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 If I am found dead. It was not a suicide. Ask Mr Smith.


The True Story of the Last Taino and his Fight to Expose 9-11: which turned into a war

against a CIA controlled 5th column bent on destroying Russia. SEE JAR2 BLOG


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"The Earth is my mother. She will find a place for my race." -

Last Taino/Arawak January 2016 Moscow, Russian Federation



The World is Multipolar Again



   Coat of Arms Russia Federation SU-34 Russian strike on terrorists Dear Ukrainian nazi Junta/NATO/CIA/EU and Western Mass Media, THis is what it looks like when Russia takes military action. This is what you are trying to provoke in Novorossiya and in Europe. Maybe you should take a minute to think? Russia does not play with nazis and terrorists. Russia liquidates them. BRAVO TO RUSSIA!!!
Russian Defense Ministry Video Download

Russia launches airstrikes on terrorists in Syria Zhirinovsky speaks out

Окрета Письмо

Open letter to Russian officials

Forbidden in Russia: Interview With John Robles in Russian

Forbidden Interview

Forbidden in Russia True Story on False of Arrest of John Robles III

Forbidden Arrest

Assange 'Arbitrarily Detained' In Embassy Will Leave Friday

Assange to Leave Embassy on Friday

«Антимайдан» просит СКР проверить заявление Касьянова о возврате Крыма Украине


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Evidence: CIA MKULTRA 2009

They say MKULTRA was closed in 1978, no way kids, it was just renamed and hidden

CIA Asset Exposed 9-11


9-11: Intercepted

Pilots for 9-11 Truth film on the events of 9-11

The Consortium: World's Leading False Flag Organizer


Covered Up Reports Prove Navalny Spent 2 Weeks at CIA

or: CIA Attempting to Own Russian Presidency

The CIA is attempting to install an agent into the office of the President of the Russian Federation, the only question was who? Using very simple deduction we have determined due largely to the complete absence of any photographs on the internet of Alexey Navalny with US Ambassadors and US figures that they key figure in the plot for the top spot is Alexy Navalny. An article detailing a 2 week visit to the CIA has never been challenged by Navalny in the 2 years that it has been on the net. Being as Navalny loves to sue everyone and anything to protect his cover if he can in any way argue his innocence and the fact that he has never countered the CIA claim we can also assume that it is true. If anything I have written here is not true and can be challenged I will gladly remove this post and apologize. The deduction is mine, it is a dangerous one but after years of watching this unfold it is the only deduction I can make. The CIA is attempting to own the Russian Presidency.











Subplot: Nemtsov

When analyzing such machinations there are two things that any analyst or investigator must watch closely, one is the flow of the money and two is always the question of who is the “least” obvious. The person who is the most protected is likely the person who is of greatest interest. In the case of Boris Nemtsov I offer the following thesis: he was the cashier for CIA political operations in Russia and he knew far too much. After the meeting with McFaul upon his arrival, the neo-Liberal landscape changed and decisions were made as to who would be serving the CIA in what posts. Navalny was obviously chosen to attempt to own the office of President of the Russian Federation. He is the only candidate that the US deems has a chance. However that is all changed now with the publication of this material.   

Evidence: SBU Criminal Case Against German MP for Donbass Visit

How the nazi junta tries to hide the truth and their war crimes

Evidence: The Reason Hugo Chavez was Assassinated by CIA

Letter from US Congress to Hillary Rodham Clinton regarding Iran and Hugo Chavez and Nuclear Weapons

Evidence: CIA Backing Ukrainian nazis Since 1953

CIA FOIA OSS Archive Release Regarding Operations in Ukraine 1953

Twitter Banning Russian Patriots En-Masse

While I was in hiding over the holidays due to threats from Olga Dotsenko I was off-line as well and just got back up to speed and found two very well known Russian bloggers have been banned from Twitter. Please help https://twitter.com/001russia  by following his account.

Бан Коробкова - 125 000 читателей Бан Щаранского - 59 000 Бан Нефритового - 17 000

PART OF THE PROBLEM WITH MY FRIEND MAY BE THIS VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6IC9E6O4P0

War in Donbass: All the Circles of Hell


Mein Kampf Normalization a Step Towards Genocide

January 13, 2016  The republication and acceptance by the tolerant European community of Mein Kampf is an extremely dangerous development that will lead to untold misery and millions of deaths. The re-release of this work of pure evil must be fought and should be causing an incredible uproar around the world just as the "heroization" of nazi scum Stepan Bandera should have caused an uproar in Ukraine. I call out to all of the Slavic and other people's of the world and Europe which Mein Kampf classified as subhuman to stand up and fight the normalization of this publication. The fact that Zionist Jews are controlling the world's media and are in collusion with the same nazi elements in Ukraine that wish to take over Europe and are behind the re-publication of Mein Kampf is something that is being ignored as it goes against normal people's accepted thinking, however normal intelligent peace-loving Jews are also almost unheard from which is alarming. There is no longer freedom of speech as the US/CIA/NATO/Mossad/Saudi have achieved dominance in the global media. Be warned again my fellow members of the Russian World and all intelligent peace-loving people worldwide, your silence will lead to genocide and in the end the destruction of the Russian World and all that we love and have fought for. We are at war and the target is us.    

Russian Businesses Targeted in Germany

January 13, 2016 

Hidden story: In Kehl, Germany (on the border with France) there is a wonderful food shop which sells imported Russian food called Mix Market. According to reliable sources during the past days a gang from France burned the place down. Rumors going around the Arab circles in the area are that it was done out of revenge for the Russian intervention in Syria. My sources say there is absolutely nothing in the news with one source saying a contact in the German BKA explained that it was just one of many incidents hidden to keep things calm in Germany and Europe.


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Support Ramzan Kadirov

Good News! Twitter Unbans Russian Patriot


Твой лицо когда узнаешь что твоя мама и бабушка путался убрать твой папа

Your face when you find out your mother and grandmother attempted to "get rid of" your dad


What They Have Done To My Family Is An Outrage! WE HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS and WE ARE NOT SUBHUMAN!

January 20, 2016  Day and night I think about what they have done to me yet I try to remain calm and explain away their outrageous behavior towards me,

Notice to Olga Dotsenko and Natalia Surikova:

January 11, 2016 Last year they stole every dime I had and even money that I borrowed and left me for dead without a penny. This year they tried to get me evicted during the Holiday season and I had to go into hiding.


Important Revelations, Vital Information

and much much more inside the site......

John and The Surgeon Project Censored Award for John Robles



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