Peta Lindsay Candidate for President of the United States

‘Our System is Almost Completely Lost in a Two-Party Paradigm’ - Part One

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Despite being ineligible to become president due to her age (born 1984), as she would need to be at least 35 in order to take office, Peta Lindsay, an American anti-war activist is a nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation this election. She said to the Voice of Russia that both Republicans and Democrats are just “expressions of the power of the 1% and it’s a very undemocratic system that is designed to keep the ruling class in power and to keep the people’s voices from being heard.” 

Robles: Hello, Ms Lindsay. Thanks for agreeing to speak with me. We are interested in the obstacles that are faced by the third party candidates in the United States. Can you tell us about some of the difficulties you have getting on ballots and things like that?

Lindsay : Yes, absolutely. It is a really undemocratic system, you know. When you grow up in the United States there’s this idea, that’s often presented, that anybody can be president. You know it’s such a great free country anyone can achieve the highest office in the land, until you actually try to do that and you realize how completely false that is.

Ahem, you know, our system is almost completely lost into a two-party paradigm, although there are more than two parties, both the Democrats and Republicans have automatic ballot status, everyone else has to you, you know, fight their way onto the ballot state by state it is a really interesting system, because you know, we are all trying to qualify for a federal office, but the qualifications for this federal national office varies state by state. Like, that doesn’t make any sense, you know. Shouldn’t there be one set of qualifications for this one office?

Robles: Sure!

Lindsay : But, you know, in the United States I think one of the biggest issues is money, funds. Because, you know, like, even if, you know: we have managed to do an awful lot, you know, with our ideas and with our volunteers and with our organization. We have done an incredible amount of work to get on the ballot in 13 states. Our volunteers turned in just under 30,000 signatures in New York this summer, in a four-week-period in New York, just to get us on the ballot in New York State.

It was really quite a feat, I mean, considering that nobody was getting paid. You know, we didn’t have a lot of money to finance this campaign. It’s really working off the strength of the ideas that people will believe.

But, you know the biggest issue, the two major parties. Ahem have the main focus of this entire electoral circus, you know. They have billions of dollars to spend, they have the media at their beck-and-call. So it’s a system, that benefits… to keep them in power and, you know, both of these parties are just expressions of the power of the 1% and it’s a very undemocratic system that is designed to keep the ruling class in power and to keep the people’s voices from being heard.

Robles: I am hearing this more and more all the time over here in Moscow. What percentage of the population would you say, in the United States is truly unhappy with that situation, with the 1%?

Lindsay: Oh gosh! So, I think the anger is rising every day. Especially if you look at what’s happening to the young people right now, you know, youth unemployment in the United States is the highest since the government began recording the statistics, and you know, while people’s wages have more or less stagnated over the past 20 years, college tuition has been shooting up, so you know, something that once people took for granted, you know, educational opportunities that we fought for, public education which we fought for. Fought for and we always thought would be a right, is becoming more and more out of reach of young people. And coupled with the unemployment, coupled with the crippling student loan debt, you know, there’s an aggregate of a trillion dollars in student loan debt that people in the United States owe right now. It’s the money that you had to pay just for the privilege of going to school, you know, which is a requirement for getting a decent job and the (unintelligible) are graduating to find there are no jobs available.

So, there is immense, immense anger at the political system and economic system in the United States right now, which I think manifests itself in different ways. You see these outbursts of anger like in the Occupy Movement, which has sprung up, all over the country. I think we are going to be seeing a great deal more people voting third party.

For us, like we are organizing to let people know that the system’s to blame, you know, the capitalist system, the system that accumulates massive, massive profits for the wealthy few and mass misery for the rest of us.

And you know, we have had great success getting our message out there and talking with people.. You know, I have been on a two-month-tour talking with a lot of people. A lot of people are really feeling these issues right now, they’re experiencing these issues. Ahem, and all that they are really looking for is a way to fight back, a vehicle, you know, to which to fight back. And ahem you know, we are offering our program in the Party of Socialism and Liberation, as that vehicle, to manifest that anger and actually organize and fight back and do something about it.


Robles: If the situation is such in the United States why do people keep voting for these two parties and only for these two parties? Can you explain that?

Lindsay : Yeah, I mean, It is the most powerful propaganda apparatus that has ever existed in the history of the world, that tells you from the time when you are very young that you have to vote to make change, you know. That that’s how you get what you want, you know, don’t protest! Go back inside! Wait for one of our politicians to take care of it for you! And this is pounded into our heads!

And these candidates are spending 2.5 billion dollars campaigning. Romney and Obama are spending 2.5 billion dollars campaigning. That’s a tremendous amount of a waste! I mean, imagine what our school system could do with that kind of money.

Robles: Sure!

Lindsay: But you know, it’s this money that is coming from the banks and the corporations, and they are pouring so much of their resources, like all of the resources of the ruling class, into keeping people within the two-party-paradigm, into keeping people from organizing and fighting for real change, and keeping people, you know, complacent and voting. Like you said.

Robles: Do you have any comments on the technical side of act actually voting in the United States? Are there still widespread fraud claims with electronic ballot machines etc?

Lindsay: Ahem, well, I think we have seen some really desperate voter suppression ploys by the Republican Party, especially by the right wing. Ahem, and state by state, you know, we’ve heard of horrible things: we’ve heard of campaign people throwing out ballots, we’ve heard of, ahem, you know, a Spanish language leaflet being handed out to the Latino Community that had the date of voting listed as the wrong date! Ahem, you know, the voter ID laws they tried to institute across the country!

Ahem, which really, like one Republican Politician admitted, was just a measure to make sure that black African-Americans don’t vote, because, you know, they think that all African-Americans are going to vote for Obama. Ahem and so, you know, in the United States we have political rights, right?

Like we have the right to protest, we have the right to vote, ahem you know we have the right to do stuff like that, but these rights are constantly under attack. We have to constantly defend these rights. And honestly like these are rights that we only won by organizing as people, and you know, fighting the system, the trends keeping us from having these rights. Ahem, and so like… Yeah… It is very common that, you know, even though we have the right to vote on paper, they’ll do everything they can to keep us from exercising it, you know. They’ll keep us from exercising that right and I think that the voter ID laws which are super-racist and super-intended to suppress the votes of African-Americans, and things like, are evidence that these rights are constantly under attack.

Robles: Speaking about voter ID laws: can you give us a couple of specific examples?

Lindsay: Well like what the laws are saying, is that, you know, ahem we have to… You didn’t used to have to present identification to vote, and in addition to that, like, they’re saying that you have to present identification, like it has to be, you know, there’s some… I read a story about an elderly women who couldn’t find a copy of her marriage license, so she wouldn’t be able to vote because she didn’t have the, like, proper… You know like the certification, with the proper last name, things like that.

They are just throwing up another barrier to keep people from voting, you know. People who have trouble accessing IDs and that kind of information, tend to be poor people, tend to be African Americans and be people who the right-wing especially wants to keep away from the polls.

Another thing they were doing was putting up the billboards all over the country saying, you know: “It’s a federal crime to commit voter fraud, to vote more than once, and stuff!”, but the actually instances of voter fraud are very very low. The only reason they put up those billboards is to intimidate people. To make people think that they are going to go to jail if they get caught doing something wrong, in the voting booth. Maybe if they don’t understand or something like that.

So, you know, I would suggest looking it up but this is a real problem this election season. And it’s just another way that, you know, the they crush us under the capitalist system, you know, we’d won certain rights, but as long as, you know, it belongs… It’s their system, as long as they are in control they will try to take those rights away.


Robles: You are presidential candidate yourself. Now how do you feel that you are not allowed to debate Obama and Romney and what is your opinion of Obama and Romney? What would you have asked them if you were allowed to debate them?

Lindsay: We think that fundamentally the elections are a sham! They’re a rigged game, that is rigged against working people, you know like I said, the candidates are spending 2.5 billion dollars, and while they are both rich individually, you don’t get that kind of money without the support of the big banks and corporations and often if you look at who’s donating to these politicians, it is the same banks and corporations that donate on both sides. So that regardless whether it is a Republican who wins or a Democrat who wins, the corporations always win, the banks always win and the people always lose.

Ahem, and you know, similarly I think, so… for us… you know we believe the elections are a form of class rule, they give the appearance of change without giving any real change. You get to just pick which politician from the ruling class is going to oppress us for the next four years, basically.

Ahem and I think, you know, it’s a сharade, it’s designed to take people in, and I think that the presidential debate, the televised debates that we just had is another example of how this is so. You know, the commission on presidential debates, the CPD, is an institution, a lot of… the majority of people in America don’t understand how this institution works.

It sounds like a public institution, right? The Commission on Presidential Debates! With a very official sounding name, but it’s not! It’s actually a private entity and those in charge of the entity include corporations like Anheuser-Busch and JP Morgan and they are the ones who make the rules for the presidential debates and of course one of their rules is only to these two candidates are allowed because, you know, it is their candidate, candidates of the ruling class. So they’d never let us on.

You know, we have a 10-point program which, you know, if people want to check out, I recommend going to vote The number 1 point on our program is making a job a constitutional right, you know, we want to make free education, free housing and free healthcare constitutional rights. We are calling for the immediate cancellation of student loan debt and for an immediate moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions.

Now, can you imagine if we had had the access to the presidential debates, you know, that are broadcast on network TV that are viewed by millions. If people knew that there was a candidate that said that with their first day in the office they would immediately cancel all student loan debt, you know, I think overnight there’d be a million more socialists. I think that is why they keep us out of these debates. You know it’s another form of class rule, it’s another way of keeping out the voice of the people and ensuring that it’s the ruling class that wins.

Robles: What about Obama, I mean, and all his promises of change and the fact that he was the first African American president? How are the American/African American electorate reacting to Obama this time around?

Lindsay: It is extremely significant that he is the first African American president, you know. It shows how far we’ve come in the struggle against racism. It was really a victory for the black struggle, the black liberation movement, you know. But, you know, because he was elected to this office under the system, you know, the office of president in the US is really just the castle of class, you know, his job in office is just to manage their affairs, and so he has continued this system through which the poor… the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and we’ve seen a significant, like, degradation in the quality of life, for people in the United States because of the system which he serves to perpetuate.

Ahem, and so, I noticed in the previous few years there were a lot of people who are growing very disillusioned with Obama. Very, very concerned with his policies, starting to think outside of this system, thinking maybe there are more things they should do.

And you see stuff like when Trayvon Martin was killed millions of African Americans marched overnight demanding accountability and understanding the reality of the racist criminal justice system. People do organize, people do fight back.

END of Part 1

Republicans are Virulently Racist - Part Two

Download audio file 5 November 2012, 16:59  

In part two of our interview with US Presidential Candidate Peta Lindsay talks about the "dog-whistle-racism" being employed by the Republican Party and says they support white supremacy. She also explains that without billions of corporate dollars third party candidates have no chance in American elections. 

Robles: This is John Robles. I am speaking with Peta Lindsay. She is the presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation in the United States. 

Lindsay: The Republicans are so virulently racist, they use such racist rhetoric, they have really been rallying for the basis of white supremacy to such an extent that I think it has frightened a lot of African Americans and forced people to be defensive about Obama, and it’s defensive in response to racism. 

As we get towards the election this hysteria, I think he (Obama) rose/polled a significant African American vote but it is not because people are concerned with what he is doing, I think that the tenor of the support that is very different from what he had in previous years and I think it has a lot to do with the racism of the Republican party.

Robles: Can you elaborate a little bit on racism of the Republican Party especially for international audience because a lot of them never hear about dirty little tricks that they are pulling in the United States? 

Lindsay: For example, Romney was secretly taped at a 50,000-dollar-a-plate-fundraiser in Boca Raton (Florida) he was talking about how there’s a certain segment of the population that’s lazy, that’s “entitled”, that 47% of the population believes the government is going to give them everything, and that was coded language: he was talking about African Americans. He does this a lot and a lot of Republican Politicians do this all the time, they portray… They use code words like urban, they play to all these stereotypes about African Americans. 

We call it “dog-whistle-racism” because you really only hear it if you are paying attention, if you are looking for it, if you are already attuned to the message. I think that African Americans can see it coming from a mile away and so can the racists. They also know. They know who is fighting for the interests of white supremacy as well. 

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit what is your party’s position on international issues for example the aggressive wars, the war on terror etc., droning? 

Lindsay:Absolutely… We consider that drones are a crime against humanity, it is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions and should be stopped immediately, and not only that, but those who participated in launching the drone strike against the people of the world should be held accountable, should be prosecuted. They are war criminals. 

We are calling for the immediate end of the war against Afghanistan, we are completely against sanctions on Iran, we are calling for the respect for self-determination for people of the world and we want a foreign policy based on mutual respect and self-determination and solidarity instead of imperialist war; so that people in the world can live in peace without the threat of the world largest military power breathing down their neck. I mean it is also a financial issue, the war in Afghanistan cost almost 400 million dollars a day. 400 million dollars a day while they are closing down our schools and telling us they don’t have money to provide medi-care to kids or food-stamps to families. So, we would rather that money be used instead for slaughtering our sisters and brothers overseas to provided the things that we need, like healthcare and housing and schools.

Robles: What do you think the chances are that, for example, anybody from the Bush Administration who started the torture programs and opened Guantanamo, do you think there is a chance that these people will have to face up for their crimes? 

Lindsay: If we win. You know, I think in the history of the United States we realize that every progressive change that comes has never come from the politicians, it has always comes from the people and everything we have won; civil rights for African Americans, voting rights and other rights for women, labor rights, things like the eight-hour-workday even child labor laws. Didn’t come about because the politicians wanted to give them to us but they came about because we organized and fought for it, because thousands of people, millions of people participated in strikes and sit-ins and protests that forced those confessions from the politicians. So, if we are going to get things like that, if we are going to get justice, if we are going to get to hold these war criminals accountable, it is not going to be because somebody decides to give it to us. It is going to be because there is a movement for it that forces that happen. 

Robles: You are 27 years old, am I correct? 

Lindsay: Yes. 

Robles: And actually even if you won the election you couldn’t take office, is that correct? 

Lindsay: Right. 

Robles: I was wondering why were you running then? 

Lindsay: We are not going to “not win” because I am 27. We are not going to win because I don’t have two and a half billion dollars, because I am not the candidate of the banks and corporations. 

Robles: Can you get on the ballot though? 

Lindsay: Yes, we are in the ballots of 13 states. 

Robles: I saw that. I was wondering how that worked out. 

Lindsay: Yes, that worked. But what I am saying is that, our point is that, there is a point in this country where I wouldn’t have be constitutionally eligible because I am a woman or because I am African American, there are points, when that also would have legally barred me from running for office or staying in politics, and the only reason that that has changed is because women, because African Americans refused to be marginalized. 

We are making a point about the conditions for young people in the United States. Like I said, youth unemployment is extremely high, student loan debt is extremely high, the situation facing young people is very bad right now. 

Under our constitution it is Congress who declares war and the average age of a Congressman is like 60 years old, the average age of a soldier who is actually fighting in Afghanistan is 19. The people who declared that war are more than 3 times as old as the people who actually have to go to fight it, and they are all protected by that fact. 

We are saying: why shouldn’t young people be allowed to be involved in the political process, if we are so affected by these policies, it is another attempt to marginalize a huge portion of population and the portion of population. A portion of the population that is more passive, organized and more progressive, that wants this change. 

Robles: So, basically you can go out and die for the country but you can’t be involved in the decision-making process, right? 

Lindsay: Yes, that is what they are telling us, yes. 

Robles: What is your opinion on Obama versus Romney? Do you see any difference in the direction the United States is going to go in the next 4 years if Obama is elected, or… versus Romney, do you see any difference? 

Lindsay: I mean they have a startling number of similarities. They both want to cut social security, which our elderly workers depend on, they are looking to cut medicare which poor families depend on, and health services for the poor families, and they both want war with Iran, they want to continue the war in Afghanistan, they both want the continuation of imperialist war. 

There are some differences. Romney is to the right of Obama, but essentially they are both enemies of working people, they are both only interested in the interests of the ruling class, the interests of profit, either way underneath them, the lives of working people are going to get worse.

Robles: No matter who wins, right? 

Lindsay: No matter who wins. Either way it is going to get worse. 

Robles: It doesn’t sound very good at all. Anything that you would like to add because we are going to have to wrap it up? 

Lindsay: I want to say that I am still optimistic because I do believe that these changes can be made, they just have to be made by people organizing and that is why we are running this campaign to get out there and to talk to people who are looking to the elections for a change and let them know that you are not going to get real progressive change from the elections but you will get it by fighting back. 

We were looking at students strikes in Montreal, there was a lot of coverage of the students protesting in Montreal, in the United States, but once the students won, once the protests won and they got their demands and the tuitions weren’t raised, suddenly it was completely blacked-out from the news, it was dropped from the news immediately. Cause they like it when they see people struggling but they don’t like to see them winning. And I see how inspiring it is to see people fighting back, there was a Chicago teacher’s strike recently, it is one of the biggest unions in the country, they went on strike, and won massive... they won great concessions in Chicago. So I think there will be positive change for people but it is not going to come from the election. 

Robles: Anything you want to add real quick? 

Lindsay: That is it. 

Robles: Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. 

You were listening to an interview with Peta Lindsay, the presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation in the United States.

People Feel Class War Every Day

Download audio file

Peta Lindsay, the presidential candidate for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, spoke with our correspondent after the polls closed and said her party will continue fighting for the American people. She said the that people are afraid of the right-wing stance of the Republican Party and their racism and strong anti-worker, anti-poor sentiment they see in the Republican Party and that they are voting against that, rather than for the Democrats.

Robles: Hello Ms. Lindsay! How are you this evening? Nice to be speaking with you again.

Lindsay: I’m doing great. Thanks so much for having me on the show again.

Robles: Listen. As the results are coming in what can you tell us about what you’ve seen?

Lindsay: I’ve been on this two month tour I’m the 2012 Candidate for President for the Party for Socialism and Liberation. I’ve been all over the country talking to people about the issues and I can tell you that people are very fed up with the system. They are fed up with the capitalist system and with the overt domination of the biggest banks and corporations over our political system as well.

I was speaking to a class of college kids yesterday and I asked them what they thought should be the two biggest issues in 2012 elections. And almost every single student said jobs for poor people and racist police brutality. And those are the two issues that have rarely if ever come up amongst the two candidates. And I can tell you for a fact that the two major candidates have not spoken about police brutality at all.

So, what they are talking about is so far from the reality of what working people in the US are dealing with. And I think we are going to see a great expression of the frustration that the American people are feeling right now in this election.

Robles: What do you know about irregularities in the voting process at the polling stations? We’ve had some reports of, for example: electronic voting machines where people were voting for Obama and it is coming up for Romney. Have you heard anything like that?

Lindsay: Yes, I’ve heard some things about that. I think the bigger issue is the corruption in the way the system is setup. I think there’s a great deal of corruption in the way that these candidates spend $2.5 billion and all of that money comes from the banks and corporations. You know, fundamentally this election is rigged, even before we get to the problems of voter suppression and right-wing voter interference.

Robles: What do you think about the results?

Lindsay: Well, we’re seeing a great deal of turnout for Obama. I think that a lot of people are afraid of the right-wing Republicans. A lot of people especially on the East Coast which is very diverse and has a lot of urban centers, a lot of people are afraid, as we talked about last time, the racism and the strong, strong anti-worker and anti-poor sentiment they see in the Republican Party. And I think that they are voting against that more so than voting for the fundamentally dissatisfying program of the Democrat Party.

Robles: This year third party candidates had a lot of problems. You’ve had a lot of problems with media coverage etc. Do you think you’ve made some inroads this year?

Lindsay: Absolutely! I mean we’ve had an incredible amount of media coverage considering that the deck is so heavily stacked against us. I think it is kind of unprecedented the amount of positive media coverage we’ve gotten as openly Revolutionary Socialists running in this campaign. And I think that that media coverage is an expression of the material conditions that are facing people right now.

When there are so many people unemployed, when there are so many people suffering, unable to go to the doctor because they don’t have health insurance or being foreclosed or evicted from their apartments because they can’t pay their mortgage because they’ve been laid off and those kind of things. When you have that situation amongst so many people in the US then there is an opening, many people feel more kindly towards socialist politics, they feel more strongly about the class war because they feel the class war being enacted on them every day of their lives.


Robles: What are your plans for the near future after the elections?

Lindsay: We are primarily concerned with building the struggle. We think it is so important to keep the pressure on, to keep the struggle going and keep fighting and organizing and protesting in the streets.

Obama and Romney have made it clear that regardless of who wins both candidates have agreed on a program of austerity. Both candidates plan to make deep cuts to medi-care to social security, to programs that our seniors and working people and poor people depend on. And if we don’t organize and fight back immediately these are the programs that we can lose and we will suffer greatly as a population.

So for us the important thing is mobilizing people as quickly as possible following this election to get out into the streets and fight to defend these programs that we rely on and fight for even greater economic and social equality.

Robles: In what ways will you be doing that?

Lindsay: We are organizers, we always building protests, always building the struggle. I don’t have specifics for you right now but we are definitely talking over a number of initiatives and a number of actions that we will be leading in cities and towns all across the US.

Robles: What percentage of votes would you say all third party candidates put together this time?

Lindsay: You know, I have no idea. Again, I’ve been talking to people on the street and I’ve seen unprecedented frustration with the system itself and I do think that there will be record numbers of the third party voters this time around.

Robles: What do you think about tactics by the Republicans and the Democrats? What tactics are they using to suppress voters?

Lindsay: I think we’ve talked a little bit about this last time. There are reports of Republicans handing out Spanish-language-flyers that had the wrong polling date and on them, that they were doing things like throwing out voter registrations and things like that.

But all that stuff is kind of extra because they already have such a strangle-hold over the media and political institutions and this idea that people have to vote for either of them. So, they are already dominant and all the things are additional things that they are doing to increase their dominance.

Robles: Is there anything that you guys can do, all the third party candidates, for example is there any way you could form a coalition and take this to the Supreme Court, for example?

Lindsay: There are definitely lawsuits going and there are third party coalitions like in California where we have the Peace and Freedom Party which is a coalition of Socialists. It’s been happening on the state level and I’m sure we will see more of that in the future as well.

Robles: Any detailed plans?

Lindsay: No, again there are the things that we are talking about but not things that we are publically announcing yet.

Robles: I see… So, there are things in the works.

Lindsay: We have a lawsuit going against the Secretary of State in California for excluding us from the ballot. She arbitrarily took us off the ballot and then when we pushed she said that it was because I was under 35, though she had earlier told a right-wing organization that she was not in the business of determining the qualifications for candidates. So, she contradicted herself there and we have a lawsuit based on the State of California denying the electoral representation to the Peace and Freedom Party.

Robles: Any insights into the Electoral College system?

Lindsay: It is antiquitated system that has to go. It is a system that dates back to the time before there was mass communication, before there was this great representation and so much voter turnout. This is the system that is holding us back, it can over-rule the popular vote! A lot of people live under the assumption that we have a one man one vote democracy. We don’t! The Electoral College makes the final determination and it is very fundamentally undemocratic.

Robles: I’ve heard that there are something like 32 counties, not states, in the United States, that will decide the election.

Lindsay: Yes, I think you are talking about the swing states, about different areas of the country where they don’t know which way the voters will go. And those are what the people consider the places to focus on in this election.

Robles: So, actually 95% of the US population lives in the areas outside of those counties and their votes are not really important as far as I understand.

Lindsay: Basically it is because everybody knows what state votes on what line for the majority of states in the country and the majority of places that people live. And these areas are the question marks where people are concerned about this election. And we know that those are the states where the two major candidates have been constantly playing their extremely expensive campaign ads and constantly battling over those areas.

Robles: In your opinion, do you think this is going to be drawn out into December? Do you think there’re going to be contested races, for example in Ohio?

Lindsay: You know, it is very close and like you said, there’s been a huge amount of undemocratic interference. So, we could see, anything is possible.

Robles: You haven’t heard anything about court actions that are already set to take place for example in Ohio?

Lindsay: No. Fundamentally, what we believe is that it is not the politicians who make real change in this country. We believe that the whole system is rigged. And the most important thing is that people organize and fight back in the streets and that’s where you will find us on November 7th, 8th and every day after that.


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