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The Grave in the Forest

by John Robles 

The Grave in the Forest (Fiction by John Robles)

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The floor was cold, its polished surface gleamed in the muted light coming through the windows, it rarely had to be mopped because it rarely was defiled by common dirt but it was cleaned of dust on a regular basis. The hard wood felt cold on his cheek as his eyes slowly opened and tried to adjust to the light..

Was it morning or late afternoon? He wondered, as the perpetual pain in his back sent a lightning bolt of agony into his fuzzy brain, the dislocated and unrepairable discs pinching the nerves in his spinal column instantly waking him and reminding him of what had happened..

He could feel his feet which was a good sign but he knew if he tried to get up he would fall over again, so he lay, feeling the caress of the hard wood as it pressed into his cheek bone. What time was it he wondered again as he noticed the spots of dried blood on the floor, he would have to clean those up he thought..

It had all started innocently enough, or so he had been naïve enough to believe at the time, her little quirky smile on her incredible small mouth whose thin lips were almost non-existent. I would have been a cruel and sadistic mouth but for the little smile that was always present when she looked at him. Looking back it was clear that it was not a smile brought about by girlish shyness or fondness or joy, but that of a cold blooded predator as it is about to devour its prey..

The pain momentarily came back shooting through the brain like a white light obliterating all other thoughts as he tried to move. What had happened? It was fuzzy. He concentrated on the floor and the blood spots on it. Yes, that helped. It was coming back. He had come home from the new job with some presents in his bag for his new baby and his beloved wife. There had been an argument of some sort, but it had been a very quiet one because the baby had been sleeping. Why couldn’t he remember the details? The pain came back again and kept making everything fuzzy..

There had been an argument, an unexpected one. He remembered that it had caught him unprepared. But that was usual with her. Every time he thought things were going well she would come up with some unbelievable crap out of the blue but this time it had been bad. He could still feel his feet he thought, that was a good sign. Then the blackness returned and he passed out again. It had all started well was his last thought as the blackness engulfed his mind. She had been the sweetest little creature he had ever seen. There was no way that behind her little coquettish appearance there could be a monster capable of unimaginable cruelty, but there he was, broken on the floor. Blackness.  

The cabin by the lake rose amid the morning mist as the first rays of the muted northern summer morning sun warmed its wooden carcass, the sunlight shining golden off of the windows which overlooked the serene and peaceful waters. Preparations had been underway for a week as staff rushed around making everything perfect for the newlyweds who would be arriving from Moscow soon..

The groom had visited the location personally and had given exact instructions on how everything was to be laid out. Some of his requests seemed a little odd for the middle of the forest but he was a paying customer and had paid cold hard cash in advance and ten percent more than the quoted price so that everything would be ideal. Shortly after he had left a team of security people had arrived and made a close inspection of the facility. Three of them had stayed behind to ensure that the location would remain untampered with and to spent hours to themselves as they set up their own array of security and surveillance equipment..

Preparations were in place for a huge reception, even the local orchestra had been reserved for the event with a play list ranging from Rachmaninoff to Journey. It was the most expensive event that had been booked in the last 100  years and would balance the books until next summer for all involved. Even the fireworks were over the top with local military officers charged with overlooking the pyrotechnics set up..

As the blackness took over and his brain mercifully turned off the pain emanating from his feet and his back he was started awake by the sensation of water splashing on his face. He looked up and saw his beloved looking down on him with her little quirky smile and warm brown eyes caressing his face with their inquisitive glances. He looked around and realized he was in a small row boat and they were in the middle of the lake.. It had all been a bad dream. He was not lying alone dying on the cold  hard floor! He was on his honeymoon! Hurrah! Everything had finally worked out and things were finally as they should be..

He looked up at his sweet  beloved wife and asked: “What happened? Was I out long? I had the strangest dream, it was horrible!””

“It’s okay. Everything is okay sweetie! Poor baby.””

“What happened? Everything seems so fuzzy.””

“That’s what you get for drinking so much,” she said in a kidding voice. She smiled down on him, his head resting on her bare thighs and kissed him on the forehead..

“Why did you do that?” he asked..

“Do what?” she asked..

“Kiss me on the forehead. You said only dead people can be kissed on the forehead.””

“Don’t be silly! You used to kiss me on the forehead and I kind of changed my mind. It is kind of sweet. And your forehead is all crinkled up with worry it was crying to be kissed.” She said giggling..

He turned his head, feeling the warmth of her bare skin against his cheek. He inhaled her smell and felt her heart beating through bare skin. He felt safe and warm and for once happy..

“Do you love me?” he asked in an almost whisper..

“Of course sweetie,” she said. “Don’t be silly. We wouldn’t be here together if I did not love you.””

“Do you love me?” he asked again. He always wanted her to say the words but she almost never did. She always explained why it should be obvious that she loved him..

He insisted, “Do you love me? Can’t you ever say it?””

“I want you inside me right now,” she said. “If I did not love you I would not want you, you silly fool.””

“Do you love me?” he asked again more urgently. He turned his head to look up at her just in time to see the meat clever coming down as it cut his face in half..

“No you fat pig. You are just my fucking ticket out of this fucking country,” were the last words he heard as he woke up screaming, on the floor of the empty Moscow apartment..

He could still feel his feet he thought as the horror of the dream faded. That was a good thing..


The video crew was the first to arrive and had been ready for over an hour for the arrival of the bride and groom. The limousines were lined up waiting for the people to begin arriving and the busses were ready to take everyone to the retreat  after the reception in town and the excursions around the city in the limousines. It was normal in Russia for the bride and groom to arrive separately at ZAGS, so when the groom showed up a half hour before the ceremony alone no one thought much of it. Nor did anyone pay attention to the four guys in black jackets who showed up after him and were hanging around on the periphery in different locations not talking to anyone but just looking around and keeping to themselves..

The first and only person to arrive from the groom's side was truly an enigma. She was one of the groom’s ex-girlfriends and had actually engaged in some very illicit sexual conduct with the groom and the bride together but that was a sekelton in their mutual closet. The bride had had an insatiable thirst for sex of every sort and had for some reason obtained some strange pleasure from going to bed with the groom’s exes and not only. She also had a whole stable of transsexuals, bisexuals, gays and others to play sex games with her at her pleasure. The groom’s ex warned him about his bride, and said she was a cold hearted unfeeling bitch who only used people but he was the definition of the expression love is blind.       

Despite everything he loved her and wanted to marry her. Something about the little quirky smile broke his heart. He was a little nervous, that was obvious, and was pacing back and forth watching the time and waiting for the bride's arrival. He had been sweating all of the details of the marriage for weeks and had borrowed more than ten thousand dollars to pay for the ceremony, the reception, the excursions around Moscow after the wedding and the honeymoon. Everything was perfect he thought, even the bride's dress would be the best ever. He could wait to see her and was so happy with the expectation of a new life with his beautiful new wife. He knew that most people thought she was plain and even ugly, but to him she was the most beautiful girl in the world. It was the quirky smile and the big brown eyes most likely..

Time was ticking by so slowly that it seemed every moment took literally ages to pass. He waited with his ex and the assorted photographers, drivers and other personnel and as time drew near it became clear that something was wrong especially when none of the guests closest to the bride arrived. It is almost to sad to recount and I will spare you the details  but the time came and went for the wedding and the bride never arrived, never called and was not heard of for months. The groom waited for over 8 hours, along with some of the drivers and other personnel who hung around the ZAGS until closing time but they eventually left before he did. He began to drink Vodka and in order to stop him from doing something rash his ex stayed with him and held his hand and comforted him and eventually escorted him home as he was too drunk to even get a taxi..

For the people in the north near the lake it was the biggest non-event in the history of the entire region. There had been so much caviar and other food bought and paid for that even the cleaning women were taking kilograms of caviar home. The staff had waited and waited and tried to call but no one showed up and despite all of their efforts no one had been able to get in touch with the groom. There were rumors that he had killed himself or that the couple had both died and the reality would not be known for months..

The cold tile of the floor pressed into his face as his eyes adjusted to the light. He could feel his feet, and this was a good sign he thought.    

The next two weeks had also been planned for the honeymoon and he was supposed to have been off work but he decided to cancel the vacation and returned to work after several days of burying himself in a bottle, in dozens of bottles to be exact. He tried to call her, send her messages and even went to her house but she was not there. She had simply just disappeared. As if she had never existed at all. He had even gone back to ZAGS, in a drunken stupor, to verify that she had actually and in reality been there with him, and the staff sympathetically convinced him that yes indeed she had. After several days of lying alone on the floor and crying and going nuts he finally went back to work and was ridiculed by a colleague and his supervisor. They thought it was funny that he had been dumped on the aisle and made no secret of it. The stress was too much and he collapsed during his shift and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Whether he died that day and was trapped in some hell of his own making or whether he actually recovered is an event which now seems up for discussion. Reality had changed and now everything was as if he was moving through a dream. A strange Machiavellian nightmare of betrayal and death and demons ready to devour his soul..


It had been a long day in the laboratory and she was happy to finally be home, at last she would be able to get some sleep after a week of extremely strenuous work. They had been toying with the DNA of thousands of types of flies and were developing the model that they would finally test in the field. It was the most horrible thing she had ever seen and she was happy that she would finally be rid of the damn project and be able to try to forget what she created..

The Blue Test Fly, as the called it was a creation that even the Devil would have had a hard time beating. Its eggs were spawned in the millions and could be spread by the wind like dust. Once free and in contact with any organic material the tiny black eggs quickly began to digest everything around them and grow into larvae which quickly became the lethal small blue flies that they had designed. From start to finish the whole accelerated process lasted about 8 minutes and once the flies were actually full grown their life spans were about 20 minutes at which time they quickly degenerated into black dust. The full grown creatures would quickly devour any living thing around them and just like the larvae would burrow into the flesh of any living creature and devour it from the inside eating everything including bone. They were the perfect assassination tool as they could be unleashed almost undetected merely by gust of wind and once the process started they were almost impossible to kill and when they attacked the victim (a mere handful of spores would unleash millions) they left nothing behind except non organic material and then they died traces of a black dust..

She was getting ready for a bath when her husband screamed, "What the hell is that!?""

She ran into the bedroom and saw him staring at something on the blanket. There were hundreds of tiny black balls rolling around and moving. Her stomach turned and she felt nauseous.     


She showed up 4 months after disappearing and failing to show up for the wedding. She did not apologize or try to explain. She brushed the whole event off and said she had just been nervous. No emotion, no caring and seeming to not even posses the most basic elementary understanding of what it was she had done. She came over and got drunk and wanted to go for the ole roll around in the hay. And thus it went on for several years. She came whenever she pleased, stole whatever money she could get her hands on and got drunk for free. All the while pretending she loved him and wanted to be with him but it was her pathetic alcoholic mother who would not let her. He took her to the sea. She stole his money and blamed his children. He took her to restaurants and she broke his glasses and destroyed his possessions. He bought her presents and she made did her best to make sure he was in an accident every time he went to work. She convinced him of his worthlessness and sucked every bit of positive energy out of his life. HE bought her jewelry, she brought her boyfriends into his home to drink from his bar with them. He fixed and bought her cars and she gave the keys to drunk teens to crash so he could fix them again. It was an insane relationship, but for some reason he loved her, even though it was clear to even the most casual observer that she was at best using him and at worst destroying his life..

She was good at it. She turned his head around and manipulated and blinded him to the point where he agreed to marry after she promised they would be together and he would finally have the family he dreamed of. Two days after the wedding she left him. She cooked up some excuse about the new flat being "uncomfortable" and went back to her alcoholic excuse for a mother..

He waited for her for two years and then just as he was about to divorce her she got pregnant. Even though he was sure it was not his he agreed to be the child's father and she promised again they would have a family. She did not want to take care of the child so she arranged his termination from his job so he would be at home to take care of the baby. After a few months when the child grew up a little and after he had signed all of the papers she needed him to sign to make sure the baby got all of the documents she needed to make sure he never saw her again, she took all of his money, went to the police said he was threatening her and set about destroying his reputation as an upstanding citizen. She had already destroyed his career and gotten him terminated so saying he was a dead beat was easy. He had no money and since her father was a general there was not anything that could stop her. Her sick sadistic nature was just becoming known. Soon she would leave and sell the baby in the UK and her and her alcoholic mother would be set.     

To be continued......

The author can be reached at jar2@list.ru.


A Cold Sweat

(Original Fiction)

by John Robles III

You may not use, copy, or in anyway alter this story without the expressed permission of the author. This is a work of fiction, any resemblence to real persons and events is intentional..

This is an excerpt from a book in progress so any construcive opinions/critcism would be appreciated..

Iawoke last night in a cold sweat from a dream about the destruction of the world and knew that the end was near for all of us.

Dream: Running from somebody, soldiers, hiding, being hunted. Then a huge tornado-like weapon that was developed to out-do the atomic bomb is unleashed on the world. Turning the fertile green and hilly countryside into black, blasted and charred earth as a cyclone of death obliterates all..

The History of the Worldd

The being wept, for the planet that he had been sent to oversee was a black and charred mass below him. The beings from planet zx-12 had wanted, no had needed to find out what love was and had created  a race of beings for the sole purpose of finding out and defining what this thing was. The universe was a soulless thing devoid of love, it was needed to ensure the continuation of the universe.but the beings who were created with heightened levels of emotion designed into their systems using emotional algorithms, had kept choosing the path of hate and had finally annihilated themselves as they had come to the end of the road of hate and war..

Our Story Beginss

Once Upon A Time There was a small blue orb and on this orb there was a country that had been preened and kept clean for centuries by a peaceful but simple people who loved the earth and did their most to take care of it. As part of the plan they were to be merged with the more intelligent and industrious peoples of what was known as Europe because they were more developed and the results of a joining of the two was needed by the people from planet zx=12  in order to advance this part of the plan. Time was running out..

They were supposed to have merged their races and along with mixtures from the other races of the world, each contributing the part of their DNA that was strongest, create a model that would have been optimized for the goal the beings were after, but the dark side that was the hate took over and most of the Indians were killed and the land was wasted and that was the beginning of the end for the Beings would have to start over again. Which they could not do as time was running out for them..

The advancement of the human race had been accelerated, which had been extremely dangerous because the humans may have been able to notice, but fortunately they had not..

The subjects of the experiment needed to be at the same time advanced and possessing heightened quantities of the thing that, for lack of a better name, we will call love so that they could be integrated into the galactic environment. They, we (humans) were designed genetically similar to the beings, hence all of the biblical stuff about being created in their image, because humans would have to become the breeders that were needed to insure the continued existence of the cosmic lords, who were on the brink of extinction due to certain degenerated qualities in the (light/love/life-force) they possessed..

As observers of the universe their continued existence is vital because if they cease to exist as the observers, the entire universe, being unobserved will collapse and once again there will be nothing. Not a void, not time, nothing..

The History of the World Part 22

Hate= A strong human emotion expressing intense animosity or dislikee

Love= 1. A deep, tender feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship or a sense of oneness..

           2. A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance..


The beings from zx-12 and the cosmic council deemed the world ready for accelerated evolution sometime during the later part of the 199thhcentury. Electricity was introduced, the internal combustion engine, the humans were even allowed to eventually develop processes using lower stellar level technology, nuclear reactions, low-level short-distance space travel and magnetic time warping to name a few.

The danger in accelerating the experiment was that humans might become aware of the existence of the beings. This was prohibited and would lead to the termination of the experiment and the world. It would require a restart, if you will. But time was running out and restarting was impossible..

The humans had been an ingenious creation, designed with many self-correcting functions, these included DNA, psychological algorithms, heightened reproductive functions and the genetic processes that sustained the more favorable traits. During the centuries that had passed since the beginning of the experiment there had been several modifications to the overall design of the human form but these were carefully hidden from humans and all evidence erased in order to hide intervention..

Among the design characteristics installed were language, self-awareness, curiosity, and dozens of basic needs and emotions that would lead, they hoped to the creation of pure love and pure light. Every unit also possessed programming that served to continue the experiment without the direct intervention of the beings..

For it was the light (love) that they sought, pure warm light, light which included a substance which we can only call love. 21 grams of it encased and nurtured by every unit. The universe had light but it was cold and destructive in nature. The humans had an implant of light inside them and it was this substance that they were supposed to nurture and develop. It was this substance that the races of the universe needed. Humans were merely containers, processors..

The units which proved more successful were allowed to live longer, sometimes even protected in subtle ways by the beings from zx-12. Others died out..


All of the great men throughout the history of the world had an inkling to this greater truth, after all it was a part of each of our programming and all of them played a role in developing the world and as the world evolved some came closer and closer to the truth, but there were also those who fought against them, motivated by baser instincts and the darker side of human nature, you could say their programming was faulty, never being able to get rid of the primitive tribal instincts that had guaranteed the survival of their tribes and nations in the early days..

As the world developed so did humans ability to destroy each other, in the middle of the twentieth century total annihilation almost happened twice..

Weapons and the production of them became a source of power and wealth and the humans who had them prospered and thrived subjugating those who did not, thus insuring their survival and the propagation of their kind..

The weapons while useful at first for ensuring survival against predators became counterproductive as man moved to the top of the food chain. They continued to be developed by humans and were used against others to win territory, power, and control. This was something the beings from zx-12 were completely against, even programming us to know this was wrong, but nevertheless they could not intervene. As emotion was needed to create love and other instincts were needed, such as self preservation, to ensure survival, the eradication of the instincts which caused hate could not be deleted from the programming.   

The first time they were used, weapons, on the global level was at the hands of an evil man named Hitler who tried to take over the world and eradicate those who were different. He had had an inkling of the higher plan but was twisted by his childhood traumas and believed his was the master race, despite being half Jewish he decided to eradicate all Jews. The beings from zx-12 could not intervene as they had to abide by cosmic laws that forbid them from interceding directly in the affairs of the beings created by them on the third planet from the sun..

This was not the first time that humans, aware that there was a greater power, tried to eradicate others in the name of a higher truth (religion) or other ideology. Their history was filled with such events. As it was prohibited for the humans to be made aware as to the reality of their situation, religion continued, with each believing that theirs was right and the others were wrong..

Most religions were peaceful but there emerged two that were stronger and were ready to kill others in an attempt to prove their own worth. In the years leading up to the end of the world these two religions clashed and with the coming of power of the man (Satan well call him) who people were warned about by the beings in ancient prophesy, (it was the only way the could intercede), matters finally came to a boil and humankind extinguished itself..

Hitlers Dream Kept Alive by the Bush Familyy

The Bush family unto which, (for all intents and purposes we will call Satan), was born, needed to continue the dream of the Nazis and continue their empire based on weapons and oil and this was only possible through war, control, and killing. They also had their own racist agenda and a religious one..

The first Bush came into power by choosing an enigmatic former actor to play the leading role of president..

While in power they succeeded in conquering the greatest foe that they had had and in implementing the first steps of the plan that the Nazis had begun. They called it the New World Order and used their almost unchallenged power to manipulate and control most parts of the world..

The tools they used were varied and unlimited; at their disposal were almost unlimited resources and technology. They hired people like Osama Bin Laden who performed beautifully for the second Bush in giving them the excuse to begin the final war, which was supposed to give them complete control of the world and its most precious resources..

All the unwanted segments of the population in their own country had to be eliminated; AIDS was unleashed from a secret CIA experiment in order to eliminate homosexuals who were viewed as being detrimental and deviant, minorities were effectively neutralized by police and the business practices implemented by the shadow government, and all of this was monitored and controlled using computers and technology created by a man who became the richest man in the world. He had made control and monitoring of the entire world possible at their request..

Prophecy: the burning Bush and the devil, an old Pope who could not clearly see the truth due to his age but who feared that Bush was the devil. Facts of the age..

So Bush had entered the White House under the guise of vice president and controlled the situation for eight years. Declaring war on drugs, which freed up untold millions of dollars his family diverted for their own purposes, and fighting wars in several other countries which effectively allowed them to do more of the same, becoming unbelievably rich. During this time he hired Bin Laden to perpetuate wars and kept the Pentagon under control through Rumsfield..

The real president was left almost brain dead so that he could not tell the little he knew about what had been done, as he had had a good heart he was a threat. Even though the first Bush had failed in gaining ultimate power after a failed assassination attempt on the president he still maintained control..

The next eight years the country was run by a man who wanted to bring about world peace for all of the people and tried to do so. He cut down on military spending and on the production of weapons, he downsized the military, kept the peace with the Muslims as best he could and the country prospered. But the shadow government had other plans..

They needed to defeat this man and gain power again and the war machine needed to keep turning so a plan was devised to ruin the Presidents reputation and to rid the world of those who symbolized peace. The first Bush still had a man in power in the Pentagon and he picked a woman, Lewinsky, to compromise the honor of the President. As this man was popular all over the world this was the only way he and his party could be tarnished and removed from power..

Another part of the plan was the killing of a princess and a nun who had come too close to finding out the truth..

I am getting into the minutiae so let us move on..

You see this man William, knew what was going on and had been fighting them for years but he was not able to stop them. He knew that part of the black plan was the introduction of computers to control the world and track and control all of the people in it. He knew that there was a shadow government working against him but he could not stop them..

The Bush family used these computers to gain power again and as soon as they did war was begun. It had required the killing of several hundred people to start the wars but this was nothing for the Bushes..

Muslims knew that judgment day was coming as did the Christians but what they did not know was that the real lord was the overseer from zx-12 and that judgment day was the day when the earth was supposed to become part of the galactic union. They wanted to guarantee that they would have a place in heaven (really zx-12) and fought the Christians with everything they had..

There was one man who had put all of the pieces together, and helped to author this manuscript, but was being hunted and had to go into hiding. He tried for years to let those in power know of the plans that were being put into motion but to no avail..

There had been one chance for the world to be saved and that was the man who had almost removed Bush from power, Kerry, the battle had been close but the use of computers to rig the election and the lies that Bush had told were so great that Kerry lost..

Bush continued to challenge and attempt to control the Muslims, who in the end obtained several nuclear bombs which they used against the US and all of their enemies, Bush retaliated in kind, unleashing most of the weapons at his disposal, including a new one which no one had been able to control and which destroyed most of the world..

Two thousand years have passed and the world is a charred and burnt ruin, beings that vaguely resemble humans crawl amongst the wreckage, left and forgotten by the beings from zx-12 who long ago had left, forever. For the pieces of the human race that remain, there will never be a heaven. The light was put out and will never be lit again..

Think About It!!

By John Robles II Moscow, Russia