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The Devil is Always in the Details (Question: What the Hell is Really Going On?)

July 22, 2018 POST FOUR: It is not only in the USA that the crazies are coming out of the woodwork and for some reason today's crazy person writes perfect English, lo and behold. I will not go into the details but this person claimed to be Russian so I asked her to clean up a translation I did, the article about my son. I did not think she was Russian from the start and her inability to check my translation I think proves it. She is probably Ukrainian and was inviting me to follow her as the leader of a New World Government. Crazy. She then ended up telling me that I will never get citizenship because I am an American Indian and Russia is for Russians. I wasted most of the day on her craziness hoping she would help me but that is how people are now. No one cares and everyone attacks everyone especially if you seek help.

So I guess this is a good time as any to release this: This is an official document from the Russian Federal Registry Authority which handles all of the most serious documents relating to property ownership, real estate and land and other such matters. This document was prepared for the Court upon the request of a judge and features  all of the official stamps and certification including the stamps and certification of truth and accuracy that is on the back. According to the Russian Federal Registry I am a Russian Citizen. Now the question is why they won't give me a Russian passport? Would like to hear from legal scholars on this issue. Thank you, John


The Strange Case of the Heinz Tomato Paste Barrels and Hawkins' Op is Done

July 22, 2018 POST FOUR: I worked, no better to say I was a slave, for over ten years in the US trucking industry. I say slave because in all of those years working for top companies I was never able to run a legal log book. The corporate demands were just to high and we had to conform and run two or three log books to stay on schedule and those who did not were just allowed to die out from lack of work being told there were no loads as they sat in some dirty truck stop in the middle of nowhere.

Every policeman has a case they could never solve and ever driver, especially those like me who pulled a million miles, has stories, or in this case loads that they can never quite get out of their heads.

Mine involves a refrigerated trailer full of brown cardboard barrels for the Heinz Corporation like those above which according to the bills of lading originated in South America, I believe it was Venezuela, and were supposed to contain tomato paste but when I weighed out the entire load only weighed about 8,000 pounds. This was a 48 foot trailer filled from front to back with one layer such as in the picture below.

I was a company driver for KLLM Transport Services out of Jackson Mississippi. I was issued a new Freightliner cabover with the set back axle and double sleeper which at the time was reserved for teams and lived in that truck for about three years. Truck number 12030. I was the only single driver who could drive from New York to Los Angeles and not stop. I never slept and never did drugs as we were regularly tested. I was given trainees and was a driver trainer for several years but I liked to be alone so this was something I really did not want to do.

Similar to truck 12030

Sometime in 1990 or thereabouts I had emptied out in Arizona and was sent from there to the Mexican border for this hot load which was destined for Canada, the one this story is about. My dispatcher told me I would not be taking it all the way as I had just gotten to Arizona from Maine and had to rest out but I would get the load rolling until a team that was on the way from the north could meet up with me.

Looking back it seems that I was probably sent because I speak Spanish and there were some serious questions from the Mexican side about this load. The Mexicans at the customs point wanted to know what the load was so light and when I entered the trailer to inspect the barrels it was clear that by tilting them around and thumping on them that they were all about two thirds empty.

I remember lots of calls to dispatch and I had to tell the Mexicns a story about special highly-concentrated tomato and a mixture that would be added later to the barrels at another plant en-route.

The fact that the space left would have been enough for children to be placed in the barrels and the temperature settings of the trailer, at a comforatable 68 degrees told me there was something defintely not right, and then there were the breathing holes.....

Should I continue???? The Limited Hangout Operation Known as WikiLeaks is Finally Over

The NWO Freaks Created and are Manipulating WWIII Threat to Advance Agenda

July 21, 2018 POST THREE: Clarification:

They are gatekeepers for the Deep State and Chomsky (CIA) has always been a Zionist snake. I guess I should be more obvious and “concise” in that promoting the group-think (thus ignoring the real grievances that all of the opposing groups have) they are in fact implementing and propagating the thinking and socially acceptable or palatable formula for implementing the One World Government. In short again give up your rights and personal freedoms in order to fight this greater threat WWIII (which they have fabricated) so that we can all be safe and have peace as long as you follow us and let us lead. It is brilliant and it works in every country including here in Russia but it could be beaten if people are aware of what is going on. Coming from the MIIC mouthpieces this is obvious to me but for all who see Chomsky and Donahue as the nice fatherly wise and well-wishing figures they are promoted as, it is not. In short they divide society, do not allow them to unite under anyone not in the system and then promote a fake figure like Assange, who is the media promoted leader and whom the people will trust and listen to. It is all about mass mind control and manipulation and something they have fine-tuned and perfected to such a degree that it is getting harder and harder to spot. Almost to the point where calling it out is impossible. This is why having BBG propaganda and military psychological operations involved in social media and controlling any form of journalism or method of mass-communication is horrendous and should be illegal.

Thank you for answering I hope my thinking on this is understandable….. It is almost impossible now to counter the lies and that is exactly how they want it which even though I may be off sometimes makes a resource like JAR2 something that must be defended((((


Every media figure is under control or else they get nowhere,

POST TWO: Here are the facts:

FACT ONE: There was no election meddling by Russia in the previous or in any US Elections. There was however real and proven meddling by what is now known as the Deep State and the Shadow Government (both factions of the same NWO group). We exposed multiple instances of voting machine manipulation, the literal pre-programming of even run-off election results into machines (see the DNC leak) and we even exposed the fabricated pre-election winning results fro Clinton. We have also proven the Soros/Diebold machines are fakes own by these same "Deep State" hi-jackers of Democracy.

FACT TWO: Russia has NEVER threatened the US with war and while being surrounded by NATO missiles and military installations has never taken anything but a defensive stance. Russia did not invade Ukraine as I detail the facts in my book which no one will ever be allowed to read, or any other country for that matter. Russia has always taken a self-defensive stance since the collapse of the USSR.

FACT THREE: A criminal trans-national cabal which executed 911 as a catalyst event is attempting to take over the world using every means possible and it is this cabal that has hi-jacked US Democracy and in fact democracies worldwide, and is casually pushing the World into a WWIII scenario to advance their own agenda.

FACT FOUR: Russia has been forced to advance her arsenals and military capabilities due to NATO expansion and the Western bellicose policies and infringements on her sovereignty and has done so to the point that she can now obliterate and wipe off the face of the Earth any aggressor at any time.

FACT FIVE: Trump is a 33 Degree Mason, a Rothschilds' puppet and an Illuminati tool. This is proven and goes back to 1992. See our Trump page.

FACT SIX: BBG and US Government produced propaganda (HASBARA?MOCKINGBIRD et al) are now legal so they can lie all they want with impunity and there is no recourse.

If you agree with those facts, and they are facts not opinions, then read further or do your own research if you have the time and visit the site. If not please stick your head back into the sand and return to your safe space and your selfies and the false reality they have created for you.

What Triggered This Article?

So I get the E-Mail below and of course I am against WWIII and as they imply if we are not we are puppy killing baby eating demons who must die, so I read it. Sounds good, joining forces to stop war (a common position on Russia (What is that about?)), so okay, interesting, let's read further... Sounds reasonable almost until I get to the name Chomsky. The nice fatherly ZIONIST gatekeeper serving the N W O and the CIA while using his kind fatherly image to manipulate and rape the minds of the public with educated, cohesive and expertly formulated reasonable sounding nice rounded tones and phrases and trigger words calling up pre-programmed ideas and images, all designed to make you swallow the razor blades of the N W O in sugar coated balls of shit that seem sweet and palatable. (LITMUS TEST 911. Nothing has changed!)

So the Globalists (as we can call the Satanic Cabal for lack of a better label) keep terrifying the world's public with the RUSSIAN MONSTER BOOGEYMAN in order to advance their own agenda and now in the classic Hegelian Dialectic method of their operations, propose that we all join together and unify under the aegises of their Gatekeepers, Zionist HASBARA Master Chomsky and MOCKINGBIRD spokestool Donahue, with Clinton and Soros not far away in the shadows trying to convince you these are the "Good Guys". Don't buy it. Don't buy any of it. It is all a show and Trump is a key part of it. "Oh these Dems and Liberals and Globalists are so bad but look at me I am against them (wink wink) and I want you to wake up (wink wink) and follow me over the cliff.

 When you know the facts the theatrics are so obvious that they are laughable, yet even staunch truthers are being fooled.

Don't believe them, don't believe anyone including me for that matter! Believe what you see with your own eyes and mind and what is around you and stop allowing them to create boogey men for you to be terrorized of or false prophets for you to rally behind so they can enslave you all. Just like there is a 5th column in Russia there is now one in the US, you call it the Deep State. These are the same Moloch worshipping scum.

Proposing the Solution: Unified and Together Under Chomsky and the Gatekeepers for the NWO

A petition campaign has launched in support of an important Open Letter that The Nation magazine published this week, “Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security.”

The letter brings into sharp focus the urgent need to protect U.S. elections and reduce the chances of a cataclysmic nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

It also brings together an odd and uncomfortably large coalition of people and groups with strong disagreements among them. Sometimes this is how the world has to be changed.

The signers of the Open Letter include feminist organizer Gloria Steinem; Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg; Pulitzer Prize-winning writers Alice Walker and Viet Thanh Nguyen; Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams; political analyst Noam Chomsky; former New Mexico governor and ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson; TV public-affairs pioneer Phil Donahue; former White House counsel John Dean; The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel; and many others.

MADE INTO AN ARTICLE HERE: Proposing the Solution: Unified and Together Under Chomsky and the Gatekeepers for the NWO

Where Are Our Supporters? I Defend My Son And They Abandon Me. WTF?

I have been sitting here for 24 hours trying to raise funds and built 2 E-Mail domains. Good night

July 21, 2018 POST ONE: The little Rothschilds/MOSSAD/911/Zionist poor little white boy entrapment arrest and identify psychological limited hangout white supremacist fake news Illuminati spectacle is almost over and we can thank the Lord above. I am done with the veneer and fakery of poor little Julien Hawkins and the #FREEASSANGE hashtags and Soros ZIONIST media promoted bullshit lies, hypocrisy and outright racism. I don't really care anymore what anyone may think. "FREE Assange"???? He is free he was given Ecuadorian citizenship and is free to leave the posh digs of the Embassy at any time escorted by any number of world ZIONIST elites. We are supposed to believe this genius making 10 million a month in all theses years couldn't have disguised himself and walked out, or jumped in a diplomatic case and been carried out, or into the trunk of a car or being airlifted out in a black helicopter, or doing a body double stunt taking the place of a visitor. I can think of a thousand ways, with his resources and the power of the Government of Ecuador behind him as well as the once extensive power of the world's truthers which he squandered as he spit in all of our faces, that I would have gotten out of that Embassy years ago. Which just proves once again it is all a show. I can't wait until it is over and then maybe the people still being held in Guantanamo or my son can finally get some attention and hash tags saying free them. But of course the ZIONIST media does not want that. They do not want you to know about me, my son, the thousands of Palestinians being slaughtered, they want their little Assange show to continue. What else are they going to distract people with next? Who will be the next figure they create to rally behind and pretend they care? Surely not anyone real as I have found out. Just another whining spineless girlie man as they love to put forward. How many people other than myself has Assange and his operation destroyed. 62 WikiLeaks Associates are dead. My son has been in prison for three years after a CIA MI6 Op because the US Embassy ordered his arrest and got away with it because his name was on my article contracts as I stated in the piece about him. Assange has evidence that could prove all of this and exonerate us but he does not because he was part of the operation. He was the ring leader in the entrapment op and the biggest RAT history has ever known. So brilliant, so smart, such a super hacker, yet for years with unlimited resources who could not get his sorry ass out of an embassy. Free Assange? No one is detaining him. No one locked him up like they did my son. I know the PSYOPS people are all reading this, the Joseph Farrells and Maurice Greenbergs who think they have gotten away with 911 and all I can say is I am glad it is finally almost over and soon the real leaks will begin. Count on it! I wish I could shake the judges hand who called Assange a coward and told the world he is free to walk out anytime he wants. Yes. Ecuadorian citizen Assange is free. As for me I am making the big exit soon and really don't give a flying rabid rat's ass anymore. Why the F hould I care if no one else does and they actually fight to be slaves and be raped and poisoned and brainwashed. I should not write but summer is almost over and I spent it trying to raise enough so at least I could relax for a couple days near a lake or anywhere. Good night I say at 4:27 in the morning again.  Semonyan knows the real WikiLeaks is right next door in Russia but she does a white boy media show and it has to be all Jewey, so they ignored the John's and the whole Robles family. And finally ASSANGE DOES NOT HAVE ASYLUM!! HE IS AN ECUADORIAN CITIZEN!!! And then we go back to the fact that it is all a show to begin with! So F the ZIOS and F Hawkins and FREE JOHN ROBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And let's not forget who started the whole Russian Hacker hysteria. The Greenberg's little Psyop Boy. We knew from day one this young naive punk ass little girlie man could have never ina million years have had access to the secrets he had let alone had the bravery and gumption to escape with it when he could not even get out of an airport transit zone. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ HOW STUPID THEY MUST THINK WE ARE

Sorry for this but since I am addressing everyone I should thus share the blowback…
Any political, social or economic policy that lifts one race or group at the detriment of another not allowing for it fully sustainable existence I would consider genocidal. Not only outright slaughter but killing of language and culture are also forms of genocide. As for the Mormons here are some links and little story:
“As kid of 6 I had the misfortune for living in Ogden Utah. I was a bright kid so I was jumped to the second grade when I started school and this was one of the few places where I was openly called a nigger and beaten on a daily basis. It got to the point where my step mother a second generation German ex-Catholic nun daughter of a nazi wrote a letter to the schools asking them to explain that people born in sunnier climates have darker skins. One of my sharpest and clearest child hood memories is of two neighbourhood kids taking me into a barn and telling me they were going to nail my testicles to a stump and then set the barn on fire and give me a knife to cut myself free. So that is my experience with Mormons that you claim I slur. We can then go back to Bringham young, another murderer of Indians who needed to somehow justify his own polygamous shenanigans and founded the church saying this was the will of God. The smoking gun (I uncovered) regarding the ongoing genocide in Donbass and connections to DARPA, cancer causing pathogens and Huntsman are currently with proper investigative authorities. When you read about it in a few months I will be happy to send you it.
I never make baseless statements and everything I say base on truth. I am sorry if being reminded of the genocide committed on native Americans and ongoing in the world is an unpleasant topic and you consider it a “slur”. The links below provide much more than simply polygamy and genocide. The fact that Hitler never wrote down “commit genocide” is suppose in your opinion means there was no smoking gun order so therefore it is questionable.

On Those Believing the QANON Op and Trump's "Acceptable Genocide"

July 19, 2018

 Imperial Hubris has now infected and destroyed the minds of the sheeple


POST THREE:  I read the headline which intrigued me and then read the article until I got to this line: "Trump stirred further outrage after refusing to push for the extradition of 12 Russian military intelligence officers, who US officials claim orchestrated the cyber attacks." I stopped and had to read it again "Trump stirred further outrage after refusing to push for the extradition of 12 Russian military intelligence officers, who US officials claim orchestrated the cyber attacks." and then one more time "Trump stirred further outrage after refusing to push for the extradition of 12 Russian military intelligence officers, who US officials claim orchestrated the cyber attacks." I then looked for the author's name and there was none. If you are a critical thinker and understand that the world is now a multi-polar place and further if you accept and realize that there has been a strategic military shift with Russia's new weapons making the entire massive US arsenal obsolete and useless, then perhaps you will see the ridiculous nature of that statement. Since when in world history does any country give up its Military Intelligence Officers to an opposing country? Such a thing is unheard of and to believe there are actually people in the US who think that Russia is a US vassal or that Trump is such a terrifying leader or that the US can actually dictate such a ridiculous demand proves that there has either been a true Zombie Apocalypse in America or the BBG MOCKINGBIRD propaganda has destroyed the brains of everyone...DO people really think that unfounded claims based on air and unproven are enough to demand Intelligence Agents? Stunning really... Is this what the world has come to? Are there actually such people walking around? Unbelievable stuff. I would be writing serious analytical material on US Russian relations but who would read it? People who actually believe countries give each other their own intelligence agents? Unbelievable. This is what the BBG has done to journalism.


The People Do Not Want the Truth and Are Fighting to Keep Their Fake Reality Alive


I have been very busy on the site trying to update the HTML everywhere after dumbing Mozilla it was an unpleasant surprise to find that many of my pages (and there are thousands) look like crap in Yandex or Chrome. You would think they could all agree on a standard so that all sites and all pages were rendered equally in all browsers. A browser should be just a tool to view sites not one that every site has to render different code for because they are too egocentric to simply joing together and serve the users.

Other than that I spent most of the day implementing a pop-up to try to get people to donate. Although pop-ups are an unwanted annoyance in most cases and are instantly closed, the amount of programming to get one to work is daunting. I chose to go the hard route and keep everything on JAR2, rather than using someone's off-site code (iso that someone out there does not see everytime my pages are loaded and by whom which is the danger in third=party web applications and not only) and this included adding to 2 java script code files,  a CSS style sheet and various visual elements to the site, then finally the coding of the pages themselves, all of which had to be done manually and tuned and checked (now over 5 browsers). It was almost as fun as getting SSL to work on the Server but I did it. A day's work for somthing that may just piss people off but which is necessary as donations have dried up. I sent another mailing to supporters below and was happy to get an answer accusing me of slurring Mormons. To which this was my reply:

Dear All,

Sorry for this but since I am addressing everyone I should thus share the blowback…

Any political, social or economic policy that lifts one race or group at the detriment of another not allowing for it fully sustainable existence I would consider genocidal. Not only outright slaughter but killing of language and culture are also forms of genocide. As for the Mormons here are some links and little story:
“As kid of 6 I had the misfortune for living in Ogden Utah. I was a bright kid so I was jumped to the second grade when I started school and this was one of the few places where I was openly called a nigger and beaten on a daily basis. It got to the point where my step mother a second generation German ex-Catholic nun daughter of a nazi wrote a letter to the schools asking them to explain that people born in sunnier climates have darker skins. One of my sharpest and clearest child hood memories is of two neighbourhood kids taking me into a barn and telling me they were going to nail my testicles to a stump and then set the barn on fire and give me a knife to cut myself free. So that is my experience with Mormons that you claim I slur. We can then go back to Bringham young, another murderer of Indians who needed to somehow justify his own polygamous shenanigans and founded the church saying this was the will of God. The smoking gun (I uncovered) regarding the ongoing genocide in Donbass and connections to DARPA, cancer causing pathogens and Huntsman are currently with proper investigative authorities. When you read about it in a few months I will be happy to send you it.

I never make baseless statements and everything I say base on truth. I am sorry if being reminded of the genocide committed on native Americans and ongoing in the world is an unpleasant topic and you consider it a “slur”. The links below provide much more than simply polygamy and genocide. The fact that Hitler never wrote down “commit genocide” is suppose in your opinion means there was no smoking gun order so therefore it is questionable.

I hope you have a nice day and the rage you feel for me daring to answer you without cowering apologies you redirect in a positive direction and read some of the links below. I can’t tell you about the 13 year old girls in the Ogden neighbourhood who were being raped by their fathers as I do not have the “smoking gun” such as audio recording but that is what I remember from living with Mormons.

Have a nice day and thanks for the once upon a time support, I will make sure I remove you from my mailing lists.

Here are some links for you:

July 19, 2018
4th year in hiding in Russia

We Remember the Illuminati Slaughter of the Romanov Family - 100 Years Ago

The were no Russian Hackers, we have the proof nobody wants

July 18, 2018 POST THREE: Hello "I". I understand you are troubled but please calm down and banish them from your thoughts and do not let them in, you will be just fine. They are powerless and flying around like a swarm, screeching and screaming out of their impotence. You are stronger than they are and stronger than you yourself are aware.

POST TWO: It is absolutely stunning that I have proof there were no Russian hackers involved in US election meddling and the loss of Clinton and nobody in the Russian media who pretends to fight for Russia is interested. Complete and total 5th column control. Unbelievable. 

Going to try REDDIT (I mean in general) https://new.reddit.com/user/interceptor369


The DYNACORP article and the Human Trafficking article were hacked

July 18, 2018 POST ONE: They have been restored

Walkabout (Please check our News page we now have an RSS Feed)

July 17, 2018 POST ONE: Actually went outside today. It was kind of strange everything and everyone seemed smaller than I remember as if I had not been out in years. It was very strange, I felt like a giant for some reason, I guess my 6 foot 240 ponds is big but I never really noticed it before. I actually felt almost like a normal person until some woman was trying to take my photo as if she recognized me. I guess I have reached a certain level of fame in Russia when people recognize me in the street. Not very good if you are off the grid and have gone to ground I must say. I guess I better start thinking of disguises and such, really it was strange. I was going to go up and ask her if she knew me but I decided to turn my back, but she kept trying to get a shot. It was so obvious and she did not try to hide it, I guess I could have been a jerk about it and demanded she delete the images but what is the point when you can delete and then restore later. What was I going to do demand she give me her phone so I could format her memory card? I have spent the entire summer in the bunker only going out to search for my cat when she disappeared. This is not the way I want to live but I am trapped here and can not raise the funds to get out and di not have money for bodyguards or a decent place to live but it is going to get worse because... Well just because...

McFaul's Evil is Just Now Being Exposed

Генпрокуратура заподозрила экс-посла США Макфола в причастности к делу Браудера

Why did the U.S. revoke Bill Browder’s visa in 2017?

BILL BROWDER: Hillary’s bagman and ex-American oligarch wanted by Russia for stolen $400 million that went to Clinton campaign

POST TWO: Americans do not realize just how evil the CIA is because they do not have to deal with the effects of what they do nor the targetting but those who have had dealings with them or researched anything from critical sources have some indication just how truly evil the company of death is. Even Russians could not believe some of the things I was trying to tell them about McFaul, the smiling aw-shucks ambassador, who was in reality a Black Operations operative for the CIA sent to Russia to cause either an armed military overthrow of the legitimate government or the orchestration of a Color Revolution, some I played a large enough part in stopping and gumming up so that he tried to have me arrested twice.

Those who know the CIA or even those who have just read the Tailor of Panama or some such novel know that the CIA will do anything to meet their objectives, and as the report about my son shows, they ran a standard low level Black Operation to have him arrested using corrupt killer police that they already had planted.

Now the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation has openly stated that McFaul was involved with Browder in stealing $1.5 BILLION from Russia with $400 MILLION going to the Hildred Demon's campaign. Is McFaul a rogue CFR/CIA Black Operator and are all the on-the-ground MI6 and CIA assets in Moscow operating under official CIA Black Operations? If they were then this explains their cushy lives, if they were not they need to be arrested.

I can not give you all of the details yet but the nutshell is that through the networks developed after the collapse of the USSR, and this includes Cheney and purported networks under Surikov and others whom I will not name yet, billions of dollars were being laundered though and extracted from Russia by Maurice Greenberg and all of the MOSSAD and Rothschild actors with Browder playing a key role. This includes the "missing" Pentagon trillions which Maurice Greenberg, as I gather, was responsible for laundering. My work exposing 911 was about to blow the cover on all of it so they sent Greenberg's nephew or grandson (I am still not clear on the family structure) to protect the 911 cash flows, while lying to the Russian Government officials who know he is under cover, by saying he is protecting US Security. Sorry but their lies are endless and finally solving it all to the point I have has taken me years and years, so if it sounds confusing I apologize.

McFaul, as the chief recruiter and organizer of massive networks that Black Operations needed to cause a Color Revolution also apparently gave orders, as my Intel has shown he ordered the arrest of my son and was heard to say "Get the son of a bitch" after I continued writing articles about his operations in Russia. Gina Haspel was of course in charge of Black Ops and order the Maidan snipers and I believe was present at my son's fabricated trial. You be the judge in analyzing her photograph.

Magnitsky had turned State's Evidence, he knew all of their machinations, so Browder and McFaul ordered him killed by CIA assets that they have in the Russian police services. Magnitsky was about to expose the whole entire network that they CIA and MI6 had developed since the '90s, and the CIA and MI6 stood to lose billions if not trillions of dollars.

McFaul was expelled and he made several mistakes with regard to coming after me and my family. First I want to say it is unfortunate that the Official State Department Diplomatic Complaint lodged with the Russian Foreign Ministry is secret as it would have proven what I am saying. The first easily provable mistake is that he attacked my journalistic work publicly. The second mind-blowing and totally unbelievable mistake which exonerates me and my family and in itself proves their operations against us, is that McFaul never once attacked Edward Greenberg (Snowden), even while all of that was happening, the airport, PRISM and all the rest, McFail continued attacking my journalistic work, never once mentioning Snowden, and the media outlets which published it, leading to the operation to liquidate the Voice of Russia, helped by CIA asset Mitrofanov (according to my research) who was the head of the Communications Ministry and the top of the corruption pyramid in the Moscow Region. Mitrofanov is in hiding in Zagreb.

CIA Black Operations under Haspel and McFaul not only killed Magnitsky and thousands of Ukrainians but the son of President Yanukovich as well. They also arranged for the arrest of Roman Seleznev because his father was getting in the Cabal's way in the Russian Duma. McFaul is a cold blooded CFR/CIA killer who sought to destablize Russia and cause an armed military coup which would have killed hundreds of thousands, so ordering the Black Operation on my son was nothing to him. With the Saratov hit by Clinton's IMF/MOSSAD ASTEROIDS, it is clear that Surikov, Litvinenko and the original President of Renaissance Capital who was found in the Moscow River, were all CIA Black Ops hits, as was Nemtsov who was privy and had control over the Black budget being dispensed by the CIA to their assets in Russia. He lost his usefullness, made promises he could not keep to the CIA while collecting millions of dollars, so they decided he was worth more dead as a propaganda piece against Putin than alive.

How many diplomatic pouches ferried in by McFaul contained heroin and narcotics and how many going out contained billions of dollars for 911 profiteers and architects Clinton and Greenberg?

We revealed (jar2 and Anonymous) that the Rothschilds gave Clinton 500 million dollars for her campaign. Now we know why the Rothschilds were so flippant in doing so, it wasn't their money anyway, it was money stolen from Russia by Browder and McFaul. This explains why the Rothschilds laughed at Clinton while their real pawn Donald Trump, whom they prepared for 30 years to bring to power, easily stole the election due to Rothschild tool WikiLeaks.

So who really meddled in the last US election? Well it sure the hell wasn't Russia. It was a Rothschild operation with dead bodies by the ASTEROIDS.

NOTE: The ASTEROIDS are Rothschild's hit team. They started as a "Security Detail" for the IMF. Illuminati-Corporation puppet Tom Cruise is currently doing films about them as the Illuminati love to flaunt everything they do. In all my years of journalistic work and pouring over hundreds of thousands of documents and reading thousands and thousands of conspiracy works, I have only come across the ASTEROIDS twice. My research has shown they were vital in carrying out 911, as they specialize in aircraft assassinations, they were also the team which remotely hi-jacked MH-370 which they blew up over Ukraine fulfilling multiple objectives in both instances and of course blaming Russia. Poor Mother Russia((( Members of the ASTEROIDS also killed all of Clinton's "problems" and most of the 911 and Iraq whistleblowers, their fingerprint is in the obvious nature, they let people know, but they can not be identified, as with the WikiLeaks victims and in particular Litvinenko and Gareth Williams and Berezovsky and if dead Seth Rich.

For any fellow investigators here is a clue. Members of an ASTEROIDS team dressed as police visited Seth Rich in the hospital after he was reportedly shot. Seth was in good condition despite being shot and his life was not in danger. Find these police and you will find members of the ASTEROIDS.

I hope you are all well, I am very tired and want to continue my research but I need your support. I am still working on the Mormons.

I do not claim to have all the answers nor the ultimate truth, I am just reporting to you what I know from almost 20 years of research, if you like my work or if I have at least given you something to feed your need for critical thinking, please support my work.

Humbly Yours,


PS Still working in the background.

I Wonder What Putin Will Do When He Hears the Truth? - JAR2 is Telegraphing

 July 16, 2018 POST ONE: The evidence is clear and there are almost no more questions left with the last within my power to answer being answered as I processed everything for the millionth time in my tired and overworked brain. The over zealous and overly agitated voice and speech patterns of the person on the phone revealed an operative of the mole in the President's Administration and the Assange Insurance file mystery has finally been explained to my thinking if we take into account it was an Op from the beginning thus it was a Trojan Horse, an operating system only accessible by ASIS or the NSA or the CIA, that allowed them to access every computer where this file was uploaded. Or if Assange was real then it was 911 proof, but we will never know and my focus is the mole who covered for the Black Operation to arrest my son and come after me. This is my final accounting and although no one cares it muse be done at least so my children know what happened to their father. My days of cat and mouse and playing ignorant victim are over now that I know who "THEY" are, now it is war and "THEY" will be exposed no matter what they attempt to do, of this I am certain. It would make it easier if they moved on me but they won't. They tried last winter and they failed and that ended in disaster for them but I warned them not to touch my family, and like everyone else they don't listen and this is good, it works to my advantage now.

EVIDENCE EXHIBIT 357: The evidence of a mole was clear years ago the only question was whose mole was it and now that has been answered.

Those Who Know Will Understand: Да червяк.... А я?Those Who Know Will Understand: Да червяк.... А я?

July 15, 2018 POST ONE: It is going to be a big week because as they say the feces is about to hit the ventilation device.

How Much Longer Are Soros and Hillary Going to Keep This Up?

F@CKTARD OP! The Whining Liberal Deep State Satanic Baby Raping Scum Never Stop Trying

The bastards never stopping trying to discredit everything I say and do, I seriously doubt this guy is really named John Robles III. This attempt has no relation to me or my son. SCUM! This is the ongoing Twitter butt hurt sheeple crap they are doing against us thinking that if I was banned for life from Twitter they could get away with anything, nope! I am watching


The DNC Files Were a Leak As Were the Podesta E-Mails: Seth Rich Was Killed or on a Kibutz???

This Post is Now an Article



July 13, 2018 - POST ONE: I have never outed a real source but if the "source" is a fake and carrying out a spook operation or part of one then the rules regarding "sources" do not apply. Forensically it has been proven that the DNC E-Mails were hacked and downloaded onto a USB drive with a portable Linux Operating system installed on it. The computer with the files on it was simply switched off and then rebooted from the USB drive which loaded the Linux OS which of course had root access to the drives. Very simple and anyone with even elementary computer knowledge could have done it.

As a former WikiLeaks associate who knows that all of the real hackers and activists and leakers and truthers have been eradicated except one or two, it gives me great pleasure to expose any of the CIA/NSA spook operators running the fake WikiLeaks Ops, and here I will present one of them to you.

If CIA Twitter had not deleted all of my Twitter accounts and banned me for life you would have been able to correlate and analyze the times and release dates of the Podesta E-Mails and you would have found that on numerous occasions I was uploading the Podesta E-Mails onto JAR2 sometimes as much as several hours BEFORE WikiLeaks.

So what do the Podesta E-Mails have to do with the DNC Leak?

I could not report on this earlier because I was not sure that the person behind the file transfer location was in fact a SPOOK but now it can be stated with almost 100% certainty that the person named "Mike" is probably an MI6 operative connected to the Cambridge Analytic quagmire and the actual real life meddling in the US Election process that they are trying to blame on Russia. I also could not expose this persona earlier because I was not sure if the person may have just been an innocent "associate" like me but since this persona keeps on rolling and is now admitting they were an inside player in the WikiLeaks Limited Hangout you can be certain it is a SPOOK.

Given information I have I would say the person is ASIS and/or MI6 because they are located in the UK but that is going to be for future research and outing the real person behind Mike will be for the LULZSEC people hiding in the shadows, so right now let's meet Mike "the Dyke or something" and then I will share with you where the Podesta E-Mails were actually coming from and where WikiLeaks and I were actually downloading them from.

This persona knows the DNC E-Mails were a leak and not a hack and knows there was no Russian connections because this persona was responsible for uploading the files in question for WikiLeaks, yet this persona does nothing to counter the claims that it was GRU or Russian Intelligence because this persona has to cover their own ass and making Russia the scapegoat is the way of choice these days for every kind of Cyber Spook Operator possible. So here I go again defending Russia as I get screwed left and right but the TRUTH is what matters!

Meet Michael Best aka Mike Best aka Emma Best, another supposedly "sexually challenged" trans figure (could it be Bradley Manning?) I thought of that but no, so according to my research which I will reveal when the time comes this is him, her, it, whatever....

Michael Best aka Mike Best aka Emma Best ASIS/Rothschild/CIA FVEY Agent

So where and how were the Podesta and DNC files being transferred to WikiLeaks? And thus where is the TOP SECRET WikiLeaks data transfer location? How do I know this. I told you I am the last living and free REAL WikiLeaks Associate and my investigation into the PSYOP freaks is over.....

Don't bother saying hi for me but you can tell them their asses are cooked. So without further ado here are the links and the rest is up to you LULZSEC/ZEROSEC/ANONYMOUS guys to fill in the cyber details:

Michael's Official "Job" is of course a propaganda creator like Joseph Farrell.


Michael's alter personas are Mike Best who turned into Emma Best following the NWO trans agenda.



SO where is this top secret file transfer hub and where was I pulling all of the WikiLeaks' "releases" and the Podesta Files from? First I want to say that now that they know I knew they will wonder how much shit that they deleted and tried to hide I actually already have and intercepted. Tsk tsk tsk. And now for the DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! (I always wanted to say that)

And the SECRET ASIS/WikiLeaks/CIA file transfer hub is............. TA DUM https://archive.org/

Can I be more specific? OKAY





OKAY so now what? WIll anyone pay attention to this? Will this go viral as it should? Hell no. We are not an Op and are truly exposing their fakery so therefore of course not but those few survivng WikiLeaks associates in hiding and the Hackers and Hacktivists still fighting in the Shadows now know as well as anyone else who matters. There you go. The big secret. Russian hackers had nothing to do with the DNC but the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and MI6 did. Please spread and PLEASE SUPPORT JAR2!!! We are starving to death over here!!!

DNC Was a LEAK Not a HACK!!!!

New evidence shows DNC server files were downloaded directly to USB drive, not hacked by Russians

New meta-analysis has emerged from a document published today by an independent researcher known as The Forensicator, which suggests that files eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona were likely initially downloaded by a person with physical access to a computer possibly connected to the internal DNC network. The individual most likely used a USB drive to copy the information. The groundbreaking new analysis irrevocably destroys the Russian hacking narrative, and calls the actions of Crowdstrike and the DNC into question.

The document supplied to Disobedient Media via Adam Carter was authored by an individual known as The Forensicator. The full document referenced here has been published on their blog. Their analysis indicates the data was almost certainly not accessed initially by a remote hacker, much less one in Russia. If true, this analysis obliterates the Russian hacking narrative completely.

The Forensicator specifically discusses the data that was eventually published by Guccifer 2.0 under the title “NGP-VAN.” This should not be confused with the separate publication of the DNC emails by Wikileaks. This article focuses solely on evidence stemming from the files published by Guccifer 2.0, which were previously discussed in depth by Adam Carter.

Disobedient Media previously reported that Crowdstrike is the only group that has directly analyzed the DNC servers. Other groups including Threat Connect have used the information provided by Crowdstrike to claim that Russians hacked the DNC. However, their evaluation was based solely on information ultimately provided by Crowdstrike; this places the company in the unique position of being the only direct source of evidence that a hack occurred.

The group’s President Shawn Henry is a retired executive assistant director of the FBI while their co-founder and CTO, Dmitri Alperovitch, is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, which as we have reported, is linked to George Soros. Carter has stated on his website that “At present, it looks a LOT like Shawn Henry & Dmitri Alperovitch (CrowdStrike executives), working for either the HRC campaign or DNC leadership were very likely to have been behind the Guccifer 2.0 operation.” Carter’s website was described by Wikileaks as a useful source of primary information specifically regarding Guccifer 2.0.

Carter recently spoke to Disobedient Media, explaining that he had been contacted by The Forensicator, who had published a document which contained a detailed analysis of the data published by Guccifer 2.0 as “NGP-VAN.”

The document states that the files that eventually published as “NGP-VAN” by Guccifer 2.0 were first copied to a system located in the Eastern Time Zone, with this conclusion supported by the observation that “the .7z file times, after adjustment to East Coast time fall into the range of the file times in the .rar files.” This constitutes the first of a number of points of analysis which suggests that the information eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona was not obtained by a Russian hacker.

Indictment Against GRU Officers is a FAKE There is NO Evidence



New The Special counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment (pdf, 29 pages) against 12 Russian people alleged to be officers or personal of the Russian Military Intelligence Service GRU. The people, claims the indictment, work for an operational (26165) and a technical (74455) subunit of the GRU.

A Grand Jury in Washington DC issued 11 charges which are described and annotated below. A short assessment follows.

The first charge is for a "Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States" by stealing emails and leaking them. The indictment claims that the GRU units sent spearfishing emails to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party organizations DNC and DCCC. They used these to get access to email boxes of John Podesta and other people. They are also accused of installing spyware (X-agent) on DNC computers and of exfiltrating emails and other data from them. The emails were distributed and published by the online personas DCLeaks, Guccifer II and later through Wikileaks. The indictment claims that DCLeaks and Guccifer II were impersonations by the GRU. Wikileaks, "organization 1" in the indictment, is implicated but so far not accused.

Note: There is a different Grand Jury for the long brewing case against Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Assange has denied that the emails he published came from a Russian source. Craig Murray, a former British ambassador, said that he received the emails on a trip to Washington DC and transported them to Wikileaks.

The indictment describes in some detail how various rented computers and several domain names were used to access the DNC and DCCC computers. The description is broadly plausible but there is little if any supporting evidence.

Charge 2 to 9 of the indictment are about "Aggravated Identity Theft" for using usernames and passwords for the personal email accounts of others.

Charge 10 is about a "Conspiracy to Launder Money". This was allegedly done "through a web of transaction structured to capitalize on the perceived anonymity of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin". It is alleged that the accused mined bitcoins, channeled these through dozens of accounts and transactions and then used them to rent servers, virtual private network access and domain names used in the operation.

Note: The indictment reinforces the author's hunch that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are creations and playgrounds of secret services just like Tor and other 'cool' internet 'privacy' stuff are. Its the very reason why one should avoid their use.

Charge 11 of the indictment is a "Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States". It claims that some of the accused hacked into state boards of elections and into U.S. companies providing elections related software.

Note: Other reporting found that the alleged attack resulted in no changes to the election results or other damage.

The Unites States will seek forfeiture of the valuables the accused may have within the United States as part of any sentencing of the accused.


It is not by chance that this indictment was published now, a few days before the first summit between Donald Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin and shortly before the successful soccer world championship in Russia ends. The release intends to sabotage the talks.
The indictment describes a wide ranging operation but includes zero proof of anything it alleges.
Mueller likely hopes that the indictment will never come in front of a court. The alleged stuff would be extremely difficult to prove. Any decent lawyer would ask how the claimed information was gained and how much of it was based on illegal snooping by the NSA. Something the U.S. would hate to reveal.
It is unlikely that there will ever be a trial of these cases. The indicted persons are all Russians in Russia and none of them is likely to be stupid enough to follow an invitation to Las Vegas or to Disney World.

But who knows?

In February Mueller indicted the Russian Internet Research Agency, a clickbait farm run for commercial purpose, of influencing the U.S. election. The expectation then like now was that there would never be trial. In a surprise move one of the accused Russian companies, Concord Management, took up the challenge and demanded discovery. Mueller then tried to delay the hand over of evidence (which he probably does not have.) A judge rejected the attempt. The case is pending.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who announced the indictment, also made three points that will likely get little coverage. He said (video) that there are no allegations in the indictment that:

any American knew that they were in contact with Russians or with a Russian operation, any American committed a crime in relation to this, that the operation changed or influenced the election.

The indictment, which may well be made up and is unlikely to ever be tested in court, will reinforce the "Russia is an enemy" campaign which was launched way before the 2016 election. It will reinforce the believe of some Democrats that Russia, and not the selection of a disgusting candidate, cost Hillary Clinton the presidency.

The detente with Russia which U.S. president Donald Trump tries to achieve will now be more difficult to implement and to sustain.

New Insurance Files


July 11, 2018 - POST ONE: I have exposed the Boston Bombing, the TPP, 911 and hundreds of other crimes, events and conspiracies during my over 15 years of journalistic work and have received everything from awards to death threats but one has to question why it is that when it comes to exposing the conspiracy against my innocent son because of my journalistic and investigative work and the long running targetting by the CIA and Company why no one is interested? Why does this make people so uneasy? Such things could happen to anyone who sees something or learns something they are not supposed to know. I have in my journalistic work tried to defend the defenseless and champion the silenced so what kind of a journalist and father would I be if I did not try to expose the conspiracy and the secret orders that destroyed my son's life because they could not destroy me? Even after 15 years I am still appalled at the indifference and complete lack of interest from people in general. What would they do if this happened to them? Since being banned from Western social media platforms I have to ask: just because I don't have a Twitter account means our story is not worthy and we are no longer worthy of supporting? Or are people outside of Russia so afraid now? I don’t know but I ask you to please help in spreading at least my children’s stories and for anyone who will help download my new Insurance Files from here, these include the DYNCORP FILES. Download and spread.

DARPA/CIA Assassination Tool Calls for Electro-Magnetic Counter-Measures

July 11, 2018 - POST TWO: I can not believe the TASS "News Agency" is allowed to continue to operate with their obvious and clear all out Pro-Israel bias. Take a look at the English site of TASS yourself. I was looking for the story of Russia's ally Syria shooting down Israeli missiles. Not on TASS. All they have is pro-Israeli propaganda and still not a word of the hundreds killed in Gaza or the fact that Israel is illegally occupying and bombing and attacking Syria while Russia is trying to defend her. We are in a time of war. That is treason again being carried for Israel. Then their NATO coverage is full of statements about what NATO wants Russia to do. Truly disgusting and so obvious only a complete moron would not see it yet they continue!

POST ONE: From the archives: Whispers that DARPA and CIA are developing drones that clone the common housefly and will deliver microbiological assassination pathogens to the intended victim may have sounded like lunacy 20 years ago but today this "tool" is a near reality. If you have a fly that just sits there looking at you and doesn't try to eat your food or drink water (yes flies need water too) then you may have such a visitor. What better assassination tool? As long as the fly gets away no one will ever know or even think to check. Sounds crazy? Yes and only madmen would create such a cowardly "tool" but that is who runs CIA/DARPA.

This is why the global CIA/NATO Drone Control Grid must be stopped and shut down forever. Of course they will laugh at me until it starts. Anyway have a nice day and please support JAR2. We are starving over here.

When You Accept Quantum Theory in Dreams You Can Travel + New Project

July 11, 2018 - POST TWO: Finally getting all my English teaching resources on-line.


POST ONE: In rooms with beautiful dark mahogany walls and low ceilings you were walking around and looking down at the carpeted floors or something else, thick tiles of an Aztec motif or something and between the rooms a double set of doors and a dark entry area.

Though I walk through the shadows of the Valley of Death I shall not fear, for fear in the mind killer that leads to total obliteration.

Part of Recent Report on My Children After Concluding My Investigation - John

Уважаемый президент Владимир Владимирович Путин,
Прощу помиловать моему сыну и дать моих дети гражданство Российской Федерации.

July 09, 2018 - POST THREE PDF of this post PASSWORD: injustice   or read here: www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html


See Also: Other stories on Lubertsy NARCO MAFIA





My Son’s Arrest Was an Ordered Symbolic Hit: The Contracts and CIA/Illuminati Methodology

He Is Innocent. They Target the Children of People They Can Not "GET"

The question I have asked myself for years has been: Who exactly ordered and arranged for the targetting of my son John? Was it merely the corrupt ######REDACTED##### Controlled Narco-Police traitor gang operating in Lubertsy since the 1990s which I have tried to detail and uncover? Sure it was but they were merely following instructions and fulfilling orders for someone else. Who?

The scheme is simple and they have been doing it since the '90s and thousands of innocent people have lost everything, died or been killed. They find a successful or wealthy business person preferably with no ties to the security services or the government, they fabricate a serious narcotics arrest and then they demand a bribe with the already publicly known amount of 9 million rubles to make it go away. They can also take cars or apartments or businesses. If they victim can not pay they are prosecuted and sent away usually to die. The scheme involves judges and prosecutors and high level government officials who silence everything. This scheme was used on my son and they attempted to do it to me once.

Answering that question is the sole reason for this report and in my mind the answer is clear and has been answered. It was an ordered Black Operations hit by the CIA and I suspect that even Gina Haspel herself was present in the court during the hearing to make sure that the result was what the CIA wanted, namely deportation and being found guilty for being a drug dealer, which John was not.

Continue reading entire article: THE HORRENDOUS INJUSTICE OF THE CASE OF MY SON

Time has shown that the Voice of Russia was even more infested than I knew then and it was the contract for my articles and interviews that was formulated on my son that allowed the CIA to target him and put a price on his head by Ukraine! Which means the staff, namely ######REDACTED#####  were all involved and putting his name on the contracts was part of the conspiracy.

It is not enough to say merely blame the CIA and MI6 because targetting families and children in this manner is more of the style of MOSSAD and the Illuminati Chabad forces. We have learned enough about the Illuminati Satanism and their practices to know that destroying a family is their method as is with the “Thieves in Law”. What was my sin? Yes I reported the request and demands for a bribe and this was in fact a report against not one official but the entire mafia structure in the Government I even named the top of the pyramid ######REDACTED#####  and thus for going against ######REDACTED#####  and the entire corrupt structure, my family had to be destroyed.

Yes my son’s name was on the contracts because the VOR said it had to be that way, but the pay went to me, it was part of their book keeping criminal scheme I thought at the time and reported it to the ######REDACTED##### . I had no idea the pure evil behind their actions.

The CIA has a very long and proven and well known history in dealing with the Narcotics underworld, most of the narcotics in the world are controlled and sold and spread by the CIA (Cocaine Imports International) and they use drug traffickers and those involved in this for Black Operations all of the time. To take out political opponents, Journalists like myself and anyone else they seek to destroy. For the CIA to launch such an operation against John with “sanction” they would have had to have reason, and the contract was enough.

My Son’s Life Was Just Starting

The bravest and most honorable person I have ever known is my son. His bravery in front of the most Machiavellian machinations and his own honor until the very end is something that is historic in its proportions!

He was specifically targeted and demonized for being a refugee and for being my son!

Самый смелый и самый почетный человек, которого я когда-либо знал, это мой сын. Его храбрость перед самыми макиавеллианскими махинациями и его собственной честью до самого конца - это нечто историческое по своим пропорциям!

Он был специально предназначен и демонизирован для того, чтобы быть беженцем и быть моим сыном!

JAR3 Translator/Teacher/Programmer/Friend/Patriot


My son was a big help in processing and translating and even obtaining information regarding ######REDACTED##### . He was not just a translator and ######REDACTED#####  but he was helping to save people’s lives but they do not care, they are more interested in protecting their criminal enterprise and drug-planting partners with whom they steal property and destroy business people and anyone who is successful.

TIMELINE ENTRY NUMBER 216 after a special request from ############## REDACTED ######## John and I translated the entire memoirs of former ######REDACTED##### . The Open Secret Translation ############# REDACTED ########## took us over 21 days from start to finish and would have cost over 200 000 rubles plus fees for the detailed analysis I carried out. ######################## REDACTED######## . The translation was John’s work.

When his life was taken away he was also working and helping me and about to get married and wanted to get a car and was learning to fly and working on a big project developing APPS for smart phones. He was working night and day.

John’s biggest weakness was that, like me he trusted and believed people and because we are not genetically inclined to lie and I raised him that way, he believed that other people are honest like us. I also raised him to be a Russian Patriot and I raised him to respect and love the ###

#################### REDACTED PARAGRAPH #######################

My son was also teaching English and always helped everyone. That is how he was entrapped by Romanova’s gang.


John was teaching and learning to fly

John's Project: He was developing apps(((

The First Arrest: Why John? McFaul’s Youth and SBU? http://www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html

Was the SBU involved? Evidence says yes.

January 13-14, 2014 My Son Beaten and Drugs Planted on Him by Police

WHO TAUGHT MY SON ABOUT SKULL AND BONES? Where these youth came from I do not know which is why I believe they were part of McFaul’s youth.

John and Kayla grew up in Lubertsy and they lived all of their lives in Lubertsy and in Gorodok B. So logically their friends should have been local kids and classmates and people in our neighborhood but with the appearance of Drug Addict Churstakov (Kayla’s blonde boyfriend whom me and John were against), they had an entire new circle of friends from all over Moscow as far away as Mitishi.

Any normal investigator would see this as an anomaly worth looking into.

This circle of friends were all into the drug scene and other topics I did not support. For example my son was taught by someone about the Skull and Bones Society. Why? For what? By Whom?

In two words:######REDACTED##### .

By turning my daughter against me and ruining her career and causing her to run away from home and under the control of a Jewish lawyer the “Mob” had their first victory.

So they ordered the hit of my son. Was this a local mafia hit because I was seen going into the ######REDACTED##### office or was this from the ######REDACTED#####  NARCO-mafia? That is for investigators with more access than me to find out.

The first arrest was filmed and they beat him calling him Dagestani! Why Dagestani? Like me his spine was injured for life. This is an Illuminati trick or mark.
There is a Ukrainian link as John went to visit someone named Klimenko pointing again to the ######REDACTED#####  which has infiltrated the MVD.

Illegal Arrest in Isolation, Demand for Bribe  http://www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html

We have now crossed into the territory of the Lubertsy Drug Mafia and the disease of a ######REDACTED#####  installed corrupt society and system. My son was beaten, humiliated and falsely arrested by police. When he did not give them the money they wanted they first tried to terrorize him into giving them a bribe as he was broke, they held him for almost three hours while they went and found drugs to plant on his possessions. This was filmed. For me he had simply dissappeared and I called the police and they did nothing but after a couple of days he was allowed to call me and told me to bring 10 or 20 thousand so he could come home. The fact that he was held for several days without a phone call was a violation of his rights under any law.


Timing: Right After Wayne Madsen and I Did an Interview Exposing the 911 Boneyard

The timing and sequence of events is everything in this report and this was timed after my material on CIA narcotics/911 and MOSSAD involvement in 911. That and my continued targetting were too much to be simply a coincidence. It gets even worse.

MVD Police Captain Hates Reporters and ###

The commander of the police knew I was connected with the ######REDACTED##### . He asked me if I “still worked for the ######REDACTED##### ” and I did not answer but told him I was an investigative reporter and that I was working on very sensitive material for the Voice of Russia.

He told me “Those (Investigative Reporters) are the kind that we hate”! This is another quote and statement that requires investigation, why would a chief of police hate investigate reporters and ask me if I was working for the ######REDACTED##### 

Given my work to say there was not a political motive to his arrest is to deny the evidence of all of the events listed above and my status and political investigative journalism.


Given to MVDWe then obtained CCTV video from a resident of the building who told me that they did this all of the time and that they were sick of it! I passed the video to the FSB, my son to the Investigative Comittee and even published it on-line and even then nothing was done.

The Fake Trial, “Secret Evidence”, and the CIA Operatives at His Trial. Gina Haspel?

Every hearing was delayed because John’s witnesses never appeared because they were all being intimidated and threatened.

Under international law there are laws regarding the illegality of return of individuals with asylum, thus every such threat or movement needs a very solid legal basis. However under Common Law and common sense, such as return is counter to any legal, ethical, moral or other standard with respect to the rights of the Asylee and his or her person to be free from persecution and allowed the protection that is enshrined in the UN Charter and International Law and to which Russia is a signatory.

John has spent his entire life in Russia and had asylum and he will face definite persecution and possible torture in the United States as well as being forced to cooperate with the CIA and used in operations against me in order to terrorize or pressure me to either kill myself or follow whatever dictants they want of me. This monstrous use of children against their parents is a typical tactic of the CIA and it has been well learned by their agents here in Russia.

The fact is having CIA Officers overlooking my son’s trial is a violation of not only normal thinking and common law principles but of International Law and the Laws regarding refugees and Asylees as set forth by the corporation.


I asked Alisa Bibb about Black Operations and the next hearing I believe Gina Haspel showed up.

The fact that they were even present is OUTRAGEOUS and even more so that fact that they were controlling the process. This can only mean that Russia has been taken over by the CIA in every sphere.

This is how the CIA Controlled Drug Mafia and their assistants such as the Surikov Family win every case and destroy and steal anything they want from their victims. We were just the next victim for them which explains everything even why THEY DID NOT ALLOW HIS EVIDENCE into the process, why they mocked us by saying their evidence was “Secret” and why the threatened to delete me from the court when I protested the presence of US Embassy CIA Operatives in the Court Room.

We have asylum from the United States and are targeted by the CIA and this is EXACTLY WHY!!!!!!

WE DOXED HASPEL in 2013 AND EXPOSED HER MAIDAN SNIPERS: Gina Cheri Haspel Director of CIA Covert Operations (Black Ops)

Questions that need to be asked and answered and for which John should receive a pardon from the President are as follows:

1) If we are refugees supposedly protected by Russia from the United States why were Employees of the CIA, under diplomatic cover allowed to sit in every hearing of my son?

2) Why if they were there to help did they do absolutely nothing even though it was clear under every legal standard that the trial was a farce?

3) Why were my protests of these people's presence ignored and I was threatened to be thrown out of the court in place of them, contrary to international law on the protection of refugees and Asylees.

4) According to the judge my son was never allowed to see the evidence against him because it was "SECRET"? Who made it secret?

5) No witnesses or evidence in my son's defense were allowed and he had a new court appointed lawyer during every single hearing and they all did nothing!!!

6) More evidence that this was a specially organized prosecution is the fact that my son could have been charged with possession and not delivery. They did this only so he would be deported and this was all done with secret evidence.

CIA Attempts Recruitment Every Month http://www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html

The information I got from sources connected to the Night Wolves while I was living with them was that the arrest of my son was ordered by the US Embassy, meaning McFaul, Haspel and Black Operations Command. This was told to me in secret and I am never supposed to say who gave it to me.

There is also the statements from an old neighbor from Gorodok B where we lived for almost 20 years regarding the drug dealer informant.

Another Victim Beat to Death http://www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html


I believe this young man was killed by the same gang and that he may have been mistaken  ######REDACTED##### or it was used as a symbolic killing and a message to me because he looks exactly like ######REDACTED#####.


This is Still Happening

July 10, 2018 - POST THREE  http://www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html

http://zeki.su/bespredel/2012/8/30124042.html  полиция до смерти забила прохожего
http://forum.kriminala.net/viewtopic.php?t=65992  полиция подбрасывает наркотики богатым

В Люберецком районе сформировалось устойчивое организованное преступное сообщество состоящее из сотрудников отдела полиции "Люберецкое". В состав группы входит оперуполномоченные ОБНОН Стебелев О.Ю., Сазонов В. и Крестинин С.А.. , Орлов, Мазаева Н.В. Лидер группы бывший начальник ОРЧ отдела полиции "Люберецкое" майор Юхман Илья Юрьевич перешедший на службу в отдел полиции «Ногинское». В течении трех последних лет эти люди используя свое служебное положение занимаются вымогательством денежных средств путем подкидывания наркотиков наиболее состоятельным жителям Люберецкого района. Данная группа выбрав жертву используя "своих" понятых подбрасывает наркотические средства (героин) в карманы одежды или автотранспорт. В большинстве случаев подкидывают кулечек расфасованный на несколько доз. Делается это специально, чтобы статья квалифицировалась уже как приготовление к сбыту, срок наказания за который уже намного строже и тяжелее наказание, чем за простое хранение. Затем жертве предлагают за денежное вознаграждение, которое варьируется в пределах от 2 до 3 миллионов рублей, решить проблему путем признания своей вины с последующем получением условного наказания по приговору суда. Некоторые жертвы соглашались на это.

Вот список некоторых жертв данного

ПОРТНОВ НИКОЛАЙ ВАЛЕНТИНОВИЧ, уроженец пос. Томилино Люберецкого района---денежные средства дать отказался, отбывает срок по приговору 5лет

НИКОЛАЕВ АНДРЕЙ ПЕТРОВИЧ, уроженец г.Люберцы, суд приговорил его к 5 годам лишения свободы. ---скончался в лагере при отбытии наказания

СУЛТАНОВ АНВАР, уроженец г. Лыткарино заплатил требуемую сумму и признал вину, осужден судом к условному сроку

КРЮЧКОВ АНДРЕЙ ЛЕОНИДОВИЧ, уроженец г.Дзержинский Моск.обл. задержан 26 мая 2011 года, уплачена сумма 5 миллионов рублей, после передачи денег Крючков признал свою вину. Осужден судом к 5 годам условно.

15 сентября 2011 сотрудниками ОБНОН, о/у Кристининым, о/у Стебелевым в поселке Малаховка Люберецкого района, в офисе фирмы по изготовлению памятников и изделий из камня были подкинуты наркотические вещества

ЗВЕЗДИНУ МАКСИМУ ВАЛЕРЬЕВИЧУ ур .г.Жуковского и КАЮМОВУ РАВИЛЮ Стебелев О.Ю пытался договориться с их родственниками о взятке по 2 миллиона рублей за каждого. Родственники отказались. В конце февраля в ресторане "РОЗА" находящемся в поселке Малаховка Стебелев О.Ю встретился с Чернявским Андреем Ивановичем 18.01.1960 года рождения, уроженцем г.Жуковский Московской области ранее имеющем отношение к преступному миру. На встрече он предложил Чернявскому выплатить по 2 миллиона рублей за Каюмова и Звездина , а так же 2 миллиона за самого Чернявского, если тот не хочет повторить участь остальных. Чернявский ответил категорическим отказом , на что Стебелев разозлился и пообещал его проучить. Чернявский с целью исключения подброса наркотиков зашил все карманы своей одежды. Несмотря на это, столкнувшись с неожиданной трудность 13 мая Стебелев О.Ю., оперуполномоченные Сазонов В. и Крестинин С.А.. остановили автомобиль Чернявского возле его дома в поселке Малаховка. В салоне автомобиля был водитель Алексей и Чернявский Андрей, которым закинули в штанину брюк, завязав при этом штанину снизу скотчем чтобы подбрасываемый кулек с наркотой не выпал на землю 52 грамма героина Алексею и 112 грамм Героина Чернявскому. Чернявский скончался в тюрьме 13.10.2012г. За последние 5 лет все заявления граждан на действия оборотней в погонах оставались без внимания, что позволяло им уходить от наказания и продолжать преступную деятельность. Сотрудниками 4МРО УФСБ РФ по г. Москве и Московской области с июля 2012 г. по многочисленным заявлениям граждан РФ производился сбор доказательной базы преступлений совершенных данными сотрудниками и на 03.09.2012 было назначено задержание с привлечением СМИ. Но в связи с возникающем бы при этом общественном резонансе многие сотрудники СК, Прокуратуры, Суда и МВД должны были бы понести уголовное наказание. На данный момент сотрудники 4МРО УФСБ РФ пытаются скрыть собранные материалы. Органам прокуратуры и СК не заинтересованы в раскрытии преступлений ОПС Стебелева, т.к оно повлечет за собой большой общественный резонанс и раскрытие коррумпированной цепочки сотрудников МВД, СК и прокуратуры, а также отмены незаконных приговоров вынесенных под руководством председателя Люберецкого суда Чайковской М.А. Скандально известный отдел полиции «Дальний» просто меркнет в свете преступлений Люберецких оборотней. Весь город и район знает об их преступлениях, но правоохранители пытаются спасти свою честь мундира утаивая преступления оборотней. С июля 2012 года вышеуказанные оборотни не появляются на работе в связи с проводимой по ним проверке прикрываясь фальшивыми больничными листами. Их местонахождение неизвестно даже руководству отдела полиции «Люберецкое». Беспредел и беззаконие, а так же чудовищная коррупция процветает прямо под боком столицы нашей Родины. В Люберецком районе происходит дискредитация органов государственной власти в отдельно взятом субъекте Российской Федерации. Оперуполномоченный Стебелев дружит и учился в одном классе с сотрудником 4 отдела СЭБ УФСБ РФ по Московской области Романом Коробковым, который по просьбе Юхмана и Стебелева за крупное денежное вознаграждение действуя совместно с другими сотрудниками ФСБ Громовым Л.Г. и Поликарповым А.В. подкинул амфитамин адвокату Артуру Прелю с целью воспрепятствования законной профессиональной деятельности последнего в защите интересов представителя стороны по делу против Глаголева Ю.Б.
Артур Прель незаконно осужден к 8 годам. Отбывает срок в колонии. Вот ссылка на дело Артура Преля в ютубе: Скрытый текст
Руководитель СК Московской области по Люберецкому району Зубцов А.А является лучшим другом Юхмана И.Ю , действуя согласованно , за денежные вознаграждения по всем заявлениям граждан обращающихся в органы следственного комитета и прокуратуры, выносит незаконные отказные материалы. В период с начала по конец 2011 года было вынесено около 30 отказных материалов по обращения граждан на незаконные действия о/у Юхмана, Стебелева, Сазонова, Кристинина, Орлова. Ни по одному из заявлений не принято каких либо решений, а так же не дано гражданам письменных ответов на их заявления. Руководитель СК Московской области по Люберецкому району Зубцов А.А, имеет в собственности управляя по генеральной доверенности автомобиль марки БЕНТЛИ КОНТИНЕНТАЛЬ стоимостью более 6 миллионов рублей, а на работу приезжает на стареньком мерседесе е-класса, а так же владеет элитным коттеджем стоимостью более 1 млн. долларов США расположенным на Рублевском шоссе. Россия должна избавится от этого рассадника коррупции.

13 мая 2012 года в поселке Малаховка Люберецкого района Московской области, примерно в 13 часов, сотрудником ДПС под видом проверки водителя на состояние алкогольного опьянения была остановлена автомашина Вольво ХС 90, автомашиной управлял Савушкин Алексей Николаевич, пассажиром был Чернявский Андрей Иванович.
Из показаний Савушкина А.Н. и Чернявского А.И. данных ими непосредственно после задержания следует, что отойдя от своей автомашины, Савушкин А.Н. был тут же задержан сотрудниками полиции и помещен в заднюю часть автофургона марки «Мерседес» желтого цвета с молдавскими регистрационными номерами, практически одновременно Чернявский А.И., был насильно выдворен из автомашины Вольво и помещен в среднюю часть того же фургона, руки обоих были зафиксированы наручниками в положении сзади и они были положены на пол лицом вниз. После чего сотрудники полиции сразу же покинули место задержания и перевезли задержанных в другое место. По пути следования Чернявскому А.И. за пояс надетых на него брюк один из сотрудников засунул предмет оказавшийся наркотическим средством «героин» весом 119,6 г.р., также одна брючина Чернявского была насильно заправлена в надетый на ногу носок. После остановки фургона, тот же сотрудник полиции подошел к Савушкину, положил в карман надетой на Савушкина куртки, сверток оказавшийся наркотическим средством «героин» весом 54,4 гр. и закрыл замок молнию на кармане. Затем Чернявский и Савушкин в присутствии понятых были досмотрены, согласно протокола личного обыска наркотическое средство у Чернявского весом 119,6 гр. было якобы обнаружено в носке. Из показаний Чернявского следует, что после того как его поставили на ноги, он почувствовал, как предмет положенный ему за пояс брюк стал по его ноге сползать вниз, он попытался ногой его стряхнуть, но ему это сделать не удалось, так как брючина была заправлена в носок. В отношении Савушкина А.Н. и Чернявского А.И. были возбуждены уголовные дела по ч.1 ст.30 п. «г» ч.3 ст. 228.1 УК РФ и они были арестованы.
Из показаний Савушкина А.Н. Чернявского А.И. следует, что 15 сентября 2011 года при подобных обстоятельствах, теми же сотрудниками полиции в поселке Малаховка были задержаны гражданин Звездин и Каюмов, после чего к Чернявскому А.И. обратился исполняющий обязанности начальника люберецкого ОБНОН Стебелев О.Ю. с требованием заплатить 6 000 000 рублей, 4 млн. за Каюмова и Звездина, за то что бы им было назначено условное наказание, и 2 млн. рублей за то, что бы та же участь не постигла Чернявского А.И., Стебелеву было отказано.
В ходе работы адвокатов по указанным уголовным делам было установлено следующее:
Установлен свидетель который дал показания в отношении начальника ОБНОН Стебелева О.Ю. о том, что Стебелев так же ему угрожал подбросить наркотики, более того подчиненный Стебелеву сотрудник полиции завел в отношении свидетеля оперативное дело о том, что якобы он торгует наркотиками на территории Люберецкого района , а в тот день когда был задержан Чернявский и Савушкин, Стебелев передал ему, что бы тот готовился к предстоящему задержанию, так как будет следующим.
Все без исключения сотрудники полиции и понятые утверждали при допросах и на очных ставках, что никакого желтого фургона марки Мерседес на месте задержания не было, и что Савушкина и Чернявского транспортировали в положении сидя на автомашине «Вольво» принадлежавшей Савушкину.
Адвокатами были установлены три свидетеля непосредственно наблюдавшие момент задержания, находившиеся в тот момент времени в непосредственной близости. Указанные свидетели показали, как происходило задержание и про использование сотрудниками полиции желтого фургона Мерседес.
Также адвокатами было установлено, использованный желтый фургон марки «Мерседес» с молдавскими регистрационными номерами, был одним из следователей Люберецкого УВД признан вещественным доказательством и местом его хранения было определено место дислокации Люберецкого ОБНОН.
После проведения очных ставок со всеми сотрудниками полиции участвующими в задержании Савушкина А.Н. и Чернявского А.И., адвокатами были предоставлены следствию материалы свидетельствующие о том, что всеми сотрудниками полиции давались ложные показания относительно обстоятельств задержания Савушкина А.Н. и Чернявского А.Н., представлены для допроса очевидцы задержания, протокол о признании вещественным доказательством автофургона марки «Мерседес» желтого цвета и его фотографии. До настоящего времени следователями так и не установлено местонахождение понятых, участвующих при проведении личного досмотра Савушкина и Чернявского.
Во время проведения очных ставок между сотрудниками полиции и обвиняемыми, сотрудники полиции не раз были уличены во лжи, в конце проведения очных ставок всем сотрудникам задавался один и тот же вопрос: «Готовы ли они подтвердить свои показания при использовании технического средства «полиграф»?», практически все ответили отказом, при этом обвиняемыми и их защитниками многократно заявлялись ходатайства о проведении допроса с использованием «полиграфа»в отношении обвиняемых, следствие с той же постоянностью отказывало в проведении указанных мероприятий, не удалось этого добиться и через суд.
Во время поведения очной ставки между Чернявским А.И. и оперуполномоченным Проневичем, последний подтвердил, что при проведения личного обыска у Чернявского А.И. одна его брючина была заправлена в носок !!! Впоследствии спохватившись о том, что сказал лишнее, Проневич попытался объяснить свое высказывание забывчивостью, но защитник настоял на том, что бы это обстоятельство было зафиксировано в протоколе очной ставки.
Во время проведения очной ставки между обвиняемыми и сотрудником полиции Сазоновым, обвиняемые однозначно указали на Сазонова как на лицо, которое подбросило им наркотическое средство.
Несмотря на то, что в материалах дела имеются достаточные основания указывающие на то, что наркотическое средство «героин» было подброшено обвиняемым сразу же после их задержания а так же установлено что именно Чернявского и Савушкина похитили и подбросили им наркотики на автомобиле Мерседес, по факту хищения которого задержан Стебелев О.Ю, следствие упорно делает все, что бы направить уголовные дела в суд, следственный комитет Люберецкого района отказывает в возбуждении уголовного дела в отношении сотрудников полиции, прокуратура Люберецкого района пересылает жалобы адвокатов в ОСБ Московской области, суд продлевал сроки содержания обвиняемых под стражей, даже в отношении Чернявского А.И. имевшего заболевание, предусмотренное в списке утвержденным правительством РФ, запрещающим содержать под стражей больного.
12 октября 2012 года Люберецким судом было в очередной раз удовлетворено ходатайство следствия о продлении срока содержания под стражей Чернявского А.И., при этом, и следствию и суду были представлены медицинские документы о невозможности участия в суде самого Чернявского, находившегося в тот момент времени в тяжелом состоянии в больнице. В ночь с 12 на 13 октября 2012 года Чернявский А.И. скончался в больнице, будучи арестованным

NATO Opium Hub Uncovered in Zhukovsky? http://www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html





The CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/Illuminati Desired Outcome: DEATH OR DEPORTATION OF THE ROBLES FAMILY/the End of JAR2 www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html

READ IN FULL HERE: www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html

Rather Than Investigating Their Broken Election System US Cucks Blame RussiaRather Than Investigating Their Broken Election System US Cucks Blame Russia

July 09, 2018 - POST One: Proving Russia Can Not Trust Anyone and the US Refuses to Admit They Have NO Democracy: Former JAR2 partner site CRYPTOME now running as a cheap fake news PsyOp publishing fake CIA and Gov "Reports" as if they are Legit. Of course no one but me sees this shit!

Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

The TRUTH the "MEDIA" will never tell you! I am the ONLY Refugee from the US

Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

The Litany Against Fear


July 02, 2018 - POST One: A decision was made that publically posting ANY personal information is dangerous and counter productive as the benefits of doing so (informing you dear reader) do not out weigh the inherent dangers involved. The knowledge that I am targetted by military operations changed everything, therefore steps had to be taken. I beg all of my supporters to hang in there as I complete a very important report and ask you to make a donation today as things are really not too good.(((  

 Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM



INTERNET SPY vs Spy  SECURITY TIP FOR RUSSIA: (SKYPE SPIES AND MERCS) I have no Twitter, no Instagram, no Fakebook, no Viber, no smart phone, no What's App, no nothing except Skype, my site, and VK which I use regularly , I turn on Skype three times a week or so and now the CIA/SBU F@CKS are trying to follow me there. If you get something like this do not add anyone you do not know.

 Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

I am down in the basement working my way out

June 26 2018 - POST http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

I am physically ill

Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

One Question: Does Anyone Care? Answer: Obvious

Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM


June 20 2018 - POST ONE: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM   

Horror of Horrors

June 16, 2018 - POST ONE: Major reconstructive tooth surgery at a remote and forgotten secret psychiatric facility remembered.

Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

Major Security Related Change: Mozilla in the Trash, Yandex Keeping Us Securee

June 15, 2018 - POST TWO: In a follow up we have added Yandex Search capabilities for on-site content AND have for the first time added JAR2BIZ to a search engine for indexing and now searches of JAR2 will include JAR2BIZ content..


POST ONE: A browser is a very important tool for all of us. It is how most of us interface with the Internet, therefore choosing a browser is as important as choosing anything else you depend on every day. I have been a Mozilla user for about 12 years but refused to update past 54 for security reasons and the new coding. After 54 was when Soros made a huge investment into Mozilla hoping to gain data from users as Mozilla developed AI and off-line tracking technologies. Do you really want a browser that tracks you when you are off-line and grabs any data it can from all of your devices and your computer. Twitter publicly stated they will track your off-site browsing to determine whether you are a threat. Like hell you say! A browser is supposed to help me browse not give some voyeuristic Intel spies access to all my activities. Goodbye Soros and Mozilla forever. I am on Yandex now! 

Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

No Hay Banda

June 13, 2018 - POST TWO: Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

Will be opening the English Teaching Resource Site Soon - Stay Tuned


Will not be posting much((( Have a 600+ page report I am STILL trying to finish!


June 09, 2018 - But make no doubt I am watching you bastards

For Russia Day and Why the Racist CIA Went Crazy Hearing Me on the VOR

June 10, 2018 - На День России:
Главнее цель тех который хотят уничтожает Россия сейчас это разделит общество. В СССР и в Россия не была расизм раньше. Я поэтому решил воспитывать мой дети здесь. Но сегодня оно есть. Не была ненависть на классовый почве как сейчас. Теперь оно есть. Проект Украина создан именно за этот и СМИ работает круглосуточная что разжигать это ненависть и нормализовать фашизм через путь обсуждение как будто это нормально идеология. В США и запад люди как я Индеец мы дикарей который не имеет права на жизни, на работает на успехов, только некоторый марионетки для шоу. А Русский народ тоже дикарей злобнее тупыми примитивный хакеры убитцый и мафия который не умеет и не имеет права на само управление поэтому СМИ и все это проекты в интернете работает круглосуточно что унижает ваше и наше и общее самодостаточности. Вот и поэтому когда гос деп и ЦРУ слышал меня на волнах Голос Россия свешай сотни миллионов, я какой то Спик дикарей тупой негр с острый критику в адрес США на основание фактов и люди слышали меня и ещё хуже любил меня они с ума сошли. Я вед всем сказал правду по этот гребенная Америку и запад. Поэтому создали проект Сноуден и других. Я сегодня прошу вас все и я с вами уже 22 года и даже не уехал из Россия не разуб я прошу вас все думать и не быть расистов и на слушать мировой окулистов который пудрит ваше мозги день и ночь. Мы все Русский или Российский или Индейцев это не важно. мы все один народ и это наше с тобой силу. Я прошу прошение за мой курявый Русский язык, оно сложно до невозможно и оно мое 4й но само любимы язык и у меня некогда не была возможности изучать так как 22 года работал день и ночь с Англссками… Ещё раз прошу любит и уважат друг другу и в конец хочу сказать как искрение патриот Россия: Господе пожалуйста благослови Россию и Россияне всех! – Джон Роблес 11-06-2018 – Служу России

Will not be posting much today((( Have a 600+ page report I am trying to finish!


June 08, 2018 - Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

POST TWO: Nice. This is exactly what I was talking about on June 6th. Now if they would do the same in Mosocw  В Луганске задержали агента СБУ

Phone In Today With President Vladimir Putin at 12:00 - I Am Silent


June 07, 2018 - Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

SIGNS -Red (Dead) Sparrow Revisited - We Make Our Own Fate, Pull the Trigger

June 06, 2018 -

POST TWO: SIGNS -Red (Dead) Sparrow Revisited - We Make Our Own Fate, Pull the Trigger

В МЧС РФ предупредили о заморозках в столичном регионе в ночь на четверг

Not that it means anything to anyone except us, but it is only six degrees outside and they are saying it may go below zero tonight. It is June 06, 2018. They talk of Global Warming??? Where???? This is an anomaly really... Quite serious... Oh and tomorrow is the famous live call in with Putin where selected people actually get their problems solved. I say selected, however they may be simply created for the big show. I actually had hope before and sent in pleas begging for help but of course the Western controlled puppets will never allow the plight and 22 years of suffering of my family and I to make it to the big show. Their fucking narrative has been decided and according to their narrative (the 5th column) we are nothing. So the 5th column will have to be destroyed. )))


         One of my readers asked what the dead sparrow I wrote about below means and although it is rather personal I think it is important given the date and the rarity of sparrows in Russia. Any other date and it would not have got my attention as the event did and had it been another dove or raven it would not have stood out whatsoever. Given the recent QANON Operation and my outing of CIA Operators behind QANON  with the Red Sparrow tweets, on a platform no less with connections to MKULTRA Project BLUEBIRD (to force confessions), the sparrow aspect stood out even more (again sparrows are a rarity here probably due to the sever and brutal climate), and to be honest I even pondered for a minute whether it would be possible to program a bird to fly into a window and break its own neck on command, thus given all of the aforementioned, there was definitely something here to think about at least for a few minutes to get the mind off of more pressing issues such as real Red Sparrows and unforgiveable betrayal. One must have something to occupy ones mind and refresh the synapses once in a while wouldn't you agree dear reader? 


        Even the most brilliant minds in Intelligence and Counter Intelligence could not have created a better message for me, one which clarified and crystalized my thoughts and showed me the path I must go down, therefore I have to truly and honestly consider the existence of real and present spiritual forces, and in this case the almost tangible Hand of God, which are guiding my life and always at the periphery of my consciousness. As an allegory for my current position in the multiverse this simple event encapsulated almost everything I have been dealing with and even pointed out to me my own inner weakness that has prevented and crippled my thinking in the past.

        I will try to explain this with mathematical simplicity so as to be as concise as possible giving the coinciding values in the formulation, and thus communicating to you dear reader the allegory as follows: first the significance of the sparrow aspect as described above with the significance and real meaning of the Jennifer Lawrence character (an MKULTRA mind control slave transposed onto Russian Intelligence in yet another transference operation) added in. The sparrow character signifies the blackest aspects of treason and duplicity packaged in an innocent and attractive container. The fact that I was being hunted, targetted and stalked in the QANON Operation can be seen to be correlated by the sparrow attempting to enter my safe perimeter by slamming through the window, as QANON did when it started trolling my own site and moved out of Twitter while making the fatal mistake that I was its ally as I drew the Operation into my own trap using their own vanity, belief in their own brilliance and weaknesses to assist them in outing and thus destroying themselves. Hence the sparrow attempting to get me, ran into my defenses (the window glass) which it did not see, breaking its own neck. Are you still with me? Sound crazy? Perhaps, but I am just describing the possible "sign".  

       Next I actually take notice and go to see what it was and witness the sparrow with the broken neck lying on the ground its wings flapping from reflex signals, gasping for air, unable to scream or make a noise as its nerve paths have been severed, and my inner instinct is to help it (my weakness), this instinct is so strong that I run out in my house clothes and slippers and actually picked it up and tried to revive it (again my instinct to help this weak and defenseless creature of God despite the sheer hopelessness and self-inflicted nature of its plight). 

        As with QANON, and we could take the allegory to extreme levels and say the entire Western Intelligence Community, their real and secret treason and their own inability to actually see, in their gung-ho drive for domination, the wall surrounding their target, caused the sparrow to break its own neck, a fate there is no helping! The Lawrence figure is important because it is this attractive, beautiful and defenseless package, which evokes a desire to assist as if a fellow creature of God, and blinds the mind to the true nature of the entity. As with QANON, the Red Sparrow actually broke her own neck and the movie, were it made in Russia and were it to have reflected the true nature of Russian Intelligence, would have ended in the scene below with the Counter Intelligence Agent pulling the trigger, but of course the Western MKULTRA/MOCKINGBIRD Hollywood fakery kicked in and the attractive package actually got away with her treason and even betrayed her own family (a Russian patriot) and in the end protected a CIA Mole and thus herself became one.

The Psychological Operation here and the barely hidden sub-text of this film is that attractive CIA packages will conquer any enemy and the CIA, which is "good" and "righteous" always wins, and of course Russia is evil.    

The Real Ending We Should Have Seen - And a Flock of Sparrows

The ending we should have seen, a pulling of the trigger.

        For the Russian Counter-Intelligence Officer this would be a good training film underlying the absolute necessity of not allowing attractive packages to get in the way of your assessment of the true nature of your subject. My allegory would underline the absolute necessity in the interests of State Security, to pull the trigger when that option is clearly warranted and not pay attention to the CIA MOCKINGBIRD Controlled "Hive-Mind" (the audience) when making a judgment call. (There are such sparrows running around Moscow, enough to make a flock, yet for some reason they move about unhindered!)

        Wonderful! I have made this as simple as possible, however the subject warrants further study and in fact I could write a book on it but won't. To make it even more simple, the allegory is that the sparrow which broke its own neck was an instrument of the devil (by its own choice) which sought to attack me, (an instrument of God by my own choice) and was not capable of seeing the protection of God in the form of the window pane.

         I hope I answered your question my dearly beloved reader)))) It is nice to know someone reads my blog and has the courage to write me and the curiosity to question. Stay awake and don't be a Sparrow. Working for the CIA will end with a broken neck and there is nothing and no one who will help you.


Let's not forget QANON put us in a KILL BOX

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Proof The New World Order is Truly Satanic and Truly Racist to the Core

June 05, 2018 -

POST Three: A visitor just showed up... Signs.....


POST TWO: The problem when the truth is something no one wants to hear is that they will do everything possible to discredit the messenger and thus the opposite is true! When the truth is an uncomfortable one or an unwanted one, or when it even comes from an unwanted person or representative of a repressed group, it does not even matter who you are or how much evidence you have, they will still question and demonize! Now when the opposite is true no one will even ask for proof and if proof is presented countering a false claim, as we saw with the Skripal fakery and now this nonsense in Ukraine with the fake assassination attempt,  that proof is ignored. Hence is the pre-programmed and sheep-like hive mind under the control of the MOCKINGBIRD media operatives.  

So what can an investigative journalist do? I have always presented tons and tons of evidence with everything I say and in fact do not even say anything or claim anything unless I have at least three pieces of evidence. This should help but it does not. For example on Snow den I have reports and analysis from dozens of intelligence officers and ex-officers and even former colleagues saying he is a fake. I have evidence of cover up operations and so much circumstantial evidence and even dozens of statements by Snowden/Greenberg himself and A) Of course the media ignores it, B) the government ignores it because too many heads would roll and too many people are being paid off and C) the people ignore it because of their programming and Cognitive Dissonance which only makes it possible to listen to the media.

This is the same with my son and myself. Some scum came up with a NARRATIVE and they stick to it using the Goebbels Doctrine, but as time goes on their claims are proving themselves to be lies and the evidence against them is mounting. It is a war of attrition. We have to wait them out, and in the meantime act aggressively and mercilessly in the same way they have acted against us.

Continue reading: http://www.jar2.com/Blog/2018.HTM

A Dead Sparrow, Intercept, False vs Real Friends and We Survive the Storm

June 04, 2018 - Signs. When you have seen as much, and been through as much as I have, not just the targetting but the true evil and the demons in the dark, you develop an almost hyper-sensitivity to secret signs and messages, it is necessary or you die. There are certain things in this reality that we call our world that you can not just explain away logically.

What I am talking about and referring to is a disturbing event that occurred yesterday and which may be seen as benign, even nonsensical to the dry, callous, closed and empty mind of the average robotic denizen of what has become a horrendous hell world that we call Earth, however to those precious few souls who are attuned to the subtleties and who are awake and aware that the world is in not only in an active information and mind war but also an esoteric spirit war, taking place as we speak and as we sleep, between the demonic forces of evil and the angelic forces of love and light, the sign I am about to partake to you, dear reader, may be even a worse omen than I understand even in my darkest fears.

Continue reading: A Dead Sparrow, Intercept, False vs Real Friends and We Survive the Storm

15 Years Fighting for Truth and Accountability: Exposing Evil and the 911 Perps

How WikiLeaks and Snowden Killed the Truth Movement and Truth Has Been Politicized 

June 03, 2018 - Trying to think of something eloquent and deeply meaningful to say about what has been a 15 year running battle against the Cabal. I detest in the greatest giving free PR to Hawkins and his snake oil entrapment operation but everyone on the surface of the Truth Community, if there is really such a thing anymore, still view the WikiLeaks Operation as the ultimate truth outlet, so I am forced to feed their narrative and mention it, please bear with me I will be brief.

I have nothing but contempt for Hawkins and regardless of his real fate, stick to my reports from October 2016, when he was extracted from the Embassy and either taken out for execution or is living on an island somewhere drinking Pina Colladas. For the number of people who were killed and arrested and had their lives destroyed, including me, I hope that the real Hawkins faced a fate worthy of his betrayal of everyone who trusted him and were mercilessly stabbed in the back. Whoever is in the Ecuadorian Embassy if there is in fact anyone there is a doppelganger or the visiting Hawkins and continues to make a mockery of asylum, human rights and truth. Whoever is in there or visits when needed is an Ecuadorian Citizen and it is now a police matter between the UK and Ecuador if their citizen is given up or not. That is all I have to say on that son of a bitch back stabbing worm!

Continue reading: 15 Years Fighting for Truth and Accountability

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