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We were glad and surprised to hear that Bradley Manning was actually released from prison and even more glad to learn that Julian Assange is still alive. However his appearance on the balcony left more questions than answers.

If you have been following our reports, analysis and comments on the entire WikiLeaks fiasco then you know what the truth has been since last October and nothing has changed except for the fact that Julian is alive which is wonderful. However there are questions that still must be answered.  

Few know that it was in fact myself and John Young and one Orlin Grabbe who started the whole business of leaking US Government documents to the public years before WikiLeaks. John Young started in the US and was something of a mentor to me and helped my get started and I even ran a mirror for John when he was shut down multiple times. My first big leak was the MI-6 list which I now openly talk about, albeit with little detail, and things were going well until WikiLeaks showed up. John and some others in the CypherPunks taught Julian Assange everything he knew and pretty soon we were being completely ignored. John believed WikiLeaks was an Op and so did I at first. One big reason is that the media all promoted and used him and ignored everyone else. But that is enough on that. John and I used to be good friends until my US Passport was revoked. See: but of course you have never heard about me have you?

Hearing Assange speaking about asylum and knowing what I know is painful yet hearing him say that it is not a crime but a human right to seek asylum validated the treatment my family and I have received. Most people think there is something wrong with you if you seek asylum and if you have asylum it is even worse. Unfortunately Russians are no different and are even more brutal in many regards. That is truly a global problem as is the demonization of refugees and immigrants that is going on currently.

I argue that that is part of the master plan, by those who want to eradicate Arabs and Muslims, especially those of the Shia variety. They have bombed and destroyed their countries since 911 and now of course after wiping out Libya which was the only buffer zone these poor souls have found their way to Europe looking for a normal life. But it is not to be.

As you have supported my work in the past and the site I should tell you about what we have been up to. If you have visited lately you may have noticed lots of changes and hopefully the improvements will help you to navigate and find stuff better. I have put in about 300 hours on the site this month. Almost all of the interviewees have their own pages and I am working on categorizing and cross referencing everything by topic. So all of the Syria material is on a Syria page and all the WikiLeaks stuff is on another page and so. As I have over 14 years of stuff this will not be done soon but every day I find another gem. Like the Yasser Arafat autopsy reports, Netanyahu’s FBI investigation into his purchase of nuclear weapons and the MOSSAD files. Which were a huge release and provided to me in a batch from a hacker you all know and hopefully love. 

I was doing great on Twitter until my account was suspended for no reason about 3 minutes after I had been followed by @Potus. I had worked hard for a year increasing my audience and was nearing 20,000 when for no reason and with no response to my many complaints I was permanently suspended. My pro-Russian anti-Zionist work was probably to blame as well as my work exposing what is known as Pizzagate. As you know my servers were taken down and I am continually attacked and was hacked again recently for hosting that material and the MOSSADF lists. I have never received an official request to take anything down and the genuine nature of this material is why.

We are still living in a very small town environment but I am safe here. However there is no chance of income other than the Internet. So any attack on my site is an attack on my life. I would like to move back to Crimea but the number of supporters and the income I make is not enough and the situation down there is getting worse.

My son is still alive and I would like to go see him. The US has done nothing to help him. 

 So I will stop there so as to not overload you and ask you to please please and three times please donate anything you can to the site. We do not need much and any amount is appreciated.

God Bless You All!

Sincerely yours,



P.S. I published this a few hours before Assange appeared on the balcony. Just another in a long series of coincidences:

From: The Citizens of the World

To: All World Officials Possessing a Conscience

Re: The Rendition and Possible Execution of Julian Paul Assange


We the citizens of the world are deeply concerned and highly upset by several events which are unresolved and demand resolution. Given the inactivity, incompetence and collusion of the bodies given the power and authority to investigate, arrest and prosecute we are taking matters into our own hands and seeking international intervention so that the heinous crimes which we are forced to accept and which are flaunted in our faces on a daily basis in the world’s media are once and for all put to an end.

We demand explanations, investigations and resolutions into the following issues (the list will be expanded on in the near future) of which we have seen clear irrefutable evidence:

A)     The disappearance and rendition of Julian Paul Assange on October the 16th 2016.

B)      The takeover of the WikiLeaks organization by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States on October 16th 2016.

C)      The political assassination of Seth Rich after he met Craig Murray and passed him information.

D)     The international child rape, murder and trafficking ring commonly known as Pizzagate, which involves state actors and players at the highest levels.

E)      The clear and open fake nature of “news” outlets which are covering for heinous criminals and which must not be allowed to operate any longer as they are clearly compromised and choose to deceive rather than fulfill their responsibilities to inform.

F)      The attempted takeover of society, the media, the Internet and the world by the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and all of their client states and intelligence bodies and their operations to manipulate and control the populations of the world. This includes an immediate end to censorship, hacker attacks, all MKULTRA and MOCKINGBIRD type programs which are in use today, Psychological Operations and the outright assassination of anyone who exposes their illegality, malfeasance, illegal tactics and methods!

These international criminals under the color of authority have been fighting an undeclared illegal shadow war against the peace loving people of the world for much too long. We demand justice, accountability, rule of law and the complete and total adherence to international laws, conventions and all laws, treaties, agreements, and conventions regarding human rights.

We the citizens of the world demand justice under the concept of common law and justice under the just, proper and unwavering belief that no one, no country and no organization is or can be allowed to remain above the law!


Citizens of the World


P.P.S. These are just some of the new pages on jar2. All of the interviews have an audio file which you can download and listen to and since they are my authored material use as you wish)))



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