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09-10-2001: John: I am in New York, I am at the WTC. Answer: Where exactly?


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June 21 2018 - POST ONE: Why does Microsoft Word not allow for the typing of the initials N W O? Try it....


June 20 2018 - POST ONE: As I mark what has become 4 years in hiding the greatest pain is the isolation. It is necessary but is worse than the fact that I can never travel and never go anywhere and never see anyone in my family again. The isolation at times becomes a physical pain, a tangible force like shards of broken glass grinding between all the joints of the body and filling the organs with blackness and morose vibrations of emptiness and pain.

It is funny that soon it will be refugees day and I have lived in a twisted hell of asylum and as a refugee for over 20 years now and there has never been one fake human rights organziation that has ever assisted us. The world is pure evil people!   

Horror of Horrors

June 16, 2018 - POST ONE:

Major Security Related Change: Mozilla in the Trash, Yandex Keeping Us Secure

June 15, 2018 - POST TWO: In a follow up we have added Yandex Search capabilities for on-site content AND have for the first time added JAR2BIZ to a search engine for indexing and now searches of JAR2 will include JAR2BIZ content.


POST ONE: A browser is a very important tool for all of us. It is how most of us interface with the Internet, therefore choosing a browser is as important as choosing anything else you depend on every day. I have been a Mozilla user for about 12 years but refused to update past 54 for security reasons and the new coding. After 54 was when Soros made a huge investment into Mozilla hoping to gain data from users as Mozilla developed AI and off-line tracking technologies. Do you really want a browser that tracks you when you are off-line and grabs any data it can from all of your devices and your computer. Twitter publicly stated they will track your off-site browsing to determine whether you are a threat. Like hell you say! A browser is supposed to help me browse not give some voyeuristic Intel spies access to all my activities. Goodbye Soros and Mozilla forever. I am on Yandex now! 

June 14 2018 Contact me ASAP (Island Girl) The black car and the dirt box

No Hay Banda - The Sheeple are spinning around the liars by design

It is not okay to attack a real journalist even if he is a spic and you demonize him. Soon. Tick-tock 

June 13, 2018 - POST TWO: I am thinking of you

POST ONE: I am very ill.

It is amazing first BKC-Ih where I worked as a teacher for 13 years, then English First, then Alibra and this PARLEX all were happy to employ me and make money off me but when they found out I have asylum they passed information to the United States about me and my children or openly threatened or attempted to intimidate and damage me and my family. Who is in charge in Russia? There is obviously not a single law protecting refugees

Will be opening the English Teaching Resource Site Soon - Stay Tuned


Will not be posting much((( Have a 600+ page report I am STILL trying to finish!


June 09, 2018 - But make no doubt I am watching you bastards

For Russia Day and Why the Racist CIA Went Crazy Hearing Me on the VOR

June 10, 2018 - На День России:
Главнее цель тех который хотят уничтожает Россия сейчас это разделит общество. В СССР и в Россия не была расизм раньше. Я поэтому решил воспитывать мой дети здесь. Но сегодня оно есть. Не была ненависть на классовый почве как сейчас. Теперь оно есть. Проект Украина создан именно за этот и СМИ работает круглосуточная что разжигать это ненависть и нормализовать фашизм через путь обсуждение как будто это нормально идеология. В США и запад люди как я Индеец мы дикарей который не имеет права на жизни, на работает на успехов, только некоторый марионетки для шоу. А Русский народ тоже дикарей злобнее тупыми примитивный хакеры убитцый и мафия который не умеет и не имеет права на само управление поэтому СМИ и все это проекты в интернете работает круглосуточно что унижает ваше и наше и общее самодостаточности. Вот и поэтому когда гос деп и ЦРУ слышал меня на волнах Голос Россия свешай сотни миллионов, я какой то Спик дикарей тупой негр с острый критику в адрес США на основание фактов и люди слышали меня и ещё хуже любил меня они с ума сошли. Я вед всем сказал правду по этот гребенная Америку и запад. Поэтому создали проект Сноуден и других. Я сегодня прошу вас все и я с вами уже 22 года и даже не уехал из Россия не разуб я прошу вас все думать и не быть расистов и на слушать мировой окулистов который пудрит ваше мозги день и ночь. Мы все Русский или Российский или Индейцев это не важно. мы все один народ и это наше с тобой силу. Я прошу прошение за мой курявый Русский язык, оно сложно до невозможно и оно мое 4й но само любимы язык и у меня некогда не была возможности изучать так как 22 года работал день и ночь с Англссками… Ещё раз прошу любит и уважат друг другу и в конец хочу сказать как искрение патриот Россия: Господе пожалуйста благослови Россию и Россияне всех! – Джон Роблес 11-06-2018 – Служу России

Will not be posting much today((( Have a 600+ page report I am trying to finish!


June 08, 2018 -

POST TWO: Nice. This is exactly what I was talking about on June 6th. Now if they would do the same in Mosocw

В Луганске задержали агента СБУ


Phone In Today With President Vladimir Putin at 12:00 - I Am Silent


June 07, 2018 -

SIGNS -Red (Dead) Sparrow Revisited - We Make Our Own Fate, Pull the Trigger

June 06, 2018 -


В МЧС РФ предупредили о заморозках в столичном регионе в ночь на четверг

Not that it means anything to anyone except us, but it is only six degrees outside and they are saying it may go below zero tonight. It is June 06, 2018. They talk of Global Warming??? Where???? This is an anomaly really... Quite serious... Oh and tomorrow is the famous live call in with Putin where selected people actually get their problems solved. I say selected, however they may be simply created for the big show. I actually had hope before and sent in pleas begging for help but of course the Western controlled puppets will never allow the plight and 22 years of suffering of my family and I to make it to the big show. Their fucking narrative has been decided and according to their narrative (the 5th column) we are nothing. So the 5th column will have to be destroyed. )))


         One of my readers asked what the dead sparrow I wrote about below means and although it is rather personal I think it is important given the date and the rarity of sparrows in Russia. Any other date and it would not have got my attention as the event did and had it been another dove or raven it would not have stood out whatsoever. Given the recent QANON Operation and my outing of CIA Operators behind QANON  with the Red Sparrow tweets, on a platform no less with connections to MKULTRA Project BLUEBIRD (to force confessions), the sparrow aspect stood out even more (again sparrows are a rarity here probably due to the sever and brutal climate), and to be honest I even pondered for a minute whether it would be possible to program a bird to fly into a window and break its own neck on command, thus given all of the aforementioned, there was definitely something here to think about at least for a few minutes to get the mind off of more pressing issues such as real Red Sparrows and unforgiveable betrayal. One must have something to occupy ones mind and refresh the synapses once in a while wouldn't you agree dear reader? 


        Even the most brilliant minds in Intelligence and Counter Intelligence could not have created a better message for me, one which clarified and crystalized my thoughts and showed me the path I must go down, therefore I have to truly and honestly consider the existence of real and present spiritual forces, and in this case the almost tangible Hand of God, which are guiding my life and always at the periphery of my consciousness. As an allegory for my current position in the multiverse this simple event encapsulated almost everything I have been dealing with and even pointed out to me my own inner weakness that has prevented and crippled my thinking in the past.

        I will try to explain this with mathematical simplicity so as to be as concise as possible giving the coinciding values in the formulation, and thus communicating to you dear reader the allegory as follows: first the significance of the sparrow aspect as described above with the significance and real meaning of the Jennifer Lawrence character (an MKULTRA mind control slave transposed onto Russian Intelligence in yet another transference operation) added in. The sparrow character signifies the blackest aspects of treason and duplicity packaged in an innocent and attractive container. The fact that I was being hunted, targetted and stalked in the QANON Operation can be seen to be correlated by the sparrow attempting to enter my safe perimeter by slamming through the window, as QANON did when it started trolling my own site and moved out of Twitter while making the fatal mistake that I was its ally as I drew the Operation into my own trap using their own vanity, belief in their own brilliance and weaknesses to assist them in outing and thus destroying themselves. Hence the sparrow attempting to get me, ran into my defenses (the window glass) which it did not see, breaking its own neck. Are you still with me? Sound crazy? Perhaps, but I am just describing the possible "sign".  

       Next I actually take notice and go to see what it was and witness the sparrow with the broken neck lying on the ground its wings flapping from reflex signals, gasping for air, unable to scream or make a noise as its nerve paths have been severed, and my inner instinct is to help it (my weakness), this instinct is so strong that I run out in my house clothes and slippers and actually picked it up and tried to revive it (again my instinct to help this weak and defenseless creature of God despite the sheer hopelessness and self-inflicted nature of its plight). 

        As with QANON, and we could take the allegory to extreme levels and say the entire Western Intelligence Community, their real and secret treason and their own inability to actually see, in their gung-ho drive for domination, the wall surrounding their target, caused the sparrow to break its own neck, a fate there is no helping! The Lawrence figure is important because it is this attractive, beautiful and defenseless package, which evokes a desire to assist as if a fellow creature of God, and blinds the mind to the true nature of the entity. As with QANON, the Red Sparrow actually broke her own neck and the movie, were it made in Russia and were it to have reflected the true nature of Russian Intelligence, would have ended in the scene below with the Counter Intelligence Agent pulling the trigger, but of course the Western MKULTRA/MOCKINGBIRD Hollywood fakery kicked in and the attractive package actually got away with her treason and even betrayed her own family (a Russian patriot) and in the end protected a CIA Mole and thus herself became one.

The Psychological Operation here and the barely hidden sub-text of this film is that attractive CIA packages will conquer any enemy and the CIA, which is "good" and "righteous" always wins, and of course Russia is evil.    

The Real Ending We Should Have Seen - And a Flock of Sparrows

The ending we should have seen, a pulling of the trigger.

        For the Russian Counter-Intelligence Officer this would be a good training film underlying the absolute necessity of not allowing attractive packages to get in the way of your assessment of the true nature of your subject. My allegory would underline the absolute necessity in the interests of State Security, to pull the trigger when that option is clearly warranted and not pay attention to the CIA MOCKINGBIRD Controlled "Hive-Mind" (the audience) when making a judgment call. (There are such sparrows running around Moscow, enough to make a flock, yet for some reason they move about unhindered!)

        Wonderful! I have made this as simple as possible, however the subject warrants further study and in fact I could write a book on it but won't. To make it even more simple, the allegory is that the sparrow which broke its own neck was an instrument of the devil (by its own choice) which sought to attack me, (an instrument of God by my own choice) and was not capable of seeing the protection of God in the form of the window pane.

         I hope I answered your question my dearly beloved reader)))) It is nice to know someone reads my blog and has the courage to write me and the curiosity to question. Stay awake and don't be a Sparrow. Working for the CIA will end with a broken neck and there is nothing and no one who will help you.

Let's not forget QANON put us in a KILL BOX

If you liked this post please support the author and the platform for the sake of God!!!


Proof The New World Order is Truly Satanic and Truly Racist to the Core

June 05, 2018 -

POST Three: A visitor just showed up... Signs.....


POST TWO: The problem when the truth is something no one wants to hear is that they will do everything possible to discredit the messenger and thus the opposite is true! When the truth is an uncomfortable one or an unwanted one, or when it even comes from an unwanted person or representative of a repressed group, it does not even matter who you are or how much evidence you have, they will still question and demonize! Now when the opposite is true no one will even ask for proof and if proof is presented countering a false claim, as we saw with the Skripal fakery and now this nonsense in Ukraine with the fake assassination attempt,  that proof is ignored. Hence is the pre-programmed and sheep-like hive mind under the control of the MOCKINGBIRD media operatives.  

So what can an investigative journalist do? I have always presented tons and tons of evidence with everything I say and in fact do not even say anything or claim anything unless I have at least three pieces of evidence. This should help but it does not. For example on Snow den I have reports and analysis from dozens of intelligence officers and ex-officers and even former colleagues saying he is a fake. I have evidence of cover up operations and so much circumstantial evidence and even dozens of statements by Snowden/Greenberg himself and A) Of course the media ignores it, B) the government ignores it because too many heads would roll and too many people are being paid off and C) the people ignore it because of their programming and Cognitive Dissonance which only makes it possible to listen to the media.

This is the same with my son and myself. Some scum came up with a NARRATIVE and they stick to it using the Goebbels Doctrine, but as time goes on their claims are proving themselves to be lies and the evidence against them is mounting. It is a war of attrition. We have to wait them out, and in the meantime act aggressively and mercilessly in the same way they have acted against us.

POST ONE:It just dawned on me while I was sleeping why the racist fascists keep trying to attack me as non-Christian. Just in the same way as the Talmudic Jooz at the Voice of Russia tried to attack me even at a funeral, when one walked up to me and told me I was not Orthodox when in fact it was this Talmudic Joo who should not have been in an Orthodox Church. Just in the same way as the fake racist Orthodox Church of America tried to destroy my reputation and slandered me as if I was attacking Orthodoxy and the same way my ex-wife refused to have a wedding in a Church and refused to have my daughter baptized. It is in fact they who are not Christians and it is part of the Racist Satanic New World Order narrative that all brown people are Muslims or terrorists and thus must be destroyed. This demonization is the overall public narrative spread by the Jooish owned world media and truly THANK GOD it is not an Orthodox narrative..

This is all personal so if you are not interested stop reading here.This is all personal so if you are not interested stop reading here.

For me the CIA/USG operatives and their agents here in Russia have quite successfully destroyed my family, my ability to gain employment, my health and all possible support structures through their long-running campaign and thus if I think like them I ask, where would I go for help, as was advised by one of the VOR traitors, and the answer is a Church. As that son of a bitch showed up in Crimea, who was preying on the faithful for his own financial and other gains.

This goes back to my exposure of USAID and the attempt to infiltrate the Russian Orthodox Church by the CIA, something I should have in reality received an award for but which has been erased from the public record entirely by the New World Order. Therefore these small minded worms have to launch campaigns like the one below.

So since they are stalking me trying as they can to damage me from afar, and this guy has been stalking me since the very USAID exposure, and they think my only support for food and shelter may be the Church, of course they would try to destroy that final refuge. Except they have failed because all of my cards will never be known by them.

One has to seriously ask if there has been a ritualistic nature to my family's persecution. IF these are Satanic Talmudic Masonic Illuminati forces then there is much more going on here than simple gang-stalking and persecution.

I could pull out the fact that I am an Indian and this is just the continuation of their genocide, and this may in fact be true, regardless of the reasons behind it the facts of the events are clear as day, again as proven by the stalker below, who has been with me on every platform I used in the past except BK, however he may be there to using a fake account, unable to post or interact so as not to out himself. We will wait and see.

Meanwhile please support the site and I will be watching out for the next stalker. 


A Dead Sparrow, Intercept, False vs Real Friends and We Survive the Storm

June 04, 2018 - Signs. When you have seen as much, and been through as much as I have, not just the targetting but the true evil and the demons in the dark, you develop an almost hyper-sensitivity to secret signs and messages, it is necessary or you die. There are certain things in this reality that we call our world that you can not just explain away logically.

What I am talking about and referring to is a disturbing event that occurred yesterday and which may be seen as benign, even nonsensical to the dry, callous, closed and empty mind of the average robotic denizen of what has become a horrendous hell world that we call Earth, however to those precious few souls who are attuned to the subtleties and who are awake and aware that the world is in not only in an active information and mind war but also an esoteric spirit war, taking place as we speak and as we sleep, between the demonic forces of evil and the angelic forces of love and light, the sign I am about to partake to you, dear reader, may be even a worse omen than I understand even in my darkest fears.

Yesterday should have been a joyous day as we, (me and the feline who is the only person who remembers me from the long past days when there was still something like hope in the lives of me and my children) should have been celebrating the 15 year anniversary of JAR2, which certain retarded Americans thinking they could outfox me with a poorly constructed and ridiculous "honey trap" thought they could prevent, yet to be honest, as I am to a fault, it was another stress test. Yes, another in a long and endless serious of "stress operations" which would have been made worse if it were not for a small translation job of an exceedingly complicated and convoluted scientific text of grave importance that was thrown my way at the last minute by a nice Russian girl who I had thought viewed me as beneath her contempt. No there is no hope that I will ever be gainfully employed again, this is just another example of someone remembering about my existence only when they themselves are at a complete dead end and recall I exist as I am the only capable of saving the day in cases such as this. The symbolic importance of the events of yesterday would only be understood to someone who appreciates the secret message in President Putin's picture below, and the secret message contained therein.

As I do not think anyone in the world knows or even cares, yesterday was not only the 15  years anniversary of JAR2 but was also the end of our payment for delegation of the domain which comes up on June 3rd depending on how many years ahead I pay, something the importance of which can only be understood by another domain owner or someone who is watching very closely everything I do in order to shut us down, the "honey trap" belonging to the latter category. Being that as it may the situation turned out that I paid on Friday, but due to the timing, the fact that the domain provider only works on weekdays and a few other mitigating factors, I spent the entire weekend watching my domain access page waiting for the status to change from non-delegated to extended, and constantly waiting for the domain to be unreachable, which occurred on Monday morning upon which I was finally able to contact the provider who very very quickly, almost instantly, corrected the issue. Again this is not important to you but this was my little hell for the weekend, and it was miss "honey trap" I had to thank as she had promised me work and financial relief, which turned out to be one big fucking joke on their part. So this little Russian girl saved the day quite literally of JAR2, in a real and concrete way, which is how it has been with my beloved Russia for the last 20 years. When the shit gets impossible I am called on by those in the know and as it turns out when I am at most without hope it is not an American or one of my Indian brothers who shows up but a Russian. Is this strange? It has been that way since 1995, and I must say for that reason no matter how crappy life gets, I am bound by honor and debt to my Russian brothers and sisters and Mother Russia herself.

And now I have to go out for a minute but I will be back soon and fill you in on a dead SPARROW..... QANON ought to be having kittens right now    

So the Sparrow..... I was sitting in front of my computer and hear this thump on the window pane, it did not alarm me because this happens almost every other day. I don't know why but there are always birds flying into my window panes. Like they want to get in. I usually don't bother to even get up anymore as they are usually okay. It is always a raven or a pigeon and they always get a little dazed but fly away. This time however I got up to check and there was a sparrow on the ground outside and from the way it was gasping and moving only its head I could tell it had broken its neck. I don't know why but I felt I had to do something so I ran outside but it had stopped breathing and moving. I don't know why but I picked it up and told it everything would be okay... but it was already dead... I tried to do micro-CPR but it was obvious its neck had been broken when it flew into the glass.... I laid it to rest and went for a shovel but when I came back it was gone... I am sure all that means something... Then I went back in and logged into my hosting server, with my credentials from 2003.... Intercept....   

15 Years Fighting for Truth and Accountability: Exposing Evil and the 911 Perps

How WikiLeaks and Snowden Killed the Truth Movement and Truth Has Been Politicized 

June 03, 2018 - Trying to think of something eloquent and deeply meaningful to say about what has been a 15 year running battle against the Cabal. I detest in the greatest giving free PR to Hawkins and his snake oil entrapment operation but everyone on the surface of the Truth Community, if there is really such a thing anymore, still view the WikiLeaks Operation as the ultimate truth outlet, so I am forced to feed their narrative and mention it, please bear with me I will be brief.

I have nothing but contempt for Hawkins and regardless of his real fate, stick to my reports from October 2016, when he was extracted from the Embassy and either taken out for execution or is living on an island somewhere drinking Pina Colladas. For the number of people who were killed and arrested and had their lives destroyed, including me, I hope that the real Hawkins faced a fate worthy of his betrayal of everyone who trusted him and were mercilessly stabbed in the back. Whoever is in the Ecuadorian Embassy if there is in fact anyone there is a doppelganger or the visiting Hawkins and continues to make a mockery of asylum, human rights and truth. Whoever is in there or visits when needed is an Ecuadorian Citizen and it is now a police matter between the UK and Ecuador if their citizen is given up or not. That is all I have to say on that son of a bitch back stabbing worm!

I have even less to say on Greenberg/Snowden but that even with the preponderance of evidence and hundreds of reports and statements that he is an active CIA Officer on a mission and was sent by Obama, I assure his CIA handlers and their agents in Moscow will be able to orchestrate another abomination and perversion of Russian law and security and make him the next "show citizen" of the Russian Federation while we continue to be slowly killed off as Asylees.

What these operations have succeeded in doing in their final big push could not have been orchestrated better had a room full of monkeys typed out the plans for 90 million years. With one leak they managed to completely and totally politicize truth and spit in the face of the world by showing that those with power can do whatever they like, even eating children, and nothing would ever become of them. That is the core of what 15 years trying to expose these monsters has shown me. It is what my initial attempt in 1995 before the Internet showed me, when I tried to expose CPS Woodland California and was crucified! Nothing ever becomes of the criminals being exposed and the only punitive measures ever taken are against the whistleblower. Look at 911. They slaughtered two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine people and nothing was ever done to any of the NeoCons lunatics who took part. Nothing! Yet how many 911 truthers and witnesses and whistleblowers have been murdered and disappeared? Where are the 9,000 people who were rounded up and secretly arrested on September 12, 2001 and then never heard from or heard of again? I remember. Where are they? These are the crimes that Snowden/Greenberg and Asshat/Hawkins helped to cover up and it was the whistleblowers, witnesses and good people of  conscience that they help the murderers in power destroy, kill, entrap and get rid of.

So where do we stand? Is there any point in continuing this work? Apparently the West is done. There are no free-thinking critical thinkers left and the ones that are have been programmed to despise Russia. So where Should I focus? What should the next 5 or 10 or 15 years of revelations be about if all of the hacktivists are in hiding and the Internet is all but a sanitized corporate circle jerk where nothing of any real value is found and the sheep do not even care?

That is a question I have been pondering and it is a very important one for me which has been given a self-evident answer after my last plea to my former supporters and their absolute non-response.

Wait for it. 

  Поздравляем вас с Днём Победы!

JAR2 is Taking 24 Hours Off to Honor Victory Day

May 09, 2018 - Out of all of the holidays and celebrations around the world Victory Day will always be the only real and true celebration of a real victory of Good over Evil. Even though fascism and racism are back worldwide there is still a small hope in my heart that it will be Russia which eliminates the cancer of hate on all humanity, in all of its forms, that is the evil of fascism. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Ongoing Fundraising Drive in Progress - They are Killing the NET and No One Cares

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2018 Being Placed in a [KILLBOX] by QANON (WE FIGHT BACK) 






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You see the MI6 piece of shit below? The problem they had was not only what I was doing on-line, not only their racist attack against me but the fact that I was very popular with my students. I was one of the most effective and more importantly one of the most popular teachers in Moscow. The same thing on the Voice of Russia, and these worms don't like that. It doesn't fit their narrative. They wanted to traffic my children and sell them. I stopped them. So they did what they do best they attacked at first my strongest point, that I am a heroic father and a wonderful parent who never gave up on his kids and never abandoned them. I was a single father and I survived and raised my kids under conditions of outright attack. The worm below like the Yura Salogub character and the 5th column at the Voice of Russia did everything they could to make people hate me. Running around with their little whisper campaigns as if I did not know what they were doing. Simply racist and evil. The worm below went around telling people I was fired because students were requesting to study with me, he then went around giving lectures on using humor in lessons, which is something he learned directly from me during his endless observations of my classes, where he was trying to find any reason no matter how small to fire me. Well I have been researching their network for years now and this little worm through his CFR relatives and Cambridge University recruiters is MI6. His name is Wayne Rimmer a piece of shit promoted by the 5th columnists he ran as "one of the most influential teachers in Moscow", nothing but an MI6 wanker, like Smith, Holland and the CIA's SNOW DEN.

The CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and the rest all love lawyers and recruit them all of the time in Moscow. It is very useful for them in destroying people and covering up their crimes. 

Like this case below! This is how the CIA runs media in foreign countries. The head of the VOR was a friend of McFaul and my editor was a US citizen and here is me the first American with political asylum in Russia exposing US false flags. The lawyers they blame, I am not even talking about journalism here. I am a journalist and this was my source for a story exposing state sponsored False Flag Terrorism, and they were going to give him to the CIA. This was at the beginning when Folks wanted to remain Anonymous. They demanded to know his name or else they would not run the story. So I asked Folks and he said okay, tell them. Then they sold his name to the Americans. Not only is this treason but it is a violation of all journalistic ethics, rules and standards. I am risking my life publishing this but this is just some of the proof of the campaign the CIA waged against me and my family. The Russian people need to know who is running their media and in fact most of their government. I remind you I was not only a journalist but a geopolitical journalist.


EVIDENCE E-MAIL STRING STATING THEY WILL GIVE UP FOLKS TO THE CIA: https://yadi.sk/i/sp4rAzme3XfQtV https://yadi.sk/i/sp4rAzme3XfQtV


Вы видит кусок дерьма из MI6 внизу? Проблема, с которой они столкнулись, была не только тем, что я делал он-лайн, не только их расистской атакой против меня, но и тем фактом, что я был очень популярен среди своих учеников. Я был одним из самых эффективных и, важнее, одним из самых популярных учителей в Москве. То же самое на Голосе России, и этим червям это не нравится. Это не соответствует их повествованию. Они хотели моих детей и продать их. Я остановил их. Таким образом, они сделали то, что они делают лучше всего, когда они атаковали сперва самым сильным моментом человеку, что я героический отец и прекрасный родитель, который никогда не отказывался от своих детей и никогда не покидал их. Я был одинокый отцом, и я выжил и воспитал своих детей в условиях прямой атаки. Червь ниже, как персонаж Юры Салогуб, и пятая колонна в «Голосе России» сделали все возможное, чтобы люди меня ненавидели. Бегу с их маленькими шепотными кампаниями, как будто я не знал, что они делают. Просто расизм и зло. Червь внизу обернулся, рассказывая людям, которых меня уволили, потому что студенты просили учиться вместе со мной, затем он обошел лекции по использованию юмора на уроках, чему он научился непосредственно у меня во время его бесконечных наблюдений за моими классами, где он пытаясь найти любую причину, как бы ни мала, чтобы уволить меня. Ну, я уже много лет изучаю их сеть, и этот маленький червь через своих родственников CFR и рекрутеров Кембриджского университета - MI6. Его зовут Уэйн Риммер, кусочек дерьма, которого поддерживают пятые колона, которых он возглавлял как «один из самых влиятельных учителей в Москве», но ничего, кроме червяк из MI6, таких как Смит, Голланд и СНоуден.

ЦРУ, МИ-6, МОССАД и все остальные любят адвокатов и набирают их все время в Москве. Для них очень полезно уничтожать людей и скрывать свои преступления.

Как тот случай ниже! Так ЦРУ руководит средствами массовой информации в зарубежных странах. Глава VOR был другом Макфола, а мой редактор был гражданином США, и вот я первый американец с политическим убежищем в России, разоблачающий в этом случай Бостонский Терракт США. Адвокаты, которых они обвиняют, я даже не говорю о журналистике. Я журналист, и это был мой источник истории, раскрывающей спонсируемый государством фальшивый флаговый терроризм, и они собирались отдать его ЦРУ. Это было в начале, когда ФОЛКС хотел остаться анонимными. Они потребовали узнать его имя, иначе они не публикует нечего. Поэтому я спросил Фолкс, и он сказал, хорошо, скажите им. Затем они продали свое имя американцам. Мало того, что эта измена, но это нарушение всей журналистской этики, правил и стандартов.

Я рискую своей жизнью, публикуя это, но это лишь часть из доказательств кампании, которую ЦРУ проводило против меня и моей семьи. Российским людям нужно знать, кто руководит их средствами массовой информации и фактически большей частью своего правительства. Напоминаю, что я был не только журналистом, но и геополитическим журналистом и ещё беженец. Нарушали все мой права 

2012 CIA Kyle Hatcher/Attack=Deportation of Andrey Maklakova/Material Blocked 









3209. Материалы: "Документ: Ответ Джону Роблесу. Епископ Павловский и Андрей (Маклаков) опровергает распространение "Голосом России" слухи о финансировании США покойного первоиерарха РПАЦ", "Интервью: Управляющий приходами РПАЦ в США архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) о тактике Церкви в условиях "битвы за мощи" в Суздале, готовности Митрополита к мученичеству, международном резонансе и покушении на сотрудников "Портала - Credo.ru", "Документ: Дискриминационные беззакония российских властей против РПАЦ доведены до сведения мировой общественности. Послание архиепископа Павловского и Рокландского Андрея, управляющими приходами РПАЦ в США", "Документ: В поддержку епископа РПЦЗ (А) Иосифа (Гребинки). Заявление епископа Павловского Андрея (Маклакова), управляющего приходами РПАЦ в США", "Интервью: Управляющие зарубежными приходами Российской Православной Автономной Церкви архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков) об обстоятельствах своей депортации из России и ее возможных причинах", "Архиепископ Андрей (Маклаков): Украинцы хотят жить в свободной стране", "Обращение Преосвященного Андрея (Маклакова), епископа Павловского Русской Православной Автономной Церкви (РПАЦ)" (решение Октябрьского районного суда г. Владимира от 06.10.2015);



The hit job on me to make it appear that I was against the Russian Orthodox Church happened when the Voice of Russia published an article I wrote in September 2012 regarding the manipulations of USAID in Russia. In the article which is still on-line there is no mention of the people I am accused of insulting and there is NO MENTION OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH which is amazing. But the hit job and the lies were put out there and no one defended me in getting them taken down. I wrote multiple letters to the authors and they did nothing. I also asked the Chairman of the VOice of Russia and he did nothing as well. The article was published on the VOR site. The problem is that for some reason Google and Yandex promote it and in any search for my name it comes up on page ONE! God Bless the Russian Orthodox Church and all of its leaders and members and thank you Russia for seeing the truth here. By the way the author Andrey Maklakov has been deported from Russia and has made many statements against the Russian Government and Russian Orthodox Church and in support of the Ukraine junta.



06-14-2015 Answer to Andrey: The Smear Campaign Against Me Continues; After I wrote about USAID and their attempts to influence the Russian Orthodox Church, an article brought about by the arrest of the US religous affairs liason at the US Embassy here in Moscow, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in America decided to try to damage me here in Russia by writing lies about me in attempt to make it look like I have something against the Russian Orthodox Church. Nothing can be further from the truth but his accusation Episcop Andrey reveals that certain members of the Russian Orthodox Church were taking money from USAID. As I never once mentioned members of the Russian Orthodox Church in my article not did I insinuate anything against the Church, my entire article ws in exposing USAID subversion his accusation is clearly a smear campaign and proves his allegience to USAID and McFaul and the CIA. His "answer" to my article is full of slander and insinuation aimeed directly against me and as I said a clear attempt to dmdage me personally. While he hards on about the right hold demonstrations etc, he never mentions the right of jounralists to be free of harrassment and intimidation. I wrote to all of the people publishing this slander and to Andrey himself but they refuse to take down the material and have obviously never read the article for if they did they would know Andrey is nothing but a US backed liar. I thought this would go away but it is almost in number one position now on web searches rahter than all my work in expsoing the CIA and USAID and 9-11. The most insidious thing, other than attacking a refugee, is the fact that nowhere do these people include a working link to the article and any commentary on the baseless attack in closed. They know it is a fabrication and if anyone reads the article they will see that straight away. I attend the Russian Orthodox Church and have nothing but respect for the Russian Orthodox Church and have written many articles against those who attack it and they record is clear on that point. Andrey is a disgrace to Orthodoxy and attacking a marginalized person at the behest of CIA masters can in no way be in keeping with Christian values.


CIA Washington Post 


CIA Edward Greenberg (VERAX) (Snow Den) 


CIA WikiLeaks






Not Only Does the CIA Control the Media but MI6 Controls the English Racket

This MI6 Wanker Spent Years Running Around Moscow Spreading Lies About Me, BKC-Ih Even went

so far as falsely imprisoning me and my students in a classroom at the Tverskaya School


June 10, 2018 - Как вам агента MI6, работающего в Москве с 2004ого г? Он даже ковырялся в Подольске, пытаясь найти там моих друзей I taught English for 22 years in the most challenging and demanding environment in the world and I am going to start sharing that knowledge and those resources with you. Meanwhile read this from October 2005. My targetting by an MI6 Agent sent to destroy my reputation and end my employment to facilitate my being forced to leave Russia. After him the CIA sent one of their SBU assholes to finish the job. This is an e-mail I sent myself so there can be no claim made that I am publishing proprietary information as that period ended years ago and any non-disclosure agreements I had with BKC-Ih are now null and void.

https://yadi.sk/i/sp4rAzme3XPhoto of Wayne Rimmer in 2004   https://yadi.sk/i/HWy-33rc3XfQtb

Screenshot from British Council You Tube Channel

Защита беженцев от преследования и формы преследования. Термин «преследование». Под преследованием понимаются действия со стороны общества или государства в целом, притесняющие, наказывающие, ранящие, угнетающие, или другим образом причиняющие человеку физический или моральный вред. Именно из-за такого преследования, в поисках убежища от преследования ради собственной безопасности, жертвы преследования обращаются к властям других стран.

Простой вопрос: Это похоже на зашита от преследование? Это ЦРУшники из посольство добивает саме жoска наказание моего сына...Он тоже беженец.... Я протестовал и меня прглогали удалит из суд.... Это похоже на Хаспел... ЦРУ под прикрыте... Какой на хер Имигационе Специалист???? Теперь приставте что чловек из Донбасс по судили и сидили люди из посльство Уркаина... Преставит сложно??? Для любой нормально человек это бы была сложно представит... Почему к нам так можно???? Мы все отказали от гражданство США.. И я и сын и дочка..... И все молчать... ТВАРИ все ...





Согласно Секции 3 (2) из того же Закона5, под серьёзными опасениями имеется ввиду угроза жизни, физической целостности человека или его свободе, а также действия, которые наносят невыносимое психологическое давление. Признанным беженцам предоставляется вид на жительство, имеющий силу в течение одного года и продлевается автоматически ежегодно (как и во всех других странах). После пяти лет проживания признанные беженцы имеют право на постоянный вид на жительство, имеющий силу в течение 10 лет и автоматически продлеваемый ежегодно так же.



Для более эффективной защиты беженцев усилия международного сообщества должны сосредоточиться прежде всего на том, чтобы добиваться более строгого соблюдения международного права всеми сторонами, а также необходимо совершенствовать гуманитарную деятельность в интересах беженцев, необходимо дальнейшее развитие права, а именно выработка новых положений в этой области, что и должно привести к значительному сокращению числа беженцев и перемещенных лиц и способствовать их защите.


На нас сколько бабло получали???? Потомут что мы не копеек не получали не на что... Но есть домов, пособый итд который кто то у себя проста бирут... Кто? Это и есть вопрос на милион долларов.... Существенную помощь беженцам оказывают и такие органы и организации, как Детский фонд ООН (ЮНИСЕФ) – социальное обеспечение детей-беженцев; Всемирная организация здравоохранения (ВОЗ) – медицинская помощь при чрезвычайных обстоятельствах; Организация Объединенных Наций по вопросам образования, науки и культуры (ЮНЕСКО) – образовательные программы; Международная организация труда (МОТ) – профессиональное обучение; Всемирная продовольственная программа (ВПП) – обеспечение беженцев продовольствием.



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Today We Publish 2 of the Pelosi E-Mails. Meet Human Trafficker Harriet Ishimoto as an attorney for Nancy Pelosi she officially told us to give up my children as collateral

Give your kids up as collateral:


Then dmagae control


Harriet was such a successful human trafficker for billionair Pelosi that she has a day named for her in Gay Francisco


So Simple Any Retard Could Figure It Out But CPS Sells Children and GOV Covers

I was the Full Custodial Parent but They Had Another Narrative to STEAL MONEY and Sell My Kids


  The Imaginary Contract and the Real Consequence

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  My Best Student Became the Biggest Traitor

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I taught him about the real meaning of Thanksgiving and he did this:


  Desperation Videos

Some Desperate Attempts to Bring Attention to Violations of Our Human Rights 

Вся правда о жизни 1й беженцев из США Роблесе Часть 01   

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In English On Ridiculous Difficulties of Refugee Status in Russia   

Speech on Indigenous Struggle FIGHT!   

JAR2's Tribute to "El Comandante" RIP 


   The Real Leaks Had to be Stopped

The Whole Truth About JAR2 Ready to be Published: Book Preview


BOOK PREVIEW: CIA Black Operations Assets in Police and Drug Gangs in Russia

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FOR THE CRIME OF JOURNALISM or "Тотальна ганебна зрада!"

I used to be the "Voice of Russia"

Because Robles Came Snowden

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Коррупция, это болезнь, убивающая сердце государства, его народ! Коррупция отнимает надежду на справедливость и светлое будущее. Не будь рабом коррупции!  


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