+25 Years of US Gang Stalking of Whistleblower and Asylee
When I first  started this Blog it was supposed to be simply a way to
commincate with
friends and family and anyone who was interested in life in Russia. What it turned into
was a public record of attacks, stalking, threats and the destruction of my family and I.
It was only recently that I myself realized that what is detailed herein is organzied
Gang Stalking by Intelligence Agencies who will never forget I published agent lists
and exposed thousands of their agents. Other than revoking my citizenship, attempting
to have me arrested twice on false charges here in Russia, paying for and organizing
the arrest of my son here in Russia and making threats against me and my family, what
they have done has mostly been covert and falls into the realm of palusible deniability.
Yes I am an enemy of the USA and Western States and being thus I am a real Targeted
Individual. Not by radio waves or esoteric technology but by Covert Black Operations ala

 FBI COINTELPRO. This is my Blog and this was my life. - JAR2 June 22, 2020


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Namely for exposing highly illegal operations worldwide, naming hundreds of agents, outing front companies, publishing documents and evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, interefering with and stopping operations, interfering with the destruction of Russia and the genocide of Russians in NovoRossiya, outing 3 black operations airlines, telling the CIA fuck you, exposing the fact that "America" is an illegitmate country and those residing on it are squatting on his people's lands and generally being an incalcitrant, unrepentant, honest and unbuyable son-of-a-bitch. 


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Bloody Blog

Dear John

My Personal Daily Hell as a Refugee but I Still LOVE RUSSIA:

I am not an animal or criminal, I am simply stateless and refuse to pay a bribe. What I am going through is insane, I am a Russian patriot for God's sake, but the America lovers and racists with the money want to keep me silent. Since Project Ukraine started and with the appearance of Edward Snowden my application for citizenship was placed on permanent hold, I have been poisoned, lost my job in the media, had my marriage destroyed, have not been allowed to see my newborn daughter, have had known MI-6 assets writing letters deriding me to Russian intelligence, had a new company openly demanding I provide my personal information to the US Government and then terminating me and finally the only family and contact I had has been arrested on serious drug charges in an entrapment operation and continues to be held and treated as if he is a dangerous criminal even though he was set up to let a known drug addict free. Since I have asylum from the United States I can not seek any sort of international legal assistance and all refugee agenices refuse to help me including the UNHCR which is the only body that is SUPPOSED to help. I am getting too old and weak to fight much longer and they know that. Even after my public renunciation of US citizenship in front of millions nothing has changed. There are those who will keep me in limbo until I die and I will fight them to the end. Since I live in complete isolation with no friends or human contact other than work and live under a state of self-imposed house arrest for my own safety I am keeping this blog as the only channel to protect myself and my family.....




2016 Year 9 With Political Asylum XXXX




December 29, 2016


I will be pressing save soon. SOrry but I got caught up with Twitter and the News and Obama's imbecilic childish crap and the fake FBI report. I will write what I wanted to when I wake up. PLEASE DONATE!!!!


December 28, 2016

Do not Plan Any Crap Against Me for New Year's

I will be alone, broken, hungry and with no hope, self-esteem or sense of self-worth. So I ask you scum to leave me alone please.


December 27, 2016

The 5th Column Which Killed Me and My Family Are On TV and Radio Every Single Day Spreading American Propaganda

Again the 5th column is gaining strength and has come to the attention of patriotic Russians. These are the motherfuckers who destroyed my family. They sit in key positions in all social organizations, the media and the government and their only goal is destroying Russia and anyone who loves Russia and wants her to be strong and independent and free from western slavery.

Everywhere there are CIA agents of influence and we are supposed to let them say whatever they want and allow them to influence people to bring about their own destruction at the hands of the neo-liberal Zionist genocidal maniac filth who want to destroy and rape and enslave the country for their own gain. Speaking nicely or diplomatically about these vermin is counter productive as is reasoning with them or trying to make them see the error of their ways or to repsect the sovereignty of the country or its laws or simply normal decent behavior.

Now with the Yeltsin Center the neo-liberal America loving traitors to the Russian Federation have a place to organize and promote their western propaganda and by killing Nemtsov the CIA gave the neo-liberals a martyr for all time. 

I keep telling the Russians this stuff and keep fighting them but no one seems to want to hear anything. They want to eat their fucking BigMacs and take vacations to America and suck off the American teat. They do not want innovation or progress for Russia, they would rather just sell out to America and let America do everything for them as they sell the country into slavery.

In related news a court in Moscow has finally officially announced that the Coup in Ukraine was in fact a Coup. It took fucking long enough! What the neo-liberals control the courts tool? Judging from what they did to me and my family it would appear that they fucking do!





December 24, 2016

The Meaning of Christmas

For Rizhitsky and the Lubertsy mafia the meaning of Christmas is finding the American you fucked around for 20 years and having your lackeys call him and make threats to take away his property. It is these mafia animals who are in the government who disgrace the Russian people and the Russian state and make the government seem that it is illegitimate.

How do I know so much about these bastards. I lived amongst them for 20 years and used to teach their kids English so they could take to trips to AMerica and transfer their stolen millions. 

Truth by Meme

Why I am a "refugee" This site and I also blew the whistle on corruption in CPS CA in 1995

Revenge for Exposing Boston False Flag, Even in Russia


 I ma blogging today and bouncing back and forth between here and all the other internet stuff I am doing.

Monstrous Injustice on Clerical Errors - Oceania

My whole life was ruined and the lives of my children by this one clerical error by a corrupt "official". Russia just took thye ball and ran with it and finsihed the job for the Americans. 

Citizenship in Russia is a tool of PR, money, control and fear

Да вы забыли


Лишить Российского гражданства Божену Рынскую и выдворить за пределы страны.

It is a dangerous precedent but an expected one by those who have wanting to assert their will on those who have not or those who say things they do not like. Yes the comments of this woman were horrendous but when you start playing politics with citizenship you ignore your laws and the Constitution and make yourself illegitimate. Just like you have played with and torture my family with citizenship for 20 years. You threaten your own legitimacy. Keep on in that way and things will end accordingly. The person should be fined or censored or even do public service but taking away someone's citizenship for arbitrary reasons is horrendous. Worse than what America did to me, for a stinking clerical error by corrupt officials. 

Petition to strip person of citizenship for disrespectful comment about tragedy 

I Am Screaming at a Wall (Merry Christmas Eve I'm Hungry)

I have no hope left of ever getting heard by anyone in power who can help me. Trying to contact the President is completely useless because all of the people below him require bribes to allow anything to get through and I have already gotten blacklisted for not paying bribes. It is stunning because they know about me and my family and are always seeking PR to show how kind and caring and how they follow the rule of law but in my case they seem to be trying to get PR as to how cruel, racist, indifferent and able to ignore their owns laws they are. Perhaps they are trying to gain brownie points with the United States or they want the world to know that no one should ever seek asylum in Russia because you will not only not be offered the elementary protections that any country is supposed to show refugees and people with asylum, but that you will be completely and totally destroyed and they will do the same thing and even worse to you than the country you fled from as is completely true in my case.

Do they know that the treatment my family and I have received is contrary to international norms, conventions and laws? Do they know that this treatment of my family and I, given that I am an indigenous American and was even working for their intelligence services, will go down as one of the most premeditated, cruel and calculated injustices that any human being or person with asylum has had to face in world history. Do they think about how it is going to look when the world eventually finds out about us and questions begin to be asked? After my death when the world begins to wonder what happened to me will they just arrogantly wave their hands as they did to the fate of my family and I?   


The Lubertsy narco mafia is still controlling everything obviously. They kill people attack journalists and continue as if it is business as usual even though everybody knows what they are doing. There is no legitimate government anywhere in the world apparently and there is no justice and there is no rule of law. This world is a hell world and made of shit.

Even though I reported everything nothing has changed and nothing has been done to help us. nO CASE i FILED WAS FOLLOWED, NO COMPLAINT WAS LOOKED AT, COURT CASE WAS CONSIDERED, NOTHING. AS IF I AM NOT HUMAN.

I was called into the studio and was driven there and back the other day and while what I had wanted to say was very topical and based in fact I was scoffed at and it was like they were specially attempting to use me to show the world how they would let white Michael get on the air and say anything he wants against Russia but would not let me (a brown refugee) say a word in defense of Russia.

Oh, and it is Christmas Eve and every year they do something horrible to me on Christmas Eve as if it the most important holiday in the world for me and rather than showing the world how well they treat asylees and defectors they seem to want totry to show the world how much they spit on us and wipe their feet on us and treat us worse than animals. That is the truth. I got a call I told you from Lubertsy, from Rizhitskys circle I suppose tellingg meI owe a bunch of fucking money. I though it wass arather odd the call until just now when I saw the date.rather odd the call until just now when I saw the date. You see every year on Christmas eve they arrange some sort of horrible thing for me to have to go through. 

I am trying to be strong and think positive and act like everything is okay but everything is far far from being anything like okay. First off it is unbelievable the way the have treated me and my family in Russia and how they have allowed us to be destroyed.


It is as if the government has decided that they will use us to show the racist Americans and the Ukrainian nazis and all of the racists around the world that Russia is also a white country and treats it "mud people" like shit too. You would think that me being the first American with asylum the government which granted me that asylum would be interested in showing the world how humane and kind and caring they are and how well they treat those who fight for the Russian State and the Russian people but quite the opposite is true. They know I have this site, it is read by many people in the government, probably being monitored to see if I mention their names, and they know I write about anything l like yet they do nothing to treat me and family decently.  




December 23, 2016

I Am Trying to Stop World War III and the Genocide of Russians

The CIA, under the insane vice head of Black Ops Michael Morell, just assassinated the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Turkey in an attempt to destroy Russian-Turkish relations and provoke Russia into attacking Turkey in order to call up Article 5 of the NATO charter so they could start World War III. The United States has gone completely insane and the Russians do not seem to understand anything and continue to treat the US as if it is a legitimate power and normal country. 

I write articles http://www.jar2.com/Articles/2016/December/The_West_Is_Insane.html

and make videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XplXeE9TihI

but no one seems to notice and none of my work is being picked up due to the global censorship by the NSA/FVEY and the CIA.

The U.S. continues their drive for World War III and is using anything possible to bring it about. The hysteria and lies in the media against Russia are almost unbelievable .

I have been up all night again working on the site and need to get some sleep because I have to try to raise funds all day. If you can help I would really appreciate it. We are not doing well and there is so much work to be done.

Snowden keeps making statements against Russia and even came out and made disparaging posts on Twitter about someone who said that the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey was carried out by the special services of a NATO country. He continues to serve U.S. interests and the CIA and it is stunning to me as to why the Russians tolerate this son of a bitch. 

Need to get some sleep, be back later


Got a strange call to go to a club after publishing the Al-Nusra finding

Everything My Family has suffered is the direct responsibility of Zionist/CIA agents in Russia. So I continue fighting for Russia

I am being starved out of existence because I have no income and no benefits and no one will give my a job or help me. The money I manage to make on the internet is not enough to even pay the rent and soon the servers will burn out and all of the data and decades of work on jar2 will be gone forever. I have not had a job for over two years now and no one will hire me for any position when they find out I have asylum even though I have the right to work. I still try not to hate or blame these people but it is very difficult when I am spit on every single day!

Got a call today from Lubertsy. They are trying to decide how to sell my stuff which I knew was their goal from the beginning. I was told so much. The Lubertsy mafia and their fucking criminals in the MVD want to destroy me and take everything I own and then receive whatever the payout was promised by the US Embassy. Anything happen to me you look at Salogub, Kuranova and Pravo Poryadok as well as the supposed controller I had who a friend of Salogub. Someone in Lubertsy sold me to the CIA. Kuranova is my best guess or controller M who I will name soon if anything else happens against me 

I only recalled this a few months ago after the trauma I faced when I lost my children and my life


December 17, 2016

Days Go By and I Can't Write Just Tweeting Pleas for Help

I have been truly and totally programmed and whipped to the point where I believe my opinion does not matter and that no matter what I say no one will ever listen to me. Maybe it is because of my isolation, but my gift of journalism and my gift of communication are being lost and wasted as I struggle just to simple make enough to pay the meeger rent here and keep some kind of food in my stomach and my cat's.


I wake up with ideas in my head of things I can say to people to try to communicate what they have put us through but I hit a wall everytime I start to write with the knowledge that no one cares and not one person will do anything to help us.



For my Twitter friends you have noticed that I am extremely anti-Zionist. That is quite simple. The older I get and the more I know about how the world really works the more I have come to the realization that they are the root of all evil. They are the ones who have enslaved the world and set it on fire and are using all of us to maintain and expand their power.


As most people I was programmed to defer to the Jews and to never say anything bad about them. I never would have believed what I know now to be fact even ten years ago. But everything changed when I started working in the media. I have written about it many times and if you are new here I would recommend you read the real story hidden in a pastebin post here: http://pastebin.com/W3vynnBv The names and facts are almost real although it was written in a fictional style to prevent legal action.


The Voice of Russia World Service in English was the top Russian international broadcaster and in fact the first global broadcaster in the world. Five years ago the English World Service alone had an audience of about 480,000,000 listeners a day and the VOR broadcast in over 42 languages. I was in charge of all social media at first and worked as a newsreader, a translator, an editor, proofreader, was in charge of the site during my shifts, worked as a correspondent, a political commentator and an investigative journalist.


What is stunning to note was our prime directive which was immediately stated to me by the editor on the day I was hired by a man named Yury Reshetnikov who died the next day. That directive was that we were to never say anything negative about Israel and if we had to comment it would be positive or neutral.   

That was to be the first of many strange and I would say subversive events that occurred at the Voice of Russia before it was liquidated. I used the word stunning because the VOR was the chief propaganda arm of the Russian Government and the Russian President. Yet not a word or warning such as "We can never criticize the President, or you can never say anything bad about Russia. Just Israel.

The only other two editorial rules we had to follow in practice, and there was a difference between what was written and what was practice, was that we could not talk about 911 and everything we wanted to say had to be true and verified by at least 3 to 5 reliable sources. Had to be true was wonderful.    


Editors changed and the 911 directive also changed so I was allowed to do a lot of work uncovering the real culprits of the event. Until it came to the Mossad links, but that is a long story and I will get into that later perhaps if there is an interest.

Since we were a broadcaster struggling to enter the computer age, the VOR was primarily a short wave and radio broadcaster, new staff were brought in when I was hired. My job was to improve the quality of the English and the programming which I did perhaps too well. The new staff were all brought over from RIA Novosti and I was surprised they did not have an experience in radio but as it was explained to me were all the former team of the new editor and were all Jews. Jews take care of Jews I was told. Never mind that 85% of them were incompetent, they were Jews and not to be touched. This was stunning for me. I thought we were in Russia. My mistake.

Just to give you an idea of the Jewish arrogance I had a sound operator who told me one night that she was better than Putin. When I asked her why she said because she was Jewish. This constant Jewish supremacy was around us everyday we worked. Stars of David hanging on the walls, constant comments and insinuations. It was horrible in fact but since I thought I was working for Russia which I love I tolerated it.

When the US Controlled 5th column took over I was in a war zone and I was the target. Although I was fighting for Russia and exposing US illegality I was enemy number one to the Jews who were receiving two salaries and instructions from the US Embassy. When Ukraine started people from US Military Intelligence were brought in to oversee content (remember this was the Voice of RUSSIA the RUSSIAN Government Broadcaster) and my work ceased to be published and I was eventually blacklisted and my son was arrested.

They crucified me and my family for all of my work and in particular for exposing their master McFaul and fucking up their plans for a Color Revolution in Russia. First I was threatened with having a criminal case fabricated against me. Then that was attempted and failed so they went after my son. I was fighting for Russia but the Jews told me, first and foremost they are Jews and their loyalty lies with Israel not with Russia or Putin. They told me this more than once and I naively fought them and was crucified. They control almost everything in Russia and are the biggest threat to the security of the state and the Russian people. This is the truth so help me God. When Ukraine started I dared approach the topic that all of the new "Nazi" government were Jews as were Nuland and the rest and that was "it" for me. This was just some of the corruption I uncovered and is why they arrested my son. 

Will tell you more later that was just a small look at what it was like working in the Russian State media.  

NOTE for future post: Land not given by God. Show me the order signed by God. If Israel was given to the Jews they would have occupied it. Not Palestinian Semites. The European Jews are not even Semites. They have no connection to Israel.






This should be HUGE NEWS but is ignored.


December 19, 2016

Sadly This is My Reality Too

Worked 40 years? Die

Worked 40 years? Die. Don't ruin Russia's image with your poverty.


December 18, 2016

I Have No More Dreams or Hopes

I had dreams once. Like everyone else I suppose. My dreams were not that fantastic by some people's standards.


December 17, 2016

The Politics of Demonization and Marginalization

It is being used against me and I explained the designs of it to them years ago. I was not supposed to talk about the Right Sector the fucking CIA secret army in Ukraine



December 16, 2016

Recovering from Massive Military Grade Cyber Attack

It seems I have really upset the US Military Intelligence Complex writing that Assange is in a CIA Torture dungeon in the Southern District of New York and then publishing IP and other information about people and individuals involved in psychological operations attempting to cover up the fact that Assange was renditioned to the United States.


In the attack I lost a power supply for the server, a monitor and all of the connections entries in the registry of my main computer were screwed with giving me blank connection properties and multiple new network adapters that were not installed by me. They apparently manipulated the power supply to overheat and used manipulations of Windows drivers to blue screen my main computer. I am going through the log files and checking the IP addresses of computers which attacked me through the night and I will get back to you soon. 


I know it sounds crazy but you think about it. I post stuff exposing an operation to obfuscate and manipulate information about Assange and I doze off and wake up with one computer blue screened with no network connections and a bunch of new network adapters and my server with a burned out power supply and a burned out monitor that will then not boot. Also the router was using an IP address I had never seen before.


Here I am struggling to survive and all I have left are my computers and these bastards want to take them too. Sure I understand they do not like that I posted information about what they did to me and my family, and about their illegality, but then they should follow the law like I do.


Yesterday i noticed when I was deleting my Linked In account that several of the people who had been involved in the baseball bat meeting at the Voice of Russia where I was forced to give my private personal e-mail passwords to the Zionist Jewish managers and they then hijacked my Facebook page and Social media, had been visiting my Linked In page. I really hope they fucking get what they have coming. Maybe their lives are not going so good after betraying their country and they are wondering who they fucked over who is getting back at them? I will not go into all of the other technical details but these MFs owe me!


Related? Then I got a call from Lubertsy


December 13, 2016

Local Police Woman Involved in Fatal Accident

I really don't care anymore. REALLY! #+7-499-648-0620

Very unpleasant! Machine called and offered a free legal consulatation. The threat is very clear.


December 09, 2016

Фабрикаце Уголовне Делах Против Сыновей

Фабриковать уголовне дела против дети любой человек за денги! Ещё один невиновне сын посадили



December 08, 2016

The True Story

Угрожал фабриковать уголовне дела против меня за мой статей против США. Очередной картинка мне отправил


December 01, 2016

All these people supported me at VOR now they are dead




ENGLISH John Robles Speaks about the CIA and the Lubertsy network that they devoloped

Dear Mr Bistritsky,



Для СМИ от Джон Роблеса (Индеец и 1гр США с полит убеж. в Россий): Правительство РФ продлили мой статус вчера. Спасибо ВВ Путин.

Гражданство? И ещё США  ещё сылнее взломается в моё сеть

November 30, 2016

Звонили и сказали что документ готов.


November 24, 2016

Dear President Putin,

2013 from John

Russia loves to compare itself to the US in particular with regard to legal processes and norms and for decades I myself have lauded and promoted the Russian legal system and strict regard to international norms in all my work. I have blasted US criticism of the Magnitsky case and defended Russia in everything from adoption to sanctions, even going so far to suggest that Russia should lead an international tribunal to try the United States for its Crimes Against Peace, Crimes of Aggressive War and rampant illegality worldwide, but now the case of my son has proven the reality is much worse than I thought.

I live in fear because I know how the system works and I know that any criticism can be and will be used against the critic and given the fact that we are in a state of war any criticism can be seen as treasonous so I am risking everything defending the only person who stuck by me through everything. I must defend my son because he is being thrown under the bus and I believe it is because of me and my years of anti-American investigative and journalistic work.

You cannot argue with facts and truth, so very carefully I will present those to you dear reader, making special note that I am NOT insulting, degrading or even calling for anything to be done to the individuals working for the organs of power that are involved in the persecution of my son who has been detained for half a year now. I am merely stating the facts and making the comparison to the US system which is one I know.   

There are several reasons the case against my son is suspicious and for me the main one is my refusal to undertake work for certain individuals in the days prior to my son’s arrest and my lawsuit against Rossiya Sevodny. From a legal standpoint the very fact that an entrapment operation was ordered (contrary to European norms) directly targeting my son, the case is a violation of his basic rights and a directed persecution for whatever reasons are behind it, that is number one.

The second irregularity in the case is that it is based on a written statement by a known drug addict who was already arrested 6 times and each time gave someone up to the police.

The third irregularity is that all of the other “witnesses’” statements were literally copied and pasted and are verbatim copies made in language only used by investigators.

The fourth irregularity is that none of these prosecution “witnesses” have appeared in court (nor has any investigator or other party for the prosecution) and what is more bizarre is that the case and sentencing will continue without their having once taken part in the trial, a clear and obvious violation of the internationally recognized right of the accused to face his accusers.  

The fifth is the complete and total isolation that my son has been kept in meaning that I have not been allowed for various “procedural” reasons to see or speak with him and was threatened with being expelled from the hearings when I protested the presence of US Embassy and CIA personnel in the court.

This presence is the sixth peculiarity and should be of interest to Americans as the “embassy” personnel have not done a thing to defend my son but merely collect intelligence on him and my family.

The seventh has to do directly with the case against him which is based on what can only be described as circumstantial evidence and any investigator in the world would agree with this point I think. My son is accused of selling drugs. He went to meet the drug addict who through another aquaintance owed him money. My son collected the money he was owed not knowing that it had been marked and set aside for a narcotics buy by the "investigators". NOW the MOST damning point: even though the "operation" was planned there was no recording made. neither audio nor video of the actual transfer of drugs from my son nor of the meeting or any of it. LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE. An undercover police operation in 2015 where any idiot can film aqnything and there was NO RECORDING MADE!!! The evidence is that Lebedev was sent to meet my son and was searched and then after meeting my son was searched again and WOW!!! Lo and Behold!!! Amazing!!!! He had drugs on his person!!! Then even though my son underwent chemical analysis of him, his person and his things and no trace of narcotics was found he was still processed!

Finally contrary to all international norms my son has not been allowed the right to proper counsel or a trial of his peers. No lawyer has ever visited him in detention and during each hearing the lawyer is changed by the state and shows up several minutes to casually breeze through hundreds of pages of prosecution evidence making it clear that their presence in the court is only to support the pretense that a proper trail is taking place.

Those are the facts. The system needs to be reformed and corrected. I am sorry but if you want to trump up charges and put my son away for 8 years and destroy his life I have to speak out.  


Dear President Putin,

           Best of the day to you! I am sure this will be my last letter to you and I have decided to do so publically because none of my letters actually got to you because I could not pay the necessary people the money necessary to make sure the letter got through. 


November 27-, 2016

The True Story

Introduction in Russian  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SMrYScxD8s   

Chapter One in Russian

Chapter Two in Russian

Chapter One in English 



November 24, 2016

Clear racist attack on Twitter - USAF Intel threatens me now

Yeah sure this is a coincidence too. I am going to do something really big today. So now USAF. So far CIA/FBI/Marine Corps Intelligence/SAS/MI5/MI6/US Army Intelligence/NATO Intelligence/Ukrainian SBU/Right Sector/Russian CIA assets/NSA and the US Federal Protection Service. Did I miss anyone? This shit has to stop! 911 was an Inside Job and you bastards have to stop your aggressive wars

Of course they are planning all kinds of interesting crap right now.


November 22, 2016

After Yesterday I'm Still Shaking + Death Threat

Every step is being taken so I commit suicide. My reputation continues to be attacked and the abject poverty I have been forced into is being used to paint me as a criminal and "untermensch"!

Some asshole telling me I am stupid everywhere and the other provoking me to say something aginst Russia. These people have no idea what the real evil is in the world.


November 20, 2016

Interesting Treasures in the Archives Julian Assange E-Mail

Putting some stuff together 


November 18, 2016

The White Supremacists Continue Their War on Us - Be Very Afraid

Meet the Fascist Internationale trying to Subvert Russia

Why we should be scared of Marine Le Pen's Front National

Should we be scared of the FN? Should we be scared of Ms Le Pen? Yes.  We should be scared of Ms Le Pen because she has repackaged some of the most destructive and sweetly persuasive ideas of both the hard right and the hard left – xenophobia, protectionism, authoritarianism – into a single, seemingly modern programme for government.




November 17, 2016

Russian Criminals in the Police Structures Continue to Operate with Impunity: We live in terror for our lives. Nobody protects journalists or those with asylum in Russia

This story is directly related to what happened to my son and the son a the FSB Major below but it is now being buried by the Russian media. Even life new where it appears almost at the bottom of their main page.



Сотрудники столичной полиции задержали третьего участника нападения на журналистов телеканала Life. Им оказался 25-летний уроженец Молдавии.  «Задержан третий подозреваемый в инциденте, произошедшем на Киевской улице», — приводит ТАСС сообщение пресс-службы ГУ МВД России по Москве.  В ведомстве добавили, что задержанный «доставляется для проведения следственных действий и решения вопроса о его задержании в порядке ст. 91 УПК РФ». Ранее сообщалось, что оперативники задержали двоих других участников инцидента на Киевской улице. Напомним, на журналистов Life Марка Безымянного и Владимира Серенко напали неизвестные в ночь на 12 ноября около до №18 по Киевской улице. Там остановились две иномарки, из которых вышли шесть человек, представившихся сотрудниками уголовного розыска. Они напали на сотрудников Life и жестоко их избили. Отметим, что среди задержанных злоумышленников сотрудников органов внутренних дел нет.  Читайте далее: http://izvestia.ru/news/645551#ixzz4QHs43evR


November 17, 2016



Absolutely everything was taken away from me and now the Zionist/CIA controlled trash are attempting to get me to start going against Putin. They think I don't know what they are doing but they are so obvious it is not even funny. This is the place I have been placed and they have trapped me here by taking the number from my car. There is nothing here. This is an armpit. They pulled me away from the sea and Crimea and isolated me here so they can what? Kill me off quietly7 or is this a continuation of the concerted attempts to make me commit suicide? I would say it is exactly that. They torture me with every little instrument they can. Nothing can be easy or work for me so then I must go against Putin and say Russia is shit. I will never say that because Russia is not shit, the Zionist Rothschild CIA bankers trying to destroy Russia and every Russian patriot are shit and soon I will expose all of it.


November 12, 2016

Cleaning Up

Dear ? Is this the same car? #lifenews


November 12, 2016


Coming to the realization that one has been the subject of lifelong experimentation and subjugation by monsters can have a liberating effect on the soul but understanding that they control all of the means and methods to make that known to the world and being completely isolated and knowing that not only does no one care but that any attempt to inform the world will be violently suppressed leaves me in the same quandary I have been in for years.


So far I have been successful enough at exposing just enough and loud enough to keep myself alive but I have not been successful enough to protect my own children, preserve my family or maintain my reputation, career and financial independence and condition.


I woke up from my lucid dream state with a clarity that I have almost never experienced and finally have put the all the pieces to the puzzle together and realized in then end what it is all about as all of the answers to all of the questions finally fell into place. I will try to get that knowledge to you dear reader and what I have finally uncovered will destroy the NWO and finally bring about the healing that the world needs. Presumptuous declaration? Only if my message is ignored which is what "they" will try to do.


I leave you now to work on the other pages for the final truth (hint: the NWO is the Zionist cabal) but all I can say is "FIGHT"! Watch these two pages!  




November 11, 2016

Thank You LifeNews for Reporting the Truth (Now)

Not all is bad. I turned on Life News again and 30 minutes have not heard anything about evil immigrants and they are reporting the real news from the US. Demonstrations and all of it. No mention of the pedophiles yet. Love you all!          



November 11, 2016

Racism, Fascism, Inequality and Brutality Rising Globally and

Spread by the Psychosis of White Supremacy that is the USA

As a sovereign forced to live and soon to die in exile I am alarmed. I turned on Life News again today and this time it was only about 4 minutes before a demonizing piece ran about "immigrants" or non-whites. This time they took a very isolated incident in the US where they found some cell phone footage of black beating up a white guy. They did not say what had happened or what led up to the altercation and there was no evidence to the claim that they were beating up a Trump supporter but that is what they reported. The story ran as if blacks in America are animals and all over the country they are beating up innocent white Trump supporters. The way the Russian media has openly jumped on and adopted the white supremacist racist style of reporting and non-reporting that is prevalent in the West in shocking and for me more evidence that global fascism is under way. There was no footage of the mass protests or of police brutality or anything else that might point to the racial imbalance or injustice of the Amerikan apartheid system.


What really happened in America was planned and orchestrated by George Soros and the NECONs, with the sole exception that Clinton would have gone all out and started WWIII and Donald Trump will not, YET. The problem would have never occurred if third party candidates had been given a platform but the fake elitist Democratic Party, which is supposed to care for the people and the "minorities", proved to be so evil leading to the only way to get a KKK/Nazi into the White House. The sad thing is once he gets in there Trump will be the same as Obama. Lot's of promises of draining the swamp, lot's of smoke and mirrors and some temporary steps towards sanity, but then he will also continue the wars and the oppression of the masses by the elites, with an added razor edge on "minorities".


The psychosis of America is that you have a country based on genocide where the sovereigns are kept in closed areas like animals, one built and maintained by slaves and minorities and a warped psychotic system designed to fool the people but maintain the whites in power and at the top. Will the people ever run America. Nothing will ever work there until the sovereigns are released and given their lands back and the genocidal whites are removed from power.


You can call it "white" privilege or you can call it what it is White Supremacy! 



November 05, 2016

They really think we are too stupid to fight

This is a t-shirt worn by a Trump supporter at a rally and sent to me by someone who was attacking me for supporting Jill Stein. Nice. One year after receving the same threat in Russia some American piece of shit tells me the same thing.


November 03, 2016

I am starving to death and scammers try to rob me. No one believes I am dead broke

Please Help Russian Girl Buy Back Her Late Father's Car


November 03, 2016

We are all being exterminated

The conspiracy continues. There is a topic that is forbidden everywhere in the world and it is a topic that is being forbidden because it is the real core problem to all of the evils we are bering faced with. Zionists



October 31, 2016

Тоже сама банда выбирает из ФСБ под заказов

The conspiracy with the cops who organized the arrest of my son continues. Their goal is to get all of my property, in particular my jeep. It was almost all I had left. I am already selling the other stuff I had and some very rude men have called offering me pennies for property that is worth thousands.


October 30, 2016



October 27, 2016

The Question is Which One of YOU Gets All My Property?

The conspiracy with the CIA controlled pigs who organized the arrest of my son continues. Their goal is to get all of my property, in particular my jeep. It was almost all I have left and then my suicide. I am already selling the other stuff I had and some very rude men have called offering me pennies for property that is worth thousands. When I say rude I mean they call with contempt and utter hatred in their voices as if they know exactly who I am.


October 25, 2016

Driving a Person to Suicide is Illegal


This has nothing to do with me but she is so completely sick she needs to be locked up. According to some people on the net she has already driven a couple of guys to suicide.



October 24, 2016

Как индеец/беженец из США выглядит после 20й лет Россий





October 24, 2016







October 23, 2016

9-11, WWIII and the Demonization of Russia



October 10, 2016

Dealing With Racism: No Matter What "They" Do "They" are Right


I have been reduced to selling my personal possessions because I can not get a job and according to an admitted nazi I talked to recently, someone who I thought was my friend, the whole reason is my race. Since I am a racial minority of one and constantly get even worse crap than this man, I decided to speak out. I regularly have to deal with people who regularly think I am stupid, uneducated, a gypsy or some other "black ass"  and all the shit written here on this blog including the arrest of my son, the fact that I will never get Russian citizenship and now my impending death have one core reason "racism"! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS LETTER YOU GAVE ME THE COURAGE TO SPEAK OUT EVEN THOUGH I AM LITERALLY COMPLETELY ISOLATED ALONE AND SURROUNDED BY REAL NAZIS.


September 26, 2016

JAR2 Summary for Followers and Supporters + Book Teaser

If you are interested in the unglossed truth of Crimea thi might be of interest to you.







September 28, 2016

Answer to Critics - JAR2: There Should Be an Investigation into the Death of Michael Ratner and Others

        11:30 I just got a letter from the person who I thought was going to possibly publish my book and what he told me was not good. Perhaps you can help me to understand two of the points he made. The first point that I just don't get, being as it really contradicts everything I am and do and my very person and who I am is that I need to present myself as an American patriot. Why is that if I am not? I have asylum from the United States and have lived over 20 years in a marginalized dangerous situation because of the United States. I was beaten all of my child hood and tortured and abused into adulthood by that system and I have to show that I m a patriot to that country. I am not.

       The United States literally occupies the country where I was born (Puerto Rico) and has literally carried out a campaign of genocide (Dr Cornelius Rhoads CIA et al) against not only my people but the indigenous peoples of North America which continues to this day, so how could I be a patriot to that country? I am a patriot to the country where I have lived for 20 years and which has treated me well and the problems I have had here are due to the illegal interference and targeting of the United States and its agents in Russia.

      The second point is also one that is raised by journalists even when I do present them with evidence, namely that I am not providing proof of what I am saying. This statement, first off completely marginalizes and discredits me and everything I say meaning my word is not enough and no matter what I say it cannot be believed and it completely annuls everything that I do present (which is substantial) as if it were never presented and in fact did not exist.

        I am certain that any thinking person who has read and seen the evidence I have presented in the past and can connect the dots in any elementary fashion would be able to see that. However as that may not be the case then what? I cannot access and copy and release secret US Government directives concerning myself and my family as I do not have access to them and the people that may have access to them and definitely do if we are to believe their stories will not provide me with anything. So I have to describe and live with the results and effects of those directives which by the actions of the US Government and its agents and officials are proven to be in existence and cannot be denied.

        This is a typical tactic and one that was used against us even during my son's trial and during my attempt to gain at least partial custody of my daughter and fight the claims that my ex-wife was making during the divorce proceedings. During these events our evidence was not allowed to be entered and we were almost not allowed to speak and what we did say was not accepted as evidence or allowed to be used to support our positions.

         Just as in the case of my lawsuit for illegal termination. Even the simple fact that I was a newsreader was denied and my words saying this were also not entered into the record or accepted by the judge. The judge only accepted "evidence" from the lawyer which backed up the lawyer's claims. Namely that my termination was legal and that I had not been wronged.

         The same thing was done with my son and it was all done on orders from the United States Embassy and the CIA. This was all done just in the same way that the US revoked my passport and then cancelled my citizenship using the claim that I owed child support when in fact I had sole legal and physical custody of my son and daughter and we had lived in Russia since the 90s. Any thinking person would say that is evidence that I could not owe child support even for periods spanning over a decade during which the corrupt criminals in Woodland California continued to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars of Federal money in the names of my children.

        Their argument is "prove it! Do you have a paper saying you live in Russia?”

        My answer was “Well yeah, here you go.”

       With any answer to that being "Oh we cannot accept that as evidence".

        That is what happens when criminals are in power and rather than investigating or arresting these criminals the US just went after me and the CIA as the protector of this criminal system continues to attempt to have me returned so they can interrogate me about Russia and punish me for blowing the whistle on million dollar corruption. You see the entire Child Protective Services dead beat dad system all over the country is corrupt in the same manner and that is what they have to prevent from being known in my case. Criminals protecting the criminals and anyone who calls them out is discredited and their evidence is denied and then punitive measures against them are initiated. This is a documented fact and happens over and over again,      

           I was going to mention two points but the question of credibility also applies to the third point he raised and something I have been accused of over and over again and which I would like to put to rest once and for all. That "point" is that I am moaning, that I am just endlessly complaining and whining about what is happening to me and I should just shut up. This is the same thing the rapist or the murderer says to their victim I then read it 20 more times until it sinks in: what I am being put through amounts to torture and is direct evidence of targeting and illegal activity by the US Government and the Central Intelligence Agency as the foreign arm that is making their orders possible in Russia. My employment and income have been eliminated which is clearly a documented tactic by the US Military in dealing with whistleblowers, in fact my employer the Voice of Russia World Service was liquidated after the ex-US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul failed twice to have me arrested on false charges and deported back to the US, my family has been destroyed and my son is now in prison on false charges. My reputation has been damaged, I can not secure any kind of employment in Russia, a country where there is absolutely no economic, social or other support for people with asylum and thanks to Edward Snowden and the Limited Hangout Operation he is engaged in any truth about US illegality now has to go through him and anything I say about my case or what they are doing to me and my children is ignored because the Snowden crowd does not support me or even mention a word about me. This is also evidence that Snowden is an Operation.  

         I am the first American with asylum in Russia not Snowden. Currently Snowden does not even have asylum he has residency status. Snowden has also made it seem mandatory that anyone who has asylum or is a whistle blower must be an American patriot which also damages Assange and anyone else who comes forward, as if that is the only person that can be supported which is the line that even the Russian media promotes.

         In none of my interviews or works concerning me or other people seeking asylum is it ever mentioned that they may be a patriot of Russia. It is as if being a patriot of Russia is a crime or something that must be hidden. I am proud to be a patriot of Russia and will never, as the publisher admonished me to, portray or try to portray myself as a patriot of America. It is a country occupying my homeland that was illegally established on the lands of my people and is guilty of the continued genocide of my people.

         The reality is that agents working for the CIA and their partners in Moscow are guilty of treason to Russia in carrying out the orders of the US Government and the US Embassy in Moscow and all are guilty of violations of international law and UN statutes when it comes to refugees and person with political asylum which clearly state that we are to be free from punitive targeting, harassment and other measures from the country from which we received asylum. That country in my case is the United States of America. There are also loads of laws and statutes with regard to the treatment of indigenous persons which apply in my case and those are conveniently just ignored as is the fact that I was born in Puerto Rico which is in fact an occupied territory and not historically nor ever was a part of the United States.               

            The whole problem was summed up during the trial of my son, the lawyer told me that they would not accept any evidence proving my son's innocence or the planting or fabrication of evidence unless I paid a huge bribe (for these kinds of prosecutions in Russia the price is about 9 million rubles to make it go away) for the reason that then all of the investigators and those prosecuting my son would then have to be charged with crimes and would lose their jobs and no one was going to be a party to that.

             So the reality is that to keep their jobs they are all ready to see an innocent young man have his life destroyed and go to prison for five years for a crime that "normal" people would get a few months for. Recently a video appeared on the Russian news in which one of these "investigators" was secretly filmed talking about these kinds of cases and he described how narcotics were planted and the like and he said that he did not really care what happened even if he knew in his heart that the person he was testifying against was innocent because he was "... just doing his job".

            That is the same with the people in the Embassy and everyone else involved in our persecution and continued limbo. From the people who demanded us to pay bribes for citizenship to the agents who are fulfilling orders for the US Embassy and engaged in our persecution and finally to the Director of FMS in Lubertsy who offered me a rope to hang myself after almost ten years attempting to simply normalize my status and obtain a passport.

            I have a daughter I love that I have not been allowed to see in two years, I have a son whom I love who is rotting in a Russian prison because the people who were ordered to fabricate a criminal case against me could not, I have not been able to find a job for two years, I have to continue to live in a state of limbo and no one is helping me or supporting me, I am forced to try to survive by begging strangers for money on the internet and every month it is a question whether I will be able to buy food or pay rent, I have absolutely no support of any kind from the United Nations or Russia as a refugee and I am getting old with the only option every day seeming to be death because there is no chance that things will get better and every day that passes I am getting deeper and deeper into debt. So to those who say I am whining or to stop begging on the internet I say: my only other option is dying quietly. Which is exactly what they want and I will fight them until the end. 

           In reality there should be an investigation into how far the US has gone to silence me and the case around my family. As time goes on it is clearer to me and every piece of evidence I have proves my thesis that after the failure of the two attempts by McFaul and the State Department under Clinton to have me imprisoned and deported back to the US, Edward Snowden and even the liquidation of the Voice of Russia were operations set up by the CIA.

             An investigation also should be started with regard to the deaths of: Michael Ratner who agreed to look into our case in the weeks before his death and then passed of a mysterious cancer, Yury Reshetnikov who died the day after hiring me to work at the VOR of a mysterious cancer like illness, Karl Watts who was also instrumental in my employment who died of a mysterious cancer, E Nikitenko who supported my work and died of heart conditions and finally N. who also supported me and died the same day I was terminated of a mysterious and quick spreading cancer. There should also be an investigation by Russia into my poisoning and in the events surrounding what appears to be my own looming untimely death.

               Like I said I have absolutely no funds and no way of getting any and I have no food and my rent is due so if possible please make any kind of contribution to our fight and help keep us alive a little while longer.  http://www.jar2.com/WebMoney/pay.htm     



September 26, 2016

JAR2 Summary for Followers and Supporters + Book Teaser

If you are interested in the unglossed truth of Crimea thi might be of interest to you.

20 years in Exile and the Truth about Criimea

CIA Subversion Worldwide With David Shayler Banned Audio

Forbidden RAW AUDIO


September 25, 2016

Book Preview: The Truth and Evil of Crimea

If you are interested in my e-book "The Truth and Evil of Crimea" please send me an e-mail to jar2@jar2.com with Preview in the subject line and I will include you in the first release. We are in depserate need of donations so please help out! PLEASE!!! http://www.jar2.com/WebMoney/pay.htm tHE DEMONIZATION AND DISCREDITATION CAMPAIGN ORCHESTRATED BY EDWARDSNOWDEN AND HIS TEAM IS ALMOST COMPLETE AND THERE WILL BE NOTHING I CAN SAY WHEN THEY COME TO THE DOOR FOR ME. SO I AM READY YOU FUCKING BASTARDS. FUCK THE CIA!!!

September 24, 2016


I have been asking my own daughter for over a month if I can get my keyboard and my mattress because I am sleeping on the floor and I am getting sick and she just blocked me. I have a pain in my back now and I think I am getting pnuemonia. Is that normal? When I told her I was hungry and had no money and had not eaten in days and even when I was stranded in Rostov and she promised to help me she did nothing. Is that normal? I raised her by myself and neither she nor her brother were ever hungry and they always had a roof over their heads and nice clothes and phones and computers and everything else. She was never hungry why does she not care if I die? Is that normal? Is that what Russia teaches children? To spit on their parents to be COOL? I told her I need help to pay the rent that I will be in the street again and she says nothing and does nothing. I am hungry and eating crusts of bread and had to hear for 20 minutes becuase I ate a little sausage that someone left in the fridge and she posts pictures of marshmallows and chocolate. Why the hell are they doing this to me!?!??!! I am shuddering(((((((

This is my bed on the floor. It would be fine but the floor is extremely cold as winter sets in.

I saw this on Twitter. Almost like my old bed.


September 23, 2016

Please Help the Rent is Due

I love women and I am not gay. What else can I say?

Nice ones!

I published two interviews today that were forbidden in Russia, namely because they show that police can frame people and that if you are a refugee you have no rights and because they show I have not betrayed Russia like all the fucking cops and FSB guys do for money.


September 22, 2016

Another Interview Forbidden in Russia

Much more here

Бывшее Голос Россия и Журналист из Пэрто-Рико переехал в Крым, чтобы написать правдивую книгу о мировой господство США

August 1st, 2016

Forbidden for Publication by Komsomolskaya Pravda

Journalist who wrote piece remains protected by me

Джон Роблес влюбился в природу и впечатлился атмосферой межнациональной дружбы на полуострове. (HIS OPINION)

Первый американец получивший политическое убежище в России, 50-летний журналист Джон Роблес переехал жить в Крым. До этого он 20 лет прожил в Москве, работал в «Голосе России», а в наш полуостров влюбился в 2014 году, когда приехал сюда делать репортаж о Крымской весне.


Знакомство с Крымом

В 2014 году Джон Роблес приехал в Крым, чтобы своими глазами увидеть, что происходит на полуострове. В те дни Керченская переправа работала намного слабее, чем сегодня, поэтому корреспонденту пришлось ждать очереди на паром 46 часов. В те дни весь интернет пестрел множеством дезинформации – о тысячах солдат на улицах городов, танках в центре Севастополя и масштабном конфликте.

- В Керчи я увидел тишину и спокойствие, - вспоминает Джон Роблес. – Никаким конфликтом не пахло. Но город был в упадке. Меня поразило то, как за 23 года в составе Украины была уничтожена крымская инфраструктура. Во время путешествия по полуострову я понял, что значат слова «Украина ничего не вкладывала в регион, а только забирала отсюда все, что еще можно было растащить».

Побывав во всех главных городах Крыма и увидев, как люди по-настоящему счастливы благодаря грядущему возвращению домой в Россию, Джон провел большую информационную кампанию в англоязычном сегменте интернета. Он старался донести правду о событиях на полуострове до тех людей за рубежом, которые были лишены объективных источников информации.

 После Крымской весны Джон Роблес познакомился с байкерским клубом «Ночные волки». В прошлом году на байк-шоу у горы Гасфорта он в прямом эфире публично отказался от американского гражданства.

Переезд в Крым

В начале 2016 году журналист решил переехать в Крым насовсем. Для жизни он выбрал Ялту – климат и природа Южного берега напоминают ему родной остров Пуэрто-Рико.

- Я не американец, я индеец таино, - говорит о себе Джон Роблес. – США оккупировала мой родной остров еще в 1956 году для того, чтобы построить там свои военные базы. Уже много лет индейцев выживают с родной земли, в штатах0 растут уровень расизм, я лично сталкивался с нападками только потому, что я индеец. Поэтому, назвать меня американцем – все равно что ДНРовца назвать гражданином Украины.

В Крыму, по словам пуэрториканского журналиста, он нашел мир дружбы народов. За год познакомился со множеством людей самых разных национальностей. Убедился в том, что у нас все прекрасно ладят между собой. Эта атмосфера очень понравилась Джону. Тем более, после нескольких десятков лет сложной работы журналиста-международника, у него уже не осталось сил жить в ритме мегаполиса – Москвы. Здесь среди чистой природы к нему начало возвращаться здоровье.

- Местные говорят «Жизнь одна, нужно прожить ее в Крыму», - улыбается Джон Роблес. – Я с этим полностью согласен. Хочу начать плавать каждый день, часто хожу в горы, гуляю по лесам. В восторге от видов, которые открываются на каждом шагу. Единственная проблема полуострова – ужасные дороги. Но за два года в составе России и она постепенно решается.

Кстати, Джон Роблес принял православие. В Ялте он ходит в церковь, дружит со священниками и прихожанами. По его словам, он и не ожидал встретить на службах в храме столько милых, отзывчивых и очень простых в общении людей.

Зарабатывает на жизнь у нас Джон Роблес уроками английского языка. Ищет издателя для публикации уникальнейших материалов о геополитике США на русском языке и хочет развиваться свой сайт. На нем он хочет рассказывать правду о событиях в мире, о том, как корпорации США целенаправленно управляют геноцидом людей в Донбассе.

А еще, у Джона случилась беда с сыном. Он сейчас в тюрьме. Джон Роблес уверяет что парня подставили. По мнению журналиста из-за того, что тот отказался участвовать в коррупционной схеме, в которую того хотели втянуть непорядочные люди.

Бурное прошлое

Джону Роблесу есть от чего отдыхать в Крыму. В США он был членом коммунистической партии, старался в меру своих сил бороться с несправедливостью. Спасаясь от преследования, он бежал в Россию. Здесь работал в «Голосе России» и преподавал почти 20 лет . Из-за того, что работа была очень ответственной и напряженной, а также, из соображений безопасности, Джон двадцать лет прожил в режиме дом-работа-дом, почти нигде не бывал.

По словам Роблеса, у США есть веские основания его ненавидеть. Джон говорит, что он помогал Джулиану Ассанжу когда запускали сервис Викиликс. Бывший посол США в РФ Макфол считает пуэрториканского журналиста своим личным врагом. В свое время Роблес зафиксировал, как Макфол перемещал в свое посольство дипломаты с миллионами долларов и потом распространял эти деньги среди представителей «пятой колонны». Жесткая и непримиримая критика действий посла вызвала гнев у США, те пытались добиться экстрадиции журналиста из нашей страны.

Последнее столкновение с представителями Госдепа США было у Джона Роблеса из за ситуации в Донбассе. Журналист лично видел и располагает доказательствами того, что все действия по геноциду мирного населения в Донбассе координируется американскими спецслужбами.

Во время рабочей поездки в Крым Джон задержался в лагера для беженцев вдоле граница ДНР и потратил все деньги на то, чтобы помогать людям, которых война оставила без ничего. Он заправлял свою машину и вывозил беженцев из обстреливаемых районов который на лагерах были на территорию России. Сумел спасти много семей.

По словам Роблеса он испытал сильный шок от общения с людьми, которые буквально за краткое время лишились всего налаженной жизни, бизнеса, близких, здоровья проста потому что они были против нацистский хунта который США инсталировал на Украйна. Поэтому Роблес считает, что мир должен знать правду о истинных причинах военных конфликтов, чтобы такие трагедии больше не повторялись негде в мире больше.

September 21, 2016

Please Help the Rent is Due, Oh and I was reported to the FBI

But I guess he doesn't know the CIA and everyone else is already busy with me making sure I die out.

I did a lot of stuff yesterday and for all of my efforts I got reported to the FBI on Twitter (so what) and did not get the responses I was hoping for. The more that I think about how the UNited States has attempt to destroy Russia by attacking and not allowing the paralympians to compete enrages me completely. These poor people have nothing else in ttheir lives and for many of them that is the only reason they continue their painful and torturous existences. The fact that WADA decided to play politics and try to influence Russia foreign policy and bend Russia to its will by using these sportsmen is outrageous. But then again they invaded Uzhne Ossetia on the eve of the Olympics and used Ukraine to attempt to destroy the Sochi Olympics. Disgusting! So I published the WADA files and they are damning and prove the hypocrisy and despicable nature of the West. So here you go!!!!!

I guess this was supposed to terrify me into removing the WADA files from the site. Now this guy has reported me to the FBI for reposting the material. Since I am on the Right Sector's hit list and the Ukrainians have a $25,000 secret price on my head according to one asshole in Yalta who was working for another asshole in Deneperpetrovsk and I am already on the WikiLeaks hit list and Hohn Mcarthy is probably dead I guess I should be worried but actually as Hillary Clinton said what difference does it make. In reality the FBI should be investigating the CIA for targetting and destroying a family of US citizens. But if they won't prosecute an obvious war criminal like Hillary Clinton for disclosing Top Secret information, in the words of that monstrous bitch and the next POTUS "What difference does it make?"   


Here is your daily porn. If you don't like this sorry but it gets a LOT of traffic to the site. I love women and respect them like the goddesses they are so if you have a problem with a little nudity so sorry. Let's keep the world straight.


September 20, 2016

Please Somebody Hire Me for Something!

Unfortunately I do not have that the girl below has but I suppose it did grab your attention and she really is something to look at aye? Yes the Blog is live. I am currently seeking employment and as I am home ridden that means anything that I can do on-line, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know ASAP. Thanks....

I am working on a story which should be of interest to all of you. Please stay tuned and if you want to get on my mailing list let me know.

So? What is really going on over here?

This is a free speech and free thought zone until they shut it down so enjoy.


September 19, 2016

What if the reality were even worse? Think!

My isolation is now so complete I can only use the word torture to describe it. But I am safe and off the grid. But then again, so is she.....

I haven't seen a human face for five days, which is not long I suppose, but then it was even longer before and those I do see are not kind. They are the not very nice people I told you about or perhaps not.   

SO dear fat ass in the government who wants a bribe. I will be going to many places very soon becuase this has already gotten criminal on your part you fat scum. I have been here for 20 years and the fact that I will not pay you a bribe which you believe you have the right to is something that will see you in worse places than the one above, for time that you will count not in hours but in ages, as I have counted the hours. I make one message go out and you are done and so is everyone alonside you.


September 19, 2016

Anyone reading this? Refugee life uncovered in Russia. Rated XXX

I turned on the news and started watching the election coverage and remebered "I CAN'T VOTE! I'm a refugee"

Three days ago I asked you all to donate something so I could get my medication. No one did, except that is understandable because no one had the password for the blog which I had changed and did not re-send to anybody. Forgot damn it! Sorry! I was dizzy and passing out. But I did get two weeks of meds by begging someone on the phone, so I will live that long I think. They only cost 270 rubles but I don't have ANY income whatsoever and things are not getting any better.

It doesn't really matter really because to be honest I am ready to die. Really. I don't even want your fucking false sympathy or your pity. That is just the way it is. This world really sucks way to much to continue in it. I am not condoning suicide or telling anyone they need to check out, I am just saying that for me personally I have had a fucking nuff.

I am very pissed off today. Really! Wanna know why? No? Well I will tell you fucking anyway. Really!

You see it is quite simple really. I know you won't understand and frankly I don't care, but it has to do with voting. Yeah yeah yeah shut up you say. No. I won't.

You see it is like this: despite being an internationally known political commentator and geopolitical specialist, (respected and well know in certain ever diminishing circles) and despite having political asylum already for almost ten years, and despite running and being involved in political public relations operations for none other than the Russian Government for right around a decade, I have only been allowed to vote once in my life. Yes kids John has only voted once in his life. It is not my fault though, really, but before I go on maybe you want to know who I voted for? Or not? Doesn't matter, I will tell you anyway. I voted for William Jefferson Clinton and even went to a stinking fundraiser for him because I thought he really was going to downsize the military and start helping the people.

Not that it really matters whether you vote or not. there is no country where there is a truly democratic system but just watching all the assholes on TV running around and saying how responsible they are and how we should all vote makes me sick. Well okay let me vote. No you won't. I have no rights. For my entire adult life I have not been allowed to vote but I have paid taxes and I am not a criminal and have never been convicted of anything other than traffic violations involving speed and not wearing my seatbelt.

Half my life in the US paying taxes and half my life in Russia paying taxes and is there a diffrence? Not really. In the US even though I am a native American I was always considered a foreigner and in Russia even though I have had asylum here for almost ten years, had two Russian wives and have four children here and have not left the territory of Russia for 20 years, I will always be a fucking foreigner! And oh and lo and how wonderful that is with the crazed nationalism that is going on! Which is understandable but nevertheless just an excuse for racists to spread xenophobia. Don't fallow me? Really? I don't care.

 You wanna know what I'm gonna do? I am gonna write that piece that has been rolling around my head since I left the hell I was in in Crimea. I'm gonna fill ya all in on the stinking godforsaken zio nazis who for lack of a better word enslaved me down there!

Yeah "international community and United Nations! I begged you to protect my rights and the rights of my son and daughter and you have done nothing. Now I will tell it all and let the world be filled with the same terror and degradation that ALL REFUGEES MUST FEEL! And you do nothing and Russia does nothing and nobody cares.

I tried to do everything the right way and through the proper channels and have been doing that all my adult life and it has gotten me nowhere. So fuck you and fuck everybody. Oh I am a refugee! Oh I don't have any rights. Oh I am hungry and have had my entire life taken away from me. Ho why don't I stop whining and just give up.... Yeah the scum keep telling me, Just sell what you have left so you can buy some bread. Stop begging people for help. Get a job! WELL I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET A JOB FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS NOW YOU MOTHER FUCKING SCUM !!!! NO ONE WANTS A POLITICAL REFUGEE FOR FUCKING AMERICA!!!!!!! UNLESS IT'S A FUCKING CIA AGENT!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

And you think Russia helps? Hell no! Russia does everything possible so you can in no way live!

Okay sorry for ranting I am going to write that piece for the sake of god. It is all I can do(((( Maybe someone will buy it

Comments? jar2@jar2.com   DONATIONS!???? Here http://www.jar2.com/WebMoney/pay.htm I spent my last 25 rubles for a loaf of bread today. My stomach hurts from hunger so even 2 buckes would be great! I worked 12 hours on the site today organizing interviews and creating seven new pages http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Indigenous/Indigenous_Memes_Images.html







And even one for Rick Rozoff who called Pushkin a nigger http://www.jar2.com/Interviews/Rick_Rozoff.html Okay 8 pages!!

So what else. Oh it was telling but we published the WADA files and the poor Fancy Bears got shut down... So is the net free in Russia? Well we will sooon find out!

All joking aside the isolation and daily degradation has long ago passed what in any normal country would be considered TORTURE!!!

I am writing but will be around on Twitter I guess((( or VK

10 years begging and pleading living in humilation and terror and degradation licking the boots that kick me in the head and keeping my mouth shut and repsecting my disclosure agreements! FOR WHAT YOU FUCKING SCUM!?!!????? FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then when I told your fucking little tough boy PAY me I am not a slave you arrested my SON!? FUCK YOU CORRUPT AND DIRTY TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BURN IN HELL!!!


September 16, 2016

Sleeping on Floor Need My Heart Meds: Please Donate

Without meds                    With Meds

Blood Pressure   With Meds

Drowning in debt and would really like to buy a bed. I am sleeping on the floor and it is getting very cold. Musya is doing well. I also need my heart medication.(( I ran out yesterday. I won't bore you with all my other problems but this is life or death really.



September 15, 2016

I Woke Up and Then Remembered: I'm a Refugee

Having Asylum is not a disease, it is not catching. In fact it is a badge of honor and a victory! In this case for the Russian Federation and for me over the United States. BTW Snowden does not have asylum. He has residency status. Which is actually funny since he is still working for the CIA and spies are not supposed to get asylum under international law. They can defect.((

Snowden Hayden CIA

There is nothing cool or interesting or neat about having political asylum. Nor are there opportunities or chances at making or attaining a better life.


I just woke up a few minutes ago after another night of nightmares and pain throughout my back and legs sleeping on the floor which is getting colder with every passing day. Yes I am in a better location than the one I left in Crimea but it is far from the normalcy that I had lived with until Snowden showed up. I keep returning to Snowden because the more I think about everything that this happened the more it is clear why everything went sideways the day he showed up.


They are doing a wonderful job of keeping me off the grid and I am very very grateful to them for that. Especially after what happened in Crimea. The number of people who all of a sudden remembered about me or showed up out of the blue asking me "Where are you?" is staggering really. Where am I? I tell them "everywhere and nowhere" because that is actually the reality and I have become everyone and no one.


The personal attacks continue on a daily if not hourly basis and the attacks on the servers as well. However the tech guys have stopped the most serious attacks that were causing the servers to shut down, reboot and overheat. The NSA and the CIA now have technologies and viruses built in that can cause processors to heat up and can crash systems almost at will. nsa.dll was replaced with much more dangerous code, but unfortunately I can not get into that in depth because when you are fighting a cyber war it is of tantamount importance that THEY do not know how much YOU know.


I continue to use Twitter as my main platform and want to take a minute to thank the people running Twitter for not bowing down and selling out to US pressure. Twitter remains the freest platform on the net and does not engage in political suppression or censorship, something I can not say for the even the Russia media where you will never hear ANYTHING about me or my family even though we were the first American to receive political asylum in the Russian Federation. Too sensitive, too secret, not interesting and some fat fuck way up in the government just waved his hand and dismissed us as unimportant and not serious. This is the person who I need to find and I am very close now. I already have the name and the files, now I have to figure out how to present it.


Why I have decided to remove the password protection from this page should be obvious but if it is not then all I can say is that is how it must be for now.

I want to rebublish here a couple of posts that I think were important . The first started just now. Not news or anything just part of one human's personal struggle. No blood no gore so move along, but this is the stuff for blogs and this is in fact my blog so here you go dear reader: I woke up just now.. Consciousness returning quickly, too quickly, assessing my surrounding and my current environment seeking out threat zones and determining parameters, a process which takes less than a second or two and my brain automatically began determining my initial plan of action and the optimum plans for the day ahead. Then everything stopped as it remembered I'm a refugee and it was like a BLUE SCREEN and everything just stopped in its tracks. That is what it is like living with asylum. It is like a dirty and sick torture living trapped in endless limbo with no way to get out and having the keys to deliverance held by people who could in no way be more indifferent to your fate. I will write more later....


Here is that post from VK I wanted to add here just to keep the arrogant little spy boy squirming and wondering when he will be publically "pulled in": Dear CIA Covert Psychological Operations Operative Edward "Mark" Snowed-In, Curation, consociation, correlation and irrefutable association are not merely extrapolatory conjugations instigated fore delusional summation. Your duplicity, obfuscation, and three+ years of preparation are evidenced #snowden . "The time has come" your goose is "burned" and not only "snowed in" but out in the cold. Run along now little spy boy before you hurt yourself. "Are you feeling the steel of the trap..." you set for me you worthless prick?


I am running out of food and have no money for my heart medication again so if anyone can help it would be appreciated. I sent my resume to 46 companies yesterday and only got two notices that I have been short listed and added to data bases if the need arises. I want to work but everytime the process stopped when they get to the asylum part!!! If you can offer me a jobm any job so I can have ANY income it would be greatly appreciated.


September 09, 2016

Sending Innocent People to Prison is Normal for Trash

The picture above is of a driver who accidentally recorded a passenger admitting and describing how the police set people up on narcotics charges. Thank you very much to this brave man for coming forward. These are the same trash that set up my son. Whether this particular individual is connected with the Werewolves in Epalettes is unknown to me. THese are the same kind of trash the CIA uses in Moscow to do their dirty work. This cop does not even care if he is destroying innocent people, He believes he is just doing his job.


September 1, 2016

Discreditation and Anti-PR Campaign: What I Got In Crimea

When you are the victim of continued isolation and marginalization even simply speaking out on the issue can be a very dangerous thing. If you are believed there is little anyone will do to help you and if you are not you can be seen as being unblanced, paranoid, suffering from a victim complex or simply whining and seeking sympathy. However I write about what is really happening just to make things clear if anyone needs this for the historical record or decides to go down the road I went.

What happend to me in Crimea is that people showed up to discredit me. They operated so openly and were so infantile and obvious that it was ridiculous to watch them. However they showed up at the right times and the right places and did the damage that they were sent there to do.

 In the picture above I was supposed to be working for EdinoRossiya and my "partner" was clowning around so much and drinking beer that he blew that for me. What was I supposed to do. I wanted to help the candidate and this guy was there to discredit him too I guess.

If you were following the site when I was in Crimea then you know I was actively trying to help out a lot of causes and one of the ones that was closest to my heart was the church in Kariz where I was going regularly to place candles and prayers for my son. What that led to is still too disgusting and horrible to even think about and I do not even want to write about it.

All I can say is that the Ukrainians and Tatars in Crimea in and around Yalta are much worse than my original imression of the people I had met in Sevastopol. These bastards I had the misfortune of being forced to stay with even managed to fuck up my attempts to help the Night Wolves and interefered with my work at the Bike Show.

I will be posting pictures and material soon

September 1, 2016

Knowledge Day Came and Went

Just a nice pic it has nothing to do with knowledge day)))

There has been so much going on that I can not keep up with everything for the sole reason that there are not enough hours in the day. I need to do a write up on the story of how I spent the last nine months in Crimea but it is getting difficult to find the time and without donations to support my journalistic work there is little that I can do as I have to spend all of my time trying to simply survive.


August 16, 2016

This is ridiculous! I applied for a job as a gardener!

Another refusal

Already over 2.5 years like this!


August 10, 2016

Post 2 Blackwater Xe Academi Greystone

Threat #792: CIA Agent Sends JAR2 Threat Through Ex-Blackwater Mercenary "You Will Be Shot"

You will be shot

Latest threat from CIA. I will be shot. I was sent this message and another photograph which I can not publish to protect a source.


August 10, 2016

CIA Assets Crucified My Family

9 years ago we received asylum and 6 years ago we filed for citizenship. We have refused to pay bribes, we follow the law and we are Russian patriots which makes it hard to understand why we have been destroyed. I can not begin to describe to you what we have been through. I can not begin to describe the myriad ways we have been humiliated and marginalized and forced into accepting their facts as reality. What is even more difficult to understand is the complete and total lack of anything approaching human compassion or respect for our dignity as human beings and for our human rights. We absolutely have no human rights and we have been forced to accept that because there has not been a single person here who has stood up for us. 


My only son and my daughters have had their father taken away and I have lost all of my children yet not a single person has been outraged or finds it odd. I am talking and writing to a world gone mad, a world now gone forever and a world that only exists in my own memories. We thought at least the fact that we had asylum meant something.


My cat is dying. My son is on the verge of suicide and about to be deported to the United States where he will be tortured. He is serving 5 years for a crime he did not commit merely to avoid the arrest of a drug addict who was someone's son. My son to them is no one. Now after his life was destroyed for a worthless drug addict he will be traded for a connected Russian. As if he is property and not a human being. The trash and filth sucking the people dry with their bribes and corruption treat us like animals. I have not been allowed to see my daughter, if she is in fact my daughter for over 2 years now. I am living in wretched conditions where I do not even have a shower or a place to bathe nor a place to wash my clothes. I have no place to even cook properly or store food. I am going further into debt everyday and can not find a job of any kind. I can not afford my medication and I am dying along with my cat. I received humanitarian aid from the Red Cross in June and have rationed that out for two months but that is also gone. I can not believe that I live in a world of people yet I am dying right under their noses and no one even blinks an eye to help.


Despite all of this I have not fallen to drinking. In fact I do not drink at all and I have not become hateful even to the animals who are doing this to us. I have lost all hope and have no reason to believe that anything will get better. We will be finished off and then what is left of us sent to the U.S. and disposed of. I do not even know who I am writing this for. No one reads anything anymore. No one writes and no one cares. Everyone has been gotten to by the CIA and their agents here. There is no longer anyone who can help. We have been destroyed, marginalized out of existence and demonized to the point that no matter what we do we can obtain no support.


Tomorrow the person that has been feeding me is leaving. I can not say who the person is because this person is also afraid to have anything to do with me. Having Asylum is like a disease. It is like the Bubonic Plauge. Being a target of the CIA is even worse. Even here in Russia where I spoke out against the CIA and defended everything Russian and where that should be a mark of honor, people are scared.


I am the last Taino Indian and the first "American" to have ever received asylum in Russia and I will soon die alone, broken, destitute and in squalor. That is what it means to fight for the truth.


Good night   http://www.jar2.com/Personal/IAMHUMAN.htm


August 09, 2016

How Russia Will Rid Itself of the Robles Family

"We Have Asylum Yet No Protection"

9 years ago we received asylum and 6 years ago we filed for citizenship. We refused to pay the bribe of 900,000 rubles and wrote complaints to everyone from President Putin to the Investigative Committee. So on orders from the US Embassy my son was set up in a fabricated drug bust and now it is clear why. We believe that even though he had asylum and was raised here in Russia he will be sent to the United States where he will certainly face torture and possible death in exchange for Yaroshenko or Victor Bout both of whom I staunchly defended in my journalistic work at the Voice of Russia and independently. It is almost unimaginable the cynicism and inhumanity we have had to face at the hands of corrupt officials. Especially since my son and I were vociferous patriots of Russia. I shake my head in disbelief but of the three Americans which news reports say asked to be transferred to the U.S. unfortunately one of them is my son. We are destitute and can do nothing and no one will help us. Why will no one look at our case? Because someone with power is blocking any help.




This explains the fake marriage they arranged and even making me work for a month on the radio without teeth.

In April I wrote to Michael Ratner. Alarmed and Saddened to Hear of His Death. Condolences



August 08, 2016

Killers Blaming the Victim

It was to be expected and I saw it coming and it was  obvious but nevertheless it saddens me to have to write this. I am alarmed by the murder of Michael Ratner.


July 30, 2016

Met the Reporter Today

And a person I thought was my friend stabbed me in the back for the third time. There are more contuinued attempts to marginalize us but I will continue to fight.


July 28, 2016

There is Nothing Yet

Distractions and obfuscation


July 26, 2016

A Reporter Came By - Sorry a Film Producer

Distractions and obfuscation What can I say? Gathering information for what is still unclear and what motivations is also unclear at this point. Fundraising is not going well at all which should make all my enemies happy. Going out to regroup.

July 25, 2016

Coming Soon: The Snowden Files


July 25, 2016

What If Only Nightmares Come True?

Death LakeThe Death Houses


With the hand of God and the eyes of the beast forever nearby I attempt to make sense of what is transpiring. Now in my eighth month of a sadistically imposed exile within an exile I have lost all hope that there will ever be  reconciliation, closure or catharsis. I will no longer even utter the words justice, fairness or legality. Those words once the golden rules by which I fought my fight and lived my life have proven to be nothing more than the empty illusions and idealistic labels for concepts that have long ago left this world.


Today several more bizarre and strange things happened, like they have been occurring with increased regularity on a daily basis as time continues to roll on.    


I continue to be amazed by the kindness and the humanity that my newfound friends and supporters continue to show me. After 20 years of dealing with people who could in all reality just spit on me whether I was alive or dead, it is as if from behind a steel wall 20 meters thick that I observe those around me. It is not in the halls of huge and impressive buildings, nor the libraries or offices of elite and exclusive educational institutions where I have finally found humanity alive and well in my fellow humans. I am wanting of proper descriptive verbiage to explain what I mean now. It is two in the morning and my tired and over burdened psyche is terribly in need of rest but I feel it is my duty to those of you who have supported me to let you know what is transpiring.


If you know me and you have followed me though everything that has happened you know that I do not believe in coincidences and that I certainly do not believe in accidents. Which is why I must tell you what happened today. 


I will have to make this brief as the eyes are closing and the pain is increasing, robbing me of my energy. First though I should give you a little background into an event that I still can not believe really happened. I can not because to do so means that I must believe that we are able to travel into the dreams of those around us and using the same basic framework as that used in remote viewing can travel into dreams long past of those we share ties to. I will not go into this further unless my readers wish me to because it is too arcane and esoteric for even me to fully believe. But it happened.


Today as the shock began to wear away one of my newfound friends endless visitors, a girl of fiery red hair with an incredible knowledge of computers and devices, out of nowhere showed me a photograph of the place I dreamed about when I wrote the story in the link above. That was over 2 years ago. Being as a girl I love and am very fond of is in mortal danger on an island as I write and I was invited to visit the above lake where I dreamt of my own horrible death I am a little distressed. It is not everyday someone hands you a photograph of a place you know very well from multiple nightmares. It is also not everyday you find that you are not only living on an energy center which you ended up on seemingly by chance but only one mountain away from such a place. I am tried. I am hungry and living in abject poverty no longer convinced that someone cares but if you can please support the site or send a wrod of encouragement so I know you are still out there dear reader. Good night.


July 23, 2016

Lo and Behold, a New Post

What can I say? 

Please help me to survive so I can finish the book

so my children know the whole truth and know that I was not a bad guy. These Ukrainians have orcestrated an operation for me to kill myself since 2009 using black money from the US. It is detailed in my book.  jar2.com/WebMoney/pay.h

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UN Convention on Refugees States the Following

and sets out the rights which individuals are entitled to once they have been recognised as Convention refugees: 

 All refugees must be granted identity papers and travel documents that allow them to travel outside the country

Refugees must receive the same treatment as nationals of the receiving country with regard to the following rights:

        Free exercise of religion and religious education

        Free access to the courts, including legal assistance

        Access to elementary education

        Access to public relief and assistance

        Protection provided by social security

        Protection of intellectual property, such as inventions and trade names

        Protection of literary, artistic and scientific work

        Equal treatment by taxing authorities

Refugees must receive the most favourable treatment provided to nationals of a foreign country with regard to the following rights:

        The right to belong to trade unions

        The right to belong to other non-political nonprofit organizations

        The right to engage in wage-earning employment

Refugees must receive the most favourable treatment possible, which must be at least as favourable to that accorded aliens generally in the same circumstances, with regard to the following rights:

        The right to own property

        The right to practice a profession

        The right to self-employment

        Access to housing

        Access to higher education

Refugees must receive the same treatment as that accorded to aliens generally with regard to the following rights:

        The right to choose their place of residence

        The right to move freely within the country

        Free exercise of religion and religious education

        Free access to the courts, including legal assistance

        Access to elementary education

        Access to public relief and assistance

        Protection provided by social security

        Protection of intellectual property, such as inventions and trade names

        Protection of literary, artistic and scientific work

        Equal treatment by taxing authorities

Russian Law on Refugees

The Law Regarding Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Russian Federation

I am not an animal




Warning: You must be warned and you must take this warning seriously if you are considering seeking asylum in the Russian Federation. Do not do so. This warning is specifically directed at US citizens and former citizens and those residing in US territories or “protectorates”, although this warning also applies to nationals of all other countries whose treatment is even worse than that which I have witnessed and received, with the exception of former nationals of ex-Soviet Republics. Asylum in Russia is literally a black hole of corruption, bureaucracy and illegality that you will never get out of.   


For the millionaire class seeking an escape from tax responsibilities with money off-shore, famous Hollywood actors and world known sports figures this warning does not apply. For the temporary propaganda victory Russia will make sure you receive not only asylum but citizenship and passports quickly and have no complaints and loves such figures for the public relations victories they supply. Such figures are a God send for the corrupt bribe structure and help them fill their coffers and provide important media cover to continue to hide the fact that there are thousands of people like me languishing penniless in the grey zone they have created. That is the reality and the truth.


There are only three reasons that someone from the United States might be granted asylum in the Russian Federation with a fourth being the special case of Edward Snowden which I will go into later in this paper. In this paper I will attempt to explain and describe to you all of the realities, nuances, rules the real ins and outs of applying for, obtaining and living with asylum here in the Russian Federation and the reality of asylum and the renunciation of US Citizenship but again I warn you NOT to do so because you will not receive the protection you should. d


 May 2016


INTRO: At first I thought it was a test of some kind. A Psychological Operation or perhaps my loyalty to Russia was being tested or my loyalty to the state or to the Security Service or my ability to keep secrets, so I went along. She showed up in my lesson and they told me she insisted on only studying with me. I agreed and she seemed competent however she rarely showed up and was always late and would always wear short skirts, sitting provocatively, and make googly eyes at me. I should have ran for the hills but I did not. I agreed to meet her for a drink after work one night when she asked and that was all she wrote.



May 23, 2016

Need Your Help


May 09, 2016

I Wrote an Article in Honor of Victory Day

In honor of victory and about the current situation in the Russian Federation

SUPER SITE http://victory.zhamkov.com/album/zaks/?page=zaks

STAY CALM. LOVE RUSSIA AND DOWNLOAD ALLA http://www.jar2.biz/Downloads/Alla.zip

Скажите ЦРУ ВОН из РОССИЯ!!!!!!! http://ln.is/www.change.org/p/QnuTk



Rascism and Oligarchal/Corporate/Military Fascism


We live in a world now where there is no democracy and no real voice for the people. 9-11 was not only a coup for those who seized power in the US but also for scores of countries worldwide. The hyper-security fascist state(s) made possible by 9-11, with their dumbed down populaces, computer controlled and rigged elections, state controlled Orwellian medias, corporate controlled oligarchal governments and state controlled racist polices which keep "minorities" in check and keep the poor in an endless cycle of poverty, living life on their knees, can in no way be considered to be democracies. This 180 degree manipulation of "truth" is also true for the endless aggressive wars and destruction of countries under the labels of "humanitarian interventionism" or freedom bringing "democracy operations".


Governments which are supposed to serve the people have become the masters of their populations and have become something entirely new and almost impossible to label and they are all working together regardless of the theater being produced for the world's populaces. Corporate Fascist, Oligarchal, Plutocratic, Dictatorship, Police State: all of these labels do not really fit what we are seeing today. The only word that can be applied to all of these NWO governments is Tyranny.


You can not call a government democratic which is totally deaf to the needs of the people and that is what we have in all countries. Deaf and merciless governments which ignore the human rights and basic dignities of the people are the abomination of the 21st century. The only hope for the world was the Internationale and all inclusive socialist systems. We are living in a world now where the words human and rights have no connection and thus neither do worker, parent, minority, refugee or any other label we put on human beings. There is no longer a place in the world for the reader or the thinking man, for the real intellectual or champion of human rights or for anyone who is "different" and unfortunately when they control the media, the money, the organs of state security and the war machine, there is absolutely nothing we can do. The human being and the human rights he is supposed to have are no longer viable concepts in this world. And in reality there is nothing we can do.   


April, 11-2016 16:01

Please do not send anymore donations via Pay Pal if you can avoid it, the money would help keep me alive but due to sanctions I CAN NOT withdraw from PayPal. Still trying to figure out what to do and will go to the bank tomorrow to find out. Worst case I would have to go to Moscow at a cost of 25,000 rubles.

Thanks to donations I was able to buy a cake for 130 rubles, a couple bottle of beer and go for a walk in the city yesterday. I need to figure out how to get 5,000 to send to my son for his canteen account because he is being sent to Siberia where he may die if I don't.

The popularity of shaved heads in the media is a way to get us to get used to the nazi takeover of the world. I refuse



Today is a Black Day in History (hitler's B-Day)

My Son Sent to a Prison Zone + FMS Chose this Day to Answer

Assange Lawyer John Jones Dead



April 19, 2016

Next time you decide to tell someone what a wonderful delicious meal you had, you might want to ask them first "Did you eat today?" Not much to do if you are pretending to be civilized and concerned for the welfare of others.


I was asked if I use psychology in daily life and I answered: After the Ukraine started the racism in Russian began to rise to dangerous levels and I do not interact with people anymore. You can not use psychology or anything else with the racist mind. It is like a wall. It sees you as sub-human and that is all it understands.


April 18, 2016

Anonymous Sent This for Those In the Loop: 5th Column at RT

US/CIA Secret 5th Column Operating in Russia



April 13, 2016

Thank you Exa and for the oath and I would add the Litany


April 12, 2016

2: If you are not with me you are against me,

1: Sent 1000 letters to all of my former contacts and friends and the only 2 responses were strange. One guy wanted to talk to our lawyers without me even though I wrote we had no lawyers. Then he did not answer again. The callous disregard of people I once thought were friends is unbelievable.


  April 10, 2016

Working on Release of Book Preview

Meet the Werwolves in Uniform


April 4, 2016

Continuing With the Tell All Book

With most of it done I have started to try to promote it but pre-sales are zero. I keep debating how detailed to get into the fact that my ex-wife and her family were attempting to get me to commit suicde for several years on end and have decided to name all the names and detail all the indcidents since I will be dead when the book is finally released. I am sure they are planning something for my birthday in 6 days. Something that will push me over the edge or kill me so I have to get the book out quickly. That is their beloved date to do things to me. Rob me, beat me, call and threaten me, attempt to blackmail me, terrorize me, every year something different. Every year apparently out of nowhere they get to me. I don't think Kadirov will let them get me here so I may have some hope.

To have sought and obtained asylum in Russia, for an honest man, was the 3rd biggest mistake of my life. My son is now getting ill and losing weight in prison and there is no one in the world who is concerned about his well being other than me. I am informed about him at least twice a week even though I have not been allowed to see him.

To think that Surikov and his family could do whatever they want to me is beyond the pale. Who is Vladimir Surikov? Who is Olga Dotsenko? Who is Natalia Surikova? If you have details on these people from Western Ukraine please e-mail me at jar2@list.ru

It is all quite simple really, the corrupt officials who I know about in Lubertsy do not want me to get citizenship so I will not have rights, so they are just waiting till I kill myself. Why would Roman Donskoy, the Director of FMS Lubertsy have offered to give me a rope to hang myself then. And why were they laughing when they said I have been here for 20 years. These are the bribe takers and parasites who are killing Russia.

Quotes from Officials

March 23, 2016

US Supports Murderer of Russian Journalists, Silent on Innocent Son of Pro-Russian Journalist 








March 22, 2016

Finally a Serious Answer to our Hundreds of Letters

Deleted for Personal Security Reasons

But will anything change? It is going back to FMS which has been the problem all along. Actually I am not hopeful but it is the most serious answer to date.


March 22, 2016

Small Victory: USAID/CIA Hit Job on Me Called Extremist

3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депотаии из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);

The hit job on me to make it appear that I was against the Russian Orthodox Church happened when the Voice of Russia published an article I wrote in September 2012 regarding the manipulations of USAID in Russia. In the article which is still on-line there is no mention of the people I am accused of insulting and there is NO MENTION OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH which is amazing. But the hit job and the lies were put out there and no one defended me in getting them taken down. I wrote multiple letters to the authors and they did nothing. I also asked the Chairman of the VOice of Russia and he did nothing as well. The article was published on the VOR site. The problem is that for some reason Google and Yandex promote it and in any search for my name it comes up on page ONE! God Bless the Russian Orthodox Church and all of its leaders and members and thank you Russia for seeing the truth here. By the way the author Andrey Maklakov has been deported from Russia and has made many statements against the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church and in support of the Ukraine junta.

http://rg.ru/2016/01/20/extr-dok.html   http://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/2012_09_25/Russia-s-says-no-to-USAID-s-meddling/

Support The Robles Family

Robles Patriot

Твой лицо когда узнаешь что твоя мама и бабушка путался убрать твой папа

Your face when you find out your mother and grandmother attempted to "get rid of" your dad






Жантажировать и угрожает. Думит что я скрыте милионер. Даже по кушать нет но не верит.


Прекратите Пиар Шоу #SentenceSavchenko

I do not forgive and I do not forget



My isolation is now more complete and total than I could have ever believed possible even in the wildest of dreams I may have had with my advanced imagination and lifetime full of experience into the utter and total suffering that a human being can face.


January February

Due to the campaign against me launched by Natalia Surikova and Olga Dotsenko which included threats to my landlady and the filing of false police reports (copies of which I can provide), the continuing blacklisting of me and bad recommendations by the 5th column at Rossiya Sevodnya, a hailstorm of death threats, the statement by the Director of FMS Lubertsy who literally offered to give me a rope, the complete lack of social support that I was supposed to be entitled to by the City of Lubertsy and direct interference with my finances after almost 20 years I was forced to leave Moscow in fear for my life. I reported all of the events that were taking place but the authorities allowed them to continue culminating with me being evicted in the middle of the night when it was minus 14. I will fill you in at a later date.


I am now in hiding several thousand kilometers from Moscow with only government bodies responsible for my security aware of my location. I am safe but penniless and still in need of employment. I can consider any proposals for employment that anyone may have. I have a solid Internet connection and as you can see the site is back on-line.

Other content for 2016 was




2015 Year 8 With Political Asylum


After fighting a US installed 5th column being run by Zionists, being poisoned, suing Rossiya Sevodnya for illegal termination, publically renouncing US citizenship, fighting for Russia, exposing the Ukraine junta, and attempting to expose the truth of US illegality, 9-11 and Color Revolution plans for Russia the owner of this site and his family are being destroyed by US agents allowed to operate in the Russian Federation 


2014 Year 7 With Political Asylum I Fight CIA Subversion of Russia CIA Sends Multiple Agents



2013 Year 6 With Political Asylum: Открытое письмо к Президенту Российский Федерациии  



2012 Year 5 With Political Asylum: CIA Covert Surveillence



2011 Year 4 With Political Asylum



2010 Year 3 With Political Asylum: Michael McFaul Attempts to have me thrown in prison (TWICE!)



2009 Year 2 With Political Asylum: Parlex, CIA Asset Ukrainian Yura Salogub, Organization Stealing Money Meant for Refugees



2008 Year 1 With Political Asylum:



2007 Year 0 With Political Asylum: Robbed on My Birthday By CIA Asset, CIA Station Chief Joseph Moone Revokes My Citizenship 



2006 Hypertension




Ukraine/US Citizen CIA Asset Vardan Kushnir Killed






2003 Published MI-6 list, the birth of JAR2 com




Robbed by 2 Ukrainians in 1998 of my US Passport (First Op?) It was replaced by Embassy.







Some of My Fiction or Almost Fiction




The "Experiment" on the Robles Family Continues: Next Phase Extermination. It All Started With the Refusal to Pay a Bribe. This Could Happen to You.

John Robles III

Gov/Human Rights Groups/Media Continue to Ignore Our Plight

Letter sent to over 1,500 media outlets and human rights groups and completely ignored

Petition to Presidents Putin and Obama to Free John


You Must NOT watch this video #ANONYMOUS #WikiLeaks #Assange #CIA #NSA #MI6 #FVEY



EMERGENCY John is being transferred to the zone where he is to serve the term any day now. We do not know where he is being sent and I was told the trip may take as long as 6 months. This is almost beyond belief! He will thus be completely out of communication. He needs at least 5.000 rubles for supplies, food, personal hygiene items and warm clothes. John said his health continues to worsen and he is expecting beatings and worse. THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE! Please help us!

The Case of John Robles III (JAR3)

US Supports Murderers, Silent on Innocent Son of Journalist  

Read all of the bloody details here: FREE JOHN ANTONY ROBLES III

Contrary to European and internationally accepted standards and in violation of his rights as a US citizen and a person with political asylum my son was targeted in an entrapment operation and simply used in order to free a known drug addict and police informant who had already done the same thing six times.

Corrupt police then demanded first 9 million, then 4, then 2 million, rubles to make the whole thing "disappear". The trial took place with no defense witnesses, no proper counsel and the father has not been allowed to see him once for almost a year. His health is deteriorating, he has lost weight and is subject to beatings and constant humiliation because of his race, national origin and political status.He is never given enough to eat, is kept in overcrowded conditions and there are constant demands for money from the father, namely so he can eat "normally".

The prosecution claimed John sold 2 tablets of ecstasy, which were already in the possession of the addict. there was no recording made and the defense and John were not allowed to see the evidence against him because the prosecution said it was "secret". We maintain it was because it does not exist.

Even were it true for a first offense and for the minor quantity the 5 year sentence was extreme.We demand a proper investigation take place and that John be freed immediately.

The "police" in the area are already known to have run such schemes for years. They plant drugs, then demand huge bribes, take cars, flats or whatever they want from the victims. Many of the people in Lubertsy and Zhulebino where this occurred have lived in terror of these police for years but there is nothing done to stop them. They are even known by the name "Werewolves in Uniform"

The longer he is kept in such conditions and I can not find the huge sums of money being demanded I am certain my son will probably die. He continues to be kept isolated and incommunicado. We were just informed that after his appeal failed he will be transported to a prison colony yet know one knows exactly where and it may take 6 months during which he will have no communication whatsoever and no one will know where he is.

Again we are afraid he may be killed and that the entire persecution was an attempt to secure a 9 million ruble bribe and silence the father who has been undergoing a political persecution of his own. They do not want the world or anyone for that matter to know the real story or for John or the family to make any noise. The father was being threatened both physically and through communications channels to be silent or he will lose his asylum. The father was also beaten, his landlady threatened until she evicted him and could not find employment. The father was also threatened with the fabrication of a criminal case and had to flee from the area where he lived quietly for almost 20 years in fear for his life. 

Given the fact that the family has had political asylum since 2007, are not allowed to obtain citizenship, have been the subjects of arbitrary persecution, are literally being destroyed for political reasons, are citizens of the United States and are people with official and internationally recognized political asylum who should enjoy the protection not only of the Russian Federation but the United Nations, we demand that John be freed immediately.

Again the younger John Robles has never been politically active, he was just a young person about to get married and working in a company making applications for Android and other phones and his persecution was a way to get the father, secure silence or obtain a bribe.    

US Supports Murderer Savchenko, Silent on Innocent Son of Journalist READ ABOUT CASE HERE: 




Meet the Werwolves in Uniform

Press Release by JAR2 on Court Hearing Tomorrow  

Please help to save John Anthony Robles III

My son beaten and had drugs planted on him twice.

The first time we fought it because we had video

the second time we could not and he got 5 years. Why? According to police because he is not Russian and they

can do whatever they want to us because we have asylum.

We obtained video. This CCTV video shows the cops going off to buy the drugs and then returning and placing them in my sons possessions, namely in the pocket of his jacket. They then proceeded to put his jacket back on him with the drugs in it and then searched him and lo and behold found drugs and then arrested him.    

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GZJnW5myDII       ftp://www.jar2.com/video//       

COMPLETE VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_NKSbMUGQY

Irregularities in Case of the Son of John Robles


Wrote 100s of Letters Pleading for Help for My Son John Robles III

As always the great champions of Internet Freedom and Journalism WikiLEaks Ignored my pleas as has everyone  else    FREE JOHN ANTONY ROBLES III

US Supports Murderer of Russian Journalists,

Silent on Innocent Son of Pro-Russian Journalist 







Read About the Werewolves in Epaulettes: Narco-Police

Meet the Werwolves in Uniform

BOOK PREVIEW: Lubertsy CIA Police/Drug Gangs



Прошу РФ показать милосердии к моего невиновному сыну

Если Вы люди пожалуйста освобуждайти моего невиновному сыну, нет у меня 9 или даже 2 миллион

John FlyingJohn and KaylaZhirinovskyRobles Kids








Renouncement of US Citizenship

Finally a Serious Answer to our Hundreds of Letters

But will anything change? It is going back to FMS which has been the problem all along. Actually I am not hopeful but it is the most serious answer to date.




Small Victory: USAID/CIA Hit Job on Me Called Extremist

3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Песвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);


3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);


The hit job on me to make it appear that I was against the Russian Orthodox Church happened when the Voice of Russia published an article I wrote in September 2012 regarding the manipulations of USAID in Russia. In the article which is still on-line there is no mention of the people I am accused of insulting and there is NO MENTION OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH which is amazing. But the hit job and the lies were put out there and no one defended me in getting them taken down. I wrote multiple letters to the authors and they did nothing. I also asked the Chairman of the VOice of Russia and he did nothing as well. The article was published on the VOR site. The problem is that for some reason Google and Yandex promote it and in any search for my name it comes up on page ONE! God Bless the Russian Orthodox Church and all of its leaders and members and thank you Russia for seeing the truth here. By the way the author Andrey Maklakov has been deported from Russia and has made many statements against the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church and in support of the Ukraine junta. http://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/2012_09_25/Russia-s-says-no-to-USAID-s-meddling/

McFaul 2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0: More CIA Attempts to Shut Us Down

07-22-2015 - 01-15-2015 McFaul 2.0: Another CIA Attempt to Shut Us Down and Get Us Expelled from Russia: "Russian Intelligence Officer" Self Destructs Threatening and Attempting to Blackmail JAR2
Westward Bound Fuck

06-14-2015 Answer to Andrey: The Smear Campaign Against Me Continues;
After I wrote about USAID and their attempts to influence the Russian Orthodox Church, an article brought about by the arrest of the US religous affairs liason at the US Embassy here in Moscow, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in America decided to try to damage me here in Russia by writing lies about me in attempt to make it look like I have something against the Russian Orthodox Church. Nothing can be further from the truth but his accusation Episcop Andrey reveals that certain members of the Russian Orthodox Church were taking money from USAID. As I never once mentioned members of the Russian Orthodox Church in my article not did I insinuate anything against the Church, my entire article ws in exposing USAID subversion his accusation is clearly a smear campaign and proves his allegience to USAID and McFaul and the CIA. His "answer" to my article is full of slander and insinuation aimeed directly against me and as I said a clear attempt to dmdage me personally. While he hards on about the right hold demonstrations etc, he never mentions the right of jounralists to be free of harrassment and intimidation. I wrote to all of the people publishing this slander and to Andrey himself but they refuse to take down the material and have obviously never read the article for if they did they would know Andrey is nothing but a US backed liar. I thought this would go away but it is almost in number one position now on web searches rahter than all my work in expsoing the CIA and USAID and 9-11. The most insidious thing, other than attacking a refugee, is the fact that nowhere do these people include a working link to the article and any commentary on the baseless attack in closed. They know it is a fabrication and if anyone reads the article they will see that straight away. I attend the Russian Orthodox Church and have nothing but respect for the Russian Orthodox Church and have written many articles against those who attack it and they record is clear on that point. Andrey is a disgrace to Orthodoxy and attacking a marginalized person at the behest of CIA masters can in no way be in keeping with Christian values.

03-31-2015 Gregory Krasovsky. Remember him? We do.... We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget.
Ambassador John Tefft and His Continued Subversion of States

My lawsuit against the 5th Column at Rossiya Sevodnya has already been decided
All Documents I filed with the Courts, the Prosecutor General, the Communications Ministry and the Investigative Committee  
Although I presented a montain of evidence the prosecutors have officially declared that state run and owned Rossiya Sevodnya did absolutely nothing wrong. My work was censored, I was forced to work as a slave, I was forced to work like five people, I was forced to work illegally long hours reading the news while I was undergoing dental reconstruction and had no upper teeth, I was poisoned and then illegally terminated the day after I informed them that my wife had had a baby leading to the divorce which I wrote about.

Part of my insurance package    Insurance Package
USDOS/CIA Uses Michael McFaul to Attack JAR2  
Meet CIA Moscow Officer Joseph Moone 

Joseph Moone CIA Revoked Passport  
Proof CIA Revocation Reason Was False     
Evidence the US lies and frabricates to get whoever they are after. Even the letter to the Russian Government saying they seized my passport was a lie. They punched two holes in it, stamped it revoked and handed it back to me. I blew the whistle on million dollar fraud and murder in Woodland California. And then this site.

2005 A Ukrainian provocator ended with his own demise. He was actually a US citizen and agent who actually showed me his US Passport one day. 

Michael McFaul continues to attack me 
McFaul finally leaves Russia, I told him his days were numbered in Moscow   
11202013 McFaul (ex-US Amb.) mad that (I) media covers his  
attempted subversion of Russia I am angry at Russian media" – Michael McFaul By John Bowers for jar2   


Interview With John Robles Banned from Russian Media 

Interview after renunciation of US citizenship

Completely Useless to Address Russian Officials

Open letter to Russian officials

Forbidden Arrest

The entire history of the persecution of the Robles Family in a nutshell with a couple of surprising revelations

Forms for You to Renounce US Citizenship

All the actual forms you need to renounce your citizenship in the United Genocidal States of Amerika. Be warned being stateless is a living hell

Russian Law on Refugees and the Black Hole of Statelessness

My renouncements of US Citizenship were done due to my own political beliefs and in protest of US actions worldwide. I had hoped they would give the Russian authorities some impetus to grant me citizenship but that appears to not be the case and all my letters to President Putin are being ignored. I have political asylum in Russia and have had such since 2007 but my application for citzenship was put on permanent hold without being processed and without a reason being given. Now it is clear why this is "LEGAL". The following clause was removed from the Russian law on refugees allowing for my situation exactly. According to Russian law my acceptance of asylum does not require a renouncement and in fact is a renouncement of US Citizenship in and of itself. However there are idiots like the people at Alpha Bank who continue to pressure me to abide by US laws which I am not obliged to do and which I will not do. I abide by and follow the laws of the Russian Federation ONLY!

Статья 9. Приобретение беженцем гражданства Российской Федерации Соответствующие органы государственной власти и управления оказывают беженцу содействие в приобретении гражданства Российской Федерации. Гражданство Российской Федерации приобретается беженцем в соответствии с Законом РСФСР "О гражданстве РСФСР".

Russian Law on Refugees

UN Convention on Refugees

More Idiotism from Alpha Bank

Last repsonse from FMS

JAR2 on Channel 1


"I renounced my US citizenship in protest of the NWO, the godless CIA/NATO/MOSSAD/SAUDI conglomeration and in support of President Putin, the Crimea, the Donbass and all indigenous and peooppressed ple's everywhere being wiped out by the United States. What have you done?" - John

Video - Time to Wake Up: A Call to Action

Why I support President Putin from a real asylee and a member of the Russian World

Отказ от гражданства США на 3 языках: СМИ молчат

Raw home video posted on YouTube in three languages

Press Release and Statement by John Anthony Robles II on Renouncement of US Citizenship

2nd Public Renouncement of US Citizenship by John Robles

During the Bike Show in Crimea I was given permission by the Surgeon to renounce any US citizenship I may still have in front of thousands of people. I will be releasing a statement, video and photos of the event soon. When I got home I was informed I am no longer employed and am looking for a job again!! I also have Alpha Bank attempting to gather personal information about me for the US Government!

Press Release and Statement by John Anthony Robles II on Renouncement of US Citizenship

Уважаемый Президент Владимир Путин,
Прощу дать меня и моя семя Российский гражданство, умоляю(((

The Last Year of Hell for JAR2 John Robles Speaks Out

Report on jar2 dot come regarding the past year and the continuing attacks on John Robles by the CIA and enemies of Russia

Please republish and spread this file around

After renunciation site was hacked and my employer let me go

September 02, 2015 Will be writing up what happened after I take a time out to gather my thoughts. It is unbelieveable!

Press Release on termination after renouncement   My Resume

После отказа от гражданства США меня уволили. Ишу работу.

Press Release on termination after renouncement

JAR2: Academic Resource for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

08-04-2015 News

After almost 20 years in Russia during which I have been unable to successfully obtain citizenship and normalize my status other than obtaining asylum, which was in fact a historic feat in itself, I have decided to turn JAR2 into an academic resource which my be useful to whistleblowers and anyone seeking asylum here in the Russian Federation. Recent threats by an official who I believed was working with me to resolve several issues, have made it crystal clear that I will never obtain citizenship and that the reason can only be one of two variants: either my race or the fact that someone high in the Russian Government is a CIA mole.  I honestly believe my days on this Earth are few and want to help others so as to leave something positive behind and ensure that my life has not been in vain. I have no funding, little time and am growing weak and ill but I will do my best. Much of the material I have posted regarding my own struggle can be used as is and read in order to make conclusions yet I hope to be able to organize it and add more material in an academic manner in order to formulate a more official and legal picture of what it actually means to be a refugee in Russia and in particular an ex-US national who fled and fought the corrupt and criminal US system. It is is a fruitless task and in fact no one cares but if I can even reach one person my work will not have been in vain. 

McFaul 2.0: Another CIA Attempt to Shut Us Down

Agent Westward Operation  

American Refugee in Russia Targetted

By Doctor Kevin Barret

Former Voice of Russia Asks Putin for Citizenship Again

Former VOR Announcer/Analyst/Political Journalist/Newsreader/Editor John Robles Continues Begging Russian President Vladimir Putin for Citizenship

Открытое письмо Президенту Путину

04-13-2015 Ещё Один Открытое письмо Президенту Путину.

More CIA Spooks and Provocations

Gregory Krasovsky. Remember him? We do.... We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget.

Ambassador John Tefft and His Continued Subversion of States

Terminated and Censored by 5th Column

Very important documents and part of my insurance package with more to come  






Crimea 2016

Article cover.Crimea Russian Federation

Crimea Tour and Bike Show 2015

 Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation

John and The Surgeon

Alexander (The Surgeon) Zaldostanov a True Russian Patriot and JAR2

First Series: Motorcycle Convoy into Sevastopol Proper

Photos of motorcycle convoy by JAR2

Second Series: Presentation on Stage in Sevastopol

Photos of presentation in Sevastopol Proper

Third Series: 800 Steps to the Sea

The Eagle's Nest: St. George's Monastery and 800 Steps to the Sea

Fourth Series: Road trip, Sea of Azov, Crimean Ferry and more

Photos from my 2015 Crimean expedition

Best Bike Show Ever! Bike Show 2015

Official Site and Blog of Night Wolves Motorcycle Club    http://www.nightwolves.ru/nw/    http://nightwolves-ru.livejournal.com/

Extreme Winter Tour of Crimea, New Year's 2014-15

Photos and a report regarding another New Year's trip to Crimea

Other Work

My Current Work Is Now Available Here

Some of my work can now be found here

FREE JOHN ROBLES III Sign Petition Please Support



US Supports Murderer, Silent on Innocent Son of Journalist  


Visit our donation page

John Robles on VOR, CIA, Russia, Zionists, Ukraine and Snowden


Video in 3 Languages of John Renouncing US Citizenship


Surge of Refugees: Russia Prevents CIA/ISIS Genocide - JAR2

Why is it that only now with Russian bombing ISIS, after 15 years of US/NATO/Israeli war in the Middle East, that refugees have made it to Europe?

Swallow's Nest, Yalta, Crimea March 2016 by John Robles

If you like these photos please donate to our Sberbank Visa 4276 3800 4476 1661

Exclusive: Tour of Abandoned Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile Site

Abandoned Russian Anti Ballistic Missile Site

Victory Day 2015 Photos from JAR2

Photos taken by JAR2 during Victory Day Celebrations and a Communist march in Moscow on May 9th 2015 



Issues I Support and Care About


Truth  Genocide Foundation of US
Lugansk People's RepublicNovooRossiyaDonetsk People's Republic
This site supports the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and Novorossiya as they are faced with genocide for exercising their human right to self-determination. We provide information dissemination support in English under the current information war and physical support when it is in our power including evacuation, material support and humanitarian assistance. If you can help please e-mail us with your proposals. We are of course in need of donations and can direct your assistance where you deem necessary.
Serbian FlagPalestinian FlagSyrian Flag
Taino FlagLibyan FlagPuerto Rican Flag
We also support our Serbian friends, the Palestinian people, the Taino Borinken Nation, Puerto Rico, the people of Syria and Libya who have all suffered due to the imperialist ambitions of the United States and lastly we even support the people of Israel and their right to their own country if they stop building beyond their own borders and killing millions of Muslims and Palestinians because the Zionists have become like the nazis in believing they are somehow superior and have disgraced the Jewish people by committing their own genocide against those who are different as they attempt to clear land.
The jar2 mobile makes its debut in another trip to Crimea
As We Remember The Red Army Freed Auschwitz, The End of the Siege of Leningrad, the 27-40 Million Russians Killed in WWII Let's Not Forget the Original Genocide: Up to 500,000,000 Slaughtered
Berlin Soviet Victory 70 Years of Victory over nazi filth

Red Army Will Never Die Velvet Anonymous Quebec
                        Velvet  Free Music
Founded on Genocide Built By Slave: The USAPoor Jews

There Was No Red Army to Save My People JAR2 Recognizes the Sovereign State of Novorossiya We encourage you to do the same:  


Novorossiya said no to NATO, we must too. We Also Repeat KOSOVO is SERBIA! STOP NATO!



Who I Support in My Work and Politically

President Vladimir Putin


Президент Владимир Владимирович Путин я веру Вас. 20лет служу Россия. Дайте меня и моя семя гражданство пожалуйста.

President Vladimir Putin:

An Honest Leader and the Only Hope for World Peace






Living (dying) in exile in the former USSR amid the rising tide of racist nationalism ....

The Russian Government whom I work for, to whom I pay taxes, who has been kind enough to grant my family and I permanent political asylum and whom I have supported and cooperated with in my work, for some reason continues to force me and my family to live marginalized as refugees and ignore our applications for citizenship. This is a disgrace and a violation of our basic human rights. No official wants to address our constant requests







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