by John Robles 


Dear Friends,

          Best wishes to all of you again from Russia and I hope that you are all enjoying health and good fortune. With the recent developments all over the world, with us personally and with several recent deaths of people I had been in contact with in the past, including Michael Ratner, it is very difficult to try to formulate a proper way to address you all and pretend that everything is okay and looking up, so I will just be 100% honest and tell you that things are getting very very serious indeed. I am still convinced that there must be a way to survive just on the Internet and I have to believe that because it is all I got.

The stress and knowledge of knowing that there are people attempting to take power in the United States, who would take us down the road to World War III, and the historically unparalleled propaganda measures that they are taking to bring that about make doing anything seem fruitless but I know that no matter how much the stakes are stacked against peace it is the responsibility of every intelligent civilized person to do whatever they possible can to stop the madness of war from spreading any further.  

          The world seems to be spinning out of control and the war rhetoric seems to be reaching unprecedented levels as if they are ready to start a nuclear war any minute. However, and this may be fortunate, there is a real chance that the cynical planners and “architects” of the NWO and the US/NATO military industrial complex may be simply attempting to distract the American people as they attempt to install their choice for next POTUS. Since the people who have seen through the lies can not unite behind a leader or an idea, they are attempting to distract the masses and unite the people against an enemy. Of course today’s enemy of choice is the old boogeyman of Russia, which is next on the list for forced U.S. regime change.

          Even if it is all just smoke and mirrors one should prepare for the worst as there is the very dangerous chance that the demonization of Russia and all of the bellicose rhetoric that is coming from the “leaders” is truly in preparation for the unthinkable start of World War III, which they believe will leave the mainland U.S. unscathed as did the first two.

         Stopping World War III is not and cannot be the responsibility of only one side and any thinking and civilized individual must do anything and everything they can to not allow this to happen. As for the Russian side I can guarantee you that Russia does not want war and has been interested only in forging mutually beneficial economic and trade ties with all countries since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but will strike back if attacked and is ready to defend Syria to the end.

My Work for You and for Peace and Truth

           During the past month I have done everything I can to try to raise awareness of the need for peace while seeming to have to fight both sides who seem to be serving the same monied interests and are engaged in the same game from both directions. Despite that there has been some positive feedback although attempts to ignore and censor my messages, posts and material continue.

           My largest work was a 50+ page paper along with audio and video material calling for a stop to World War III and for the warmongers and architects of 911 and sponsors of ISIS to be brought to justice. I ask you to support my call for an international tribunal as it is the only way the world will be brought back to a state of civilized relations between nations and the rule of international law.

Stop World War III Paper




Angry John Saying Leave Putin Alone


Apology to the World for War


Russian and English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDcg8JhQlwI

My Activism: WADA and WikiLeaks

           I continue to try to counter some of the worst and most unjust lies regarding Russia and have received thanks from many of my Russian followers and a couple of officials which is heartening. This includes the hosting of the Wada files which was prompted by the unjust banning of Russian paralympians and Maria Sharapova who had been taking prescription medication and was banned while counterparts from other countries were checked off on a host of performance enhancing drugs.

            Keeping up with the WikiLeaks Podesta leaks has been a massive task because of the way I obtain thedownloads. If you have not noticed www.jar2.com 



Rising Racism in Russia

            I can no longer be silent on the rising racism in Russia but it has been getting steadily worse and worse for minorities here for the last three years. You can watch my video here where I discuss some of the ways that they have made living here impossible to the point where the only real choice is becoming either death or leaving. It has gotten so bad that I have finally spoken out against Russia risking what is left of my life.

Personal Struggle After 20 Years in Russia

For our 20 Year Anniversary I made a video in which I very strongly report on what has been two decades of my life and the ridiculousness of the fact that Russia does not give citizenship to refugees.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olJe9IHNMmU In Russian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQzf9nvBU7I

The media blackout and the way that they continue to help with our destruction is unbelievable and I have published two interviews that were never published and in fact censored by the Russian media. You can find those here: http://www.jar2.com/Personal/Forbidden_Interviews.html

I know people do not like to hear how bad things are and many don’t care so please skip this section if you have an issue with this. Two days ago as of this writing it was exactly 20 years that my children and I arrived in Moscow on a train from Minsk.

I really wish that I could have made something positive or uplifting but unfortunately all of the good things stopped when I received asylum after the U.S. revoked my citizenship and left me stateless on false grounds while telling me to close my site. (If you do not know the story they said I owed child support to corrupt officials in Woodland California to the tune of $460,000.00 for all the of the time I was in Russia raising my children. They apparently took federal child support money to line their pockets and this continued up to at least 2007. That is the official version and U.S. Embassy Moscow knew the children were in Russia). It was this battle with corrupt officials collecting federal money in the names of my children while I was the single full legal and custodial parent trying to raise them by myself that caused me to eventually leave the U.S. After this failed to have me returned to the U.S. Michael McFaul attempted to have me deported on two occasions by saying I threatened him. The second time a formal diplomatic complaint was filed by the U.S. that I physically threatened him. However they offered no proof. There was none. How could you physically threaten someone you had never seen?        

I now live in fear, better to say I live in terror, after everything that has happened and all of the death threats both written and the actual physical attacks. I tried to make like everything was fine and normal but I have not been allowed to live in peace and can not find any employment whatsoever. It is getting so bad and they have pushed us so far and for so long that the point has almost come that I no longer care what they think. It is very unfortunate that I cannot say anything good about the treatment we have received here and what is worse is that I have to live in terror of saying anything that might offend some official or someone who can damage us. But it has gotten so bad and continues to get worse by the day that being silence or colluding with people who want to destroy me and my family is no longer possible.

Many people tell me they are demonizing everyone and what is happening to us is not just an isolated case. Many try to tell me to be quiet and try to understand that the situation is hard in the country but they do not understand the situation we are in.

When I asked for asylum I believed the Russian Constitution and thought that we would be able to get some sort of assistance or protection but I was completely and totally wrong. Not only did we get no assistance but the treatment against us became something which has grown and grown worse and worse the longer we have been forced to live as refugees. It is torture! They literally make it impossible to live and the growing propaganda against migrants is making things even worse every single day.


It is not something I have ever talked about because I am afraid of the backlash but there is nothing they can do now except kill me or arrest me and I do not care anymore, I am sure soon they will just arrest me like they did my son on some fabricated charges. I was reminded of this not long ago by the only person who donated last month. He actually thought I may be some sort of criminal but helped anyway bless his heart. He reminded me that I have NEVER committed a crime in my life! I am not a criminal! I did my civic duty and reported corrupt officials stealing federal money in Woodland California and ended up a refugee in Russia and in reality the U.S. should pay me and my family restitution for destroying our lives, except we are racial “minorities” therefore they can do anything they want to us.

Spending the last few weeks reading the Clinton crime syndicate’s e-mails and the clear acts of treason I am once again totally disgusted and totally sure that it was my reporting of these crooked “officials” in Woodland that caused everything that has happened since then. The way the U.S. system ignores and actually rewards the criminality of the rich and powerful is stunning. As an indigenous person trying to understand the greed and lying that drives these monsters is almost incomprehensible, and that is what the U.S. promotes in the countries that it wants to control. Hence the demonization and organized assassination of every honest leader that goes up against them.       

It is also unbelievable that the United Nations and the UNHCR (and this should be noted by anyone who is considering seeking asylum in the Russian Federation) have done absolutely nothing to help me or my son or my daughter or our family. Because we have asylum in Russia and their system is that the U.S. is always right and Russia is always bad and therefore anyone who is on Russia’s side is also bad. They do NOTHING to help! Even though under international law they must help refugees, which is what we are.  

My poor innocent son continues to be held incommunicado in a Russian prison zone on orders of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow after McFaul failed to have me sent to Lefortovo’s basement and I am preparing to die. Why? Because I am starving and live a life worse than a slave and recently the state has taken the license plates of my car and after being moved to a location in the middle of nowhere for my “safety” I am going to die here because I am completely isolated and needed my car to travel to any kind of possible job. So if I can not raise money on the internet with the 1 Gb internet connection I am supposed to pay for I am dead. I will be evicted because I cannot pay the $259 rent and I will not be able to even travel 2 kilometers because they took the plates off my car. They cut off my most needed resource. And here I see the hand of the agent who okayed the arrest of my son last year the day after I refused to break the law for him and be his free bitch.    

 How you can I help to expose the human rights abuses in Russia if I lie? I can’t! It is like a home run by a psychotic killer dad and when they come he says there are human rights in his house while he is killing his children and torturing his wife. How can Russia pretend to abide by the United Nations and leave refugees just to hang by a rope until they die or commit suicide? I thought driving someone to suicide was illegal but that is exactly what the Russian Government is doing top me and the security service I thought I was serving loyally.

I recently wrote to Andrey Bistritsky and asked him what he knew about McFaul and all of the 5th columnists because he was friends with him and he ignored all my letters and messages. Meaning the shit started there.

My document was also taken away from me on the 20th along with the plates on my car as I await the yearly torture of first begging to renew my status which is supposed to be permanent and the equivalent of a renunciation of citizenship and then the month or two or three that it will take to get them to simply put a fucking stamp in the document. Which time I can not even go for a walk because  of the terror that the police will ask me for my document which of course they will do because I look like a “foreigner”.

I am also in terror of the multiple deaths of people in the West who has helped me.

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I LOVE YOU ALL and I am working for you,


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