The Strafor e-mails that are being slowly released by the site Wikileaks contain hundreds of communications between the US Intelligence community and Stratfor. This includes the FBI, CIA, DHS, and more.

The FBI e-mails paint a portrait of a very close relationship between Stratfor and the FBI and give an insight into the workings and the non-workings of the FBI.

One areas that is of concern is public safety and the ability to combat terrorism and the e-mails show that the FBI is too compartmentalized and too fraught with internal strife and bureaucracy to be truly effective in fighting terrorism.

Stratfor and the FBI apparently have a very close relationship having collaborated on books and being a source of intelligence for FBI Agents.

That an FBI Agent would look to Stratfor, a supposed civilian operation, for guidelines and tips on travel security shows a big problem within the FBI.

The FBI shares tons of information with Stratfor, including secret reports and sensitive official information, which makes the very nature of Stratfor as an "independent" organization questionable.

One e-mail discussing payment terms shows an FBI Agent complaining about his low salary yet will still pay over two hundred dollars for his Stratfor subscription.

Another e-mail of interest is one by the FBI Director Mueller, which shows that they FBI is very involved in looking after the finances of Stratfor.

Statfor receives a lot of information from sources within the government as one e-mail shows with links to documents from the FBI and the DHS and more.

We will be looking for more e-mails and covering more about the relationship between Startfor and US Intelligence in the near future. Stay tuned.

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10433_FBI Sovereign .pdf

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10434_FBI Presence o.pdf

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10435_FMSO JRIC Lati.pdf

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10436_Baltimore Poli.pdf

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10437_El Paso Joint .pdf

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10438_DHS CBP Tucson Field Office 6-10-11.pdf

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10439_DHS CBP Joint Field Command Arizona 6-10-11.pdf

Wikileaks/2012/September/FBI/10440_FBI Homegrown .pdf