CRYPTOME was the REAL WikiLeaks and JAR2 was the REAL Snowden

If you are reading this then you probably expected to find a mirror of Due to the US Government canceling of my US passport and the ensuing attempt by said to destroy my life, the disappearance of Richard Tomlinson, and the continued harassment of Michael Smith, and the fact that all we had in common was John Young and cryptome, I have for these and for several other more private reasons come to the conclusion that John Young is just a pseudonym by which the operators of cryptome org communicate with and lure unsuspecting individuals into their web of lies and deception, so that they can cull information which is promptly turned over to the intelligence services of ANY country involved. For these reasons cryptome has been allowed to do what they have for so long when others who have done much less, such as Richard Tomlinson and yours truly end up dead or destroyed. The fact that "John Young" the operators of cryptome, ignored my accusations and continue to maintain this link is just part of their way of thumbing their noses at me. Do not trust cryptome. OR count on them to pass on whatever you send to the FBI, CIA, and all the other agencies from which they claim to, just like that and through FOIA requests, to obtain endless quantities of "SECRET' and sensitive information. REAL secrets are not passed around on the internet in bulk my dear friends.