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The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception 

The Avatars of the Empire of Lies: Clarity in the Age of Deception from an NWO Targetted Country

July 24, 2019 - Now that the daily hyped-up government controlled "poor Assange media spectacle" has ended with the untouchable disinformation HASBARA agent enjoying the company of Neo-Nazi cell neighbors and hopefully members of Anonymous and people he ratted on and helped put away, we can look at the methodology and the obvious (now even to the blindest) way in which he was used by the Empire of Lies to promote disinformation and stifle real revelations, terrorize real whistleblowers and in the end completely disseminate and in fact kill the global peace and truth movements which were a threat to the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex, the Zionist Entity and the New World Order freaks, whose very existence is based on lies which cover up their daily crimes against humanity and the ensalvement of 99% of the human race.

 The Assange Op is Over for Now: The CIA/Twitter supported CIA Avatar sent to "extract" me is next.

Just the simple fact alone that intelligence agencies now control the global media in a CIA MOCKINGBIRD HASBARA net of lies and censorship should have people up in arms worldwide but even that, like the war on journalism, has been normalized by the controllers of the Empire of Lies.

For Russians and members of the Russian World and those who love Mother Russia the fact that their sovereign voice was liquidated by a 5th column serving the CIA/MOSSAD global MOCKINGBIRD should also be cause for alarm, but even after six years no one dares to speak out or even cares. 

Today even "Truthers" who seek to reveal things they learn, lie by omission not understanding the full picture, and this serve the illegal criminal New World Order by complaining of persecution which only serves the architects and the masters.

The now military grade multiple layers of lies, deception and skillfully and subtly promoted agendas are not visible to most consumers of the daily information we are all fed like pigs in sties and only those who have managed to raise to any level inside the media or control structures can actually see what they are truly doing, and it is horrendous. I have tried and continue to try to wake people up but the global population has become so brain-washed and conditioned that few are now willing to even look for the truth, let alone believe anything that they have not been fed by the architects.

As anyone has noticed my writing and publishing has become markedly diminished. However I am now saying things I would not have dared to even a year ago. The readership and the audience have been effectively diminshed by the CIA/MOSSAD military grade multi-level fakery of the Q-Anon Operation, the destruction and infilitration of the Truth Movement and the 9/11 clean up boy who is white-Zionist-supremacist Donald Trump and his occupation of the White House as the adminstrator for the Zionist Entity and the New World Order.

Someone speaks out on the war on journalism, or does she?

I am only writing now because I saw an article that has given me a slight hope and which I want to bring to your attention as it for a part states what I have been stating for years now. During the Twitter wars I came up against this Caitlin who refused to wake up to the Trans Agenda and 9/11, which is why she continues to have a voice. She is also a rabid Russophobe so our interactions ended there. However this piece makes a few valid points.

The article titled: Pause A Moment And Think About How Many People AREN’T Whistleblowing, to a degree vaguely exposes the sheer level of lies we are not hearing anything about, but on the other hand it effectively does two things which serve the New World Order freaks; first it promotes the Trans Agenda and second it adds to the narrative that anyone who speaks out is destroyed. Like telling you not to think about elephants by mentioning elephants.

I have always refused to call Bradley Manning a woman as it is a lie and have never called him Chelsey as it is an even bigger lie honoring Chelsey Clinton, the chief creators of the current web of lies we are all still forced to try to muddle our ways through, lies and obfuscation hiding the global crimes of the Clinton crime family, and even at the Voice of Russia I always named the individual Bradley as his mother named him. Doing so is a promotion of the trans agenda and whether he realizes it or not he himself has allowed his person to be turned into a New World Order Avatar.

Bradely Manning could have been a true global hero for truth and an example of bravery and manly courage, but he was co-opted in classic MKULTRA fashion to become a trans-tool for the lunatics in power.

Bradely is one of the clearest examples of how WikiLeaks and Assange gave up and targetted sources and by choosing the name Chelsey, Bradley gave a message to the world about who was behind what was done to him.

All of the phoney condescending statements by Kristin Hrafnsson and WikiLeaks are all fabrications and lies when you realize it was WikiLeaks who set Bradley up and destroyed his life. Was he a willing prop? I doubt it.  However Bradley is a tragic figure who by his own words is a clear victim of MKULTRA-Illuminati programming. My only brief interaction with Manning in 2017 on Twitter proved this to me without a doubt. His presidential pardon which the world has conveniently forgotten about and his continued media support and use by the media tells us that he is an Avatar being used for the exact reason that Caitlin Johnstone is using him in her Operation hiding in plain sight. Bradley even called his won sex perverted person a member of the "Illuminus" who must spread truth and bring "light" to the people. Central clues to his own Illuminati programming.   

Here is the article with an analysis to follow:

Pause A Moment And Think About How Many People AREN’T Whistleblowing

By Caitlin Johnstone

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now being slammed with $500 fines for every single day that she remains imprisoned in contempt of court for refusing to testify in a secret grand jury against Julian Assange. Next month it will increase to $1,000 a day.

Again, this is while Manning is also locked up in jail. It’s not enough to re-imprison a whistleblower who already served years of prison time, including nearly a year in solitary confinement, for taking a principled stand against an opaque and unjust grand jury system; they’re going to potentially ruin her life with crippling debt as well. The only way to make it more cruel and unusual would be to start waterboarding her or threatening her family members.

All for refusing to participate in a corrupt and unaccountable legal performance designed to imprison a publisher to whom she leaked evidence of US war crimes in 2010.

People see this. People watch this and learn from this, as sure as people watched and learned from the public town square executions of those who spoke ill of their medieval lords. And just like those medieval executions, many of the onlookers have been trained to cheer and celebrate at the fate of the accused; have a look at the power-worshipping, government-bootlicking comments under my recent tweet about Manning’s persecution for a perfect example of this. People have been taught what happens to those who blow the whistle on the powerful, and they have been taught to become quite comfortable with it.

And, of course, that is the whole idea.

Who is going to blow the whistle on US government malfeasance after watching what’s being done to Chelsea Manning? Seriously, who? Would you? Would anyone you know?

I think most people, the overwhelming majority of people, would opt out of the chance to give the empire a truth smack in exchange for years in prison, financial ruin, and seeing their name slandered and smeared around the world. Most people have too much to lose and too little to gain to take that risk already, and the war on whistleblowers and investigative journalists is only escalating.

And that’s just the general population. What percentage of people who’d be willing to suffer the draconian consequences of telling the truth about the powerful are actually in a position to do so? Most of the people who are in a position to expose significant government malfeasance are individuals who’ve already been selected and appointed to their positions because they’ve exhibited certain qualities that indicate loyalty and obedience. The bigger the secrets you have access to, the higher up the chain of command you must therefore be, and the more loyalty and obedience hoops you’ll therefore have had to have jumped through.

What percentage of this population, the population who has gained access to sensitive information by demonstrating loyalty and obedience, would be willing to face the harsh punishments which are inflicted on anyone who exposes the evil deeds of the powerful? Almost none. And the higher up the chain of command you go, i.e. the more significant information someone might have access to, the lower the probability of their blowing the whistle on any depravity they discover.

It’s a really slick double bind they’ve got us all in, if you think about it. Try to expose government malfeasance from the inside and you’re a traitor; you’re guilty of transgressing the rules of the position you’ve been entrusted with. You go to jail. Try to expose government malfeasance from the outside and that’s hacking, that’s espionage. You go to jail.

Either way, you go to jail. Directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

When is it possible to expose government malfeasance without going to jail? Why, when the government says so, of course.

And this has all been a long-winded preamble for me to get to what I really want to say here, which is this: think about how many government insiders aren’t whistleblowing.

Seriously, just pause and really think about that for a minute. Let it sink all the way in. We know about just a teeny, tiny fraction of the evils that our governments have been up to behind the scenes, because the people who are in a position to expose those evils and who are willing to do so are exceedingly rare. And, because of the public flagellations of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, we may be certain that they are becoming much rarer. We appear to be moving rapidly toward a world with no Chelsea Mannings at all.

The celebrated author, journalist and historian William Blum once said that “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.” I have no idea how much the late Mr Blum knew or whether he was exaggerating to make a point, but if you look at what I’m pointing to here it becomes self-evident that at the very least what we know about government malfeasance is dwarfed by what we don’t know about government malfeasance. There are so very, very many disincentives for people to blow the whistle on the powerful, and so very, very many incentives for them not to, that it is a certain bet that there is exponentially more wickedness going on behind the veil of government secrecy than we realize.

If you looked through a tiny crack in the door and saw a thousand people just in that narrow sliver of your field of vision, it would be very silly of you to assume that there are merely one thousand people standing outside. If you can see that many people based just on a very small slice of the information you’d have access to if you were, say, standing on the roof, it would be safe to assume that there are a great many thousands more that you can’t see from your current perspective. How many thousands? You can’t see that either.

Pause and reflect on how much you know about the evils that your government has been guilty of. Maybe you’re just learning about this stuff, maybe you think you’re a hot shit conspiracy know-it-all, it doesn’t matter, because get this: however much you know, that’s just what you can see through the tiny crack in the door. Through the very small number of gaps in government secrecy where truth was able to shine through. No matter how much you think you know about the depravity of your government, it is necessarily dwarfed by what you don’t know.

This is why the US-centralized empire fights so hard to maintain government secrecy and shut down anything that is a threat to that secrecy. It’s because if we could see what’s really going on back there behind that veil of government opacity, it would blow our minds. And then they would never again be able to get us back under control.

Does grasping this self-evident truth mean harboring an intense suspicion of everything your government says and does? Most certainly. But the alternative is to live in a fantasy world. And an uncomfortable truth is always superior to a comfortable fantasy.


My answer to Ms Johnstone's article Pause A Moment And Think About How Many People AREN’T Whistleblowing.


First off what she has written about Bradley Manning, who I still believe was a courageous and brave young man, is true but again he is a tragic figure and a victim of MKULTRA programming, a clear and obvious example of this and one that is used as an AVATAR of fear for anyone such as Caitlin to pull out when they want to show that opposing the psychopaths in power will end badly such as for Bradley. Of course Caitlin did it to introduce her real point and she can not say some of the things I can, nor does she herself have the bigger picture. Thus Bradley is just another one of the CIA Avatars of the Empire of Lies rolled out and flogged for the world to see and for truthers and whistleblowers to be terrified by.

Another person she mentioned in her piece as though this would give it more credibility is William Blum who told me in a conversation before we conducted an interview that he did not believe 9/11 was an inside job, something he repeated many times. It was on this point that our paths largely split. I tried to convince him and may have done so, but unfortunately he died before I could find out. Was he preparing to expose 9/11 as well? He continued to support my work almost until his death so I can not say a bad word about him. Was he being careful? Probably. May he rest in peace. Now you know another little piece of the full story!

Intelligence Authorization Bill Criminalizes Whistleblowers and Reporters

Now if you can bear with me and go through some of the mental acrobatics necessary to classify the above piece as a disinformation op, a limited hangout or at minimum dishonest and irresponsible by reason of omission. Whether this was intentional or Caitlin is simply factually challenged is not important once this has gone out for the world to read. When I explain why the omissions are important it doesn't matter. Johnstone does almost as much damage to the truth as Julian Hawkins did but she does so for political purposes and omits fact which do not fir her message and her racist "Trumpian" opinions. She is not alone.

There are two facts that she has omitted that she could not have possibly not known, and such omissions which then produce disinformation are exactly what a limited hangout are. Like Hawkins failing to ever mention 9/11 or Israel Johnstone fails to mention that Bradley Manning received a Presidential pardon and that even more importantly he was turned over to the US Government by the WikiLeaks operation. What kind of journalist ignores such facts? A hack. A political opportunist. An operation... How can one ignore the thousands of other journalists, truthers, hackers, sources and whistleblowers wiped out by WikiLeaks and destroyed by the US Government. Johnstone is doing exactly what she admonishes us about. She is making conclusions and statements using only facts visible through a crack. Facts which she has chosen because they fit her message. Perhaps I am to interested in Truth and facts and for some reason I am "bad" because I call Bradley a man and not use the Clinton dedicated Chelsea. How can anyone ignore that Assange himself released a video of him calling Clinton to warn her about a leak and attempt to quickly shut down the hackers involved? One which apparently you will only find on JAR2 now.

These omissions would be egregious career ending mistakes for any investigative journalist and should be for any truther but Johnstone is a symptom of what is happening today and what was begun by Trump, who came in to clean up the 9/11 leaks once and for all. Truth for America and much of the world has now been politicized. Truth only applies when it fits an agenda. Truth only applies when it maintains the false notions of racist supremacy and the image of ones we want to promote.

Why doesn't Johnstone mention the hundreds or thousands assassinated or destroyed because of WikiLeaks? Because as you see by her promotion across the MOCKINGBIRD, Caitlin Johnstone is an Op. If she is not she can write to me and say so.

You can not have one truth while ignoring another Caitlin. Otherwise you are nothing but a liar.


Here is a truth for Caitlin. Still a must watch to understand the true nature of WikiLeaks although they do not touch facts about the entrapment operation.

Once Again Meet Samuel McCulloch the CIA Editor at Sputnik, Still in Russia, Still Walking Free

Here is another truth. A CIA "content editor" and what he forbids to be published on Russian media. Huge truth there. If you doubt the Russian media is under foreign control this is proof. If you say the government is controlling it then the obvious implication is that the government is under foreign control. This CIA Operative was brought in as a content editor from Ria-Novosti as the VOR was goining in strength and popularity worldwide. The VOR was the last voice of reason truth in the world. It was the last hope for the global peace movement and for 9/11 truth to finally get out. The son of a bitch below was responsible for getting all of my articles and journalistic work deleted and taken off the Russian media. But it is those who hired him and set up my son who are the real odious traitors to Russia and the Russian World.

I bravely fought against the revisionism of Nazism and the coup in Ukraine. These bastards sold out their country and their people and the millions who dies from the Nazi scourge. However I am still here and one by one they are going down.

Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices

The Result of All of My Brave Whistleblowing and Investigative Journalism

Finally there is the truth below for Johnstone. A fabricated imprisonment of the son of a real truther. No Russian media outlet will publish anything about what they have done to my family! Another truth.

The problem with these truths is that A, I am not white, and B, the clearly show the outrageous criminality of the CIA.

Don't believe a messenger who only delivers half of the message like Johnstone or another intel asset Barret Brown who works for the FBI and now the CIA through CIA Front the Intercept and whose apparent target now are the British elites not in line with the Rothschilds and their puppets Trump and Johnson.

Keep your eye on the ball and stay awake. Don't believe anyone allowed to "reveal" things on Twitter as well. When you deliver real truth you are destroyed that is true and the only reason I am still here is because I am in Russia, but they even mamanged to get my family here.

Remember Barret Brown calling me anti-Semitic for exposing Greenberg (SNowden)? It did not work. I told him I l am not anti-Semitic, I love Palestinians. And there you have the core truth of the day. Free Palestine!


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