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For blowing the whistle and exposing the truth the owner of this site has been hunted, marginalized, demonized and forced to live in exile and is the only Native American/Ex-US Citizen with political asylum in the Russian Federation. It would be worth your while to have a look around.



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Important Revelations And Issues:

CIA Whacks Color Revolution Organizer Boris Nemtsov


03-01-2015 Odessa organizer detained in Moscow. Wanted for the murder of over 112 anti-junta protestors in Odessa, the son of the ex-mayor of Odessa, Alexey Alexevich Goncharenko was arrested at the march in memory of Boris Nemtsov. He is being held and charged with ordering police to conduct illegal activities and will be charged in the deaths of Russian nationals in the House of Unions in Odessa last summer.

03-01-2015 17:05 I was right. During the mourning march for Nemtsov, which gathered thousands of more people than his new Bolotnaya meeting ever would have (up to 16,000 as opposed to several hundred) Ukrainian flags were being waved, people were singing the national hymn of Ukraine and others...

02-28-2015 10:05  Boris Nemtsov was planning to hold an opposition rally today, Saturday February 28, 2015, on Bolotnaya Square in order to foment internal political and social strife in the hopes of creating a Maidan on the doorstep of the Kremlin. Nemtsov had been receiving millions of dollars from US interests... CIA took him out.      

Cyber Berkut: Yatsenyuk, Step Down and Leave

Hactivists from Cyber Berkut take down Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk's site and demand he rid the country of himself. Сегодня мы, КиберБеркут, повторно обращаемся к Арсению Яценюку с требованием немедленно прекратить террор народа Украины! По указке своих заокеанских хозяев этот гражданин превратил некогда процветающую страну в рассадник неонацизма, бандитизма и коррупции. Абсолютно непрофессиональной деятельностью на посту премьер-министра он довел экономику Украины до бедственного состояния, разграбив со своей шайкой пособников государственную казну и ввергнув украинский народ в пучину войны, нищеты, безработицы и отчаяния.

JAR2 call for action: location US embassy Moscow

Anyone who claims to be against the nazis in Kiev but continues to ignore those who ordered, funded and are directing the genocide, namely the United Statesd of America, the CIA, NATO and the European Union as client states to America, is committing treason to Russia and are in collusion, even though simple silence, with these war criminals. As the annexation and destruction of Ukraine by US/NATO is a direct frontal attack on the Russian Federation anyone in the media who continues to soften or otherwise manipulate the information coming out of Ukraine, including neo-liberal western apologists  who continue to pander to the US are also guilty of treason and are cooperating and enabling war crimes.     

US installed nazi junta committing genocide less than 500 miles away.

Call for Sanctions Against the U.S.A.

Call by jar2 com

Barry Soetoro (aka Barrack Hussein Obama)  Arrested for Premeditated Genocide and Destruction of Ukraine

"Headline" we would like to see

Terminated and Censored by CIA/ZIONIST 5th Column

Very important documents and part of my insurance package with more to come


Demonstrations, financial machinations, control of the press and media, CIA operations on every block, it is the 1990s all over again. We have to stand up and support President Putin in his fight to stop the destruction of Russia and WWIII.


LUNATICS to WAGE ENDLESS WAR and TAKE OVER THE WORLD. STOP AMERIKA BEFORE THEY KILL MILLIONS MORE AND DESTROY EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL AND ALL THAT IS SACRED TO MANKIND. VALUE LIFE, LOVE AND THE BEAUTY OF EXISTENCE. WTC 1, 2 and 7 were demolished by three underground thermonuclear devices, the Pentagon by a missile to kill investigators involved in locating almost a trillion dollars misappropriated by the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania plane landed near Cleveland Ohio and all passengers were evacuated and killed. All planes were at the Boneyard in Arizona. 

Ukraine: A CIA/NATO/ZIONIST Attack on Russia and the Most Blatant US Orchestrated Coup in World History

Hundreds of articles


Boston Bombing A False Flag Attack

Revealed in an interview with Hollywood director Nathan Folks. Years of work behind the scenes and the attempted murder of Folks led to the interview with the Hollywood director who exposed the Boston Bombing for the false flag attack that it was. 

Crimean Kosovo Scenario Exposed Before Referendum

In the days leading up to the referendum I personally revealed a plan by the US and NATO to destabilize Crimea and use the Kosovo scenario


Dozens of interviews and other work with WikiLeaks for years


John is one of the few journalists in the world to have interviewed members of the Anonymous hactivist collective.

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

A U.S. Corporate Coup

Saudi Threatened Putin With Terrorist Attacks in Russia


The airline used by the CIA to rendition Roman Seleznyov and revealed by John Robles, one of the hundreds of revelations attributable to jar2.

and much much more inside the site......


This site supports the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and Novorossiya as they are faced with genocide for exercising their human right to self-determination. We provide information dissemination support in English under the current information war and physical support when it is in our power including evacuation, material support and humanitarian assistance. If you can help please e-mail us with your proposals. We are of course in need of donations and can direct your assistance where you deem necessary.
We also support our Serbian friends, the Palestinian people, the Taino Borinken Nation, Puerto Rico, the people of Syria and Libya who have all suffered due to the imperialist ambitions of the United States and lastly we even support the people of Israel and their right to their own country if they stop building beyond their own borders and killing millions of Muslims and Palestinians because the Zionists have become like the nazis in believing they are somehow superior and have disgraced the Jewish people by committing their own genocide against those who are different as they attempt to clear land.


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