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For blowing the whistle and exposing the truth the owner of this site has been hunted, marginalized, demonized, poisoned and forced to live in exile and is

the only Borinken Native American/Ex-US Citizen with political asylum in the Russian Federation. 9-11 was an inside job,


Exposing the PNAC/CIA/Mossad/Saudi/NATO 9-11 Conspiracy and US Military Takeover of the World


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   Coat of Arms Russia Federation SU-34 Russian strike on terrorists Dear Ukrainian nazi Junta/NATO/CIA/EU and Western Mass Media, THis is what it looks like when Russia takes military action. This is what you are trying to provoke in Novorossiya and in Europe. Maybe you should take a minute to think? Russia does not play with nazis and terrorists. Russia liquidates them. BRAVO TO RUSSIA!!!
Russian Defense Ministry Video Download

Russia launches airstrikes on terrorists in Syria Zhirinovsky speaks out
In 2013, before the US mired down the Russian Federation with their destruction of Ukraine which is an attack by proxy on Russia. There was a wonderful worldwide media outlet called the Voice of Russia which was destroyed from the indside by Russian 5th columists which led to its liquidation. I worked day and night to stop the invasion of Syria that we are seeing today. My articles and interviews are still topical. I was prevented from investigating the fact that ISIS/IS/IL is a CIA/Mossad/NATO secret army which is destabilizing the region and in fact winning territory for Israel. Here is some of that work:  Efforts to Stop NATO Syrian Invasion  

Important Revelations And Issues:

Turkey Commits Act of War Against Russia! The US will now pull NATO into the Syrian conflict by using Turkey. World War III. The US is INSANE!! We Demand Peace and the End to CIA/ISIS

Flight 9268

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FSB Officially Calls 9268 a Terrorist Attack: $50 Million Reward

Offers $50 Million Reward for the Perpetrators

Foreign intel services could be behind Paris attacks

The Paris attacks could be the work of foreign intelligence services in order to “facilitate a NATO strike against Syria,” says a former US Army psychological officer

On Flight 9268 and the Paris Attacks, Article by John Robles

Article by John Robles regarding the downing of flight 9268 and the terrorist attacks in Paris

CIA Running Damage Control Operation on 9268: Blaming MI-6

ISIS=CIA/NATO/Mossad/Saud They are all in on the great terrorist deception for the ZIONISTS

СIA/MI6/NATO/Saud downed 9268 SVR Captures 2 CIA Assets


Russian Airliner Takedown Over Sinai: Was It MOSSAD/CIA/ISIS?



List of Victims of Flight 9268

List of Victims of Flight 9268 in Russian and English

Evidence Ukraine/Poland Supporting ISIS for the CIA + Soros/Nazis

Weekly collection of material regarding Ukraine, ISIS, Sorros and the nazi Scum in Ukraine

PSYOPs Officer Scott Bennet: Proof ISIS=CIA

02-26-2015 Last Interview by John Robles II with PSYOPs Officer Scott Bennet Part 1
MULTIDIMENSIONAL INFLUENCE OPERATIONS US Army Psychological Operations Officer Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)      ZIPPED FILE   WIthout Music   Zipped   

When Osama Bin Laden Was Tim Osman

Evidence that Osama Bin Laden was working for the CIA

CIA/ISIS Twitter Accounts


More Proof ISIS is a CIA Project Execution by ISIS filmed in studio

Warning: Graphic Contents      DOWNLOADD

Terrorism, ISIS Funding, Snowden, 9-11 and Another Cover Up

This came in my e-mail from a reliable source "S" and as always, from 9-11 to Ukraine to the ISIS 

Russian Policeman Gets 13 Years for Working for CIA

За три года работы на ЦРУ подмосковный полицейский получил 13 лет колонии

If you read my material and my statements regarding the penetration of the CIA into the police forces in Moscow this story should remove your doubts

George Soros the Puppetmaster Behind Ukraine

E-mails released by CyberBerkut in July  SOURCE


Files/Soros/Soros_Ukraine_March_non-paper _2015_v14.pdf


Drone Specifications US Military Working Paper

How do drones target and what systems are involved are all detailed in this paper

Anonymous Operation Ferguson - "Operation Take Down" Initiated

Anonymous Operation Ferguson - Press Release: "Operation Take Down" Initiated US Racists Openly Shoot Black Protestors "Black Lives Matter"

Anonymous Releases KKK List

List of members of the Klu Klux Klan in the United States

Full Text of TPP

Download the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Here

The Wyoming Incident Subliminal Scripted Psychological Operation

Do not watch nor download this video, you may succumb to unexplainable psychological manipulation if you are not equipped

CyberBerkut Exposes US/CIA/SBU Information War Architecture

CIA Asset Alexey Navalny Right in the Middle

We do not forgive, we do not forget, don't expect us we are already here

CIA Director John Brennan's E-Mails and Contacts

CIA Director John Brennan's Secret Unidentified Intel Group

FBI Agent Dossier Middle East Operations 9-11 Liason Donovan-J-Leighton.pdf

contact list      Torture Ways    Torture      Afghanistan-Pakistan-Executive-Summary.pdf      Analysis-Corporation.pdf        Draft-Intel-Position-Paper.pdf

John-Brennan-Draft-SF86.pdf         Preface-Memo-to-ExSum.pdf        The-Conundrum-of-Iran.pdf


President Putin Fires Prosecutor General

Президент снял с должности прокурора Москвы

Netanyahu Re-Writes History: Blames Palestinians for Holocaust


Targetting of Minorities Continues in Moscow

I love Russia but Xenophobia is on the Rise with a frightening police action titled Migrant 2015

US Resident Gerry Kasparov Guilty of Corruption

The US funded liberal opposition in Russian are all crooks and traitors


The Secret Weather Weapon of the United States

Alexey Navalny Has Completely Lost His Mind

The US States Department's poster-boy for the Russian opposition has apparently completely forgotten that Russia is a sovereign nation and that US law does not apply here. He has asked the US Government to check the finances of the wife of Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov in an unheard of publicity act. I am therefore asking the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB RF, which does have jurisdiction over the sovereign territory of the Russian Federation) to investigate the finances of Navalny and his party of thieves and traitors. After his recent meeting with a CIA officer in Kostroma it seems Navalny now believes he is in America and has lost all fear. Please support my Twitter post on the issue and RETWEET https://twitter.com/JohnARobles/status/655402853389963264 

I Asked Snowden If He Was a Deep Cover CIA Project

He of course has not answered like he ignored all requests from Russian media for an interview

CIA Agent Snowden Invites Us to Mars

Opens a Twitter Account

Edward Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales

Download Video    Watch on YouTube

Catholic Pope Verifies NWO: Vatican Serving the Zionists

Pope Francis kisses Rockefeller's hand while Kissinger and Rothschild look on

The War on Terror is a Farce OBL/911/AQ/ISIS all CIA Projects


See bottom of page to help us and enjoy this package to help yourselves: Anonymous Care Package 2.0

Clinton E-Mails

download Hillary Clinton E-mails

CIA/NSA Information Operations Openly Hiring in Moscow

Please sign the petition to stop them

Video on the issue in Russian

9-11 Conspiracy Blown Wide Open

03-13-2015 A Comprehensive Fact-Based Report Proving 9-11 was an Inside Job by Zionist/Nazi Ideologues who Took Over the US Government

Barbara Honeggar's TESLA Report ZIPPED   

9-11 Was an Inside Job Carried Out by US/CIA/NATO/Mossad/Saud
LUNATICS to WAGE ENDLESS WAR and TAKE OVER THE WORLD. STOP AMERIKA BEFORE THEY KILL MILLIONS MORE AND DESTROY EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL AND ALL THAT IS SACRED TO MANKIND. VALUE LIFE, LOVE AND THE BEAUTY OF EXISTENCE. WTC 1, 2 and 7 were demolished by three underground thermonuclear devices, the Pentagon by a missile to kill investigators involved in locating almost a trillion dollars misappropriated by the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania plane landed near Cleveland Ohio and all passengers were evacuated and killed. All planes were at the Boneyard in Arizona. Now that you know the truth what are you going to do.

PNAC=9-11/Endless War  10:45 200 people on flight 93 evacuated to NASA hangar  in 28 minutes and killed.
9-11 TESLA Report Tells All: Conspiracy Exposed 

Arseny Yatsenyuk Killed and Tortured Russians in Chechnya???

Ramzan Kadirov has said Yatsenyuk is a coward and not a fighter which seems to match his slimy little profile and Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said it is too early to conclude one way or the other as to whether Yatsenyuk did in fact fight in Chechnya. One thing is sure with Yatsenyuk's declining popularity it would only serve his political interests in Ukraine if we started saying what a killer of Russians he was. So as not to get used by US worm boy Yatsenyuk, his photo was removed from my home page which was littered with his feces-like countenance.  Arseny Yatsenyuk (reportedly) in sunglasses, bottom right 

Anonymous Operation Hocking

Press Release

CIA/ISIS Twitter Accounts


WHO is the NWO

The key leading bodies controlling what some call the NWO are the Atlantic Council of the United States, the Bilderberg Group, the Aspen Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. It is for them and their Israeli, Saudi and corporate clients that people are dying in Syria, Ukraine and worldwide.

List and study of corporations and bodies which run the US Government and the New World Order

Meet CIA COS Bradford Bell + Navalny Meets His CIA Controllers

CIA Chief of Station Bradford Bell and Russian 5th Column

Obama Kills Innocent Little Boy

Photos of dead Syrian boy killed as a direct result of US "Democracy Operations" in Syria

CIA Explosives Found on 9-11: Dr. Ronald Cutburth

CIA Controlled Explosives Found on 9-11 - Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Press Release: Anonymous Operation Ferguson Soldiers On

Press release from Anonymous    www.OperationFerguson.cf  Twitter - @OpFerguson2015  Press Release - http://pastebin.com/g8JprRj6

Constitution of the Russian Federation (English)

Download Constitution of the Russian Federation in English

White Book of War Crimes Carried Out by Kiev Nazi Junta

Download White Paper of Ukrainian War Crimes      PDF White Paper of Ukrainian War Crimes

US/NATO/RS/Ukr to Invade Crimea/Novorossiya Soon?

US State Department Call for Americans to leave Crimea and Russia 

NATO and its Nazi Roots: Photographic Evidence

NATO and the Nazis another clue

Indigenous Anon Gunned Downed by RCMP: Operation Anon Down

Anonymous Press Release: Operation Anon Down Saturday - July 18, 2015

www.OperationAnonDown.cf   Twitter - @OpAnonDown   Press Release - http://pastebin.com/5BhcTiaa  Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpAnonDown

Operational Information: http://anonymousglobal.org/opanondown/OpAnonDown.html   Anonymous Care Package: Anonymous Care Package on JAR2     

More Proof ISIS is a CIA Project Execution by ISIS filmed in studio

Warning: Graphic Contents      DOWNLOADD

Terrorism, ISIS Funding, Snowden, 9-11 and Another Cover Up

This came in my e-mail from a reliable source "S" and as always, from 9-11 to Ukraine to the ISIS 

More Proof US Owns Ukraine

Letter from US Senate to Zio-Nazi Yatsenyuk

Srebrenica Massacre Gigantic Political Fraud: Dr. Edward Herman

Srebrenica (the West's pretext) was in response to the killing of over 2,000 Serb civilians, mostly women and children,

July 04 Amerika: A Stolen Country Founded on Genocide

Your "Independence" has always been an illusion. Based on genocide, built by slaves: Amerika the genocidal hegemon   

Nazis in Ukraine: Children Being Brainwashed to Hate Russians

Reporter deported by the SBU from Ukraine for the crime of journalism

Important Must-See Videos on JAR2

Videos on JAR2

Anonymous Press Release: Operation Shut Down Westboro

Monday - June 22, 2015  6:30 PM ET USA 

Cyber Berkut: CIA Plot Ukraine, Soros, US Silent On Genocide


Kiev Delivering on Rhetoric to ‘Cleanse Sub-Humans’

One year later and not a thing has changed

There are no NAZIS in Ukraine? More Proof

Ukraine Section  

President Vladimir Putin Cleanses the Ranks

Being a General does not give you impunity

NSA Black Budget: TOP SECRET

Budget reveals black operations, programs and much more about the US' most secret agency

DPR Deports 7 American Spies Working Under UN Cover

04-30-2015 Proving Western control even most of the Russian media has dropped the ball on this one.  

US/CIA/NATO-Owned-Ukranian-Nazis Kill 2nd Journalist in Week

In last interview criticized Ukraine for becoming a US client and for attempting to join NATO  

Report on murder        Television report on murder      27:00 Kiselyov: Buzina Represents Russian Party/Russian Bloc         Kiselyov Allows Buzina beat up

Yemen: US/CIA/NATO Assassinate Leader While Subverting Cuba

04-15-2015 Coalition of the 4th Reich Bombs President of Yemen

Blacks Falsely Imprisoned by U.S. Apartheid Thank Jailers

04-05-2015 http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/03/us/alabama-death-row-inmate/

Empire Gone Mad: Connecting the Dots on Destruction of Ukraine

This article has been published after repeated attempts to reach the buyer who has disappeared amid active attempts to suppress its publication.

Connecting the dots on the destruction of Ukraine and the frontal attack on Russia

Sold 31 Page Article Detailing Western Lies on Ukraine This article was sold and has not been published and all e-mails to the publisher are being blocked

and all attempts to reach the buyer have proven futile. Text me at +7-965-131-5479

Ukraine: Nazi Junta Continues Genocide in Novorossiya

03-20-2015 The Slaughter of Civilians Continues in Novorossiya "Accidentally"

Boston Bombing False Flag Cover Up Continues

Tsarnayev sold down river by his own lawyer  BOSTON BOMBING HOAX   Boston Bombing False Flag attack-Nathan Folks   Boston Bombing False Flag Attack Part 2

NATO Continues Its Insane Drive for WWIII

Sending over 200 tanks, troops and hardware into Eastern Europe

US Military and Sodomy as Moral Norm

  By Scott Bennett, Ph.D.  03-08-2015 The Disintegration of the U.S. Military, Rebirth of the Global Veterans Today

CIA Whacks Color Revolution Organizer Boris Nemtsov


Cyber Berkut: Yatsenyuk, Step Down and Leave

Cyber Berkut takes down Arseny Yatsenyuk's site and demand he rid the country of himself.

US Installed Genocidal nazi Junta = Sanctions Against the U.S.A.

Call by jar2 com 


MH-17 Report from Russian Expert Group   MH-17 Official MAL Passenger Manifest   MH-17 Report From Dutch Safety Board  MH-17 Shot Down by CIA/SBU  

Flight MH17 a False Flag War Pretext     MH370 remotely hijacked – Prof Kevin Barrett  

Ukraine: A CIA/NATO/ZIO-NAZI US Orchestrated Coup

Hundreds of articles

Boston Bombing a False Flag Attack: Nathan Folks

Revealed in an interview with Hollywood director Nathan Folks. Years of work behind the scenes and the attempted murder of Folks led to the interview with the Hollywood director who exposed the Boston Bombing for the false flag attack that it was.

Hollywood Producer Nathan Folks Exposes Boston Bombing as a False Flag Attack Part 1  

Crimean Kosovo Scenario Exposed Before Referendum

In the days leading up to the referendum I personally revealed a plan by the US and NATO to destabilize Crimea and use the Kosovo scenario

Anonymous operations expose Ukrainian Bandera nazis  


Dozens of interviews and other work with WikiLeaks for years


John is one of the few journalists in the world to have interviewed members of the Anonymous hactivist collective   

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: A Corporate Coup

 Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement   TPP like SOPA on Steroids Kristinn Hrafnsson   Corporate Coup D'état  Hrafnsson  Obama's Unconstitutional Secret Treaty  

Saudis Threatened Putin With Terrorism Before Sochi Olympics

Bandar Bush Threatens President Putin and the Russian People with Sochi Terrorist Attackk  

VISTAJET: CIA Rendition Airline

The airline used by the CIA to rendition Roman Seleznyov and revealed by John Robles, one of the hundreds of revelations attributable to jar2.

Americans "Arrested" Roman Seleznev Without Legal Instruments - Witness 

and much much more inside the site......

Crimea Tour and Bike Show 2015

Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Federation

John and The Surgeon

Alexander (The Surgeon) Zaldostanov a True Russian Patriot. A great honor to have met him!

First Series: Motorcycle Convoy into Sevastopol Proper

Photos of motorcycle convoy by JAR2  

Second Series: Presentation on Stage in Sevastopol

Photos of presentation in Sevastopol Proper

Third Series: 800 Steps to the Sea

The Eagle's Nest: St. George's Monastery and 800 Steps to the Sea

Fourth Series: Road trip, Sea of Azov, Crimean Ferry and more

Photos from my 2015 Crimean expedition

Best Bike Show Ever! Bike Show 2015

Official Site and Blog of Night Wolves Motorcycle Club

http://www.nightwolves.ru/nw/    http://nightwolves-ru.livejournal.com/

Other Exclusive Content

Exclusive: Tour of Abandoned Russian Anti-Ballistic Missile Site

Abandoned Russian Anti Ballistic Missile Site  

Victory Day 2015 Photos from JAR2

Photos taken by JAR2 during Victory Day Celebrations and a Communist march in Moscow on May 9th 2015   


US Embassy Personnel (CIA) Made Direct Contact

Personnel from the US Embassy in Moscow were present at the hearing for my son today. They were not asked to be there and were there only as observers. During their time there they attempted to obtain from me information regarding my status here in Russia and in particular the specifics about what kind of documents we have. They offered to help me to see my son but I refused that offer and any other offer they might make and told them I had nothing to say to them at all, especially as it was clear they were there on an intelligence gathering mission and not there to actually help my son. They did not speak to the lawyer respresenting my son nor did they seem particularly concerned about his well being. They were acvtively asking me questions about my status however.  I basically told them to go fuck themselves in a polite a manner as possible. Will update you all later on the details of the exchange.  


Прошу РФ показать милосердии к моего невиновному сыну

Если Вы люди пожалуйста освобуждайти моего невиновному сыну, нет у меня 9 или даже 2 миллион


Press Release by JAR2 on Court Hearing Tomorrow

Please help to save John Anthony Robles III

Renouncement of US Citizenship

Forms for You to Renounce US Citizenship

All the actual forms you need to renounce your citizenship in the United Genocidal States of Amerika. Be warned being stateless is a living hell

Russian Law on Refugees and the Black Hole of Statelessness

My renouncements of US Citizenship were done due to my own political beliefs and in protest of US actions worldwide. I had hoped they would give the Russian authorities some impetus to grant me citizenship but that appears to not be the case and all my letters to President Putin are being ignored. I have political asylum in Russia and have had such since 2007 but my application for citzenship was put on permanent hold without being processed and without a reason being given. Now it is clear why this is "LEGAL". The following clause was removed from the Russian law on refugees allowing for my situation exactly. According to Russian law my acceptance of asylum does not require a renouncement and in fact is a renouncement of US Citizenship in and of itself. However there are idiots like the people at Alpha Bank who continue to pressure me to abide by US laws which I am not obliged to do and which I will not do. I abide by and follow the laws of the Russian Federation ONLY!

Статья 9. Приобретение беженцем гражданства Российской Федерации Соответствующие органы государственной власти и управления оказывают беженцу содействие в приобретении гражданства Российской Федерации. Гражданство Российской Федерации приобретается беженцем в соответствии с Законом РСФСР "О гражданстве РСФСР".

Russian Law on Refugees

UN Convention on Refugees

More Idiotism from Alpha Bank

Last repsonse from FMS

JAR2 on Channel 1


"I renounced my US citizenship in protest of the NWO, the godless CIA/NATO/MOSSAD/SAUDI conglomeration and in support of President Putin, the Crimea, the Donbass and all indigenous and oppressed people's everywhere being wiped out by the United States. What have you done?" - John

Video - Time to Wake Up: A Call to Action

Why I support President Putin from a real asylee and a member of the Russian World   

Отказ от гражданства США на 3 языках: СМИ молчат

Raw home video posted on YouTube in three languages

Press Release and Statement by John Anthony Robles II on Renouncement of US Citizenship

2nd Public Renouncement of US Citizenship by John Robles

During the Bike Show in Crimea I was given permission by the Surgeon to renounce any US citizenship I may still have in front of thousands of people. I will be releasing a statement, video and photos of the event soon. When I got home I was informed I am no longer employed and am looking for a job again!! I also have Alpha Bank attempting to gather personal information about me for the US Government!

Press Release and Statement by John Anthony Robles II on Renouncement of US Citizenship

  Уважаемый Президент Владимир Путин,
Прощу дать меня и моя семя Российский гражданство, умоляю(((

Note: JAR2 call for action

Anyone who claims to be against the nazis in Kiev but continues to ignore those who ordered, funded and are directing the genocide, namely the United Statesd of America, the CIA, NATO and the European Union as client states to America, is committing treason to Russia and are in collusion, even though simple silence, with these war criminals. As the annexation and destruction of Ukraine by US/NATO is a direct frontal attack on the Russian Federation anyone in the media who continues to soften or otherwise manipulate the information coming out of Ukraine, including neo-liberal western apologists  who continue to pander to the US are also guilty of treason and are cooperating and enabling war crimes. 

Crieman Flag
Crimean and NovoRossiyan Flags
Novorossiya  Novorossiya
JAR2 actively supports the people of Crimea and
This site supports the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and Novorossiya as they are faced with genocide for exercising their human right to self-determination. We provide information dissemination support in English under the current information war and physical support when it is in our power including evacuation, material support and humanitarian assistance. If you can help please e-mail us with your proposals. We are of course in need of donations and can direct your assistance where you deem necessary. We also support our Serbian friends, the Palestinian people, the Taino Borinken Nation, Puerto Rico, the people of Syria and Libya who have all suffered due to the imperialist ambitions of the United States and lastly we even support the people of Israel and their right to their own country if they stop building beyond their own borders and killing millions of Muslims and Palestinians because the Zionists have become like the nazis in believing they are somehow superior and have disgraced the Jewish people by committing their own genocide against those who are different as they attempt to clear land.
Congratulations to the People of Crimea THEY STOPPED NATO
Help the People of Novorossiya STOP NATO  


Sanctions Against Obama for Murdering People in the Donbass and Worldwide

Obama Banned From JAR2

BARRY SOEBARKAH, AKA BARRY SOETORO, AKA BARRY (Barack Hussein) OBAMA is forbidden from this site and from having anything to do with it or its owner, Obama has also been fined $100 trillion payable to the Central Bank of Russia for: Refusing to attend 70 Year Anniversary Victory Day Celebrations in Moscow, unleashing and supporting nazis in Ukraine and then blaming Russia, engaging in extra-judicial executions through droning and his Terror Tuesdays, engaging in wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and by proxy Ukraine, engaging in the genocide of Russians, Muslims and Palestinians, destabilizing Serbia, Venezuela and dozens of other countries, supporting terrorist groups such as the IS, ISIL, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, enslaving the American people, betraying all black people worldwide and laughing at Nelson Mandela's funeral, fraudulently receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, refusing to investigate 9-11, not closing Guantanamo, refusing to prosecute Bush era officials for Crimes Against Humanity and much more including for being a Zionist anti-Muslim disgrace to his own race.... Obama supports nazis and is trying to destroy Russia: Why the hell would he celebrate the fact that the USSR defeated the nazis who would have killed him for being one of the "mud" people? He laughed at Mandela's funeral...

.Project Censored Award for John Robles.




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