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CIA Controlled Explosives Found on 9-11



One of the most marginalized groups after the events of 9/11 were the scientists and the engineers who could actually prove the fallacy of the official version of those events. From false arrests to demonization, to outright murder after 9/11, there was an unprecedented campaign to silence anyone who went against the official version of those events. The evidence pointing to US Government involvement at the highest levels is wide-ranging, well-documented and proven, yet no investigation is allowed to be carried out and no official has or will be found guilty of one of the worst single acts of homicide in the history of mankind.

Although the Western media attempts to dismiss all talk of a concerted effort and inside plan, involving the events of 9/11 and everything that we have seen since then, the scientific evidence and the facts themselves, as well as all of the events that have occurred since September 11, 2001, point to something much more sinister and evil than most people are willing to accept.

It is the outright horrific nature of what has been occurring since 9/11 that forces normal civilized people to shake their head in disbelief in attempt to deny that such a plot is possible.

Professor Ronald Cutburth, a scientist who had access to secret data at Lawrence Livermore Labs, concerning explosives and nano-thermite, and other such projects, witnessed the CIA involvement with powerful high-tech explosives which have been proven to have been used on the buildings of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Mr. Cutburth believes that the new world order wished to take over the world and that what we are seeing now in Ukraine is just the next step before the goal of the destruction of the Russian Federation.

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Dr. Ronald Cutburth. He is an Engineering Scientist and Intelligence Expert, and did his dissertation at the Lawrence Livermore Lab in the United States.

Robles: Hello Sir! How are you this evening?

Cutburth: Hello Russia! I wanted to talk to you to help Moscow and Russia. Things are getting dangerous nowadays, or more dangerous than people realize or expected. The new world order controls our news in America more strongly than what they said the Soviet Union controlled the news. We are blinded in America.



911 Explosives

by Dr Ronald Cutburth

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So, this whole thing of threat that are in Ukraine right now, it is all chain-connected to use the demolition of the World Trade Centers, as a means to get started, to kick off what they call the Arab Spring. It really started when they blew up the World Trade Center.

Robles: Can you tell us about some of the things you know, as an engineering scientist, some of the concrete inarguable evidence that the World Trade Center was blown up, that it was not the result of lateral impacts from aircraft?

Cutburth: No, it wasn’t. There is an organization that I belong to called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. And there’s over 2,000 engineers and scientists in the organization. But we can’t get any hearing because of the controlled news media. They have such an iron fisted control of the news; we can’t get a new investigation.

The purpose of it was so they could make a war in Afghanistan, and then follow through with more wars and this builds their war machine, and made it possible for them to rob all these Arab countries. But also it helped cut down the strength of the Arab countries and helped Israel. People thought: “oh, see, maybe they helping Israel”. In reality, it helped the new world order come closer to being able to control the world. That is what it is more about. And so you could say: “well this is to help Israel along” - not really, because it puts now Israel in danger.

There is immense amount of evidence about the World Trade Center. I am writing an article right now for our organization proving that nano RDX was used to blow up the concrete.

Robles: Can you give some details about this material?

Cutburth: They talked about Livermore Lab. Well I have been at Livermore Lab, I designed with their research. And when I realized that it was likely true, that it was developed at Livermore Lab. It is called nanothermite and I found that also they’ve developed another one called nano RDX. RDX is supposed to be a high explosive. But now nano RDX, it could be 5 times stronger. It is almost like nuclear weapon material. And who would it be available to, is what I am looking at too. It would be available to only people involved at high levels and that would the CIA.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about your work at Lawrence Livermore Labs, which is one of the most top-secret facilities in the US?

Cutburth: Yeah, I was there as a designer, but while there I produced patentable ideas. It was the main issue of patent on laser optic hardware, high-precision lasers, for large lasers. And that was partly for isotope separation, nuclear material isotope separation. And then, they were so happy with my work, when I went back to work on my dissertation, they opened the doors for me and I was able to evaluate 200 of their programs and I have that in my dissertation, which is titled Operations Analysis of Engineering Science Permission, Lawrence Livermore National Lab. It is an important dissertation.

Now, I found the level of their skills was very, very high and one of the programs I did research was one called sol-gel. Now I find sol-gel is the heart of nanothermite, nano-explosives. It is extremely powerful. This nanothermite, nano RDX is perhaps 4 times stronger than regular RDX. It is like nuclear material.

Robles: Nano RDX it is called?

Cutburth: Nano RDX.

Robles: This was found at WTC?

Cutburth: No, the nanothermite was found there. They were not looking for a nano RDX. Nano RDX would be harder to find. It is a different chemical. They did find nanothermite and it was mixed in with all of the dust, it was all around those little place, so it ... but nobody will investigate that, even though we have scientists that proved that it was there.

So anyway, the key point about this though to me is that the only people who have the available, would be high level people in the American Government, mainly the CIA. I suspect that George Tenet, the CIA Director, was behind it. We see that … we hear a lot of stories about what all the things the CIA are involved. In fact, part of my research, one of my reports I found, I saw the comments that the CIA bothering them about censors of all kind. So it’s CIA connected.

Robles: I’m sorry – about censors?

Cutburth: The CIA is connected with the nano-explosives. So, tracking an investigation, even though there’s 2,000 engineers that can prove that it was done by explosives. We can’t get the investigation because of the new world order news media. The news media, they have the news totally closed up. This is worse than what they claimed the Soviet Union was, when you get this kind of murder. And that it stretches out is the basis of causing attacks all over the world, it is the basis for it, a million people dead now.

And so, we could see what was going to happen and I could see what was coming. When they got up to Syria I claimed that Putin won, he got the new world order stopped at Syria, I said that before he actually stopped them. Now the reason I knew he could do that…now, the military won’t say it, they said they don’t know why Obama backed off. It must be because Putin can sink our aircraft carriers now.

America has been busy. They made those aircraft carriers. We thought it was national defense, but they used them to attack a little country. So, the Russians, instead of spending all that money to develop the aircraft carriers, they just developed a super fast cruise missile that can sink them. And that fixed the story.

And that is very crucial, and that is important about the Russian aerospace defense theory – extremely highly-skilled and I saw a report. And, I like I said, I'm an intelligence expert; it’s also, it’s strategic planning. Another thing that has an advantage over them is that he was former KGB. But they do the scare stories saying: “oh he is dangerous, he is KGB”. And in reality he is a highly educated intelligence expert. I know what that is. I probably don’t have his skills or I don’t have the tools, but he is a highly-skilled intelligence agent.

So, that matters and that put him upfront, and that puts you out in the edge. But it is dangerous. So, now, when they can’t defeat him, they are going to destroy him with the news media. That’s what they’ve been doing.

I’ve done some research and I’ve found there are all kinds of Israel fronts on the news and new world order fronts on the news. There is a trace where they registered. And I warned Israel, and they better not count on the new world order protecting them, and it could get them destroyed, because Russia has to defend themselves. They are in a defensive position totally.

I’ll give you an example of the controlled news media. Think back, John McCain said in his campaign using Sara Palin, he got her to say: “Obama gets elected, Russia will invade”. So, then, what happens? They set it up so Russia has to invade in self-defense. So, this whole thing of gaining the Crimea, they had a very good reason, they didn’t invade, they were invited in.

Robles: This invasion stuff, it is all a lie. Russia has not and will not invade anything, and did not, and Russia did not annex Crimea. I just want to get this out again. The Crimean people, 98.6% of them voted in a completely peaceful democratic referendum. There were no tanks, there wasn’t what is going on now in eastern Ukraine.

Cutburth: Yes, I know all that, but what I'm driving at is the sequence of how this all happened, that they knew they would be setting Russia up.

Robles: And the timing, right after the Olympics, right. I mean they really just had to?

Cutburth: It was known a long time before then. They knew about it back, when John McCain was running for president in 2008. They knew they were going to be doing this in Ukraine.

Robles: Just like South Ossetia!

Cutburth: They knew about it back in 2008. That’s what I mean, how serious this is with the new world order and their strategic planning. They…You got to think, they used the destruction of World Trade Centers that was in the year 2001. Now given a long that was Goebbels but they used that for a sequence of operations of murder and slaughter all over the country that when finally got up to the infusion of their plan to set it up and make it look like Russia is attacking somebody. Russia is defending itself, totally.

Robles: These people they are killing people all over the world. You talking about 3,000 American civilians that they killed on 9/11. How many millions have been killed in the so-called war on terror, which was aggressive attacks on countries? Afghanistan never attacked the United States. Iraq never attacked the United States. They weren’t even involved in 9/11. So, who are these people?

Cutburth: The new world order has been around for centuries. It was called the illuminati and then it became the new world order. The new world order are homicidal maniacs, I believe. I made a list of the attacks they’ve been doing since Bosnia. They slaughtered people in Bosnia. Then, the next thing they had to come up with a new idea of how they could attack a lot of countries. And that was the World Trade Center destruction. That was the method. And they followed through with that method.

The next false attack was saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which was a lie. And now, think about it – that was George Tenet who said they had weapons of mass destruction. And they proved he lied. Now, think about this – they never have gone back and arrested him. So when he lied about Iraq, then why not go back and see if he lied about the World Trade Center, because the thing about the FBI said that Osama Bin Laden did not do that. But they ignored that. They said: “oh no, it doesn’t matter, we’ll just say he did that anyway”.

Robles: At the beginning Osama Bin Laden himself denied that he did it, the real Osama Bin Laden. You called these people homicidal lunatics, murderous maniacs…

Cutburth: They find reasons to do genocide. I gave this list of the attacks in Bosnia. And I said OK, now we got up to Syria and they murdered people in Syria so they could attack. And I said: “now, Putin stop them there”. So, now they are going to be going to Ukraine, that’s where they are going to be slaughtering people next. And what did we get? Slaughter in Ukraine.

This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Dr. Ronald Cutburth. He is an Engineering Scientist and Intelligence Expert, and did his dissertation at the Lawrence Livermore Lab in the United States.

Thank you very much for listening, and we wish you the best wherever you may be


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