An Open Letter to the Russian People

From John Robles



September 27, 2016

Dear President Putin and the Russian People,

Best of the day to all of you. My name is John Robles. I was the first “American” to have received asylum in this great country. I also used to be one of the voices that represented Russia and the Russian world on the Voice of Russia World Service in English. I have spent almost ten years living in Russia with asylum and have lived in Russia for almost 20 years and love Russia, her people, her culture, her vast nature and her brave and fearless leader Vladimir Putin and I consider myself to be a Russian patriot.

I am writing to you today with great sadness and pain in my heart and to offer you a message that I believe represents not only my family and I but the majority of the informed American people, members of the English speaking world and all of the indigenous peoples of North and South America who know the truth and want peace.

Dearest beloved Russia, I am sorry for the government of the United States of America which has long ago ceased to be a representative democracy and I am sorry for the governments of the NATO countries and the countries of the English speaking world who do everything the United States demands.

I am sorry that these governments which do not represent me or my family want to provoke and push Russia into World War III because Russia has a brilliant and strong leader who follows an independent foreign policy and because they want Russia’s resources.

I am sorry that these forces want to rob and weaken Russia and the Russian people with their economic sanctions because they cannot balance their own checkbooks and are run by people with insatiable greed for money and resources who believe they have the right to take anything they want and are attempting own and control the world. They do not represent us.

I am sorry for the NATO countries and their unending drive for war, their insane attempt to rule the world by force in order to achieve the unattainable concept of Full Spectral Dominance and their surrounding of peaceful developing Russia with missiles and weapons of death and destruction and military bases. They do not represent us.

I am sorry for the Central Intelligence Agency and the US State Department who believe they have the right to destroy countries by killing the leaders and fomenting armed uprisings and color revolutions and destroying infrastructure and killing you the people. They do not represent us.

I am sorry to you dear Russian and Soviet people that the US Government lied to you and made you believe in some dream of hope and prosperity and democracy that was nothing but a ruse to control and deceive and steal your vast resources and wealth. They do not represent us.

I am sorry for Donbass, Ukraine, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iran, Vietnam, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, and all of the countries where these governments have dropped bombs and killed millions of innocent people and manipulated and corrupted leaders and started revolutions, they do not represent us.

I am sorry for them and I beg your forgiveness for they do not know what they do and they do not represent us. They brought themselves to power by controlling all of the instruments and levers of wealth, intelligence, control and power, and have enslaved the populations they control. They do not represent us.

We the people of North and South America and of the world who see the truth do not want war, we do not want to kill your brothers and sisters and children. We do not want to steal your resources and destroy your economy so that ours can improve and the mistakes and wealth of our morally bankrupt leaders can be funded with blood money. They do not represent us. 

I am sorry and beg your forgiveness for the people who support these leaders for they do not know what they do. They are blinded and the people are distracted by non-issues such as gay marriage and endless mindless media propaganda to demonize and vilify Russia and its strong charismatic peace loving leader who they despise because he possess all of the qualities and moral fiber that the can only pretend to possess.

I ask you to forgive me, my family and all of us who may have had the misfortune to be a part of the English world at one point or another yet see the errors in our governments’ ways and I want you to know that I have personally done everything that I can to stop the aggression by the US and NATO against the peaceful, beautiful and courageous Russian and Slavic peoples.

Since the US and NATO destroyed Ukraine and pitted brother against brother my family and I have also suffered even though we love Russia and considered ourselves part of the Russian world, yet we are treated as if we are part of that system that wants to destroy you all. Therefore I am writing this letter to all of you and once again I beg you to forgive us and to understand that the non-representative governments and intelligence agencies and the military machine that wants to drag you into World War III does not represent us….

I am so deeply and sadly sorry, please forgive us. I have spent everything I had and spent all of my energies fighting them and attempting to maintain my site www.jar2.com and try to stop the US/NATO machine but I can not alone and for this, I am also sorry.

We love Russia, President Putin, and all of the Russian people no matter what problems we may all have and we consider the Russian people our brothers and sisters in peace. We do not want war, please forgive us.

With all of our love and regret,

John Robles II

Ex-Voice of Russia and Owner of jar2 com

In hiding from CIA/NATO in the Moscow Region

September 27, 2016

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