McFaul 2.0: Another CIA Attempt to Shut Us Down and Get Us Expelled from Russia: "Russian Intelligence Officer" Self Destructs Threatening and Attempting to Blackmail JAR2

This e-mail was received as part of a mailing to several hundred addresses therefore any "cover" was blown by the sender himself. Another attempt to damage us.

Sir: To Whom It May Concern  I am a Russian Intelligence Officer deployed overseas to counter the misuse of Soviet / Russian technology against Russia. My encounter with Mr. Robles has convinced me that he ought to be expelled from Russia right away. To me, he is a Fifth Column. Not that he would be paid for it – he is simply so stupid, that his masters do not have to pay him.  The Czech Republic runs a hybrid nuclear power plant Temelin – a Czech built Soviet nuclear reactor allegedly “controlled” by Westinghouse technology. Since this is technically impossible, Temelin has per force become a lab of nuclear terrorism: there are six Soviet reactors in Ukraine to be “controlled” by Westinghouse technology. In other words, any of these reactors could be turned into an exploding nuclear mine – and then Russia blamed for this nuclear terrorism.   The US Export License and the $380 million Temelin loan were approved by US Congress following the submittal of documentation fabricated by Brown & Root of Houston, TX. When its Managing Director Dick Cheney became the 57th Vice President of the US, the Temelin evidence has been suppressed. I have asked Mr. Robles to publish an article to rectify this looming nuclear terrorism in Ukraine. He has not only refused to do that but has also tried to blow up my undercover. While I do not understand your role in this Robles scheme I am certain that the majority if not all of the recipients of a copy of this email cannot accept yet another Chernobyl. Ultimately, my objective is to use all out-of-court settlements to form a NOVOROSSIYA Bank in Moscow that would help to rebuild the areas destroyed by the Fascist Junta in Kiev. I am ready to cooperate in this project with anyone who can initiate a corresponding legal action in the Court of Russia.   Can you put your money where your mouth is?   Col. JH (Sergei) Westward 


A similar operation was set up by MI6 in February


Then of course there was the famous run-in with McFaul

USDOS/CIA Uses Michael McFaul to Attack JAR2               

(Later?) "Agent" Westward Reported JAR2

Having accidentally obtained part of a mailing list of my supporters Westward sent a copy of the letter below saying he has reported me to the Russian authorities. Not only was he trying to blackmail me to get an "out of court settlement in order to get money for a bank to rebuild Donbass" but apparently he was up to this last December. The letter refers to his letter dated December 05 2014. If you recall in December I was battling a 5th column here in Russia and there was an attempt to run me into head on traffic. There was also the matter of Grigory Krasovsky, the million dollar fraudster (CIA asset) who was attempting to pull me into some pretty evil black shit at the time. The letter below was sent to Mr. Westward from the FSB in January of this year. It states that the information he sent was processed and any information relevant to the FSB's charter has been noted. The letter is from the Public Relations Centre of the FSB therefore any claim by Mr. Westward to be a "Russian Intelligence Officer" is completely fabricated. Were he such he would have received an answer from another body.  If you receive anything from this person be warned. 

He Wrote: "I have reported my encounter with Robes to Federal Security of Russia - see the attachment.   I suggest that you do whatever you think is necessary for you to do. John Robles' game is over."

Although his name appears to be an Anglo one, Mr. Westward makes mistakes with his English that are typical of non-native learners of English. My bet is Mr. Westward is with the SBU or the Right Sector. 


   Letter to FSB