Phoenix Rising

The Death of Hope and the Killing of the Future

by John Robles 

The population of the entire world and our very planet itself, from Oceania to the deserts of Africa, from the Arctic Circle to the very tip of South America is in a state of suffering. That is of course except for the very few imperial power elites who are the real root cause of all of the pain and the evil that is methodically and systematically spreading everywhere like a cancer devouring everything and everyone in its path. So I ask you this dear reader; why is it that you, on whose toil and pain they have amassed their wealth and power, are any less important that those who wish to silently enslave you and subjugate you and your people until the end of time? Believe me that is the plan and the instrument to do so is quietly and secretly being pushed through even as you read this.  

The PNAC and 9-11: The Root of All Evil

I have been saying for over 14 years now that there can be no real return to civility, rule of law and normalcy in the West and in the world until those truly responsible for the murder of almost 3,000 people on 9-11-2001 are finally, transparently and unequivocally brought to justice.

After all of the documented revelations detailing connections between the CIA/Mossad/Saud and AL-Qaeda IS/IL/ISIL it should be clear to any thinking person that those responsible for 9-11 are not some terrorist cell which was hiding in a cave in Tora-Bora but sophisticated intelligence agency and black operations operatives operating at the behest of the criminal cabal that seized power in the United States in the year 2000.

Time itself has shown that 9-11 and the subsequent War on Terror paradigm that the entire world has suffered through were also events serving the interests of the PNAC, Israel, the Black Operations Community and the “Bilderberg” elites and those who really control Western Governments.    

With the devastation of the Middle East and country after country the War on Terror has proven itself to be a phony pretext to replace leaders and governments and to destroy countries to make them readily accessible for exploitation.

The TPP/TTIP/TISA: True Global Corporate Fascism

Of all of the instruments for obtaining the global U.S. hegemony sought by the PNAC, the secret TPP/TTIP/TISA agreements prove beyond any shadow of a doubt the true nature and the true architects behind the entire paradigm that we, the citizens of the world have had to live through since 9-11.

From the little that we know it is already clear that the TPP/TTIP/TISA will in fact establish what can only be described as a state of global corporate fascism where the governments of the world will be behoven to and subject to the control of U.S. corporations. Thus the military takeover by force of the entire planet will no longer be necessary as the economic control that would bring about such military adventurism will be secretly put in place and implemented without the approval or knowledge of the billions of people it will affect in the countries where it is forced onto the governments. 

The War on Journalism and Truth: Historical Revisionism

Journalists are the first drafters, witnesses and initial keepers of mankind’s historical record so their work must not be interfered with and must be as true to reality as is humanly possible. Therefore any force that strives to or forces journalists to produce anything other than the truth must be dealt with harshly and stopped immediately. However when there are governments, such as that in the U.S., the former bastion of freedom of speech and protection of journalism        

That is as it should be but the world has moved on since 9-11 and the days when those ideals and the true meaning of rule of law and honesty actually meant something. The world has moved on but it has not taken the meek or the humble or the honest with it. The world has moved on as the artificial and falsely blowing “winds of change” sheer away the layers and sub-layers of our historical foundations carved and etched out by the sands of time, and in doing the very foundations on which our reality is based. These “winds” are in fact an attack which continues as we speak to alter the historical record and change reality so as to obfuscate and hide the crimes committed and carried out by those who seized power on 9-11 and soon before and who continue their insane drive to literally take over the world at any cost.     

Because of the war on truth, whistleblowers, “potential” adversaries and truth seekers being waged without stop around the world, the truth has become something that now causes offense and is shunned by the majority and the continuing siege on the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and the continuing forced incarceration of Julian Assange serve the elites as a constant reminder to the world of what will happen to anyone who dares to expose the crimes of their corrupt and murderous brethren.

Censored into Oblivion

Due to the complete and total information blackout and the self-censorship going on in the Western-Global-CIA/NSA/FVEY-controlled mass media and Internet with regard to myself and the way that the Voice of Russia was taken apart and destroyed from the inside by Western Agents and MI6, there is little possibility that you have heard of me and if you have it was no doubt in a negative light with overtures that I am a conspiracy theorist and an anti-Semite among other things. Labels put on anyone who questions 9-11 and the genocide of Palestinians by Israel.

Be that as the case may be allow me to introduce myself and fill you in on what has been going on. This is important right now because of the continuing nature of the attacks on me and the continued attempts to keep my site jar2.com from existing at all. For my regular readers you know that I had a heart attack a few weeks ago and then when I was in the hospital I had to vacate the room I was renting which led to the closure of the site for over a week. I found another location but unfortunately the same thing is about to happen again because I am still unable to secure employment after having been black listed and cannot pay for anything with debts mounting on a daily basis.

As for the introduction my name is John Robles and I am the first US citizen in history to have been granted political asylum in the Russian Federation. When I was granted asylum so were my then minor children who unfortunately have also become targets of the US Government simply because they have asylum.

My son who was sent to prison on fabricated charges desperately needs your help and support. He is being subjugated to conditions that amount to torture and not only am I afraid that he may be killed but that he may become suicidal due to the treatment that he is getting which includes the burning of all of his clothes and possessions. We have written to over 5,000 media outlets worldwide about John but not one outlet has dared say or print a word about him or even me for that matter. Being as I am the first and only American with asylum in Russia, (Snowden has residency status) you would think someone would be interested but because I love Russia western media shuns me like the plaugue. 

After having lived in Moscow for almost 20 years and after the liquidation of my former employer the Voice of Russia World Service in English I was forced to leave my beloved Moscow after a series of events that occurred because of my outspoken and massive work against the illegality of the current US Government and continued attempts to expose the CIA and Western crimes against the world and Russia. These events orchestrated by CIA and MI6 assets and western apologists inside Russia included having my employment terminated, being poisoned, having my daughter taken away and then my son, having my family destroyed, losing my home, being physically attacked and finally being constantly threatened with bodily harm and worse on multiple occasions.    

Having received limited help and support I thought that I could start over but there has still been no luck in obtaining employment of any kind due to my being blacklisted and now over 50 and in bad health.

As I prepare to shut down the jar2 servers again for the second time in 14 years I want to leave you with these thoughts and ask you to please support the site anyway you can. Please never forget that all humans wherever they may be are all brothers and sisters and all of us essentially want the same thing, to live a normal life, raise our children and do something meaningful and worthwhile with our lives for the short time that we are here. Do not believe the Western lies about Russia and Crimea. Russians and Crimeans are people just like you. It is the Western power elites who want access to Russia’s vast resources and want to punish President Putin and Russia for carrying out an independent foreign policy, and their censored and controlled media outlets who are behind all of the demonizing of Russia.

I believe that one day the truth will actually come out and that even those who carried out 9-11 will be brought to justice but in the meantime we must fight and fight and fight because the war on truth a war whose result has the fate of the human race in the balance.

Thank you and I hope to be able to write to you again.

John Robles II

June 25, 2016