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Some letters I received in support of my years of work at the liquidated Voice of Russia when I was censored off RIA Novosti by American content editors and the new pro-western heads.

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Censorship is alive and well here in Russia but it is being carried out by Americans. Unbelievable! See it in action:

1: Published in full here: http://english.pravda.ru/world/americas/11-09-2014/128508-usa_global_domination-0/ 

There are Americans controlling the Russian media. Remember this was a geopolitical OPINION piece. So in fact some American asshole shows up on the Russian media outlet I work for and tells me I do not have the right to my own opinion. Here. In Russia.  Here is what one of them cut from my piece above: Letter from Marines Corps Russian Cryptography Intelligence Analyst Samuel McColloch who is the content editor at SPUTNIK / RIA

"This leads me into the other article which I have just finished reading about Ukraine. I'm sending it to you with every cut which we will not publish. I'm going to list the things just so you know. -That the CIA killed JFK -Your mention of the doctrine of discovery is not very well explained and it has no relevance to the article.  -Hitlers liking of the trail of tears has no bearing on your argument. Its just random facts. Same for Pax Americana. It has no relevance to the article. -Whatever random association the Bush family, Omyidar, PNAC, Zbignew Brzezinski, and George Soros have together. -Any random speculation that a false flag attack will take place and Operation Northwoods.  -Thoughts of nuclear war.  -That MH 17 and 370 was a false flag attack by America. -The CIA -That the complete destruction of Kiev would be an important psychological victory for NATO. -Same for Moscow -That the US was responsible for 911 -Anything about the Illuminati "Architects" -A false flag attempt on the Ukrainian Government and the Verkhovnaya Rad and having the CIA cleaning up loose ends in Ukraine. -That the US and NATO are planning a nuclear attack on Russia on Sep 11th"

2: Published in full here: http://www.jar2.com/1/Archive/2014/August/Crimea.html

Trashed and re-written


Geopolitica Supports JAR2

To Rossiya Segodnya Management,

I am surprised that you are not using John Robles in the same capacity as he was previously employed at the Voice of Russia. John did some very professional journalism about many of the global issues that other media refuse to publish, and he has many followers who expect his work to continue as at VOR. Even the last US Ambassador to Moscow noticed the effectiveness of John in exposing his own attempts to destabilize politics in Russia, and Michael McFaul was anxious to have John silenced. John also helped to publicize my own case here in the United Kingdom, and he wrote about the Occupy Movement in the UK and other important political issues concerning the UK's support for US policies. John's interviews and articles are a valuable source of information and political influence to show that Russia has a clear voice on the side of the oppressed everywhere and the victims of US aggression. I hope that John will be allowed to continue in his role as a tough investigative journalist, because the world needs his work to be out there.

Yours sincerely,

Michael John Smith


John Robles over the past couple of years has been a tremendous help in assisting our organization to spread our message of opposition to US-NATO “missile defense” system and NATO expansion up to Russian borders.  He interviewed me frequently on VOR giving us a great chance to help many people learn more about US plans for “Full Spectrum Dominance”.  I hope he can continue to do this kind of good journalism that has helped so many be further educated.

 Bruce K. Gagnon


Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space


http://space4peace.blogspot.com  (blog)

Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth. - Henry David Thoreau


DearRossiya Sevodnya:

JoAnne and I are eye witnesses to the war crimes committed by the UN and NATO against the sovereign people of Libya, as directed by the USA, France and England.

Their agenda to destroy Libya because of its refusal to join AFRICOM; Ghadafi's successful Gold-Backed Dinar for all of Africa (as Putin is attempting in  Russia now) and the 7 Trillion Dollar damages ICC case Ghadafi had filed on behalf of all the African nations for violations and broken treaties by the Imperialists countries; which the best International Attorneys said "had legs".

Our first hand information supported by constant updates from the Tribal Leaders of Libya was proven to be 100% accurate. But even then you acted as a responsible journalists and required several other validating sources BEFORE YOU WOULD BROADCAST OUR INFORMATION. This frustrated us, but we learned to appreciate how diligently you pursued the truth.

We consider John, to be one of the most conscientious reporters in the media today. We demonstrated our faith in him by including live interviews with our Tribal Leaders (in exile in Egypt and Tunisia) even though their voice; location and information made them a bigger target for the Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood; ANALSH and many other radicals, who want to kill them.

John helped get-out-the-truth and should be commended for that.

We be honored to be guests on any new venue John accepts. Our Tribal Leaders ask about John often and they too will be his guests again.

GOD bless John and his son. We pray for them and expect great things from John again.

Sincerely yours,

Jimmy & JoAnne Moriarty



Dear John,

It was with sadness and disappointment that I learned you were removed from VoR. The quality of reporting on Ria Novosti is fine, informative and interesting, but lacks the sharpness, vision and intellectual challenges from your writing. Now I read Ria Novosti as secondary source of information beside European press, which is highly useful as I still consider Ria Novosti as objective and complete.

I can only stress and recommend management of Ria Novosti to reconsider a choice from the past and give you an opportunity to get published once again. In fact, it would be good for both Ria Novosti and yourself. Alternatively, it could be worth considering for Ria Novosti to partner with you for the creation of a more appropriate Web site dedicated to challenging news. Because believe it or not, your style of reporting is perfectly in line with the political direction Russia is taking over the past years and clearly develops for the future.

As European I admire Russia and see that your work should be recognized as an important element in informing the world on the truth, in a highly interesting and mon sensational manner. Ria Novosti will make a strategic misstep if it decides not to publish your work.

And I would be proud to assist you in that.

Take care,

Bastiaan Nagel


To Whom It May Concern:

As an avid reader of the Voice of Russia for many years, and in particular the works of its former employee, John Robles, I am at a loss as to why this writer was not hired by your news service when other reporters working for the Voice of Russia has by you.

As you are well aware, John Robles has contributed many eye-opening and thought provoking works of facts long suppressed by my own government in Washington, D.C. His messages of documented historical events have repeatedly shown the Voice of Russia readers that all is not what it may seem. This erudite scholar still has more to get across to an eager public yearning to know the truth. This is his passion and livelihood. By denying this gentleman his trade to express himself as best as he knows how through the medium of the written word tells me that your government no longer is the mouthpiece of the downtrodden oppressed and champion of a more just, egalitarian world.


Marianne Rose Zezelic, M.A.,

former American writer / editor employee (the first ever outsider taken in as a paid staff member at this government office) for  defunct Yusoslavia's Manhattan consulate and Tanjug news agency for the United Nations)


Dear Mr. Robles,

As. Matter of principle if people working for an institution/organisation and for one reason or another it is closed down, it has a duty to assist its former employees, to find alternative work or to relocate, and not throw them out in the street.

Best Regards,

S. Panaghe.

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This makes me sad.  Although I know many people, unfortunately all of them, ALL, believe what they are told on CNN and Fox, I have been labeled as "alternative" (among other things) for being aware of what is actually going on in the world.  I wish I could forward your plea to 10 people, I can't even send it to one.

I tried to fwd your plea to The Vineyard Saker but I am being blocked from contact with him (imagine that).  Many people who are regular readers of his blog also read VoR.  Please contact him and see if he will post your message on his blog.  Other wonderful blogs I visit are:

http://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/ http://wolfstreet.com/ http://ragingbullshit.com/ And this site is good too:


If you haven't already done so, I recommend you contact all of them because I know readers on those sites also rely on your reporting.

We are all in this together.



Dear John,

I read this terrible news and although not much in this world surprises me, it still shocks me. Like I wrote several times, your writing is exceptional and of great detail, a pleasure to read and a highly valuable and reliable source of information and inspiration.

I will comment on this news later but trust me that you have my support. And that of my relations.

Bless you and don't give up. You have been and are the example to many. I admire your courage.

Take care and know that you are not alone.




Your dilemma isn't lost on us. The "proper" & "correct" wording for

recommendation on your behalf is just beginning to form in what's

left of my eighty-two year old brain/mind; it's evolving, & it'll happen.

        Hang in there,



Dear John,

                    The work that you have done is fantastic I would give you a job myself if I could. The first Pro-Russian party in the UK would nnever have been set up without you.


Thomas Scott-Chamber

Leader of The For Russia party


Dear  John,

       I  am  surprised  that  the  new  management  is  not  wanting  to  support  you  and  others  of  similar  vocation..it  doesn’t

make  sense  they  got  Paul  Craig  Roberts  very  insightful  articles  on  their  website.  Hope  you  have  luck  in  getting  your  material  shown.   I’m  admire  your  work  and  feel  as  a  keen  supporter  of  Russia  that  your  voice  should  be  heard !!

Anton Milland


Dear John,

 Sorry that I am late a little bit in reacting to your yesterday’s e-mail.

All I can say is that I had been interviewed by yourself a couple of times, that it was my pleasure. I believe that you acted as highly professional,

defending the truth, especially on the conflict in Ukraine which both of us considered to be consequence of USA/NATO/EU expansionist strategy towards East.

You gave me opportunity to elaborate my view that this expansionist strategy was tested by criminal USA/NATO/EU military aggression against Serbia (FR Yugoslavia) 1999., and

continued thereafter.


Zivadin Jovanovic


You can use me as a reference.

Francis A. Boyle

Professor of Law


Hi John,

Aren't such topics exactly the kind of thing we are seeing on Russia Today TV?

If so, why not have same thing on the radio?

John Bosnitch


To whom it may concern:

For the last six months I have worked very productively with Mr. John Robles in focusing on areas of my particular interest and expertise, which is the events in Srebrenica in 1995 and political trends in the Former Yugoslavia. Mr. Robles has done a number of interviews and news stories with me. He was always unfailingly professional and I am very satisfied with the results.

I hope this recommendation can serve to ensure his further journalistic activities with the Voice of Russia or its successor organization.


Stephen Karganovic


Srebrenica Historical Project


To: Russia Today Online

Director of News or Whom it May Concern

Dear Director,

On behalf of Mr. John Robles I would like to give testimony to his importance as a journalist past and present. I have been reading Mr. Robles interviews and reports since the United States intervened in the situation in Ukraine, late last year.  There was a blackout of truthful reporting across the spectrum of media coverage in the United States after the events in Kiev began to turn ugly.  And like thousands of others in my country, I searched for news reports that presented a different picture.  A different point of view.  I wanted to know the truth.  Mr. Robles provided a truthful picture with his reporting and interviews.   It would be a shame to lose him now when so much distortion and lying substitutes for the truth.  Thus I hope he is considered too valuable to lose.


Thomas Simpson


Re Voice of Russia.

I write to express my appreciation of Voice of Russia (unlike most media) for broadcasting and revealing interesting, urgent and truthful reports for world benefit and progress. I have particularly appreciated the various interviews afforded to me and so well conducted by presenter John Robles. Therefore I hope and care that these high standards will be maintained.

Most Sincerely,

Tim Summers, occasional London correspondent for Voice of Russia.


Dear John,

                  Feel free to use me - Rick Rozoff; journalist, analyst, manager of the Stop NATO news site - as a reference. If you need a statement from me let me know.



I can be reached at jar2@jar2.com