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I Had a Dream but it is Dead: Pathocracy, Oligarchy, Genocide, Impunity and the Soul Killing Fascism of Mickey Mouse - Welcome to the New World Order

June 06, 2020


Pathocracy - A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people.
Oligarchy - A form of government in which power actually rests with a small number of wealthy and powerful people who stay in the shadows and control the government.

Semite - A member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews and Arabs. Arabs and Palestinians who are being eradicated and dislike Jews cannot be labeled “anti-Semitic” because they themselves are Semites. Ashkenazi and Khazari are in reality the anti-Semites as they are committing genocide on the Semite people of Palestine to steal land to which, in reality, they have no claim. Unlike Hebrew, Yiddish is not a Semitic language and was at one time the international language of Ashkenazic Jews in Slavic lands and in Khazaria, the Middle Age Khazar Empire.

Zionism - The genocidal movement to eliminate Palestine under the false claim of Eretz Israel as being the national homeland of the “Jews”. Zionists can be Christians, Muslims, Satanists and worshippers of Moloch as were the ancient Khazars who were pagans, it does not matter, all that matters is the support of the genocide of the Palestinians.

The New World Order - An emerging clandestine totalitarian world government run by Zionists, Western Imperialists, Oligarchs and associated Corporations and bodies, many of them attempting to remain secret and operating in the shadows.

Global MOCKINGBIRD, CIA/NATO/HASBARA MOCKINGBIRD – The original MOCKINGBIRD was the establishment in the USA of a complete network of media control under which CIA and Government approved narratives were repeated endlessly all over the media space in a Goebbels/Ministry of Truth fashion. With HASBARA Zionist fabrications and NATO narrative under the global Zionist ownership of almost all media, the MOCKINGBIRD I often label as the CIA/NATO/HASABARA/MOCKINGBIRD

Fifth Column - A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack. 5th columns are in effect committing treason against their own countries or countries which trust them and are historically hard to eradicate once embedded as we have seen in Russia, China, Serbia, Venezuela and everywhere else the USA meddles.

911 – A State Sponsored terrorist and mass-murder event carried out by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/JSOC/DARPA Specialists using illegal Directed Energy Weapons in a controlled demolition of SEVEN World Trade Center buildings and a missile strike on the Pentagon to eradicate an investigation into missing Pentagon trillions. 911 was thought up by ZIonst NeoCons to allow for the waging of a World War of eradication of Arabs, the aggressive illegal expansion of NATO under the false MOCKINGBIRD repeated label of a “War on Terror” and the final bringing about of the 4th Reich or the New World Order (whatever label you prefer).

REX84 – The Orwellian “Continuity of Government” plan by the USA’s Deep State lunatics to arrest and detain hundreds of millions of Americans in FEMA Concentration Camps. These camps have long ago been built and are capable of holding millions across the USA and in particular Alaska. REX84 calls for labelling detainees and eliminating those tagged Red, “re-educating” those tagged Blue and releasing those tagged Green.
Conspiracy Theory – A label created by the CIA to discredit anyone who was investigating the JFK assassination by the CIA and now used to label anyone exposing the crimes of those “in power”.

June 06, 2020 - JAR2 is 17 Years Old

It should be more than obvious and completely crystal clear now the real reasons that the pathological “Empire of Evil”, now completely run by the psychotic New World Order Cabal, took complete control of the world’s media and why we warned you over and over again of the dangers that were real and present in allowing, in particular, the monopolized control of information and globally digested media. If it is not clear yet for you dear reader, perhaps by chance you have had the good fortune to live isolated from all media since September 11th 2001, which is probably not likely.

Through the manipulation of information “they” want you under complete control in a MATRIX like alternate reality with everything you believe (as clearly stated by the CIA creators of the MOCKINGBIRD) being a complete lie. With this complete control they believe that they can do anything with impunity as the MOCKINGBIRD serves to not only fabricate consent and compliance but to cover up and obfuscate any crime they commit. This information tyranny paired with “ownership” of every international institution of legal power allows “them” to operate with complete and total impunity as we have all clearly witnessed.

With the liquidation of the last effective independent voice in the world, namely the Voice of Russia World Service, the Western Military Industrial Intelligence Complex has managed to attain Full Spectrum Dominance over almost all of the information that we as the human race digest in order to formulate and coalesce our world views and allow them to operate with complete and total impunity. Amazingly almost nobody sees this and since they control all platforms, those who do have little or no chance of actually getting the message to the masses. That is the state at which we are today.

Having worked in the media on and off most of my life I still remember when the role of the media was to serve as a check and balance to governments, states and corporations, and height of journalism was exposing injustice and the crimes of those with power. Those ideals are long dead and almost completely forgotten along with the real champions of truth and justice by today’s youth. Today phony corporate or state media and news outlets now serve as manipulative Psychological Operations Interfaces while covering up the heinous crimes of pathological “elites” and “states” as they parrot each other in a Global MOCKINGBIRD, pushing self-serving nauseating agendas and covering up truth which would bring their house of cards down. Today’s global MOCKINGBIRD media is far worse than anything that George Orwell could have ever imagined and far more dangerous and the peoples of the world are starving for truth and for the justice that they know must exist somewhere but can not find.

Those of us who remember might be asking what happened to the dream of a world of justice, peace, prosperity and love that we wanted to leave for our children? The answer is simple, the CIA, NATO and Zionist Globalist MOCKINGBIRD run by insatiable pathological “elites”, such as ex-Nazi collaborator George Soros, happened.

After the Soros/DIEBOLD Machine stolen election of 2000, 911 was carried out, then the launching of endless illegal undeclared aggressive wars waged against the world, the destruction of countries and all of the endless Crimes Against Humanity that have occurred since. The architects and criminals of the Globalist Cabal then began to take over all of the global media in order to cover up everything they are doing and control and silence any individual who threatens to expose their endless crimes. They have been allowed to amass power and take control of all sources and channels of information and destroy every single person and body that they view as a threat. This is why MI6/Rothschild created WikiLeaks, the CIA/Rockefeller created Snowden and the VOR was destroyed from within. Controlling information gives them impunity and because of the impunity you have given them, we have reached the point where we are today; on the verge of the eradication of 7 billion humans beings.

The current topics of the day that the Global/MOCKINGBIRD are pushing and twisting for their own purposes are the horrendous Biological Warfare Coronavirus and the riots across the USA which are being stoked and manipulated to further a racist REX84 agenda. So why am I writing about the media and the way it is controlled and being used to brainwash the masses and force consent? Because the media has become a monstrosity in its collusion with War Criminals and the Pathocracy, pushing the agendas and views of 1% of the population onto the entire planet and it must be stopped, and because in these two event timelines the manipulation has never been clearer or more apparent.

I believe that no sane critical thinking person not under the influence of the Kool-Aid can deny the role that the US/Global/MOCKINGBIRD media has played in spreading panic and mayhem both with the Coronavirus and now with the extra-judicial cold-blooded assassination of George Floyd, nor can it be denied that they have intentionally “missed the point” on both counts.

With the Coronavirus the criminally-negligent-accessory-to-mass-murder-and-genocide that is the Western MSM/MOCKINGBIRD has completely and totally ignored the facts, non-reported critically important findings and used the fabricated Pandemic as a tool to push other agendas for the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex of USA/NATO and the pathological elites standing ever so close in the diminishing shadows.

With the Floyd assassination we have seen that although almost every day there are extrajudicial executions carried out all over America by police with an average of approximately 100 a month every month for at least the last 5 years, it was at this juncture that the media decided to pay attention and began actually covering one of these horrendous events. Given the rate that it spread across the MOCKINGBIRD this would point to a carefully orchestrated operation, one that was desperately needed as Zionist in Chief Drumpf and the global MOCKINGBIRD, failed miserably to convince the world that the Biological Weapon developed by DARPA at Fort Detrick, then transferred to Wuhan through Canada and delivered and spread to the population by the US Military in China, is an illegally weaponized Coronavirus developed by the Chinese who, of course, must “pay the price.” Drumpf the supremacist lunatic even called his own Fort Detrick created Covid-19 an attack by China, but it failed. Given that the Coronavirus has infected and decimated the USA population more than any other country one could draw the conclusion that given the fact that Gates and Fauci and their DARPA Bio-Weapon would have had an antidote developed at the same time, the fatalities have simply been allowed to take place and in fact are part of their plan to “Make America White Again” and continue the Clintonite Globalist New World Order plans. Don’t be fooled, Drumpf for all his pompous vitriol is just window dressing for the NeoCon Deep State that took power in 2000, just ask Adelson.

The fact that the Western and global media have simply become a worldwide CIA/MOCKINGBIRD and is in collusion and under the complete control of the MIIC, and the sad fact that investigative and in fact all journalism is now dead can be in no way more underlined by the complete lack of real coverage and analysis as to why there are so many deaths from CV-19 in the USA. The cover-up, demonize and obfuscate operation that the MOCKINGBIRD is engaged in, instead prefers to present fake news and phony facts saying Russia is undercounting CV-19 deaths and operates as if there is some sick-and-twisted competition going on as to who has the most fatalities. This is even visible in the Russian media. Nowhere will you see reports blaming the USA’s over-priced, for-profit, pay-or-die corporate medical system which is inaccessible to a majority of the population which is in reality to blame for the high death count.

Decimating and covertly eliminating the poor and uninsured working masses living paycheck to paycheck is banal in its obviousness and understandable as it is the poor and the “Lowlifes and Losers” (minorities) that Drumpf and the racist elites hope to eliminate in their sick-and-twisted racist plan to Make America White Again. America was never white and it was never great. It was only white in the Hollywood created fake reality it presents the world and in that those in power and those with money belong to the white race. Everyone else are simply slaves in their fascist, apartheid genocide based system. Thus with regard to the media, it is clear that a country hiding the fact that it was based on genocide and built by slaves, with a fascist Corporatocracy for a government, without a doubt needs a MOCKINGBIRD and complete control or “Full Spectrum Dominance” over information to keep the pathological mass-murdering psychopaths and elites in power and more importantly in money.

Given the divisiveness and the absolute destruction of the USA and its people that Drumpf is guilty of one might rightly also come to the conclusion that Drumpf (the first Jewish-100% Zionist-Israel-First-President) is using a divide and conquer strategy to destroy the USA using a Machiavellian Hegelian Dialectic twisted and obfuscated by HASBARA “thinkers” for MOSSAD and Israel. Once the Zionists achieve their Satanic Moloch worshipping Eratz Israel, they will no longer need the USA or its useless minions, and as we are seeing today, will transfer their “economic” financial-rape operations to China or elsewhere. Such a plan was stated by Mileikowski (Netanyahu) himself and if you ignore the distractors that is exactly what is happening.

They will keep coming at me and telling me to “shut up” but the facts are the facts and there can no longer be any denial as to the complete and total lack of any international actions, legal findings, sanctions or anything else against the United States or the Zionist Entity for almost 20 years (at least) of illegal Aggressive War, violations of sovereignty, fomenting unrest, overthrowing governments, engaging in wanton extra-judicial executions by drone, mass-surveillance, interfering in elections worldwide, assassinating leaders, diplomats, journalists, whistleblowers and anyone they deem an enemy, sponsoring terrorism, funding and arming neo-nazi and terrorist groups, illegally detaining and torturing people without trial or redress, engaging in unilateral economic sanctions and outright theft of “foreign” property and wealth even diplomatic properties, subverting the world’s media, engaging in military grade psychological operations against innocent civilian populations, assassinating journalists, creating False Flag Terror events, committing cultural and physical genocide, openly attempting to install puppet governments, engaging in institutionalized racism both at home and abroad, engaging in heroin and other narcotics trafficking, engaging in human and child trafficking and organ harvesting, and that is by far not all, the list goes on and on.

During the past few months alone we have seen, presented and reported evidence on: illegal Biological Weapons experiments and development in third countries by the USA, attempts at installing puppet presidents who were not even on the presidential ballots in two countries (Russia and Venezuela), the outrageous and brazen assassination of General Soleimani who was successfully defeating ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service), continued wars of aggression worldwide along with the brazen continuation of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq along with military occupations and proxy wars being waged at this very moment in over 134 countries, the continued illegal annexation and genocide in Palestine with the MIIC Internet controller Google even erasing Palestine from the map, evidence that the Coronavirus was manufactured at Fort Detrick, vaccine genocide being carried out by Bill Gates, the placing itself outside of the law by leaving all international treaties by the USA and now violently suppressed demonstrations exploding all over the USA. All of this under the watchful eye and control of the MOCKINGBIRD which obfuscates, distracts, ignores and is in complete collusion with the MIIC at every turn. Not surprisingly there have been no UN Resolutions, no ICC Investigations, no massive outcries, no investigations and no worldwide protests against the monstrosity that is the USA around the world (until now). What may be worse than nothing being done is that the MIIC complaint global MOCKINGBIRD that passes for media, has not even allowed for such just and appropriate measures against the USA to be discussed.

The fake global CIA/NATO/HASBARA/MOCKINGBIRD instead is attempting to push through their own agendas for the Soros/Rothschild/Murdoch media owners, the Zionist Entity and the MIIC. These agendas most notably include: the global warming trillion dollar scam through which the Globalist Satanic Elites wanted to terrorize all of the countries of the world into giving them a trillion dollars each in order to “save them”; the endless global expansion of the North Atlantic (NATO) and Gates’ now infamous global vaccine scam under which the Satanic Globalists plan to chip the human race like animals and use vaccines, which in the words of Bill Gates himself, will “reduce the population”. This is yet another scam (so big that you are not supposed to see it) as population reduction is not necessary and if it were there is truly no need to commit genocide on 7 or 8 billion people as the elites want. The population could be reduced by billions in one or two generations by simply controlling birth rates. The problem is that the Satanic Global “elites” simply do not want to share the wealth and some say they obtain “power” by sacrificing humans to Moloch. Rothschild himself could buy every person on the planet a house, a car and keep them employed and fed for the rest of their lives and still have more money than he could ever spend but this will never be done. (Instead he keeps a seat for Satan at his dinner table too stupid to realize that Satan does not exist except in his own evil persona but that is another story.) The solution the “elites” want is to simply kill off those who they deem are not “profitable”. Unfortunately this is also a trend we have seen in Russia, the former home of the empowered Proletariat.

Other agendas being pushed by the Western MIIC include the global military 5G grid with they hope to install worldwide and which will become the Global SKYNET (of Terminator fame), the continued eradication of the Palestinian people and other Indigenous populations, the false claim to ownership of space, the moon and in fact the entire universe by childish lunatics playing Star Wars inspired Space Forces and the infantile Drumpf who “leads” them, this despite the fact that the USA has never even been to the moon, the N W O Satanic LGBTQPBND trans-Humanist Agenda, RFID chipping, global surveillance, GMOs, seed patenting and ownership of the global food supply, REX84, NATO’s 5% GDP Protection Racket expansion scam and so much more! Things we have already written about and warned the world about for years now. And if they get away with all that they will then charge you for the air you breathe and the water you drink and if you can not pay to live in their HELL WORLD you will just die. End of Story.

The USA/NATO’s Dream of a 4th Reich in which those who are left live in boxes called micro-apartments, are brainwashed and kept in line with fake news and mind killing Mickey Mouse tripe and continue to bow to an American master for a dream that they will never have and in fact never existed, is just a couple of mass-casualty events away as the “Hybrid” World War III rolls on. With all of the accumulated evil and the endless crimes of the USA/NATO and the absolute destabilizing and clear and present threat it poses to the entire human race I will once again repeat the only logical solution. It must be liquidated, stopped and dismantled starting with the Nazi created CIA, and all of the component parts spread across an expanse so great that it will never reform. We stopped the TPP, the Yeltsin era liquidation of the Russian Federation, the outright extermination of millions in Donbass and Crimea and for the sake of ALL humanity and the world we must stop the out of control USA/NATO/MIIC and the Zionist entity which are bent on Global Domination at ANY cost.

As we celebrate our 17th year on-line we once again offer a simple solution: Expose 911.

May God, Allah and the Great Spirit protect you all!

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