Девушке срочно нужна ваша помощь!

Victoria 11/04/2016 the latest person to try to use me to get money


Дорогие читатели!

Девушке срочно нужна ваша помощь! Дело в том,что отец умер,и чтобы оплатить похороны,она отдала в залог его машину. Она очень хочет вернуть машину обратно,потому что это память.

Отец защищался,после чего мужчина ударил в голову,и её отец упал.Моментальная смерть.

Девушку зовут Виктория,ей всего 21 год,а уже похоронила и одного из родителей.

Она собрала сумму в размере 30 000, осталось собрать 13 000 рублей.

Время дали до 2.10.2016,после чего машину продадут другим людям.

Очень надеемся на понимание и вашу помощь!

Вика пишет: Если вы мне поможете,я все отдам,в долг. Отдать смогу до нового года.

Здравствуйте! Очень прошу вас о помощи!

Ситуация такая что у меня умер отец,не своей смертью,и чтобы оплатить похороны я в залог оставила его машину. Сейчас чтобы её выкупить мне нужны деньги,всю сумму я собрать не смогла,так как на дворе кризис,и помогли мне только самые родные и то по чуть чуть. Время дали до 2.10.2016,после чего машинку мою продадут другим людям

 Если поможете,я все верну,правда не так быстро. По частям Спасибо за понимание


Dear Readers,

One of my readers needs your help. When she told me what happened I was very touched and told her I would try to help her even though I am having trouble even helping myself.

Victoria sometimes helps with translations and other things on the site and has been a loyal assistant and volunteer so I think it is my repsonsibility to do what I can to help her.

What has happened to her is terrible, not only did she lose her father at a young age, but the only thing he left behind she had to sell to pay for his funeral. 

Her father was attacked in the street and due to a massive head injury when he was pushed down as he defended himself he died on the spot. The death was ruled accidental and the person who did it was not sent to prison.

To pay for the funeral she had to sell her father's car with the option to buy it back, in effect giving the car as collateral,and now the person who bought it has said he is going to sell the car to someone else if she does not come up with the money today.

I told Victoria that she should have contacted me sooner but she just learned about this.

The sum she needs is not too large but times are really hard for everyone here and she has only raised 17 000 of the 30 000 she needs to buy her father's car back.

If you can help I would really appreciate it and of course I myself am also in the middle of a fundraising drive so I also ask you to help the site. Any donations you send however will go to Victoria until we can get her the sum she needs.

In reality it is not much but the car is the only thing she has left that belonged to her father and even though it is not fancy or anything it meansd a lot to her.

If you would like to get in touch her with her directly feel free to contact me otherwise please send whatever you can through any of the methods we have on our contact page. Thank you very much.



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