25 Years of US Gang Stalking of Whistleblower and Asylee
When I first started this Blog it was supposed to be simply a way to
commincate with
friends and family and anyone who was interested in life in Russia. What it turned into
was a public record of attacks, stalking, threats and the destruction of my family and I.
It was only recently that I myself realized that what is detailed herein is organzied
Gang Stalking by Intelligence Agencies who will never forget I published agent lists
and exposed thousands of their agents. Other than revoking my citizenship, attempting
to have me arrested twice on false charges here in Russia, paying for and organizing
the arrest of my son here in Russia and making threats against me and my family, what
they have done has mostly been covert and falls into the realm of palusible deniability.
Yes I am an enemy of the USA and Western States and being thus I am a real Targeted
Individual. Not by radio waves or esoteric technology but by Covert Black Operations ala
FBI COINTELPRO. This is my Blog and this was my life. - JAR2 June 22, 2020

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Уважаемый президент Владимир Владимирович Путин, Прощу помиловать моему сыну и дать моих дети гражданство Российской Федерации после 22 года.






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Intro: The real blog of real asylees. This is the only voice we have!

What you are reading is a partial public record of illegal organized MI6, CIA and FBI Gang Stalking and targetting of the first American with asylum in the Russian Federation. Everything here should cause outrage but is ignored by the global MOCKINGBIRD media.

John is a journalist and a staunch critic of the US Government and the CIA who has exposed tens of thousands of Western Agents facilitating the creation of WikiLeaks and the Snow Den Operation in order to protect the US Government and the Zionist entity from having to answer for their crimes, chiefly and first-and-foremost the False Flag Attack that was 9/11.

The Zionist controlled United Nations and all "Western" international humanitarian and legal bodies intentionally ignore John's struggle but he is certain that in the end the truth will win.

For security concerns many of the previous pages of this blog have been removed from public access. but will be placed back on-line soon.

The fact that you have never heard of John or his family is a testament to the racist nature of all international bodies responsible for protecting Asylees, journalists and whistleblowers.

Although Russia has given John and his family asylum no public figure will ever admit to our existence or our plight and unfortunately his family failed to be protected. Only the People's Republic of China has admitted that John is a whistleblower.

Although John has had asylum since 2007 and he was the lead announcer at the Voice of Russia World Service in English as well as an investigative journalist and lead announcer representing the Russian World, CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg is "the asylee" even though Snowden has never had asylum in Russia he is the only American the international bodies and Russia choose to pay attention to which has allowed for the targetting and the destruction of the Robles family detailed on this blog.

As an American Indian with Spanish blood and a Representative of the Confederacy of Indian Nations John has attempted to establish ties with the Russian Government for the Nations but has also been largely ignored by Spain, the 9/11 Truth Movement and activists of every kind. No matter what John has stuck to his convictions and again knows that in the end TRUTH will win.

Please support the site and John's fight.  - Thank You

Update: Just to be clear it is the Chabad Lubavich CIA/MI6 controlled and installed mafia in Moscow that John came up against. They have infiltrated the Russian Government and the Russian World under the label of "Liberalism". Since they control the media, much of the judiciary and the government they are able to get away with almost anything. This is the hidden, secret and most dangerous threat to Russian National Security in existence but we are certain these New World Order Zionist mafia lunatics will be stopped. - Thanks

Update Two: Everything on this blog is clear evidence of ongoing Psychological Operations against John and his family and being a thousand times worse than what Hawkins has been through should have been condemned long ago by the United Nations given John's official asylum status, but the United Nations has been quiet on the Robles Family since day one. This is understandable as in their own words they are controlled by the USA. Simply not being allowed to see his children and having his son imprisoned constitutes torture and this is just a small part of what John is being put through.

We have asked the Russian authorites to protect John and his family and guarantee their basic human rights to be free from persecution and simply be allowed to live normal lives like all other Russians, but they continue to try to ignore his family's plight and continue to refuse to grant them citizenship even though John has two daughters who are Muscovites and has served the Russian State and President Putin for decades. Every request is simply ignored like the one below from 2016. When the real level of John's contribution to the Russian State is known it will be more than scandalous.

We told you: "JUST DIE ALREADY!"


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NEW Summer

July 22, 2019 - How can I start this? I try to not think about it but things are bad.

NEW Four Days of Living Hell: A Look Into the Digital Hell World of the Future

July 12, 2019 - A job I did not get, 3 nights disassembling Android, complete financial wipe out, an apartment turned upside down, several thousand new grey hairs, three new knives in my back, a student who pulled an Ellie Driver and the realization that we have already lost the war, all because of an APP. I will tell you all about it later.

Later 7.17.2019: And of course the Assange shadow appears again after all of these posts. Media Intrigue: Spying on Julian Assange

NEW The Digital Fascism of the "Elites": Who's Controlling the Grid?

LATER July 13, 2019 ATTACK: What if one day you were deathly ill and your digital medical records had been lost and your account showed a negative rating and you were just simply told to die?

The Attack

After the post above mentioning APPS, a recent post (July 03, 2019) stating that Yandex is NOT a Russian search engine, my June 22nd exposure of traffic cam manipulations and other efforts here in the real world and the area of the local net which I will not tell you about for security reasons, JAR2 was subjected to a 5 hour probe as IP addresses in the Netherlands (where Yandex is located) and several in Virginia (CIA et al) attempted to find weakness is our servers causing a shut down which lasted several minutes and amassing hundred Mb log files. You can see in one of the log files that they are using Web Cruiser 3.5 which is a forensic type tool to probe server and site weaknesses. We can also see all of the exploits the Virginia users attempted to manipulate including SQL, PHP ASP.net and the like and finally we see the use of Amazon (a CIA front). They apparently have no idea what I am really running on my servers so that is WONDERFUL or what I am capable of but it is too late for them now))) Like Assange they should have expected me.

Here is a partial collection of the data I have (Note: I will never publish everything I have or everything I know because that will give the enemy the knowledge they so crave as to my capabilites. Let's just say this is about 30%. We know who you are and where you are):

NEW USA MIIC Full Spectrum Surveillance and Dominance Being Applied in Russia: AVG Blocks JAR2, Monitors Wifi Connections and Warns JAR2 is "Dangerous", only not the sites but our internal Wifi connection!

July 15, 2019 - This is truly insidious. Will upload a clearer picture later! Per the post above I spent four days last week attempting to first install an APP which required the latest Android and then was forced to upgrade a device to Android 9 which is "not supported" in order to install the APP only to learn that the service I needed is not available to Asylees. All of my efforts did however open up a wealth of information as to how we are all being manipulated and targetted by "elites" serving the New World Order and infiltrating Russian infrastructure right under the noses of Russian Security. My efforts may have caused a two day black out of my cell phone provider as I was tracing IP data packets going back to the NSA and CIA.  (No supporting files here)

A Provocation or a Job? llegal Targetting and Denial of "Unwanted Classes of People" to Access to Necessary Services OR How the "Elites" Block Taxes from Reaching the State OR Trust No One

The four days of hell started with the promise of a job. Whether the job was real or not or whether it was just another "Knife-in-the-Back" Op, by Michael McFaul's/USAID/CIA butt-hurt "elite 5th column" is still up for question but anyway I hoped for the best and as always planned for the worst. Beware of strangers bearing gifts and people who want to befriend you for no reason is generally the rule, coupled by trust but check, and thus after applied I decided to take this person for his word, although after the Director who proudly showed me McFaul's card while telling me he used to provide young boys for Dmitry Kisilev, my opinion of Directors is not all too high. So far the Director has not commented but we of course are open for anything he might have to say on this. SO far the jury is still out...

The job was a temporary one involving a film and was to have lasted a month and it was all a done deal except one thing, which he told me was a problem before I even tried. Namely I had to register as self-employed on the Sberbank site they could transfer my pay. They could have offered me a contract, or hired me as a temporary employee but they insisted that I do so only on Sberbank. So as a law abiding citizen who wanted to pay taxes I tried and then the games began.

Day One, Monday, July 10, 2019: I got the call about the job and was a little excited but very skeptical for some reason but I thought "Why not?" let me give it a shot! So first I visited the Sberbank site and read up on all of the details. Seemed easy enough. All I had to do was answer a few questions and select which card to attach to incoming payments. I first entered my account page on-line and searched for this function only to come up empty. Nowhere. So I went to the local branch and waited for my turn and spoke with the manager who told me that I had to call the bank in order to activate this status. For some reason she told me that the bank had voice recognition software in place and that the bank would recognize my voice. Creepy but okay.

I went home and the fun was just beginning. I dialed the number and a robotic female voice answered not giving me any option to speak to an operator or to deal with the issue I needed help with. The computer was supposed to react to voice commands but it did not understand anything I was saying. In the end, after 25 calls and screaming at it I finally got through to a live person. I was flustered at this point having spent about 5 hours on this crap already and he told me that he could not help me and that the only way to register as self-employed, so as to pay taxes, (Yes I was trying to pay taxes!!!) was by using their APP. Nice. Only through the APP he said. There is no other way. So what? Okay. Install the APP and then register. Great!


No not great. I have, or I had is better, a rooted Android device (another ridiculous tech nightmare as Android will not allow you to install APPS wherever you want) and the bank's APP would not install on my device. Okay. I really needed this job so I factory defaulted my device and reinstalled all of the Google crap that I had blocked and deleted and which I can not allow to be used against me. So I searched the play store find the APP and lo and behold my device is too old and the APP will not install on it. Now what? Upgrade my Android Kit Kat, which is fine for what I need it for, or try to find an older version of the APP? Upgrading Android was not an option so I searched the web for an older copy of the APP since I knew the older APP was compatible as I had used it before but it was nowhere to be found. It took several hours of searching after a trip to the local computer shop to see if the computer guy could help but apparently I knew more than him, so I finally found it and installed the APP, which required a manual install into Android. I won't go into details but I discovered processes in Android that were sending packets to IPs under NSA/CIA and GCHQ. I took Android apart. It is a spy device. Anyway the older APP worked but lo and behold the function I needed was not included. It is only on the latest version of the APP.

The APP required Android 8 or newer and after almost bricking my device and doing an impossible upgrade the APP still did not install as my hardware was not supported. So what next? I needed a new mobile device in order to simply install the bank's APP. Being as Android 8 and above are only available on high end new devices I had a real problem as I live in abject poverty and don't have 400 bucks or more to go and buy a new mobile device in order to install an APP. I called the "Director" and explained the predicament and asked why there was no other way to hire me. He said that was it. By this time it was already Friday and he told me the job started Monday and they needed the bank numbers by evening. What to do? No money and no one to borrow the money from so I decided it was time to create a radical solution. Something I should have done right away. Of course I could not hack the bank or install a virtual device as this would have been illegal, so I came up with the only logical answer I could.

I went back to the bank and found the girl I had spoken to on Monday I explained everything to her and asked her if she could simply login into my account with her device and her APP. She was unbelievably helpful and understanding and agreed after making sure she would not be fired. So we sat down and logged in and found the function and once again, like with Yandex... The "function" was not available to people with asylum. End of story. Almost. It gets worse.

I called the "Director" and he informed me as a matter of fact that "The government has installed a series of measures to make it impossible for anyone who is not Russian to get a job". Being as according to Russian Law and the Russian Constitution I am supposed to have all of the rights of Russian citizens this would make this illegal. Now what?

In short what we basically have is an instrument that is forcing people who are self-employed to either perish or avoid paying taxes. From the perspective of State Security this is an instrument and infrastructure that is in fact depriving the state tax coffers of billions of rubles.  

As for Yandex? In contradiction to Russian law Yandex does not send a statement for payments or transactions made through its system thus avoiding taxes. Being as Yandex is based in the Netherlands one wonders how many billions of rubles are being stolen from Russia. Especially in the road camera fine payment category. Basically a foreign actor is making profits off of the traffic violations of Russian drivers.

Bad? It gets worse as we go down the digital rabbit hole of mass surveillance and military grade gang-stalking. Not paranoid inducing enough yet? On the 15th I get the e-mail below stating that anything against Israel is not in the "Community Guidelines" as they are a "protected group" meaning they can get away with mass-murder and genocide and even though I am a "protected individual" with asylum the US and its agents can target me wherever I am. My answer was a very public one and I challenge the idiots at YouTube to delete my account.

NEW Fact: Google/YouTube Accessories to 9/11 False Flag Terrorist Attack

Dear YouTube, You and FakeBook and all the rest think your platforms matter. I haven't logged in to YouTube for almost a year and to FakeBook even longer. I could not care less even if you delete my account. You serve US "Intelligence" and "Israel" and there is no way you can force the world to do the same no matter how hard you try. Go ahead delete my account please. Your are an atavism spreading disinformation and trying to censor the Internet and the truth. By your censorship you have proven yourselves accessories to mass-murder. You are approaching your inevitable end. YouTube protecting the mass-murdering NeoCon Zionist Fraudster SCUM which carried out 9/11.

Google Protecting WikiLeaks Limited Hangout to Hide CIA and MOSSAD Involvement and 9/11 Coverup

LATER July 16, 2019: It appears I am getting too close to someone's "secret" surveillance grid. After the post dated 07.12, JAR2 was subjected to a five hour probe from Virginia and the Netherlands. See the July 15th, post above for the continuation to this "saga".

July 16, 2019

This gets weirder and weirder. A secret friend came over on Saturday and while connecting their high-end Android 8 phone to my internal hidden Wi-Fi Network a warning came up that jar2.com was dangerous. They tried to do a screen grab of the warning message but it did not work, so I attempted to photograph it and even though the focus was clear it came out as the mess above. Sure Google wants Russian Wi-Fi routers to be patched for the NSA that is understandable but this warning means that somewhere they are storing my internal network information. Their phone also reports on traffic nearby from America, how many steps the person walks every day, where their friends are, what the weather is and provides creepy suggestions based on searches and purchases. It also blocks sites and individuals who the "Shadow Masters" deem to be "dangerous". These "services" now want to control and hold your money when the issuing and saving of money should be under the control of the state. So here we have international actors ala Rothschilds who do not want to pay taxes to any state and want to have their money secure internationally, able to get money from wherever they want in the world, again tax free.  As for US Full Spectrum Gang Stalking and Surveillance? Being as I am the only American with asylum in the Russian Federation and all of these Internet resources trying to poke little knives in my life are American, I would say this is not a case of paranoia but of specific targetting either by individual or group. They would kill, destroy or "inconveniencce" thousands to get one target. Hopefully somone is paying attention.

The SSL Lie

Finally I will leave you with the SSL scam. Anyone who knows about encryption and wants secure communications knows that you do not use a middle-man. Which is exactly what SSL servers are. Not only can they decrypt all of the communications between your servers and your clients but they know ever time someone visits your site and exactly what they do there. This is why Yandex and Chrome and Mozilla are now promoting SSL and warning that sites without SSL are "unsafe". Just think about this, every time you visit a site with SSL, your browser also contacts that site's certificate authority so that every visit is logged to the authority's servers. Why else would you get a warning about SSL for sites such as for JAR2 where no interactive transactions are talking place? They want to track you. I installed SSL under recommendations from Yandex, however my site was not upgraded in search nor did my traffic increase in over 3 years because of SSL. If you want to stay secure DO NOT use SSL. It is the TROJAN HORSE MAN IN THE MIDDLE. That is all for now from Cyber Hell. Cheers and stay anonymous.

Oh, I almost forgot the road camera incidents....

The Brainwashing of Russia: Putin is Not the Problem You Are

July 11, 2019 - Operational Report in Brief: The 5th column is not resting and will never stop serving the New World Order until they are re-educated or forced to actually study history and learn the truth. Their belief in the fairy-tales and lies of the West are so ingrained into their psyches causing such a level of cognitive dissonance that they will fight and even destroy themselves for the illusions that they have been programmed with. Extreme counter measures are needed with first and foremost a complete and total wipe of all communications infrastructure.

LEAKS25A 7.10 Anti-Nazism Blocked by Israel, USA and Ukraine

Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. This is the real fight. Stay focused

Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices

Once Again Meet Samuel McCulloch the CIA Editor at Sputnik

The Internet Has Become A US Tool  

July 10, 2019 - For several days now I have been attempting to research several matters but have run into a complete wall of censorship and resources that are no longer there. As an example I attempted to find an actual death count on the civilians and Afghans killed by the US and NATO and the best resource I found was my own site in articles from 2012. Western search engines were useless and now Yandex, which is owned by shadowy individuals in the Netherlands is also useless.

The Taliban Have Won?

While monitoring the some of my news sources this headline came up The Taliban Have Won In Afghanistan prompting another casualty search. With the racist imperial internet completely wiped of any data on the genocide of the Afghan people, thus the genocide in Afghanistan rolls on ignored by the world and obfuscated as over a million people have been killed from Afghan herion (the only reliable number I have found from a report by Ivanov http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Afghanistan.html ) with US estimates (only vague estimates) at approximately 250 000 a year every year since 2001 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Afghanistan ). That makes over 4 million 500 thousand. Since there are no accurte body counts and in fact the internet is filled with data showing a doubling of the Afghan population nearing the 37-40 million figure since 2001 which I am certain is a complete lie I used the CIA controlled WikiPedia page and counted their suspiciosly even number of yearly deaths (about 250 0000) as war casualties.


The Afghan pipeline meanwhile continues to be ignored as does the missing Pentagon 21 trillion.



The Neo-Liberal Idiots Think I Care: A Note to the CIA's "Partners" 

July 10, 2019 - Just to repeat. Your opinion of me does not matter. Your little attempts to undermine my work and my existence are like gnats on an elephant. You believe in American bullshit fabricated fairy tales, I live in reality. You would sell out your grandmother for an America you think wants you and will give you dollars and a nice life when you are nothing but a Colorado bug to them. You are traitors and scum. I fight for my land and my people and Russia is the only land I got so I will die for it. You would not even lift a finger for Mother Russia. You want to get on a plane and go live in gay America, I have nowhere else to go so I will fight to the death for Russia. That is the difference between you and me. Your God is the dollar. My God is the almighty God above. Fell the difference? Of course not. You are a frickin moron. I am working on my articles and leaks and continuing my work. You run along and watch a fake American program on television and pretend you are in America. A country to which you are scum and which does not only NOT need you but wants to kill you and all of your brothers and sisters. I'm bad? No. You're scum. Run along. Run away. But wherever you go the problem will be the same because the problem is you. Is that enough? Your opinion of me does not matter. Clear enough? I hope so.

Case Closed on Fake Fine

July 06, 2019 - Yesterday after going to the police traffic division office I finally received an answer to my complaint regarding the false fines I was receiving for another vehicle. What is interesting here is that Yandex was blocking access to the photographs and then there is the Podolsk connection we detailed earlier connected to MI6 asset Rimmer. Now if we could only get the video from July 2015 at Pochta Rossiya in Zhulebino, my son would be freed. The fight continues off the grid. The letter below says that the traffic fine was against me was cancelled and even apologizes for any inconvenience which was more than I had expected. It also proves that MVD was not connected with the fabrication of fines but that the company or individuals plugged into the cameras are either completely incompetent or negligent when checking fines from cameras since someone is supposed to check and sign off on such fines and it is obvious to anyone that the Skoda is NOT my vehicle.

Giving control of fines to private companies as well as privatizing any security, investigative, military or judicial functions of the government is NOT a good idea. The police in the traffic division stated that they had no control of anything related to cameras. Which revives the question: who controls the surveillance grid? Since the control of the traffic cams has now been transferred to a subsidiary of Glonass, after the publication of my fine and my sending of several letters, we can call this incident closed. However that only covers traffic cams. Security could get the videos from Pochta Rossiya in Zhulebino for July 2015 and free my son, as well as ending the Moscow Parking "Sunday fines scam" involving the media, but someone is making too much money from that so that will probably never happen. We will call this a victory for but nonetheless only a small one. This case is closed. Thank you to DPS for the just and professional response. The fight continues.    

Fascist Masonic Yandex and Racist Svyasnoi Discriminate Against Asylees

or It Turns Out Yandex is Not a Russian Company and Svyznoi Serves Murkha

July 03, 2019 - For several months I have been trying to make my Yandex account official and go through their identification process so I can use Yandex money.

It is difficult everywhere but I fought PayPal and Sberbank and others and was successful in getting them to recognize that I am a person like everyone else. However with Yandex whom I supported and actually promoted on JAR2 it has proven an impossibility. Yandex does not recognize Asylees and people with asylum or even permanent residency.

You know I fight fascists and racists so there is no way I can support Yandex any longer as their policies are fascist.

On a sub-note Yandex also downgrades all my pages and my site in search, labelling them "low quality". Low quality must be Yandex's label for non-white or non-New World Order. Interestingly Google who I hate, have called a spy tool and have documented extensively continues to maintain my site and its pages in the regional search. Sure Google has dropped me in the international searches but Yandex which is only a few hops away has downgraded me in the local searches. So the conclusion is that Yandex is another tool of the Neo-Liberals and the New World Order and is racist, fascist and does not recognize refugees or journalists who do not support the Neo-Liberal New World Order destruction of Russia.

Will I write about Yandex or extensively expose them giving them the PR they want? No. Yandex does not support JAR2 and this will be all you will hear about that.

A free Russian Internet does not mean a fascist Russian Internet. Good bye Yandex. JAR2 no longer supports you and will no longer promote you.

As for Svaysnoi? I went to their office with all of my documents which are good enough for the Government of the Russia Federation, the police, the courts, the tax authorities, legally operating employers, banks including Sberbank and everyone else in the World but not for Yandex and Svyasnoi. They refused to identify me and allow me to go through their paid identification process (300 rubles) and I asked the girl (Tuesday July 02,2019 12:50) who did not want to "identify me" if she could call her office or her client support and she looked at me as if I was a piece of shit and rudely told me no.

I repeated, "You refuse to call or help to "identify" me."

She said, "Yes, I can call but I will not."

So I called Yandex again and was kept on hold for over an hour and talked to an Ekaterina who seemed to be trying to help but in the end just sent me a support letter promising to work out my case within an hour. No more answers came. Not in an hour, not in 2 hours and not in 12 hours.

The authorization is to use Yandex money. So? We get it Yandex. You are a racist, fascist corporation controlled by the US Deep State.

Goodbye Yandex 

Later: I asked myself who owns Yandex???? I started to investigate and the answer is: the 5th column.

Later: It's funny. I used to teach English at the cnetral office of Svyasnoi... Bunch of America lovers like alll the neo-Liberal destroying Moscow and Russia!


Яндекс перевод
Фашистские Яндекса Svyasnoi и расистской дискриминации в отношении беженцы
03 июля 2019 - уже несколько месяцев я пытаюсь сделать свой аккаунт Яндекса официальным и пройти процесс их идентификации, чтобы я мог использовать Яндекс деньги.
Это трудно везде, но я боролся c PayPal и Сбербанк и другие и был успешным в получении их признать, что я человек, как и все остальные. Однако с Яндексом, которого я поддерживал и фактически продвигал на JAR2, это оказалось невозможным. Яндекс не признает беженцев и людей с убежищем или даже тех с постоянным местом жительства. Они читает себя высшее да правительство РФ и мировая сообщество!
Вы знаете, что я борюсь с фашистами и расистами, поэтому я больше не могу поддерживать Яндекс, поскольку их политика фашистская.
На заметке Яндекс также понижает все мои страницы и мой сайт в поиске, маркируя их "низким качеством". Низкое качество должно быть ярлыком Яндекса для небелого или не Нового Мирового Порядка. Интересно, что Google, которого я ненавижу, назвал шпионским инструментом и подробно документировал, продолжает поддерживать мой сайт и его страницы в региональном поиске. Конечно, Google бросил меня в международных поисках, но Яндекс, который находится всего в нескольких прыжках, понизил меня в местных поисках. Таким образом, вывод состоит в том, что Яндекс является еще одним инструментом неолибералов и Нового Мирового Порядка и является расистским, фашистским и не признает беженцев или журналистов, которые не поддерживают разрушение России от руки неолиберального Нового Мирового Порядка.
Буду ли я писать о Яндексе или широко разоблачать их, давая им PR, который они хотят? Нет. Яндекс не поддерживает JAR2 и это все, что вы услышите об этом.
Свободный русский Интернет не означает фашистский русский интернет. До свидания Яндекс. JAR2 больше не поддерживает и не будет продвигать вас.
Что касается Svyasnoi? Я пришел в их офис со всеми моими документами, которые достаточно хороши для Правительства Российской Федерации, полиции, судов, налоговых органов, легально работающих работодателей, банков, включая Сбербанк и всех остальных в мире, но не для Яндекса и Svyasnoi. Они отказались идентифицировать меня и позволить мне пройти через их оплаченный процесс идентификации (300 рублей), и я спросил девушку (вторник июль 02,2019 12:50), которая не хотела "идентифицировать меня", может ли она позвонить в свой офис или ее клиентскую поддержку, и она посмотрела на меня, как на кусок дерьма, и грубо сказала мне нет.
Я повторил: "вы отказываетесь позвонить или помочь" идентифицировать " меня."
Она сказала: "Да, я могу позвонить, но не буду."
Поэтому я снова позвонил в "Яндекс", и меня держали в ожидании больше часа, и поговорил с Екатериной, которая, казалось, пыталась помочь, но в конце концов просто отправила мне письмо поддержки, обещая проработать мое дело в течение часа. Больше ответов не последовало. Не через час, не через 2 часа и не через 12 часов.
Авторизация заключается в использовании Яндекс денег. И что? Мы понимаем всё Яндекс. Вы-расистская, фашистская корпорация, контролируемая глубоким штатом США.
До свидания Яндекс и Svyasnoi

Later: Another fake news site is blocking JAR2 GateHouse Media LLC and imperva



NEW Dear Readers

June 23, 2019 - Things are tough all over for everyone and I understand that and am in the same boat as everyone BUT.... I say that for some of my Russian friends who have no idea about the added endless difficulties and obstacles a person with asylum faces on a daily level. I can not blame them for their ignorance or even the callousness I face from "acquaintances" who for some reason believe I complain for no reason and exaggerate the hopelessness of my situation. They do not know and do not understand and for the most part do not even WANT to know and prefer to believe the lies and disinformation presented in the media.

I spent part of my Sunday trying to explain to someone the very thing I am trying to explain here but they just do not get it and no one wants to get it because my very existence runs contrary to their belief systems.  


June 25, 2019 I am here just busy writing. Stay tuned. Should be finished soon

This is a photo of my son shortly before his fabricated arrest

3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);

NEW The Complete and Total Raving Genocidal Lunacy That is uhMurka

June 23, 2019 - Exceptional Psychopathy, new article in progress.

NEW Language Learning Mafia Scum

June 23, 2019 - On June 14, I published this on VK: Учители!! Внимание мошенники!!! Предлагает клиент. Клиент отказываться либо сразу либо после 1 урок... потом они требует деньги и использовать мафиозный тактики... 325 из 2015 за клиент который не было! БРАВО! Вы теперь в моём чернам списка... ФУ Add that to the below and you have a concentrated attempt to continue to destroy me. Nothing to see here just the mafia tactics of a web reource that has taken over the educational traffic in Moscow and was threatening to BLACK LIST me and slander me all over the Russian NET. They arranged a lesson that was cancelled and the demanded money. Stay away from these SCUM!!!!!!!

NEW West Plugged into the Russian Road Camera Network: Part III

June 22, 2019 - What does the CIA do? They attack your strong point. Given that the scum use the the police to put away my son on false narcotics charges it would not surprise me in the least if the CIA is using the police and a fake number to pile up fines against me, attacking what they think is my strong point and how I am making a living. They have made three mistakes now. Hopefully the police will figure it out.

Бастрыкин взял на контроль дело о превышении полномочий полицией к журналисту и студенту 
Ранее "Интерфакс" сообщал, что СЖР просит Бастрыкина взять на личный контроль дела ивановского журналиста Андрея Евгеньева и московского студента Никиты Михеенко, осужденным по 228-й статье при обстоятельствах, аналогичных тем, что произошли с корреспондентом "Медузы" Иваном Голуновым, впоследствии признанным непричастным к сбыту наркотиков.

Бастрыкин взял на контроль дело о превышении полномочий полицией к журналисту и студенту

June 21, 2019 - https://vk.com/johnrobles2    "Дочка" "Ростеха" и "ГЛОНАССа" станет оператором дорожных камер

In every challenge one faces and every trial one is put through, no matter how difficult or adverse, one must always seek out something good and use every event as a learning experience to make one's self stronger and ascertain the weaknesses of the forces one is fighting against. One must always remain flexible and adapt constantly to every challenge. Given such an approach one can even find good things in being a targetted individual. 

I cut out and zoomed in on the number below. You can see a line was drawn to make the 5 appear as a 6 to a camera. The numbers and letters do not line up meaning the entire number may be a fake. THANK YOU LIFE NEWS FOR PUBLISHING MY NUMBER WHEN I SPECIFICALLY ASKED YOU NOT TO

NEW We Are Still Effective and Still Need Your Support 

June 20, 2019 - Dear Friends of JAR2,
No matter how much they have tried to silence the truth we are still on-line and in fact our traffic and effectiveness is improving with a recent thank you from Global Research showing that we are still able to cause a ripple in Cyber Space. We have recently started linking on a daily basis to Global Research as they continue to be the only site in the world courageous enough to host my articles ( https://www.globalresearch.ca/author/john-robles ) for which I am truly grateful and they have seen an increase in readership which of course they will not admit to coming from us as it is coming from Russia. https://www.globalresearch.ca/truly-independent-news-and-analysis-a-dying-breed/5681131

Last month we released dozens of documents and the level of downloads from JAR2 has now reached the Terabyte level every month. As a targeted individual in a targeted country with absolutely no support or financing this is a miraculous feat but we can not live on air alone.
If you really support the TRUTH please help keep us going and make a small donation today. We desperately need basic items and to send assistance to my son, still languishing in a Zone.

Thank you,



NEW Information Warfare Continues Against a US Stacked/Controlled Info Net  

June 19, 2019 - We are in year SIX of an all out WAR against the criminal, rogue and out-of-control US Government and all of their bodies, instruments and lackeys wherever they may be. This is the "New War" and it is being fought in the minds of people like you, my dear readers. It has been in fact 17 years but the last 6 have become an open confrontation of truth versus MIIC fallacy and psychological operations blither. Yes you can take this as an admission, I am at war against the mindless, brutal, evil and insidious machine of "the West" and Truth is my weapon.

There are so few of us left yet the truth I am certain will conquer the evil and the lies of the monsters and demons who are attempting to rule the world through lies, force, mass-murder and deceit. It is now 0ver 17 years since 9/11 and not one of the monsters who organized or carried out that mass-murder has been brought to justice, in fact they are now enjoying almost limitless power in the corrupted and brainwashed West, controlled by the CIA and dumbed down and zombified by endless lies and manipulation.

There is almost no point now in attempting to engage in the art of Investigative Journalism, Complex Geopolitical Analysis or even attempting to get out what should be Earth Shattering Revelations of Truth. As Goebbels and the Nazis loved to say "When you control the information, you control the people", and this is where the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD have truly succeeded with the help of installed puppets like Mark Greenberg (Zuckerberg) and all of the other "Tech Giants" who are nothing but instruments of control run by the same lunatics who carried out 9/11 and seek to unleash WWIII as they attempt to enslave mankind and bring the world to cow for their insidious, demonic New World Order.

I have not given up on you dear reader. I know you are still there and still seeking answers and truth and a voice which can quantify the knowledge that you have telling you that something is very very wrong with the world.

The Barbaric and Insane 9/11 False Flag Planet: Endless Lies by Lunatics for Endless Wars   

The synthesis and the logical evolution of the world into what it is becoming and what it is today, was warned about over and over and over again, yet the truth is so uncomfortable and runs so contrary to current programmed thinking that the minds of most normal people just simply can not accept the truth as it runs into a screaming wall of their own Cognitive Dissonance. Despite this paradigm, things that were unsayable even 3 years ago, are now accepted as truth and have even become normalized. We have seen the West and the phony Arab State of Israel become nothing but complete and total unabashed, open and remorseless rogue nations, running operations, policies and engaging in activities that literally trample on, and spit in the face of, international law, any kind of morality and even the very will of God and cosmic righteousness. They will fail in disgrace, it is just a matter of time. This is, and I repeat, a war of attrition.

The "US Military Bombing of Oil Tankers Off Syria" to enforce unilateral illegal sanctions, clearly an open and plain admission that the USA is now a wanton rogue Corporate Fascist State, then the spate of False Flag bombings and attacks on even more tankers, even 10 years ago would have been cause for UNSC Emergency Sessions and total global outcry, but the Facebook Global Mind Net has stifled all dissenting voices against the insane Hegemon, running rampant and slamming around the world. Recently the demonic United States even openly admitted that they were behind ISIS and Al-Qaeda and the world did not react in the least.   

Today, joining Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Serbia and all the rest, innocent Iran, Russia, Venezuela and China are the new targets of the insane NATO/MIIC and their ridiculous and open lies and egregious historic criminality. They now flaunt their crimes against humanity and their insanity is openly worn on their blood dripping sleeves, as today even pretenses of legality and morality have flown out the window. A coalition must be formed and the insane West must be, not only stopped, but broken up and scattered to the winds, so that it may never rise again.

All roads lead to Rome and all events we see today lead right back to 9/11, IzraHell and the 9/11 criminal cabal of the Rothschilds and the NeoCons, now popularly repackaged as the "Deep State".

Chaos Theory: The Calculated Final Gambit of an Impotent Hegemon in its Death Throes

The strategic military balance of the world changed in March 2018 ( http://www.jar2.com/Articles/Strategic_Shift.html ) with Russia's development of  hypersonic nuclear capable missiles and a suite of next generation weapons. While the logical result should have been a drawing down by NATO and the West of their attempted global takeover what we have seen has been quite the opposite. With a racist unstable unqualified Israeli puppet being portrayed as some sort of War God in the White House, the USA and NATO have in fact upped the ante and expanded their illegal aggression against the world while giving NeoCon lunatics free reign. I will not go into more details because I do not want to help these clueless Western lunatics except to say, they will fail under their own weight and over-extension. The USA is bankrupt, the US Military is impotent weak and can never win the wars they are already involved in against "backward undeveloped countries", the sexually perverted USA has no moral supremacy or economic influence. It is done and in collapse, yet it is going to get uglier. What kind of a power bombs oil tankers and openly steals other country's property and wealth under a false flag of sanctions? What kind of a country openly supports, sponsors and uses terrorism? What kind of a country fabricates chemical weapons attacks, attempts to install openly puppet regimes and turns its own media into an echo chamber of lies that no one believes? A barbaric genocide based illegitimate one that is desperate and collapsing. It is going to be messy but it is going to be sweet..... Goodbye America   

To be continued (A TI living in a targetted country (TC), silenced by the MIIC)

NEW Operation Sputnik and Anonymous: A CIA/MI6/MOSSAD COINTELPRO Joint Identify Liquidate Cover (ILC) Project Leading to Use of Black Operations Assets in the MVD

June 16, 2019 - I remember everything.

I remember speaking with Mark Stolyar, the gay Sayanim 5th column plant who was placed in charge of the Operation, "reformatting" (dismantling) the Voice of Russia which led to the eventual liquidation of the Sovereign Voice of the Russian Federation. The operation's name is visible for the world to see and mocks me every time I see it on the pages of the Ria-Novosti site, it was called Operation Sputnik.  

The goal of Operation Sputnik was to carry out the first phase in the liquidation of the Russian Federation, a goal that the CIA and Western Intelligence are prepared to spend hundreds of years to reach. That goal was quite simple and perfectly clear to anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of Tactical Military Operations and understands that the first goal in an invasion and the first official sign that a country has been taken is to take control of State Media and all broadcasting.

The Operation was executed "brilliantly" as the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD used Russian Assets and Sayanim to do the job for them, basically a bloodless coup with Russians assisting in the destroying of their own country from within under the watchful eyes of a few dozen Agents and long-term plants. The only difficulty they had was in fact me and several other Russian patriots who saw and tried to stop what was being done, but all we could do was cause the liquidation to be drug out over several years after political forces were brought in (Mitrofanov) to complete the process from the outside.

I was not buyable so they attempted to liquidate me three times (two false arrests (McFaul's official threat claims) and a poisoning (in the office of Dimitry Kisilev by Sergey Kotchetkov) and then finally arrested my son using CIA/MI6 controlled narcotics investigators (Daria Romanova) and Generals in the MVD operating in Lubertsy and Zhulebino to carry out a secret illegal arrest ordered by the CIA/US Embassy (Michael McFaul) and carefully watched and overseen by CIA Personnel (Gina Haspel and Alissa Bibb).

Now I can not give away the identity of my ex-vice-editor as he claims he was a General but it was he who first threatened me with a fabricated arrest after I exposed the Boston Bombing and protested that people from US Military Intelligence who were brought in as content editors and "official" voices. Namely one Samuel McCulloch and former CIA Advisor Paul Craig Roberts. Who officially turned Russian media into a CIA MOCKINGBIRD Operation.

We recall after exposing where the 911 planes were being stored (the Boneyard) the sons of bitches ordered my son beat and then arrested on a fabricated charge in an operation that was filmed on CCTV that I obtained and published and then was carefully hushed up and ignored as if it had never happened. This was after Michael McFaul attempted to have me arrested two times after I destroyed the Bolotnaya Color Revolution plans for which I should have got a medal. We recall how Andrey Bistritsky deleted my articles from the Voice of Russia site after his Facebook friend McFaul asked him to.

We also recall after signing a contract and agreements serving the Russian President and the Russian State how we were told that we in fact serve Israel. Yes I remember everything. However over everything else we remember how my son was sentenced in a kangaroo court watched over by the CIA, where we were told he could not see the evidence against him because it was "SECRET". Yes, we remember everything, and now some bullshit little bastards think they are going to fabricate some more bullshit or try to compromise me by doing more favors for the bullshit US Embassy... Idiots 25 levels below me and they think they are clever.

Will write more later. Amazingly violent backlash for wishing Hugo Chavez a happy birthday. Zionist terrorism and how the media is a complete and total slave. KOSHERBIRD is worse than MOCKINGBIRD.    

I swear everything above is true and 100% correct to the best of my knowledge and will continue exposing these scum as time permits. As for Anonymous, it was quite simple to figure out really: How else except using Guy Fawkes masks were they supposed to hide the same group of white instigators (Agents) who would be showing up at demonstrations all over the world? People would have placed and identifed them quickly as we have done with crisis actors and their horrendous illegal false flags.

NEW New JAR2 Original Documents to Be Released Tomorrow May 19, 2019

20 years as a refugee and still no country will give us citizenship. My country is a US "possession" and even though I was the lead announcer at the Voice of Russia we are ignored.


May 22/23, 2019 - The release has been delayed. The absolute seriousness of what we have been put through can not be communicated properly with mere words and the criminal acts carried out against myself and my family will never be punished and we will never see justice under the conditions and the paradigm that now exists in the world.

Natives of Turtle Island believe that photographs steal the soul and if faced with occupation we burned everything,

which explains why there are so few historical records of the genocide of 500 million people

I once asked in an article about Indian Rights, where I broached the topic of the passivity of Native Americans and "minorities", whether our extermination should be accepted if it is the will of God, and again I must bring this up and remind you all that it is NOT the will of God but the will of lunatics bringing about their "New World Order". I will not detail the New World Order and their plans here as I have already written extensively on the issue except to add one key and in fact core issue that is at the very heart of the N W O, and that is racism, because the N W O is racist world order. This is at the very core of their plans and is in fact why they are pushing Satanic LGBTQPIDN etc., to distract from the fact that they have eliminated the human and civil and legal rights of "minorities" to, in Hitleresque style, carry out systematic cultural, financial and outright genocide on all of us. The world is now ruled by the very lunatics who carried out 9/11 and no country, no government and no body whatsoever is even slightly interested in bring these heinous demons to justice. I tried and my family was destroyed, here in Russia, while we had asylum, successfully, totally and with no interference. Russians now for the most part believe the N W O lunatics even though they are also on the list for extermination, something those who are awake understand and see, but these people are too few and those who could have brought about change have been eliminated and silenced as I have. All of this detailed elsewhere on the site. That is the big picture, but since we have been banned from Western Social Media for life and no media outlet will publish anything from myself or this site, we can no longer concern ourselves with GeoPolitcal issues because right now, it has come time to save ourselves. Hence this new release.

During the first Chechen war the CIA was operating Black Sites in Chechnya where they tortured and killed Russians.

Very recently I was asked about the religious beliefs of Native Americans and my answer I gave was one which is entirely uncharacteristic of myself, as I usually try to explain everything in full. I stated merely two things, one is that we are ALL God's children and two that the World is the mother of all of us and must be respected. I did not bother going into the aversion to greed and possessions and traditions which they would never understand anyway. For example the one above and the one below. Current humanity is hopelessly engaged in a battle to obtain and buy and possess material wealth and it will be their own downfall, like the European invaders of Turtle Island. All they understand is things. So if we are temporarily beaten we burn everything so they can not collect their "spoils". Below is much more serious and is a reason the genocide started in the Americas and why the Taino were seen by some elders of the North American Nations as violating the Great Law of Peace, which as with Christianity has also been used and twisted and improperly interpreted, this by Corporate Indians and cowards. There were those that held the passive belief that our extermination must be part of God's plan. The Taino refused to be slaves and killed all of the Spaniards left by Columbus during his first tour in what is now Puerto Rico. Unlike the North American Tribes who fed and welcomed the invaders and taught them to feed themselves and wash, the Taino were not so passive or hospitable when it was clear they were invaders and not friends. Why is that important over 500 years later and what does that have to do with my fight? Because that is implanted in my DNA and there is nothing to be done to erase it other than killing me. That is why 4 of my children are hidden and not connected to me, the Corporation wants us all dead or in a laboratory to take us apart, Russians do not understand that, which is also good and something I never talked about but is why the bounty has been laid on my head, supposedly by "Ukrainian Nazis" but in reality by the killing arm of the Corporation, the CIA.  Those are the facts whether you choose to believe them or not is irrelevant to me, I am writing a historical record.

The above facts are important for those who wish to take us seriously, which unfortunately for them, by design the number of those taking us seriously has drastically declined after the 5th Column's Operations in the media and using corrupt criminal narcotics officers to demonize us, in an operation ordered by the US Embassy and Michael McFaul and approved at the top. I say unfortunately because their operations exposed them completely to me and those in the shadows who are watching given the fact that they have no real argument or leg to stand on yet continued with their filth and lies. It is not really important because I am not writing this for them or for the people who read and believe them. Now that the Assange show has died down and with the current open admissions by CIA and the US Government that they sponsor terrorists and assassinate whistleblowers perhaps someone out there will finally pay attention to my family and myself, a real whistleblower who attempted to expose child trafficking and fraud by CPS Woodland, California in 1995. There was also the issue of an electro-magnetic engine that I had invented and was trying to find someone to develop.  

After contacting several bodies regarding my ideas connected to my invention of an electro-magnetic engine I was contacted by the Department of the Navy and told my invention could be taken and used under the aegis of National Security and I would not be enumerated.
Afterwards, on the morning when I was supposed to appear at the Secret Grand Jury that I had myself called and upon arranging to travel to Russia, all of my family's homes were raided, an attempt to stage a False Flag was staged, I was accused of working for the Russians and all of my property was seized by FBI and CIA Counter Intelligence and the Federal Protective Service. The US Government thus appropriated 5 automobiles, my home, all of my personal property including furniture, paintings, computers and an extensive library. Officially the US Government, under the direction of the CIA, has denied all of the events stated above, and lied, has lied and continues to lie with regard to the accusations that I was working for the Russians, that I had called a Grand Jury and that the Department of the Navy wanted the plans for my electro-magnetic engine.    

This last fact guaranteed that the CIA and/or the FBI would try to reacquire me and my family outside of the United States as evidenced by CIA Officer Joseph Moone who revoked my US Passport in Moscow, Nathan Hibler who wrote the letter below and an unknown pair of CIA Officers operating out of the US Interests Section in Havana Cuba who had attempted to get the Cubans to turn me over so they could place me on a special chartered flight to Texas. One of these CIA Officers revealed that that the US Government did not know I spoke Spanish as it was not in my file, nor of course did they know I speak Russian, which of course was one of their key arguments for saying I was working for the KGB.   

I promised some documents and I always keep my promises so here they are.    


The documents below are from our time in Belize Central America where I sought asylum in 1996 and the United Nations secured the return of our passports as we were able to prove that we had not committed any crimes, yet Belize which is for all intents and purposes nothing but a British Colony even today, did not have the political independence to grant us asylum. The US lied to the Belize Government and hence everything I said was deemed to "lack credibility", it was the United Nations which in fact helped us and in fact verified everything I had stated. As you see we have been refugees for over 20 years now and we remain stateless today. These also show my children were with me when I left the US in 1996 making their "child support" claims completely laughable and in fact criminal. For those demonizing me this is hilarious because as you see I worked in a Children's Home.

The document (airline tickets) below is almost the only thing I have left from my time in Cuba where I also sought asylum. The Cuban Government did not grant us asylum however they did protect us from the CIA and for that we will be forever grateful. Again three tickets for me and my children. Travel to Cuba was a Federal Offense in the USA and the equivalent to treason at the time.

The documents below show the signatures of engineers and scientists who I explained and demonstrated my electro-magnetic engine to in Mexico in 1996 after leaving Cuba. This was the engine the US Government wanted. I did not want it used for war and killing so I gave the idea away for free to governments who might develop it for peaceful purposes. Which governments? Mexico has one. Who else?

NOTE: This is why I did not want to give it to the US killing machine. Now

Russia studies possibility of creating electromagnetic missiles

Finally in this release the document below proves that: A) CIA and FBI Counter Intelligence did in fact seize all my property and backs up my claim that they raided all of the homes of my family and relatives who were then given National Security Letters and told never to have any contact with me again; B) The US Government lies as standard policy; C) exposes another CIA Officer working under State Department cover; D) proves the United Nations finding that I am not a criminal and was not wanted for any crimes as the CIA and FBI had no evidence to back up their accusation that I was working for the KGB or the Russian Government at the time and finally E) as the letter was also sent to the Government of Belize which it then used as the basis for their finding about my "credibility", it proves the US Government interfered with my attempt to seek out and obtain asylum. As you can see I have lived as a refugee for over 20 years now. A fact that perhaps warrants the attention of anyone interested in really defending "Human Rights". We have grounds to sue the United States for millions of dollars in damages for the persecution we have faced and the fact that we have been left stateless by said country. If there is a lawyer or country interested in helping us we would be happy to hear from you at jar2 @ jar2.com

Since my file did not even show I spoke Spanish nor Russian and the US Government never actually obtained the plans for the Electro-Magnetic Engine, coupled with what must have been major displeasure when they heard me on the Voice of Russia exposing all of their crimes and getting in the way of Michael McFaul and preventing the Maidan in Moscow, you can imagine how many questions they must have and therefore why I am seriously concerned with the safety of my children whom the CIA will try to use to get to me. That is a given and that must not be allowed to happen. Then of course there is my extensive journalistic work and my books exposing the CIA and my publication of agent lists.

20 years as a refugee and NO media or other support. Now do you understand why fake refugee, rapist (Assange) Hawkins got on my nerves?

Someday perhaps the liquidation of the Voice of Russia by Liberals who took it apart from the inside and turned it into a US satellite serving the New World Order and Israel will be investigated. The truth that hundreds of us working there complained about the treason being committed against Russia and even the systematic deletion of history and the promotion of gay propaganda by those now controlling Russian State Media under the guise of Grey, Black and "reverse" Propaganda, will someday come to light. However we are done for now with that fight and it is time to save ourselves. It is interesting to note that when I went to the police and the Security Services about what they had done to myself and my family the same tactic was used as the Americans did. The traitors simply stated everything they did to me and my family never happened.

Post Script: What is completely and totally stunning is that Russian MVD knows about the TWO attempts by Michael McFaul to have me thrown in prison and deported after I exposed the Bolotnaya Plans and stopped the Maidan in Moscow. They also know about the police report I filed after the Baseball Bat Meeting at the VOR and they also know about the failed first attempt to have my son arrested after McFaul's attempts to get me failed. They know all of this and they were told about the demand by Daria Romanova and the investigators in Lubertsy for 9 million rubles, yet they have done nothing to help us for over 5 years. They also know about the bribes that were demanded by FMS when I filed for citizenship but have done nothing. This was all directly connected with my journalistic work defending Russia and the Russian State. Yet no one does anything to help us and for the 5th year my son is rotting in prison for a crime he has never admitted to because it was a crime he never committed. 

Thanks to the "Elites" it is a Sick and Pestulant World

May 17, 2019 - Respect for the individual and justice based on fair and equitable laws which apply to everyone regardless of race, wealth, status, religion, or any other identifier are the basis for civilization, anything else is barbaric Fascism.

I guess while I am being honest below is the reason I have all but stopped writing. I broke my reading glasses last summer when I was under the car and some chemical degreaser fell in my eye and in a panic of going blind I accidently broke them. I tried to super glue them back together but the result was not workable. I have tried to update the site and write since then but it is painfully difficult. So there is that. Unfortunately even though I am partially employed my salary is less than it was when I was able to use social media to spread my work. Since being banned for life from all social media not only is my work almost ignored but donations have stopped completely. If you want to help JAR2 see again so I can continue what I believe is important work, perhaps you can donate. I have a stigmatism and the glass here in Russia is very expensive and has to be specially ordered. I can see by looking at my server logs that people are visiting this page, perhaps you will make a donation for glasses?


Open Request for Humanitarian Assistance and Support from My Readers


May 02, 2019 - Dear Readers, I will not go into all of the bloody details but we are in desperate need of your support in order to continue our important work on-line. If you have made a donation in the past or have never shown your support, we ask you to take a minute and invest a small amount so that we can continue our important work. We do not require much but there are costs involved in keeping all of this going and we are not able to make them this month. I will not mention securing a lawyer for my son or all of the other things we need, but those are also pressing in. Thanks for your visit and for taking the few minutes to support what is now almost definitely the last free independent leak site on the Net. Remember we are the ONLY site in the world hosting things like the MOSSAD lists, the MI6 lists and all of the lists exposing the CIA, FBI and more.

"Normal" people have no idea whatsoever what it is like to be an ASYLEE and sadly very, very few people even care. Even though there are millions of refugees now in Russia and the Moscow Region from the war zone in the Donbass, the difficulties faced by Asylees and Refugees who are not from the Ukraine are almost never published or broadcast or talked about, with the exception of the occasional report on refugees from Syria or other countries where there is open warfare.

For those of us who do not fall into the above categories or the parameters of the templates used by the liberal media which fawns over the USA and covets the lucre of the West there is absolutely no support whatsoever and since it is stigmatized in Russia to ask for help, the complete and total absence of any type of social, humanitarian, legal or any other kind of support from organizations or the government makes it almost impossible to live. There are of course people who are aware of this but since the problems do not affect them in the least they refuse to do anything at all to correct the situation which is a matter of life or death for those who are in a position such as mine.

The Russian media has proven to be a complete and total joke when it has come to covering our plight even though I was the lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service in English and a lead proponent of the fight for the Russian World and a staunch public supporter of Russia and President Putin on the International Stage. As a journalist I had expected the support of my colleagues but instead was further demonized and destroyed by their editorial machinations carried out by Western lackeys and MOCKINGBIRD sycophants, who rather than objectively reporting on my struggle (except for one reporter who I am grateful to), labeled me a BUM and naive and even childish for standing up for my own human rights. The cynicism I have faced is off the scales and the number of trolls and people attacking me in the real world has grown to the point where I have had to password protect the archives of my blog and only post real information on a password protected copy of this page.  

Ukrainians have it much easier than we do as they have a strong lobby and thousands of organizations, donors and humanitarian bodies have been created or started up since the war began in Donbass. They have the continuous support of the media and the government but for me and my family. who are the first Asylees from the United States, again nothing.

The CIA and their Liberal 5th column agents in Russia, under the orders of Obama and Michael McFaul created the Avatar Edward Snowden, who has done more damage to people in my position than any open hate operation could ever have hoped for. The 5th column went into a panic when in 2012 we were supposed to get citizenship and I was exposing 9/11 on the Voice of Russia, and thus Snowden was created. To completely and totally create an Avatar and a fake impression of what an Asylee from the USA is, something only someone such as myself who has worked in the media and in information operations knows about and can clearly see, millionaire actors and sportsmen were brought in and simply presented Russian passports like they were handing out candy, while my fight and the fight of my family for our very lives was completely ignored and covered up. This went along with the cover up of the liquidation of the Voice of Russia and the media operation to obfuscate the US orchestrated coup in the Ukraine and the fact that the CIA had brought Nazis to power in Europe again in an attack on Russia. In all reality the 5th column are nothing but traitors to Mother Russia and paid for scum, yet this is also covered up.

As for Snowden as an Avatar of an Asylee he is a Fake. First he has never had asylum, yet my family and I have. He never worked for the NSA. He is a Covert Operations Officer of the CIA. Something the Russian media 5th column ignores completely. And finally he is monied, was given or bought a flat and is enjoying his all expenses paid stay in Russia while criticizing Putin and the Russian Government. It was in fact Greenberg (Snowden) who started the hysteria about Russian hackers that has now caused untold damage to Russia and caused the arrest, detention and death of many real pro-Russian patriots and information activists who were doing important work in exposing the outrageous non-stop crimes of the West and the all out attack on the Russian world. The worst thing the Snowden Operation did, and I call it an Operation because I know that is what it was and anyone with half a brain knows that this young, naive and stupid man who got himself "trapped" in a transit zone, could never have in a million years escaped from a billion dollar spy agency with all of its secrets, the worst thing the operation did was provide cover for the fabricated arrest of my son and (along with the MOSSAD/CIA Assange figure) the complete and total liquidation of the Russian State Broadcaster the Voice of Russia World Service.

The conspiracy which led to the liquidation of the VOR was so great that no Russian Investigative body would even touch it, and believe me there were hundreds of us on the inside demanding an investigation which never came about.

As Snowden and his 5th column lackeys would say "That is for the history books and we never look back" yet what am I supposed to do? They could not drive me to suicide or completely eradicate JAR2 and I am still here and still being attacked and threatened, as is evidenced on the entries of my password protected blog. Again what am I supposed to do? I finally created a job and am officially employed but the pay is so small that I can barely survive. There is no social or other support from anyone or any body, so all I have is to ask you my readers to make a small donation. Which I am doing now.

Stay tuned for a new release where we will expose a massive NSA/MOSSAD Front Company that has gone global.    

Cheers - John

God Bless Russia

P.S. As for the Red Cross and the United Nations, bodies that should be protecting and assisting us, they have proven beyond a doubt that they also operate as a US/CIA 5th column, only once assisting me when I was starving to death in Crimea. We have one day of food left and absolutely no money so please donate today and support this site and the millions of secrets that are contained on it.

Не проверено перевод Яндекса:

02 мая 2019 года-Уважаемые читатели, я не буду вдаваться во все кровавые подробности, но мы отчаянно нуждаемся в вашей поддержке, чтобы продолжить нашу важную работу в режиме онлайн. Если вы делали пожертвование в прошлом или никогда не оказывали поддержку, мы просим Вас уделить минуту и инвестировать небольшую сумму, чтобы мы могли продолжить нашу важную работу. Мы не требуем многого, но есть расходы, связанные с сохранением всего этого, и мы не в состоянии сделать их в этом месяце. Я не буду упоминать о том, чтобы нанять адвоката для моего сына, или обо всем остальном, что нам нужно, но это также необходимо. Спасибо за Ваш визит и за несколько минут, чтобы поддержать то, что теперь почти наверняка последний бесплатный независимый сайт утечки в Сети. Помните, что мы являемся единственным сайтом в мире, на котором размещаются такие вещи, как списки Моссада, списки МИ-6 и все списки, раскрывающие ЦРУ, ФБР и многое другое.

"Нормальные" люди не имеют ни малейшего представления о том, каково это-быть беженцем, и, к сожалению, очень, очень мало людей это волнует. Несмотря на то, что в настоящее время в России и Московской области находятся миллионы беженцев из зоны боевых действий на Донбассе, трудности, с которыми сталкиваются беженцы и беженцы, которые не из Украины, почти никогда не публикуются, не транслируются и не обсуждаются, за исключением случайных сообщений о беженцах из Сирии или других стран, где идет открытая война.
Для тех из нас, кто не подпадает под вышеупомянутые категории или параметры шаблонов, используемых либеральными СМИ, которые льстят США и жаждут наживы Запада, нет абсолютно никакой поддержки, и поскольку в России стигматизировано просить о помощи, полное и полное отсутствие какой-либо социальной, гуманитарной, правовой или любой другой поддержки со стороны организаций или правительства делает почти невозможным жить. Конечно, есть люди, которые знают об этом, но поскольку проблемы не затрагивают их, они отказываются делать что-либо вообще, чтобы исправить ситуацию, которая является вопросом жизни или смерти для тех, кто находится в таком положении, как мое.

Российские СМИ оказались полной и тотальной шуткой, когда дело дошло до освещения нашего бедственного положения, хотя я был ведущим диктором Всемирной службы "Голос России" на английском языке и ведущим сторонником борьбы за русский мир и стойким общественным сторонником России и президента Путина на международной арене. Как журналист, я ожидал поддержки коллег, но вместо этого был еще больше демонизирован и уничтожен их редакторскими махинациями, осуществляемыми западными лакеями и подхалимами пересмешников, которые вместо того, чтобы объективно сообщать о моей борьбе (за исключением одного репортера, которому я благодарен), назвали меня бродягой, наивным и даже детским за то, что я отстаивал свои права человека. Цинизм, с которым я столкнулся, зашкаливает, и количество троллей и людей, нападающих на меня в реальном мире, выросло до такой степени, что мне пришлось защищать паролем архивы моего блога и публиковать реальную информацию только на защищенной паролем копии этой страницы.

Украинцам это гораздо проще, чем нам, так как у них сильное лобби и тысячи организаций, доноров и гуманитарных организаций были созданы или запущены с начала войны на Донбассе. У них есть постоянная поддержка средств массовой информации и правительства, но для меня и моей семьи. кто первые беженцы из США, опять же ничего.

ЦРУ и их либеральные агенты 5-й колонны в России по приказу Обамы и Майкла Макфола создали Аватара Эдварда Сноудена, который нанес больше вреда людям в моем положении, чем любая открытая операция ненависти могла когда-либо надеяться. 5-я колонна впала в панику, когда в 2012 году мы должны были получить гражданство и я разоблачал 11 сентября на "Голосе России", и таким образом был создан Сноуден. Чтобы полностью и полностью создать аватар и фальшивое впечатление о том, что такое Асилли из США, что-то знает и может ясно видеть только тот, кто работал в СМИ и в информационных операциях, актеры-миллионеры и спортсмены были привлечены и просто представили российские паспорта, как они раздавали конфеты, в то время как моя борьба и борьба моей семьи за наши жизни были полностью проигнорированы и скрыты. Это сопровождалось сокрытием ликвидации "Голоса России" и операцией СМИ по запутыванию организованного США переворота на Украине и тем фактом, что ЦРУ снова привело нацистов к власти в Европе в результате нападения на Россию. Во всей реальности 5-я колонна-не что иное, как предатели матушки России и оплаченные подонки, но и это тоже прикрыто.

Что касается Сноудена как Аватара беженца, то он-подделка. Во-первых, у него никогда не было убежища, а у меня и моей семьи есть. Он никогда не работал на АНБ. Он офицер секретных операций ЦРУ. То, что российские СМИ полностью игнорируют. И, наконец, он получил деньги, получил или купил квартиру и наслаждается всеми своими расходами, оплаченными пребыванием в России, критикуя Путина и российское правительство. Именно Гринберг (Сноуден) начал истерику по поводу российских хакеров, которая сейчас нанесла России несказанный ущерб и стала причиной ареста, задержания и гибели многих реальных пророссийских патриотов и информационных активистов, которые делали важную работу по разоблачению возмутительных нон-стоп преступлений Запада и тотальной атаки на русский мир. Самое худшее, что сделала операция Сноудена, и я называю это операцией, потому что я знаю, что это было, и любой, у кого есть хоть капля мозгов, знает, что этот молодой, наивный и глупый человек, который попал в "ловушку" в транзитной зоне, никогда не смог бы за миллион лет сбежать из шпионского агентства стоимостью в миллиард долларов со всеми его секретами, самое худшее, что сделала операция, это обеспечила прикрытие для сфабрикованного ареста моего сына и (наряду с фигурой Моссада/ЦРУ Ассанжа) полная и тотальная ликвидация российского государственного вещателя Всемирная служба "Голос России".

Заговор, приведший к ликвидации фор, был настолько велик, что ни один российский следственный орган даже не прикоснулся бы к нему, и, поверьте мне, сотни из нас внутри требовали расследования, которое так и не состоялось.

Как сказал бы Сноуден и его лакеи из 5-й колонны:" это для учебников истории, и мы никогда не оглядываемся назад", но что я должен делать? Они не могли довести меня до самоубийства или полностью уничтожить JAR2, и я все еще здесь, и на меня все еще нападают и угрожают, о чем свидетельствуют записи моего защищенного паролем блога. Снова что я должен делать? Я, наконец, создал работу и официально нанят, но оплата настолько мала, что я едва могу выжить. Нет никакой социальной или иной поддержки ни от кого и ни от кого, поэтому все, что у меня есть, это попросить вас, мои читатели, сделать небольшое пожертвование. Что я и делаю сейчас.

Следите за обновлениями для нового релиза, где мы разоблачим массивную подставную компанию АНБ/Моссад, которая стала глобальной.

Благослови Россию!

We Hope to See the Donbass People Freed from US/CIA Occupation Soon

Say no to the CIA/Nazis in Kiev

#DonbassisRussia #ДонбассНаш #ДонбассРоссия

Fear of Truth or Cowardly Allowing for Enslavement and Liquidation?

April 29, 2019: I tried to contact my daughters again and continue to be denied my rights as a parent but there is nothing I can do without money for lawyers and as long as I am kept a refugee I will never be able to secure a normal job. It is another catch 22. Now that there is no more poor-Assange-trapped-in-the-embassy endless media coverage, perhaps people will start to pay attention to the plight of men being killed at the illegal torture dungeon at Guantanamo and real Asylees like me and my family. I have lived with asylum for 12 years now, as opposed to the media distraction operation called Assange who did not even survive 7 years, and unlike that clown who thought he would make 10 million a month, I am still in possession of all my senses, perhaps my hair has turned white and my entire life destroyed but I am still rolling. There is a Russian saying: The measurement of strength is not how hard you can hit, but how hard of a hit you can take. As a real Asylee and whistleblower it was infuriating that WikiLeaks and Assange never once published a single word or document about our REAL PERSECUTION, even when I became a WikiLeaks Associate. Hrafnsson is next. With his continuous little trips to Washington and his unfettered travel, he will undo himself as the Agent he is. Rather than hide the truth, either by omission or obfuscation I will continue to fight to the bitter end. I am the real "Snowden" and JAR2 is the real "WikiLeaks", a fact no one wants to admit because I am not white and am not under the control of ANYONE except God and my own conscience.

Meanwhile in the news someone finally called out the LGBTQPBDN sickness which continues to be spread by the US Government and even the United Nations. We applaud Doreen Agostino for her courage to write the truth. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=121690 Transgenderism is Satanic.

Also on the Russian net, VK does nothing to stop the spread of fascist Nazi ideology. This is the environment the children are growing up in. Normalization of fascist Nazism and Transgender filth. As you can see below the Russian Nazi movement is not impaired in the least, they publicly post such photographs as the ones below seen by over 4,500 people and there is no outcry and they are not banned. The once great Soviet Russia has become a playground for Liberals and Nazis attempting to destroy Russia and lead to its liquidation.

The Information war has become a war of good versus evil. The above group came to my attention after they attempted to get me to join them. Obviously they have no idea who I am. This is a serious problem and one which the Security Services of Russia should be involved in.

That's all for now. See you all later. Stay awake. Stay safe. Stay intelligent.

Oh and I am really disappointed in all of you for your lack of donations. I fought PayPal and the Banksters to allow us to accept your support and you simply gave up. Or have all of you been gotten to with National Security letters or other instruments of dissuasion? Please let me know if you are being blocked from supporting us by the evil doers that be.

The Archaic, Illegal, Dystopian Control Mechanism Called Registration

April 26, 2019: It is funny to think how the people of Donbass are going to get citizenship in Russia when it is ALL based on the archaic, illegal and completely unfair registration system. Registration is Russia's Indian Genocide. It is the topic that no one is allowed to talk about. Like 911 it is the elephant in the room that everyone is forced to ignore. Unfortunately Russia is the only country in the world with such a system and although the system was outlawed in 1996 as being unconstitutional, it was never abolished and is the single most Machiavellian instrument of control I have ever come up against.

Note: The image above cites my son the day after his fabricated arrest when they demanded 9 million. Calling him a bum but listing his address.

The logic of maintaining it is just as obvious as the punitive measures that are to be activated against anyone daring to speak out about it, be they a journalist, a government official with imunity or a lawyer. It is an instrument which creates a slave class and maintains the power and elite status of those who have it and can provide it. Communism and the Soviet Union strove to create equality, captialist Russia seeks to create and maintain a false class divide where a largely criminal elite dominate over a law abiding citizenry. Whether by design or by exploitation by the few, that is the reality. Everything in Russia is based on registration including citizenship which would be fine were it accessible and attainable by everyone, but it is not and herein lies the problem.

Logically and if the system was actually one seeking to maintain security and order, a person could approach FMS or the Police and declare where they live by themselves, providing whatever proof necessary, but this is not the case. Only an apartment owner or a Russian citizen with a propiska (a partial or full owner of an apartment) can register someone else, which is something 99% of people will never do as they are either avoiding taxes while renting out a flat, afraid of the rise in prices in monthly apartment payments which are pegged to how any people are registered in the flat or simply completely ignorant of the law and believe that registration gives someone some right to their few square meters of property.

As a result you have the instant creation of a lower and upper class and an entire system of corruption and bureaucracy where the "haves" control and rule the "have-nots" who are forced to do whatever it takes to get the impossible-to-live-without registration. Again I have to repeat that everything in Russia is based on registration. including citizenship, and when I say everything I mean absolutely everything: from pay taxes to receiving medical care to filing a police report to registering property to getting a driving license to opening a bank account, every single activity that we have to carry out to exist is connected with registration, so no matter who you are if you do not own a flat or a home where you can register yourself you are nothing but, as the police document shows above regarding my son, a BUM.

For the refugee and the foreigner the Catch 22 is quite simple, in order to get citizenship one must own a flat where one can have a propiska but to buy a flat or receive credit to do so one must have citizenship. Unless one has 50 thousand dollars in cash to buy a flat and is willing to buy one for someone else who may or may not register them in it. Who has such cash? A Criminal. But who becomes a criminal? The person without such cash.

It is really stunning that the system continues but it is obvious why. Not long ago a deputy spoke out against the system and was destroyed and required to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Why am I writing about it? Because I don't give a shit anymore. You see the document above? Despite my son having a know address he was registered as being a BUM. A nothing, scum.

So therefore it does not matter if you are the lead announcer at the Voice of Russia, someone who has given Russian Intelligence tens of thousands of agents or even the President of the Russian Federation, if you do not have registration you are nobody. Hence in Russia the only "REAL CITIZENS" who have full rights and protections are Muscovites who own flats and since they are the ones who write the laws and control the system it will stay exactly the way it is.

You would think the system would be controlled by laws but it is not. Citizenship in Russia is controlled by whims. The whims of those who provide the little documents, stamps and numbers needed to obtain citizenship, with the chief one being registration. Hence everyone without proper registration is a criminal and everyone who refuses to register someone in a flat they rent out is also a criminal, meaning 98% of Russians who rent a flat or rent out a flat are actually criminals and the only real "citizens" are flat owners.

How will the people of Donbass get Russian Citizenship under such a system without determining the Registration System as it stands is an ATAVISM? They won't. Unless these people fleeing a war zone have enough cash on them to buy and apartment when they land.

Registration worked under the Soviet System because people were given flats and living space, it was their right under the Soviet System. Under the capitalist system where there is no guarantee of a place to live and no such place is given, registration is what I called it, an ATAVISM which creates a slave class and maintains the power and "ELITISM" of the few.

I am writing this because I love Russia but I know nothing will ever change. This explains why Russian patriot John Robles and his family are bums to be destroyed and active CIA Black Operations tool Edward Snowden is a Russian Citizen and a Muscovite. Thanks go out to the CIA controlled privatization of the '90s, but that is another story. The solution is so simple and elementary and where the system interested in security and order it would simply allow ANYONE to register themselves where they actually live rather than making registration only something done by flat owners who only serve their own interests.

Why the Above is Important and a Violation of Human Rights

My son is innocent as am I and my daughter, yet the above Catch 22 has allowed us to be compromised and destroyed. As you can see by the document above my son was registered as a BUM, and that demonization then allowed for him to be called a Drug Addict and then a Drug Dealer, even though there was no real evidence. They attempted the same thing with me and my enemies (agents of the CIA and the West) in Russia are still trying to do so. Couple the above with a legal system that has no presumption of innocence and no Habeas Corpus or anything close and the result is that anyone, innocent or not, can be easily destroyed merely at the whim of those who can create such documents. Again the Russian legal system is one where truth and justice are not important, what is important are documents. Therefore the truth of whether my son was a BUM or not is irrelevant, what is relevant is that there is a paper saying so. The Russian media in 2018 followed the same MEME, and all media outlets headlined me as being a BUM or made a BUM, even though I had registration and a place to live.

To further illustrate the injustice, as with the case of my car being stolen, my phone being stolen and the baseball bat meeting (see below) I reported the media outlets who were publicly slandering me to the police and absolutely nothing was done. As a refugee my complaints are completely ignored as is every injustice we face including the arrest of my son ordered by the US Embassy because of my journalistic work. Hence the facts that I own and run this site which has exposed tens of thousands of Western Agents and have written thousands of articles blasting the West and praising Russia and that I was the lead announcer for the Voice of Russia World Service do not matter. It is obvious after all my work that destroying me and my family was a political persecution but again that does not matter, because the neo-Liberal criminal scum who carried out the false arrest of my son and black listed me and left me without a means to exist, in fact, control the system. 

The Russian Constitution and International Law call for certain Human Rights to be had by Asylees and refugees. However since the entire system of guaranteeing those rights is based on registration which is all but impossible to obtain the rights guarantees become just as impossible to protect or fight for. Hence the order that people from Donbass would get Russian passports, because without such an order the system would never allow them to. As Asylees from America we are only three, not millions, so there will be no decree and we will never be given Russian passports, even if this is a clear victory for the USA and the CIA. We are only three and the media and the world will simply go along with erasing us from history and from reality. They have already done that and were it not for this blog, we would have absolutely no voice, except for Liberal USA ass kissing media in Russia that has labeled us BUMS. We are not BUMS you bastards!   

My Son May Be Executed, Imprisoned, Used Against Me or Tortured in the USA

My son is innocent and had asylum and his rights as an Asylee were violated when the US Embassy and the CIA were allowed to actively take part in his persecution and conviction in a trial where we were not allowed to see evidence, present evidence or challenge so-called evidence. Of course him being labeled a BUM and not allowing testimony that he was working, teaching, studying and about to get married, made his conviction easy. From BUM to Drug Addict to Drug Dealer is quite simple when such labels can not be challenged and no proof is required. That is what happened to my son.

Since 1995 the US Government and the CIA have spent millions attempt to silence and "get me". The massive operation silencing the Voice of Russia and then attempting to silence this site have also cost millions and if my son is deported from Russia, not only will it be a historic victory for the CIA but because his name was on the contracts for my interviews and articles, he maybe executed as an enemy of the United States and/or tortured and sent to Guantanamo to be used against me and the Russian State. This must not be allowed to happen.


April 22, 2019: Their cynicism, callousness and brutality are off the scales. They are no longer even human. You must be stronger than ever! I know you are innocent and I know who ordered your arrest and paid all the principles but the monsters who did it are protected by those who do not care. They don't even care if the CIA makes Russia look like a banana republic... Sputnik was not just the name, it is what they have made it.... God help us all!!!





On the 17 Anniversary of 911: The Litmus Test







911 BOOM!!! JAR2 REDEEMED!!! "911 was a MOSSAD CIA False Flag used to protect the Zionist entity from any future military threat and expand the parasitic hegemony of the US and the illegitimate Tel Aviv regime throughout the world by the Zionist inspired War on Terror." (Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6?) - A Fearless Black Hats Film









SOURCE https://www.minds.com/TyrannyUnmasked





If You Celebrate Thanksgiving: May You Choke to Death







Due to Ongoing Targetting Most Content Moved to Paid Blog

USA MIIC Full Spectrum Surveillance and Dominance Being Applied in Russia: AVG Blocks JAR2, Monitors Wifi Connections and Warns We Are "Dangerous"

This is truly insidious. Will upload a clearer picture later!


Fake News Sites Block JAR2

Later: Another fake news site is blocking JAR2 GateHouse Media LLC and imperva



NATO Blocks JAR2


  5 Day USGov Ddos on JAR2 - LULZSEC: Real Facts vs Fabricated Reality

Russian Embassy in London says Bellingcat may be linked to special services

Кибератаки нанесли России ущерб в 600 млрд рублей за год


JAR2 vs SAnt,Texas: JAR2 256 - San Antonio 0 + 7Gbs of Logs - LULZ)))

Attacks by Chris Hansel - -

5000 Walzem Rd\San Antonio\TX\78218\United States - Chris Attempted to Continue with an i-Phone which is now bricked))) LULZ

Files/SanAntonioAttack Logs/ex181012.log

Files/SanAntonioAttack Logs/ex181013.log

Files/SanAntonioAttack Logs/ex181014.log

Files/SanAntonioAttack Logs/ex181015.log

Files/SanAntonioAttack Logs/ex181016A.log

Files/SanAntonioAttack Logs/ex181016B.log

6+ Gbs!!!

Files/SanAntonioAttack Logs/ex181016c.log


Banned for Life From Twitter

http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Twitter_Ban_On_Jar2.html   http://www.jar2.biz/Banned_from_JA2_com/TWITTER_SCUM_BAN_JAR2_DMCA.html

Warning to All Pro-Russia/DNR/LNR/Crimea Activists and those on Mirotvorets List WhatsApp is Being Used by the CIA for Black Operations Targeting

November 09, 2018 - After investigating the mass-poisoning here and with the assassination of Alexander Zaharchenko and several other events we have learned about, we must issue the following WARNING!

Be careful of the cafes, restaurants, markets and other places where you buy food and make sure those doing your cooking or shopping are trustworthy and are also aware of the possible risks. We have Intelligence that the SBU and their sympathizers in Russia will use such locations to poison or attempt to poison targetted individuals. If you are a targetted individual and are on the Mirotvorets list, any of the US Sanctions list or are a non-listed target because of your activism, blog posts, journalistic work, television statements or any other public showing of support for Russia or the DNR/LNR/Crimea then this warning applies to you. Beware and keep your eyes open to anything suspicious. Record and photograph such persons or vehicles if possible and report any such occurrences to the police or the security services. The West is losing the Information War and the Media War and have begun the dirty covert war with anyone against them qualifying as a target.

После расследования здесь массового отравления, убийства Александр Захарченко и ряда других событий, о которых мы узнали, мы должны сделать следующее предупреждение!
Будьте осторожны с кафе, ресторанами, рынками и другими местами, где вы покупаете еду, и убедитесь, что те, кто готовит вашу еда или делать покупки, заслуживают доверия и также знают о возможных рисках. У нас есть разведданные, что СБУ и их сторонники в России будут использовать такие места, чтобы отравить или попытаться отравить целевых лиц. Если вы являетесь целевым лицом и находитесь в списке "Миротворец", любом из санкционных списков США или даже если не включены в спики но из-за вашей активности, сообщений в блогах, журналистской работы, телевизионных заявлений или любого другого публичного выступленние показал поддержа России или ДНР/ЛНР/Крыма, итд то это предупреждение относится к вам. Остерегайтесь и держите глаза открытыми ко всему подозрительному. Регистрировать и фотографировать таких лиц или транспортные средства, если это возможно, и сообщать о любых таких случаях в полицию или службы безопасности. Запад проигрывает информационную войну и войну средств массовой информации и начал грязную скрытую войну и любым против их квалифицируется как цель.

Быть всегда на чеку!!


15 Years Fighting for Truth and Accountability: Exposing Evil and the 911 Perps

How WikiLeaks and Snowden Killed the Truth Movement and Truth Has Been Politicized 

June 03, 2018 - Trying to think of something eloquent and deeply meaningful to say about what has been a 15 year running battle against the Cabal. I detest in the greatest giving free PR to Hawkins and his snake oil entrapment operation but everyone on the surface of the Truth Community, if there is really such a thing anymore, still view the WikiLeaks Operation as the ultimate truth outlet, so I am forced to feed their narrative and mention it, please bear with me I will be brief.

I have nothing but contempt for Hawkins and regardless of his real fate, stick to my reports from October 2016, when he was extracted from the Embassy and either taken out for execution or is living on an island somewhere drinking Pina Colladas. For the number of people who were killed and arrested and had their lives destroyed, including me, I hope that the real Hawkins faced a fate worthy of his betrayal of everyone who trusted him and were mercilessly stabbed in the back. Whoever is in the Ecuadorian Embassy if there is in fact anyone there is a doppelganger or the visiting Hawkins and continues to make a mockery of asylum, human rights and truth. Whoever is in there or visits when needed is an Ecuadorian Citizen and it is now a police matter between the UK and Ecuador if their citizen is given up or not. That is all I have to say on that son of a bitch back stabbing worm!

Continue reading: 15 Years Fighting for Truth and Accountability


Recognition and Supporters' Letters

The Voice of Russia Files: Real Journalism

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The Real Leaks Had to be Stopped.

The Whole Truth About JAR2 Ready to be Published: Book Preview


BOOK PREVIEW: CIA Black Operations Assets in Police and Drug Gangs in Russia

 04-12-2016 For a preview of the book DOWLOAD FREE BY CLICKING HERE     OR OPEN THE PDF HERE    


FOR THE CRIME OF JOURNALISM or "Тотальна ганебна зрада!"

I used to be the "Voice of Russia"

Because Robles Came Snowden


Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Не будь рабом коррупции!  


CIA Covert Operations Targetting the Robles Family

2015 CIA Black Operation on My Son

The US Embassy in Moscow ordered the arrest of my son. This will not be forgotten. Ever.


CIA Covert Foreign Media Information Operation - Voice of Russia Wipe

After a "Meeting" where baseball bats where present and being waved around and I was forced to give up my personal passwords for my private e-mails I filed a police report. The police investigators refused to open a criminal case against those who took part and they pretended is never happened.

Liberal 5th Column Traitors to Russia Protecting the Crimes of Bush/Obama/Clinton et al 


CIA Color Revolution Specialist Michael McFaul CIA COS Joseph Moone 5th Column

http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Michael_McFaul.html  SEE MCFaul

CIA MOCKINGBIRD Disinformation Synthesis Point Washington Post 


CIA Avatar Edward Greenberg (VERAX) (Snow Den) 


CIA Limited Hangout Disinformation Clearing House WikiLeaks


My Best Student Became the Biggest Traitor. Helped the CIA. Got Asylum in the USA. Sold Me and My Family. Traitor.

I taught him about the real meaning of Thanksgiving and he did this:




Some of my personal history can be found here.




2017 JAR2 Blog








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Some of my personal banners and memes used in the Twitter wars.




Some of My Research and Books

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My Years in Exile by John Robles Pizzagate by John Robles


 Crimea is Russia: My Year in Crimea - 2015-2016


Article cover.Crimea Russian Federation


Crimea Tour and Bike Show 2015

Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation

John and The Surgeon

Alexander (The Surgeon) Zaldostanov a True Russian Patriot and JAR2

My Current Work Is Now Available Here

Some of my work can now be found here

First Series: Motorcycle Convoy into Sevastopol Proper

Photos of motorcycle convoy by JAR2

Second Series: Presentation on Stage in Sevastopol

Photos of presentation in Sevastopol Proper

Third Series: 800 Steps to the Sea

The Eagle's Nest: St. George's Monastery and 800 Steps to the Sea

Fourth Series: Road trip, Sea of Azov, Crimean Ferry and more

Photos from my 2015 Crimean expedition

Best Bike Show Ever! Bike Show 2015

Official Site and Blog of Night Wolves Motorcycle Club    http://www.nightwolves.ru/nw/    http://nightwolves-ru.livejournal.com/

Extreme Winter Tour of Crimea, New Year's 2014-15

Photos and a report regarding another New Year's trip to Crimea

John Robles on VOR, CIA, Russia, Zionists, Ukraine and Snowden


Video in 3 Languages of John Renouncing US Citizenship


Surge of Refugees: Russia Prevents CIA/ISIS Genocide - JAR2

Why is it that only now with Russian bombing ISIS, after 15 years of US/NATO/Israeli war in the Middle East, that refugees have made it to Europe?

Foundation for Liquidation of Israel and the Corporation of the United States


Swallow's Nest, Yalta, Crimea March 2016 by John Robles

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Exclusive: Tour of Abandoned Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile Site

Abandoned Russian Anti Ballistic Missile Site

Victory Day 2015 Photos from JAR2

Photos taken by JAR2 during Victory Day Celebrations and a Communist march in Moscow on May 9th 2015 




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