Porton Down

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DSTL Porton Down's Chemical Weapons Storage and Disposal Compound

DSTL Porton Down's Chemical Weapons Storage and Disposal Compound. Chemical weapons storage bays (centre). Inspection laboratory and PINS (Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy) bunker (top)

DSTL Porton Down's Chemical Weapons Incinerator

DSTL Porton Down's Chemical Weapons Inspection Laboratory

DSTL Porton Down's Chemical Weapons Incinerator

DSTL Porton Down's Chemical Weapons dismantling bunker. Known as the PINS Bunker – Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy

DSTL Porton Down's HME: Home Made Explosives Facility

Trident Nuclear Missile Submarines - McNeilly Leak Original Non-Editted Full Leak


Trident Nuclear Missile Sites


Closer look



Submarine Berth where Trident Nuclear Missiles are loaded

Naval Base, HMNB Clyde, Faslane nuclear submarine base

Naval Base HMNB Rosyth. Abandoned Trident refitting yard (left) and old laid-up nuclear submarines (centre)


Main Key Document 1 - Drawing


Main Key Document 2 - Drawing


Roads Re-Routing Key Document 1


Roads Re-Routing Key Document 2


Roads Re-Routing Key Document 3


Project Lennox in London Financed by Stealing Russian Embassies in US

Bird's Eye view looking north across the site for Project Lennox: the new US Embassy in Ponton Road, Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall / Battersea, London, SW8

Project Lennox: the winning design for the new US Embassy by Kieran Timberlake

UKCMRI – Biohazard Laboratory at St. Pancras Eurostar Terminal


Bird's Eye view of proposed UKCMRI biolab at Brill Place, Camden, London next to St. Pancras International Eurostar Terminal, the British Library and Somers Town council estates

Looking south down Midland Road towards Euston Road and British Library (centre). St. Pancras International Eurostar Terminal (left) and the UKCMRI biolab at Brill Place (right)

The original site proposed by NIMR – Temperance Hospital on Hampstead Road next to Euston Station

The current secure Mill Hill site of the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)

CDE Nancekuke at RAF Portreath and CDE Sutton Oak, St. Helens

Aerial views of former CDE Nancekuke sites at RAF Portreath. Research Laboratories (Central Site), Sarin production factory (North Site)

Pilot's Eye view: old chemical weapons production waste dumps for CDE Nancekuke at RAF Portreath

CDE Nancekuke waste dump sites at RAF Portreath

UK/NATO Nuclear Weapons Facilites


RAF Fairford's new developments. B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Forward Deployment Hangars, Low Observable (LO) Coating Climate Controlled Maintenance Dock, Underground Fuel Bowser Depots and Flightline Security Enhancement Project (FSEP) CCTV Towers

RAF Welford

Bird's Eye view of a train graveyard (foreground) and AWE Foulness nuclear blast shock wave simulator for tanks (background) at QinetiQ's Shoeburyness Weapons Test Range near Southend-on-Sea, Essex

The top secret training mission of pilot John "Killer" Killerby in the B-2 Spirit of Nebraska Stealth Bomber at RAF Fairford in August 2008

Pilot's Eye close-up view: Looking west over RAF Fairford's B-2 Stealth Bomber upgrades in September 2007

B-2 Stealth Bomber Deployment Hangars at RAF Fairford and at Whiteman AFB
Low Observable (LO) Coating Maintenance Docks at RAF Fairford and at Diego Garcia AFB


AWE Burghfield Trident Missile nuclear warhead assembly / disassembly compound comprising special plutonium containment mounds – "Gravel Gerties"

AWE is a Private UK Military Contractor

 AWE Burghfield Trident Missile nuclear warhead assembly / disassembly compound comprising special plutonium containment mounds – "Gravel Gerties"

Looking west over AWE Aldermaston showing ORION Laser Research Facility and two new office buildings (left)

AWE Aldermaston's two new office buildings (left) and ORION Laser Research Facility (right)

AWE Aldermaston ORION facility




MI6 Base at Fort Monckton




GCHQ Uncensored by Richard Aldrich - 665 Pages

GCHQ Official Docs and Technical Site Drawings

GCHQ Edgehills Application 2008

Technical Drawing 1

Technical Drawing 2

Location Maps

GCHQ Birdlip Application 2006

Application Form


Supporting Documentation

Technical Drawings and Maps

Photos of existing site

Council rejection decision

Appeal dismissal decision

O2 Airwave Birdlip Application 2007

Drawings (additional equipment)

O2 Airwave Birdlip Application 2006

Application Form


Technical Drawings

Application Form amended

Technical Drawings - amended

Council approval decision

The location for GCHQ's new test and development facility for trialling new interception and communications equipment. Hidden in a clearing within the Forest of Dean at Little Dean Walk, Edgehills Radio Station, Plump Hill, near Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire

EDS Data Centre bunker at Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Looking east across EDS Data Centre (middle) at Wynyard Business Park, Billingham, Teesside with Clipper Logistics distribution warehouse and the A19 in the background and Cleveland Police's Roads Policing Unit  


Bird's Eye view looking west across GCHQ's Maidstone Test Facility in Kent - Thurnham Doppler Weather Radar Statio

An existing tower at Birdlip Radio Station, Shab Hill, Gloucestershire 


Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Abbey Wood, Bristol 


Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) Ensleigh near Bath 

GCHQ Oakley 2002

GCHQ Oakley 2006


GCHQ Oakley

GCHQ Oakley

GCHQ Benhall in 2006 

GCHQ Benhall in 2008  

August 2018: GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 Secret Rooms for BT Equipment

In terms of so-called "Secret Rooms" within spy-related buildings, you need look no further than a public address database. If you use various telecommunications companies' broadband postcode checker tools to see if they supply your residential area with fast internet connections, certain addresses return very interesting and sometimes quite shockingly detailed results.

For example, MI5's headquarters at Thames House on Millbank near Parliament names "Room 87" as being used for a "BT Openreach Monitoring Line". A remote data centre used by MI5 in West London near Heathrow Airport (known to journalists, but not publicly avowed) lists "Floor 1, Room NR3" and "Ground Floor, Hall 5, Cabinet D5, Room A05". Another non-publicly acknowledged MI5 facility near Manchester details "Comms Suite G12 Rack 4".

Meanwhile, GCHQ in Cheltenham names "Ground Floor, Room 48", "Ground Floor, Suite L1", "Room B1E4, North Frame Room", "Basement Frame Room C1" and "Suite L1". Up at GCHQ Scarborough, "Room 144" and "Lower Ground Floor, Room 4B, Rack RZ10" are given special mentions. Down at GCHQ Bude in Cornwall, "Room 302" is named. But also listed is the latest expansion to GCHQ Bude: Project Corn, a new office development and storage building under construction during 2018 next to the main gate.

Not to be left out, MI6 HQ at Vauxhall Cross lists "Floor 001, Room 110".

GCHQ (right) 6-8, Palmer Street, London in 2008. Codenamed UKC1000 within the Echelon spy network

GCHQ 6-8, Palmer Street, London in 2015

GCHQ Palmer Street rear vehicle entrance (left) on Vandon Street and British Transport Police's emergency response vehicle garage (right)

UK Internet Undersea Cable Stations (The Secrets of Cornwall, UK)


Internet submarine cable amplifier station in a UK West Country seaside town

Internet submarine cable amplifier station in a different UK West Country seaside town

Another Internet submarine cable amplifier station ...
... but on the UK's blustery East Coast, near a very famous holiday camp

another Internet submarine cable amplifier station near another holiday camp

and next to thousands of caravans, back in the South West in a third town

A holiday leisure centre with funfair in the South West but also ...
The brand new GTT / Hibernia Express superfast internet connection to North America
Connects London and New York at less than 60ms latency,
via Slough; Reading; seaside funfair; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; and Boston, USA

The GTT / Hibernia Express superfast internet connection to North America
Architect plans submitted to a council in SW England in March 2015

Internet cable landing station on the East Coast on sand dunes at a famous seaside resort

A Bed and Breakfast farmhouse in yet another South West seaside town but with a curious signpost mentioning "Cable and Wireless CL Site" – a huge data centre, built in 2001, hidden behind the trees on the right, beyond some poultry sheds

Cable and Wireless CL Site and the poultry sheds

Cable and Wireless CL Site: HQ Camera Drone Aerial Filming


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