MI-6 Attempts to Damage My Relationship With Russian Authorities


E-mail string from Tony Holland after I refused to promote his pedophile books and asked him about this: http://www.ukclique.com/tony-holland-arrested-on-historic-child-t772559 . He was apparently arrested for raping a small boy. His obsession with pedophilia and his frequent trips to sex tourism hotpots in Thailand and such places says worlds. After interviewing Holland several times he revealed to me that he is an MI-6 agent. I then cut off contact with him and refused to promote his book in Russia. In a Skype conversation Tony Holland told me to send the book to MI-6 and make a deal with them, which I refused to do, he also told me that he is very anxious for Nick Hudson the publisher of his book to pass away so that he can publish it himself. He therefore tried to get me to publish a book that he has already sold the right to someone else. Nick Hudson said he doesn't care and do what I like with the book, he is concerned about Tony Holland's slanderous attacks on people. In the e-mail string Tony Holland says that someone he got sent to prison was the author of the book.     


Holland's claims and attacks on me are completely slanderous. He attempted to intimidate me and blackmail me using slander to promote "his" book. His statements that I beat my wife and implications that I somehow like small boys is disgusting but coming from someone who has been arrested for raping a small boy it is even more sickening. He says I have somehow gotten asylum falsely and that I have criminal offenses hanging over my head which are all lies. He knows absolutely nothing about me.


According to statements by Holland he has gotten people sent to prison before by making slanderous claims such as those in his book. Judging from his own words Tony Holland has caused dozens of people to go to prison on false grounds. His claims to have been a some sort of killer for MI-6 in Ireland may also be worth mentioning.


The person M was my friend but apparently he teamed up with Holland



The MI-6 Holland E-mails

From M

Tony told me tonight that he had phoned the Russian Embassy in Australia. This is what I had hoped should have been avoided, but apparently you were threatening each other with going to the "authorities"?


From: J Holland [mailto:jjaholland1@iinet.net.au]

I know all about **The bogey man**, **special care** and **Old jingkebollocks**his real name is Peter Newman and he lives in Harrogate West Yorkshire, he was part of a crew of UK guys who chose to attack me in UK. Legal and wrote the stuff you have now got. That entire crew, Noel O’Gara, Patrick Cullinane, Tony Wilde,  Peter Turtile and Dave Mould, have either been sent to jail or faced stiff fines, all with my input I am pleased to tell you. When it came to Special care, you should know he is an out patient at Menston psychiatric institution and when West Yorkshire police went to see him his Psychiatrist pleaded he was unfit to plead.

Dig deeper ole sport....you will find that O’Gara was once a millionaire, but recently he and Cullinane spent time in a UK prison, Cullinane was sectioned (put into an asylum) and O’gara owes fines well over 1/4 million. Im puzzled why you don’t simply want to work with Mike Smith on the stuff he has sent you, and why you seem to blame him for siding with me. It was my decision not to send you $1000, not his, I wanted to see the quality of your work and your passion, before any money was spent and instead Im being abused.  


From: John Robles

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 9:59 PM

To: 'J Holland'

Subject: RE: I checked the US law on John Robles 2

There is nothing you can do to intimidate or scare me. I welcome your attempts at contacting the Russian Government. Especially when I work for them. Why don’t you go back to Thailand and find some little she-boys to rape and leave me alone. When you piss me off enough I will start the process of exposing you for the sadistic pedophile and bully you are redacted Go ahead keep up your shit


From: J Holland [mailto:jjaholland1@iinet.net.au]

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 02:05

To: John Anthony Robles II

Cc: jar2@list.ru; mike@mikesmithqs.f2s.com; parellic@googlemail.com

Subject: Re: I checked the US law on John Robles 2

We r both of the same mind then.....can you pls hurry up and go to your local police station....don’t waste time, if you think you can support what you say..don’t be a wuzz, go off and say it...come on John, you know you can do it...go rt now to ur police station...you wuzz you.


From: John Anthony Robles II

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 7:53 AM

To: 'J Holland' ;

Subject: RE: I checked the US law on John Robles 2

Defamation of character and slander are felony offenses in Russia. Your attempts to discredit me have been forwarded to the proper authorities. Keep it up and you will end up on an international Interpol wanted list. Please continue. You only strengthen my case especially given that you say you are a member of MI-6. 


From: J Holland [mailto:jjaholland1@iinet.net.au]

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 00:35

To: M

Cc: 5 addresses

Subject: I checked the US law on John Robles 2

ATTn: Maxim Nikolaevich Klepov

Can you forward this to Gen Gorovoy pls..he will be very interested...Mike is my mate, Im sending the info to him as well.

Ref: John Anthony Robles 2 (((false claims to Russian asylum)))

Hi M

There has been recent cases were parents have been sent to jail in the US. One such concerns Dorothy Barnett.

Robles might be interested in it and its easy to google:

US District Court Judge Richard Gergel of South Carolina:

Barnett lost a custody battle with her ex husband  Benjamin Harris Todd 111 and on a supervised visit in 1994 vanished from the USA with her daughter Savanna.

Barnett fled to many different places around the world over the next 20 years even marrying in South Africa and changing her daughters name to Samantha before ending up in Australia where the FBI tracked her down and she was returned to the USA.

She was on the run for 20 years.

Shes ended up with a long jail term in the US after pleading guilty to:

Kidnapping and falsifying passport applications.

Sound familiar:

Im sending this to John Robles in the hope he will forward it to Russian Authorities as he has threatened to do with any messages I send him...I wonder if Johns begging and telling porkies to get money to survive in Russia will go down well with the Russian authorities...after all bringing Russia into International disrepute as a dead beat dad is one thing, getting assylum under false pretenses is another and bringing Russia into disrepute when you have criminal offenses hanging over your head is quite another.  

Wonder if the Russian authorities have been told Johns true reasons for being in Russia.