Disintegration of the American Military, Rebirth of the Global Veterans Today

By Scott Bennett, Ph.D., U.S. Army, Special Operations (retired)

March 1, 2015


Americans have missed the point, perhaps on purpose...

Today's enemies of America may not be Russia, China, Iran, or some new economic union the BRIC nations are cultivating to grow their own self-reliance and prosperity (which America did for most of its existence before 1970, I might add). No, the enemies of America may be those within our midst: the American political-bureaucrat-consultant class who does nothing but parasitically live off of the blood and labor of middle class Americans through open-ended military-industrial-security state contracts that are recycled to combat a shadowy terrorist menace developed by invisible money streams flowing from the Middle East and filtered through Swiss banks (which will be discussed in another article).

This article seeks to identify how Military Veterans from yesterday and today--from across the globe—may be, quite possibly, the best qualified to help heal Western Civilization of this “terrorist finance blood poisoning", and nourish us back to our former selves as red-blooded, patriotic, and peace-loving Americans, rather than the grey, human-flesh/ foreign government eating zombies we seem to be fast degenerating into as a result of the decade long eclipse our political priests have labeled, “The War on Islamic Extremism/War on Terror/ War on ISIS/ War on whatever”.



Based on the evidence (executive orders, policies, statutes, changes to military UCMJ), the goal of President Obama is to bleed the American military, not grow it; to fade its confidence and resolve, rather than embolden and galvanize it. Why is another matter, although some credible psychological explanations can be glimpsed between the lines of Dinesh D'Souza's book "The Roots of Obama’s Rage".

Obviously Barack Obama's executive actions and policies regarding military personnel and the rules of engagement indicate his objective to introduce new agendas, values, ideologies, and fears in the hearts and minds of service members, which had previously never been experienced by American military members. For example, for the first time in the history of the United States, and indeed most likely in the history of Western Civilization, American military Officers can be prosecuted in a non-military, civilian federal court, by a civilian federal prosecutor and judge, in front of a civilian jury, with civilian laws and statutes never intended to ever apply to military personnel while performing their military duties. Worse, they can be denied a military defense lawyer to represent them, since it’s a civilian court case.

In essence, this policy and precedent destroys all previous protections of American military service members while obeying orders and doing their duty. For in this one act alone of claiming civilian court jurisdiction over a military service member, the Obama administration not only violates the Constitutional rights of every American--both civilian and military--but also empowers the Presidency with a new, unconstitutional legal instrument of political surgery that it can use at will to gut, amputate, and facelift the military into whatever fashionable image it finds ideologically attractive or politically-correct at the time.

I know this first hand, because it was done to me--although the case is being appealed, and about to explode in a court hearing that will not only dwarf the climactic fireworks finale in “V for Vendetta”, but will by nature of the subpoenas and testimony, disclose every subject and wikileak secret, conspirator and corruption related to the illegal actions of a defense contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, Union Bank of Switzerland, and the Obama Justice Department (Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, among others).

This is extremely significant, legally, because when the military is liberated from the traditionally recognized Constitutional firewalls framing its internal administration and management, it cannot help but pour out unrestricted, sometimes with tyrannical violence, into the molds of civilian life...as seen in recent days with U.S. military vehicles and uniformed personnel patrolling streets, walking college grounds, and guarding baseball game gates.

The rest is history, and wherefrom liberty soon will be.

Another example of Obama's ruining of the military (and this is by no way intended to be regarded as an anti-gay sentiment but rather an analytical example, regardless of the political incorrectness some might assign to it) is the brainwashing, career ending criticisms, and extortion of service members if they refuse to recognize homosexual activities as absolutely normal and equivalent to heterosexual ones.

Worse, is the projecting of this “Gay Marriage” Presidential agenda as an official Congressionally mandated foreign policy (and thereby an implied belief and inviolably sacred value of all citizens of the United States—which, a majority would argue, it is not) to countries around the globe whose moral and religious systems and structures, governments and laws, culture, education, and history regard homosexuality as a perversity of nature and degradation of human instincts.

What are the international ramifications of this? Let us not forget, this was one of the main reasons in 2013 that Ukraine expressed to justify its refusal to commit politically to the more socially liberal-morally loose European Union, particularly the EU’s U.S. mandated policy of "Gay Marriage/Gay Rights".

This was not only a fact, but it is currently a central idea motivating the neoconservative fascists and liberal utopians to unite in an endless hegemonic crusade to conquer the world and reshape it through a politically-correct, hermaphrodite theology; while at the same time masquerading it as a "global war on terror/war on Islamic extremist/war on IS-ISIS-ISIL, etc."

The result of this planned policy has been to trigger an exodus (voluntary and forced) of conservative, Christian, heterosexual military service members from the military organizations; and leave behind a nervous, confused, and hesitant remnant of uniformed bureaucrats. It is also creating in America a paranoid and schizophrenic civilian population; and a media without professional scruples, institutional independence, or individual integrity.

Simultaneously, by doing this to America, Obama has cultivated a politically excited, spiritually animated, and organizationally multilayered enemy—which is using social media and Hollywood special effects to create videos and songs that arouse and recruit revolutionaries and sexually delirious female followers like a magical Pied-Piper leading swooning sirens to a “religious utopia”.



The answer to this problem, the prescription for healing this corruption and cancer, and the course of action which should be taken in strategic communications (political policy, legislation, education, media, and cultural expression) is to slowly turn off the spigot of financial and weaponization support to "moderate" Islamic rebels and the countries directly sponsoring them (Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf nations); and open up the re-alignment of joint national interests (where prudent) with Russia, Iran, and China...and participate in the BRICS economic alliance, rather than obsessively trying to unravel it.

Otherwise the economic war the West is waging--futilely--against Russia (a country and people unmoved, if not comfortable and even strengthened by 1) the disintegration of luxury, 2) political isolation, and 3) cultural reconsolidation) will cause the American economy to seize-up like an engine denied oil (which inflation will evaporate) and instead of "turning swords into plow-shares and returning to their farms and families" the American military-police-intelligence bureaucracy will return to the United States to continue their missions and exercises with false-flag operations, artificially grown threats, and hyper-inflated menaces designed to psychologically subdue an already mentally unstable nation.



As the old poems confirm, Military Veterans from every country around the globe share certain characteristics: a cold, stoic intensity and fearless dedication to duty; a passionate love and instinctive desire to protect family, home, and heritage of their ancestors; and a subtle distrust and contempt for politicians who have not worn the uniform, yet claim to know best how to represent it.

For that reason, the global community of Veterans Today--the military men and women from every country around the globe who are intelligent and honorable enough to want peace instead of the politician's endless war--should carefully consider what has really happened to the American military as a result of the psychological warfare attacks against it by Barack Obama and the neoconservative fascists; as well as "walk-backwards" through the scientific evidence analysis of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Pentagon, the Twin Towers, the Solomon Building 7, and the smoking pit of lies in Pennsylvania. Upon the bones of these deceptions, history has been built, and it is now time to exhume the truth...and only military men have the fearlessness, resolve, and Constitutional authority to dig it up.

As I recall, with my right hand raised, my heart swollen, we swore an oath as soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen. Our willingness and resolve to act now, will determine whether we took that oath seriously or not. Time will tell…and God will listen.

The End



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