Alethia and Anomie - By John Robles


Alethia and Anomie - Media Brainwashing to Force Manufactured Consent and Apathy

For the real journalist, writer, analyst, investigator, intelligence affiliate and critical thinker it is must be completely and totally obvious that we live in a world of fabricated lies wrapped within lies being created right in front of our noses by the most murderous, ignorant, pathological, psychotic liars history has ever known and ones who are hell bent and in real time destroying the very reality of the human race and what makes us in fact the noble creations we are and are arrogantly doing so right before our eyes.

Alethia: a Greek word variously translated as "unclosedness", "unconcealedness", "disclosure" or "truth". The literal meaning of the word ἀ–λήθεια is "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident." It also means factuality or reality.[1] It is the opposite of lethe, which literally means "oblivion", "forgetfulness", or "concealment".[2] According to Pindar's Olympian Ode,[3] she is the daughter of Zeus, while Aesop in his Fables[4] said that she was crafted by Prometheus.

Agents of Satan – The Illuminati
The most astounding thing is that we know exactly who “they” are and for those of us who are awake we see them every day flaunting what they are doing right before our eyes. At the risk bringing up pictures of theological evils and esoteric demons unpinned from reality and floating in the ether and naming them “Agents of Satan”, I do so anyway because those are the closest words I can find that characterize correctly what they are. By using the word Illuminati I also risk calling up the preprogrammed reaction of 90% of the population and the subliminal switch which will turn off their belief in anything that is written here, but I must do so because that is the truth. They interface with society and the world through groups they have subtly infiltrated and manipulate and control and they are everywhere and in everything that matters.

You know “them” as neo-liberals, globalists, the New World Order, neo-fascists of every kind, the world Jewry, the Zionist, Fascist and Nazi Internationales, banksters and even the CIA and MOSSAD which have been taken over. “They” are the developed and refined result of thousands of years of conspiracy and subterfuge and what we see today is the coming out of these Masonic-Illuminati worshippers of Lucifer who were organized into a tightly knit secret society, which then infiltrated all of the worlds secret societies into the monolith that John Kennedy warned us about in his historic speech, and in so doing allowed them to facilitate the ongoing genocide of my people and many others and the taking over of governments and control of populations in order to take over of the world.

The Jews – The Cover and the Big Lie of Persecution
Just those two words written by a non-Jew are enough in some places to get one arrested and anywhere in the world they are enough to immediately switch on the filters programmed into everyone’s minds by “them”, but since the so called “Jews” have allowed themselves to be hijacked believing the Illuminati will deliver them their promised land, the word must be used. This requires volumes and volumes to properly address but let us look at the big picture for one moment without the minutiae.
It is a historical fact, even going back to biblical times, that the Jew has been characterized as a poor persecuted and untouchable entity, these lies promoting by Jews themselves and then by those who have used the Jewry to hide behind. It is a fact that Hitler, Herzl, Rothschild and all of these Luciferian demonic thinkers have purposefully promoted and created a persecuted and untouchable Jewry so that they can have what they covet most and that is impunity. Impunity to kill slaughter, manipulate and control at will.

The world has been so programmed and conditioned to believe in their impunity and persecution where in almost any country it is even forbidden or taboo to even say the word “Jew” without facing backlash that they have achieved what no other grouping has ever been able to achieve, impunity. But the word “Jew” is in fact a lie as is everything else associated with them and which is easy to discover once one starts digging. Jews as a race are dark skinned Semitic people that were only classified as “Jew” because of their language known as Hebrew. Even Yiddish be connected to “Jews” is a fake as it is the language of the Khazars and they must be mentioned because it is the Khazars and the Ashkenazim who have in fact hijacked the classification “Jew”. Being as they were a pagan people then it is not surprising that they are Luciferian Satanists and once this fact is understood the rest makes more sense.

I used the words “cover of persecution” because that is the easiest of the big lies to unmask. One has to simply consider a few facts to uncover the big Lie of Persecution. How can a group that controls international banking and almost all of the world’s central banks, most governments, intelligence agencies, the global media, now the Internet, the world religions through subterfuge, and as I said earlier, everything else that matters, “PERSECUTED”?! They even have their impunity codified in the laws of over a hundred countries! Clearly this “persecution” is a lie!

Lies, Lies and More Lies
The lies are incredible and my research has shown that even the word Semitic when applied to these “Jews” is a lie. The word Semitic in reality applies to the Semite people who are the natives of Palestine and against whom the fake European “Jews” are currently committing genocide against, but that is by far not all. Even the Holocaust, though not a lie in itself, was a fabricated mass killing to allow for the invasion and annexation of Palestine by the British Empire operating in secret for the Black Nobility in Rome. The real numbers from the Red Cross of approximately 278,000 killed pales in comparison to even the number of Yugoslavs killed and does not even begin to come close to the number of Russians killed against who I believe the whole “endeavor” called World War II was directed.

The claim on Palestine is a lie given by one British Lord to another in a three sentence declaration. This and the establishment of a New World Order are the biggest of the lies and the reasons for all of the other lies. The destruction of Germany and even calling the National Socialists Nazis is a lie, they never called themselves thus, not that I will ever defend fascists or nazi scum, but it is important to know how even this group was manipulated with a label for closely related to the word Ashke”Nazi” which is who is truly behind the mass slaughters.

The lies are so many that I cannot of course go into them here in an “article” but let’s look at a few more. The Anne Frank diaries, a certified lie, the Jewish connection to the Americas and even their specific impunity granted in original US laws, a lie, the profiting from slavery and involvement in the slave trade of even the Slavic people was covered up with lies, their self-proclaimed “God’s chosen” status is a lie, and finally as it is associated with my direct experience of working with them in almost their natural environment, is the lie that they are somehow more intelligent of better organized and superior thinkers to the rest of humanity. They are not. My direct experience working with almost 200 of them in the media showed a group of masterful liars and manipulators ready to steal and associate themselves with anything and everything, and in fact steal, if it is to their advantage and certain in their own superiority and impunity and the stupidity of you and I, the lowly and unworthy “Goy” which includes all races other than those of European Khazari-Ashenazi descent. Their genocide on Semites in Palestine even shows that it is they who are the true anti-Semites and the anti-Semitic label is another of the million facts they have hijacked.  
We Are All Equal
I believe any thinking intelligent person will agree in the thesis that all humans are created equal and that our differences are programmed into us by our environments and the surroundings we are born into and forced to live within.

The question of God is another that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time and is always a contentious one and as presented by the manipulated Roman bibles one that is not even believed by many theologians who have served the churches of mankind, but we, intelligent critical thinkers can not, no matter what are political or sociological belief systems are escape the fact that there is no doubt an unfathomable superior power at work in our reality and on the human race as a whole.

For me the closest manifestations to piety before God is found in the Russian Orthodox faith and in the teaching of the American Indians and their respect for the Great Spirit and the Buddhist and eastern beliefs in Karma, but this is a very personal belief system and when I as a believer in quantum mechanics and parallel universes theory tie all that together, my beliefs become too complex to describe to the casual reader and not something I wish to go into as this has no bearing on the matter at hand other than to say that my belief system in no way allows for “Redemption Through Sin”, pedophilia, bestiality or any of the other 14 core perversions that the New World Order wants to normalize.

It is not a question of God or belief in a superior power that has to tell you that sexual relations, which are meant for the propagation of the species, between an adult and a child or an animal or someone of the same sex is an abomination, a perversion and a crime, but merely normal standard intelligence, basic logic and elementary morality.

If your desire is to put your sexual organ into a child or animal or drink blood or semen as a way to “get off” you need to seek qualified psychological counseling and not the support of a “religion” or worship of Satan or the like-minded thinkers of a “secret society”.
The Media
To detail all of the instruments they use to control the global populace and install their New World Order and to properly address in full the single topic of control of the media to dumb down the population and create ”Manufactured Consent” are subjects that require the writing of many books and volumes, however they are urgent topics that need to be realistically and honestly addressed for the layman and the man on the street to understand why everything around them has seemed to have gone crazy.

The creation of Manufactured Consent is exactly what they are doing and using the media and the Internet to do it: consent for endless genocidal wars, consent to make you debt slaves, consent to take away, to rape and even to sacrifice your children, consent to allow for the open worship of Satan, consent to place the demons doing all of this in the position of “elites” and as some master race and consent to allow for all of the other aspects of what these sick monsters call the New World Order to be implemented and accepted as normal.

In addressing the subject of media and in this case global media I must mention the subject of the horrendous false-flag-endless-war-catalyst-psychological-mass-murder-operation called 911 carried out by Zionist-Illuminati lunatics, because it was my research and endless work trying to expose those behind 911 and in reality fighting the “real terrorists” for which I should have received awards and commendations but for which I received the destruction of my life, career, family, the imprisonment of my son and the liquidation of the global Voice of Russia by the Russian/CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/Illuminati New World Order Globalist Neo-Liberal “Jewish” scum, that exposed the tentacles of the global octopus of “Jewish” global media control and their direct involvement in 911.

Given their impunity in liquidating the official state broadcaster of the Russian Government and the Russian World they have continued with the utmost arrogance and have become so obvious that even the most dumbed down members of the population are beginning to see something is wrong and now they have started targeting children as we have seen by attempts to install Satan worship in Russian schools and the clear usage of children and school age youth by Skull and Bones Illuminati scum like Russia’s Alexey Navalny in “opposition” rallies.

The latest attempt by the Jewish controlled media to put forward an Israeli citizen and prostitute-like-whore who they call a “journalist” (but who has not written one article in her life that I have seen) as a contender for the office of President of the Russian Federation should have people in the streets protesting these media outlets. She herself puts out pictures of herself having sex and in all kinds of intimate poses and the like as if she is somehow attractive with her horse like features and the dumbed down populace is supposed to buy it. By doing so this is an attack by the Jewish media on the Office of President of the Russian Federation. It is a good thing I am not the director of any state security body because I would have all of these scum arrested for treason which is in fact what they are guilty of in their attempts to sow discontent manufacture color revolutions and delegitimize the wonderful and powerful president that Russia has been gifted with.

People my age remember the media campaigns before the collapse of the Soviet Union by the “Jews” and the Globalist filth, the endless gulags and repressions that were talked about to get people to willingly give up free homes and education and medical care for the lie of capitalism and democracy and it worked and they are doing the same thing today. For almost all of the Jews, and this is a fact, their loyalties are never with their host country but with the false construct of Israel, it is therefore for this reason, as we saw with 911 and as we see in Russia every day, that any Jew with dual Israeli Citizenship should NEVER be allowed into a media position or a position in intelligence, the military, banking or government or education or policy or any other area where they could undermine the sovereign interests of their host countries.
The media is not only working to foster Manufactured Consent but by its endless stories of war crimes that are never punished, pedophilia that is never prosecuted, subversions and treason that are never gone after, war crimes and false flag terrorism that is never properly prosecuted 911 evidence of collusion that is constantly ignored, violations of the Geneva Conventions on torture and aggressive war that are ignored  and high crimes and treason by officials from Bush to Clinton that everyone knows happened but that no one is ever prosecuted for lead to what is called Anomie.

Anomie is, according to a post by US Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party), the deep alienation experienced by most humans, the loss of self-esteem and hope, which has led to a collective state of anomie. Anomie is a psychological imbalance that leads to prolonged despair, lethargy and yearnings for self-annihilation. It is caused by a collapse of societal norms, ideals, values and standards. It is, in short, a loss of faith in the structures and beliefs that define a functioning society. The result is an obliteration of purpose and direction.

For Russia (and this article must be translated) the media have been hammering away at the Russian psyche since the 90s. First it was the importation of fake “reality” TV shows, then the imitation of every piece of American media garbage that had no relation with life in Russia such as “Married with Children” and starting in 2014 after the failure of Michael McFaul to create a color revolution in Russia, the nazi coup in Ukraine and the endless legitimization and Manufactured Consent (a term brought into usage by CIA asset and crypto Zionist Noam Chomsky) of a nazi junta committing fratricide for their Western Illuminati masters are all perfect examples of what the “Jewish” media is doing here in Russia! Why do they get away with it? Because it is useful for the Oligarchs and those in power who do not have real programs for the people but can only ignorantly rule by fear and the dumbing down of the population.

The definition of Anomie is: a "condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals".[1] It is the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community, e.g., under unruly scenarios resulting in fragmentation of social identity and rejection of self-regulatory values.

Why is this necessary for the New World Order, because a fragmented, dumbed down, disillusioned, weak and hopeless populace is easy to manipulate and when you are aiming to destroy countries and cultures and peoples this is one of the instruments of choice.

Conspiracy Realist
I am mad as hell and I will be writing more on the media and the insanity that they are involved in during the coming year if you support me and support my work.

Bless You All


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