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Analysis Under COnstruction
Ukraine CIA/NATO Supreme Crime in Europe 
02-22-2015 John Robles and CYBERBERKUT PEACE PLAN: Obama Authorizes Another $Millions in US Taxpayer Money to Continue Killing Women and Children in Ukraine   
Dear American Taxpayers, Your unelected leaders are committing genocide in order to attack and weaken Russian influence and in the end to allow them to wage a war to destroy Russia. This has nothing to do with security or US interests. It is simply imperialism at its ugliest. You are paying for the killing of innocent...

The insanity of the situation in Ukraine is unbelievable. You have nazis brought to power by a US orchestrated coup. A president who would not have even been elected to mayor of Kiev running a country which is killing its own people at the behest of the US and on and on and on. No matter how much the US pours in there it can not last much longer.

02-20-2014 By Joseph Zrnchik More Nazi Propaganda From Bloomberg for JAR2 More Nazi Propaganda From Bloomberg 

After months of the entire Ukrainian military slaughtering unarmed pro-Russian separatists and attacking peaceful villages whereupon with a land mass the people organized a state, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), and a legal and organized defense force which, unlike the Ukraine military, follows the rules of land warfare Bloomberg finally decides to .....By John Robles II 
WWIII and the Destruction of Russia Secret Motivations, Secret Armies and Secret Goals

Honest and open people may have difficulty in understanding closed and secret societies and the nefarious actions that they carry out. For some to do so carries the uncomfortable risk of spiraling down into caverns of madness and the shattering of the comfortable illusions we may have as to the reality around us....

07-28-2014 CIA Committing Genocide on Russians CIA Kills Over 250 Civilians and Downs Second Malaysian Flight as a Pretext for War by John Robles II
Flight MH17 a False Flag War Pretext
The US/CIA/EU/NATO/, their usual black operations allies and all of their Ukrainian Nazis, SBU double agents and other paid operatives are doing everything they can to start a war with the Russian Federation. For those who want to dismiss this fact and all of the events in Ukraine as a conspiracy “theory” it should be made crystal clear. This is not a conspiracy “theory” but a clear and orchestrated in-your-face conspiracy. There is enough factual evidence in the public domain to make this fact crystal clear to anyone who bothers to look.

07-13-2014 Number or Russian Criminal Cases Against Kiev's Punitive Fascist Forces Increases  

JAR2 Calling for Sanctions Against U.S. By John Robles For the US Orchestrated Blatantly Illegal Armed Coup of Aother Country

With the bloodshed in what was Ukraine already in its second year it is time for the countries of the world to unite and for Russia to take the lead and put an end to the genocide that is being wrought on the people of the Donbass and Novorossiya for attempting to exercise their right to self-determination. The people of the Crimea exercised that right and finally reunified with Russia. Now Russia is being punished by those responsible for the upheavals in what was Ukraine....

07-09-2014 By John Robles  Monstrosity: Washington Justifies Airstrikes on Civilians in Eastern Ukraine  
There is almost no attention being paid to the humanitarian catastrophe that is occurring in Ukraine in the western media. On a daily basis the issue is ignored, downplayed, obfuscated or denied by officials, organizations and the media. Those who are bombing their own citizens into oblivion continue to act with malfeasance and complete impunity as they carry out their war crimes and their merciless punitive operation against their own civilians. Kiev authorities continue to act with complete disregard for any law whatsoever as they kill women and children and conduct air strikes on civilians, while those sitting comfortably in their plush offices across the Atlantic continue to support Kiev and not a dissenting word is heard. Even after the now infamous US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki stated that Kiev has the right to conduct airstrikes on civilians, using the logic of territorial integrity and national unity, not a single word of protest was voiced. Is it now official US policy to bomb civilians? Or is it okay only if it is done by a coup government that they have installed?   Ukrainian crisis is a blatant open subversion of a state by the US, installation... 

07-06-2014 By John Robles II  Kiev "Declares" War on Russia  
The dangerous bellicose rhetoric and saber rattling declarations by the Kiev authorities continue to reach newer and higher levels with the new minister of defense wasting no time to issue yet another wild and dangerous statement. During his confirmation hearing to the post of defense minister in front of the Ukrainian post-coup parliament Valeriy Heletey boldly declared that there would be "… a victory parade in Ukraine's Sevastopol." Such a statement, for all intents and purposes, might be seen as being tantamount to a declaration of war against Russia. Given that Crimea is part of Russia, as is Sevastopol, which has a special federal status, such a statement by the leader of the armed forces of Ukraine can in no way be taken lightly. The implication that somehow the Ukrainian army will in the future be in a position to hold a Victory Day parade on Russian soil, something that could only take place after the military defeat of Russia, is a direct promise of war against Russia. Reactions Official Moscow has for the most part ignored the ridiculous delusional statement. However, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin did state on social media that...
9-11 Blown Wide Open: TESLA Report

03-13-2015 A Comprehensive Fact-Based Report Proving 9-11 was an Inside Job by Zionist/Nazi Ideologues who Took Over the US Government

Report By Barbara Honeggar MS and hostd and distributed for her and the TESLA Society by JAR2 - TESLA Report ZIPPED       

Finally a report that details and explains the events that occurred on 9-11 and methodically and factually tears the entire "official version" to shreds. By taking apart the most clearly egregious and most easily discounted event, the Pentagon attack, the authors of this 300+ page report make it clear to even the most staunch supporter of the "official" fallacy that the "official" version of the events that occurred on 9-11 is a complete cover up and a sham. This reports goes further and names the perpetrators of the events and makes it clear that as I have been saying from the beginning 9-11 was an inside job by ZIonist Nazi ideologues bent on global domination by force. PNAC, the NEOCONS and all of the people we suspected are involved in the plot. Their attempted domination of the world by force has continued since that day and recent events in Ukraine and elswhere are just a continuation. If you want to understand what is really going on in the world and who is behind it you must read this report. It explains even the taking over of the Russian media by Zionists and defines the persecution I have been through. 9-11 was an inside job carried out by the US Black Operations Community including JSOC, DIA and CIA at the top levels under the direction of Dick Cheney. It was carried out with the assistance funding and support of Israel, Saudi Arabia and their intelligence agencies, including MOSSAD and Suadi intelligence led by Bandar Bush. It is time we stopped being afraid and putthese mass-murdering monsters into the eternal rooms with no windows or doors where they belong.

9-11/PNAC: CIA/MOSSAD/Saudi Inside Job

09-29-20144 Revelations by Protected Source  Project Gnome is the litmus test for nukes on 9-11Project Gnome is the litmus test for nukes on 9-11

Because Project gnome was unique in purpose, and was done for the purpose of trapping a nuclear explosion underground to harvest the heat from it for generation of electricity, AND because Project Gnome was a detonation of a known size that actually hit it's calculated potential, AND because the cavern created by project Gnome was entered afterwards for analysis, Project gnome stands by itself as the lone reference to the size of the nukes used on 911..


09-11-201409-11-2014 9-11, US global domination, NATO and full spectrum dominance 

In order to fully understand, or even to simply begin to attain a limited understanding of, the events that are taking place in the world today, one must dig back to the days before the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, although that may not be far enough, especially when one begins to uncover the ties between the CIA and the Bush family....

Atrocites Committed Against Puerto Rico 
By Jose L Vega Santiago Atrocites Committed Against Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a small island with a population of almost four million citizens. On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish American War, United States invaded Puerto Rico and commenced a long relationship between the two. With this list, I’ll try to underline eight atrocities committed by the United States in Puerto Rico.
CIA Renditions Using Front Company Vista Jet 
08-02-2014 Highly Illegal CIA/SS Rendition of Russian Citizen from 3rd Country  Report on the case of Roman Seleznev after phone conversation with Ely Goldin
After a long conversation with Ely Goldin I wrote up this report. Roman Seleznev, renditioned from the Maldives to Guam by US agents, will most likely be sent to the United States to face charges of cyber fraud in a case that has dangerous implications in that the impunity with which the US kidnaps suspects of any country anywhere in the world will be allowed to stand. The fact that the hearing determining whether the US acted within the law in kidnapping Mr. Seleznev was held in a US Court raises serious questions as to the impartiality of the decisions, again underlining the double-standards which seem to be the foundation of US foreign policy and it actions with regard to international law.

07-13-2014 CIA Front Vista Jet Exposed  Roman Seleznev Kidnapped by US Agents, Whisked Away by Vista Jet CIA Rendition Flight  
CIA flight exposed As with all CIA rendition operations the devil is in the details, and although the CIA always attempts to keep their infrastructure secret there are always clues left behind that an alert investigator can use to cross the "T"s and dot the "I"s, the rendition of Mr. Seleznev being no exception. Mr. Seleznev was supposed to have taken TransAero flight UN 510 departing from Male International Airport in the Maldives at 11:55 to Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport but was never allowed to board that flight. According to flight tracking information after his quick detention and questioning Mr. Seleznev was whisked away on a Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft owned by VISTA JET with flight number Vistajet 510. According to flight information the scheduled departure time was 11:00 local time but for some reason it was delayed and departed 19 minutes later. This delay was no doubt due to the unpredictable nature of the rendition, though it shows that the CIA expected the procedure to take much less time. The time also coincides with the fact that Roman would have arrived on the airport earlier to register for the flight and although his hotel could not be reached I would assume that the CIA already knew in advance when Roman would arrive by taxi to the airport. Vista Jet flight VJT510 arrived in Guam at 02:33, four minutes ahead of schedule.
MH-17: CIA/SBU/NATO Slaughter More Civilians
12-23-2014 By John Robles II from Komsomolskaya Pravda MH-17 Shot Down by Ukraine: a failed assassination attempt on President Putin? Pilot: "It was the wrong plane!"
Malaysian Flight MH-17 Mystery Solved, aircraft was shot down by Ukraine   
TRUTH: MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH17 WAS A BLACK OPERATION CARRIED OUT BY CIA/SBU Witnesses at the scene minutes after  the crash described bloodless bodies which looked as if they had been in a morgue and fresh passports that had just been printed. Note: Earlier witness statements about embalmed bodies at the scene, the fact that the Malaysian aircraft was routed directly into the conflict zone and the proximity of President Vladimir Putin's aircraft are not discounted by the latest revelations. Nor are reports of the BUK missile battery that was missing missiles and is involved in the tragedy. It is possible the aircraft was targeted from two different sources by the CIA and the SBU to ensure that the operation was pulled off and their pretext for war against Russia was established. It is also possible the other two SU-25s were shot down by Ukraine in order to silence the pilots who were witnesses. The fact that the shooter repeated "wrong plane" may raise the ante that the actual target was the presidential aircraft of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In that case what we have is a failed state sponsored CIA/SBU assassination attempt on the President of the Russian Federation. John
A secret witness claims that it was a Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft that downed the Malaysian Boeing, flight MH-17, near Donetsk, in the summer of 2014.

07-28-2014 Flight MH17 a False Flag War Pretext
The US/CIA/EU/NATO/, their usual black operations allies and all of their Ukrainian Nazis, SBU double agents and other paid operatives are doing everything they can to start a war with the Russian Federation. For those who want to dismiss this fact and all of the events in Ukraine as a conspiracy “theory” it should be made crystal clear. This is not a conspiracy “theory” but a clear and orchestrated in-your-face conspiracy. There is enough factual evidence in the public domain to make this fact crystal clear to anyone who bothers to look. 
Media Operations: CIA/MOSSAD Control

01-11-2015 By John Robles II Pierre Omidyar and the Subversion of States: the End is Coming Soon

CIA analyst, advisor to Ronald Reagan during the destruction of the Soviet Union and now “propagandist for the 100% Russian Government owned Sputnik/RIA Novosti/Rossiya Sevodnya/RT” Paul Craig Roberts is laughing all the way to the bank as Russian taxpayers are paying him to subvert Russia. 

Psyops: CIA/MOSSAD/Saudi Torture - Rated XXX
02-24-2015 Revelations by Protected Source  PSYOP: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY
United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
(USACAPOC)/CIA/Booz Allen source speaks out.
When it comes to the currently unfolding revelations of CIA torture techniques, truth is not only stranger than fiction, but proves the agency plagarized its ideas about how best to inflict agony and horror into the minds of the human beings...
Syria: CIA Slaughtered 426 Children as Pretext

A Compendium of Articles and Interviews by John Robles II Which May Have Been Instrumental in Preventing the Invasion of Syria

08-28-2013 Attack on Syria May Cause Massive Damage to the US

The United States of America and their leader Barrack Hussein Obama have spent billions of dollars in Syria, at a time when US taxpayers are suffering, attempting to bring about a change of regime. The money has been spent funding Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorists to destabilize the country, groups that they have parroted time and time again as being the number one enemies of the American people. Their strategy was failing, like all of their strategies are bound to fail because they lack vision and true understanding of the world and its people. They created a red line, launched a black operation to make that red line a reality and now with extreme desperate irrational urgency, they want to carry out their plan to attack Syria. That is their goal, they set it, and no matter what happens they will obtusely carry it out without regard for the consequences and without forward planning..


08-28-201308-28-2013 The US Policy of Terror and the Invasion of Syria

The Russian Federation had no evidence of a chemical attack in Syria, but it does have evidence that one may have been staged and that those who did so were the so-called “rebels”, who we know are US backed, armed and funded. The Syrian regular army and President Bashar al-Assad have been winning the war so the urgency with which the United States is calling for an armed intervention is alarming but obvious. They have spent billions and they cannot see their plans for the destruction of the Syria state fail.. A great man once said, “the pen is mightier than the sword” and in this age of information technology and global information warfare this phrase still rings true and is even more topical in fact today than when it was first coined. With this in mind it is of utmost important that the war that is currently being fought with words, one that if lost will have the United States launching missiles into Syria, be fought with the utmost urgency and efforts by all who cherish peace.

The Catharsis of a Dark Knight Rising 

03-11-2015 By Scott Bennett, Ph.D. THE CATHARSIS OF A DARK KNIGHT RISING “There is a prison, in a more ancient part of the world

…a pit…where men are thrown to suffer and die…but sometimes a man rises from the darkness…sometimes the pit throws something back.” –The Dark Knight Rises    THE CATHARSIS OF A DARK KNIGHT RISING “There is a prison, in a more ancient part of the world…a pit…where men are thrown to suffer and die…but sometimes a man rises from the darkness…sometimes the pit throws something back.” –The Dark Knight Rises 

U.S. Military: Sodomy as Moral Norm
03-08-2015 By Scott Bennett, Ph.D. The Disintegration of the U.S. Military, Rebirth of the Global Veterans Today 
(Sodomy as a Forced Moral Standard - JAR2)
Another example of Obama's ruining of the military (and this is by no way intended to be regarded as an anti-gay sentiment but rather an analytical example, regardless of the political incorrectness some might assign to it) is the brainwashing, career ending criticisms, and extortion of service members if they refuse to recognize homosexual activities as absolutely normal and equivalent to heterosexual ones.....
Sections Under COnstruction
First Nations
01-31-2015 The Taino/Arawak Lifestyle  The Arawak/Taino society was basically a very gentle culture. It was characterized by happiness, friendliness and a highly organized hierarchical, paternal society, and a lack of guile. Each society was a small kingdom and the leader was called a cacique. The cacique’s function was to keep the welfare of the village by assigning daily work and making sure everyone got an equal share. The relatives of the caciques lived together in large houses in the center of the village. These houses reflect the warmth of the climate and simply used mud, straw and palm leaves. The houses did not contain much furniture. People slept in cotton hammocks or simply on mats of banana leaves. The general population lived in large circular buildings called bohios, constructed with wooden poles, woven straw, and palm leaves. At the time of Columbus there were five different kingdoms on the island of Hispaniola. The Indians practiced polygamy. Most men had 2 or 3 wives, but the caciques had as many as 30. It was a great honor for a woman to be married to a cacique. Not only did she enjoy a materially superior lifestyle, but her children were held in high esteem.

03-25-2014 Americans-two-faces-two-tongues-Mohawk-Elder-Mark-Maracle   
A brief history of the Taino Indians in an interview with John Robles for Serbian Geopolitika  
Kahentinetha Horn, Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation   The Mohawk: Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island  Transcript  
Dr. Daniel Paul   First Nations alarmed by destruction of our planet   Part 2  Transcript part 1  
Robert Free Galvan  We are still engaged in survival after the genocide of all Indians   Transcript and photos  
Robert Free Galvan  The world did not blink an eye over the recent genocide of Mayan Indians  Transcript  
Dr. Daniel Paul Democracy existed in the Americas before Europeans invaded Mi'kmaq Elder  Part1, Part2, Part3   Offsite transcript   
Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for Native Americans
FSB catches CIA Agent Controller red handed  
05132013 According to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) on Tuesday night May 13th a career US Central Intelligence Agency agent controller was arrested while in the process of attempting to recruit a member of one of the Russian special services. The FSB has not specified which service the potential spy was supposed to be attached to but has said the CIA officer was caught red handed in the act of attempting to recruit an agent. According to the FSB the CIA officer who was arrested was one Ryan Christopher Fogle who was working for the CIA under official cover as the Third Secretary of the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Anna Chapman spy ring accused of “grooming” kids   

08182009 Moscow CIA OC Officer Kyle Hatcher's Cover Blown by Johnson: Kyle Hatcher first Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow and CIA OC officer, whose official responsibilities include liaising with members of the Russian religious community, including the highest levels of the Russian Orthodox Church and the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities, has been caught engaged in sex with various prostitutes by unknown individuals who filmed him in the act. CIA apologists claim that due to his legend he could not possibly be CIA but upon attempting to verify his legend it comes up hollow. Congratulations to the CIA on this one, once again it goes to show that when it comes to HUMIT operations and million dollar training, the CIA can't control their baser functions namely keeping their Johnsons under control. Kyle Hatcher and his little friend is our outed CIA agent of the month.      Video Here      Photo Here 
Intelligence CIA, NSA, MI-6, Mossad  
CIA's Evergreen Air Shut Down
NSA Special Collection Sites (SCS)
Otis Pike, the only Congressman to really challenge the CIA and the NSA died last month
NSA catalogue of computer spying hardware and applications
FBI Counter Intelligence Entrapment of Robert Hoffman using Ru ruse
MOSSAD Agreement with TNC/Al-Qaeda calls for Israeli base in Green Mountains in Libya  
11202013 CIA/MOSSAD/Al-Qaeda Libya kill
03002013 Asteroids, MKULTRA, CIA Cancer Assassination Programs  
AISO Burn, MOSSAD Kill  
AISO and their Facebook Operations      
CIA Plans to Assassinate Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa
1062013 Mossad CIA Yassar Arafat Polonium Kill Swedis  Russian  
Libyan Prime Minister a member of German Intelligence Listen to the audio   
Americans: This is why you can be searched without cause or reason
CIA Asset Yura Salogub
FSB catches CIA Agent Controller red handed Mossad suicides double agent
30,000 drones flying over the United States in the next 20 years
AISO Burn, MOSSAD Kill AISO and their Facebook Operations
CIA Plans to Assassinate Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa
Analysis of DOJ White Paper Authorizing Extra-Judicial Executions
Off-site 'State sponsored terrorism' or USAID funds terrorist groups
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely: Benghazi attack carried out by al-Qaeda linked terrorists?
Benghazi attack on largest CIA regional operation, Steven’s death collateral 
Ambassador Stevens died like a cur, he got what he deserved. He came, he saw, he died.
Benghazi attack on largest CIA regional operation, Steven’s death collateral
USAID Funds Terrorist Groups and Covers for the CIA
My article about  the decision to ban USAID from Russia on the Voice of Russia
Putin agrees: USAID out USAID is a tool to meddle in civil society, Major FAIL for the major CIA front
USAID must cease operations in Russia
USAID is kicked out of Russia A list of CIA front companies
Rumors of spy exchange in Bout case    http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_06_09/77563513/   Bout Exchange jar2
"Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request  PDF   
"Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request DOC  
CIA: Italian court convicts 23 Americans in CIA rendition case  
Is Swine Flu A Synthetic Race-Targeting Biological Weapon?  
How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA  
Goldstone: Dear Congress, About All Those Lies Re My Report  
Susan Lindauer on Pre 9/11 Warnings and the Iraq War  
April 4, 2012 "Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request  PDF   
"Secret" 2013 US  Missile Defense Budget Request DOC    
Poland  US Lapdog 
UNHCR is a U.S. tool Thanks WikiLeaks  07MOSCOW104  2007-01-12 15:03  2010-12-06 21:09  SECRET  Embassy Moscow  HCR
Since the year 2000 the US Government has been spying on the Norwegians, Germans, Swedes, the Dutch
Kurt Cobain Killed by CIA?
Secret CIA Report RED CELL (US as Exporter of Terrorism) PDF CIA Mole Mr. Mohammad Zia Salehi Burned MI-6 Housekeeping or a hit? MI-6 Dead Agent in a Bag Ten Russian Agents Plead Guilty and Are to Be Removed from the United States
FBI Counter Intelligence claims woman who could not even pass along a passport to be highly trained Russian "illegal" spy No evidence of espionage in (Criminal) complaints. Actual complaints. PDFs  ONE and TWO
CIA Afghanistan Propaganda Ops: European Support
CIA Plans to Destroy Wikileaks
Spanish prosecutors want 13 CIA agents arrested  
APA Scrubs Pages Linking It to CIA Torture Workshops
Castro’s secret archives: US Special Ops prepares to snatch five decades of damaging material
‘Hit teams’ taking out American Embassy Employees
CIA???-MOSSAD???-MI-6??? 26-member hit squad carrying European passports   photos of 17
MI-6 intelligence-gathering methods leaker arrested
CIA Inspector General's Report on Torture and Interrogation    PDF    ZIPPED   
Top Secret, Heavily Redacted CIA Rape Charges  
Three CIA Agents in Iran Blow Their Cover CIA Torture Black Site: Secret Lithuanian Prison 
CIA Predator War
The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University Campuses  
Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire, Ex-U.S. Operatives Dot Firm's Roster 
Judge Tosses NSA Spy Cases  
Ex-MI6 chief likely to give evidence to Chilcot inquiry behind closed doors
CIA: 7 Dead Officers in Epic Afghanistan Failure 
CIA Ends 2009 With Another Epic HUMIT Fail Harold E. Brown Jr.  Fairfax, Va and Bolton, Mass Scott Michael Roberson 39  
US Intelligence Spat  
Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair Listen on VOR    Download 
Italian court convicts 23 Americans in CIA rendition case 
British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide' 
All-Knowing' Oleg Gordievsky: MI-5/MI-6 Disinformation Spokestool, Wheeled Out 
CIA Officer's Official Cover Blown in Moscow 
by J. Orlin Grabbe (One of us. DECEASED)   When Osama Bin Laden Was Tim/Tom Osman    
The CIA's Family Jewels All Documents From JAR2     zipped   FTP
Miscellaneous Unsorted Mess Under COnstruction
End of Western CivilizationEnd of Western Civilization an article by John Robles  
Dr. Edward Herman author The Srebrenica massacre was a gigantic political fraud  Part 1. Part2  Offsite with transcript  
Margarita Simonyan Head of RT "Russia Today" television on arrest of RT crew in US    Voice of Russia with transcript  
Dr Eugene R. Fidell teacher of military justice a Senior Research Scholar in Law and Lecturer at Yale Law School    download  
Dr. Gary G. Sick, US Security Council senio scholar and professor of International Affairs at Columbia University    download  
Scott Horton, New York attorney US Defense Act 2012: open-ended war     download  
Priest Monk Ksenofont of the Church of Raz Prizen in exile: Forbidden   
Arab world: Alon Ben Meir's forecast forecast for 2012     download       
Middle East tensions: forecast for 2012  download  
Alexander Konuzin Russian Ambassador to Serbia   download  
Calvin Tucker Transparency International distorts data in favor of its Western paymasters     download  
Alexander Konuzin Russian Ambassador to Serbia   download  
Tim Summers Climate and economy: two crises    download   
Prof. David Post, Professor of Law at the Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SOPA      download  
Tim Summers, the former National Campaigns Officer with the Green Party    download  
Dr. Alon Ben-Meir Multiculturalism is the future   Download Ben Meir from jar2.com     
Ivan Eland Double standards in the West towards terrorism cases  (After Oslo)    Download Ivan Eland from jar2.com   
Prof. Anita Dancs, a Professor of Economics at Western New England University   Download from jar2.com  Costs US wars 2010  
Father Mark Arey Red tape for Orthodoxy, green light for mosque?   Download Arey from jar2.com  
Karen Parker US violates human rights in armed conflicts - attorney Download Parker from jar2.com  
Max Bergmann TART ratification failure will have extreme implications     Download Bergmann from jar2.com  
“Duncan Gardham "Homegrown” extremists a threat to society - expert    Download Duncan Gardham from jar2.com

July 22, 2014  WWIII: dying in the paradigm of brutal American force and terror  Why does the US want war with Russia? In the words of US General Wesley Clark, since the vents of 9-11-01 the United States of America and NATO have been “in the business of destroying countries”. This “business” is not one which can be justified or rationalized by civilized and intelligent people and it is one that has thrown the world into a schism of terror, disbelief, self-censorship, complete and total confusion and what can only be described as a mass psychosis as the peoples of the world continue to be forced to accept the double standards, contradictions and seemingly illogical nature of the actions of the world’s self-proclaimed sole superpower which is bent on global domination by force at all costs.

10252013 IMPORTANT NOTE: WHEN RESEARCHING FOR THIS ARTICLE I ACCESSED THE SITE OF  THE PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY (PNAC)  , THE SITE WHICH HAS BEEN ON-LINE SINCE THE 90S HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. (A COINCIDENCE?) 4 The United States is growing ever more desperate in the Middle East and around the world as it is becoming increasingly clearer with each passing day, no matter how US officials attempt to portray their country as in control and relevant, that things have changed and the US is a “world superpower” in decline. Unfortunately that decline is not going to be a pretty one, especially for the Washington elites and the geopolitical architects that have brought upon the world the current war-on-terror-hyper-security-state-paradigm. These “planners” may have to finally account for the way they have run roughshod over international laws and norms and there is a danger they may lash out in irrational ways. Read more by JAR2 at the Voice of Russia

US/NATO/EU and the desperate subversion of Ukraine Today what we are seeing in Ukraine are the now overt manifestations of a long-running covert subversion of Ukraine by all of the instruments used by the United States, including those controlled by CIA, the State Department, the military industrial complex, banks, NGOs, corporations and US surrogates in the EU and NATO, which for simplicity we will call "US/NATO". Since the collapse of the USSR (and some might argue since NATO’s very creation) US/NATO have been intensely consolidating their hegemony and control over Eastern Europe using each and every instrument at their disposal and pouring billions of dollars into the effort. SOURCE

When Osama Bin Laden Was Tim Osman   
Updated to include Secret CIA document mentioning Tom Osman as Usama/Osama Bin Laden and his stay at the Hilton Hotel in Sherman Oaks California as well as mention of Ted Gunderson being aware of arrangements. Document mentions Michael Riconosciuto who revealed the Osman/Osama dual identity and his possible upgrade. The document also mentions Red Mercury proving that it does in fact exist.  On my site for years now has been this sentence "...ties between Pentagon's DARPA and Stormont Laboratories, a small facility in Woodland near Sacramento. This laboratory assists in the development of race targeting chemical weapons and DNA based chemical weapons technology. I remind my readers that the source of the US revoking my passport emanates from Woodland California and given my Taino Indian/Spanish/Undetermined other indigenous DNA and the mix of my children with the aforementioned plus Russian/Irish/African DNA we may be of particular interest to designers of race targeting chemical weapons and may in fact be immune. This may sound far fetched but I have often wondered as to what the "big" plot was that I got too close to in Woodland California. It is possible the children being appropriated are being used in these experiments and I just got too close and am lucky to have escaped. These are just ideas, so far there is no definitive proof, only circumstantial evidence.   
On JFK assassination:   
And that, basically, is WHY he died. He had refused to be controlled by the CIA, which was manufacturing wars for the MIC. Until we understand this most basic fact about our history, there is no hope that we can reverse the Forever War into which we have been plunged, in which "enemies" are constantly created out of people who are NOT our "enemies"--people who are seeking self-determination, sovereignty and economic justice. If we supported self-determination, sovereignty and economic justice, we would have almost no enemies. The world would be with us, as it was just after WW II. Instead, we now have a war machine that has been hijacked by the corporate powers and is being used, a) for private profit, and b) to perpetuate itself. JFK's presidency was the last chance we had to curtail the overweening power of this war machine. He stood against its misuse and he died for it. We now have to deal with the consequences, which are all around us--a very, very difficult set of problems, involving democracy itself and our identity as a people. We need to beware of murky history which deliberately or inadvertently buries these realities and we need to pay attention to clear-eyed writers like Douglass who understand both the details and the moral thrust of our history and "why it matters" NOW.
http://millionmaskmarch.org/ https://www.facebook.com/millionmaskmarch/a>
No words needed. OBAMA laughing it up at Nelson Mandela's funeral

Please check out my interview on the genocide of the Tainos and American Indians if you can find this magazine. It is a Serbian publication. The interview will be available on-line in May.

Rest in Peace Commandante CHAVEZ Was Hugo Chavez assassinated? I would say it is a given. By John Robless
Regarding the death of Hugo Chavez, our feelings were best described by Rick Rozoff at Stop NATOO in this interview on the Voice of Russia Hugo Chavez was a humble man from humble origins who did more than anyone else to lift up and unite the countries and the people of Latin America after being subjugated to decades of US imperialism. He was an inspiration and a beacon who will be sorely missed by many.

June 2013 Articles 
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US installed Iraqi puppets continue to torture    
11202013 CIA/MOSSAD/Al-Qaeda Libya kill     
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11162013Proof of US Bribes to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
08262013 UPDATES LATEST: We must stop SYRIAN invasion
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Rick Rozoff from STOP NATO on the upcoming invasion of Syria by NATO   Transcript on the Voice of Russia  
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Off-site Media-Bias and Gazprom, or Western media rehashes “tired clichés of Kremlin intrigue”
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Never forget, always honor   Never forget, always honornor<
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President Vladimir Putin 

12-04-2014 Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly 

Vladimir Putin made his Annual Address to the Federal Assembly. As is tradition, the Address took place at the Kremlin’s St George Hall before an audience of more than 1,000 people. In his Address, the President set out his views on the situation in Ukraine and outlined Russia’s position with regard to events taking place there. In the foreign policy section of the Address, Mr Putin also spoke about international security issues and the integration processes taking place in the world. On the subject of Russia’s economic strategy, the President said that Russia is open to the world, to investment and to carrying out projects together, but ultimately, Russia’s development depends above all on the country’s own efforts. Mr Putin named development of new technology and competitive goods, giving the country’s industry and financial sector a more solid foundation, and training the needed personnel as priority tasks.The President also talked about relations between the state and business, in particular the need to free up the environment for doing business as much as possible and the concrete steps that can be taken to achieve this. Mr Putin proposed that no changes be made to the current tax rules for the next four years, and also proposed an amnesty for capital returning to Russia. The President set the goal of reaching growth rates above the world average within the next 3-4 years.


11-23-2014 President Putin, World War III and Global US Hegemony by John Anthony Robles II
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with the German TV channel ARD this past week said that he does not understand why the Ukrainian authorities insist on refusing to consider the possibility of federalization in Ukraine in light of the fact that all people of Ukraine, regardless of their language, should feel it is their homeland. The reason for this refusal by the U.S. installed junta is of course a very good question to delve into when we consider in the least, that allowing for federalization Ukraine would have prevented the breakup of the country that we are seeing and would have served to maintain Ukraine as a single viable entity. The refusal by the U.S. installed government to allow for the federalization of the country, which was the model followed by Germany, the Russian Federation and other states and served to maintain their integrity, has at its root several reasons none of which serve to benefit the Ukrainian people or the failing Ukrainian state.

03-2014 Why Americans Should Like President Putin by Joseph Zrnchik 
Once again we see the U.S. government willing to throw the EU’s economy under the bus by making it pay for U.S. belligerency, hegemony and the U.S. push towards global domination.  Europeans ought to understand that there is no drive by Russia to revive a global empire or come charging through the Fulda Gap to threaten the EU.  Such threats are as anachronistic as Soviet 5-year plans.  Nevertheless, the U.S. has pushed NATO to expand to the same extent that the Warsaw Pact has contracted, and it is the U.S. who threatens Russia and seeks to destabilize and divide Russia for the purpose of exploiting Russian natural resources.

03-14-2014 Ukraine-Obama-CIA-and-NATO-demonize-Putin-to-hide-their-crimes  
The actions of the US Government since the installation of George Bush as president have been criminal both domestically, where they have effectively cancelled the US Constitution and even more so internationally, where they have flipped international law on its head, made a mockery of the Geneva Conventions, turned the United Nations into just another US Government rubber stamp and committed multiple crimes against humanity.  Since 9-11 that criminality has grown more and more egregious as it becoming clearer and clearer with each passing day that the plans of the neocons for world domination and eternal American hegemony are doomed to failure and the very country they were pretending to be rising up, is actually being destroyed.
01-29-2014 Russia-will-not-interfere-in-Ukraine-President-Putin  
President Putin: "As concerns an agreement on our consultations regarding the Eastern Partnership, our European partners and we have agreed that this would be extremely useful," Putin said at a press conference following an EU-Russia summit in Brussels on Tuesday.” He also stated: "We have invited the European Union leadership to analyze the possibility of forming a free trade area between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union being set up by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan."

12-25-2013 President Putin deserves Nobel, Obama an empty raincoat    
12-18-2013 Presidents-Putin-and-Yanukovich-cement-Russian-Ukrainian-ties  
12-14-2013 US-NATO-EU-and-the-desperate-subversion-of-Ukraine 
12-11-2013 Russia-modernizing-and-building-its-defenses-in-response-to-modern-threats-8984/  
12-06-2013 Putin on Mandela
11-03-2013 President-Putin-ends-Russia-NATO-ABM-cooperation    
11-13-2013 President Vladimir Putin: a force for peace in Asia and the world  
11-26-2013 Two-forces-for-peace-President-Putin    
10-25-2013 The-end-of-the-US-empire-no-hegemony-forced-accountability  
10-02-2013 President-Putin-spreads-peace-Nobel-or-not-4902/  
09-22-2013 Rule-of-law-morality-and-a-return-to-multi-polarity-Putin-at-Valdai-2237//  
09-21-2013 We-have-left-behind-Soviet-ideology-and-there-will-be-no-return-Putin-5419//  
09-21-2013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_09_19/Syria-Al-Qaeda-as-the-black-operations-wing-of-the-US-2104//  
09-17-2013 http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_09_17/Syria-Victory-for-peace-President-Putin-and-Russia-3792//  
09-10-2013 UN EVIDENCE Syrian terrorists used gas to kill 426 kidss  
09-06-2013 US-aggression-on-Syria-would-violate-international-law-9985//  
09-03-2013 Is-the-US-s-Saudi-Arabia-a-terrorist-state-1199//  
09-03-2013 Americans-want-to-see-Obama-defeated-in-Middle-East-6121//  
08-29-2013 Bandar-Bush-threatens-President-Putin-with-Sochi-terrorist-attack-2596//  
08-15-2013 Bandar Bush Threatens President Putin and the Russian People with Sochi Terrorist Attackk  
08-13-2013 Saudi-Prince-Bandar-delivered-Israeli-chemicals-to-Syrian-terrorists-Official-7578//  
08-14-2013 Presidents-Putin-and-Aliyev-hold-successful-talks-in-Azerbaijan-7514//  
08-28-2013 The-US-policy-of-terror-and-the-invasion-of-Syria-3919//  
08-31-2013 World-cools-to-Obama-and-US-hysteria-to-attack-Syria-8775//  
07-14-2013 Citing-Putin-Australian-PM-s-sister-says-what-many-are-afraid-to-6032//  
07-09-2013 President-Putin-and-diplomacy-an-example-the-West-could-follow-4989//  
06-05-2013 Syria-has-the-right-to-peace-and-to-self-defense-despite-western-claims-6030//  
04-04-2013 West-infers-Putin-sunk-Cyprus-while-ignoring-Obama-sunk-the-world//  
12-20-2012 Update-End-of-the-world-cancelled-by-Putin-with-15-hours-left//  
12-17-2012 They keep people in shackles and chains without triall
12-06-2012 President-Putin-protects-Russian-interests-West-displeased//  
10-15-2012 President-Putin-attacked-by-the-West-even-on-his-birthday//  
09-13-2012 Romney-out-of-touch-public-response-unexpected-NATO-gears-up//  
06-21-2012 http://voiceofrussia.com/2012_06_21/78783441//  
05-14-2012 http://voiceofrussia.com/2012_05_14/74677707//    
05-14-2012 Message to the Opposition
The Ukraine 


Anonymous releases Klitscko Udar Party E-mails      Most interesting   

Anonymous uncovers Klitschko treason Lithuanian Presidential aid e-mails and Klitschko e-mails  

07-28-2014 Flight MH17 a False Flag War Pretext    


07-13-2014 Number-of-Russias-criminal-cases-against-Kievs-forces-continue-to-increase  

07-11-2014 Srebrenica-19-year-blueprint-for-US-intervention-Stefan-Karganovic

07-09-2014 Lost-humanity-Washington-justifies-airstrikes-on-civilians-in-eastern-Ukraine  

07-08-2014 Willy Wimmer Killing-Russian-journalists-in-Ukraine-is-an-organized-effort 

07-06-2014 Kiev-promises-war-on-Russian-Federation 

07-04-2014 Oksana Sazonova humanitarian-organizations-reluctant-to-aid-civilians-fleeing-Ukrainian  

06-30-2014 McFaul-2-0-Ukraine-color-revolution-architect-Tefft-coming-to-Russia

06-25-2014 US-to-distance-themselves-from-Kiev-govt-the-more-civilian-casualties-seen-expert

06-24-2014 President-Putin-promoting-peace-in-Ukraine-diplomacy-in-Austria

06-24-2014 Iraq-Ukraine-and-overall-lie-of-American-democratization 

06-21-2014 Kiev-continues-to-guarantee-its-own-demise 

06-19-2014 Demonizing-Russia-silent-collusion 

06-19-2014 Demonizing-Russia-The-Formula-for-Extermination

06-17-2014 Stevan Gajić Only-Russians-can-save-Russians-in-Ukraine-political-analyst  

06-16-2014 Attack-on-Russian-Embassy-in-Kiev-a-provocation-to-war  

06-10-2014 Russian Gas NWO and US Energy Mafia  

06-08-2014 Selling-out-Ukraine-Poroshenko-speech-double-talk-lies-NATO-and-the-EU  

06-02-2014 Kiev-junta-continues-killing-civilians-on-Children-s-Day  

06-01-2014 US-NATO-EU-nazi-thugs-continue-killing-Ukrainians  

05-31-2014 US-NATO-missiles-5-minutes-from-Moscow

05-29-2014 Ukrainian-elections-a-horrific-circus-Nebojsa-Malic  

05-28-2014 Moscow-s-reaction-to-elections-in-Ukraine-in-interest-of-peace  

05-25-2014 Ukrainian-election-farce-junta-attempts-to-cement-its-rule  

05-21-2014 NATO-will-not-stop-attempting-to-destroy-Russia-Danijel-Simic  

05-19-2014 CIA-FBI-agents-dying-for-illegal-junta-in-Ukraine  

05-16-2014 US-coup-failed-in-Ukraine-Kiev-juntas-days-are-numbered  


05-13-2014 Did-Kerry-actually-accuse-Putin-of-destabilizing-Ukraine-Joseph-Zrnchik  

05-12-2014 Ukraine-reminiscent-of-Hitler-s-Germany-President-Yanukovich  

05-09-2014 US-Nazi-collaboration-Ukraine-and-worldwide-Prof-Barry-Letuchy

05-08-2014 NATO-s-Ukraine-fascists-blood-terror-fire-water-and-free-gas  

05-08-2014 NATO-Nazi-operation-in-Ukraine-aimed-at-Moscow-John-Bosnitch 

05-07-2014 President-Putin-signs-law-criminalizing-nazi-revisionist-tactics 

05-05-2014 Fascists-burning-people-alive-in-Odessa-nazism-on-the-rise-in-Europe  

05-04-2014 Saying-Russia-is-at-fault-in-Ukraine-is-lunatic-Nick-Hudson 

05-03-2014 The-selling-out-of-Ukraine-what-the-CIA-does-not-want-Ukrainians-to-know 

04-30-2014 Another-US-fail-sanctions-on-Russia-backfiring

04-22-2014 Foreign Minister Lavrov-calls-on-US-to-take-responsibility-for-Ukraine  

04-21-2014 US-Russophobia-approaching-pathological-transference

04-21-2014 Crimea-No-Russian-invasion-happy-people-Manuel-Ochsenreiter  

04-18-2014 Crimean-referendum-remarkably-peaceful-observer-Srdja-Trifkovic  

04-18-2014 US-failures-leading-to-US-self-destruction-Joseph-Zrnchik  

04-16-2014 President-Putin-reacts-as-Kiev-junta-threatens-Russian-lives-and-squashes-dissent-2452/

04-14-2014 Ukrainian-government-has-no-legitimacy-it-is-a-coup-Greg-Barns-5630/  

04-13-2014 US-client-states-lock-step-on-fascist-coup-in-Ukraine-Putin-forced-to-seek-resolution-4630/

04-11-2014 Fascists-are-in-power-Europe-again-Kristinn-Hrafnsson-2557/  

04-08-2014 Ukraine-A-US-geopolitical-failure-of-historic-proportions-9431/  

04-07-2014 Goal-of-US-in-Ukraine-and-world-global-domination-William-Blum-3063/  

04-07-2014 When-the-barrels-of-guns-are-lifted-truth-vanishes-Kristinn-Hrafnsson-2342/  

04-07-2014 Media-lies-no-Russian-threat-to-Ukraine-8730/  

04-05-2014 US-NATO-imperialism-is-a-threat-to-civilization-FM-ivadin-Jovanovi-7424/  

04-01-2014 Russia-needs-to-challenge-American-interests-everywhere-Joseph-Zrnchik-1962/  

03-30-2014 US-supporting-Yarosh-and-Right-Sector-a-victory-for-terror-3954/   

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_29/Ukraine-the-US-hypocritical-transference-Prof-Edward-Herman-3796/   

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_27/After-Ukrainian-coup-Obama-wants-to-sell-US-gas-to-Europe-8496/   

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_23/US-criminally-invades-countries-without-pretext-Bruce-Gagnon-3267/   

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_21/Neocons-hastened-demise-of-US-empire-Prof-Kevin-Barret-7178/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_20/Ukraine-a-counter-revolutionary-coup-Prof-Edward-Herman-2803/   

03-20-2014 Sanctions-against-Russia-mission-impossible-FM-Zivadin-Jovanovic   

03-18-2014 Crimea-re-joins-Russia-after-US-nazi-coup-in-Ukraine-honorary-sanctions-7313/  

03-17-2014 Congratulation-to-Crimea-condolences-to-Americans-on-Obama-3218/   

03-15-2014 Crimea-Russia-charging-Yarosh-and-company-Obama-calls-them-legit-0298/   

03-03-2014 Ukraine-Obama-CIA-and-NATO-demonize-Putin-to-hide-their-crimes-3261/   

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_14/US-Ukraine-coverage-an-Orwellian-theater-of-hate-Prof-Kevin-Barret-4503/    

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_14/Operation-Independence-Continues-Anonymous-exposes-US-invasion-plans-in-Ukraine-7517/   

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_13/Ukraine-shows-depth-of-US-desperation-Joseph-Zrnchik-0927/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_12/Ukraine-western-lies-as-truth-Russian-truth-as-propaganda-Viselav-Simic-7261/    

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_08/Ukraine-Obamas-invasions-9-11-and-mass-media-control-5260/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_07/Ukraine-Eschewing-of-truth-and-obfuscation-by-the-media-9488/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_06/US-NATO-CIA-supporting-nazis-in-Ukraine-project-2569/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_05/Ukraine-US-NATO-EU-want-Nulands-neo-nazi-thugs-in-power-Prof-Francis-Boyle-1522/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_05/In-the-US-Maidan-style-insurrectionists-would-be-killed-Bruce-Gagnon-3036/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_05/Obama-issues-Ukraine-statement-from-an-alternative-universe-4438/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_04/Ukraine-was-coup-d-tat-by-the-CIA-David-Shayler-7088/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_02_28/Anonymous-operations-expose-Ukrainian-Bandera-nazis-9458/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_02_26/Right-Sector-a-threat-to-Ukraine-Sergey-Belous-5315/  

04-18-2014 h04-18-2014 ttp://voiceofrussia.com/2014_02_26/NATO-expansion-a-new-Drang-Nach-Osten-Doctrine-FM-ivadin-Jovanovi-9684/   

04-18-2014 Anonymous  e-mails and Nuland/Pyatt government overthrow  

h04-18-2014 ttp://voiceofrussia.com/2014_02_23/Soviet-Republics-and-Russian-allies-US-NATO-color-revolution-targets-Rick-Rozoff-3586/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_02_23/Anonymous-Ukraine-releases-Klitschko-e-mails-showing-treason-3581/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_02_22/Ukraine-The-Brown-Shirt-Revolution-Prof-Francis-Boyle-7578/  

04-18-2014 http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_02_21/Ukraine-another-piece-in-the-neo-con-puzzle-0151/  

02-20-2014 Ukraine-sick-fascist-filth-and-gangland-violence-as-political-opposition-Rick-Rozoff  

00-16-2014 Stephan Karganovic PART 1     PART 2     PART 3      

02-13-2014 Escalation-of-violence-in-Ukraine-martial-law-may-be-only-option-4366/     

02-04-2014 Truth-and-mainstream-lies-a-divided-planet-David-Shayler-0561/    

01-29-2014 Russia-will-not-interfere-in-Ukraine-President-Putin-9601/    

01-27-2014 Ukraine-the-authorities-vs-gangsters-Rick-Rozoff-1661/    

01-26-2014 Internal-meddling-the-new-threat-to-state-security-5481/  

01-23-2014 Russias-Duma-calls-on-West-to-not-interfere-in-Ukraines-internal-affairs-0636/  

Sorted by Date from Old Site 

December 21, 2014 Two cops killed in NY   THERE COMES A TIME when you have to fight back  

and for African Americans force may be the only solution. Even with a black president who was supposed to be "one of us" life for America's "minorities" (a misnomer as they are the majority in many places and continue to live under a racist apartheid police state where the whites continue to rule and maintain the status quo with an iron hand) continues to grow worse by the day. Since the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson 41 other black and minority teens have been murdered by police in America. The officers in question were involved in an "anti-terrorist" operation and there were dozens of police, both uniformed and undercover, nearby. But even with the heightened anti-terrorist operation the lone gunman took two of them out. This should be a warning to the US authorities that their attempt to maintain the status quo and continue to oppress the population under the "war on terror" paradigm will fail and sooner or later the people will rise up. You can oppress and marginalize people for so long but eventually they will start to fight back.


December 20, 2014   Kill and Obama: North Korea, Terrorists, PNAC, Kim Jung Un and the Real Threat to Humanity    

HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Dear American People, Best of the season to you all! I would say Merry Christmas but since it is not a holiday that I celebrate and one that has become nothing but an orgy of commercialism where capitalist retailers will do anything to try to get rid of as much inventory as possible to end the tax year and one whose real meaning has long ago been lost, if it ever had one to begin with, and where those who cannot buy tons of presents are made to feel as if there is something wrong with them, I won’t. Not, mind you, that it is not “attractive” to lie to children with stories about some fat German white man who flies around in some sleigh at the speed of light and brings kids whatever they like if they have been good because he has been watching them all year like some voyeuristic pedophile who just can’t wait to get them on his knee and listen to their desires, just that it is wrong.


December 18, 2014   Dick Cheney’s Whirlwind Network Tour for the Promotion of Torture Rebutted and Forwarded to the ICC for Criminal Prosecution   

Dick Cheney has admitted to being a key architect of the US torture program. Not only did it admit it, but he bragged about it. And not only did he brag about it, but he also stated he would do it again in a second if he faced that choice. What he failed to mention is that many of the prisoners who were tortured were innocent victims sold to the US for bounty money.
Cheney also failed to mention the fact that neither Iraq nor Saddam had anything to do with 9/11. And not only does he fail to mention this fact, but he also fails to mention the fact that while he was directing the torture of innocent Iraqis, Bush was literally kissing the cheek and holding the hand of a prince from the brutal Saudi regime that had assisted jihadists in the perpetration of the 9/11 attack against the US. Saudi involvement in this attack is still being obscured behind false claims of national security.



UPDATED September 03/04/05/11/12, 2014    Beautiful Crimea: A Summer Road Trip Amid a Fratricidal War    

A Note to You Dear Reader: My dear, dear reader, thank you very much for taking the time and making the effort to find my work and to read it, things are getting more and more difficult here and around the world for investigative journalists and anyone who seeks to find the truth. If you are one of my long time readers or were one of my regular guests then you know some of the problems I was having in getting out the truth and you know firsthand what I am talking about. In putting this work together I have faced an unusual level of resistance even from people who have not even read the piece in its entirety.   Whether you are an academic, a government official, someone interested in intelligence matters or a simple citizen of the world I think you will find something of interest here. As I am not writing for a commercial outlet or for the Government of the Russian Federation as I have done for the last 5 years or so there is no limit or “framework” I must work under. I am writing simply the truth without an editor or board to please, just the truth, plain simple, uncut, un-slanted without spin or omission. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, something that “they” do not want and the most dangerous weapon I have at my disposal. Read on at your own risk and if the truth makes you uncomfortable wherever it may lead then stop reading right now.



November 23, 2014  US Government Caught in More Neocon Lies  by Joseph Zrnchik   

During the Iraq invasion the US neocon political elite and their celebrity talking heads on network news incessantly blamed Iran for US failures in Iraq as each metric devised by policy wonks proved any chance of political or military success, or even progress to be a rapidly fading hope. As reality and desperation set in, the US’s only hope was to create some form of short-term stability that could be passed off as success so that Bush could pass the buck to whomever would follow in the presidential line of succession. Bush had politically benefited from grabbing the Iraqi lion by its tail, but was now unable to let it go of it.



We are now in uncharted waters and, as of this writing, it remains to be seen to what extent government will succumb to the rule of law, what level of injustice the people will tolerate and what crimes government will commit under the guise of international treaties, national security and justice.  As we have moved closer and closer to totalitarian rule with the state’s often petty interests superceding what had previously been pillars of Anglo-American jurisprudence, the recent atrocities have desensitized us to abuses of power to the extent that we now shrug our shoulders in quiet resignation as there is little that surprises us anymore.  Submission is the result of and objective for many of the abuses levied by government.  I will go into the story in depth and explain the charges, detail the inconsistencies, but first I would like to lay some groundwork.


October 29, 2014 Are We Reaching A Point Where Assassinations of Police, Politicians, Judges and Bankers is a Good Idea? by Joseph Zrnchik   

Should the elite be allowed to use the masses of humanity as their shield of flesh and bone? We listen to their reasonably sounding pronouncements that have led the gullible American people down a path towards tyranny and genocide, knowing the elite are selling war as a multi-level marketing opportunity for which we Americans just happened to jump on at the bottom floor. We will never profit from the Ponzi scheme. People who have mastered the science of human manipulation, and who have become a polished act of officiousness and sincerity, tell us that others want to destroy us and our nation because of their hatred for our freedom. Yet, when I look, I see oppressed people starving, dying of disease, and left destitute through system where there is no rule of law and the elites' will is enforced through tyranny, torture and murder. We are told to hate and fear other nationalities and poor nations devoid of an army, navy or air force who lack any means to project any military power.


Summer 2014  TRUTH: MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH17 WAS A BLACK OPERATION CARRIED OUT BY CIA/SBU Witnesses at the scene minutes after  the crash described bloodless bodies which looked as if they had been in a morgue and fresh passports that had just been printed.



October 07, 2014  The Funny Thing About Empires  by Joseph Zrnchik for JAR2  

The funny thing about empires is that the rules they make and then apply to other nations are rarely applied to themselves.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the US’s decision to begin its bombing campaign across Iraq and Syria to oppose ISIS. While Assad fights for the survival of his government and his fellow Alawites, and Syrian Shiites, Christians, numerous other denominations and sects, and those who are secular, one can not help but notice that it is the US and Saudi Arabia who have been the primary authors of all this trouble across the Middle East.  It is clear that the US is the culpable party to what has become a sectarian bloodbath that itself now has the US in its death grip.


September 29, 2014 US Military Expert Explains Why ISIS Will Defeat the US Government’s War Plans In Iraq: Joseph Zrnchik 

ISIS will win Iraq War III because it has little to lose and everything to gain.  It has no country to lose, as it is not recognized by anyone as a state.  It has no cities that can be threatened or which the US can use to coerce ISIS into complying with US demands. Therefore, any Iraqi city the US attacks, and any civilians killed in US aerial bombardments, will only serve to draw more Sunnis to the side of ISIS. In fact, ISIS has not worried whatsoever about trying to win the hearts and minds of Iraqi Sunnis or Syrian Sunnisas it continues its gruesome beheadings against Shiite civilians, reporters and any military personnel dumb enough to surrender to this group.


September 29, 2014  Why the World Will Not Learn the Truth About Flight MH17 Shootdown by Joseph Zrnchik 

Truth is always the first casualty of war.  Accordingly, the U.S. has been on a 13-year lying spree ever since 9/11 and Bush’s decision to invade Iraq “because it was doable” in the words of Bush administration officials.  In that Iraq War, as with Afghan War and every other U.S. invasion and occupation, every manner of war crime and crime against humanity that was committed or abetted by the U.S. was overlooked by the U.N. and the ICC.  Additionally, not only has the U.S. refused to abide by the ICC, it has likewise voted itself exempt from its strictures and the enforcement of international law. It is painfully obvious that not only has U.S. influence corrupted the U.N and ICC so that international laws are made and enforced selectively, it has also made lying part of the institutional framework of these international organizations.  This is the reason for the protracted standoff between U.S. and Iran on the issue of the Iranian nuclear energy program.  In Washington truth is not recognized and good faith is not respected.


September 27, 2014 TRUTH: ISIS/ISIL/IS = CIA: Threatens Putin ISIL/ISIS/IS is a US/Mossad/Saudi project to allow unfettered bombing anywhere in the ME


www.dailymail.co.uk This-message-addressed-oh-Putin-ISIS-threaten-Russia-ties-Syrias-Assad-promise-liberate-Chechnya-Caucasus      






September 22, 2014 The Lunacy of Sanctions and the Psychosis of US Exceptionalism by John Robles for PRAVDA

Sanctions, sanctions and more sanctions! Every day we are subjected to an onslaught of stories and reports about how western countries, Europe, certain Asian countries and their master across the Atlantic are imposing new and ever more expanded and devious sanctions against Russia, its leaders, its businesses, industries, entire segments of the financial sector and other parts of the Russian world, even Japan has jumped on the sanctions wagon to show "support" for the hegemon across the Pacific, yet no one stops to question or stand up and say "Wait! All of these sanctions are based on lies." From the onslaught of the US campaign to steal Ukraine Russia has been forced to deal with almost every imaginable threat to its own security and safety and has had to watch as a brotherly nation succumbed to the Machiavellian manipulations of the entire US/NATO/CIA arsenal of instruments used to destroy nations. If that is not enough Russia has had to watch as it is actually blamed for the destabilization of its neighbor and the fratricidal war unleashed on the populace by geopolitical strategists from across the Atlantic, who remain untouched despite documented proof of their involvement in everything from the Maidan to suspicious events surrounding the downing of Malaysian Flight MH-17.   


September 22, 2014 Iraq, Russia, Crimea and More of the Usual US Propaganda  by Joseph Zrnchik     

How much more proof do the American people need to finally come to the conclusion that the US media is worthless, useless and pathetic?  I do give it credit in one area of endeavor, and that is as an instrument of war to project U.S. military power by acting as a force multiplier that garners domestic support for war and acting as a tool for disinformation and the deception of the American people.   Immediately after the shootdown of Flight MH17 the media served as an echo chamber for the White House, the US State Department and every pro-war neocon pundit who ever shot his or her mouth off in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or Fox News.   Once again an uncritical media establishment made up of sycophants and courtiers parroted the official Washington line.  Within days of the crash Obama demanded Russia to send in troops to force Crimeans to surrender to Ukrainian forces or face sanctions and the buildup of NATO forces along Russia’s border.


September 18,2014 War as a Means of Natural Selection and Societal Evolution   

The US ought to ask itself two very relevant questions:  Was Saddam worse than ISIS?  Was it worth $3 trillion to the American people to kill Saddam?  I know it was worth it to Bush because he and his war-profiteering cronies all profited handsomely while the American people are left destitute.  We attacked Saddam without justification and then violated the Geneva Convention and waged war on Iraq “because it was doable” according to Dick Cheney. The UN stood by as an accomplice to US war crimes by providing a thin veneer of legitimacy to US aggression.  All the priior crimes of Saddam were aided and abetted by the US as Rumsfeld met with Saddam to give him chemical weapons with which to attack Iran.  After Saddam’s US approved-and-supported 7-year war with Iran, the US then provided Saddam with tacit approval for his attack upon Kuwait for their stealing Iraqi oil and helping drive down the price of oil at the behest US.  The US demanded OPEC drive down the price of oil as it engaged in economic war against the USSR.  Russia was cash starved and the amount of money it could earn on the international market for oil exports was greatly reduced.  Saddam green-lighted the Kuwait invasion which caused the US to intervene.  After Saddam’s forces took a beating from the US in the Iraqi desert and attacks on Iraqi infrastructure brought the nation to collapse, Saddam agreed to withdraw from Kuwait using an impossible timeframe dictated by the US in exchange for the US promising to end its Desert Storm attacks.



September 11, 2014 9-11, US global domination, NATO and full spectrum dominance 

In order to fully understand, or even to simply begin to attain a limited understanding of, the events that are taking place in the world today, one must dig back to the days before the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, although that may not be far enough, especially when one begins to uncover the ties between the CIA and the Bush family.To understand that relationship one must dig even further back to the cooperation between Prescott Bush and the Nazis and yet one may find that even that is not enough. Eventually through continual digging going back through the pages of history we might end up with the genocide of the indigenous people of North and South America, the Catholic Church's Doctrine of Discovery, which facilitated the genocide of up to 400 million indigenous people in the Americas, and even then we would just be starting to understand the big picture.


September 09, 2014  Russia’s mass sports and top-class sports by Olivia Kroth   

Russians love sports. The Russian nation has climbed up on the international sports charts, for example at the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. From October 1 to 12 this year, Sochi will host the FIA Formula One World Championship, the highest class of single-seat auto racing. More top-class sportive events are to follow: 2015 will be the year of the FINA World Aquatic Championships in Kazan. In 2018, the FIFA World Cup of football will take place in 11 Russian cities. Young Russians start practicing mass sports early in their lives to qualify for selection tests, if they want to reach the peak of the pyramid in top-class sports. “Sports idols should set an example for the population. Russia wants children and adults to take part in mass sports, to lead an active life and improve their health”, according to Tino Kuenzel, editor-in-chief of the German-Russian journal Business Russland (No 1, 2014). More Russians are now ready to walk, jog or run. “In Russia the percentage of people doing sports is growing. About 26 percent of the population exercise regularly, compared to only 12.5 percent in 2005. The highest numbers can be found in the regions between Moscow and the Ural Mountains: Mari El, Mordovia, Tatarstan, Chuvashia. The aim is to have 40 percent of the entire Russian population active in sports by 2020.”


September 09, 2014 Collapse of US and EU Media Precedes US and EU Economic and Political Collapse by Joseph Zrnchik   

Ukraine has made three false claims in the past week of a Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The Ukrainian army then claimed to have destroyed a Russia armor column without providing one picture for proof. One such “invasion” occurred when Russia sent a humanitarian aid convoy to feed starving women and children driven from their homes by Ukrainian artillery barrages against unarmed civilians. The first “elite forces” the Ukraine government sent east to conduct “anti-terror operations” all surrendered and sent word back that there were no terrorists. The next attack by the Ukraine government against separatists resulted in a humiliating defeat. The Ukraine government then sent Right Sector fascists to fight who then slaughtered woman and children, and then incinerated many dozens of unarmed protesters by holding them in a building under gun fire while burning the building down. One so-called “invasion force” voluntarily allowed itself to be inspected by the Red Cross who documented that all items were humanitarian in nature. The “invasion force”, after dropping off food to starving civilians, then moved back into Russia without any delay.


September 05, 2014 US/NATO Will Attack Russia from the 9th to the 26th of September by John Robles   

US/NATO Will Attack Russia from the 15th to the 26th of September Dear citizens of the world. Judging from current intelligence from multiple sources I have reached the conclusion that there is a high probability that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States of America will begin their war against the Russian Federation between September 11th and September 26th 2014.   It is during the period of September 15-26 that NATO will be conducting operation Rapid Trident with at least 200 Americans and 1,100 military personnel from other countries including: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ukraine and the United States. The pretext for the war will be a CIA/NATO orchestrated false flag mass casualty event with the event window being anytime between September 5th 2014 and September 26th although most likely Monday to Wednesday Sept. 9-10. This will allow for the launch of operations or a declaration of war to be carried out on the psychologically important date of September 11.


September 04, 2014 The Types of Revolution Most Feared by the Elites and Police by Joseph Zrnchik   

The US government, as it continues to attempt to quell the disorder in Ferguson, Missouri, is providing Americans an opportunity to look into the eyes of the bi-partisan militarized police state as it engages in the type of behavior reminiscent of Third World dictatorships.  Never did an American think he or she would be facing tanks while having a infantry squad-sized element of a para-military force with fully-loaded assault rifles be trained center-mass at a single harmless youthful protester.   As heavily-armed para-military groups huddle together in what looks to be abject fear, they threaten the lives of Americans attempting to peacefully assemble as protesters face police leveling and aiming military-grade firepower upon the unarmed.  It is as if there is terror in the hearts of law enforcement as its officers are clad in full battle dress uniform with all the latest protective combat equipment.  Americans must be made to understand that this is a psychological operation to discourage and intimidate with the hopes of creating the public perception of rendering impotent and futile any future attempt to challenge or resist the police state.  This they make us pay for.  This they tell us is providing Americans protection.


September 04, 2014 The Leader of the For Russia Party Writes to JAR2 Thomas Scott-Chambers   

 In the not so recent past the Mirror on Sunday printed a libelous and slanderous article about me and the party of which I am head. I have approached John Robles who is a great fighter for the truth to help me clear me name. Our party wants to build bridges and encourage friendship between Russia and the UK, we are hardly the extremist “Far-Right” group which the British tabloid fear mongers peddle... I also believe that The USA deliberately asked the Israelis to step up the oppression of the Palestinian people to take peoples minds off the real humanitarian disaster caused by the western support of Fascism in the Ukraine. Until recently I worked for an "advice agency" helping people in real need, I know what real life is like in the UK. Some people who get help from the state don’t deserve it, whereas some people who don’t get help, really need it. I certainly did not use racist or homophobic language to make this point.  I also believe that society is over sexualized and this causes a prevalence of sexual perversion in society. I do not hold any minority group accountable for this, I hold the rabid capitalist marketing machine accountable for this.


August 22, 2014 The truth of the matter is that the United States of America (an illegitimate country based on genocide, whose innovations, military and media were all developed to amazing levels to maintain an illegitimate genocidal racist state bent on complete and total world domination) has terrorized and destroyed the world and cowed the world's media into quiet submission. There is no longer any independent media. Not even in Russia. Its own cancerous garbage culture and delusional society, terrorized into control by a militarized police state and its own mass psychosis and false belief in its own exceptionalism, has spread like a cancer throughout the world. The secret wing of the racist military state, the CIA, tasked with ensuring what they cleverly call "Full Spectrum Dominance", has funded, backed, orchestrated, provoked and carried out illegal war after illegal war, destabilized country after country and has created more terrorist, nazi and other violent groups than can even be listed. By its own records the CIA has revealed the illegal ends it will go to in order to meet its goals. From 9-11 to Malaysian flight MH-17 to Edward Snowden and Hugo Chavez, the US "complex" has made a mockery of you and I and the entire planet. I have been silenced but this truth is already evident to the world. There must be an armed uprising in the United States of America and the racist military industrial state that is the envy of the nazis must be destroyed before the entire planet is devastated further. That is the truth. So be it. IT IS TIME TO RISE UP. TO STOP TYRANNY and bring all of those waging war and genocide to justice, be they Saudis, Israelis, Americans or Ukrainian nazis. That is the truth. You will not hear that anywhere, even the entire Russian media is being has submitted to the US line as it is quietly destroyed from within.


August 03, 2014 New Additions to Ukraine Leaks Page    

By tomorrow, the 15th of March 2014, the United States, through its agents in Ukraine, will begin a series of false flag attacks on targets in Ukraine which have been designed to make it look as if they were carried out by the Special Forces of the Russian Federation. This information has been made available and was released through several forums used by Anonymous Ukraine. Members of Anonymous Ukraine, who are involved in what Anonymous has called Operation Independence, have independently verified that Anonymous is the source for the e-mails. Among the three key e-mail is one containing the initial instructions from the US Army Assistant Army Attaché Jason P. Gresh to a senior official of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army named Igor Protsuyuk. Again Anonymous has exposed treason by Ukrainian officials and the egregious illegal meddling of the United Sates into the affairs of a sovereign nation.


July 30 2014 WikiLeaks Press Release on Australian Gag Order   

 Today, 29 July 2014, WikiLeaks releases an unprecedented Australian censorship order concerning a multi-million dollar corruption case explicitly naming the current and past heads of state of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, their relatives and other senior officials. The super-injunction invokes “national security” grounds to prevent reporting about the case, by anyone, in order to “prevent damage to Australia's international relations”. The court-issued gag order follows the secret 19 June 2014 indictment of seven senior executives from subsidiaries of Australia's central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). The case concerns allegations of multi-million dollar inducements made by agents of the RBA subsidiaries Securency and Note Printing Australia in order to secure contracts for the supply of Australian-style polymer bank notes to the governments of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.


July 22, 2014 WWIII: dying in the paradigm of brutal American force and terror   

Why does the US want war with Russia? In the words of US General Wesley Clark, since the events of 9-11-01 the United States of America and NATO have been “in the business of destroying countries”. This “business” is not one which can be justified or rationalized by civilized and intelligent people and it is one that has thrown the world into a schism of terror, disbelief, self-censorship, complete and total confusion and what can only be described as a mass psychosis as the peoples of the world continue to be forced to accept the double standards, contradictions and seemingly illogical nature of the actions of the world’s self-proclaimed sole superpower which is bent on global domination by force at all costs.


July 2014  Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown Attack Plans at Bechtel Moscow (ANONYMOUS SOURCE) In intelligence we have received from Bechtel Moscow was also a description of how to generate a radioactive fallout at a US NPP. Today, this method can be described as a Fukushima scenario. Simply get any cooling system, particularly that of burned out fuel rods stored in the vicinity of the NPP shut down and a radioactive fire is bound to follow. In the scenario against which US Nuclear facilities are indefensible is the Tsunami trigger replaced with a binary effect attack [a combination of two or more relatively non-lethal elements that results in a lethal mixture.] The first publicly documented killing that resulted from a binary effect was the so-called inexplicable Gulf War Syndromes.There are six Westinghouse hybrids NPP in Ukraine. The Nazis in Kiev are crazy enough to stage a nuclear fall out and claim that it was Russia / Novorossyia’s fault, following the Zionist’s modus operandi: if we go down, so go you with us. Like the Nazis after Stalingrad, they know that they have lost. Russia cannot be defeated. But like the Nazis, they will fight till the very bitter end. CIA Nuclear Attack Scenario in Ukraine? Anonymous SOURCE

More to come WWIII: dying in the paradigm of brutal American force and terror
The Secure Vault
By Catherine Shakdam
The Terror Vortex: How Zionists Plan to Bring About World War III  ZIONISTS VERSUS ISLAM by Catherine Shakdam 
As the Middle East finds itself once again center stage to much violence, bloodshed and global mayhem, it is absolutely crucial to understand what games are being played and whose agendas are being pushed forth in order to discern truths from lies. In a world dominated by Zionism, where most media have sold out to Israel lobbyists, forced to spin the wheel of the most nefarious power to have ever existed in human history, few have been those able to see through the web of lies, even fewer those to stand on the side of the righteous. For when evil takes charge, those holding the truth are branded liars. It is in such time when our morals and understanding of what is good and evil have been shifted so completely on their axes that our world stands upside down, that we need more than ever to look beyond the veil of fallacy. The world is not as we were told … the world we live is one where the corrupt and the wicked have taken charge of our destinies. The world we live in is one of inequity, fear and repression. The world we think we live in is nothing but a mirage, a grand fabrication, a manipulation set before us to ensnare our minds and turn us into willing puppets.