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Solution for Survival of Serbia


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Interview with Dragan Antakovic, the author of “The Survival Option” and the founder of the People’s Response in Kosovo, in Serbia.

Hello, this is John Robles, I’m speaking with Dragan Antakovic – he is the author of “The Survival Option” and the founder of the People’s Response in Kosovo, in Serbia.

Hello, sir. What exactly is the “The Survival Option” that you wrote?

“The Survival Option” is a set of political, social and economic solutions that are not only desirable but also easily achievable. “The Survival Option” is also known as democratic meritocracy.

Ok, and what exactly does that mean?

Well, it means why this option is called the survival option.

Ok, why is this option called the survival option?

Because the realization of this option provides the only solution for the survival of Serbia as a state and the survival of the Serbian people as a nation with the state and the survival of all other citizens of Serbia as dignified human beings allowing them to have what is called a decent life – it means survival option.

What is the current situation there in Serbia? Can you tell the listeners a little bit about that?

About the situation in Serbia, I’ll try to explain with my not so good English. Serbia is now in total occupation. That means that one part of the occupation is made up of the foreign interests from the West of course. Another part of occupation is made up of the so called tycoons in Serbia – people who make much money but are big politicians. The political scene in Serbia is also occupied. On the political scene we have those who act in interests of interested groups on the West.

Can we talk about “The Survival Option”? Is this a democratic option or what are the politics of “The Survival Option”?

“The Survival Option” is democratic and patriotic option because the “The Survival Option” is the so called original democracy with no parties – it is our idea. We have a lot of forbidden parties but we think that parties are something that we don’t need.

Is this a democratic or anti-democratic option in your view?

Democratic option because it has some kind of original principles of democracy - that is direct voting by name, the right of citizens to control the work of Government and its Assembly, the right of people to freedom of expression – a decent right and all the other rights that are stated in the UN Charter.

What’s the attitude of “The Survival Option” towards Kosovo?

Kosovo or Kosovo and Metohija is our territory which we neither sold nor lost in the war nor gave away as a gift and in which due to arose of local politicians and interference of foreign factors beyond our political will and without consultation with us was created a political entity which is not ours and which we do not recognize as a state. We are aware that our compatriots who live within that entity need every kind of our help, so we are providing it and we will continue to provide in the future.

We do not want to confront with the international community and with the United States as well as any other country or nation. We only ask that our view of the status of Kosovo is appreciated and we are not asked to change it until we, by the will of the majority of our people, decide to do so. We declared our view of the status of Kosovo to be final and on that subject we will no longer ask for or let the repressed or another party enter into negotiations.

We do not reject negotiations and discussing with the legitimate representatives of the Kosovar Albanians stiff at this because we are aware that this is in interests of our compatriots in Kosovo. We only ask that those negotiations and discussion occur first under the patronage of the United Nations mission which will be equally made of the countries that have recognized Kosovo as the state and countries that have not with the mediation of countries like the United States and the countries that are selected as well, and Russia and countries that Russia chooses.

We will agree to any decision made by the United Nations mission or assembly of these countries - mediators unless we were asked to give legitimacy to seizing of our territory that is Kosovo and Metohija. We advocate that the problems in North Kosovo where most of our compatriots are should be resolved under the patronage of the United Nations mission which would consist equally of the countries that have recognized and the countries that have not recognized Kosovo’s independence with the obligatory presence of the United States and Russia in that mission.

Ok, I’ll ask you one more question. Are you for or against joining NATO?

My opinion is my opinion but people have opinion too. NATO Alliance is a military organization which ranks we will join only if people agree with this in our referendum provided that the turn out is at least 60% of all voters. We will hold this referendum only if China and Russia give us their confirmation to join the NATO Alliance. China and Russia respond negatively on this matter – we will absolutely accept their position only if they previously, officially, which means in the UN too, provide and guarantee our status of military neutral country – it’s our opinion.

So, Serbia should be a neutral country in your opinion?

I think that we must be a neutral country because neither United States nor Russia wouldn’t agree with other sides. I never be in NATO, as me as person, but we must be real in this world.

Ok, thank you very much.

That was an interview with Dragan Antakovic the author of “The Survival Option” and the founder of the People’s Response.


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