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Did Henrique Capriles have a falling out with his US handlers?

14 March, 14:08  

The opposition politician in Venezuela, Henrique Capriles Radonski, is said to be in the sights of US assassins. This is not surprising as Capriles’ history and deep ties to the US and his key position in US operations to destabilize and usurp the Venezuelan Government, including involvement in the coup d’état that temporarily unseated Hugo Chavez, the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela and the ensuing assassination of the prosecutor who was investigating these events, would make him someone the US needs to keep quiet.

On Wednesday the acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro issued an official statement that Venezuelan security structures had uncovered a plot to assassinate opposition politician Henrique Capriles. According to the VOR in a televised speech he stated that: “We have detected plans by the far right, linked to the groups of (former Bush administration officials) Roger Noriega and Otto Reich, to make an attempt against the opposition presidential candidate,” Nicolas Maduro said.

Maduro was not specific in how the plot was uncovered or in who the suspects are but added that the government had sent a senior general to meet with Capriles' team.

Although obviously denied to the press by Noriega this means that Henrique Capriles Radonski has had a serious falling out with his American benefactors and former controllers, who may be after him for any number of reasons including financial ones as he is heavily indebted on many levels to the United States.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing investigation into the death of Hugo Chavez there is also speculation that he might know too much about the, until proven “suspected”, assassination of the late Hugo Chavez, as he has a long history of “secret” dealings with the US Government, has made many trips to the United States even meeting with Congressional leaders and officials and is suspected in the assassination of the late Venezuelan Prosecutor, Danilo Anderson, who was prosecuting suspects in the coup d’état which temporarily ousted Hugo Chavez in April 2002 as well as the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Caracas during the same time.

Capriles is a prize even by CIA standards, the gay politician in the poster boy for CIA implanted puppet leaders of Latin American countries. According to diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks and heavily redacted documents released by the US State Department in an attempt to soften the impact of the WikiLeaks revelations, Capriles’ relationship with the US goes back to his very creation as an “opposition” leader against official Caracas.

According to the site citing Jean-Guy Allard at, even the formation of Capriles’ political party, Primero Jusiticia, was done under the control of and financed by USAID, a long time CIA Front, through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute (IRI).

After USAID’s assessment the right-wing Republican experts at these organizations designed the Capriles’ party platform, communications strategy and were instrumental in supporting and financing extreme right ideological groups such as that designed for Capriles.

According to the resource USAID has reportedly given more than 5 million dollars to fund the extreme right in Venezuela “under the pretext of supporting democracy” in violation of the 2010 Venezuelan Law of Political Sovereignty and National Self-Determination, something USAID is well-known for and one of the reasons it was expelled from many countries including the Russian Federation.

The details of the relationship between Capriles and the US Government which were published by WikiLeaks in the form of their own diplomatic cables, is stunning in its scope and nature and gives us an insight into just how far the US will go to install their own puppet leaders in countries that they wish to control.

In one Diplomatic Cable marked Classified and titled: “Mayor Capriles - This May Be My Last Trip”, dated Tuesday, March 21, 2006, it is clear that the ties between Capriles and the US Government go to the highest levels.

The cable shows Capriles meeting with the US Ambassador in Caracas and the Political Counselor Officer, suspected of being a CIA cover position in the country, and their concern for his well being after Capriles was involved in the attack the Cuban Embassy and what are described as terrorist activities and was facing prison time again for his subversive activities.

The cable mentions that Capriles intended to “visit New York and Washington to talk to executive and legislative branch officials as well as representatives of international human rights organizations”, one of many trips that he then discussed and summarized with the Ambassador and the PolCouns, showing that he was regularly travelling to the US to receive instructions and no doubt funding, and that the information he had was sensitive enough and important enough for him to have to meet privately with the US Ambassador at the Embassy.

According to the cables Capriles not only met with US Government Executive and Legislative Branch officials but also with the then Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon, the US National Security Council Senior Director Dan Fisk and unnamed “others”.

The WikiLeaks Cables connect Capriles to the attack on the Cuban Embassy stating that he was even filmed climbing over the wall of the Cuban Embassy Compound and threatening the Cuban Ambassador in Venezuela. They also show that Capriles was a prime suspect in the assassination of the Venezuelan Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, killed by a car bomb in November 2004, and that he was a key figure in the coup d’état that Danilo Anderson was investigating. Before his death Anderson had successfully imprisoned Capriles on charges of “violating international principles, private violence and abuse of office” in connection with the attack on the Cuban Embassy.

The US Diplomatic cables take no issue with the fact Capriles was in fact committing terrorist activities, subverting the Venezuelan Government and involved in the assassination of a state prosecutor something it is almost a given he was doing at their behest.

There is no doubt Capriles, who is now running for president, knows enough to seriously damage the United States and is so closely connected to US agents attempting to destabilize and overthrow the government of the country, so an assassination plot by US interests would be nothing more than damage control.

That an individual who is according to the public record is involved in treason and is a paid servant to the interests of a foreign power, is being allowed to run for political office is strange in and of itself. That the government he is attempting to overthrow has warned him of the plot is only testament to the rule of law for everyone by the Venezuelan Government.

Capriles is so intertwined with these US elements that if Hugo Chavez was in fact assassinated and infected with cancer Capriles is more likely than not involved or in the know. If there is an investigation going on into the death of Hugo Chavez then Capriles will be one of the first persons investigators would want to talk to, and for the organizers, the fear that he will talk is reason enough to take him out.

Calvin Tucker: Transparency International Distorts Data in Favour of Western Paymasters

Excerpt: What I think happened here is that Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA came under a two-pronged attack – firstly, from Transparency International itself in the form of a report, and, secondly and simultaneously, from one of Transparency International’s main corporate donors ExxonMobil. I should explain that Venezuela’s PDVSA is not just another oil company like Shell or BP. It’s a publicly owned company, whose profits are directly plowed into the social programs to poor and working class citizens. PDVSA is Venezuela’s main source of export earnings. So, to attack PDVSA isn’t just to attack a company – it’s to attack the engine room of Venezuelan economy and the Venezuelan state itself.


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