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  Kristinn Hrafnsson (Wikileaks #2) After Julian Assange's video conference with the United Nations Part 1  VOR link with transcript

  Kristinn Hrafnsson (Wikileaks #2) After Julian Assange's video conference with the United Nations Part 2  VOR link with transcript

  Kristinn Hrafnsson (Wikileaks #2) After Julian Assange's video conference with the United Nations Part 3  VOR link with transcript

  Christine Assange mother of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange   VOR Link with transcript

      A plea by Christine Assange 

  Greg Barnes the President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance  VOR link with transcript

  Andreas Fink the president of DataCell on the win against Visa and the financial blockade of Wikileaks   VOR Link with transcript

  Mary Kostakidis a 20 year international TV news anchor who wrote a letter in support of Assange  VOR link with transcript

   Australian Senator Scott Ludlum: Australia gave up on Assange, Exclusive Interview  VOR Link with transcript

  Kristinn Hrafnsson Wikileaks spokesperson: Asylum is a human right and on attacks on Wikileaks   VOR Link with transcrip

  Kristinn Hrafnsson Wikileaks spokesperson: Banking war against giants  VOR Link with transcript 

  Jacob Appelbaum developer with the Tor Project and a close associate of Julian Assange 

  Other Interviews

  Rick Rozoff from STOP NATO on the upcoming invasion of Syria by NATO   Transcript on the Voice of Russia

  Cheri Honkala US Green Party Vice-Presidential Candidate

  Tighe Barry the actor and Code Pink activist, after interrupting Mitt Romney    VOR Link

  Mr. Eugene R. Fidell teacher of military justice a Senior Research Scholar in Law and Lecturer at Yale Law School    download

  NATO’s favorite despot Interview with Rick Rozoff   download

  Dr. Gary G. Sick, the senior research scholar and professor of the International Affairs at Columbia University    download

  Interview with Debra Sweet, Director of The World Can't Wait,    download

  Interview with Scott Horton, New York attorney US Defense Act 2012: open-ended war     download

  Where does America’s imperial hubris lead to?  Rick Rozoff        download

  Time is running out with Alon Ben Meir    download

  Embarrassment for London as Powell admits spying plot Michael John Smith convicted Soviet Spy    download

  Interview with Noah Rothman, a political news editor at Ology.com     download

  Arab world: ALon Ben Meir's forecast forecast for 2012     download

  Middle East tensions: forecast for 2012  download

  Interview with Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Konuzin. Mr. Konuzin   download

  Transparency International distorts data in favour of its Western paymasters     download

  Occupiers shut down West Coast ports      download

  Interview with Russian Ambassador to Serbia  Aleksandr Konuzin    download

  Climate and economy: two crises    download

  From sanctions to negotiations Ben-Meir      download

  We will occupy DC until we are heard-protester      download

  U.S not in a position to criticize Russian elections-Rick Rozoff   download

  We want our democracy back - LA protester      download

  Does the West want to start arms race in Europe?  Rick Rozoff      download

  Hypersonic missile: who is the target? Rick Rozoff       download

  Prof. David Post, Professor of Law at the Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SOPA      download

  IAEA resolution on Iran: questions remain Alon Ben-Meir     download

  What's behind Katya Zatuliveter's story?  Michael John Smith, a convicted Soviet spy in the UK     download

  US is not a democracy - OWS organizer Bill Csapo, an Activist and Organizer      download

  Tim Summers, the former National Campaigns Officer with the Green Party    download

  Iraq 2003 - Iran 2011: parallel that hardly can be missed Rick Rozoff     download

  No one wants another war in the Middle East Interview with Dr. Alon Ben-Meir      download

  Protests in Oakland: are they revolutionary? Interview with Noah Rothman, a politics news editor at Ology.com    download

  The American system is broken Occupy Portland media liaison Jordan LeDoux     download

  Gaddafi was the main target of Libyan operation - expert    download

  Gaddafi was a catastrophe for Libya - expert    download

  Gaddafi was fighting till his last minute - expert  download

  The end of the era Alon Ben-Meir   download

  Gaddafi murder: "A brutal gratuitous slaying Rick Rozoff     download

  Bodies of 267 Gaddafi loyalists found in Sirte

  Dr. Alon Ben-Meir Multiculturalism is the future   Download Ben Meir from jar2.com 

  Dr. Kevin Barrett Doctor Co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish Christian Alliance owner of www.Truthjihad.com   Download Barrett 

  Double standards in the West towards terrorism cases  (After Oslo)    Download Ivan Eland from jar2.com 

  Rick Rozoff Militarization of the Arctic by NATO   Download Rozoff Arctic from jar2.com   NATO world domination

  Prof. Anita Dancs, a Professor of Economics at Western New England University   Download from jar2.com  Costs US wars 2010

  Mark Stephens, Lawyer for Julian Assange

  Muslim council on 9-11     Download Lakovic from jar2

  All empires get blowback - analyst    Download Eland 9-11 from jar2

  September 11 events made clear how unsafe we are - analyst     Download Oliker from jar2

  There is no other option but a Palestinian state - Alon Ben-Meir     Download Meir from jar2

  Starting with borders is essential – Alon Ben-Meir on Israeli-Palestinian talks    Download Meir from jar2.com 

  Red tape for Orthodoxy, green light for mosque? (Father Mark Arey)   Download Arey from jar2.com

  No major alarm once Bushehr NPP activated - (Alon Ben-Meir)   Download Meir from jar2.com

  US violates human rights in armed conflicts - attorney (Karen Parker)  Download Parker from jar2.com

  Will Russian pilot get justice in the US? (Yaroshenko)    Download Yaroshenko from jar2.com

  WikiLeaks revelations damaging - expert (Duncan Gardham)   Download Gardham from jar2.com

  START ratification failure will have extreme implications - expert (Max Bergmann)      Download Bergmann from jar2.com

   Republicans dragging their feet for political reasons - expert on START ratification     Download Eland from jar2.com

  Chichvarkin to stay in UK until Russia joins Europol - expert      Download Di Stefano from jar2.com

   This story smells funny – expert on WikiLeaks scandal     Download Ramsey from jar2.com

  Domestic pressure in the UK to bring the troops home - expert    Download Eland from jar2 

   Russian investigators of Polish plane crash "very professional" - expert  Download Cox from jar2.com

  To plead guilty for freedom Interview with Giovanni Di Stefano   Download Di Stefano from jar2.com

   Spy exchange my father went through was like a spy novel - Gary Powers Jr   Download Francis Gary from jar2.com

  “Homegrown” extremists a threat to society - expert    Download Duncan Gardham from jar2.com

  Spy scandal: money for nothing - lawyer      Download Di-Stefano Spies Download from jar2.com

   Playing spy games - expert's view       Download Smith from jar2.com    Download!!