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The Bradely Files/Soros Files and More: Exposing ZIONIST Control


US Support of Israel - USGOV Doc

US Support of Israel - USGOV Doc

The International Crimes of Israel

The International Crimes of Israel

Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

McCain and His War Lobbying Bedfellows

McCain and His War Lobbyinging Bedfellows

Rothschild World Governance Info Graphic

Diagram of how the Rothschilds Rule the World pdf



1990 CSPAN: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ISIS


Zionists-Khazars-Ashkenazi Committing Genocide


REX84: HR 645 Full Text Will Allow Imprisonment of Millions for Dissent

Full Text PDF of bill H.R. 645 directing the establishment of internment centers on military bases

Zion/NWO/Israel H.R.6208 Combating Euro "Anti-Semitism" Act 2016 NWO Sovereignty


Zion/NWO/Israel Worldwide Ban On Criticizing Israel And Jews, New Law Proposed


BBG Teeth:  2943 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 PDF

Creates BBG Executive continues to cement the powers of the security state and enslavement of the people


BBG: HR 5181 Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016

Gives more power to the BBG and now allows the targeting of media which counters the false information being put out by the BBG and the fake US media


BBG: HR 5736 Modifications to Smith-Mundt Act Allowing BBG Propaganda in US

This law allowed for Broadcast Board of Governors to create, distribute and spread false news and propaganda into the United States as it had been doing to the world..

REX84: HR 645 Full Text Will Allow Imprisonment of Millions for Dissent

Full Text PDF of bill H.R. 645 directing the establishment of internment centers on military bases

Israeli Father Kills Wife/Kids: They Were ‘Amalekites’

This is not ‘Khazar’ Judaism. It is not ‘Talmudic’ Judaism. It is not ‘Zionist’ Judaism. As the story makes plainly clear for those with eyes to see and brains to cogitate and discern, this is the Judaism of the Torah and the Old Testament…It is the Judaism of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Esther, etc, etc, etc…It is the Judaism that rejected Jesus Christ, hunted down His apostles and subjected them to prison, torture, and death…It is the Judaism that acted as the electrical current fueling the Bolshevik revolution, WWI, WWII, etc. It is the Judaism that runs Hollywood, the porn business, abortion on demand, the banking system in the West, etc. It is the Judaism that animates ‘good Jews’ like those at Neturei Karta, Jewish Voice for Peace, J-Street, and all those other groups whose job is to keep gentiles confused about what the nature of the problem truly is. It is the Judaism worshiped by certain backwards sects within Christianity, including Christian Zionism and Christian Identity. It is the Judaism that destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and if it gets its way, will see the entire world hacked to pieces in exactly the same way that these poor kids were murdered, because as far as Judaism is concerned, the term ‘Amalekite’ is a one-size-fits-all designation that can be/is used whenever someone else’s existence has been deemed a threat to the greater good of Judea, Inc.

In short, Judaism, from root to stem, is a sickly, diseased tree that has never produced any fruit, exactly as Jesus Christ charged. It is a mental illness all its own that infects and destroys all living things in its environs, and the only substantive difference between what this father did in hacking his family to pieces vs what the IDF, Hagganah, Stern Gang, etc have done/do on a regular basis is that he did it in a ‘hands on’ manner rather than with the sexy, sophisticated use of high-tech weaponry.

Times of Israel  


Of Zionists, Lord Rothschild and the Fascist Internationale

Jar2 Original Article by John Robles

The Loneliness of the Devil

What would you do if you spent your entire life amassing the largest fortune in the world? If you were the actual real ruler of that world and controlled everything that was worth controlling, from governments, to world leaders to the entire population of billions, yet you were alone and no one, not a single person hailed you or sang your praise? What would you do if you had enough wealth to end world hunger and poverty and bring about world peace but you did nothing of the sort all of your life but cause killing, murder, famine and war, all of which increased your wealth and control, and then, lo and behold, you knew that you were soon to die and would do so, alone, hated and despised?

What would you do if you were Lord Rothschild and you were soon to meet your maker after having spent your life engaged in mass murder to create a fictitious land for a people who did not know who you were and if they did despised you or were silent and cordial because they feared you? What would you do if all you wanted, as you approached your death was to be loved and remembered with adoration and kindness by those you had ruled over and controlled yet whom you exploited and destroyed in order to enrich yourself? What would you do indeed?

Even a year ago very few “common people” had heard of Lord Jacob Rothschild or the Rothschild family, but now the name is slowly becoming a household one. As I do not believe in coincidences I am putting forth that perhaps the “lord of the world” may be making himself known through unconventional channels for a reason, and all of the mentions on Twitter and elsewhere are not simply coincidences. The secretive “Lord” has even given an interview recently, in which he admits that it is "his" family responsible for the creation of the fictitious state of Israel. The question is why at this juncture and that is an important question because it must be an important reason if the secretive “Lord” has come out of the dark shadows where he has hidden all his existence?

Not long ago I was researching the “NWO”, Project Israel and the Zionists, as always trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and all of a sudden many countless holes and empty spaces began to be filled in, in all of my other research and work. Leading me to the conclusion that it is only with a full understanding of the Zionist Federation and the Zionist Internationale, that all of the evil machinations behind much of what goes on in the world can only begin to be understood. Understanding and knowing what the Zionists do and how far and wide their tentacles grasp is vital in turning almost any geo-political and modern day “Conspiracy Theory” into “Conspiracy Fact" and that is what I have always striven to do. Lest I digress and become unnecessarily long-winded as I am inclined to do, I would like to present you with the following article.

When I first heard of, and read, how it was that that the Rothschild “star of Mulloch” came to be on the flag of a falsely created country built on the already existing Palestine, a country populated by real Semites who are being eradicated by European Jews, I was extremely interested in the key document that somehow gave the Zionists the right to commit genocide and of course wanted to study this document in detail, a document known as the infamous Balfour Declaration.

Of course, being as the invasion, occupation and eradication of an entire country and the ensuing endless wars for Israel that the US has been fighting for almost 20 years non-stop, are extremely large scale and historically important events, no doubt watched and scrutinized by billions, my expectation when seeking out the Balfour Declaration was for a voluminous and extensive document with pages of legalese and meanings hidden and obfuscated to allow for the illegal annexation of an entire country, but what I found was shockingly the opposite.       

This “document” gained by the deaths of millions and then further causing the death of literally millions more is a mere note in size. It is the Tweet of world historic documents consisting of three sentences, one of which has no period at the end, and lacks legal argument reasoning the authority behind its legality and is a disgusting, arrogant imperialistic affront to humanity given that an entire country and people can just be given away through the passing of a note according to these "elites". Here is the text for which the Rothschilds sponsored both sides of World War II and for which millions died:     

The Balfour Declaration Text: A Three Sentence Note Allowing Genocide :

Foreign Office

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet

His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Arthur James Balfour

That is all the criminal elites needed to wage more than half a century of war and conflict and kill and destroy millions upon millions of people. A criminal elite that are no better or worthy than you nor I and who are in fact parasites on our work and suffering and only hold so much power and wealth because they are immoral and ruthless and we are foolish enough to allow them to.

It is 2017 and the “Zionist Federation” has literally wiped Palestine off the maps and is even promoting the falsehood that Palestine never existed but, they want more. They want the fulfillment of the plan for a Greater Israel (Erets Yisrael Hashlema‎‎) as laid out by the arch Zionists but rejected by real Jews, and they want to take over the world and control everything, everywhere, in what they call the New World Order, which is in fact just the updated version of the Old World Order, where a country could be given away on the basis of a "Tweet".


The Manifesto From The New World Order

This article (The New World Order Manifesto) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Sylvain Lamoureux and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

As we have control of everything in the world: economics, agriculture, production, transportation, media, education, governments, alimentation, health-care, technology, water, land, sea, air, space, legal system (national and international) and we have reached a certain pinnacle of technology. It has become necessary to take steps to ensure our survival in this realm; this means we must eliminate the imminent threat and cull our herd at the same time.

This accelerated program comes as a galactic awakening is happening which must be suppressed in order for us to continue our rule in this realm; this has awakened energies which we have long thought eradicated.

With the advent of the Internet some people have voraciously absorbed information which once was secret or limited by factors which are no longer viable due to technology. Thankfully many layers of our PR defenses have been actively working to counteract whatever damage has been done with the leaks of information over the years. A strategy of confusion has been active for many years now, saturating the Internet with useless but convincing information for people to follow.

Below is a summary of the steps taken and needed in order to achieve our goal and rule for centuries to come. This awakening must not be allowed to happen and the vibration level of the people must be kept as low as possible for the next 20 years. If necessary, all out war is an option of last resort.

To do so we have chosen and have been working on the following methodologies:

Make sure the populace are trained to be reactive and confused.

Convince people that there is over population that is helping to destroy the planet and that there are ‘useless eaters’ amongst them.

Formulate people’s consumption habits and then convince them that their consumption habits are destroying the planet.

Convince people to fear a large portion of the global population; choose those which are in the state of ‘development’ and easily culled without all out uproar. After having dehumanized a chosen population – war is a great way to move forward.

We have been instilling divisions within the populace for eons for us to exploit. Now we use the tactic of subdivisions which can be created if they don’t already exist but what you want is people to divide themselves.

Here is a condensed list of established divisions which we have been facilitated and are ready for exploitation:



Economic class

Educational status

Employment status

Geographical location

Political affiliations

Philosophical beliefs

Religious beliefs




We also use the following programmed triggers and fears when needed:

Competition – A useful tool for many different games.

Scarcity – The populace must continue to believe that there is scarcity in this world and that it is worsening for the reasons we provide.

Fear/Terror – The ultimate weapon for us – continue its use on every level possible using every possible asset. Use of false flag operations have continued to be effective in this regard in order to provide them with the ‘security’ which only we can provide (chuckle).

Anger/Indignation/Vengeance – The populace needs to be angry at polar opposites of the divisions which we create; does not matter which side they choose.

Shame/Guilt – This one is great because we can get them to internalize almost anything.

Ego/Narcissism – Inflate the self importance of the people as we fill them with our information. Make sure to include Nationalism/Patriotism triggers which elevate war.

Ignorance – What they don’t know can’t hurt us; keep them that way. When possible, keep them in binary thought patterns.

Tools at our disposal:

Media – Media has done an exceptional job over the years of keeping the people divided, consuming and distracted while helping to steer people towards the skills which we desired at that time. The media’s job (with the new additions) is to continue with a focus on division at whatever level available at that moment. Social media is a great tool for this as it keeps the people less capable of focusing on issues for long periods of time; fill them with trolls and useful idiots.

Education – Education has always been used in order to instill a basic knowledge in order to be productive while instilling a respect for authority – keep using this strategy whilst increasing the authority program using fear and coercion. Making education mandatory over the years and for profit has been genius on many levels; one such example would be that people which are, in essence, ignorant will feel themselves elevated by stature and assumed intelligence which shall easily deflect any thinking which is outside the sphere of current and accepted ‘knowledge’.

Surveillance – Use this to fish out the threats and also to instill a level of nervousness within the psyche; keeping the vibration level low. Use to gather blackmail material and ‘leak’ information to create general ‘unease’.

Stooges – Of this there has never been a lack of. Reward compliance and ‘normal’ thought while vilifying ‘abnormal’ behavior and it will take care of itself.

Law – Over the decades, we have limited what the populace can do without our permission and coerced compliance through levees and fines (fear). Accelerate this policy while protecting the actions of our enforcers; this will widen the gap in the ‘us vs. them’ mentality instilled in the enforcers.

Language – infiltrate and replace while twisting meaning and redefine – eg. “tolerance” used as acceptance of immigrants – use words which can induce a negative association in the subconscious. The language of war is essential in every day life and people must be convinced that they control how they speak; let them think that a debate is a discussion. eg. the New Age community using ‘Spiritual Warrior’ still fits in nicely with the agenda. If it is about vibration levels, keep them low. Keep people on edge by constantly devolving the language so that people not only find it difficult to express but also to listen and understand.

Methodology for ensuring low vibration:

Keep them reacting – keep the populace as reactionary as possible as this will ensure the impossibility of actual thought and they will remain easy to lead down whichever path we choose.

Target the family – we have always instilled division within the family unit through subtle ploys and techniques to make people believe that embarking on our adventure (chuckle) at the ripe age of 18 was the adult thing to do. Now create economic strife which will force the children of those which left at 18 to remain longer and with the right amount of prodding from our other resources, shall create an atmosphere of unease (overstaying one’s welcome).

Property – Keep letting people believe that they own a part of our planet which they purchased with our money. The threat of losing this property has always been great leverage. Always make some lose it all so as to instill some fear in the others. They know that they own nothing unless we let them.

Enforcement – Quelling revolt and controlling workers while convincing the populace that they were there to ‘protect and serve’ was a great start for our enforcement program. Now go out and fill the ranks with the most pliable of minds with the least amount of intellect which has run through the enhanced authority education and fill them with fear of the populace; they must feel that there is potential peril with every public encounter; make them edgy and reactive.

Invoke Historical Fears – Conjuring images from the past is a great way to use many emotional triggers; keep hammering away at the holocaust program and watch them yell ‘Hitler’, almost on command.

Project External Enemies – In order to put on a really good show for our cull, we need war, make sure there are always enemies to do battle with; war must be accepted as the only option.

Alimentation – poison their food so that we may learn and prepare for diseases which may affect our longevity as well as ensure short life spans; a good way to induce sterilization methods as well as through pharmaceuticals. Their malnourished bodies will not be capable of dealing with the sicknesses which we unleash.

We have been suppressing awakenings for generations with great success, this one will be no different.

Author  Sylvain Lamoureux, Contributor Waking Times

Sylvain Lamoureux is simply a man who wants to think but is thwarted at every turn.

Let’s prove them wrong!


[1] https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf

[2] http://www.infowars.com/in-september-2015-agenda-21-will-be-transformed-into-the-2030-agenda/

So as you see they will do absolutely anything and everything to spread their power and take over the world. Greater Israel was just not enough, they insatiably want more and more and ever more and care not one iota how they get it.

Who is Behind the NWO?

The real powers behind the NWO are the global elites and though the most powerful family said to hold more than 500 trillion dollars and owning almost every central bank in the world are the Zionist Rothschilds, they work very closely with the British Royals and the Roman Catholic Church, the main facilitators throughout history of empire and land acquisition.

In the inner sanctums of the Vatican there may be an aversion to the Zionist takeover of the world but elites always work together as they must in order to control the other 99% of the world’s population.

To say these powers follow religious dogma or hold religious beliefs is laughable. Even the joint war on Islam is one that is based on Islam’s prohibition of usury which is the basis of the Zionist and elitist wealth and follows the wishes of ethnic cleansing and cultural and real genocide.

Of course there are many layers to all of this but the fact is these monsters do things, like the Bush family did, such as killing 3,000 people in controlled demolitions with people in the buildings, and can in no way be believers in any God. Given the Satanic origins of the Star of David (A Rothschild Family Symbol) and the Luciferan followers controlling the NWO, to give them a spiritual category would be to only say they are Satanists.

What is the Reality About Pizzagate?

The damage control operation in covering up pizzagate has seen it become another instrument to divide us and destroy our morality and core beliefs. Podesta, Clinton, Soros, the Rothschilds and all of the Luciferian Zionists, pedophiles and mass murders involved in pizzagte now want to shove it down your throat and make you just accept it! 

Pizzagate has served the elites very well on many fronts, not only has it further eroded core moral beliefs and even succeeded in beginning the "normalization of pedophilia" in the US, where sexual perversion of every sort has become acceptable (so much so that it is the first country in the history of the world to equate sodomy with the fundamental societal building block of marriage) but it has shown the world that those in power can do whatever they want, even practicing Satanic child sacrifice and cannibalism and get away with it (if you believe most of the pizzagate "revelations" as I did).

Pizzagate also allowed for the installation of an elitist, divisive and racist president (who did not have a chance) who will further divide the population, facilitate the continuation of the white supremacist system, further the already existing racial and social divides and in the end allow for the installation of a complete and total fascist security state and the enslavement of the people till the end of time.

If you read the NWO Manifesto above then you know why, as a person in the FBI said not long ago, “they” want to normalize 12 more perversions after gay marriage. Not only will this keep “them” out of prison but it would destroy the last bits of moral fiber in society and the destroy and dumb down the minds of the people, for the sole reason that such a population would never question, even their carrying out of 911, and would be easier to control and manipulate.  

The Creation of the Fascist Internationale (The NWO)

If you live in Europe or try to keep yourself informed then you will have noticed in the last 15 years the rise of fascist, racist and xenophobic ideologies, movements and leaders. This is by no means an accident. It is easier for the criminals in power to avoid getting themselves held to account, first off and second of all, it is easier to brutally control the populations if there is an extreme authoritarian fascist government installed in a country and that government was chosen by them, ala Ukraine.

So, in summary we have the classic ingredients of Cognitive Dissonance, Machiavellian manipulations, racial supremacy, the Satanic demonization and de-legitimation of the establishment and a Hegelian Dialect working 24/7 to force the people not only to allow for Fascist leaders to come to power worldwide, but to be under the illusion and holding the belief that the fascists are in fact the sanest and best option!

So you see, as in the previous World Wars, either way he wins.

In Closing

Is Russia in on all this you might ask? Being as President Putin has evicted the Rothschilds and anyone else the NWO wants on the ground here, there is little chance that the NWO will allow for normalized relations with Russia, especially given the light that the “NWO” sees Russia as a needed material and resource donor. Given the damage the NWO has inflicted on Russia for hundreds of years it would not take much to understand why Russia will maintain its sovereignty and role as a world super-power.

Message to the "Masters"

I offer the previous as a warning and as food for thought for those who put profit above all and who make millions on war and terrorism and exploitation. I do not expect nor even faintly entertain even the slightest notion that you will see or even understand the errors of your ways or change your modus operandi, what I offer is a warning that were you to possess even the slightest bit of humanity you should heed: for no matter what your faith is or whether or not you believe in a higher power there is always and will always be a karmic price to pay and that will be for all eternity.

Love you all!


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