Kate Bush

Never for Ever 1980


She wanted to test her husband,
She knew exactly what to do,
A pseudonym to fool him,
She couldn't have made a worse move.
She sent him scented letters,
And he recrived them with a strange delight,
Just like his wife,
But how she was before the tears,
And how she was before the years flew by,
And how she was when she was beautiful.
She signed the letter:-

All yours Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya

She wanted to take it further, 
So she arranged a place to go,
To see if he,
Would fail for her incognito.
And when he laid eyes on her,
He got the feeling they had met before,
Uncanny how she
Reminds him of his little lady, 
Capacity to give him all he needs,
Just like his wife before she freezed on him,
Just like his wife when she was beautiful,
He shouted out, I'm...

All yours Babooshka Babooshka Babooshka-ya-ya

Delius (Song Of Summer) 

Ooh, he's a moody Old Man,
Song of Summer, in his Hand,
Ooh, he's a moody old Man,
In his Hand -

To be sung of a Summer,
Night on the Water, 
Ooh, in the water-
'In B. Fenby'.

Blow Away (For Bill) 

One of the band toid me last night, That music is all that he's got in his life.
So where does it go?
Surely not with his soul,
Will all of his licks and his R & B, Blow Away -
Blow Away, Blow Away. 
Our engineer had a different idea.
From people who nearly died, but survived,
Feeling no fear, of leaving their bodies here,
And went to a room that was soon full of visitors-

Hello Minnie, Moony, Vicious, Vicious, Buddy Holly,
Sandy Denny,
Please don't Thump me, Don't bump me, Don't
Dump me back there,
Please don't thump me, Don't bump me,
I want to stay here.

Put out the light, then put out the light -
Vibes in the sky invite you to dine,
Dust to dust, Blow to Blow,
Bolan and Moony are heading the show tonight.


All We Ever Look For 

Just look at your Father and you'll see
How you took after him,
Me, I'm just another, like my brothers,
Of my Mother's genes

All they ever want for you
Are the things they didn't do
All they ever wanted - a little clue;
All they ever wanted - the Truth;
All they ever wanted - a little bit of you;
All they ever wanted, but they never did get.

The whims that we're weeping for
Our parents would be beaten for.
Leave the breast and then the nest
And then regret you ever left.
All we're ever looking for is another open door,
All we ever look for - another womb;
All we ever look for - our own tomb;
All we ever look for - ooh, la lune;
All we ever look for - a little bit of you too;
All we ever look for, but we never do score.

All we ever look for - A God;
All we ever look for - ooh, a drug;
All we ever look for - a great big hug;
All we ever look for - a little bit of you;
All we ever look for - a little bit of you too;
All we ever look for - but we never do score.


Follow the Nile, Deep to much deeper,
The Pyramids sound lonely tonight.
The sands run red, in Lands of the Pharoahs,
Their symmetry gets right inside me.
I cannot stop to comfort them,
I'm busy chasing up my demon,
Oh, I'm in love with Egypt.

My Pussy Queen, knows all my secrets,
I'll never fall in love again.
I drift with Dunes,
I whisper of the tombs,
They offer me Egyptian Delights.
She's got me with that feline 'guise,
Got me in those Desert eyes,
Oh, I'm in love with Egypt.

The Wedding List 

No, I'll never give the hunt up,
And I won't muck it up.
Somehow, this was it, I knew,
Maybe fate wants you dead too.
We've come together in the very same room.
And I'm coming for you.
Did you think I'd ever let you,
get away with it, huh?
He swooned in warm maroon.
There's gas in your barrel,
And I'm flooded with Doom.
You've made a wake of our honeymoon,
And I'm coming for you.

All of the headlines said "Passion Crime"
"Newly Weds, Groom Shot Dead, Mystery Man"
God help the bride.
She's a widow, all in Red, with his Red, still wet -
She said (But she sure put him on the Wedding List)
I'll put him on the Wedding List
I'll get him on the Wedding List
I'll get him and I will not miss.

Now as I'm coming for you - All I see is Rudi, 
I die with him again and again,
And I'll feel good in my revenge,
I'm gonna fill your head with lead,
And I'm coming for you.
And when it's all over, you'll roll over,
The butt of my gun,
One in your belly and one for Rudi,
You got what you gave by the heel of my bootie,
Bang-Bang, out! Like an old cherootie,
And I'm coming for you.



Four strings across the bridge
Ready to carry me over>BR> Over the quavers, drunk in the bars,
Out of the realm of the orchestra,
Out of the realm of the orchestra.
Filling me up with the shivers,
Filling me up with the shivers and quivers,
Filling me up with the shivers.

Get the bow going, let it scream to me,
Violin, violin, violin,

Paganini up on the chimney,
Lord of the dance with Nero and old Nicky,
Whack that devil
Into my fiddlestick,
Give me the Banshees for B V's,
Give me the Banshees for B V's,
Jigging along with the fiddle, ooh Johnny,
Jigging along with the fiddle dee-dee,
Jigging along with the fiddle-dee-diddle-dee-dee.


The Infant Kiss 

I say goodnight - night,
I tuck him in tight,
But things are not right -
What is this? an infant kiss,
That sends my body tingling.
I've never fallen for,
A little boy before,
No control,
Just a kid and just at school,
Back home they'd call me dirty,
His Little hand is on my heart,
He's got me where it hurts me.
Knock, knock, who's there in this baby?
You know how to work me.

And all my barriers are going,
It's starting to show.
Let go. let go.

I cannot sit and let,
Something happen I'll regret,
Ooh, he scares me,
There's a man behind those eyes,
I catch him when I'm bending.
Ooh how he frightens me,
When they whisper privately,

Windy - wailey blows me,
Words of caress on their lips,
That speak of adult love.
I want to smack but I hold back,
I only want to touch.
But I must stay and find a way, to stop before it gets too much.


Night Scented Stock 

No lyrics! 

Army Dreamers 

Our little Army Boy,
Is coming home from B.F.P.O.,
I've a bunch of purple flowers
To decorate a mammy's hero.
Mourning in the aerodrome,
The weather warmer he is colder,
Four men in uniform to carry home
My little soldier.

What could he do? Should have been a rock star,
But he didn't have the money for a guitar.
What could he do? Should have been a politician,
But he never had a proper education.
What could he do? Should have been a father,
But he didn't even make it to his twenties.
What a waste,
Army Dreamers.

Tears o'er a tin box,
Oh Jesus Christ, he wasn't to know,
Like a chicken with a fox,
He cannot win the war with ego.
Give the kid the pick of pips,
And give him all your stripes and ribbons,
Now he's sitting in his hole,
He might as well have buttons and bows.



Outside gets inside, Through her skin,
I've been out before
But this time it's much safer in.
Last night, in the sky,
Such a bright light.
My radar send me danger
But my instincts tell me to
Keep Breathing

Breathing, my mother in, 
Breathing, my beloved in,
Breathing, Breathing her nicotine, Breathing
Breathing, the fall out-in, out-in, out-in, out-in, out-in.

We've lost our chance, we're the first and last,
After the blast, 
Chips of Plutonium are twinkling in every lung.
I love my beloved,
All and everywhere,
Only the fools blew it,
You and me knew life itself is Breathing.


What are we going to do without
Ooh, please, let me breathe,
Quick, breathe in deep,
Leave us something to breathe,
Ooh, Life is -