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Freedom House: Subversion Operations by the CIA

Freedom House crackdown

25 February, 22:34  

Bringing the problem to center stage again is a U.S. taxpayer funded NGO called Freedom House, which has gathered an all star cast of U.S. backed and funded Russian “opposition” members, U.S. Congressmen, NGO representatives from the United States and Russia as well as European Officials for an upcoming forum titled: “New Approach or Business As Usual? US-EU-Russia Relations After Putin's Crackdown.”

The United States of America does not even try to hide the fact anymore that it is actively attempting to subvert the Russian Government and funding and supporting those within the Russian Federation who would attempt to do so for their own selfish gains.

American backed Russian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and their American colleagues continue to push for “tougher measures” against the Russian Federation, many even calling for the U.S. and the West to implement a policy of “containment,” something Washington did during Soviet times to “stop the spread of Communism.”

One has to wonder as to the real motivations of these organizations and individuals as they are on the U.S. payroll and are funded by U.S. taxpayer monies routed to them by hawkish mainly right-wing organizations and individuals who seek to propagate out-dated cold war clichés and Russo-phobic hysteria. Their reasoning is also to question: contain what? Some sort of undefined “evil” ideology or some non-existent military expansionism? Utterly ludicrous.

The continuing activities of most of these bodies, many of whom only exist for the sole reason of subverting (in this case) the Russian Government, weakening the Russian Federation internationally on all fronts and giving reason and justification to U.S. expansionism, military buildup, meddling and interference in the internal and external affairs of the Russian Federation have proven the wisdom and the necessity for the recently passed Russian legislation requiring all members of foreign funded NGOs to register with the government as foreign agents.

Bringing the problem to center stage again is a U.S. taxpayer funded NGO called Freedom House, which has gathered an all star cast of U.S. backed and funded Russian “opposition” members, U.S. Congressmen, NGO representatives from the United States and Russia as well as European Officials for an upcoming forum titled: “New Approach or Business As Usual? US-EU-Russia Relations After Putin's Crackdown."

I am still wondering what “crackdown” they are talking about, but I would suppose they are referring to the recent law mentioned above and perhaps to the recently adopted Dima Yakovlev law which protects Russian children, or perhaps the expulsion of USAID for their questionable activities throughout the country. The real reason I believe is that Russia is strengthening ties and increasing trade with Europe, especially in the energy sector, and this has not pleased Washington who sees Europe as their subordinate.

The adeptness with which the U.S. continues to demonize Russia is daunting due to the level and the massive scale it has attained, as well as increasingly more obvious, this time the more so, especially in light of the fact that the two above mentioned laws were enacted because there were and continue to be clear and present threats against the sovereignty of Russia and against the Russia people.

We know the following is true for the United States: Russia must be kept weak politically, militarily, economically and socially. This is for the sole reason that Russia must be brought under the control of the United States of America and that control must permanent and complete.

A strong Democracy and civil society are bad for the U.S. because a well off and satisfied citizenry are not as pliable and less subject to go against the state. Hence the funding of NGOs and the Russian opposition to sow discontent and strife with false flag arguments, straw man evils and phantom wrongs and injustices.

Just ask any member of the so called “opposition:” what would you change, give me an example of what is wrong with Russia? Like brainwashed hypnotized people just waking from a sleep they will probably answer something to the effect: “Putin bad. America good!” I oversimplify but that is basically what it boils down too. America does not want a strong leader in Russia, they need someone they can manipulate. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, unfortunately for the U.S., is not that man.

Keeping a country economically weak is also good for the U.S. as a country that is weak economically is easy to manipulate, its markets are easier to access for the dumping of goods and for exploitation, its workforce is easier to exploit, its citizens are easier to manipulate and direct against the state, and its officials are easier to bribe and buy.

Any country, such as Russia, which has an assertive and independent foreign policy is also bad for the obvious reason that it is not under the control of the U.S. This is particularly bad when such countries form alliances, groupings, organizations, treaties and cooperate independently and without the control of the U.S. or the cow-towing to Washington.
The script being used by the NGO mentioned above is old as are most of Washington’s attempts at forming color revolutions, usurping power, overthrowing governments, getting rid of leaders and giving justification to their own expansionist policies. We have seen the script in use over and over again, and in fact, quite frankly, it has gotten old. Demonize, repeat key words over and over until the world accepts them as truth and then move in with “humanitarian” sanctions or missiles. In this case the key words “Putin and crackdown.”

What we are seeing with Freedom House is a clue as to where things are going, especially after the banning of USAID and their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. The US Government will now attempt to use those inside Russia more and more to usurp the Russian State. This will include politicians, the “opposition,” members of NGOs, academics and even the man in the street. Not to mention the members of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps who are now increasingly being tasked with what could be called subversive activities. Anyone who can spread discontent and destabilize the country will be fair game.

In a recent analysis for the Voice of Russia Edward Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow gave some insights into Freedom House. According to Mr. Lozansky Freedom House is damaging the national interests of the United States while being paid for by taxpayers. He said: “This organization has already wasted enormous amounts of taxpayers' money on supporting the color revolutions in the post-Soviet space, which ended in total fiascoes… Now they want America not only to "stand in solidarity with Russian activists… but also to "challenge the various authoritarian groupings in which Russia plays a prominent role, such as the Eurasian Union, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)."

Calling these groups “authoritarian” I am sure was a tongue-in-cheek stab at the ridiculousness of the classification.

He continued: “one item on that agenda is particularly laughable: the call to challenge the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, where China plays a key role. In other words, Freedom House expects China, a top foreign U.S. lender, to provide more funds to the U.S. Treasury to finance the challenge against itself.”

As for the Russian division of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, he says: “… one of its senior associates, (a U.S. paid Russian) finds the Freedom House challenge approach too modest; she calls for a "new way to contain Russia," no more and no less.”

Of course we are all used to U.S. hypocrisy but they are growing bolder and bolder with every passing day. If the shoe were on the other foot, as I love to point out, things would be entirely different.

Were a group of American politicians and civic “leaders” to appear before the Federation Council or the Federal Duma and plea to the Russian Government to expand sanctions, implement harsher measures against the elected government of the U.S. and continue to isolate and “contain” the United States of America, those involved would surely be charged with treason and put in front of a firing squad. But when it comes to Russia, this is supposed to be okay and any move against these individuals, whose sole aim is to assist an increasingly hostile foreign power to harm their own country, should be called a “crackdown.”

As for the shoe being on the other foot, Russia would have far more justifiable and legitimate reasons to take such actions as I detailed above. Russia would have the moral high ground in areas such as droning, the unbelievable numbers of civilians killed in the war on terror, the meddling into the affairs of countries worldwide, the expansion of NATO and the U.S. military presence all over the planet and even in the deaths of so many Russian orphans. Yet as always it is the kettle calling…

The Failure of the Arab Spring

25 July 2012, 18:48

What has happened in many of the countries that have been hit by the Arab Spring, and this was recently painfully obvious in Egypt, is the coming to power of radical and extremist Islamic elements that had less power or existed only on the fringes before the uprisings in their respective countries.

Expert after expert, time and time again, have stated that the results of the Arab Spring are going to be widespread long-lasting and difficult if not impossible to undo. The U.S. was warned many times that what they were unleashing was not going to go the way of their pie-in-the-sky scenarios but nevertheless they continue to push for regime changes which we have seen have only caused more bloodshed and suffering and not the quick implementation of reforms and the appearance of democratic governments.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Muslim organization in the world, is an example of one such group which had been banned in Egypt, and whose original goal was to bring about Sharia Law and Islamize society. Although their extremist and violent nature have been toned down many experts are worried that their claims and actions which appear to adhere to democratic principles are merely tactical and a way for them to obtain real power.

The Muslim Brotherhood had promised not to front a presidential candidate in Egypt but we have seen that was a lie. What other lies they have presented to garner the trust of the people are yet to be seen but if they went back on one promise they are sure to go back on others.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a long and violent history including bombings, assassinations and attempts at overthrowing governments. It was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb, who laid down the intellectual and theological justifications for the use of jihad, that inspired the leaders and founders of many of the modern day radical, militant and terrorist Islamic groups, such as Al Qaeda.

Tunisia, where Mohamed Bouazizi, the poor street grocer set himself on fire, the event that sparked the Arab Spring, appears may be another failure for the West, even though they claim success there. Laws prohibiting alcohol consumption and forcing women to wear traditional Muslim dress which did not exist before the Arab Spring are beginning to appear in the country.

According to Alon Ben Meir, a New York University based Middle East expert, in an interview with the Voice of Russia: “…without solid economic and other reforms, there is no chance that these countries will be able to develop democratic systems and as long as there is poverty and lack of freedom the radical Islamist elements will be able to recruit more and more of the population and gain power.”

Libya is another complete failure as the country has deteriorated into one where militias fight one another for control of cities and regions and there is still no real rule of law. Many international organizations have complained about the proliferation of weapons in the country and announcements by Islamists that they will be taking part in elections. These are just a couple of reasons for concern.

The opinion of Ben Meir was echoed by Claude Moniquet an expert in the field of regional conflicts and terrorism and the director of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, in a recently published book the Arab Spring, an Unhealthy Spring: “… democracy must include respect for the rights of women, youth, labor, and the right to freedom of expression. When that is all there, you can proceed to the election process. To do the opposite - it's like to start building a house from the roof down.”

In other words, you can not just overthrow a regime and have nothing to replace it with and you can not build democracy without a foundation, this is clear in all of the Arab Spring countries and elsewhere such as Iraq.

Bahrain is another complete failure for the West, as they support and supported the regime. It was an unpleasant surprise for Washington that the uprisings spread to Bahrain. How can they claim to support Democracy and human rights and all of the other talking points and catch phrases when they are in support of a brutal regime because it supports the U.S. military complex?

Then we have Syria, which some experts say became the battleground for Sunni and Shiite Muslims, and where it appears the days of Bashar Assad are numbered. With questions as to his whereabouts, high-level defections, the continued arming of rebel groups by the West and a security apparatus that is growing more and more difficult to control, the political elite and those in power are beginning to question their own survival, and when they go, the country goes.

What awaits Syria after Assad? A fair and just society? A Western style democracy? Safety and security for the citizens? Not likely.

Will there ever be real “democracy” in the region without a basis on which it is to be built? It looks seriously doubtful.


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