Doctor Jovan Deretic President of the Free Serbia Movement

EU Made Serbia a Colony

EU has made Serbia a colony - expert

Download audio file  5 April 2012, 11:53

Interview with Dr. Jovan Deretic, a Political Science Doctor, the member of the Petrovskaya Academy in St. Petersburg and the President of the Free Serbia Movement in Serbia. 

Can you tell our listeners what are the main points affecting the current struggle of the Serbian people, I mean politically as far as integration with Europe, ties with the United States, ties with Russia, etc.?

Yes, we are having a very bad situation in Serbia since the year 2000 when the Government was started here. We have a Pristine Government or not a Pristine Government and everything that is wrong here is against the Serbian people, against the Serbian state, everything is destroyed in Kosovo and Metohija. Classical defiance of the Serbian acting Government. The people are resisting. We are in a rich country, now people start starving because all the economy is destroyed. And we don’t have the right to produce something because we have to buy everything from the European Union. The European Union has made of us a kind of colony and not thinking straight here, people are very, very hungry.

And now we have an election which is to be held on the 6th of May. But this election is a paper to be stealing, it’s not absolutely free. It’s not absolutely correct. And this carries a big question of what will happen in Serbia in one month, two months and through time. And the European Union will not get Serbia as its member. They have a plan to accept Serbia as a last colony, to destroy our economy and oblige the people to immigrate in other states particularly to make Serbia empty. And our regular people are obliged to follow these policies because they are blackmailed by Brussels. People in power who have money have stolen everything that is given to Serbia as a nation like a good credit. Privatization resulted in stealing, like mafia working.

And now they ask from the people and people do not agree with this policy. People in Serbia will not enter the European Union. People from Serbian look to the east to roots to trust to a new European-Asian Economic Union. And my movement Слободна Србија (Free Serbia Movement) are working on the program for Serbia to join the European-Asian Economic Union as we are the only ones in Serbia who dare to talk freely of this problem. Our media is not free. People don’t watch TV anymore.

Can you please tell me about your political campaign, because as I understand you are running for office? What are your positions?

Our political campaign, we will not be present on this election because it is not free and correct. We boycott this election and boycott the new Government which will come after this election.

Why exactly?

Because they are prepared to steal 2 million votes. Everything is discovered, we know everything what they have done. And this is not a normal election, this is a joke.

I’d like to know why many of the current politicians are not loved by the Serbian people and yet they are in office? How did that happen? Most of the politicians right now are not supported by the Serbian people, why is that?

These politicians now are not supported by the Serbian people, they are supported by NATO and by Brussels. And here we have some Russian diplomats, they say that Russia will keep good relationship whoever will be in the Government of Serbia. We don’t like this because it means that Russia doesn’t care of what is happening here and puts in place to work for better relations between Serbia and Russia people who work too hesitant. I think Russian diplomats don’t understand our  situation.

That’s not very promising to hear that. What would you do if you win office, what do you think should be done to improve relations with Russia and Serbia?

I think we have to join a European-Asian Union with Russia, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan. And we will see what we can do more. And our goal is to bring Serbia into the European-Asian Union.

What steps have been taken so far in that direction?

One of the actions if we will come not as a minority, the first thing – we will stop negotiations with the European Union right away because it does not matter for us and we will start working to improve our relationship with Russia, and prepare Serbia to join this union.


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