if the American-Jewish leaders may not wish to come out and denounce US foreign policy in the Ukraine, in supporting these movements, nevertheless many, many American Jews are familiar with this story.

Robles: What is the reaction, what is your reaction to Victoria Nuland? She is a member of the Jewish community. I am sure she had Intelligence, I am sure she knew exactly who Svoboda was, who Yatsenyuk was, who Tyganbok was. How could they actually allow these people to come into power?

Lituchy: Yeah, well it’s very hard for me to know exactly what’s in the mind of someone like Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland or much less her husband Robert Kagan, the hardline neo-conservative, theorist and advisor to presidents from Reagan to Clinton.

As far as their Jewish identity and their desire to use political movements with deeply anti-Semitic as well as racist, anti-Russian racist ideas, that is something really for a psychiatrist, I think, to figure out.

Robles: Is this a case perhaps of they are after Russia, so they’ll do anything they can?

Lituchy: Well John, the United States has …. US foreign policy has, for a very long time used former Nazis and other neo-Nazis in foreign policy.

Perhaps the most dramatic recent case of this was in Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia it became quite clear when the United States first was putting pressure to break up Yugoslavia in early 1990, it was quite clear that the conflict that was emerging in Yugoslavia was sponsored by the United States and European countries like Britain and Germany and even the Vatican by reviving neo-fascist movements.

These neo-fascist movements whether they be the Croatian Ustaša, or Croatian Nazis, or Bosnian-Muslim fascists, like Alija Izetbegović, who in fact was a former Nazi. Regardless of what they were, it was clear that this was part of the policy and that was what was driving the conflict and that ultimately proved to be the decisive factor in shattering Yugoslavia, in destroying Yugoslavia.

And that was why I began to organize conferences and ultimately leading to my book on this subject of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia, because there was a clear connection to US foreign policy in the Balkans and the revival of these fascist movements, and that story was being suppressed.

That was being suppressed in the media at that time, it was even suppressed in Holocaust institutions. Well particularly the US government Holocaust Museum in Washington DC told nothing about the story of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia when it opened in 1993 and in fact they invited Franjo Tudjman, an open anti-Semite and racist, an anti-Serb, to speak to the opening of that museum.

Robles: How could they possibly do that? What were they thinking? Are they making a mockery of everything?

Lituchy: The Yugoslav Jewish community did protest that but it got no play in the media, it was suppressed just as they had suppressed in the museum the whole story of the Holocaust in Yugoslavia at that time.

Since then, of course, they have added it to the museum but at that time because it was an inconvenient truth for the US government to talk about it, the US government in their museum on the Holocaust just erased the Holocaust in Yugoslavia, it didn’t talk about the hundreds of thousands of Serbs, the 60,000 plus Jews, and the hundreds of thousands of Romas who were killed in Yugoslavia simply for being who they were, for racist reasons by the Croatian Ustaša and other fascist collaborators.

The lesson that was learnt from that experience in the 1990s in the Balkans was that this oppression of historical truth in regard to the Holocaust is a life-or-death issue because it ultimately it sets peoples up for victimization. In other words, the same people who were the victims of the Holocaust in World War II were being targeted to be victimized all over again. And this is the problem again with the Ukraine.

This is why the story of the fascists in the Ukraine, the massive involvement of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists, in carrying out the Holocaust in the Ukraine and their subordination to the SS and the Nazis in the occupation and Holocaust in Ukraine in World War II is being suppressed because it goes contrary to US foreign policy and because the aim of US foreign policy is to suppress that truth. So the same people can be victimized all over again - in this case, Russians and Jews.

Robles: Since you mentioned that, how important it is not to forget history, President Putin today just signed several laws into effect making Holocaust denial, making whitewashing Nazism, being an apologist and making false statements about World War II, those are now - in the US they are called felony offenses - but those are serious crimes now in Russia.

Lituchy: They are serious. They are serious.

Robles: What I have seen, for example with my students, young people today almost know nothing about the Holocaust, about what Nazis did in the concentration camps, about the experiments, about the atrocities. In Ukraine I think people just try to ignore the problem. Now there is blood flowing in the streets.

Lituchy: Governments today in the West, the United States, the European Union, Britain, Germany, they want to suppress the truth about the Holocaust in the Ukraine. They want to suppress the truth about the fascist movement in the Ukraine and its crimes because they want to allow these movements who victimized the peoples of the Ukraine, the non-Ukrainian population, the Russians and the Jews, and anyone who isn’t Ukrainian. They want to victimize them all over again so that they can use this Ukrainian ultra-nationalist and fascist movements to establish NATO expansion into the Ukraine. I think everyone knows that but that’s being suppressed by the media. It’s being suppressed by the government.

You were listening to an interview with Professor Barry Lituchy, he teaches history at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York. He is also the editor and co-author of “Jasenovac and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia” analysis and survivor testimony. He is the President and founder of the Jasenovac Research Foundation, as well as the Vice President of the Holocaust Memorial Committee in Brooklyn, New York.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_09/US-Nazi-collaboration-Ukraine-and-worldwide-Prof-Barry-Letuchy-6182/


12 May, 21:51

"Ukraine Reminiscent of hitler’s Germany" – President Yanukovich

John Robles

The western installed nazi junta in Ukraine is having problems that no amount of lies or spin from Washington will be able to fix. No matter how hard top western officials attempt to legitimize their NATO puppets and demonize and kill the citizens of Ukraine who are against the nazi coup government, their efforts are failing.

The populations of the People’s Republic of Donetsk and the People’s Republic of Lugansk, in transparent democratic referendums have chosen to separate from Ukraine (Banderastan).

Referendums Under Terror and Gunfire

The brave people of the two regions must be applauded and respected and any derision or attempt to portray the referendums for anything other than what they were, the legitimate voice of the people making their voices heard, can only be viewed as outrageous self-serving disgraceful empty propaganda.

The criminality and the egregious use of military forces, paramilitary fascist groups and 400 CIA/Greystone mercenaries by the western backed nazi junta in Kiev cannot be underlined or repeated enough as long as the disgraceful, mindless lock stepping media and subservient "officials" lacking any sense or vestige of humanity, continue to use the internal Ukrainian crisis to demonize Russia and continue to throw around words to describe the poor suffering population of Ukraine such as rebels, terrorists, separatists, pro-Russian this and that, insurgents and the like.

The reality is that the people of eastern Ukraine (yes the "people" I called them people because that is what they are) have been living in terror since the nazi junta came to power in Kiev. They have had to watch as their democratically elected government was taken over by US/NATO/CIA/EU fascists, the President of Ukraine had to flee for his life and fascists have taken over their government. Then upon deciding that they would not stand for such a coup, and being treated as if they were committing a crime by attempting to have their voices heard, they were forced to have a referendum NOT TO JOIN RUSSIA and NOT TO LEAVE UKRAINE but to become federal subjects with a certain level of autonomy which is the only way their voices would be heard.

For this crime, the crime of attempting to be democratic and have a voice, these innocent civilians were labeled "terrorists" by the real terrorists in the junta, and the CIA/Right Sector/Greystone/Kiev armed forces were launched against them.

The bloodshed and cold blooded murders of civilians by the CIA’s Greystone, the Right Sector, the Maidan Defense Forces and the Ukrainian army controlled by the junta in eastern Ukraine, are crimes that must be answered for and the attempt to literally terrorize the population into submission is a sign of the true madness of the fascist coalition which includes CIA/NATO/US/EU and the nazis they have sponsored and placed in power in Kiev.

Even with over a hundred peaceful civilians slaughtered and then set on fire in Odessa by the Right Sector and the Maidan Defense Forces and the ongoing CIA backed "anti-terrorist operation" all over eastern Ukraine, including the point blank merciless shooting of civilian protestors, those attempting to vote and those who committed the crime of "celebrating victory over the nazi scourge", the people have stood up and as I said before the actions of the junta have once again only served to consolidate and unite the people as never before.

According to organizers of the referendum they had never seen such a turnout and people were even going to the polls under active gunfire. Innocent people have already died for carrying out a simple democratic referendum and their deaths are made a mockery of by people like William Hague.

One has to openly ask the question is NATO really a nazi organization and are they prepared to "cleanse" all of the eastern regions of Ukraine in order to rid themselves and their nazi installed puppets of opposition? Apparently they are when disgusting sub-human mindless nazi puppets like Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and Tigyanbok continue to talk about the fact that "cleansing" operations will continue in eastern Ukraine.

William Hague "spokes tool for the world"

Knowing the real situation in Ukraine and seeing the complete twisting of reality that officials like skin headed revisionist in chief William Hague are attempting to spin to the world audience can only lead one to the conclusion that the west has gone mad and completely lost touch with reality. William Hague, speaking to the press and proving to anyone left with a doubt that he is the lapdog to Obama that Blair was to Bush, was the first to jump the gun with pre-written statements about the "legitimacy", or lack thereof, of the referendum in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Hague (the anti-matter of Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov) unlike the principled position of Lavrov, showed that he has no regard for the people of Ukraine, and like the nazis and their desire to cleanse the Eastern lands to make living space for the Aryan race obviously believes that the bothersome people deserve to be obliterated to make space for his NATO missiles and his beloved Right Sector nazis. Pretty strong words? Not in the least if you consider that Hague knows exactly what is going on in Ukraine, after all he and his US/NATO masters are responsible for all of it.

In an eight sentence article for the London Evening Standard which took two writers to put together (maybe one was holding the gun to the head of the other?) William (I have no moral fortitude) Hague, is quoted as having apparently appointed himself as speaker for the world: "… the referendums in eastern Ukraine had ‘zero credibility in the eyes of the world’". I would argue that now Hague himself has zero credibility.

To back up Hague’s outrageous fabrication the writers (or the writer and the gunman) cite as support for Hague the ridiculous junta puppets in Kiev as hving said the referendums were a "farce".

The duo is obviously factually challenged and actually wrote that the junta’s "… grip on the country’s east appears to be disintegrating…", challenged because the brutal fascists in Kiev were never supported in the east to begin with. I must repeat: THEY WERE NOT ELECTED! IT WAS A COUP! The nazis in Kiev were elected by Nuland and mentally challenged members of the CIA and NATO who never once stopped to think that the puppets they were placing in power would never be accepted by the people. Wait, perhaps they did think it through and committing genocide has been their plan all along? For that is what it will take for the Ukrainian people to accept the Right Sector, Svoboda, Turchinov and Nuland’s "Yat’s" as their leaders.

Regarding the referendums Herr Hague also stated: "They are illegal by anybody’s standards. They don’t meet any standard, not a single standard of objectivity, transparency, fairness or being properly conducted as a public referendum or election."

Due to the fact that the junta’s out of control "army", which is openly shooting unarmed civilians in the street, was all over the regions and the junta has blocked almost all foreigners from entering Ukraine to observer the referendums, objective western coverage is almost impossible to obtain. But there were at least 400 journalists who did manage to observe and the television footage coming out and blocked by the west showed massive turnouts, clear glass (TRANSPARENT) ballot boxes, enthusiastic if slightly frazzled people and completely normal proceedings. Maybe Hague should watch RT?

President Putin

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told the Kommersant stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin will formulate his attitude to the referenda, held on Sunday, on the status of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, "on the strength of their results",. What the Russian President's decision will be "is difficult to forecast".

President Putin will not make a statement or decision on such a matter until he has all of the facts. Yes the facts. Something that obviously William Hague nor John Kerry for that matter need. Shall we recall Kerry’s "we know" speech on Syria? Okay never mind.


According to the Voice of Russia citing Interfax, the Kremlin statedRussia was closely following the preparations for and the course of the referendums in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, and respects the choice made by the population, the Kremlin said. "We have taken note of high voter turnout despite attempts to derail the voting and we condemn the force used, including military hardware, against civilians, which lead to fatalities," the Kremlin said.

"Moscow respects the will of the population of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and hopes that the practical implementation of the outcome of the referendums will proceed along civilized lines, without repeat outbreaks of violence and through dialogue between representatives of Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk," the Kremlin press service said in a statement.

"In the interests of establishing such a dialogue all mediation efforts will be welcome, including by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe," the Kremlin said.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

The Voice of Russia reports that Mr. Lavrov statedRadicals, army, heavy weapons were used in Ukraine to disrupt referendums, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. "The turnout was high despite attempts to disrupt the vote, including attempts to do so using ultra-radical militants, the army and heavy weapons against civilians. There were casualties," Sergei Lavrov said, commenting on Sunday’s referendums in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions after talks with his Ugandan counterpart Sam Kutesa.

The President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich

The Voice of Russia also reports that the President of Ukraine said he understands the decision made by the people of Donetsk region to come to the referendum and vote for their independence.

"Why did an overwhelming majority of citizens who live in Donetsk region come to the referendum and vote for any other state system except for a system in which you can call your citizens terrorists and kill them with impunity? Because the people of Ukraine have reached the limit of their patience," Yanukovich said in a statement possessed by Interfax.

"Dissidents were persecuted in Germany then and now whole cities in Ukraine are experiencing a blockade only because the people are defending their viewpoint, which is different from that of the ruling regime," Yanukovich said in a statement obtained by Interfax.

"Today's Ukraine is reminiscent of Germany under Hitler. Hitler then designated an enemy represented by dissident intelligentsia, Jews, Gypsies, etc. They were blamed for all the problems of German society and the propaganda played its role some time later," the document says.

Respect the People

According to the United Nations Charter all people have the right to self-determination, except apparently for those who do not do what US/NATO/CIA want. And the people of Ukraine, not the Right Sector and their armed nazis, do not represent the people of Ukraine. Nor does the junta. Idiot puppets like Yatsenyk and Turchinov would never have been voted into power by the people of Ukraine, hence the coup. That should be obvious, and it is only through a farce presidential election held in a country in turmoil that they will be allowed to stay in power.

The traitors in Kiev have sold out their country but it is the people who we must respect, and they have spoken even under threat of death by shooting. Why doesn’t the junta just hold a referendum asking the Ukrainian people if they support their little group of western backed gigolos in Kiev? Why? Because they know the people do not want them. Nuland wants them. NATO wants them. The Ukrainian people would boo them out of town (at minimum) like they did when the nazi goons Turchinov and Yatsenyuk showed up at a Victory Day celebration. This was after the Rada posted a statement in their webstie by Turchinov (which was not translated in English and improperly translated in Russian) but which in Ukrainian called Victory Day "a day of shame for the Ukrainian people". According to Turchinov the "Ukrainian" people are the Bandera followers of Banderastan.

Turchinov and his little cabal will eventually pay for their crimes against the Ukrainian people, and that is a given. Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Odessa last night chanting "We will not forgive, we will not forget!" Neither will we.

Donetsk People's Republic

VOR also reports that the organizers of the referendum on the status of the Lugansk region say that: 96.2% of the region's residents who have a right to vote voted for the state independence of the Lugansk People's Republic on May 11. The chairman for the Central Elections Commission Malykhin in charge of the referendum, told a press conference in Lugansk on Monday that 1.35 million ballots were given to voters at polling stations and another 15,000 ballots were given to voters outside of polling stations.

Lugansk People's Republic

According to the Voice of Russia's coverage the Lugansk People's Republic declared itself a sovereign state following the referendum on the status of the region, People's Governor of the Lugansk region Valery Bolotov said.
"We have chosen our own path of independence from tyranny and bloody dictatorship by Kiev junta, from fascism and nationalism. We have chosen the path of freedom and the rule of law," Bolotov said in an address to residents of the Lugansk region.

According to Lugansk officials, some 90 percent of the voters supported the region's drive to secede from Ukraine and become an independent sovereign state during the referendum on Sunday. The move comes shortly after the Donetsk region declared its independence from Kiev earlier in the day and said it would ask Moscow to join Russia.

The Goose Stepping West and its Ministry of Truth

The reaction from the West and its top officials was predictable although worthy of note for its goose stepping conformity to pre-arranged positions and the complete demonization of the Ukrainian people and all of the lies about Russia somehow being involved.

Finally (as I have had enough from reading the western media and need to find a barf bag), the west [sic] keeps saying the situation in Ukraine is somehow linked to Russia and some sort of expansion etc. Let’s not forget it was Nuland who gave the go ahead on the CIA/USAID/BND/US/EU coup and it was the West which destabilized Ukraine and it was the their puppets who drove the people to a referendum. Stop demonizing Russia already, you people are beginning to look like nazis yourselves.

Finally and finally

After a meeting between Dennis Miller and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev it has been announced that gas deliveries to Ukraine will soon be on a prepaid basis. Prime Minister Medvedev told Mr. Miller it is time to stop delivering gas for free and stated that delivery of gas to Ukraine should be on a prepaid basis begining tomorrow.

No more free gas. Have a nice day!

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_12/Ukraine-reminiscent-of-Hitler-s-Germany-President-Yanukovich-1209


13 May, 20:44

Did Kerry Actually Accuse Putin of Destabilizing Ukraine?

Joseph Zrnchik

Blame for the situation in Ukraine lies fully with the United States and those in Kiev, and for the most part western Ukraine, who were ready to sell out their country to advance US/NATO geopolitical interests. The goal of US/NATO is not one that normal people truly understand, it is one where military objectives against the phantom enemy of the USSR must be carried out and Russia and then China neutralized in order to advance US hegemony which only benefits the elites. For these military planners the people and the countries they are destroying mean nothing. Ukraine to them is an abstraction on a map where pins must be placed showing the location of nuclear missile aimed at Moscow.

The Russian Federation and its leadership for its part has consistently attempted to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and has been forced into a defensive stance by mindless US military expansion directly onto its front door. That is the reality that the US continues to attempt to obfuscate.

Those in the West carrying out this plan have absolutely no morality, no consideration for the millions of lives they eradicate and no respect for rule of law or international standards. Their one goal is global military domination at any cost.

The truth is what the US is afraid of because when their crimes are recognized and the egregiousness and illegitimacy of all their actions, especially since 9-11, become too much for the world to stomach any longer, all of their plans will be stopped dead in their tracks. In a normal world we might hope for prosecutions for the crimes against peace and humanity that the US has been guilty of, but the Bush reign shows that this will never happen because the US controls all of the organs of international law and the people of the world who can bring about such prosecutions are either bought and paid for or too meek to actually do something.

Through my journalistic work I have documented and taken issue with the way the US government and the military machine that controls it have been bashing around the world and imposing its will illegally while eradicating the lives of millions and at times it seems to no avail as the US continues its campaign of mindless global domination to advance its own interests while lying to the world about terrorism and democracy.

I receive a lot of mail from readers and those who are also alarmed with the crimes against humanity that the US continues to get away with with impunity and the massive illegality that has spread through the US Government since the 9-11 neo-con coup. From torture to mass surveillance, from extra-judicial executions to mass secret detention, from literal genocide to multiple acts of aggressive war, the US Government (in their own terms) has gone completely off the reservation.

One of my readers and a contributor to the Voice of Russia recently wrote a very concise article on the situation in Ukraine and one which I believe needs to be shared. As a former high level military planner and trainer inside the US military machine in my opinion his views are of special interest. The following is an article by Joseph Zrnchik, a retired US military planner and trainer. I hope you find it as informative as I did.

Joseph Zrnchik

Photo provided by Joseph Zrnchik

Did Kerry actually accuse Putin of destabilizing Ukraine?

by Joseph Zrnchik

Seeing how Victoria Nuland was placed on Youtube on an intercepted phone call plotting for the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government and is then seen on Youtube bragging about how the U.S. had funded opposition groups, that included fascist elements, to the tune of $5 billion USD, one would have to be impaired to take John Kerry’s latest remarks seriously.

After the US State Department funded anarchy and helped to pay for a fascist government that used paramilitary groups to conduct false-flag atrocities whereby its snipers executed unarmed police while also killing their own pro-Ukrainian protesters to foment unrest so as to accuse the former president of crimes against humanity, Kerry then had the audacity to accuse Putin of "distraction, deception and destabilization." It really is true what they say about effective propaganda in that you accuse your target of doing the exact same thing you are doing. Yet, Kerry is now crying to Moscow to beg for Putin’s help while at the same time accusing Putin of creating this Washington-sponsored fiasco.

Putin, to his credit, has taken the former Soviet position of allowing democratic secession following the same principles that allowed for the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Empire. Putin has stated that democratic principles ought to allow for the self-determination of millions who feel they would otherwise be held under boot by an oppressive and fascist government that has been illegally constituted and that has proven itself willing to kill innocents and now incinerates its citizens by engaging in Waco-styled atrocity.

Much has been written about the recent slaughter being committed by mercenaries. There are mainstream news stories from reputable media organizations that German intelligence now has identified over 400 former Blackwater mercenaries in Ukraine carrying out atrocities for the regime. It seems the Kiev government could no longer count on its elite troops whom earlier surrendered to unarmed protesters and then defected to Crimea after having been sent on an "anti-terrorist mission." It is apparent that the US wants the pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine to know that the US.

Empire is perfectly willing to incinerate protesters to achieve its ends as one wonders how long it will take for the UN to make some lame and meaningless comment that exonerates the US while placing all blame on Russia. The UN has become so dysfunctional that one wonders if it can any longer even cite its principles or constitution much less be taken seriously anymore.

That Kerry can now stand by and accuse Putin of trying to destabilize the Ukraine and reestablish the Soviet Union drips with hypocrisy, lunacy, stupidity, irony and lies. It is apparent that this man knows absolutely no shame and has told such brazen lies that it led to Lavrov and Putin refusing to take any calls from the US State Department for weeks while Kerry started to look unhinged while making crazier and crazier remarks and threats.

Putin has stood by and watched the US expand NATO almost to the Russian border while the US makes threats against Russia. Now the US wants to engages in economic warfare as Putin has merely stood by and watched US plans unravel as it seems the US has overplayed its hand and gone one coup too far. When considering eastern Ukraine, one wonders when the right of a population to be repatriated should be granted. It is apparent that the US has no foreign policy except for opportunism and the theory that might makes right.

But, all is not lost for the US and its elites as it is seen they always benefit from the chaos they sow. Now the US wants to deploy more troops, sell and deploy more weapon systems, create more bases and expand US militarism in an attempt to influence a situation that it can now only aggravate. The US, even after its failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, still seems unable understand the limits of military power in dealing with situations and problems that are essentially economic and political in nature. Who pays the costs for this? It is the American taxpayer who gets put on the hook for costs, but it is the people of targeted nations that suffer consequences never reported on or mentioned in the U.S. media. Who benefits? It is the Washington political establishment that is heavily invested in the military-industrial complex and bankrupting the US as it continues to reap obscene profits from the misery, unrest and mass murder it sponsors.

Ukraine's acting President, Alexander Turchynov, has proven to be a stooge of Washington’s and had already been singled out by Victoria Nuland as the US puppet designed to give the coup a thin veneer of legitimacy. The problem is that the same crooks that installed Turchynov are also the same crooks that have sent the country teetering in the brink of financial collapse and anarchy. The fact is that this government has now sold out its people to Western imperialism and there will be nothing but ruin and destitution in store for the people for as far as the eye can see. The full effect of the country being sold out has yet to be felt, but it is sure to end in unmitigated disaster for Ukrainians.

While the US wanted war crimes tribunals and International Criminal Court involvement for what was the bloodless and democratic repatriation of millions of ethnic Russians, the US voice now falls silent as the Ukrainian government incinerated dozens of its own citizens who did not support its fascist putsch.

Now it has become clear that the US is allowing mercenaries to attack the very citizens whom Ukrainian soldiers had refused to fire on. The US is also trying to smear a democratic political movement by branding it as terrorism, yet it seems the only people being incinerated are unarmed protesters. Again there is no call for recrimination by the US against the current government for incinerating Russians or for the killing of unarmed police and even pro-Ukrainian nationalists by this gangster government. Does Kerry really think Europeans are as politically ignorant as Americans?

Even as the EU tries to defuse the situation, NATO, which lost its reason for existence with the demise of the Soviet Empire, now seeks to threaten Russia in an attempt to dominate and control Russia’s near abroad. Given that we now see with perfect clarity what the US has tried and failed to do, yet using its failure as an excuse to expand military spending, how can Russia not deploy soldiers on its border?

Imagine if Russia were destabilizing Mexico and then installed a pro-Russian fascist government in Mexico that had incinerated its citizens and used military snipers to create chaos and division, and then had Russia demand that the US pull its troops back from the US-Mexico border, would Putin be reasonable in demanding that the US evacuate Fort Hood?

US' goofiness may end up dragging the EU into war with a trading partner who merely seeks to do business without the threat of being completely encircled by a country that has a thousand military bases in over 120 countries. That the US now seeks an "Asian Pivot" as it also has begun deploying forces even in Africa, ought to make people with more than two functioning brain cells understand that all of this potential for death and destruction should be hung at the neocon's front doorstep. The US is now attempting to threaten a nuclear power and has taken arrogance to an art form. Those who have engaged in this crime ought to be brought to justice.

It is high time the American people quit believing US propaganda and lies and start thinking for themselves. Our criminal elite have run amok for too long because we Americans have been lazy and willfully ignorant. Whatever tragedy befalls Americans, so long as we stand idle against international crime by our elite, we will deserve whatever happens. But, you can bet that those profiting from any war will not be the ones having to fight it.

No American should count on the media to help educate the masses or work to avert disaster. The media has turned propaganda into a state religion. It now serves only to propagandize the masses. Given what I have seen over the last two decades, it appears the neocons are correct in their strategy of using media to control the masses. When I talk to teachers, police, lawyers, blue-collar workers, medical professionals, bankers, and businessmen, none of them have any idea what is going on in the Ukraine, nor do they have a single iota of historical perspective regarding the current situation. They mindlessly quote all the talking points given by the media’s talking heads. It is as if they are mentally challenged. To know the truth and see the ridiculousness of the narrative makes me disgusted. The truth has become is so inverted that I personally have lost all hope. I now know there is no depth too low for my government to sink. The media, instead of telling the truth, exposing lies and contradicting propaganda, is now achieving the neocon dreams of Strauss and Trotsky in serving to sell war to the masses. I no longer hold any hope and am no longer under any illusion regarding the brutality of the American government, but then look and see how easily the American government was able to sell genocide of native Americans to the European settlers.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_13/Did-Kerry-actually-accuse-Putin-of-destabilizing-Ukraine-Joseph-Zrnchik-9916/


14 May, 01:00

Canada Refuses to Investigate Thousands of Murdered Women – Mohawk Spokesman Shawn Brant

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For over a decade hundreds of innocent young girls and women have been disappearing in Canada. School girls under 11, teenagers and young ladies have all disappeared or have been found beaten, raped or dead in dumpsters, ditches, by the side of the road and in landfills.

While the Canadian Government sends assistance to Nigeria, to make political points pretending to assist in finding over 200 hundred girls it cares nothing about, it continues to ignore and refuses to investigate the over 1,425 cases of missing girls and murdered young ladies in Canada. Why has Canada ignored these crimes? Because the murdered girls are Native Americans. We spoke to Shawn Brant, a Mohawk Nation and Wolf Clan representative about this issue and more.

Shawn Brant

This is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Shawn Brant. He is a member of the Mohawk Nation and the Wolf Clan representative, a Mohawk Indian activist and a spokesperson for the Warrior Society of Tyendinaga.

Robles: Hello, Sir. How are you this evening?

Brant: I’m very well, thank you for having me.

Robles: It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you. I’d like to find out some details, if you could, on a very serious issue that has been taking place for a long time and not getting any coverage at all almost in the major media. I’m talking about disappearance of what could be thousands of Native American girls, women and schoolgirls.

Brant: Sure! Certainly the issue is one that affects women and girls in Canada. It involves recently, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada here confirmed that some 1,200 aboriginal women have been murdered since 1980s. Another 225 have been identified as missing and presumed murdered. And that is women and girls across the country.

It’s a crisis that has been ongoing, the crisis the Government has been aware of and one that has been ever escalating.

Certainly, in the past 20 years the number of women that have gone missing is catastrophic and it’s a crisis and one that women and girls had been begging the government in Canada to look into and find… to investigate, to have police investigate, to have various governments take some responsibility and oversight in making a determination about what is happening within our communities and within urban centers here in Canada.

The average age of the women that are going missing is about 20 years old. About 10% of that 1,200 murdered women are under the age of 11.

They have been raped, abducted, tortured, murdered. They’ve been cast in garbage bins, they’ve been tossed out of vehicles in ditches from one end of this country to the other and the Government has refused at every turn to investigate. They’ve refused to, in any meaningful way, take any responsibility.

And whenever the issue is raised before the public, they attempt to convince the rest of society here in Canada that these are women that are involved in the sex trade and demean and diminish their integrity. And that is simply not the case.

We’ve recently been taking a more militant stand against the government. There have been closures of roads, there have been closures of rail lines, there’ve been attacks against the Canadian economy. All in an effort to have the government take a serious look at this issue and provide some answers.

Robles: I understand you were involved in shutting down the Canadian railroad. Can you talk about that?

Brant: Absolutely! We put it to government and there has been a general call in this country, both in the Native Community and in the non-Native Community that there needs to be a national oversight and national strategy and inquiry to provide some answers into this phenomena: murder and disappearance of these women and girls.

And so, the government has maintained the position that it’s simply doing whatever it can and nothing more can be done, and that has been unacceptable.

So, here, in our community, we are situated between Toronto and Montreal, which is the CN mainline. And more goods pass through this one area than any other place in the world by train, highway and through the seaway.

And systematically what we’ve been doing is targeting that trade route and we’ve been shutting down the mainline, which impacts the Canadian economy about $160 million dollars a day.

We’ve taken a position that if the Government is unwilling to step up and meet the very-very basic, decent social demands that are being made by our people for intervention and investigation into this crisis, that we’re prepared to target the economy of Canada and bring it to its knees, if necessary, in order to have justice to be brought to our women and girls and we’ve been doing that.

We’ve been doing that on a regular basis and while may not reach out beyond this country or out into the mainstream media, we are confident that we are having a significant impact on the Canadian economy and are prepared to continue in that.

Robles: I don’t want to get off the topic, because this is a serious topic and it is one we need to focus on, and it is one that, as you just said, is not getting coverage, when it absolutely should be and must be. If we can get back to the girls now, in your opinion, who is responsible for this? Is this an organized group in the government? Is this a continuation of genocide? Who is behind this?

Brant: This is the continuation of the same old adage of colonialistic apartheid policies and laws that Canada is engaged in against the indigenous people here.

Canada is a colonial country, it has no legitimacy or basis. And part of Canada’s policy is: in order to maintain the exploitation of resources and the theft of resources of our land, they maintain a state of sadness and despair in our communities and by doing that they think that they are able to keep us in such a state of sadness, that we are unable to mobilize against the state and large corporations that are engaged in the theft of our resources. And so, Canada’s policies of not investigating, of not caring, they simply allow for a perpetuation of despair that allows for the theft to continue.

But certainly, recently, in last November, an organization: the International Human Rights Watch, documented some 50 different instances in which the Royal Canadian Mounted Police themselves, Canada’s “police force” was engaged in the abduction, sexual assault, torture, kidnapping of First Nations’ women.

17 of their officers were identified as having engaged in this type of behavior, where they themselves, the police would abduct women and girls, engage in sexual assaults and then threaten to either have them disappear or threaten to have their family disappear if they ever spoke.

So, this was well documented by an accredited international human rights agency in a report that was tabled before our parliament in February of this year. And the government simply looked at it and said: “Well, if there are complaints to be made, then these women should come forward and complain against these specific police officers involved.”

But what people don’t understand is that the police officers that are perpetrating these crimes are officers that live in the communities and are involved in policing of those same communities where the women live. So, it is a situation where women would have to come forward and make complaints to the perpetrators themselves, and that is simply not possible.

So, when you asked me about who is involved, directly involved in the acts themselves include: military personnel, it includes Canada’s police forces and by extension the government itself is aware of who is committing the crimes.

And that is simply why they don’t want to take any type action or any type of government oversight, because it would expose not just the hypocrisy of government, but it would expose the complicity of Government in what is happening against the indigenous people and they are just not prepared to go there.

We know what is happening, we know who is committing these crimes, we simply don’t have any body of people that we can approach that would take any meaningful steps to change or correct the situation of the crisis that we are involved in now.


Robles: We are hopefully exposing it now and hopefully, maybe, this will have some effect on getting some justice done I hope. Well, that’s my hope.

Brant: We are not naïve people and, as we’ve discussed earlier, when we hear leaders in the world that express concern and genuine regard for their people wherever they live, and offer and afford protections for their people, as Russia has done in Ukraine and other regions, that really appeals to us.

We’ve been reaching out, we don’t have a government that affords protection to its people. And that is a burden that we bear, we don’t have the protection of government, like Russian citizens do.

Robles: Do you have an opinion on what is going on in Ukraine?

Brant: I absolutely do! When the protection of citizens becomes fundamental, when it is an absolute fundamental right for a nation to protect its citizens, and that’s being demonstrated around the world (whether it is to the Israeli government, whether it is to the government of the US, whether it is through the Russian Government), there is a fundamental notion of sovereignty and integrity, and justice that the government must protect its citizens and must cross borders and regions, and must protect them where they live from any type of oppression, any type of act of aggression that is taken.

We sympathize with the people of Russia and the Russian speaking population within Ukraine. And it is fundamentally just for a country to be able to intervene and protect its people wherever they live. And we absolutely support that.

Robles: Russia so far has not really intervened. I mean, if you are talking about militarily. But that would be a good thing for the junta government in Ukraine to hear right now: that a government should protect its people. Here they are waging a war against their own people. They are killing and slaughtering their own people. If that is not a sickness, I don’t know what is, anyway…

Now how long has this been going on with the girls missing?

Brant: It was first identified in 1994. And at that time there was 24 women that government acknowledged as having been murdered. And activists at that time had said that the number was closer to about 80 and that was in 1994.

Since that time the number now is: as government released a report on Friday of last week which identified 1,200 murdered First Nations’ women, and the activist community, we believe that the number is closer to about 3,100-3,150. So those numbers that have increased from that time, have increased in a very short length of time, in approximately 20 years.

And so, it isn’t as though there has been some sort of intervention that has allowed for that to scale back. Those numbers have been increasing exponentially each and every year. And the range of the attacks has increased. They are targeting our girls now as young as 6 and 7 and 8 years old.

They are being picked up walking along the streets, they are being picked up on their way to school. As I said, they are being raped, they are being tortured, they are being murdered. It is something that we are living with, something that is almost unbelievable to imagine.

Robles: That is unbelievable to imagine! It is unbelievable! 3,150 people, human beings! Were these anyone else?

Brant: That number, when you put it into the context with the rest of Canada’s population, that represents about 70,000 non-native women that would have to be murdered to equal the number of First Nations’ women when we give the population.

And we are looking at this not necessarily now in a context of simply unsolved homicides, we are looking at this as being an untold story of genocide. Certainly, within the aboriginal communities here in Canada we are looking at this as being a legitimate genocide.

People say that they are targeting our women so that they don’t have children, that they don’t contribute to the population of indigenous people. And when you look at that number and see that impact that it is having not just on the immediate lives of those who are lost, but by extension on the number of children and the families that would have been generated, it certainly can be unmistakably viewed as being a direct genocide, a direct attack against our very existence.

And when we shut down a train line or shut down a highway, or we talk about targeting Canada’s economy, we are not talking about it simply as being for an issue of justice, we are talking about it as being a right of our people to stand up for our very existence and the survival of our people. That’s what we are talking about is our right to exist.

And the Government is doing everything within its power to see that we don’t continue on as a society of people, that we become extinguished.

And so, we go out and we fight these battles and we fight these battles on the street, and we fight these battles on the infrastructure of this country. But we are fighting this as a means of survival and continuation of our people.

Robles: I see. A Government based on genocide and it hasn’t changed.

Brant: It hasn’t changed at all.

Robles: It hasn’t changed at all!Yes, the numbers are unbelievable. I mean, if it was even 10 white Canadian women that were found in dumpsters, can you imagine the outcry, the huge investigations that would be going on?

Brant: Yes. And we have women that have been dumped in landfill sites, in garbage dumps here and police forces know the whereabouts of their bodies, but they say that the cost of $17,000 for one girl Tanya Nepinak, the cost to remove her body from that landfill they say was too much money to be spent, that it wasn’t justified…

Robles: They talk about the cost?!?!?!

Brant: … to remove her from a garbage landfill outside the city of Winnipeg. And those are the types of indignities that they put upon us, the value of her life…. So she sits today under a pile of garbage outside the city of Winnipeg and the government says that the cost of removing her body wasn’t worth it. And that’s the response we get. That’s how government treats our people.

That’s how they respond, even when they know the whereabouts of the body, they won’t provide us with the dignity and the dignity of the family to recover that body and have her put to rest in a proper way.

You were listening to an interview with Shawn Brant of the Mohawk Nation and the Wolf Clan in Canada. He is a Mohawk Indian activist and a spokesperson for the Warrior Society of Tyendinaga.

You can find out more on indigenous issues at Mohawk Nation News.

Mohawk Nation News


Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_14/Canada-refuses-to-investigate-thousands-of-murdered-women-Mohawk-spokesman-Shawn-Brant-1600/


16 May, 13:34

US Coup Failed in Ukraine: Kiev Junta's Days are Numbered

John Robles

The western backed junta in Kiev, installed in February of this year after years of planning by the US/CIA/USAID/NATO/EU and billions of dollars spent on NGOs, destabilization teams, installing and paying for puppets and training, arming and backing far right nazi paramilitary groups and paying mercenaries from the Greystone private CIA army, may finally be showing the first signs of what has to be its imminent demise. Unless the breakup of Ukraine was the plan all along (which may be a possibility) the imminence of that demise should have been forecasted as well as the fact that the Ukrainian people would never support nazis in power. Knowing US foreign policy and their disasters all over the world one might then assume that Ukraine was just another failed US operation of historic proportions carried out by ignorant myopic planners delusional in their own invincibility.

Killing of Civilians Continues Despite Protests

The nazi junta's military operations against civilians and those opposed to them continue without a break or a hint of letting up in Ukraine. The junta has refused to listen to the people of Ukraine, international bodies, human rights organizations, Russian officials and even other members in the coup's own Rada who have become more and more vocal in their protests against the brutal regime of Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and the Right Sector.

The outrage in Russia, Ukraine and other countries where access to real reports and footage of Right Sector paramilitaries and what are supposed to be Ukrainian regular army forces gunning down unarmed civilians in the street is growing. The crimes of the junta continue to multiply on an hourly basis as they desperately attempt to force their stay in power against a people who want nothing to do with them. The television footage of Right Sector nazis beating to death civilians who are attempting to crawl away in pools of their own blood and the of fully armed and equipped soldiers shooting unarmed civilians cowering in terror is almost too much to stomach.

Entire Regions Flee Ukraine (Banderastan)

The nazis of Svoboda and the Right Sector and their leaders Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klitschko and the like have done nothing but bring misery and destruction to the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian people. In their drive to fulfill the orders of their western paymasters and backers to enslave Ukraine to the IMF/NATO/EU/US, Nuland's triumvirate and the Banderavites and to attempt to maintain their desperate hold on power, the junta is bringing Ukraine to a state of all out civil war and complete and total economic collapse.

So far as a result of the nazi junta's illegal takeover of the Ukrainian Government Crimea has left Ukraine and reunified with Russia and the Donetsk and Lugansk regions have held democratic referendums and declared their independence with many more neighboring regions soon to follow.

Murder of Civilians by Right Sector in Ukraine

More details continue to come out regarding the horrible deaths at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa with the head of the Emergency Services Vladimir Bodelan, who was at the scene being dismissed for publishing his eyewitness version of the events on his Facebook page. According to the eyewitness account of the veteran rescuer, who has seen his share of bodies and death, what he saw at the House of Trade Unions was so horrible that it "cannot be real".

In his expert opinion he says the people in the House of Trade Unions all died in seconds and not the slow death of smoke inhalation. He also accounted how people were beaten to death and how the Right Sector brutally killed the people as well as how many people were able to successfully escape the burning building on their feet and then died suddenly on the spot.

He writes that even before the fire and smoke began pouring out of the House of Unions, on floors where there was no fire people were running to the windows trying to get fresh air to breathe. Again this was before the fire. He is 100% certain they were not affected by smoke from the fire. The head of the Emrgency Services says that his rescuers saved more than 350 people, and according to unofficial accounts there were more than 100 people killed in the fire.

Igor Kolomoisky Behind Odessa Tragedy Order Murder of Tsarov

In telephone conversations released on the internet even more details are coming out about the real situation in Ukraine. This time a conversation between former Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleg Tsarov, who was publically beaten and the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. During the conversation Kolomoisky threatens to hang all of Tsarov's relatives in the public square and informs him that he has put out a 1 million dollar price tag on his head.

In the second conversation that was released between Jacob Epstein the counsel of Israel in Ukraine and Oleg Noginsky, during which Noginsky speaks about the above mentioned conversation, Kolomonsky's role in Odessa is revealed. The most chilling aspect of the conversation is the revelation that in the 72 hours before the conversation took place 16 of the people who had been arrested or rescued from the Odessa fire had already been killed with Noginsky saying that 2 of them were "cut" near their home. The name of the Igor Palitsa, the head of the Odessa region was also mentioned as being involved. Noginsky says Palitsa sees himself as a new Hitler and there will be a new nazi Germany in part of Ukraine.

According to Tsarev yesterday three buses of people in black paramilitary uniforms arrived at what they thought was his home (actually his neighbors) and destroyed everything inside and then set it on fire.

Turchinov and nazi Junta Finally Face Resistance in Rada

Alexander Efremov the Chairman of the Party of Regions faction openly stated that the current situation in the Verkhovna Rada is the height of hypocrisy as he led a demarche of the faction out of the Rada. The move was supported by the Communist faction.

The Party of Regions MP protested the fact that in eastern Ukraine innocent people are being killed and blamed what he called Turchinov's team. He stated that when asked to suspend the anti-"terrorist" operation the Rada pretends that nothing is happening.

Most likely such honest and brave shows of resistance to the junta will multiply as the junta continues to kill and terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_16/US-coup-failed-in-Ukraine-Kiev-juntas-days-are-numbered-0847/


17 May, 19:12

Russia's EMERCOM Responds First to Assist Serbian Flood Victims

John Robles

Russia's EMERCOM responds first to assist Serbian flood victims

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) has deployed emergency response forces and equipment to Serbia after a decision was made by the Government of the Russian Federation initiated at the request of the Government of the Republic of Serbiaafter the county was hit by devastating unprecedented flooding reports EMERCOM. According to EMERCOM rescuers with the air search and rescue unit "Centrospas" and from the high risk rescue group "Leader" have been deployed to assist the Serbian people as they struggle to deal with the aftermath and continuing flooding which has seen almost the entire country mercilessly submerged under water.


EMERCOM reports that an unspecified number of the ministry’s rapid response Ilyushin 76 (IL-76) aircraft took off from the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s airfield in the Moscow region city of Ramenskoye. According to EMERCOM (at the moment of writing) more than 70 of the best-trained rescuers along with high-tech rescue equipment, including wetsuits, diving and special equipment were onboard, although that number will definitely go up.

The rescue teams will also be taking motorboats and are equipped for completely autonomous rescue operations in the flood zone for a period of more than 15 days. Hence constant contact and reinforcement will not be necessary as the rescuers set out on their task to assist as many people as they possible can in a volatile environment where time is of the essence.

Specialists from the Republic of Serbia’s Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center are directly involved in rescue operations. One of the center’s tasks is to eliminate the effects of natural disasters on the territory of Serbia and other Balkan countries. The center has already mobilized with water pumps and mobile power stations in order to assist the flood stricken population.

Russian First Responders First to Respond, thousands evacuated

The Russian Federation has been the first country to respond during the dire time of need of the Serbian people with many Serbians dismayed by the almost complete lack of response from the European Union and other countries. EMERCOM continues to deploy equipment and personnel as the magnitude of the devastation begins to grow clearer.

So far Russian rescuers are credited with saving thousands of lives with one operation seeing almost 400 people rescued including at least 79 children. According to B92 Russian rescuers were immediately deployed to Obrenovac, “… where they were met by Serbian PM Aleksandar Vučić, ministers of the interior and defense, Nebojša Stefanović and Bratislav Gašić, and Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Chepurin.”

As of this writing close to 8,000 people have had to be evacuated, with those numbers continuing to rise as rains continue drenching the Republic and the region. The unprecedented flooding has affected the entire country and the neighboring states. Videos have already been uploaded to YouTube with pleas for help as the magnitude of the flooding continues to affect millions.

Serbian Government Declares State of Emergency

According to the Serbian news portal B92 a nationwide state of emergency was declared on Thursday by the Serbian government in the entire territory of the republic. According to B92:“… the government sent a letter to the Russian government, the European Commission and the Slovenian government asking for humanitarian and technical help to address the consequences of floods, it was stated after the government's session. The government ordered the Directorate for Commodity Reserves to deliver to the most affected areas a thousand tons of commercial corn needed as feed. The state of emergency in the territory of entire Serbia was declared on the request of the National Emergency Situations Headquarters, which earlier on Thursday conferred to discuss the heavy rainfall and floods.”

Reaction on the Ground

Svetlana Maksovic with the Serbian monthly Geopolitika said that … many Serbian people are upset by the reaction, or lack of reaction thereof, of the European Union especially after EU Foreign Policy Head Catherine Ashton did nothing more than send her condolences.”

Maksovic who is in Belgrade said that the Serbians from across the country and the political spectrum are grateful to Russia for its huge response. She was particularly taken by a friend of hers who used to criticize Russia. She stated: “… But a friend of mine, who used to critisize Russia, saying they helped us only out of interest... sent me a message today saying he withdraws everything bad he has ever said about Russia and Russians and that he is impressed by their huge and quick help!”

Milica Djurdjevic a well-known political activist and the Public Relations Head for Srpski sabor Zavetnici, an organization for patriots of Serbia wrote the following about the situation in Serbia for the Voice of Russia:

"The situation in Serbia is extremely difficult. The material damage is immeasurable, but our main preoccupation now is the number of victims which is still unknown to the public. Floods have caused serial damage in Obrenovac, one of the most populated municipalities in Belgrade. Many inhabitants, especially women, children and older people, are still captured in their houses, without food and eletricity. The evacuation in Obrenovac is still in progress. More than 10 thousand people from all over the country and nearby region came yesterday to the city of Šabac to prevent the flooding of Sava river."

"Unfortunately, many cities in Serbia have not received any kind of emergency help yet. People are starting to panic because the Government does not have enough capacities to ensure immediate assistance to all of them. The local authorities are also not sufficiently organised. In these moments we can see that Serbia does not possess enough military capacities to provide emergency help. However, I am especially grateful to all young people who have shown their unity and provided help and support in all critical areas."

"This tragedy is a chance for the Serbian people to see who are his real friends and allies in Europe and in the rest of the world. Our Government has requested help from the European Commission but for now all we have received from them are just bare words and some issued letters of support. On the other hand we immediatelly received material help from our historical friends and allies from the Russian Federation. According to the information that we possess Russian soldiers have rescued more than 400 people and 79 children. We have also received material help from Slovenia. Meanwhile, many volounters came from Macedonia and Montenegro. I would also like to mention our brothers and sisters from Kosovo and Metohija that came last night to Šabac to help us."

"We are extremely grateful to the Russian Federation which had never let us down! Russian special forces made an extreme effort in Obrenovac. They are using boats to rescue people from the flooded houses, transporting injured, but unfortunately there are also many dead people. We will never forget all the support and help provided to us from Russia!"

"A few days ago we organized the so called “Walking for Russia” on the streets of Belgrade. The reason for this manifestation were the ongoings in Ukraine in the past several months. More than 1000 people gathered on the streets of our capital city to support Russia and to emphasize their historical friendship with our orthodox brothers. They were carrying Serbian and Russian flags and a transparent that said: “Glory to Russia!” We regret that our Government hasn`t shown more understanding for the Russian people in Ukraine and supported the referendums in Lugansk and Donetck region. We pray for peace and freedom of the Russian nation, hoping that they will get united again!"

"Greetings from little Serbia to all of your listeners. In these difficult moments Russia is our only hope!"

Sergey Belous a political observer and a volunteer who helped save the city of Šabac wrote the following opinion of the events he saw:

"When I arrived at the meeting point for the volunteers who were going to Šabac to help fight the flood I was surprised to find an enormous crowd of several thousand people. All of them were unbelievably enthusiastic. The guys were almost trying to 'break into' the overcrowded buses that were going to take them to the location. As if they were escaping from the flood, not going to the place where it was about to happen! Unfortunately, the local authorities were not very organized and there was no active coordination between different people, not enough special equipment (not even shovels) and there were no heads of groups appointed. The Serbs however managed to organize themselves, notwithstanding the mess partly created by local bureaucrats. They worked the whole evening and the whole night in the mud under the torrential rain to save Šabac from the fate of other flooded Serbian towns."

The European Commission's Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC)

On its website the ERCC claims that requests for water pumps and rescue teams was answered positively within a matter of hours but as of this writing no concrete reports confirming active assistance have been received. ERCC: “Serbia's urgent request for high capacity water pumps and operational teams was channeled through the EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) and was answered positively within a matter of hours. Bulgaria, Germany, and Slovenia are currently arranging the deployment of rescue boats, high capacity pumps and operational teams in Serbia. Following the same procedure, Slovenia and Austria responded to the request of Bosnia & Herzegovina, offering a helicopter and a number of motor boats to support the evacuation of residents and transportation water, medicines and food.”

HAARP to Blame for Anomalous Flooding???

Many of my contacts in Serbia have spoken of whispered accusations that the unprecedented flooding and unusual weather patterns in the last few years have something to do with the US’ HAARP system. According to one website: "A Serbian journalist was advised not to write about a HAARP installation near Belgrade. After series of texts regarding HAARP antenna system near Barajevo (Belgrade municipality) and application of this ELF system in Serbia the journalist of newspaper Pravda has received a phone call on Monday evening around 10PM from unlisted phone number. The voice on other side of the line gave the journalist a "friendly advice" to stop writing on HAARP."

If you discount the ability of HAARP to manipulate weather then this quote published by Slate might interest you: “David Walker—the deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for science, technology and engineering—gave in a Senate hearing about the closure on Wednesday. He said, "We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do. To inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed."

Would it be surprising if the US, after unleashing neo-Nazis in Ukraine, unleashed flooding in Serbia? Those in the know would probably say no.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_05_17/Russia-responds-first-to-assist-Serbian-flood-victims-2951/


17 May, 12:57

Operation American Spring: Big plans by militias, no turnout - interview with organizer

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On May 16th, what could have been millions of people were to descend on Washington DC in what was being called "Operation American Spring". Groups of militias and veterans, formed after the closure of a monument to World War II veterans during the recent US Government shutdown had joined forces to put an end to the illegality that exists at the highest levels of the US Government. We spoke to Roberto Tonnizo, one of the organisers of Operation American Spring about the events before they took place.

Hello, this is John Robles I am speaking with Mr Roberto Tonnizo, he is the leader for Operation American Spring for Washington DC, as well as the State of Virginia.

Robles: Hello Sir, I understand you are driving down the Interstate right now. If you don't mind telling us a little bit about Operation American Spring, I would really like to hear about this.

Tonnizo: Excellent! I would first say hello to everyone there in Russia, and very happy to have this opportunity to speak to you, and tell everyone about our movement here in Washington. We are gathering on May 16th all over the United States, representing just about 49 States minus Hawaii here in the District of Columbia. We are going to gather on the National Mall, which is in front of the White House in the Capitol Hill area.

We are going to Washington DC because as Americans, of all walks and backgrounds, we are not very happy that our government has become so corrupt. This is not an issue between Democrat or Republican. Our government is on certain sections, on certain individuals are working outside the Law in lining their pockets and acting in a corrupt and an anti-constitutional manner.

What we are planning is to assemble in Washington DC. We have sent our grievances to all 535 members of the House and Senate, and we are actually going to be going after a few politicians in their voting districts for criminal wrongdoing. We are going to meet in Washington and stay indefinitely. We are going to stay until Congress hears us, our government hears us.

We also have a few Congressmen that are going to join us, coming down from Capitol Hill to join us.

Robles: For the listeners here, you are not planning events in the 49 States; these are people from 49 States, they're all going to be on the Mall in Washington, right. Is that correct?

Tonnizo: They are all converging in Washington DC. This organization was started by a Lieutenant Colonel Harry Riley. Well our government shut down over a budget stalemate between the two parties, and what the President did was, we have World War II veterans that come and see our veteran memorial. Some of these people spend a whole year to make these plans, these people are of course in the later years of their lives.

When this government was closed, the White House, the President put a gate around the World War II memorial so these veterans could not see their memorial. So the veterans here, the younger veterans went there and they tore down the barricades and they dumped them on the White House.

So a lot of these veterans decided they had had enough of the government that politically they are playing games, and the veterans saw that they had insulted the older veterans. So our Operation American Spring is born of the World War II memorial demonstration.

Colonel Harry Riley got together with a few other people to decide go on the Mall and go and make our voices be heard. Now we are a veteran organization but there's peoples from all walks of life, I myself am not a veteran, but we have people left, right, we have Christians, we have Buddhists, we have atheists, Americans from all backgrounds and all walks of life that have just had enough with our government.

We are extremely embarrassed at how our foreign policy is working around the globe. Even with Russia, many, many, many Americans feel that President Obama has made a mockery of our country and I think it's time to set the record straight.

Robles: Yeah, he's certainly not done anything for the prestige of the US worldwide.

Tonnizo: I want to very clear that our movement is not against them all, it's about the administration and the government itself and its policy. He is one of many people that are making a mockery, but yes I have to agree with you there.

Robles: You are talking about going after criminality and criminals in the government. Would this be going back to the Bush years, to 9/11 and things like that?

Tonnizo: This was set into to play for so many years and decades. In the beginning it was subtle, Nixon took us off the Gold Standard, before that it was the New Deal. It's the growth of government, EPA, so it's just bureaucracy over bureaucracy.

And what happens is the States who is powering the Federal Governments, so there is many, many levels to this. This administration goes very, very far in covering up and working outside the constitution.

Now clearly he stated I have a pen and a phone and I'll use it. Which clearly meant forget Congress that's our legislative branch that makes laws. I'll make my own. You have to remember that it's not just like Obama, it's not just Bush, you have the Congress that's involved, you have spy that you can see that, the CIA runs independently of pretty much any government agency.

Robles: Obama, he's neutralized the left, but nobody can criticize him. Bush, he represented the conservatives. But they are doing the same illegal operations and crimes and raping the country and the economy, both of them, I don't see any difference.

Tonnizo: Absolutely correct. It's a combination of Obama and a combination of Bush, and it's just what's the difference? We are still bombing people under Obama. Now under Bush we united as a country after 9/11, we were thinking more patriotic, we were hurting more, so we bound together.

Our agencies weren't talking to each other. The FBI did not talk to the CIA. The FBI did not talk to the State level Police. They wanted to go ahead, and the idea was to make sure that all agencies got together and spoke, and that's why they circled them together under what's called the Department of Homeland Security. Well, that's become just a huge fiasco, and once we hear America made an agency like that you'll never get it undone, and it's become more of a problem than it has been ability to solve problems.

After so many years of this, so you look at this: well how come the United States and foreign policies always on the wrong side of what's right or wrong. Maybe after a while you start thinking "well maybe that's happening on purpose", you know. We seem to be always arming the wrong people.

Robles: Yeah Al Qaeda, now Nazis in Ukraine, and the list goes on. As far as your events coming up, how many people do you think are going to be in attendance?

Tonnizo: Colonel Riley, he wanted 10 million people, that's what his goal was. I was born and raised in Washington DC, the last time I was there in the Mall for, it was certified one million people, it was 1985 during a concert on the 4th July. It's very hard to get that many people in Washington.

I'm not making excuses, but we don't know how many people are going to show up. But it's going to be a significant amount, so Friday will tell us. But also understand that this is an event that could be just a spark for something bigger later.

All we can do is put down the laptops, put down the Facebook, put down the Twitter, and actually put our bodies there together. It's inevitable, activism is like … activism is great, activism on line is great we really need to do it for ourselves, our country and actually for the world.

Robles: I think part of the tactic of all the computer stuff is it's great to hear all that and read all of it, but then you have people in these little isolated environments and they're easier to control that way.

Anyway, I've heard the term militia used, that there's going to be militias. Are these going to be armed people, or what's going on with that?

Tonnizo: The District of Columbia, Washington DC, is a gun-free zone. They've just changed the laws recently, so that homeowners only are allowed to have a shotgun in their closet. So no-one is allowed to bring an arm … no-ones brings arms there.

Many people are staying outside of the district of Columbia, just like all the tourists do – they stay in Virginia. Virginia is a very conservative State, and we have many laws that allow open carry of pistols and any rifles and such stuff.

Militias are coming; they are coming unarmed. We are going there peacefully. These are ex-veterans. Just remember that in the United States, outside of the large city that you see on TV, in normal Virginia for example it is not uncommon to see people with a gun, a pistol, on the side of their belt, and the theory is that if you don't use the Second Amendment right to hold your firearm, then they will take it away from you.

So that's the mentality. So we have militia sure!, the same militia are the people that come when the town floods and they help rebuild homes. The militias are the same people that go and bring drinking water when they accidents like in Tennessee.

So yes, there's no issue, they'll be there. They're not going to be in uniform, they're going to be in casual clothing. It sounds very strange but the militias are … it's a way for people to take care of themselves without having the government involved.

Robles: Are these militias, are they like multi-cultural or are they just white people, or what's the make of it?

Tonnizo: It depends on where they live. In Maryland we did a lot of promoting, basically getting the word out, and I met a whole group of militia in Maryland that were there in Virginia, and they were their own militia. And there were Tea Party members that were conservative, and the biggest convern for them was that they wanted the right to carry their rifles. And in Maryland the laws are very, very extreme, very "Socialist" we call them. Gun rules are very, very strict, but these people they protect their own neighborhoods, and these are all black Americans, you know, so …

During the LA riots, years ago, the Koreans, even though they didn't call them militia, they had their own groups that protected their own property. It does happen; it's just a name that's given. Even the local neighbourhood watch, it's the same thing.

Robles: Americans have had right after right, after civil right, after civil liberty, after constitutional protection taken away for the last 20 years, especially since 9/11. Why is it that gun rights is such a hot issue that people are ready to take to the streets to keep their guns, but to keep their privacy they're willing to just it seems give that up?

Tonnizo: You have to understand that all Americans here are misfits from all over the world. My parents immigrated from Italy, they did not like how socialist it got there and they left, and immigrated in the early 60s. So everyone here has come from other countries, and they gave us rights, the freedom of speech. Well the freedom of speech is guarded by the Second Amendment, which is the right to bear arms.

That Second Amendment right gave the American person the right to hold firearms, that can keep up with modern times to make sure that the government doesn't come back in and become interfering or unruly. We the people rule the government, and what's happened over the last 20 years, like he said, they've turned it around and now they think that we work for them.

So the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is not just for hunting, and what they're doing is slowly picking all of that away. And the reason why Americans seem like John Wayne cowboys, unlike the rest of the world, that for the last over 200 hundred and some years has kept us from tyranny. Because we are the rulers and we keep the government in check.

Robles: It doesn't seem that way anymore.

Tonnizo: No, absolutely, that's one of the reasons why we are going there, so they can't take away our right to bear arms. For example what Bill Clinton did was he halted importation of arms, which was legal. Now what they're doing at the administration is, all the American manufacturers for ammunition, their first dedication is to the government and then they can sell privately. Well, what did the government do, they ordered a billion rounds of 9 mm and now they are busy only doing government contracting and they don't have enough time to make private citizens ammunition available.

So they are really working overtime to take our rights away, and we feel as Americans if they take our ability to defend ourselves we're done, we're just like any other country.

Robles: Why does your government need nine billion 9 mm rounds?

Tonnizo: What they did was they advertised, it's called a GSA, a Government Services Agency contract, and then contractors can fill those orders. So we started to see that they were ordering all these rounds.

Now what's happened is, well just recently after a couple of years of this, there was just a report done, an audit done, the army has such a large volume of 9 mm rounds that they are going to destroy them, over a billion rounds. And the Americans clearly see that as a way to keep ammunition out of our hands, because once the ammunition producers, the manufacturers, are busy making the government agency ammunition it's not for sale to us.

Robles: What about the cost? Aren't tax payers upset, the US Army they're famous, like in Afghanistan they built huge multi-billion Dollar bases and then just tore down. And the same thing with these bullets you're saying, they're ordering them and then they're going to destroy them. Haven't the American people had enough of paying welfare to the military industrial complex?

Tonnizo: The Americans are tired of overpaying for everything. I absolutely agree with what you are saying. We had those MRAPS that were built thousands of them. Now they're in Afghanistan and they don't know what to do with them. You know, hundreds and hundreds of millions of Dollars, and they're giving them to anyone that will take them, anyone in Europe, South Africa, anywhere. They're just trying to unload them and it's just a waste of money.

You see the government of the United States, they are not a business, they do not run as a business. They are a bureaucracy that every year increase their budget. If you don't spend your budget then they will start deceasing your budget. So in every agency they have to outspend their budget every year or else they'll get in trouble.

So waste is king here, and that's very unfortunate and it's one of the things we're trying change. We are starting to smarten up here in the United States. We're starting to see that, hey, you know what, the Federal Reserve and the London Bankers, I think Mr Putin is exactly correct. I think that this is not for all the of us in the US but for many of us see that the paper trails leading back to our banking society, it's just corrupt, it's all bankrupting us all.

And we absolutely see the fact: why does Ukraine want to go join the European Union? Everyone wants to leave the European Union.

Robles: It wasn't the Ukrainian people who wanted to join the European Union. It was Nuland's puppets who wanted Ukraine to join the European Union.

Tonnizo: We know for example Mr Kerry was the first one to tell us that "Oh they're writing down a list of all the Jews". And then we quickly noticed, the first thing that we said was "that didn't even make the news, how did our Secretary of State know all about this?" There is a lot of misinformation going on.

Robles: Oh they knew exactly, because they were paying and funding and training these people for 10 years. They don't care about you, they don't care about the American taxpayer, they don't care about the American people. They don't care about the Ukrainian people, they don't care about unleashing Nazis in Europe. They have their plan, their agenda and that's all they care about, it doesn't matter if you are Jewish or black or conservative or liberal as long as you are on board with the money train.

Tonnizo: We are starting to see this isn't about left or right. This isn't about Republicans or Democrats, this isn't about black and white.

You were listening to an interview with Roberto Tonnizo, he's the organizer for Operation American Spring in Washington DC and Virginia. Thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_17/Operation-American-Spring-Big-plans-by-militias-no-turnout-interview-with-organizer-9508/


19 May, 23:26

CIA, FBI agents dying for illegal junta in Ukraine

John Robles

The US/CIA/NATO have stepped up their military operations and continue to actively wage their secret war in Ukraine against the Ukrainian people in an extremely dangerous poorly planned operation that is failing and carries with it the real threat of sparking off a full-fledged war, if not World War III, against an unwilling Russian Federation which continues to attempt to deal with the aggressive-in-your-face-threat to its security through diplomacy and peaceful means. The recent capture and killing of 25 CIA officers in Ukraine only shows the desperation of the US effort and the complete disregard for not only international law and the people of Ukraine but also for the lives of their own CIA personnel.

The facts are as follows (backed up by dozens of reports, eyewitness statements and visual evidence): on the 18th of May the People’s Mayor of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomaryovannounced that: "Kiev-controlled troops and 'law enforcers' had sustained heavy losses during a so-called ‘counter-terrorist’ operation in the east of the country."

"At least 650 servicemen were killed, wounded or taken prisoner in the past ten 10 days," he said.

"There are 70 foreigners among them and of those 13 agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were killed and 12 others were wounded", Ponomaryov told reporters.

The Mayor also said that the self-defense forces afflicted heavy losses on Right Sector/Ukrainian army forces and also completely wiped out the junta’s "Alpha" operatives.

According to media and television reports Mayor Ponomaryov stated that with regard to the "…foreign mercenaries in the ranks of Ukrainian executioners, they also suffered losses. According to Ponomarev, a private military company Analizy Systemowe Bartlomiej lost 6 people, Greystone - 14 people, Academi - 50 people. CIA and FBI have lost 25 employees, of which 13 - killed."

"Furthermore, killed or injured 40 soldiers of the 95th airmobile brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as 20 members of the MUP . Loss Donetsk militias from May 2-12 8 were killed and 3 wounded."

US Denies

The Voice of Russia also reported that the CIA denied the claims on a Twitter post, which of course is to be expected: "The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has denied reports of a number of CIA agents allegedly killed in clashes between forces loyal to the Kiev authorities and self-defense units in eastern Ukraine."

"A CIA official claimed on the US embassy in Berlin's official Twitter page of the that no such incidents had taken place and that allegations by pro-Russian activists did not correspond to reality."

Plausible Deniability

Plausible Deniability is a phrase coined by the CIA itself "to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge."

Due to the fact that the denial comes through a Twitter post and not from an official CIA or FBI statement, or from the White House for that matter, and that the CIA/FBI is heavily involved in illegal operations in Ukraine and has been for decades, I would argue that it is a given that the CIA has lost officers, agents, mercenaries and support staff in Ukraine. That is almost a given, the only question is how many.

Illegal Operation

Due to the huge flow of information and the massive amount of reports, leaks and revelations there is little debate in the media about one simple fact and that fact is what is most troubling about the entire US/CIA/NATO/EU meddling in the sovereign affairs of Ukraine. To make matters worse the US/CIA/NATO/EU undeniably now have blood on their hands, not only that of Ukrainian civilians, Tatars and Russians but also of citizens of other countries.

The fact that is being ignored is that US/CIA/NATO/EU "operations" and meddling in Ukraine are ILLEGAL. From the overthrowing of the democratically elected government, to the shooting and murder of police, to the killing of anyone who is against the junta, to the backing and training of the Right Sector, and finally to the importing of US/CIA/Greystone and other mercenaries to kill Ukrainians, the entire "mission" is illegal.

The United States of America is involved in a dirty illegal war in a country it had no business in being in in the first place. The Ukrainian operation serves no us security interest, it is no "protecting American lives" and it does nothing for the American people, to advance democracy or human rights or anything else. US/NATO want missiles in Ukraine to further threaten Russia which has done nothing but to try to be friends and simply do business. CIA operations in Ukraine are illegal. Period. End of discussion.

I will not go into how many poor innocent Ukrainians have died or suffered in the Nuland coup and since, only to say that those who were burned alive and gassed and murdered in Odessa and other locations in Ukraine will not be forgotten and those responsible, whether they be CIA or nazi trash, will be held accountable.

CIA Recklessly Using Staff as Cannon Fodder

This is a message most likely of interest to those poor CIA operatives in Ukraine who are blindly fulfilling the orders of the Agency, the Company, the Farm, Langley or whatever else you want to call it and the "Washington Elites" who have abrogated onto themselves the right to send you off to die in some far off land to fulfill their poorly though out geopolitical objectives and continue to propagate and wage the Cold War that they just can not seem to let go of. Also for all you members of the CIA’s Special Operations Group, NAVY Seals, CIA/Greystone/Academi and the like who are operating in Ukraine.

I am a humanist I suppose and am speaking to the human in all of you. I understand that when you signed up you were full of misdirected patriotism, perhaps full of prejudice and hate for "rag heads" and "terrorists" and the like and all you wanted to do was to serve your country and even proudly give your life for the Constitution, the security of the American people and for your "government of the people by the people and for the people". Honorable motivations (other than the racial hatred thing and love of killing of course) but what will you do when you find out you have been used? When your comrades and you are asked to kill women and children or provide intelligence and support for the killing of civilians whose only crime is that they speak Russian and do not want to be ruled by nazis? How will your wives and families feel back in America when they find out you died in some field near Slavyansk and your body was left there to rot because the US Government could not even admit on a Twitter post that you died fulfilling your mission?

There is no justification for what your "leaders" are asking you to do in Ukraine. There is no threat against America other than what they themselves are creating. The Russian people and the Russian Government, no matter how much they are demonized wish the American people and even you no harm. Look at Edward Snowden. He was CIA AND NSA and Russia gave him asylum because he saw the lies and understood the truth about the illegality that he was asked to take part in. Even this certified "enemy of the state" was protected by Russia.

I have written for the world audience and my readers about what is really happening in Ukraine for the last 6 months. Trying to get the truth out to the world and little has changed, now I ask you directly: you who are helping the nazi junta for the US Government, the CIA, Greystone, USAID and the like, stop what you are doing, you are killing innocent people, including your own highly trained citizens. I am pleading to you because your leaders, your president, you secretary of state are doing the bidding of someone other than the American people. Remember who you serve. Remember your Constitution. There is no legitimate reason for you to be subverting Ukraine. The central bankers, the military industrial complex and the Washington elite are not what you signed up to give your life for. Russia is not your enemy. Believe me. Neither is Ukraine. Your enemy and the enemy of all of us is sitting in Kiev right now (the nazi junta) and in Washington’s elite clubs and posh watering holes patting each other on the back for the million dollars they made today. Or is it billion? And for the way they have gotten you to unwittingly go along with their little plan. They must be laughing that you are prepared to die for them.

In the end you may die in some field near Slavyansk or some other Ukrainian city as you were involved in a "secret" operation to kill Christian women and children for the crime of being "pro-Russian" and they will deny that you exist and your body will rot somewhere in an unmarked grave. Is that what you signed up for?

Think about it. Look around you. What are you really doing?

The views and opinions expressed above are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_19/CIA-FBI-agents-dying-for-illegal-junta-in-Ukraine-8655/


20 May, 21:07

Pres. Putin Has Made the World Multi-Polar – V.P. of Republika Srpska Dr. Emil Vlajki

President Putin has made the world multi-polar – Vice President of Republika Srpska Dr. Emil Vlajki

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The world is no longer a unipolar place and thanks to President Vladimir Putin the US and the West are no longer going to be the masters of the world. This was stated in an exclusive Voice of Russia interview with the Vice President of the Republika Srpska Professor Emil Vlajki. He said the West will align and form alliances with anybody, even with evil if it is in their national interest to do so, and that there is no morality in their policies. For Ukraine the US "interest" is having missiles on Russia's border. As for the current sanctions against Russia Doctor Vlajki called them "ridiculous", and said that in reality it is the Russian Federation who can sanction the West.

Hello this is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with the Vice President of the Republika Srpska Dr. Emil Vlajki.

Robles: I’d like to get your reaction regarding the reaction from the Russian Government to the heavy flooding that is unprecedented in Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina. What is going on there?

Vlajki: It is quite a normal reaction about it…. If you need help, somebody is going to help you and of course Russian government never refused to do it – nothing commercial, just a humane gesture.

Robles: What about the reaction from the European Union?

Vlajki: I don’t know almost anything about the reaction of the European Union. I think that Zagreb decided to send some people and some help, but not more than that.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about the upcoming elections and what’s been going on in the Srpska Republic with NGOs etc., and their attempts to start a color revolution there?

Vlajki: Of course, it is an attempt to replace, by somebody else who is probably having deals with the European Union and the United States. This is an orange revolution and it happens in the whole world, everywhere.

Robles: Have you been pressured yourself in an attempt to influence your positions or your decisions in government? That you can talk about…

Vlajki: No, they cannot do it because I have published so many books about the nefarious influence western civilization on the Serbian people and I cannot be bought by anybody and they know it and they are not going to try, of course.

My books, for example, American Terror or Demonization of Serbs, The New Totalitarian Society and the Destruction of Yugoslavia and so on, cannot encourage anybody to change my position.

Robles: Wonderful! Can you compare what happened in Yugoslavia with what is going on in the Srpska Republic, in Serbia and Kosovo and right now in Ukraine as far as the American “operation”, if we want to call it that?

Vlajki: Of course, they occupied Kosovo and after that they took it by the Brussels agreement and the Serbs surrendered Kosovo by agreement from Brussels. They believe that by giving up Kosovo they are going to become a part of the European Union but of course it is not true at all.

Robles: I have the same belief myself, I mean that that is a lie.

Vlajki: That is because the West cannot believe Serbian people because people from the western civilizations believe that Serbs are going to always be friends of Russian people and they don’t trust Serbs.

They are going to submit, I don’t believe it, or to destroy Serbia. It means that after Kosovo there could appear the separation of Vajodina, Sandžak and so on. They are going to arrange it.

Robles: So, the destruction of Serbia as well…

Vlajki: It is in their timing of course.

Robles: Are they operating on some sort of timeframe because the are trying to do the same thing now to the Srpska Republic, aren’t they?

Vlajki: It is a little harder probably because President Dodik decided to pursue the Russian way. He believes that this is the only way for Republika Srpska and President Dodik has big support amongst his own people. And it has to be replaced by somebody else in order to change this pro-Russian policy.

Robles: Speaking about referendums, I am talking about Kosovo and Crimea in particular, the West made false statements that there was a referendum in Kosovo when they tried to say the referendum in Crimea was illegitimate. Can you comment on that? Is there a possibility of a referendum in the Srpska Republic so that it becomes completely independent?

Vlajki: Yes, of course, logically it is possible also for Republika Srpska to leave in the same way. But I don’t think that it is possible because I don’t think that Russia with its problems, with Ukraine now is going to help anybody, to be engaged to help.

It is very difficult to imagine that anybody is going to support the referendum of Republika Srpska for independence. And at this very moment it is possible only to fortify Republika Srpska, to fortify its position as a kind of semi-independent state, nothing more than this, and it is only possible to fortify the actual position of Republika Srpska, not more than that. I don’t think that now a referendum is possible.

Robles: Yourself and president Dodik, that is what you are attempting to do?

Vlajki:To tell you the truth, we have all kinds of papers readyto proclaim the Independent State of Republika Srpska but it is only our wish. I don’t think that there are realistic possibilities to do it. I don’t think that anybody is going to help us, especially Serbia and so on. I don’t think so. If somebody, as Russia for example, could give us the real promise, the real support very openly, we could do it. But without open support, I don’t think so.

Robles: I’d like you to comment on the so-called (it is the West’s favorite phrase) “international community”. Do you see that “international community” moving away from that US hegemony, as far as the BRICs countries, the Asian Union, etc.?

Vlajki:Really I don’t know what is the international community. The international community must be the whole world, not only just a little part of the world.

Western civilization pretends that they are the international community. It means the US, Western Europe, Australia, Canada and so on. But this is only a small part of the international community and I think that this is not a unipolar world anymore and now with the appearance of Russia and China and maybe India, Brazil, at this very moment China and Russia, they cannot be the masters, if I can say, of the world.

In last 20 years they were really the masters of the world but now with Putin I don’t think that it is going to happen anymore.

The US and the Western Europe are masters of the world but if it is so, after Putin I don’t think they will continue, it is possible anymore.

Robles: That is good to hear. If I could ask you some questions about Ukraine and the rise of fascism in Europe, the rise of neo-Nazi groups in Europe: the people of the Srpska Republic, the people of Serbia and people all over Europe suffered under Nazism. What is your opinion on the US using Nazis to form a violent coup d’etat?

Vlajki: They don’t care of course about Nazism in Ukraine or anywhere else. They care only about their national interests.

It could be with fascists, with Communists, with capitalists, socialists, with anybody, if it corresponds to their national interests, they are going to make alliance with these kinds of people and of course in Ukraine it is neo-fascism, but it corresponds in some way to the western, so called, national interests.

They are going to align with the evil, if it is in their national interests (thast means the interests of the US) there is no morality in (their )politicies.

Robles: You as a vice president, I am sure you know more than I do about national interests, what are, in your opinion, the actual national interests of the US in Ukraine? Is it NATO expansion?

Vlajki: The national interests of the US, because they are leading the new cold war against Russia, their "national interest" (under quotation), is to put the anti-missile shield on the borders of Russia in order to manage Russia. That is their interest and Ukraine has a border with Russia and the American national interest is the shield in order to hurt Russia and that is it.

Robles: What about the energy resources, the territory?

Vlajki: They would like to divide Russia, of course, in order to get some part of territory because of gas and oil and so on. Natural wealth. They would like to divide it and to get it of course. Their national interest would be also to get part of Russia of course, but of course it is not possible at all because of the smart and courageous policy of Putin pf course.

Robles: Yes, I think Putin has done a lot, has done everything to protect Russia and the Russian people.

Vlajki: He is a smart person. I think that after Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and Lenin, Stalin, Putin is a historical person.

Robles: Yes, I agree with you 100%.

The Serbian people, the Ukrainian people, the Russian people are Slavic people. The Slavic people, the Slavs, have never engaged in aggressive war, the Slavs have never engaged in genocide. Is this a war against the Slavic people, do you think? Is this continuation of dividing Ukraine, dividing Russia, dividing Serbia?

Vlajki: I don’t think it is anything against Slavs. They have Bulgaria, they have the Orthodox country Greece and so on. It is just that Russia is the biggest country in the world with so many national resources.

Robles: What is your opinion on the sanctions that West has waged against Russia?

Vlajki:It is the funny part of the problem. They cannot impose anything on Russia. It is ridiculous. It is very funny. It is Russia who has natural wealth and Russia is able to sanction Western Europe and even the US. The contrary is not possible, in my opinion.

Robles: I agree with you. Russia could just turn off the gas, they could just stop the flow of oil.

Vlajki: It is not only the gas but many other things. But it doesn’t matter the gas can be enough.

Robles: Russian politicians also thought it was a sign of honor – these sanctions, everybody laughed at them because Russian politicians don’t have money in foreign accounts and they don’t have businesses in America. So, the whole thing is ridiculous.

Robles: It is ridiculous. Is Europe being hurt more by these so-called sanctions?

Vlajki: Europe is trying to be independent from the US but at this very moment this is not quite possible. The interests of Europe, Germany for example, is to be mostly with Russia, more than with the US. But for some historical reasons they cannot do it at this very moment.

Robles: What would you like to say to the Serbian people who mibght be listening?

Vlajki: I could say that it is not smart for the Serbian people to enter in any kind of military pact of alliance or anything like that.

Also the Serbian people have to pursue an independent economic, cultural policy and so on and not to belong to the New World Order, to the new cold war against Russia for example, to be the part of one or the other side. It must be independent in my opinion.

Robles: You’ve just mentioned a very interesting phrase - "the New World Order". As someone at the top level of government, as a vice president, can you tell us what is that New World Order? For people who think it might just be some conspiracy.

Vlajki:It is the domination of the Western Civilization over the whole world. That is it.

Robles: That’s it!

Vlajki: It is an American world order.

Robles: That’s it… It is an American world order….

Vlajki: Yeah! Yeah!

Robles: Can I ask you about the upcoming elections in the Srpska Republic because I think it is very important for the people?

Vlajki:Dodik is going to be the president probably, and about Parliament, I really don’t know. It will be 50/50. But Dodik certainly is going to be the new president.

Robles: What is the path going to be for the first couple of years of the new Dodik Administration?

Vlajki:I am not too sure. It will be very tight! He is going to be the president but about majority I really don’t know.

Robles: Can you tell us about a couple of the books you’ve written?

Vlajki:Oh my books!? What was my last book? Few of my books are written in English and French, for example the "Poverty of the World", "American Terror", "Demonization of Serbs", "The New Totalitarian Society and the Destruction of Yugoslavia". And I wrote two books of poetry, the first one is something against Globalism, one part of this poetry the name is like Hamlet "To Be or Not to Be", and the other one is "Wandering Jew". My mother was a Jew, my father was a Croat.

Robles: Wonderful! Can you tell us one of your poems?

Vlajki:Who is going to be interested in my poems?

Robles: I am interested. I’d like to hear something in Serbian.

Vlajki:I don’t believe you (laughs). You are very kind but you are a political journalist.

Robles: People are interested in anything vice presidents or presidents do.

Vlajki: If you can read it in Serbo-Croatian, of course, I could send you by email, but my poems are published in Belgrade, one in Zagreb, and another one in Belgrade. I sold both of them in 2000. It is a big deal for our little country.

Robles: I write poetry myself. So, I am really genuinely interested. I love poetry. It is one of the few beautiful things that humans produce, I think.


This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with the Vice President of the Republika Srpska Dr. Emil Vlajki.

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20 May, 00:56

Russia saving lives amid humanitarian catastrophe in Serbia – Boris Malagurski

Russia saving lives amid humanitarian catastrophe in Serbia – Director Malagurski

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The flooding in Serbia is the worst natural disaster that has hit the country in over 120 years. The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) has deployed emergency response forces and equipment to Serbia after a decision was made by the Government of the Russian Federation initiated at the request of the Government of the Republic of Serbia after Serbia was hit by devastating unprecedented flooding reports EMERCOM. According to EMERCOM rescuers with the air search and rescue unit "Centrospas" and from the high risk rescue group "Leader" have been deployed to assist the Serbian people as they struggle to deal with the aftermath and continuing flooding which has seen almost the entire country mercilessly submerged under water. We spoke to Boris Malagurski, a Canadian/Serbian filmmaker and one of the people in Serbia assisting with the aftermath of the disaster.

Boris Malagurski

Boris Malagurski

Robles: Hello, Sir. How are you? It is the middle of the night already, how are you?

Malagurski: I’m doing good. Hello, I am a little tired it’s been a rough day. Well, it’s been rough a couple of days, but I’m doing OK and the best that I can to help in the situation.

Robles: I understand you were in Šabac today and you were helping deliver humanitarian aid. We are starting to get reports of a very, very dire and serious situation in Serbia. Can you tell us, what you saw?

Malagurski: Absolutely, there are people in Šabac that are in dire need of food, water and just basic necessities.

We took kits that have several kinds of substances for disinfection, to keep the sanitary level at an adequate level.

I contacted a couple of people. I was contacted by some students from Belgrade University who wanted to help out and they collected, with the help of people throughout Belgrade and the country, lots of supplies and we went to Šabac.

The Sava River is pretty high and even close to the road, they had to put sand bags just to protect the road. But, at several points the water is seeping through, which is making it very difficult for traffic to go by and for people, to actually get to Šabac.

In fact they are not even letting regular cars go by. Only when we told the police that we were carrying food and supplies for everybody in Šabac, then they let us go through. And when we got to Šabac, what we saw was basically people, who were very, very worried about what was going on; people, who are not very well coordinated in the effort to save the city; people, who have not received food for a very long time, even the people who are working there, who have volunteered and came to Šabac from all parts of Serbia to help out in the effort, many of them haven’t eaten or drank anything since last night.

This is kind of like a frantic effort to avoid what has already happened in Obrenovac. Now, Obrenovac is close to Belgrade, much closer to Belgrade, where the river has flooded the entire city. The government has said they are not even going to announce any reports about how many people have died in Obrenovac. But I have reports from friends, who have indicated that the numbers might be pretty staggering. It’s so much worse than anybody could imagine.

In Obrenovac, we just received information that there is a school that has been waiting to be evacuated for the past couple of days. So, it’s much more criticle there, but what is important is that they are trying to save Šabac and the other critical cities, Sremska Mitrovica. The government has just called 2,000 volunteers to go to Sremska Mitrovica and try to save the city.

What’s important, about Šabac though is if the sand bags give way to the water there are several industries in Šabac that produce very deadly chemicals, that if they were released into the water, it could really cause a mess.

Robles: Oh My God.

Malagurski: Yeah, so it’s pretty horrible. So, everybody is doing the best they can. Last night, estimates are between 5,000 and 10,000 people showed up from Belgrade to Šabac to help with the efforts there.

So, people in Serbia have really woken up and they realize that the situation is really, really horrible and not only to go there and put sand bags, where it’s needed, but also to help out with food, with equipment.

There were streams and streams of people; everybody had at least two bags in their hands, full of supplies, full of food, water, medicine, baby food. So, it’s really, in a way, heart-warming to see, that the people have really opened up their hearts to all these people who have been very displaced.

I personally know several people, who accepted some families into their homes, trying to help. So, it’s a really horrible situation in Serbia in terms of the floods. But the people with their generosity and their hearts are, you know, restoring many people’s faith in humanity.

There are still several waves that are coming from Croatia, because as they successfully build dams that is great for those villages but as the water passes and builds up it gets worse and worse and the worst of it is going to be in Serbia.

Hrtkovci is very critical. The government has just said: “Don’t go to Hrtkovci,” because it’s a very horrible situation down there.

The government is now focusing on evacuating Obrenovac, which is under water still. As I am seeing Šabac and Sremska Mitrovica are still critical. After that passes, we’re going to have a very painstaking process, because a lot of cattle are dead and of course because a lot of people have unfortunately died now we are still waiting for the numbers.

Now we have to work on containing any sort of disease that might breakout. In a sports hall in Belgrade they are already starting to wear masks and there is an outbreak of sorts (this is an unconfirmed report).

So, we’re really trying to do our best in helping the people, feeding the people, making sure that they are safe, but it is very uncertain at this point, because you never know how high the water is going to go. You know, I think we all have to pray a little bit that the water won’t go too high up.

Robles: Have there been any reports of looting?

Malagurski: Moments before the interview, I learned of some gangs in Obrenovac, going with their boats and going inside shops and abandoned homes and stealing stuff.

We’ve heard reports that there are certain shops that have boosted the prices, some say 2 or 3 euros for a loaf of bread.

The Ministry of Trade has issued a warning, but we still can’t even control the scope of it.

Number one priority is to try to help these people that are in dire need of help. So, unfortunately, there are always story which are bad where people will try to exploit the situation and use it in personal way.

Robles: Can you tell us, have you had any contact with Russia’s EMERCOM, with Emergency Situations Ministry, apparently they are heavily involved in Obrenovac?

Malagurski: I’m aware, they are. And, you know, people are aware of this throughout Serbia that the Russian government, the Russian people are really helping us. This means a lot, because we regard Russia as our brothers and it is really refreshing and really heart-warming to see how much effort the Russian team is putting in into saving lives.

I personally have not had any contact with them because the people working in Obrenovac are professionals, but we all know that they are working very hard, we’ve seen the images on TV and we’ve seen interviews, we’ve seem what they are doing. They are well-equipped, well-trained, and I would just liked to use this opportunity in the name of Serbian people to thank the Russian people for being with us in this time of need.

Just a reminder you are listening to an interview with Boris Malagurski.

Robles: As far as the Serbian government; have they been issuing any statements for people to leave certain areas?

Malagurski: They have been issuing statements basically telling people to listen to the authorities, because the problems that we have had in certain areas, where there were evacuations and people go out on the street and they see that there is just a little bit of water and they think themselves: “Ah, this isn’t anything bad.”

And then it hits! In a very short period of time the water appears and then they need help. A lot of people refused to be evacuated only to be in big trouble afterwards.

In Belgrade it is stable at the moment, there are teams at this moment on the other side of the Sava close to the Island of Ada where they are putting up sand bags and there are teams on the Novy Belgorod or New Belgrade side of the Sava as well and they will go well into tomorrow.

All of the basically low areas of the city they are trying to protect, because the big wave is coming sometime tomorrow or the next day. So, right now, it’s stable, but people are very well organized. I personally don’t expect there to be any big problems in Belgrade. And I think it is really critical to help out the cities that are outside of Belgrade and that are less protected than Belgrade.

Robles: Are you getting reports from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bulgaria, that we might not be getting? Western Ukraine is supposed to be flooding as well. What about the other parts of Serbia?

Malagurski: I mostly know about what’s going on in Serbia as I said: there are places that haven’t been in touch with the rest of the world, for example the city of Krupin has been cut off from the rest of Serbia for the past three days. And they’ve been pulling through be themselves, because it’s very hard to approach these cities but they finally have gotten to them today and were getting stories of people that have not slept for days there trying to protect Krupin and many harvests are destroyed simply taken away by the mudflow and the landslides, and stuff like that. There are landslides in several areas around Serbia. So, it’s pretty critical in most places, for example where the Zaiko Morava River has flooded its banks, as for Bosnia we are getting some reports of flooding there the city of Dubway is the most critical where water has reached the fourth floor of some buildings.

Robles: The fourth floor?

Malagurski: Yeah, this one family that is on the fourth floor, they are basically barely safe there. The water is right beneath them and the situation is out of control in many parts of Bosnia.

The Serbian media is much more focus about on what’s happening over here, because there is so much to do right here, right now, but in Bosnia, I know in Dubway, it’s catastrophic. In some other parts like Tusla it is also pretty bad. They have evacuated Dvornik and some other places.

So, they are doing the best they can as well over there and Serbia has received help from some other courtiers, like Obrenovac where the Russians are really helping out is really critical at this point.

We are all waiting to see, how many people have died there, because it’s much much worse that anybody could imagine.

Robles: Could you comment on the European Union? Have they been actively helping?

Malagurski: I think the best description of how the EU sees the situation in Serbia is when Catherine Ashton said: “our minds are with you”. That is great but we need some substantial help.

I do believe several EU countries have sent some kind of aid. I personally haven’t seen it, I’ve heard much about it unlike the Russian help where you can actually see them and they are doing something and it is actually saving people’s lives.

With other countries like EU countries, I can’t personally see what is going on, so I am not going to claim that they haven’t done much but I personally haven’t seen it.

From what they’ve been saying on TV or seeing how much media in the EU are covering, or should I say not covering the mess in Serbia, really shows they have much different priorities than saving lives in Serbia.

Robles: That’s horrible.

Malagurski: If anybody is listening, we would really appreciate as much help as we can get from other counties. We have got help, I am not saying that we didn’t but the situation is critical. It is really the worst natural disaster Serbia has gone through, I believe for the past 125 years. So, we need a little bit more help and less of somebody feeling bad about us. We need people to come here and help us like the Russians have.

Robles: Right, right! While I got you on the air. What numbers, what websites, where can people go to… I don’t know, maybe donate something? Maybe they can volunteer or something or somehow help.

Malagurski: There is a website for everybody outside of Serbia who would like to donate and help. It’s called http://www.serbsforserbs.org/. They have donations with credit cards, PayPal and they are very transparent, one of the very few humanitarian organizations I really trust because every donation they get, they put it on the website. Basically if people want to help, they can go on the website, they can help as much as they can.

There is a lot of people in Serbia who want to help out, who want to go and dig up the sand and put it in bags and everything. But for example one of the problems they have they don’t have enough shovels, they don’t have enough send. They are trying to get enough trucks to bring the sand.

For the first night, last night, when people went to Šabac to volunteer, what basically happened is there was a bunch of people in a line waiting to carry the sand bags and there would be one truck that would bring in the sand bags, they take them all out and within 15 minutes they put them in place and it was done, and they were waiting for another hour for the truck to show up again.

That is how little supplies we have. There are enough people who want to help but we need more supplies, we need more expertise, somebody who is trained, who knows what to do in these types of situations, to organize the masses that are going out and trying to help in any way possible. So, any kind of expertise, any kind of donations for supplies would really mean a lot to the people of Serbia right now.

Robles: So, they have a site, they have a PayPal mechanism. What about some other sites, phone numbers for the ministries or something where people could possibly find out about their loved ones?

Malagurski: If people go on the website b92.net click on the English version, they can find information on how to donate from outside, and if you click on any news about the flooding in Serbia, you will find information about the account that was set up by the government for donations for the flood victims, and it is on the website of Serbian government as well. If you type in “Serbian government” on Google and you go on the website, you can find that as well.

I’d really like to ask everybody around the world who has seen the images of the flooding, who has heard what the floods are doing to the people of Serbia and how many people are at risk, to open their hearts and help us in any way possible because they can really save life, they can save life by any kind of donation that they are capable of doing because we really need it. A small donation goes a long way in Serbia. So, any amount is greatly appreciated and we really are very happy that there are people who have opened up their hearts and support. So, together with everybody who is with us at this moment, we will pull through.

Robles: I would also ask everybody who is listening to this to please try to do something concrete to help the people in Serbia.


You were listening to an interview with Mr. Boris Malagurski. He is a Serbian-Canadian film director and an activist. Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever you may be.

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21 May, 22:52

NATO will not stop attempting to destroy Russia – Danijel Simic

NATO will not stop attempting to destroy Russia – Danijel Simic

© Photo: East News/SPC Tracy L. Hall-Leahy, USA

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Under NATO there is no freedom of speech. Under NATO occupation, before the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, activists and people who spoke openly about human rights or even the rights of Serbia under the Dayton Accords, were taken to US military bases and beaten, if all other attempts to silence their voices failed.

Danijel Simic

Freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights are flexible concepts for the elites behind the US-NATO war machine. In Bosnia - Herzegovina they are attempting to absorb the Srpska Republika, while in Serbia they staunchly insist on making Kosovo independent. As with Ukraine, this is a continued war to divide the Slavic world and to bring it to its knees or obliterate it entirely. We spoke to Danijel Simic – a writer, political analyst and activist about these issues, as well as the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Danijel Simic

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mr. Danijel Simic. He is a writer, a political activist, a commentator and the founder of the frontal.rs web resource.

Robles: Hello Sir! It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you.

Simic: The pleasure is all mine.

Robles: Can you tell our listeners a little bit about the situation that is going on in the Srpska Republika right now? Who is behind it? And give us a little bit of the history, please.

Simic: The Republika Srpska is a Serbian part of Bosnia. Until 1995, when the Dayton Peace Accord was founded, we used to have our army, we used to have our judiciary, we used to have our totally independent system of taxes. But from 1995 till now, under the pressure of the NATO forces, by brute force and by so-called high representative of the international community destroying every aspect of Dayton Peace Accords regarding Republika Srpska.

In the same time, they did totally the opposite in Serbia and Kosovo. Until the so-called independence in Kosovo they used to have totally the same documents and even flags from the same designer. You know, the NATO narco-cartel state in Kosovo has more or less the same flag as they made in Bosnia. So, the signature of the creators of those two states are visible to anyone who would like to look.

Robles: So, these are your national symbols, or the national symbols and you are saying that they were designed by whom?

Simic: By NATO forces, NATO analysts or NATO think tanks.

The main explanation why they do all that brute forces to first pacify us then civilize us and include us in the family of civilized nations in European Union.

Then, when they do that, they do totally the opposite things. In the Republika Srpska, for example, which is a part of Bosnia, which is more than a federal state… Bosnia consists of two entities. Those entities are, more or less, in 1995 they were complete, complete states with the armies. The Republika Srpska had their own army.

And now, under NATO, they extinguished that fire of independence or autonomy in a military way. So, now, the Republika Srpska has only her own police force. And that police force was also targeted in 2006 and there was an enormous pressure on the Republika Srpska to give up on their police.

The Republika Srpska will be reduced to some kind of citizens’ society without any prerogative. And that was the main purpose of any so-called international diplomats or representatives from the international community. That was their main purpose here in Bosnia or in the Republika Srpska.

In Kosovo, Serbia is an independent state and they took the path of an independent state by force, by an overwhelming force of all major countries. And they do totally the opposite. They don’t want to unify that state and they sponsor their people with a terrorist background and people who are trafficking people, and drugs and all kinds of illegal and forbidden substances.

Robles: Right. What is currently going on in the Srpska Republika, in Banja Luka with a supposed color revolution that they are trying to organize there? And can you tell us about President Dodik? How then, if they want to absorb the Srpska Republika, which is what it sounds like to me, what you are describing how is that, that you can have a president?

Simic: The Republika Srpska is currently in the state of pre-election hysteria. There will be elections in October. And the political parties are now in a full throttle to gain the trust of their voters.

And now in the Republika Srpska is a pretty dull situation, because we are talking about color revolutions. A pretty funny thing, because in the state of Bosnia, the so-called state, and the Republika Srpska, and Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina were under occupation of the NATO forces until they went to Iraq and Afghanistan. And now, more or less we can have like freedom of speech and more or less laws are respected by the international community.

Until the international forces went to Iraq and Afghanistan you could not freely speak in a public space of Republika Srpska, especially speak about rights of the Serbs or rights which are given by Dayton Peace Accords to the Republika Srpska. That was forbidden. If you tried to speak in that manner as I tried, you will be totally sanctioned by the international community, mainly in the matters that you will not gain any funds and you will not gain any commercial support.

And after that, if they do not succeed to extinguish your media or your think tank to express your thoughts about what is happening here, they will send you brute force, they will arrest you, they will take to Tuzla – the American military base – they will beat you up.

And they say – okay, we did that wrong, you are not suspect of a war crime. That was some other person and we made a mistake. But we have an international community of diplomatic and military, so we must be punished for your like total isolation in a physical and a psychological manner.

But what they are all doing, the President Dodik is now in some funny situation, because he was one of the leaders of the color revolution which took place in 1998 here in the Republika Srpska, when they extinguished lots of state prerogatives. Now in those times the Republika Srpska has their own license plates on a car, which were all in the Cyrillic alphabet. We have our own ID cards which were with the Serbian insignia – a two-headed eagle – with a Serbian insignia on it. And we have a Serbian flag and stuff like that.

Now, President Dodik was the person who under his first term as the Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska he gave all that under American pressure. But he was sponsored by the United States to be in power. But after that he learned the lesson, because he lost the next election, and he learned the lesson. His next appearance in a command post of our Republika Srpska meant he was a second time the Prime Minister. He learned that people doesn’t appreciate.

So, he is now leading a totally different politic – against the international community, against the Americans, who brought him into the power both times. So, they are now trying to get rid of him. So they will pressure him. There is, maybe same as in Ukraine, there is lots of corruption, there is lots of unemployment, there is lots of economic crisis here, but that is not the reason to violently overthrow some government.

In the Republika Srpska there will not be some kind of a color revolution, as we saw in Ukraine, because people here is totally aware, maybe not really on a conscious level but on a subconscious level. They remember 1998 and that color revolution which totally put us in a totally wrong direction after the Dayton Peace Accord.

Robles: What have the people in Banja Luka and the Srpska Republika learned? You said subconsciously they are aware of these manipulations. The people there in the Srpska Republika, they would rather have independence. They’ve seen what the West means by democracy. They’ve seen what the international community means by human rights etc. What is your opinion on- let’s say those words - democracy, the international community and what their intentions are for the Srpska Republika?

Simic: For me, personally, when I hear the phrases as democracy, rule of law free society, open society, I’m all flat, I'm terrified, when someone is trying to speak about such things. And certainly in Bosnia Herzegovina, in that Muslim Croats part, especially in the parts with the majority of Muslim people we had a colored revolution of some kind.

It was a real revolution, in the matter that they burnt some government buildings and overtook them, and stuff like that, because that was the plan of Muslim politicians here in Bosnia to make to international community, but some will look they see burning buildings, battles with police and stuff like that. But that was only in the parts which are settled by Muslims.

Their plan was to make some new convention about Bosnia on which they will proclaim that Bosnia is unfunctional state because the Republika Srpska, because the Republika Srpska is always being blamed for everything that you can imagine. Everything is Republika Srpska to blame.

So they try to do that, and even if one citizen in the Republika Srpska, even one in Banja Luka to throw a stone on some government buildings, they will call violations of international convention and they will make a new constitution of Bosnia. People here are subconsciously and consciously totally aware of what their plan was, and so that plan wasn’t fulfilled as they planned.

So, when we see what is going on in Ukraine, it has the same signature as was in former Yugoslavia. The same forces which tore apart the former Yugoslavia are doing now that same thing in Ukraine. They are like totally satisfied when the Russian people or Slavic people wage wars against themselves.

And what I'm seeing now in Ukraine is totally awful. I’m like totally disgusted what the West is capable to do just to gain some political power. It is totally the same as it was in the past. If you take like Hitler’s opinion that Ukraine and the western parts of Russia will be Ostland or eastern lands to settle the German people, because they needed their liebenstraum or a large space for living.

So, it is happening in the European Union. The European Union is trying to overtake Ukraine from the Russian zone of influence. And by my opinion, that happening now in Ukraine is the Cuban crisis in the Russian backyard and Russia must react really strongly. If they do not do what Kennedy did in the Cuban crisis, the consequences will be devastating to Russia.

Robles: Where do you think the situation in Ukraine is headed? Where do you see this going, let’s say, in six months or a year?

Simic: Full-scale civil war, which is terrible. And what Russia now needs to do is to strongly backup those so-called pro-Russian activists on the east and that federation of people who will like to have a federation of Ukraine, with some larger portion of land which is Russian speaking, and to have more rights of the Russian language and stuff like that. Russia must threaten with their army to reason these people from the illegal government in Ukraine to stop using army against their own people.

They do not hesitate, they use force. They will send tanks on Slavyansk, they will send tanks on Kramatorsk, they will send tanks to Odessa, they will send tanks to Donetsk, they don’t care. My prediction to the crisis in Ukraine is not so bright, it is gloomy to the Russian side, because Russia is acting pretty sustaining. Russia must react strongly and Russia must put cash flow, you know money flow into Ukraine and other countries.

For example, here in the Republika Srpska is a fertile ground to have good pro-Russian agenda here in the republic. But the Russian presence here is through some companies, who are writing in Latin alphabet, contents not to offend Muslims and Croats and they are not publically advertise themselves as the Russian companies or do any deeds which will improve Russia’s positions here.

Most of the people here in the Republika Srpska, because of the totally media domination of the Western powers from 1995 till now, they think that Russia is some backward dark state of conquered and conquered unions and poverty. And the fact that Russia is the 8th economy in the world, they do not know that, because nobody is speaking to them.

For example, Russian channels, when they appear here, they slowly but strongly extinguish them. So there is a lot of cable operators which are now possessed by some NATO countries, they switched off the Russian channels in the time of crisis in Ukraine. So, they are, and that government in Kiev, do not hesitate. They are doing the same here.

Robles: What is the West’s paranoia and insanity about Russia and the Slavic world, in your opinion?

Simic: Slavic people, which are mostly represented by Russia, as the largest nation and with the most technological and economic advances to the other nations, they look at Russia as a fertile ground, to Russian civil wars and all those things which will implode in Russia. They are trying to do with Russia what they did with the Soviet Union.

They pumped cash flows through the NGOs in all of Russia. You know of Ukraine there is more than 400 NGOs in Ukraine which are receiving unimaginable amounts of money. Until the recent times you cannot do anything if you have not the support of the NGOs from the United States or the European Union.

Robles: They are not here anymore, thank God for that!

Simic: When you meet even the most liberal Americans, they will say – "okay, we are terrorizing all the world and we are opposing ourselves as a world’s policeman, but if we didn’t to not do that, someone will do that to us". And that’s why they will not stop.

This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Danijel Simic. He is a writer, a political analyst, activist and commentator from the Srpska Republika. He is also the founder of the frontal.rs web resource.

Thank you very much for listening, and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.

You can reach John at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_21/NATO-will-not-stop-attempting-to-destroy-Russia-Danijel-Simic-2600/


22 May, 19:10

US is involved in offensive cyber espionage

According to the Chinese state-run newspaper Washington is again playing the victim. This time the evildoer is not Russia but China. And the victim – Washington – is being victimized by cyber espionage, when, in fact, according to the Chinese newspaper, it is the world’s top intelligence power.

"Regarding the issue of network security, the US is such a mincing rascal that we must stop developing any illusions about it" – wrote the Global Times.

On Monday the US Grand Jury indicted five Chinese military officers on charges "they broke into US computers to benefit Chinese companies" in the first ever prosecution by Washington of state actors over cyber espionage.

Beijing responded furiously on Tuesday, summoning the US Ambassador Max Baucus and accusing Washington of double standards. Authorities also banned the use of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system on all new Government computers and suspended the activities of the bilateral cyber working group.

The Global Times said that Washington's "pretentious accusation against the Chinese army officers is ridiculous" given that the US NSA itself has engaged in widespread cyber spying through its PRISM program.

Interpol, according to the Chinese publication, "should have ordered the arrest of designers and implementers of the PRISM program but they did not". "Therefore the US is acting so shameless by posting photos of the five Chinese army officers."

The US prosecutors said the five indicted officers belong to Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army.

A report last year by the US security firm Mandiant said the unit had thousands of workers operating from a nondescript 12-storey building on the outskirts of Shanghai and that their goal was to pilfer intellectual property and government secrets.

Beijing has denied the accusations and the Global Times on Wednesday called them "beyond our imagination".


US is involved in offensive cyber espionage - expert

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Pr. Joseph Fitsanakis. He is the coordinator for the Security and Intelligence Studies Program at King University, and the Director of the King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies. He is also the Senior Editor at Intelnews.org.

Hello Sir! How are you this evening?

I’m great! How are you?

I'm pretty good myself. I read your article that you wrote about the scandal going on right now between China and the US regarding cyber spying. I’d like to ask you about the unprecedented charges against the officials, the naming of officials. Is the US really just a victim in all this?

First of all, let me agree with you – this is absolutely unprecedented. This is obviously an FBI operation. The FBI is the American intelligence agency in charge of counterintelligence. And we’ve never heard of the FBI actually naming the Chinese officials for People’s Liberation Army as persons responsible for espionage against the US.

These charges are indeed unprecedented. And some people think they maybe shape the things to come.

The timing of this! Now, when President Putin is in China, the Chinese-Russian relations are moving ahead quantitatively. What about the timing of this? Do you think this is specially timed?

We will see as the Chinese-Russian relations move ahead. I mean, it all depends on whether the deal with gas exports is going to be signed between the two sides.

The timing, of course, we can read all kinds of things in the timing. The US accuses China of economic espionage. That pushes China away from the US and to Russia. So, I’m not sure that will be too much in the timing of this, at this moment.

I don’t know if the US is interested anymore in doing business with anybody or having normal relations. I mean, they are pushing Russia away, they are pushing Europe away. Why not China?

That’s an excellent question. Some officials may not be accountable at all with this revelation. However, often the FBI will say – you know, I don’t care what do you think, the fact is that we have a counterintelligence investigation at hands, we have these officials that have been named, it is our duty to go ahead and name those officials.

I have a problem with a lot of the US media right now, especially with the coverage of Ukraine. I mean, it is all self-serving. And of course, they are going to demonize China as much as they can right now, because it has closer relations with Russia. And it seems like, as far as the media goes, anything they can do to demonize Russia in the last half a year intensely, they are going to do it.

This is not necessarily a controversial argument that you are making. I mean, the fact is that the American-Russian relations are not in a very good state right now. This revelation or this accusation just seems to appear out of the blue. So, yes, you are making a good point here.

Okay, in your article the headline was The US Cyber Security Posture is not Purely Defensive. What did you mean by that?

The US for the last decade or so has made the point that it finds itself unfairly targeted by the foreign cyber espionage. The question that one has to ask, and I’m speaking purely academically here, is – to what extent does the US itself is involved in offensive cyber espionage. Because one thing is to be defensive in the posture, and another thing is to be offensive.

And I think a lot of us who study this for living have this impression that the US is also involved in offensive espionage. We have had some evidence in the past of cyber security experts at the State Department who have attacked the websites.

What about Stuxnet?

If the US or other Western countries have an involvement with Stuxnet, that will be a textbook example of not cyber espionage, but cyber sabotage, if the US does that.

And here, there is an important issue, because every country in the world at this moment, they only say that they are defending themselves. I'm not quite sure this is accurate. I don’t pay too much attention to these crimes.

But what about Edward Snowden’s revelations? Are you going to say all that is lies or what?

The Edward Snowden’s revelations I think made a big impact on how we think about cyber espionage. The revelations themselves have shown that the US has spied on, particularly, foreign countries like Germany, Brazil etc.

I would take a step further – one the most incredible espionage revelations by Snowden didn't concern the US. It concerned spying by Australia against East Timor – a mining company for a mining contract which had nothing to do with the Australian national security, but had a lot to do with Australian economic interests. And Australia is considered as an analog of the US and Western countries. A very much shameful episode in the Australian intelligence’s history.

So, yes, I think the Snowden’s revelations have shed a lot of interesting light on how nations behave in the cyber realm.

In your article you’ve mentioned Hilary Clinton. She said that "countries or individuals that engage in cyber attacks should face consequences and international condemnation". That is everybody except for the US, as I take it.

Right! Again, you know, it is interesting. The US is very vocal about finding itself a victim of cyber espionage operation. I'd imagine that there is a cyber offensive aspect to America’s online presence.

So, in fact, what is interesting about this current spat with China, is that the US has said, in fact, many American officials have said that America does engage in espionage. But one thing they want to make clear is that the US does not engage in economic espionage. That what separates us from China, is that we don't spy on companies.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t born yesterday. I mean, I can’t believe that. The EU had all this evidence that they were spying on economic bodies in the EU and this stuff was brushed under the carpet really fast by the US Government.

That’s the argument the US makes. Now, I remember back in the mid 1990’es, when the Echelon network revelations came out, at that point any European countries, particularly Germany and France, were very upset believing that the US has engaged in economic espionage against their companies.

In fact, at that time, around 1998 or 1997, the EU sent a delegation to America to investigate these claims that were made in official EU report. At that point the US officials refused to meet with them.

So, like you, I was not born yesterday and I don’t disagree with your skepticism that that may well be.

I know and I’m sure you know there is a very-very close relationship between the US corporations, the military industrial complex, the big oil companies, these private intelligence companies in the US. This is not right! This is almost an incestuous relationship between these huge moneyed interests in the US Government and the intelligence community. So, I take that you agree with me that the US is not just innocent here.

To find innocence…almost every country in the world engages in offensive cyber espionage. And it would seem logical to assume that every country is either engaged in offensive cyber espionage or is exploring ways to become engaged in offensive cyber espionage.

That’s of course purely a conjecture using common sense, because I have no evidence to show this. But I think using common sense we have to assume that every country is engaged in this field of intelligence in some way or another.

What about the level of the intrusiveness of the NSA, for example? They’ve crossed some lines that shouldn’t have been crossed. I mean, spying on American citizens in the US, collecting information, that really they have no right to, from innocent people and I’m sure form companies etc. I mean, it is just within the US, don’t you think they’ve crossed the line?

If you ask the NSA, they will tell you that mistakes happen and so on and so forth. My personal view is that when you are looking at intelligence agencies like the NSA, comparatively speaking the NSA is more transparent in its operations that other similar agencies in the Western world, including by the way the British GCHQ…

The NSA is more transparent? They didn't even exist a few years ago.

Exactly! The joke that NSA stood for No Such Agency. Keep in mind that both authorized and unauthorized revelations about the NSA going are back to the late 1980’es…

So, would you say that Snowden’s revelations were authorized? I think they weren't. That's why they were so ballistic.

Absolutely not authorized. And I don’t think there is any intelligence observer that would not agree with the statement that the Snowden’s revelations were very damaging.

I wouldn't say they were damaging for national security. They didn’t damage any security, they just verified what everybody already knew.

But think about, for example, the case of the US relations with Germany. They have been actually quite hurt by the revelations.

So, it should be okay that the US was spying on Germany?

The world of intelligence has its own rules. We are not talking about the department of agriculture here. These agencies and these functions go to the core of the modern nation state. And so, this is by nature very-very secretive. And I don’t think that is going to change any time soon.

The US nation state is at its core super secretive. And anybody who exposes anything that they are doing is demonized, like Bradley Manning, Edwards Snowden.

Yes! And closer you get to the core functions, for example, the national security and defense, the more secrecy is apparent.

And about Snowden, let me remind you that Snowden's revelations were not that shocking in many ways. But I think our conversation began me talking about America and China, rather than domestically. I think those two things are not necessarily related.

It is a continuation of – we are being attacked, we are innocent, we need to step up security, we need more millions of dollars for security, because we are being threatened.

America spends more on its defense that the rest of the world combined.

There is nobody threatening the US militarily.

Let me point this argument to you. If I were China, if I were Russia, I would realize it will be quite difficult to compete with the US in conventional warfare.

You've just made a mistake most Americans make, that there is no competition. The US is overextended. Really, the US officials and, apparently, most American people think that you have an unbeatable army and military force that is going to force American hegemony on the entire planet. It is not going to work.

Yes, I don’t think the recent history shows that the American army in unbeatable. In fact, if anything, there are several problems with its ability to dominate the battlefield.

The problem with this argument – it is more dangerous for Americans, because they are going to go out there and die with this false idea in their heads. It is a big disservice to the American people and to soldiers, and to anyone in the military.

It was actually quite interesting when the US went into Afghanistan, many articles appeared in the international press by the former Soviet veterans who were basically sharing their experiences of the war in Afghanistan and in many ways actually warning the US about what they are going into.

That war in Afghanistan would have been one interesting aspect in which, perhaps, Russia and the US could have worked together.

The people running everything, they are not thinking that way. And that is a problem. They are not thinking the way a normal person would. As far as I see it, they are provoking everybody on the planet. And now they are going to provoke China. I get this real impression that they are trying to start WW III in Ukraine.

When you say they, you know, it is very-very difficult to pinpoint who they are.

They keep themselves in the shadows and they've been in the shadows since 9/11.

This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Pr. Joseph Fitsanakis. He is the Senior Editor at Intelnews.org. He is also the coordinator for the Security and Intelligence Studies Program at King University, and the Director of the King Institute for Security and Intelligence Studies.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_22/US-is-involved-in-offensive-cyber-espionage-expert-6962/


25 May, 09:38

Ukrainian Election Farce: Junta Attempts to Cement its Rule

John Robles

The holding of presidential elections in Ukraine amid the current socio-political climate in the country and the ongoing civil war, which has seen the illegal junta in power labelling those who oppose them as terrorists in order to justify murdering them, openly using heavy artillery against civilian residential buildings and apartment blocks, gunning down unarmed civilians in the street and burning building full of people alive, can only be described as a farce, a parody of democracy and a travesty.

This farce, one of historic proportions is an affront to every civilized thinking person anywhere in the world and a poorly disguised disgraceful subversion of the very concept of democracy. The carrying out of "elections" by those carrying out atrocities and murdering their own people for the simple crime of opposing their grab on power should viewed for what it is: an illegitimate nazi junta attempting to cement itself into power over an unwilling populace by force.

No matter how hard the illegal nazi junta in Kiev tries to portray itself as legitimate, no matter how many people they kill, journalists they silence, populations they terrorize and bomb into submission, no matter how much support these nazi scum have from the West and no matter how much legitimacy and credibility the West is willing to lose to support their installed puppets, the junta and all of its fascist groupings and supporters will NEVER be a legitimate government. Not to the Ukrainian people and not to any countries that are not subserviently acquiescing to the alternative reality being created by the West. You can NOT, in any way, make a violent nazi coup which obtained power by force and is not supported by even 3% of the population into a legitimate government.

The western masters of the junta in Kiev of course are going to support the preplanned results of the "elections" no matter what, even if it means killing large segments of the Ukrainian population to cement their puppets in power. That is why the CIA is there, as well as Greystone, Academi, USAID, and all of the other mercenaries and organizations that the United States is using to subvert Ukraine, stifle dissent, kill civilians and force their will on the Ukrainian population. That is also why the United States designed the electronic Diebold style voting machines for their nazi junta. Yes you read that right, the same Diebold style machines that brought you 8 years of George Bush are being used to force the nazis on the Ukrainian people.

US Diebold Style Electronic Voting Machine System Destroyed in Ukraine

Given the uphill battle of the junta and the impossibility of bringing their ilk to power in a fair election, the United States did what it did to guarantee George Bush his reign (also against the will of the people) and set up a Diebold like system in Ukraine for their puppets. Thankfully there are groups like CyberBerkut who have successful destroyed the fake electronic voting system of the junta. (For more search for information on Diebold simply do a web search.)

"Operation Kill the Ukrainian People" continues in Ukraine

The illegitimacy of the junta is no more obvious or visible than in their criminal operation to terrorize and kill the people of Ukraine into submission. Their military campaign against protestors in the Southeast of Ukraine have led to Donetsk and Lugansk declaring their independence with Odessa, Kherson and Kharkov soon to follow. This unprecedented campaign against the regions and the people of Ukraine who are in opposition to their illegal grab of power and their subversion of the Ukrainian state will eventually lead to the complete break up of Ukraine as there is no way they can succeed in their goals.

The people of Slavyansk continue to be shelled by Ukrainian artillery and are living in basements waiting for the final "operation" from Kiev. Reports from Slavyansk say the people are completely against any vote and will not take part, however the soldiers that are surrounding Slavyansk and ready to kill the civilians they are supposed to protect, will in fact be taking part in the vote.

Junta of Treason

The junta, and the ridiculous triumvirate of lying traitors Yatsenyuk, Turchynov and Klitschko, who do not even try to hide the fact that they are nothing more than slimy degenerate bought and paid for US lackeys and wanna-be CIA dictatorial banana republic puppets. Even the head of the Ukrainian SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko, was being tried for treason and is a known CIA asset. He, like the other US puppets in power in Kiev, in reality, deserves to be put in front of a firing line for their historic open treason against the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state. So it is understandable why they want to legitimize their illegal armed coup d’état by holding a farce of an election, the results of which are already known. At this point they need to cement their grab on power over a people who do not want them simply in order to stay alive or out of prison.

Blind US Support

It is utterly disgusting the way with which the United States has openly subverted Ukraine with complete disregard for the consequences. Hundreds have died and the country is in a state of civil war and beginning to disintegrate. Yet no matter what happens the US continues to say their junta boys are doing nothing wrong. According to President Putin in statements of Russia 24, the puppets were supposed to install NATO war elements in Crimea and Ukraine and evict Russia who has for hundreds of years had the right to have a presence in the Black Sea.

President Putin questioned whether the people who organized the junta in Kiev were professionals and whether they took into account the results of their actions in Ukraine. This is a good question as the country continues to spiral into violence and disintegration. Was this foreseen? Or are the CIA and the US State Department so stupid that they had no idea what they were unleashing in Ukraine?

President Putin said that he hoped that as a result of the actions of the junta and the West actions in Ukraine that there will be a return to rule of law, respect for the rights of those with differing points of view and a return to the respect for international law and standards.

Results of Farce

The Kiev junta and their candidates will win the presidential elections, however the result will be falsified and not representative of more than 10 percent of the population. Once the results are announced the country will collapse into more violence and US/NATO/EU will immediately attempt to implement and legitimize the illegal framework allowing for the placing of NATO missiles and war infrastructure directed against Russia in Ukraine. As we saw in Kosovo nothing will stop the US.

The views and opinions expressed about are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_05_25/Ukrainian-election-farce-junta-attempts-to-cement-its-rule-4648/


27 May, 23:50

Hague Case Against Ailing General Mladic Failed – Stefan Karganovic

Hague case against ailing General Mladic failed – Stefan Karganovic

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The trial of Ratko Mladić continues in The Hague with the defense stage now underway. The defense is operating at a disadvantage since they have been denied access to much material on the case and their time has been unfairly limited not to allow all of their witnesses to give testimony. After the closing of the prosecution’s case the Hague has failed to prove that General Mladic was involved in the events at Srebrenica and have scheduled the hearings so aggressively that it is a virtual death sentence for the ailing Mladic. We spoke to Stefan Karganovic, the President of the Srebrenica Historical Project about the trial and related issues. Mr. Karganovic says in cases where the defense has a strong case, as with former President Milosevic, it is convenient for the Hague when defendants die in custody.


Photo courtesy of Stefan Karganovic

This is John Robles you are listening to an interview with Mr. Stefan Karganovic he is the President of the Srebrenica Historical Project.

Robles: Hello sir! It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again!

Karganovic: Same here I am very glad to be on you program!

Robles: I was wondering if you could give our listeners some background on the case of former general Ratko Mladić? He is undergoing persecution; I would call it, in The Hague right now.

Karganovic: The prosecutor at The Hague would probably disagree with you. He would say he is undergoing "prosecution". But of course, you are basically right, it is persecution.

Just briefly, General Ratko Mladić was the commander of the Bosnian-Serb forces during the war in Bosnia 1992 to 1995. He was indicted for war crimes predictably by the Hague Tribunal as the war was drawing to an end and ultimately he had to go into hiding because apparently he didn’t have a great deal of faith in the fairness of the tribunal which was seeking his arrest.

Finally, a couple of years ago he was located and apprehended and the government of Serbia dutifully sent him to The Hague to face charges.

So, right now he is facing an indictment that has been paired down for efficiency’s fake, it is not as comprehensive now as it was originally but the main points are there and they are sufficient for life imprisonment, which is what he is probably going to get.

The indictment focuses on three points basically: Srebrenica, the siege of Sarajevo and ethnic cleansing. To that extent his indictment mirrors closely the indictment of Radovan Karadžić, the president of the Republic of Srpska at the time of the war and they both fundamentally face the same issues and their defense efforts are to that extent parallel.

At the present time general Mladić is being defended by a very capable team of lawyers. The problem is not the experience or the abilities of these lawyers, but the scarce resources that the Tribunal has made available to them. They are defending him "on a shoe string", and I think that saying that is actually quite accurate, when you have to consider that he has only three main defense lawyers, and a very small team of investigators and assistants versus 50 or more people who are working on his case on the side of the prosecution with virtually limitless resources and they have been at it for over the last 15 years.

Robles: Can you give us some details on the defense case please? It just recently started.

Karganovic: The defense team has begun presenting its evidence on May 19th and it is now examining its fourth witness. For the time-being at the start of the defense case, the defense has chosen to deal with the Sarajevo charge of the indictment mainly then it will go on gradually to other issues. The defense plans to bring a total of 336 witnesses and experts in various areas.

At the present time the chamber has approved only 207.5 hours for the defense case, which is the same number of hours that was accorded to the prosecution, so that there will not be enough time for all defense witnesses to testify in person.

So, some of them will present their evidence under rule 92bis basically their witness statements will be submitted to the court which is not as good as when you have a live witness.

According to the defense plan, the first 30 witnesses will give evidence about the Sarajevo war theatre during the Bosnian conflict. These witnesses were in a position of authority in the Bosnian-Serb army at the time.

Their evidence will confirm the defense thesis that Sarajevo was not inaccessible to humanitarian relief convoys and that the convoys were supplying Sarajevo regularly without hindrance.

The only exception were those vehicles which carried contraband, military equipment and weapons, and occasionally some were caught by Bosnian-Serb monitors, and that would always incite a huge human cry in the Western media but they conveniently ignored other instances, which were much more numerous, where the humanitarian convoys made it to Sarajevo unhindered.

A key question is who is responsible for incidents that are cited in the indictment, such as Markala 1 and Markala 2, they are quite famous. Commanders of units deployed in positions from which the indictment alleges, Sarajevo was shelled, will testify on the contrary, it was Bosnian Muslim army that fired those projectiles at its own people in order to provoke Western retaliation and political consequences against the Serbs.

So, in due course the defense will present evidence, also refute prosecution allegations in relation to the Srebrenica massacre in July of 1995, which can be summarized in the prosecution claim that about 8,000 prisoners of war were executed amounting to genocide.

And finally it is important to point out that General Mladic is expecting the arrival of medical team from Russia, whose task will be to assess the general’s failing health condition and the appropriateness of the court’s decision to impose a 5-day court schedule, which is a great strain for him.

That intense schedule would be extremely hard on a healthy person. But in the case of someone who is gravely ill, such as this defendant, it is extremely burdensome and may amount to a virtual death sentence.


Robles: The Hague has not been… I think historically (well I don’t want to say that many suspects have died there,) but …

Karganovic: Well yes! About 10 have died there… Why not say it?

Robles: I don’t think they are too concerned about the health of the people...

Karganovic: I think it depends. In some situations they are not. If you are doing well in your defense case, then they probably would rather facilitate your departure from this world than let the case go to its natural conclusion, as in the case of Slobodan Milosevic, there are questions about the way he died in prison in 2006.

In the case of Vojislav Šešelj, they are dragging out the case in ways that are incomprehensible because they obviously do not want him to come back to Serbia and restart his political activity and lately he has become gravely ill in the detention unit of the Hague Tribunal, and treatment that he has been getting has been less than transparent and his family are very, very concerned.

Of course the prosecution case against him is extremely weak so that gaining his departure from this world, would be a godsend for the tribunal which does not mean that they are going to have a part in it, but I am just saying that they would not cry to see him go.

And also in the case of General Mladic it is extremely difficult to speculate what the tribunal’s interest is in the case, with respect to his longevity, but the fact is that the defense has done a much better job than anticipated with the scarce resources that have been placed at its disposal, and general Mladic is an extremely sick man, he has had several heart attacks and is in a very difficult health condition (high blood pressure and so on and so forth).

So, I cannot speak for the tribunal and I am not privy to its inner workings and its state of mind, but I suspect that they would not be too unhappy if he were worked to death literally, having to attend these very strenuous court sessions 5 hours, 5 times a day.

Let’s hope that the medical team visits him and they will give their opinion and then we will take it from there.

Robles: Can you comment on allegations by people in Serbia and other people all around the world actually, that the Hague Tribunal is a completely biased body?

Karganovic: Well I think it is no longer a controversial question. Thinking people around the world, I think would agree that the tribunal has been a very dismal failure and one of the principal reasons that it has been a failure is that its work has very little to do with fairness and justice. So, yes, it is biased and it doesn’t even try too hard to hide its bias.

So, if justice should not just be done, by also be seen to be done, the tribunal of the Hague fails on both counts, because justice is not done there, but the injustice is meted out in such a clumsy way that we do not even have the illusion that justice is being done there.

I think everybody who has had anything to do with the tribunal is going to try to avoid telling their grandchildren that they were involved in it because it is going to be a matter of shame and embarrassment. I am looking into the future… Right now of course they have very comfortable salaries and perks and they are apparently very happy doing their disreputable job.

Robles: As an expert, give us your viewpoints on his involvement and what happened, or non-involvement at Srebrenica.

Karganovic: It is not actually up to me or you to talk about his involvement or non-involvement, in a proper court case whoever is accusing you has to prove that you have done what you are being accused of, in this case, that you organized the massacre of several thousand people at a particular location, in this case Srebrenica.

So, the burden of proof is totally with the prosecution. So, the question we have to ask having heard the prosecution case in the Mladic Trial: how successful has the prosecution been in linking Mladic to these crimes? And I must say that I am unimpressed by the job that the prosecutor has done.

It is one thing to smear people in the media without of course giving him or people who are sympathetic to him an opportunity to respond and then trying him and convicting him in the court of public opinion that you manipulate. It is quite another to do that in court where no matter how biased the proceedings are, you still have to give the other side an opportunity to cross-examine your witnesses and to criticize your evidence and you also have to give the other side ultimately an opportunity to present their case.

We still haven’t observed the defense case with respect to Srebrenica, but we certainly have seen the prosecution case and they have failed to show two things that are really key: number one that what occurred in Srebrenica was a genocide involving 8,000 prisoners of war and the other thing that they failed to demonstrate was the link between General Mladic and the illegal executions that did occur there.

So, on that basis I think that I am justified in concluding that the prosecution has failed in documenting its Srebrenica charges.

Robles: As the president of the Srebrenica Historical Project, can you tell our listeners what really happened there?

Karganovic: Sure!What happened there was there was a UN protected enclave which contained a full division of the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the other side in the ethnic war in Bosnia (the other side from the standpoint of Bosnian-Serb forces) and from this enclave the Bosnian army units were staging raids against the Serbian towns and villages surrounding the enclave in spite of the fact that part of the agreement guaranteeing the enclave’s non-combatant status was their obligation to disarm, which never happened.

So, the goal of the operation in July of 1995 was to separate that enclave from a nearby enclave with a similar status called Žepa and they found complete lack of resistance and they took over the enclave, they found about 20,000 women, children and elderly and the men including the combatants gone, disappeared.

In a matter of days they discovered that they were staging a breakout towards Bosnian Muslim territory, about 60 km away, in the direction of Tuzla, and there were many clashes along the way, which resulted in numerous casualties on the Muslim side as well as on the Serbian side. But the Muslim side lost several thousand people in these clashes, which later came to be falsely represented as victims of execution and genocide.

This is John Robles you were listening to an interview with Mr. Stefan Karganovic he is the President of the Srebrenica Historical Project. Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_27/Hague-case-against-ailing-General-Mladic-failed-Stefan-Karganovic-4822/


28 May, 19:47

Moscow’s Reaction to Elections in Ukraine in Interest of Peace

John Robles

The Kremlin and the Government of the Russian Federation are continuing to react to the events in Ukraine with the core goal of ensuring an end to the bloodshed and a normalization of relations with its neighbor. Although not officially recognizing the recent presidential election in Ukraine the Kremlin is ready to recognize the government in Kiev when the results are officially tabulated and certified and if they show the will of the Ukrainian people. Above all the Kremlin wishes stability and an end to the bloodshed and the unacceptable military operations against the people of Ukraine in the eastern part of the country being conducted by the current regime.

Presidential Elections in Ukraine

Although Moscow repeatedly called on the junta and the individuals it chose to act in top government posts to hold the election at a later date once the situation in Ukraine stabilized, the coup authorities went blindly ahead with complete disregard for the wishes of the people and the conditions under which they were forced to take part in an election.

Moscow understands very clearly that holding elections under conditions of open civil war can in no way bring about a representative result of the will of the population of Ukraine. Moscow is also aware that the holding of an election by a government which obtained power in an armed coup d’état seriously brings to question the legitimacy of such an exercise and continues to be alarmed by the armed quelling of dissent and the declarations of independence in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, areas whose populations did not, for the most part, play any role whatsoever in the process of choosing a president.

While these issues should be of utmost concern to the "authorities" in Kiev (as well as the so called international community), the junta has continuously shown that it is not interested in recognizing the will of the people it has chosen to rule over.

It must be underlined that the actions of the people of Crimea in choosing to rejoin Russia, and of the eastern regions of Ukraine which are following the examples of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions and preparing to hold referendums on independence, were wholly and completely brought about by the actions of the junta in Kiev. Russia, although continually demonized and blamed by the West for the situation in Ukraine, has since day one merely reacted to threats to its own security and has attempted to prevent the continued violence and bloodshed being perpetuated on the Ukrainian people for the crimes of being ethnic Russian, speaking Russian or wanting the federalization of their territories so that their voices will be heard by Kiev.

The "authorities" in Kiev, lacking foresight, insisting on using force on their own people and continuously carrying out the orders of their western masters, have completely missed the boat when it comes to ensuring the territorial integrity of the their country, a country they claim to be the only true patriots of. Had the junta actually listened to the desires of the Crimeans and the populations in Donetsk and Lugansk and other regions and immediately begun steps to federalize Ukraine (something that worked wonderfully for Germany and the Russian Federation for that matter), they would not be dealing with entire regions wanting to secede from Ukraine. Again the fault lies with Kiev as Russia has in no way influenced or attempted to destabilize the situation.

Moscow wants an end to the conflict and to ensure the sanctity of the lives of the people in Ukraine and this has been clear since day one. Therefore the Kremlin is ready to deal with whoever comes to power in Kiev, again if it is representative of the will of the people. This fact cannot be underlined enough: it is the Ukrainian people, be they pro-Russian, pro-Western or pro-Chinese for that matter, who should be allowed to choose their destinies and those who lead them. It is not up to a tyrannical centralized nazi junta to impose its will on the people through the use of iron force.

After multiple calls to hold the elections at a later date when the situation in the country stabilized and not even sending observers since the situation as to the legitimacy of the elections was clear, Russia has now been forced to proceed to attempt to work with the new authorities in Ukraine. This is of course in the interest of maintaining peace, stability and hopefully ending the punitive military actions of the Kiev authorities against the people of Ukraine and again this is despite knowing the irregularities present in the poll and continued ignoring of Moscow’s calls for an end to the military operations by Kiev against its own people.

With all of the irregularities and the open questions as to the legitimacy of the presidential elections, despite instantaneous western support for the "results", it would be in the interests of the new so-called "President of Ukraine" Petr Poroshenko to heed the following: he must, unequivocally stop all military operations against the populations of Ukraine. This is the only route he can take if he wishes to cement his fragile legitimacy and at least retain a modicum of being the leader of the Ukrainian people.

No matter how much the West supports Paroshenko, as I have said many, many times, at the end of the day it is the Ukrainian people who must support those pretending to be the leaders. Moscow has not commented on the fact that what has happened is just an oligarch taking power but in reality that is what has happened. Whether that oligarch can do what is right for the people remains to be seen but it is to them that he must answer to in the end. Paroshenko has adapted and changed with every passing government and maintained his power but he must understand that the power he courts in the office of president must and without a doubt come from the Ukrainian people, not from Washington. He must not underestimate the will of the people as this will be a fatal mistake, be they pro whatever.

Paroshenko must also take into account the real and unquestionable threat to the national security of the Russian Federation that NATO missiles and war infrastructure would be, were they allowed to be placed on Ukrainian territory. This is something that Moscow will not quietly allow and Paroshenko must understand this. Hopefully, as a businessman with interests in Russia and one who has weathered the political winds of change, he will understand these essential facts, although his barely concealed nationalist ideas and leanings might lead one to believe otherwise. As one of the chief backers of the Maidan disaster and with his pro-western leanings and backers it remains to be seen just how far he will go to please his US/NATO/EU backers, but hopefully he will see the futility of trying to force the Ukrainian people into submission and realize that Ukraine and Russia share not only a long historical, political and economic symbiotic relationship but that without Russia, Ukraine’s economic wellbeing may see very rough times ahead. Will the Ukrainian people be so compliant when they cannot even afford bread on their tables? I doubt it.

On a final note: the West loves to demonize Russia and blame everything it has done in Ukraine on Russia, but that will not stand for long. There cannot be any justification for supporting a regime that is committing atrocities and war crimes against its own people. And by supporting an election where entire regions did not even take part, where ballot boxes were stuffed with thousands of neatly stacked ballots and which was called on exit poll data paid for by the junta, the West is seriously bringing its own legitimacy into question.

It is seriously questionable how much longer the world will support the further killing of civilians in order to bring about the geopolitical goals of US/NATO to place missiles in Ukraine, because at the end of the day, that is what this is all about. Moscow has allowed the junta and the West a very long rope and continues to do so, the question is just how soon will they hang themselves or be hung by the Ukrainian people (metaphorically speaking of course).

The views and opinions expressed above are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_28/Moscow-s-reaction-to-elections-in-Ukraine-in-interest-of-peace-0148/


29 May, 00:01

Ukrainian Elections a Horrific Circus - Nebojsa Malic

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The election in Ukraine was illegitimate. Having already lost Crimea with 2 regions having declared their independence and many in the process of currently doing so, the country is in a state of civil war and an illegal junta government in power, the staging of an election in which as many as 80% of the people did not even take part, where over 400 serious violations were registered and which were declared won on exit poll data by a laughing oligarch who immediately won the support of the West before the polls were even closed, can only be described as a "farce of historic proportions". Independent observers around the world agree that there are serious questions regarding the legitimacy of the Ukrainian elections. We talked to an expert Nebojsa Malic on the election issue and more.


This is John Robles you are listening to an interview with Nebojsa Malic the Director of the Reiss Institute for Serbian Studies in Washington DC.

Greeting between Mr. Robles and Mr. Malic

Robles: Can you give us your insights on the so-called election that just occurred in Ukraine? Why or why not, is it or is it not, legitimate in your opinion?

Malic: Well I can tell you straight off that it was not legitimate. There is no provision in the constitution allowing for the replacement of president by force as President Putin stated a couple of days ago, when he enumerated four ways in which a president can be relieved of duty and none of those four cases were met.

So, the deposition of the elected president in February of this year was not legal and therefore anything done since cannot be legitimate.

If they had by any chance tried to pass a new law or new constitution, that would have been a different story but they didn’t. So, the coup regime set up in Kiev in February, just decided to organize this presidential election, and it was just a complete farce. It was a very, very sick sad joke.

Robles: Why do you call it a farce?

Malic: They stated several times over the past two months, especially with regards to the referendum in Crimea and the referendum on the 11th in Donetsk and Lugansk, that it is ridiculous for people to vote at gun point. Well, currently half of Ukraine is at war, what is that if not voting at gun point?

Also the other half of the country is under the gun of Right Sector thugs and all sorts of private militias run by regional oligarchs. What is that? They are voting at gun point?

So, really there is no law and order, there is just simply "rule of the gun and thugs" in the areas of the country that do recognize the government in Kiev and close to a third or half of the country doesn’t. So really what sort of rule of law, what sort of procedure, what sort of democracy can they be talking about? This is preposterous!

Robles: I find it stunning, absolutely stunning, that while they are claiming that Crimea is still part of Ukraine, nobody there voted and the entire Eastern part of the country, I would say, from the initial figures I saw, maybe 1 or 2% of the people currently in the region voted and those people who voted were Ukrainian army officers and soldiers surrounding Lugansk and surrounding Slavyansk, who voted. Other than that the entire regions in the east maybe got 1.5% of vote and then all of a sudden at 6pm last night everything jumped up and now they are saying they’ve got 30 or 40 or 60% or something.

Malic: And that is just one discrepancy. I’ve seen photographs of ballots neatly stacked inside the boxes. Anybody familiar with the laws of physics knows that when you toss a piece of paper into a box, it doesn’t fall neatly in a stack.

I’ve also seen pictures posted on Twitter by Ukrainian News Agencies loyal to the oligarchs’ coup regime reportedly happy people lining up to vote, except those were pictures taken two weeks ago in Lugansk.

Robles: Right! Right.

Malic: So, if there were happy people lining up to vote, those were the people voting to secede, not people voting to support this government.

On top of this we had the electoral roll: the list of candidates that was basically oligarch A or oligarch B. It didn’t really matter who won, it would be an oligarch, and the whole thing was organized by Madeleine Albright.

So, really the whole thing was just this horrific circus, this mockery of democracy as a popular process, because see: what makes anybody think that the people who overthrew an elected government in a coup aren’t going to do that again?

They obviously don’t care for Democracy as such, because if they did, they wouldn’t have staged an armed coup to begin with, and so now they are declaring that this vote is sacred because their sponsors are behind it.

And honestly, as I noted in the private conversation the other day, two cats and a juggling dog could have come out to vote and they would have still been certified as legitimate by the OSCE because it doesn’t matter what the procedure is or whether it is legal, if it serves the interests of the coup government’s sponsors, it will be ruled legitimate no matter what actually happened. And that is precisely what has been going on!

Robles: The world has seen this! I don’t understand the outright insolent way that the West came right out and said it is legitimate. They didn’t even wait until even 10% of the ballots were in. They already announced the election just on exit poll results that were carried out at the expense of the junta itself.

Malic: That is precisely proving the point that I just made. It doesn’t matter what actually happens, they have already predetermined the conclusion and it was going to be legitimate no matter what.

This is a combination of a very specific problem in the West, it is present in the "Establishment Culture" both in Washington and many places in Europe, of this institutional blindness, a combination of arrogance and stupidity, the belief that they can actually alter reality, through changing the language and control it through careful phrasing, and that is not how the world works, but they think it is.

Robles: They really believe that the world is fooled by this?

Malic: They certainly acted as if they really believed it, so I am inclined to assume that yes, they really do believe that the world is falling for it, they are falling for it. They can’t see further away from themselves.

Robles: Unbelievable. If they are actually believing their own alternative reality that is a very scary thing.

Malic: Unfortunately, I believe that is true. They are arrogant and stupid at the same time.

Again, as you mentioned in Nuland’s intercepted conversation with the American Ambassador back in January, the US government: they were pretty clear that they don’t want Klitschko in power, they wanted Yatsenyuk as their man running the show. So, lo-and-behold Yatsenyuk becomes their man running the show, and Klitschko who was praised for 2-3 months as the leader of the Maidan, the most popular athlete ever, and so on and so forth, he vanishes, he disappears, he is nowhere to be seen. They said he needs to be the apprentice, and lo-and-behold he was the apprentice.

Robles: Sure, everything in this conversation that came out, played out exactly like they said it was.

Malic: That conversation was certainly prophetic in its content, and that is exactly how the things played out, at least in the parts that they could control.

As far as Poroshenko, mention has been made in the press in the last couple of days, especially in the West, of his alleged business ties with Russia and so on and so forth, but what has conveniently been forgotten is that he was one of the people who initially supported the whole Maidan farce and the attempts to overthrow President Yanukovich, allegedly because the deal with his chocolate holdings were endangered by the alleged Russia threats to cut off the free trade agreement with Ukraine following the accession to the EU agreement, which of course was a farce and nobody really believed that was going to happen. But anyway Poroshenko to me looks like just another oligarch who was basically handpicked because he was the least offensive of the lot.

You have people who are truly monsters like Kolomoisky who has his own private army that are going around Ukraine enacting their private game of throne fantasies. You have several other people who are just as bloody and just as ruthless, and you have Poroshenko who is playing family man, and he is trying to be all nice and decent and grandfatherly.

This is one of the typical plots… I don’t want to say "plots", by the State Department, but in reality that is what it is. When they stage manage elections and popular unrest from Serbia onwards back in 2000, they always tend to put forth a front candidate who is inoffensive and seems to be a moderate, then they place the real power behind him.

So, the front man doesn’t really have much influence and it’s the top people behind him, the Prime Ministers, the advisors and so on, they are executioners, they are the real power doing what they are being told from the outside, from Washington and Brussels.


Robles: Somebody might say that is the exact situation in the US.

Malic: Fair enough. Some people could say that. It is one of those things that keeps being used because it keeps working! And so yes!

You have Poroshenko on one hand, but looking at his statements, he doesn’t sound like a moderate, he sounds barely less extremist than Yarosh or any of the other people involved in murdering civilians who look at them the wrong way.

I honestly don’t think this is going to make any sort of difference in the quantity and quality, so to speak, of the bloodshed in Ukraine. Just a couple of hours ago I heard about the new offensive in Donetsk, involving the airport. Obviously these people don’t intend to stop the war, they intend to escalate it.

Robles: Yeah right! And it was real funny when he was giving his acceptance speech next to Klitschko who was also giving the acceptance speech for the mayorhood of Kiev, this was also before the votes were counted.

Klitschko said something to the effect that, and I am translating from Russian (that is another point I’d like to get to in a minute, all these officials, and all their statements and everything: they are all speaking Russian but they are SO anti-Russian), so Klitschko says: "It’s always better to have dialogue than confrontation" and Poroshenko turned around and he looked at an aide or somebody that was standing next to him (maybe his bodyguard) and he was laughing out loud. You could just see how ridiculous he understood that statement to be.

As far as I know Poroshenko, he has been in almost every administration since the end of the Soviet Union and he is always switching sides, stabbing people in the back to suit the powers of the day.

Malic: Well he is an oligarch, and that is part of Ukraine’s problem! From day one when it was set up as a so-called independent country, it was basically run by a group of oligarchs.

One of the reasons Russians have managed to recover from the Yeltsin era is that after Yeltsin the government cleaned up the oligarchs and established rule of law. That never happened in Ukraine.

Robles: Right and that is something people in the West don’t understand.

Malic: Not at all. I mean, they (the West) have their own oligarchs but they are not as blatant about it. They have political classes that have had hundreds of years to perfect the technique of exploiting everybody and stealing elections and passing favors back and forth without having to resort to brute force.

The oligarchy works almost like a feudal arrangement from 300 years ago, if you rewind European and American history a couple hundred years, and you will see a similar situation in Europe and the US as well, it is just again, 200 years of history in refining this process, things appear much more acceptable.

In Ukraine that has not been the case, we’ve had 20 years of people just robbing the place. Again it would behoove people to watch "The Game of Thrones" for an explanation of oligarchs’ motivations, because they truly look like they are living out a fantasy of power and money and everything else, and backstabbing and backroom deals.

Now as far as them laughing at these phrases that they are mouthing because they would be quoted with a straight face in the western press, the fact that they are laughing about it… I am not sure what to make of that? Whether to believe that this shows that they have a shred of human decency and that they don’t actually believe their own lies, or that they have zero decency at all, because they know that it’s a lie, they are speaking it, expecting it to be believed and they are laughing about it because they don’t expect to be called on it or punished.

Robles: I think the latter. For some of our international listeners in our Washington and New York audience, if you could give your opinion whether you think US State Department, CIA, NSA, whatever… military support of the Right Sector, training and everything, has that been successful? Was this part of the plan or do you think it has gone astray and has gotten out of control?

Malic: Let me start with the oligarchs because the Right Sector and the other thug militias can only be understood in the context. Essentially an Oligarch State is one where there are two sets of laws: one for the ordinary people and one for the people in power. As I mentioned it is very much like European feudalism type of set up in which the commoners must obey every law, otherwise they will be hassled by the police or imprisoned or fined, but the oligarchs they don’t even have to obey traffic regulations.

If somebody is an oligarch, they can run red lights, they can steal, they can even murder with impunity, because they are oligarchs, there is no law for them, there is just power. Presidents come and go, the oligarchs stay and control things.

They have multiple citizenships, so they can always skip to another country if they get into a bit of trouble, and then come back to assert control.

Sometimes they fight each other and some of them might end up in jail and that creates the illusion of the rule of law. But in essence the only people that get arrested are the people on the losing side of a power struggle. For example, when Yulia Timoshenko went to jail, it was a legitimate imprisonment, she was objectively guilty of lying, cheating, stealing and so on, but again the oligarchs were protesting that because she was an oligarch and therefore she should have been able to do these things with impunity while in power.

So, that is what I am trying to illustrate to people that in a world of "Oligarchy Government" you have one set of laws for the ordinary people and another set of laws for these people in power.

And now the American Government is supporting and subsidizing places like Ukraine that practice this. It is an abomination! It is an atrocity.

Robles: That is what has happened in the US as well, especially with all the crimes committed by the Bush Administration and all the people involved in it from outing CIA agents, to writing and approving torture methods, to illegal invasions, aggressive war, etc., etc.. I think it is the same thing only it is on a more massive/major scale.

Malic: And again far more subtle than being so open because they (the US) have had a couple of hundred years to perfect the practice as I mentioned before.

Now as far as the militias in Ukraine, again Right Sector is only part of the equation, you have other private militias loyal to oligarchs, you have the national guards, you have the regular army units that have by and large either refused to fight or defected to the federalists.

Just last week a unit that had refused to attack civilians was attacked by an oligarch militia and massacred. They were people who essentially refused to commit a war crime and the private militia loyal to an oligarch attacked and killed them.

A similar thing happened in Odessa. They wanted to send a message: that anybody who disagrees with them, anybody who dare resist them, would be gruesomely murdered. The people in Odessa were a warning, they were also an atrocity (the whole burning people alive in a building was a horrific crime!), but it was also a warning to everybody else: you will either obey us or else!

Here they are saying it was clashes! Every time there is an atrocity by someone that the US government supports, that is explained as: Oh! Clashes between two communities! Or some abstraction in passive voice!

This is John Robles you were listening to an interview with Nebojsa Malic the Director of the Reiss Institute for Serbian Studies in Washington DC. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever in the world you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_29/Ukrainian-elections-a-horrific-circus-Nebojsa-Malic-expert-8539/


31 May, 23:28

US/NATO Missiles 5 Minutes from Moscow?

John Robles

Washington and all of the organizations and individuals responsible for the February 22 coup d'état in Kiev may be patting each other on the back, getting out the cigars and congratulating themselves on a job well done but their victory is one which has no meaning in the long term and will once again show to the world, if it has not already, the completely myopic vision of the US foreign policy establishment, the complete and total disregard for international law and the lives of the world's peoples and the complete hypocrisy with which they operate.

In the long run the short lived victory will have the opposite effect than that which the US believes it has achieved and even the US/NATO Prompt Global Strike goal of placing nuclear missiles within a ten minute flight time of Moscow, will in the end be a complete failure.

US/NATO and Prompt Global Strike

The single most significant reason behind the fact that politicians, analysts, specialists, journalists, diplomats and any other individual interested in or attempting to follow and make sense of the events in Ukraine are all having a hard time understanding the situation (other than the complete Orwellian-Goebbels-Ministry of Truth turning night into day media operation) is that the entire US/NATO/EU Ukraine Operation has at its core a purely strategic military interest. This overriding military objective is the neutralization of Russia's nuclear deterrence capabilities, this includes rendering ineffective all elements of the Russia's nuclear Triad and the ability to launch a first strike directly on Moscow, with Moscow being unable to defend itself or launch its retaliatory strike. The "secret" military objective is behind the entire destabilization effort in Ukraine, just as the military objectives were at the core of the destruction of country after country in the Middle East. Therefore all secondary events subordinated to this core objective may not seem to make sense to the observer who may only see hypocrisy, double standards and even schizophrenic-like behavior coming from the West and from those orchestrating seemingly unrelated events to coalesce into conditions allowing for the attainment of their objective.

It does not take the specialized training and acumen of an intelligence analyst or military strategist to figure out the obvious. With the US Military Doctrine now one with the idea of "preventive first strike" at its core (formulated to officially grant legitimacy to the illegal strategy of aggressive war) which means destroying a perceived enemy threat before it has a chance to carry out any possible attack, the reason for US/NATO expansion and the placing of first nuclear strike capable missiles and supporting infrastructure around Russia and on its borders is clear.

Again aggressive war is a Crime Against Peace and Crime Against Humanity but by clever wording and by claiming national defense or defense of "US interests" or even "NATO partners" such manipulation, while not changing international law or the Geneva Conventions allows the US/NATO to be able to attack any opponent without fear of retribution.

The real purpose of the Prompt Global Strike (PGS) system, which officially foresees US/NATO of being able to launch and deliver ballistic missiles to any point on the planet under an hour, is carefully obfuscated and hidden by its proponents and designers. The purpose of PGS, AEGIS and all of the elements which make up the system is to allow the US, with NATO as a subordinate, to launch a nuclear first strike. The PGS system, in addition to the nuclear Triad also envisages a space launched kinetic weapon which would cause impact damage similar to meteor strikes.

What we have in effect, after the end of the Cold War, is an out of control US/NATO military industrial complex which has continued to grow at an alarming rate and has continued to devise new methods to annihilate countries and entire populations through overt and covert means. This may be excused by proponents of Pax Americana, neo-conservative chicken hawks and the whole array of Russophobes and dreamers of a Fourth Reich poisoning the entire planet, but expansion of NATO into a Global First Strike Expeditionary Force is illegal and a threat to the world peace, security and stability.

NATO PGS is just a key part of the plan for assisting the US in fulfilling its strategic military and geopolitical goal of establishing complete and total unchallenged American hegemony on the countries and peoples of the world. There is no real threat to justify it as a defensive system and it must be deemed illegal and stopped by the countries of the world who must finally band together and demand peace and an end to those who are against it.

Back to Ukraine and its strategic importance. With the development by the US/NATO of hypersonic nuclear capable ICBMS if NATO is allowed to place its missiles in Ukraine, if for example they are allowed to annex the eastern regions as well and place NATO missiles near Novaya Guta for example, then they will have their weapons only 450 kilometers (280 miles) from the heart of Moscow. With the development of the latest hypersonic missiles which are said to be able to travel at speeds of up to 3,600 miles per hour, that would allow the US/NATO to deliver a nuclear strike directly on the Kremlin in 4.66 minutes, a delivery time making a reaction extremely difficult.

Russia Implement a Similar Strategy?

Now just for a moment imagine if Russia were implementing a similar strategy: attempting to install missile elements less than 1,000 kilometers from Washington; attacking countries all over South and North America, overthrowing governments in Mexico, Canada and the like. Sound ridiculous? But that is exactly what the US is doing. Imagine if the US had lost the Cold War and agreed to become a Communist country and then the USSR started invading and destroying all the countries around it, killing millions of people in the process. That is exactly what US/NATO is doing and they must be stopped.

Media Takeover

In order to facilitate continuing illegal regime change operations and military expansion the populations of the states who tax dollars are going to fund all of it need to be cowed and dumbed down into submission. They need to be manipulated into believing that there is a threat that warrants the continued out of control growth of the US/NATO military machine. They also need to be convinced that there is an enemy. Russia is that enemy. Hence what we on the ground see as an alternative reality was created. They have turned the facts on their head and in reality installed a nazi coup that is killing the civilian population and they are attempting to blame Russia.

Russian General Leonid Ivashov called the manipulation of the media by the US/NATO "the using of Goebbels like methods". General Ivashov was the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense and is the current president of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies:

“Apparently they [officials of the European Union and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry] have dedicated themselves, and continue to do so, to deeply and thoroughly studying the doctrine of Dr. Goebbels. . . They present everything backwards from reality. It is one of the formulas which Nazi propaganda employed most successfully: . . . They accuse the party that is defending itself, of aggression. What is happening in Ukraine and Syria is is a project of the West, a new type of war: in both places you see a clear anti-Russian approach, and as is well known, wars today begin with psychological and information warfare operations. . . Kerry and Obama are encouraging in Kiev what they harshly repress in their country. European leaders break up unauthorized demonstrations with hoses, throwing demonstrators in jail, while in the Ukrainian case they do the exact opposite, and on top of that they threaten Russia. Logically, this is part of information warfare.

“Keep in mind that, under the cover of information commotion, U.S. ships are entering the Black Sea, that is, near Ukraine. They are sending marines, and they have also begun to deploy more tanks in Europe. . . We see that on the heels of the disinformation operation a land-sea, and possibly air operation is being prepared.

"They haven't even taught [opposition leaders] Klitchko, Yatsenyuk and Tyahnybok to run a government efficiently. The main thing is for them to take power, and destroy the Ukrainian state."

The Nation Destruction Business

After 9-11 Neo-Con Paul Wolfowitz, the then US Deputy Secretary of Defense stated that the US Government is now in the business of destroying countries, executing presidents and changing governments at will.

General Wesley Clark who was the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, took issue with the Neo-Con architects from the Project for a New American Century and gave testimony that the US planned to overthrow seven countries after 9/11: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

Mr. Clark called the post 9-11 overtaking of the US Government a coup and said it was plotted by Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and "a half dozen other collaborators from the Project for the New American Century". In a report Glen Greenwald cites a US Secretary of Defense Memo which gave even more detail and put a timeframe on the plan: "I just got this memo from the Secretary of Defense’s office. It says we’re going to attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years – we’re going to start with Iraq, and then we’re going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran."

My List of Countries Destroyed by US/CIA/NATO

The following is a list of countries, other than Ukraine, where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Colorado, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Dakota, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

What they have done and are doing to Native Americans might also be added to the list and as the continuing genocide of the indigenous peoples is the foundation of endemic "American" racism and exceptionalism.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

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