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Malaysian MH370 may have been remotely hijacked – Prof Kevin Barrett

The mystery continues into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Could it be that the crew and everyone on board were incapacitated by hypoxia and the aircraft flew on autopilot until it ran out of fuel or, according to Professor Kevin Barrett, the plane could have been remotely hijacked using something called the Flight Termination System developed by a company run by Dov Zakheim. Dr. Barrett believes that the same group that was involved in 9-11 and used this system may also be behind the flight's disappearance. 

Whether an assassination, an airborne kidnapping for interrogation or perhaps the fact that the spare parts of a 777 aircraft are apparently worth over $100 million, the mystery will not be solved until the plane is located, the search continues.

Hello, this is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Dr Kevin Barrett, he is a Doctor and a Professor in Arabic and Islamic Studies, and the co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth. He is also the owner and manager of truthjihad.com. This is part 4 of a longer interview, you can find the previous parts of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

Robles: You deal with theories sometimes, I do. This Malaysian aircraft that went down, I think it was 289 Chinese citizens on board, and the CIA came out with one...they said it was 'possibly a terrorist attack'. Is that somehow as an expansion of the war on terror into the Asia-Pacific region?

Barrett: I don't really know what is behind this tragedy, with this Malaysian airline flight. We did just publish an article on this that went viral, and in my article I pointed out similarities between some of the very strange aspects of this incident and that of 9-11. Yeah, on 9-11 and with this Malaysian flight we had planes suddenly lose their transponders, there was no emergency squawk from the cockpit and that only takes about a second or two.

So there is no way that a hijacker can get into a cabin and they are not going to squawk the emergency hijack code. And there is no way that something catastrophic is going to happen and they are not going to squawk that emergency beacon. So something completely inexplicable happened there. These planes on 9-11 and this plane in Malaysia veered wildly off course, transponders went off and then basically just disappeared off the face of the Earth as far as we know.

And then there were cell phone anomalies in both cases. In the case of the Malaysian plane we had lots of family members of the passengers as well as the company people calling the crew who reported that the cell phones were ringing, well a couple of days I believe after the plane disappeared, which means that the cell phones must have been switched on and they must have been near a cell phone tower, that means that this plane cannot have gone down in the water. Now in 9-11 we had famous cell phone anomalies, there were 15 reported cell phone calls from passengers from hijacked planes, then in 2006 the FBI admitted that at least 13 of these alleged cell phone calls never happened.

Robles: It wasn't possible, I'm sorry, at that time in history it wasn't technically possible to make cell phone calls from aircraft, right?

Barrett: Well, that's right. Yes. The original story was there were 15 cell phone calls, most of them from altitudes of 30,000 feet or so, which was technically completely preposterous. So that is why in 2006 the FBI changed the story.

And in the biggest cell phone anomaly is the alleged call from Solicitor General Ted Olson to his wife Barbara Olson, who is a famous TV commentator, both of them were Bush regime members. Ted Olson was in fact the guy who argued Bush into power in 2000 before the Supreme Court.

Ted Olson on 9-11 said that his wife called him from hijacked Flight 77. He told several different stories about it, some days he said it was a cell phone, some days he said it was a seat-back phone. He said he talked to her twice, once for several minutes. It turns out that that was lie, the FBI in 2006 confirmed that there was no conversation. The FBI said there were two attempts to call Olson's phone and that both of them lasted for zero seconds. So the FBI confirmed that Ted Olsen lied when he claimed that his wife called him from aboard a hijacked plane.

And there are many other cell phone anomalies as well, but these are just of a surface level one. So we have these really interesting parallels between the two events. And ultimately I think the most likely hypothesis for what happened on 9-11 may also apply to this Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which is that in both cases we are probably dealing with remote hijackings. It seems that on 9-11 the commercial airliners were remotely hijacked.

Robles: For listeners can you tell us exactly what you mean by 'remote hijacking'?

Barrett: Yeah, there is a system for taking over a plane from a location that is not on the plane. You can either do it from the ground or you can do it from another aircraft. And there was a system developed called The Flight Termination System developed by a company run by Dov Zakheim. Dov Zakheim is a radical Zionist who was head of the, he was the controller of the Pentagon, in charge of the Pentagon budget up through 9-11. And he managed to lose $2.3 trillion of the Pentagon's money during that period.

Zakheim's company created The Flight Termination System, which allows you to take over planes from either the ground or from another plane. So for various reasons researchers looking into 9-11 think that the most likely hypothesis about what happened that day was that commercial airliners were remotely hijacked by people using Dov Zakheim's Flight Termination System, or something like it. They were probably landed at military bases, and drones were then used to attack the targets. So the planes that we saw flying into the World Trade Center were almost certainly remote-controlled drones.

This Malaysian 370 plane also appears to have been remotely hijacked because all of the systems stopped working, the pilots were unable to squawk an emergency request for help, and as I said that only takes one second. So if anything happens a pilot always squawks that, and there is even a code for hijacking which takes a couple of seconds to squawk.

There was no squawking any code, there was the transponders just “boom” went off, and then the plane turned and flew off and disappeared, just like on 9-11. So I think the most likely hypothesis would be that Malaysian Flight 370 was remotely hijacked by a person or persons unknown, and the group that we know is in control of this technology and using if for nefarious purposes is the group that used it on 9-11.

Robles: What would be the purpose then here?

Barrett: Well the spare parts of a 777 aircraft are apparently worth over $100 million so that might provide some motivation, and there may have been people on that plane who somebody wanted to interrogate or get rid of. It is hard to say. I don't really know what the motive would be at this point but we know that quite often intelligence agencies cause plane crashes in order to kill targeted individuals who are on the plane.

Robles: Sure, and it could be one person, right?

Barrett: Yeah, they'll take down a whole plane for one person. I've interviewed Saint John Hunt whose father Howard Hunt was a high level CIA agent, and his mom Dorothy Hunt was killed in a staged plane crash by CIA people. Likewise I've John Perkins on my radio show, the Economic Hit Man, who's talked about how his colleagues killed many heads of state in sporadic [6: 59] plane crashes.

Robles: This is the Asteroids, or who is this?

Barrett: Yeah, he calls them the Asteroids. Or they call themselves the Asteroids.

Robles: You are only the second person I've talked to who knows anything about the Asteroids.

Barrett: Really? More people should read John Perkins' book then.

Robles: You said a $100 million for the spare parts of a 777?

Barrett: Well I'm getting that from Mike Rivero, so I don't know.

Robles: That is very interesting. Maybe you can give us your opinion? You've heard of Philip Marshall, right?

Barrett: Yeah, sure. I've worked with Wayne Madsen on that.

Robles: Oh, you worked with Wayne Manson on that. I talked to Wayne and he was telling me he was investigating the death of Mr. Marshall and the fact that he was working on a book regarding the Boneyard. As soon as you mentioned spare parts that Boneyard came to mind. Do you know anything about that?

Barrett: All I know is what I heard from Wayne about this. But yeah, Wayne Manson believes that Philip Marshall, who was an old CIA drug pilot who flew Barry Seal, the most notorious drug smuggler in history all over the place back in the day, and who then wrote a 9-11 truth book and ended up dying with his two children, and the cops ruled it murder-suicide, quite implausibly according to Wayne Madsen who flew out there and investigated. Well Wayne says that his best guess as to why they killed Philip Marshall and his kids - well they didn't mean to kill his kids – they just, when the hit men showed up the kids were there so they had to kill the kids too and make it a murder/suicide.

Robles: Yeah, we talked about this. Wayne said that the wife was … she was out of town, she wasn't supposed to have been and the kids were accidently there, along with the dog.

Barrett: Yeah just how kind and gentle these people are, but anyway, Wayne thinks that they killed Philip Marshall because Philip Marshall had been poking around the Boneyard which is a big old aircraft graveyard with high security down in New Mexico...

Robles: Arizona it is.

Barrett: Arizona, yeah. And that there may be 9-11 planes still there or other clues to what happened on 9-11.

Robles: The planes has always been a point of contention for me, two of them – their registration numbers I believe are still active today.

Barrett: They were deactivated years later after 9-11.

Robles: Oh, they are deactivated now. Two of them are still spotted occasionally, right?

Barrett: My colleague Jim Fetzer is really big on this and he says I think there were two that were still flying around for several years, but I think they did get deactivated in... Ok, here it is – 28th of September, 2005 the tale numbers that were Flights 93 and 175 were deregistered on 28th of September, 2005.

Robles: Ok, that is the two we are talking about, that was the Pentagon and the one that went down and in that, supposedly in that field in Pennsylvania, right?

Barrett: No. It was actually the South Tower Plane and the Pennsylvania plane.

Robles: Oh, it was the South Tower Plane and the Pennsylvania plane, wow. Ok, interesting. Here is what I know, this is off the record here. Just wanted to run this by you about 9-11. From what I've gathered, and this is my own thinking here, that maybe some of the people that were involved in it, in the planning and planting the explosives and the teams that were sent to rig the buildings to collapse, they may have been on that plane that was supposedly went down in Pennsylvania. I don't know if you know about the reports in Cleveland, Ohio, but that plane had landed and there was a television crew, an ABC-news crew, and they said that the plane was taxied to a NASA hanger and there was 184 people on board or something, they were evacuated, they were never seen again. My thinking was, that was like the support staff, they were taken over there and killed on that plane. But do you know anything about that?

Barrett: Yeah. I think the short answer to what happened to the passengers is that the complicit ones were handed their check and their new identity in their witness protection program and the non complicit ones were killed. And yes, this hundred and eighty plus people off loaded at Cleveland – that could have pretty much represented all of the alleged passengers, or all of the passengers.

There may have been a way that they were able to get all the passengers from these four flights onto one flight, possibly because some of the passengers were complicit, and a number of the people that developed The Flight Termination System for Dov Zakheim's company were apparently on these flights, and there were number of other suspicious people as well. Yeah, it seems quite possible that they could have killed a lot of the people who were involved in the technical end of things that way, or they could have ordered them into particular places in the doomed buildings and had them locked up somewhere in the doomed buildings and then the buildings blow up.

Robles: My thinking is that anyone that was involved was killed, everybody. We haven't seen a big leak or a revelation or anyone come forward.

Barrett: Yeah, well. I don't know if they would have to kill exactly everybody but I think they have quite sophisticated techniques for profiling people and figuring out who's trustworthy and who isn't. I'm sure they would err on the side of caution probably, but I think that is actually something that people aren't aware of, but they should be aware of, is the way profiling is done.

I'm reading about this 1953 Iran coup and one of the reasons it was successful is that they went to great lengths to profile all of the key people and know what makes them tick; that way they find out who can be corrupted and so on, and who can't be. And likewise, with 9-11, I think the reason that the NSA started turning its equipment on the American people in spring of 2001 was to get information that profiled people and make sure that nobody with any power was going to stand up against this coming coup d'état.

And when it comes to the actual people that pull off these things, I'm sure they are very carefully profiled. John Perkins says that the reason they picked him to be an economic hit man was that they caught sight of him when he lied to protect a friend, but he had done something illegal - not a huge crime. But Perkins very glibly and successfully lied to protect his friend and somehow that was noticed and so they ran him through a bunch of personality tests and hired him to be an economic hit man.

I think he believed, and I would believe to, that if somebody who had done a competent job of killing someone might very well become an Asteroid, and the military also is always looking for people like with language skills, they'll send you to their Monterey Language School and if your test is like 140 or 150 plus IQ psychopath then they will probably see you as material for being one of these special forces killers. And then I've heard that the banksters with their piles of the money who can pay a lot more than the military…

Robles: Mine was 182 and I know 5 languages, they never took me.

Barrett: Oh yeah, I know several languages too, But they don't need very much to know I'm a trouble maker.

Robles: But I'm a terrible liar. I can't lie, I can't even lie to complete strangers, they know right away when I'm lying.

Robles: So like you are no good for the empire at all, you are totally useless for them. I kind of have the same problem. I can't even fudge enough to keep my wife happy.

Robles: Yeah, me neither. Oh my god. Ok, I've got a very good finish here.

Barrett: So we are both stupid and incorruptible.

Robles: OK. All right , take care. Thanks a lot.

Barrett: Thank you, bye.

Robles: Bye-bye.


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