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October 17, 2017 - Operating Servers and JAR2 com in Russia for the last 14 years has been a challenge and sometimes it has been all out warfare so I will like to share some of my knowledge and give you some main points to secure yourself against military and government grade hacker attacks.

1. Passwords and Accounts

a) Due to weaknesses still in existence in encryption and decryption programs passwords over 27 characters can not be cracked. The threshold for determining password length even for the NSA is 25/27. After 27 it is impossible for them to determine if your password is 28 or 52 or even 102 therefore without knowing the password length there is no way to crack it. DO NOT USE words, names or even formulas in passwords. Use a random series of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols and do not use the same password for different machine accounts. Do not use your machine account passwords for websites or even your phone. One way to recall and generate a random password is to use a figure on your keyboard although eventfully any random series will be learned by rote. Do not save your passwords in a file on your computer and do not keep them where someone may get access to them. Even your better half. On the web use different passwords for all site and services. This can be difficult with the number of passwords people need to use today but a simple method of at least choosing for example, a prefix or suffix on a memorized random series of over 27 character will help you. Some sites will not let you make a password of over 27 characters. This is why and these sites you should never trust with your sensitive data.  

b) For Windows: Never use the root Admin account to do anything except when installing your new operating system and drivers. After your fresh install always create a Power User account and always use it to install programs and serf the net. You can go hyper paranoid and go down to a user or guest level account but that will limit funtionality and cancels out the next point. Disable the guest account on the computer. Disable all of the Microsoft accounts and remote service accounts. On my work computer I have only two active accounts and the two associated groups. The renamed default Admin Account and the Power User account and everything works fine. XP and Windows 7 have attempted to obfuscate these basic security parameters by installing multiple services that do the same things. For example they introduced the Security Polices plug-in and the local users and accounts and then the Security Center which in certain cases cancel each other out or make any changes in one uselss, maintaining the backdoors for Microsoft. Then there are dozens of built in registry key and switches that you will have to change to completely secure yor system. That is what it is all about. Micorsoft Windows is the greatest spy tool every developed in the world. Within its hidden code are dozens of backdoors as we have even found out is true for INTEL hardware.  

2. Installing and Updating secure and locked down Windows Systems: Is it possible to secure Windows?

a) The highest Windows you will be able to safely keep running in Russia would be Windows 7 Ultimate service pack 1 and you will never be able to safely update. Why? Microsoft is running under the anti-Russian US Sanctions regime. MS has updates that will blue screen and kill your system and make it un savable requiring a complete fresh install. This includes a documented video driver upgrade that blue screens your machine and deletes all restore points.

b) Installing - If you had 7 you will have to delete and format the original root partition.

c) Configuring

d) Updating

3. Browsing, Browsers and the WWW

4. Sub-Level Protection and Military Grade Government Hacks and Atacks

5. Programs, VPNS, Malware and Downloads

6. Processes

7. Permissions and Access

8. Ports

9. E-Mail, Phishing and Government Grade Malware Exploits

10. Device Access: Cameras, Microphones, USB and Keyboard Sniffers

11.  Social Media and "Secure" Apps and Communications



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From PRISM to Open Censorship, Lessons Not Learned

29 June, 04:08  

американская армия США армия испытания монитор компьютер слежка диспетчер пульт диспетчерское помещение диспетчерская солдат военная служба военнослужащий

In what can only be described as an assault on freedom of speech and access to information, the U.S. Government has made the decision to block and filter internet access to the site of the U.K.’s Guardian on its U.S. Army networks, with the revelation coming to light after complaints from soldiers at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.

According to the Voice of Russia one Gordon Van Vleet, a spokesman for the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, or NETCOM, stated that press coverage and online content about NSA leaks is being filtered and blocked.

Media reports say the blocks do not only apply to the facility in San Francisco but that they in fact cover the entire global U.S. Army network and while this is supposed to prevent U.S. Army personnel from accessing data that is available to the rest of the planet (more or less) it is not preventing them from viewing the information on their cell phones or their personal laptops or computers at home.

The hypocrisy here seems self evident. Here we have the people that are supposed to die for America and they are not allowed to view information concerning their government that is available to everyone else. The claims that the Department of Defense has made that the documents and the information on the PRISM program that are available online are classified and therefore can not be shown on unclassified sections of the U.S. military network seem plausible and credible until you consider that the information is now in the public domain and anything that was “classified” about it can no longer be the case.

While this is preventing soldiers from accessing the information on the PRISM program, surely one of the biggest revelations in the last several years, it is also preventing, or attempting to prevent soldiers from viewing or taking part in the debate and viewing the reaction from Americans and the world on the matter.

The fact the U.S. Government is attempting to censor what is viewed by American soldiers, people who are supposed to be ready to give up their lives to protect the American people and that very same government, throws the unbelievable arrogance of the United States once again, right out there for the world to see. It is also an indication of the almost lunatic level that the U.S. Government is going to in its attempts to hide its own illegitimacy and criminality from the American people, a people whom they are supposed to serve.

Like the assault on whistleblowers and anyone who attempts to expose the thugs in Washington and the criminality of the U.S. Government, this attempt to keep soldiers in the dark and dumbed down just adds to the overall mosaic of illegitimacy that the U.S. continues to paint of itself for the eyes of the world to see.

Of course from a command point of view it is not expedient that the troops on the ground and GI Joe and Jane know that the government that they are serving and that they must be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for is no longer a legitimate government adhering to the constitution that they are all sworn to protect and must also be ready to die for.

The criminal cabal that has taken over the United States Government, under the control of the biggest criminal of all sitting in the U.S. White House, has proven time and time again that the law only applies to those that it itself determines they apply to. The unapologetic, arrogant and absolutely remorseless and conscienceless way that the extra-judicial executioner in chief and the government react to revelation after revelation is as frightening as it is nauseating.

The PRISM revelations which should be a damning indicator on the true state of the U.S. Government and which have proven that the entire terror paradigm is a complete and utter fabrication and has been since day one, have once again shown that the illegality that has been exposed and the egregious violations of law and the U.S. Constitution that are being uncovered on a regular basis, mean nothing to those in power who are committing them.

The criminal cabal calling the shots in the United States from the Kingpin in the White House to every single one of his henchmen, are all above the law and have become a law unto themselves.

The sanctimonious and hypocritical way that they go on and on dictating to the world about freedom, justice and human rights and pursuing policies dictated by double standards is becoming ever the more laughable with each and every passing day.

The fact that they are facing worldwide condemnation for their global spying network has not fazed them in the least, like a huge bully with an IQ of 40, rather than making corrections to their behavior they continue to employ the only tool they have, a sledgehammer. A sledgehammer which they continue to employ brutally against anyone they see as a threat to their own endless power, power they believe is absolute, but as absolute power corrupts absolutely, in the end it also destroys absolutely.

PRISM was created to control the world, it is illegal an abomination and must be shut down, however those controlling it are blind in the greed for control and power and now, rather than admitting they are wrong they will continue to snub their noses at all of us continue to violate international law and international norms right in our faces.

Normally the bad child caught with his hand in the cookie jar pulls his hand out and apologizes to his mother. This child has grown insane with its own power and instead picks up the cookie and brains his mother with it so he can continue eating the cookies he has no right to.

Illegality, subjugation, invasions, destruction, spying, assassinations, droning and a relentless mindless effort to bring the world to its knees and to achieve complete and total control over every single person on the planet are what we can expect from the U.S.. Or is it?

PRISM: Every move you make, “they” will be watching you

26 June, 2013 17:55  

The US Government and the unified global communications network operated by an alliance of the secret SIGINT units of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States called UKUSA, has developed, expanded and spread unhindered to such a point that everything and anything you do on the internet, on a cell phone and through every other means of electronic based communications can, and now we know, is being collected, recorded and spied upon.

Like United States military infrastructure, through its international global military arm NATO, U.S. signals intelligence operations have now spread to every corner of the globe and are greedily gobbling up anything and everything that is flowing through cyber space, regardless of its origin or the rights of those being spied upon.

Two points are important to recall here, one that the Internet that we all so love and use and which has taken over the way the world does business and exchanges information was initially a U.S. global military network, and two that the expansion of the surveillance of the Internet to today’s present level and form was made possible by the “War on Terror” paradigm which has existed since 9-11 and has cowed most of the world’s population into fearful submission allowing the security services to expand their scope with almost complete and unhindered impunity.

Despite the reported efforts of the Global Network Initiative, a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the stated goals of preventing Internet censorship and protecting the Internet privacy of individuals there has been little that they have been willing and/or able to effectively do against the massive expansion and scope of spying programs being run by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the United States SIGINT System (USSS).

According to open source intelligence the PRISM SIGINT Activity Designator (SIGAD) replaced the post 9-11 Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) which was operating illegally without the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). However such programs, once the foundations and infrastructure are in place and if they have proven to be effective, may just be temporarily closed and re-launched using different names, locations, personnel and financial and administrative bodies and methods to hide and obfuscate their existence and true nature.

Hence programs like TSP, ECHELON, CARNIVORE may be shut down, paused and then restarted and repackaged and renamed. PRISM is the likely product of such projects and the unification of platforms across the SIGINT intelligence operations sphere. PRISM was approved by the U.S. judiciary and hence has been operating with impunity since at least 2007, controlled and operated by the Special Source Operations (SSO) unit of the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

PRISM is just the tip of the iceberg and is just a small part of the U.S. Government’s mechanism for spying on and controlling the countries and the peoples of the world. I mentioned the UKUSA group, their efforts are also worth noting What about the other partner countries in the spying alliance? Are they innocent of such egregious spying? Yes they are and even worse because they pass the private information of their citizens to the United States.

In this article I am dealing with Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) as it effects the average citizen of the world, this in no way means that the programs and the methods that I am discussing are by far the only instruments they are using to dominate the globe, all allowed and tolerated in the name of security. SIGINT involves many different intelligence collection instruments and methods and with the recent advances in technology these have grown incredibly. The basic areas of SIGINT can be grouped into two broad categories: communications intelligence (COMINT) and electronic intelligence (ELINT). As technology advances the crossovers and combinations of the two grow by the day, meaning for example information from a Skype chat would fall under both COMINT and ELINT, not a fact of vital importance but one that should be noted.

The members of the UKUSA Security Agreement: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, are also referred to by a number of abbreviations, further obfuscating their nature and existence such as AUSCANNZUKUS and Five Eyes. All of these countries are members of the ECHELON spy network. Which was originally, like NATO a program set up to spy on the former USSR and the Eastern Block and has been expanded, like NATO, at an incredibly rate since the end of the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Gone are the days when the CIA would spend years attempting to dig tunnels and splice into the telephone networks of Soviet cities. Today they are connected to absolutely everything and anything. According to a report on ECHELON it is capable of intercepting telephone calls, faxes, e-mails and other data traffic worldwide including satellite based transmission, public switched telephone networks (which once carried most Internet traffic), microwave links, fiber optic communications and cell phone line of site networks.

With the revelations of the PRISM program which they say has been operating since 2007 it is now evident that the data collection capabilities include: e-mail, voice and video chats, streaming and other video, any and all photos, stored data on your hard drive, voice over IP (VoIP) conversations, file transfers, notifications of logins, etc., social networking details and a special category called “special requests”.

If we throw in satellite surveillance, CST systems, RFID chips, cell phone location and usage monitoring including interception of text messages, automobile tracking devices, credit card and purchasing information collection and GPS device related transmissions, then almost everything you do is subject to surveillance and monitoring, in a nutshell this means the spooks can now find out what you had for dinner last night, with whom and how much you paid for it, as well as every other private aspect of your lives.

United Kingdom

The U.K.’s programs are more hidden than those of the U.S. and there is less information available about them either because they are better at hiding them or they are less in number but their scope is almost equal to that of the U.S. however they are more restrained than their American “special friends”. We know that the U.K. is an active member of the ECHELON based infrastructure and now we know that they are also active in the PRISM SIGINT Activity Designator (SIGAD), or simply PRISM.

There are still calls from people like Stella Rimington for the expansion of U.K. spying so it is possible that the U.K. is lagging behind their American friends although judging by the number of CCTV cameras in London this is doubtful.

As for data collection stations the main ones for the United Kingdom are the Menwith Hill (US) facility, the Aiyos Nicolas Station in Cyprus and of course GCHQ, the U.K.’s version of the NSA. Again there is little information available on specific programs, which come under the aegis of directorates of Military Intelligence and GCHQ.

A little known fact about the U.K.’s Military Intelligence is that they have at least 20 directorates that are known about. With regards to SIGINT these might be handled by MI-1 (codes and ciphers), MI-5 and 6, MI-8 (signals and communications), MI-10 (technical), and perhaps MI-13 which like the NSA until recently doesn’t exist.


Although you may have thought Australia might be behind when it comes to the level of its secret bureaucracies and the amount of spying it does think again. Among entities in Australia that provide for governance and policy over the secret service and operations are: the NSC, the SCNS, the NCTC, the NICC, the NICMC, the NIOSC, the HIAM, the NSIPC, the NSA (not that one), the DNSA, the NSCIO, the ISD and more.

Intelligence agencies include the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), the Defense Intelligence Organization (DIO) and but not limited to, the Defense Signals Directorate (DSD). However it is probably the DSD that we are most interested in as they handle the analysis, collection and distribution of foreign SIGINT and are responsible for communications, information, cyber and computer security.

Their main global station is located right in the center of Australia at Pine Gap but they have stations throughout Australia.


Canada’s Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in not only part of the UKUSA group but shares intelligence with the U.S., the U.K., and Australia under what is called the “Quadpartite Pact”. CSIS is the principle Canadian intelligence service and are a civilian service unlike the MIs and the NSA and CIA. However Canada’s Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) is responsible for SIGINT in Canada.

CSEC has facilities at CFS Leitrim, the main SIGINT facility, and at other locations such as CFB Gander Newfoundland, CFS Masset, BC and CFS Alert, Nunavut.

CSEC relies mainly on the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand for its intelligence collection and benefits substantially from UKUSA, especially when it comes to foreign communications.

Currently Canadian programs are still largely secret although involvement with PRISM, ECHELON and other programs has been documented, to what level they provide the CIA and the NSA information on Canadians remains to be seen.

New Zealand

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) listens to phone calls and intercepts e-mail and other communications but is not supposed to do so on citizens of New Zealand, they have been reported to be a part of ECHELON.

New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS or SIS) is responsible for foreign intelligence operations and information gathering. However it is the super secret Combined Signals Organization (CSO) that handles SIGINT, ECHELON operations and the like.

PRISM operations in New Zealand would fall under the GCSB and the CSO, but again their level of participation may be minimal and due to New Zealand’s small size they are more likely largely beneficiaries of UKUSA and PRISM operations.

The “Real Hacking Empire” and the War on Truth

12 May, 03:45  

компьютер полиция киберполиция клавиатура

The cyber war continues, with the People’s Republic of China and the United States, trading accusations of cyber attacks, but the real war is a war to control and manipulate information and to keep the “inconvenient truth” from reaching the world’s internet denizens. A sign of an empire in decline is the stifling of truth that shows its illegitimacy and a war on those who would expose the truth. Attacks on China have to be seen as part of a larger US effort and the next victim could be anyone.

Back in February we reported on a cyber security firm called Mandiant, in Alexandria, Virginia, less than half an hour from the unincorporated community of Langley (the metonym for the CIA) in McLean, Virginia. The firm had made public a report detailing threats posed by Chinese hackers. They claimed the “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT), actors operating in China and with the blessing of the Chinese Government, had been conducting, quote: “… a cyber espionage campaign against a wide range of victims since 2006” unquote.

I took them to task for their self-serving claims, their security suite according to SC Magazine, called “Mandiant Intelligent Response”, which will protect anyone from Chinese super hackers costs $86,000.00. I also took them to task for the amount of surveillance and penetration of Chinese government sites and Chinese internet infrastructure, the level of which was astounding. Just to produce the report they released they had to launch their own massive penetration campaign and hack into thousands of Chinese sites and systems.

So the recent claims by the Chinese Government, after the Pentagon released a report accusing China of launching cyber attacks, that the United States of America is the “real hacking empire” and has “an extensive espionage network” are not surprising in the least and I would say a given.

In a recent article on the matter the website Quartz details some of the ways in which the US hacks into the systems of other countries. Quartz wrote: “The US has some of the most powerful cyber warfare resources in the world and has long been one of the leading sources of cyber attacks on companies and people. According to cyber security firm McAfee, the US is home to the largest number of botnets in the world, the control servers used to hack computers in the US and elsewhere. Data from Deutsche Telekom shows that far more attacks against its networks come from Russia and the US than China. And according to HostExploit, which tracks malware activity, the US and Russia, not China, have the world’s most malicious servers.”

They also wrote: “In some ways, Beijing is right to argue that China is also a victim, wrote Jason Healy, director of Cyber Statecraft at the Atlantic Council, last month. Between September 2012 and March of this year, 85 Chinese government and company websites were hacked, with 39 of the attacks originating in the US, according to Chinese state media. Chinese authorities also said that US-based servers had hosted 73% of phishing attacks on Chinese residents during roughly the same period.”

This is all not surprising as the US continues to attempt to control the flow of information worldwide, wage a war on whistleblowers and shut down resources and silence people who go against the official US line or expose the criminality of those in Washington and the United States. Along with the illegal global war on terror and all of the crimes being committed in its execution and the global military expansion by the US through its surrogate NATO, the United States had proven that it is the single biggest security threat in the world, not only a threat to freedom of speech and expression on the internet, but even more importantly to world peace.

Although many of the world’s internet denizens see the internet as a wonderful source of information and a way to share information and reach out to others, governments, particularly the US, which created the internet in order to hide a military computer network, see the internet as a tool to collect intelligence on foreign governments and on the world’s populace. One reason Facebook has a special CIA interface.

Some of the aspects of this militarization of the net and the war on information activists and whistleblowers by the US government were chillingly described by Julian Assange in a recent interview he gave to the Nation. Mr. Assange remains trapped in limbo in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and will soon mark his one year anniversary there as the UK authorities refuse to grant him safe passage to the airport in a continuing violation to international norms and diplomatic etiquette.

According to  however the US has lost: “The status quo, for them, is a loss… The Pentagon threatened and me personally, threatened us before the whole world, demanded that we destroy everything we had published, demanded we cease ‘soliciting’ new information from US government whistle-blowers, demanded, in other words, the total annihilation of a publisher. It stated that if we did not self-destruct in this way that we would be ‘compelled’ to do so.”

 … effectively exposed the empire’s hypocrisy, indiscriminate violence and its use of torture, lies, bribery and crude tactics of intimidation. shone a spotlight into the inner workings of empire (the most important role of a press) and for this it has become empire’s prey. Those around the globe with the computer skills to search out the secrets of empire are now those whom empire fears most. If we lose this battle, if these rebels are defeated, it means the dark night of corporate totalitarianism. If we win, if the corporate state is unmasked, it can be destroyed.”

The persecution of  the recent shut down of the Cyber Bunker, attacks on Chinese, Russian, North Korean, Syrian, and Palestinian servers and web sites show just how concerted the efforts are by the US in attempting to control the flow of information worldwide. With regards to  alone the Nation said: “At least a dozen American governmental agencies, including the Pentagon, the FBI, the Army’s Criminal Investigative Department, the Department of Justice, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Diplomatic Security Service, are assigned to the case, while the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence are assigned to track down supposed breaches of security.”

Rather than hunt down the criminals exposed by the whistleblowers they continue to attempt to go after the messengers of truth and control the world’s flow of information.

In the context of China, I think it is important to recall that China is a working and successful Communist country, something the US is usual quiet about as China’s economic stake in the US is so large that if it pulls out the US would no doubt collapse, and geopolitically China along with Russia are seen as enemies by Washington, so it is a given that the US will try to do anything it can to undermine not only China but Russia and any other country it sees as a challenge. That the single largest military threat to the planet and the world’s policeman and censor is also the “real hacking empire” is not surprising.

CyberBunker - Spamhaus battle leads to largest DDoS attack in Internet history

28 March, 2013 19:19  

It has been identified as the largest DDoS attack in the history of the internet, at one point reaching a mind boggling 300,000,000,000 bits a second, that’s billion (300Gps), and it has affected servers, websites and web services all over the net, slowing down the net and making some sites completely inaccessible. 

Once again we see violent opposition to mediocre minds trying to control the internet and tell you what you can see and what you can not see, who is bad and must be shut down, and who should be allowed to speak. The internet was one of the few mediums where is information was free, however more and more we see attempts to limit and control the flow of information. We have even recently seen information activists become the subject for western military attack. One provider which offers access to anyone free of censorship is under attack and the net has decided to fight back.         

The attack is part of an ongoing battle for internet freedom between supporters of a provider name CyberBunker, which provides uncensored hosting for everything and anything, except for child pornography and terrorism, and a company called Spamhaus which claims to be battling spam but which has effectively become an internet censor by arbitrarily blocking entire domains and providers under the cover of battling spammers.

At the heart of the cyber war between backers of CyberBunker and Spamhaus is the fact that Spamhaus placed the provider on a blacklist, and has effectively been blackmailing Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ISP providers and carriers into disconnecting clients and web services with a court order or legal redress.

In October of 2011 Spamhaus single-handedly determined that Cyber Bunker was a “haven for spammers” and asked A2B, which is their upstream provider, to cancel their internet service and disconnect their servers.

If Spamhaus, which claims to be a non-profit organization and is used by millions to filter internet traffic and e-mails every day, determines that a domain or provider is being used to send spam, Spamhaus adds the domain or, in this case, the entire provider to its blacklist, hence cutting them off from the net and their users. ISPs know this and are then forced to censor or cut off their clients, again without legal recourse or a legal order, just because Spamhaus says so.

CyberBunker, which is housed in a real bunker; a five-story-deep ex-NATO cold-war-era bunker that was designed to withstand a nuclear attack, located near the town of Kloetinge in the Dutch countryside in the southern part of the Netherlands, says they are not responsible for the attacks but that a consortium of ISP and carrier organizations and thousands of unknown supporters are responsible for the onslaught on Spamhaus.

In an interview with RT television CyberBunker spokesman Sven Olaf Kamphuis said that Spamhaus has angered ISP and carrier providers for years by using mafia tactics and blackmail to make providers disconnect clients without a court order. He said Spamhaus wants to control all of the platforms through which information passes.

Kamphuis said if Spamhaus  wishes to continue to exist they need to stop blocking entire subnets and ISPs by incorrectly listing IP addresses belonging to people who Spamhaus arbitrarily determines to be criminals, just because they say so.

In a Skypechat where people unhappy about Spamhaus’ actions began to organize it became clear that many of Spamhaus’ targets are in Russia and China and that for some reason Spamhaus lists an inordinate number of Russian and Chinese “criminals” and “spammers” as subjects for blocking.

Kamphius told RT that Spamhaus maintains an illegal list “without permission from the Information Commissioners Office and in contradiction to the data protection act, of all personal details and pictures and names and addresses of people that Spamhaus do not like.” He also said they believe Russia and China should not be allowed to access the internet and implied that this the motivation for their actions and their activities are aimed with that end in mind.

Meanwhile on Thursday there were reports that on-line banking services were beginning to suffer, streaming media sites such as Netfix are being adversely affected and the Guardian reports that thousands of Britons are unsuspecting participants of the attacks as their router s have been subverted, although this last claim is highly dubious as there is no evidence that personal routers can be or have been “subverted” in order to carry out attacks by unknown individuals.

Several media outlets have questioned the entire affair as a PR event for companies which provide internet security and other such services such CloudFlare which has sought to generate publicity for itself by becoming involved in the attack although in reality they are incapable of dealing with such a massive onslaught.

What we see in the whole bloody affair is once again a trampling of freedom of speech and expression by an organization abusing their mandate, another egregious demonizing of Russia and China, profiteering in the name of security and fear mongering to continue to allow for the restriction of your freedom. As a regulator, which is the role Spamhaus has abrogated for itself, they should be beyond reproach and operate fairly and in keeping with the law. When they and others who purport to be in a position to dictate to the world how to behave prove they themselves are in need of oversight and can not follow the rule of law, they and those like them must be reigned in and shut down and their arbitrary trampling on the rights and freedoms of others must be stopped immediately.

There are those in power who are afraid of information being free, in essence information that allows the world to bear witness to their nefarious activities, and these “individuals” will do anything to stop or control the flow of information, whether they use mafia tactics, threats of drone attack as NATO has done, or illegal indefinite detention as the US has done, these individuals must continue to be exposed, if the internet is to be the vehicle for that exposure, so be it. We as citizens of the world must be ever vigilant of anyone trying to restrict of control our freedom and right to be informed, under whatever guise they might be posing.

Ugly Gorilla and Chinese Unit 61398 to replace Osama's Al-Qaeda as the new global threat, or “How do we sell our overpriced product?”

20 February, 2013  11:46  

Ugly Gorilla and Chinese Unit 61398 to replace Osama and Al-Qaeda as the new global threat, or “How do we sell our overpriced product?”

A company selling network security services has issued an extremely detailed report on how the Chinese Army is relentlessly attacking Western computer networks and companies. With the war on terror not really producing enough terrorists to justify the hyper security state of America, they need a new focus to justify cracking down on the last bit of freedom Americans have, namely the Internet. The threat to the world is now from the Chinese Army and the evil hacker UglyGorilla, and they will get you. Really! Run for the hills!

When a message is being delivered by a messenger whose self interests are served by the message, one must always be wary.

A cyber security firm named Mandiant, based in Alexandria, Virginia, 26 minutes from the unincorporated community of Langley (the metonym for the CIA) in McLean, Virginia, has come out with a much publicized and self-serving report detailing the evil and dangerous threat posed by relentless Chinese hackers.

The report claims that advanced threat “actors”, or the more ominous sounding “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT), operating in China and with the blessing of the Chinese Government, have been conducting, quote: “… a cyber espionage campaign against a wide range of victims since 2006” unquote.

The experts at Mandiant have no doubt done a huge amount of hacking themselves because they have, according to their own claims, “discovered” a mountain of information about that these evil Chinese “hackers” who are a part of the 2nd Bureau of the People’s Liberation Army, General Staff Department Unit 61398. Mandiant claims their information is from “open source observations” yet they make many claims that, if they are true, point to a concentrated attack on a very well defined location and the accessing of information that for China would be considered secret.

The hackers at Mandiant, or as the West would call them “cybersecurity personnel”, (U.K. Guardian calls Western hackers who attack China “cybersecurity forces”), have apparently discovered that Unit 61398 is involved in work that for China is a “state secret” and that they are involved in “harmful Computer Network Operations”.

The spying that the hackers at Mandiant have done on China does not stop there, they have named the exact building where Unit 61398 is apparently located, its physical address, the layout of the compound and the buildings, its square footage, when it was built, how many people work there, the kind of wiring and infrastructure at the facility, the training requirements of the personnel, how many networks they use, the exact data they have “stolen”, the tools the Chinese supposedly use, the exact length of time they have accessed a “victims” network (example 1,764 days), the number of victims, exactly how many terabytes of data were stolen and even three individuals who are guilty of “following orders”.

Mandiant’s hacking is superb, (Oh I am sorry when they do it, it is called “cyber security”), and they even give names to these evil Chinese “hackers”: UglyGorilla, DOTA and SuperHard! (Very Chinese sounding names of course) They even claim to have: “… videos showing actual attacker sessions and their intrusion activities”! They state this on page 5 of their report, right above a paragraph detailing their “security” products and which ones you can buy.

On page 6 Mandiant does say they are: quite possibly, perhaps a little, maybe a wee bit: mistaken, and the operations may be taking place not in the headquarters of Unit 61398 itself but quote: “… right outside of Unit 61398’s gates.”

The rest of the 74 page report gives details about the structure of the Communist Party of China and includes many pages detailing how the information was obtained, what the threats are and how you can purchase their products.

According to Mandiant’s website the threat is dire and the only one who can save you is Mandiant. Their site says, quote: “Mandiant is the ONLY information security company that can both: A) TELL A COMPANY WHEN IT HAS BEEN COMPROMISED AND B) TELL WHAT THE MATERIAL IMPACT OF THE BREECH WAS!!!

They call this an “extraordinary statement” but personally I would go with a company that could STOP THE THREAT BEFORE IT HAPPENED! Not tell me about it afterwards.

Mandiant is in the business of selling threats, (well okay in the business of responding to attacks), so the entire report may only be a self-serving marketing gimmick and it would seem China is the great (APT). This assessment can only be further backed up by their own gratuitous plugging of their products and the exaggerated language present on their site.

Some examples: “makes us the go-to company for organizations that are looking to protect their most valuable assets”, “advanced persistent threat (APT) and other targeted attackers that are attempting to compromise your most valuable assets”, “known nefarious domains to perform malicious activity”, “persistent attackers execute a series of activities to entrench themselves and compromise your systems. If you manage to kick them out, rest assured they will be back”, “Skilled, determined attackers can break, enter and succeed within minutes. Other times, they spend days plotting, establishing backdoors and fortifying their positions inside your company” and “There is no such thing as perfect security. Attackers get smarter and change tactics all of the time.” But with all this they will help you, for a price of course.

According to SC Magazine “Mandiant Intelligent Response”, the only thing to protect you from the Chinese super hackers will only cost you a mere $86,000.00. Yes that’s right ONLY $86,000.00. (Mandiant was too modest to post pricing anywhere on their site hence SC’s price quote and no other prices were found).

The Guardian seems to agree and so does Obama, the threat is real and you are a target and China is everywhere, just like Al-Qaeda: behind every tree.

$86,000.00. No problem. OR if you only have $80,000 and can’t seem to find that other $6,000 measly bucks, I will give you John’s security advice for free, two simple and cheap things any organization handling sensitive information knows: NEVER connect a sensitive and/or secure network to the Internet and ALWAYS hire people you know you can trust.

As for China, I think they might have grounds to file a complaint as it seems that they have been hacked. Or then again, maybe Obama needs to target UglyGorilla with a drone.

Imminent threats! Evil plots and relentless Communist attack! That is what has made (Langley) Virginia great and the profiteers rich! Is that UglyGorrila in your server?

Orwellian methods cyber control: DDoS, Greensboro sit-ins, Anonymous comment

13 January, 2013 19:42  

When there is tyranny free people must fight back, when the tyrants try to take away that right, they must be removed. The United States of America is attempting to implement and exercise tyranny on the world-wide-web, this is evidenced by unproportionate fines and prison sentences for anything they deem they do not like. Cyber space should be free space not a prison planet. Anonymous commented on DDoS and the Greensboro sit-ins to the Voice of Russia.

The recent petition by supporters of Anonymous to the Obama Administration to decriminalize DDoS attacks has now received 3,649 signatures, as of time of writing.

One of my sources in Anonymous contacted me with some interesting facts that show the ridiculous over kill possessed by the US authorities. If you are not convinced that ten year felony sentences for a temporary slowdown of a location in cyber-space which then remains undamaged is over-kill perhaps these facts will change your mind.

According to my anonymous source: “The severity of the sentences the government seeks for those who have participated in denial of service protests are dangerously out of line with the harm caused.”

The source says that according to the US’ own data rapists serve on average 65 months in prison, yet the government seeks sentences of ten years, 120 months, for the nonviolent act of participating in a denial of serviceprotest. Liking DDoS in the virtual world to denial of service in the real world is an astute argument but in reality the virtual kind is so much less tangible and in reality does not even exist in the real world that it should not even need to be compared, let alone prosecuted.

One might argue if the people do not have the right to protest and freely express themselves in cyber space, then the government which is supposed to be of the people has absolutely no business attempting to regulate it or control it.

Attempting to control the masses and information with such Orwellian methods and such an iron-hand is nothing if not complete and total tyranny on the part of the US Government and the out of control police state.

The source goes on to say: “Denial of service actions have been instrumental in the pursuit and protection of civil rights in America. Recall that the touchstone moment of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement was the Greensboro sit-in where isolated and vulnerable blacks occupied the "whites-only" lunch counter at Woolworth's.The protest spanned days, rather than the hours typical of a DDoS protest, and the Woolworth's lunch business was blocked entirely, while sales dropped by more than a third. Yet for all of this disruption, protesters were largely unmolested by the police. In fact, the police even protected a protester by arresting an angry assailant! Ultimately, Woolworth's changed their policy of segregation to end the protest, allowing blacks and whites to enjoy equal treatment.”

Comparing the Civil Rights Movement to cyber sit-ins may be a little bit of a stretch but the question here is the methodology to bring about peaceful change. Again to contrast, the Greensboro sit-ins required dozens if not hundreds of people putting their lives on the line and risking real world blowback. So logically the penalty should be more severe than doing something in cyber space. Again DDoS attacks do not damage and just slow things down for a while. So why is the US so heavy-handed on cyber activists?

Our source says: “Yet in recent times, the story does not end so happily. When Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard blocked and confiscated donations intended for  protesters flooded the companies' sites to demand thatreceive the same service that all other customers enjoy. So much internet traffic was generated by protesters that, effectively, all of the seats at the lunch counters of these financial companies were occupied, temporarily closing their websites. Within hours rather than weeks, the protesters dispersed peacefully and normal operations resumed for Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.”

The US government is desperate to control the internet and terrify anyone who attempts to exercise any sort of freedom on it, just like they attempt to stifle the freedom of speech in the real world, for several reasons. The main reason being their own criminal conduct and the fact that the internet has done more to show the evil and illegality of government and corrupt officials than anything else in the history of mankind, another secondary but nonetheless important reason is the financial motivations of the corporations which not control the Fascist States of America.

The source said: “Today's powerful federal police, however, no longer exercise the restraint shown by the local police of 1960s. In the following two months, the FBI served more than 40 warrants and released the famous press statement calling for 10-year felony sentences for all involved.”

In reality DDoS attacks are a temporary headache and when addressing legitimate complaints they should not be prosecuted at all. Prosecuting personal or damaging material, launching personal cyber attacks or cracking into systems and defacing or stealing information is another topic entirely. For the out of control police state however prosecuting DDoS attacks in such a heavy handed way is just another way to make the for-profit-prison-system more profitable, terrorize anyone with a dissenting view into silence and protect the government’s corporate controllers.

Source finished with the following statement: “Anonymous stands by the example of the brave men and women of Greensboro. History shows that the bravery of protesters results in a more just society for all, and the public interest is not served by 10-year sentences for peaceful resistance.”

Every move you make, we’ll be watching you -  US Hyper Security REX84 State

15 January, 21:27 

 30,000 drones flying over the United States in the next 20 years is just one of the things Americans have to look forward too as their government continues to turn their country into a 100% total security state. Americans have long ago traded their “freedom” for security, so drones over Kansas should be no real big deal. The US Government and even the local sheriff are counting on your support, and support you will because you have no choice.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) within 20 years there will be approximately 30,000 drones flying over the United States. This month alone the FAA approved the usage of another 348 drones to be used within the United States.

The latest drone-hungry law enforcement body in the US to publically declare they will be using drones is the Sherriff’s Department of Orange County Florida, which has stated it intends to use 2 drones this summer over the metropolitan Orlando area. LINK 1

Proponents of drone usage are attempting to justify yet another intrusion into the privacy of Americans and another tool that will strip away personal freedom and assist in creating a 100% secure-total-control-hyper-security state, by saying they will be used to catch illegal immigrants, criminals, and you guessed it terrorists.

The problem here is that most Americans are buying into these false flag hyped-up arguments based on media-spin and false propaganda being spread by their own government.

Saying that some poor Mexican (or other illegal) who picks their tomatoes, lives in a room with seven other illegals during the picking season only to be deported before he can be paid when the farmer who hired him turns him in to the Immigration and Naturalization Service because, lo’ and behold, unbeknownst to him they were illegal, is a threat to America’s national security, is the most disingenuous xenophobic argument one can possibly imagine.

People conveniently forget that illegal-immigrants are exploited to no end in the United States and then blamed for every problem under the sun. They also forget that without them the price for most fruits and vegetables, for example, would sky-rocket beyond affordability if union-wage paid hands were sent out to the fields to pick the harvests. But of course for the US Government it is easy to blame marginalized and vulnerable members of the population for any problem they wish.

As for criminals, the US for-profit-prison-system is holding more prisoners than other country on earth and the US also has a larger percentage of the population in prison than any other country on the planet.

Does a country that can put a person in prison for life for stealing a Mars bar on three occasions (California’s 3 strikes law) really need to be able to spy on anyone anytime they want? And that is assuming the drones will be used for surveillance. The next step will be arming them, again in the name of security to facilitate arrests and stop criminals.

Does the US law enforcement establishment need to be this militarized? The answer is no. Do they wish to be? The answer is they absolutely and without a do.

What about the terrorist claim? Well, to be frank the entire US terrorist threat is pure hype. Unless of course we take into account the self-created terrorist threat that has existed since 9-11. However even after more than a decade of slaughtering supposed “terrorists” their families and everyone around them, perhaps in the hope of creating real terrorists and thousands who will seek revenge for the killing of their families, there has yet to be a real terrorist attack in the United States of America.

So there you go American populace, you have been duped and the real planners of 9-11 have been rolling over and laughing at you since day one. Here you were asked to believe that some ex-CIA agent (Osama bin-Laden a.k.a. Tom Ossman) organized the most precision demolition in the history of mankind and staged it to look like a terrorist attack using pilotless “drone” aircraft from a cave in Afghanistan, and you believed it. Then you were asked to believe that behind every tree and lamp-post there lurked an al-Qaeda terrorist from the local “cell” that exists in every “hometown” American city, and you believed that too.

So they stripped you of one right after the other and you agreed because you felt afraid and terrorized and trusted your government, yet who in fact was terrorizing you? Your own government and your government-and-corporate-controlled-mass-media, who have worked hand in hand in creating the corporate-controlled fascist state you live in today.

So Americans, you have video cameras on every corner, you have bar codes and computers that record your purchases and upload them to your “file” when you use your credit card, you have dentists who record and upload your data to central data-bases, you have AGPS devices with internet connect-ability that record your every move and can now even determine what floor you are on, cell phones that can be used remotely to listen and even watch you through the camera and which can track your every move, you have traffic cams that record your license number and can ticket you by mail, laser radar that can record your speed from three miles out, auto-mounted transmitters that can help track your vehicle no matter where you might be, satellite cams that can read the title of that paperback you are reading while you try to fall asleep, cameras that can see through walls, acoustic, microwave and other weapons that can cook you alive from the inside from a distance, data-bases of your every move from a doctor’s visit to a late electrical bill, facial identification software being used in public places, retinal scans, brain scanning devices that can supposedly pick up the “abnormal” brain activity of a terrorist, and that is not all. They want to put RFID chips under your skin with all of your information stored on them that can be activated remotely, they already have RFID chips used to track consumer goods and cars and even students (Texas), warrantless wire tapping and surveillance to listen to every word you say and to watch you whenever they want, you have data bases that record all your activities on the internet and Carnivore which saves and records every e-mail and fax you send, there are even tiny micro-chips in your money which record every bank where that money has been, and then there are the lists: the black lists, no-fly lists, watch lists, secret police lists which might contain such information as the fact that you keep a shot gun under the bed in the right corner, etc. etc., so with all that America what is a drone?

If you were to enter the “secret” DHS or CIA or NSA rooms where there are huge screens that they use to track and record everything and anything they want and can bring you up with a few key-strokes and see where you are and what you have been up to, including what you had for dinner last night, you would understand that you are no longer free.

I personally don’t feel too bad for Americans, they have blindly allowed all of this to come about and unfortunately for them it is too late.

Meanwhile, is Russia we have traffic cams, registration stamps with our addresses, and very competent security services who actually prevent real terrorists from attacking. Without demanding the enslavement of the people.

The public interest is not, but the corporate and police state’s interests are. If the people no longer have the right to protest, then they are slaves of the system, and that is exactly what those in power in America want.

Remember that MP3? The police are en-route

10 December 2012, 19:30 1 

Remember that MP3? The police are en-route

With the US ready to send Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond to prison for life, Jullian Assange stuck in limbo in an embassy, Commander X and Anonymous members being hunted, is the world about to allow the US and its surrogates to come after all of us? Apparently it is. The total enslavement of mankind will soon be here, brought to you by the fascist United Corporate States of America. Recently the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) met in secret to decide on new ways to control the World Wide Web.

In a very quiet release of information the Internet Warriors and “Hacktivist” Group Anonymous, has informed the world of one of the tools that will be used to bring this about. If you have ever downloaded a song for example, or transferred it to your cute little harmless looking MP3 player, or listened to it off a USB flash drive in your car, or copied it to another computer, or God forbid, shared it with a friend, this applies to you. You are a criminal, you have violated US law and they will come after you.

The ITU was originally known as the International Telegraph Union a United Nations agency responsible for controlling information and communication technologies. The ITU’s activities include global coordination of the use of the radio spectrum, cooperation in determining satellite orbits, telecommunication infrastructure development in the developing world, and assistance to countries in the development and coordination of worldwide technical standards.

Their sphere of influence includes the entire planet and every user of the World Wide Web is affected by their decisions, so it is alarming that they would meet in secret and that the contents of their work would only be made public via an Anonymous “secret document” release.

The technology that was approved and discussed at the conference and has internet freedom proponents up in arms is called the Deep Packet Inspection Standard (DPI), it is a crucially important technology for the mass world-wide surveillance of the internet.

Some immediate uses of the DPI, according to the ITU and Anonymous include: technology for tracking and identifying the users and sources of the BitTorrent system (used for transferring films, programs, music and almost anything else electronic), identifying and tracking copyrighted material (including music, video, electronic books, photographs, etc.), identifying the exact content and nature of transferred files and their source, blocking and controlling Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) messages used in video and audio communications uplinks, measuring and eventually controlling Jabber traffic (In Spanish for some reason. Jabber was originally called Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) this is communications protocol for message-oriented software based on XML Extensible Markup Language used extensively by social networks VoIP communications and gaming traffic) and finally identifying source and controlling VoIP itself (VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol), used in such things as voice communications and SMS communications over the internet.

Without getting too technical, in brief this will make almost anything and everything you do over the internet subject to even easier inspection and monitoring and in the end prosecution by, (Who else?) the US and its surrogates.

According to several hackers on Anonymous forums, the DPI will effectively make it easier to monitor, prohibit, identify and control the net, and as one individual put it “These standards would lower the learning curve for the NOC (NOC stands for Network Operations Center, a location where a network is monitored and controlled) monkeys considerably,” meaning their knowledge of scripts and networking technology and other tools will have to be much less.

We know that the World Wide Web was first developed to hide a global military network which still exists today and that one reason Bill Gates became so rich was that his “Windows” platform, with its secret source code, contained secret backdoors for the government which allows the spying on any computer connected to the internet, so now this will be taken to the next level and allow for them to openly go after anyone they see fit.

With the role of the US as the world’s policeman expanded so it is now an out of control super-power unilaterally engaged in extra-judicial executions, launching invasions at will and a million other practices that subjugate and enslave the world, the day will soon come when: if a user in Bora-Bora downloads an MP3, he may get a knock on the door, or perhaps he will be fined on the spot and his bank account will be hit for the cost of the “violation”.

If you say, “Hey, all my software is legal, so what?” you will need to worry about everyone you come into contact with. What if someone sends you an “illegal” attachment? You will be liable. What if someone you are talking to on Skype mentions the words “president” and “bomb” in the same conversation? You will be under surveillance. No matter where you are or who you happen to be.

One telling aspect of the ITU’s meeting was the list of who was not allowed to attend, according to RT such “deviant” organizations as Google, Facebook and Twitter, and what was not allowed to be discussed; namely proposals from countries the world over who will be affected by yet another unilateral US decision.

Apparently is it not enough for the US Government that Facebook was forced to provide the CIA with its own special interface, they want more, they want complete and total control of the entire pie.

In this day and age of continual aggressive invasions and the continued distribution and attempted distribution of false information to facilitate support for such heinous acts, the internet is the last resort for many the world over to learn the truth about what is really happening. For Americans, apart from foreign media, the internet is the only place where they can actually learn what is really happening.

A government that is afraid of information being shared is a government that is engaged in evil. They need to control you, because they are afraid of you, they need to shut you down because they are afraid of what you might learn, that what they are doing is illegal and that they are engaged in crimes against all humanity.

Imagine a day when you attach a retinal scanner to your eye, and a device reads the chip implanted in your skull before you log onto your computer, to write a letter to your mother that may be rejected by Carnivore and the NSA because you accidently wrote bomb and president in the same sentence. Imagine you are then locked to your seat, by hidden steel restraints that immobilize you so the authorities can come and take you away. Or imagine you are sent a song and begin to listen only to have a warning pop up on the screen advising you to stay where you are the copyright police are on the way, sound fantastic? Not really just the next logical step.

 Rather than using encryption and other technologies to make file sharing impossible they want to criminalize it, and more importantly, criminalize you, then they will have the “right” to take away your freedom and whatever else you have that they desire.

US Adm Wants Total Control in Cyberspace

15 September 2012, 12:26  

US administration wants total control in cyberspace

The recent upheavals in the world have taken attention away from a very important move by US President Obama that could strip away another large chunk of freedom from Americans and place another huge and important piece of the public domain under government and corporate control. President Obama has circulated an executive order that will implement measures that have already failed to pass Congress and were contained in the failed Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Again the pretense for stripping away freedoms is “security” and again the attackers are China and Russia.

Whenever the US issues another order or law regarding “security” the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Why? Because this means that even more rights and civil liberties will be stripped away from the people and even more power will be had by the government.

Reports say that the Obama Administration is currently drafting what is called in the US, an executive order, giving the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the power and the responsibility to establish standards of cybersecurity that would protect banks, water plants, telecommunication networks and the U.S. power grid from electronic attacks.

On the surface and to those who know little about the real cyber attacks, the program dubbed Perfect Citizen, looks like something that is needed and should have been implemented yesterday, but hold on a minute, the devil is in the details and in who is behind the plans, namely the most secret of the secret US Security structures, the National Security Agency or NSA.

The problem with that for US citizens and in general is that it would give an intelligence agency control over a public system which may be an area of expertise by the NSA, responsible for signals and electronic security, but goes against the NSA directive not to spy on US citizens.

The plan which has wide-ranging implications and will basically allow the government to take control over the electronic grid, and this includes the internet, is deemed necessary by its proponents because the power grid of the United States is supposedly vulnerable and under constant cyber-attack. However this is far from the truth.

According to Michael Tanji over at Wired, first of all the networks in question, power grids and the public water supply systems are rarely if ever connected to wide area networks and the public internet. Secondly the operating and control systems they use are often proprietary, meaning they have no publically or even privately available analogues that are available and accessible to the public or to hackers who can reverse engineer them and find weaknesses or vulnerabilities that they can exploit.

So the law is not needed and the rationale behind it is false then why attempt to pass the law, bypassing the legislative branch, by using an executive order to do so? First of all because a similar bill failed to be passed into law earlier this year and second of all for the reason I have already stated, it would allow the US Government to take control of the internet and the public electronic grid which includes almost all forms of modern communications.

According to propaganda put out by the continuously more powerful Department of Homeland Security there are constant attacks that target everything from the US power grid to nuclear power plants.

Even scarier is information being disseminated by the National Security Agency itself. A report published byReuters quotes the head of NSA's Information Assurance Directorate, Debora Plunkett when asked how real the threat of hacking from China, Russia and other countries was, as saying: "Significant. I don't know how else to describe it."

Even worse she said that: "Some of today's national cyber actors don't seem to be bound by any sense of restraint." Meaning state sponsored cyber-attacks are out of control and state actors behave recklessly.

Again the White House is demonizing China and Russia which they claim are attempting to commit computer espionage in a wide range of areas and for wide ranging reasons. This and other false propaganda about massive attacks on critical infrastructure is designed to terrify the American populace into giving away even more of their freedoms and rights, yet despite this the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 failed and there are not public cries begging for more “protection”.

According to the US media the Obama executive order bears a striking resemblance to the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 which failed to be passed by Congress. Many also say that an executive order in this instance violates Article 1, Section 1 of the US Constitution which says: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” Nowhere in the US Constitution does it say that if a bill is not passed the president can single-handedly decide to make a law himself.

The practice of using executive orders is a controversial one which many see as a tool of an “Imperial President” as they allow the president to unilaterally and without oversight or public debate pass laws that may not be in the public interest. Former US President George Bush was famous for issues such orders many making crimes such as torture illegal after the fact and other designed to protect him and his administration from bothersome oversight, such as an executive order limited access to presidential papers.

The greatest fear regarding this executive order is that a partnership between the government and corporations under the guise of “security” to jointly control the entire US electronic grid is a step to merging corporate and state power, a condition which is better known as corporate fascism.

There may be a real threat here, but the question lies, from where?



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