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CIA Controlling WikiLeaks Attemtping to Portray Itself as Info/Cyber War Leader

CIA Conneting to Amazon AWS, Using WAPO for Psyop Ops/Mockingbird


 1st: CIA Paid $600M to Amazon to Hook Into AWS


Then: WaPo Hires John Podesta As A Columnist


Does John Podesta assist CIA with Special Projects? JAR2 Concludes Progs Like MK/Finders Were Never Stopped and Podesta and CIA Entangled Clintons All On the Payroll


KNIGHTMARE: CIA Mind Control, WHO, the Real Origin of AIDS


Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

 Letter from John McCain to Vitaly Churkin

McCain and His War Lobbying Bedfellows

McCain and His War Lobbyinging Bedfellows



d KNIGHTMARE CIA Mind Control Origin of AIDS d

CIA Guidelines for Operations on US Citizens


The CIA MUST Be Abolished... We Have No Choice


Clinton Order on Human Experimentation Programs



Spies and Espionage CIA/NSA/USAID

Photographic Evidence

CIA/NATO New Middle East
New Middle East

CIA/NSA Special Collection Services
SCS Global Presence Spying

CIA Tail in Moscow
Tailed and Pwned

Surveillance on Nathan Folks
Surveillance Team Sitting on Nathan Folks


Shut Down By CIA

CIA Color-Revolution Ring Burned in Armenia - Ambassador Leaves Country

CIA ObrianUS Ambassador to Armenia

The four CIA operatives pictured below involved in Ukraine were also involved in the operations in Armenia.


10 CIA Coup Plotters/Color Revolution Operatives Arrested in Turkey (Again RAND!)

CIA Bust in TurkeyCIA Coup Plotters

CIA operatives (from Russian): Graham Fuller, Henry Barkey, Ellen Laipson, Silvia Teriyaki, Akhmed Morsi, Elli Geranmayer, Mesud Karokhail, Marva Dowdy, Samir Sumaidai and Ally Vaez. Will be verifying spellings and profiles. Any information please send anonymously to jar2@jar2.com



CIA Attempting to Assassinate President Putin


  CIA Assassination of Hugo Chavez

Cancer Assassination Program Takes Out Lating American Leaders

CIA and More Torture: The Fake Electric Chair

Proving there is no limit to the psychotic "nazi-like" sickness that rules Amerika the CIA has been reported to be using fake electric chairs to torture people.

CIA Visits Kiev the Capital of the News CIA Playground

Four CIA Operatives Involved in Ukrainian Coup

Yanukovich Son Killed by Asteroids

03-24-2015 Victor Victorovich Yanukovich the son of President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich dies in strange accident  

Intelligence CIA, NSA, MI-6, Mossad

11-12-2013 NSA/GCHQ/Et Al Spying on Everything: White Sheds on Five Eyes Embassies are SIGINT Posts  

While much of the world’s attention has been focused on NSA and US spying through the internet and electronic devices, one area that has been overlooked are advances in/and activities surrounding signals intelligence through the radio spectrum. An area which has also made huge advancements over the last 20 years. One of the key points for collecting foreign intelligence for almost any country are the embassies and diplomatic missions of the word’s states abroad and with the revelations by Edward Snowden of NSA servers based in US Embassies worldwide, this has once again placed a focus on the sovereign territories of countries as embodied by their diplomatic missions. If one drives by the US Embassy in Moscow and looks up one might notice a white shed-sized "box" situated prominently almost directly in the middle of the embassy’s roof. But what is it? Well the answer is most likely a camouflaged spy post.

John Robles Exposes Another CIA Front: Vista Jet 

Roman Seleznev Kidnapped by US Agents, Whisked Away by Vista Jet CIA Rendition Flight  

After a long conversation with Ely Goldin I wrote up this report. Roman Seleznev, renditioned from the Maldives to Guam by US agents, will most likely be sent to the United States to face charges of cyber fraud in a case that has dangerous implications in that the impunity with which the US kidnaps suspects of any country anywhere in the .

CIA Renditions: Front Company Vista Jet 

08-02-2014 By John Robles Highly Illegal CIA/SS Rendition of Russian Citizen from 3rd Country 

Report on the case of Roman Seleznev after phone conversation with Ely Goldin

CIA flight exposed As with all CIA rendition operations the devil is in the details, and although the CIA always attempts to keep their infrastructure secret there are always clues left behind that an alert investigator can use to cross the "T"s and dot the "I"s, the rendition of Mr. Seleznev being no exception. Mr. Seleznev was supposed to .....

Media Operations: CIA/MOSSAD Control

01-11-2015 By John Robles II Pierre Omidyar and the Subversion of States: the End is Coming Soon

CIA analyst, advisor to Ronald Reagan during the destruction of the Soviet Union and now “propagandist for the 100% Russian Government owned Sputnik/RIA Novosti/Rossiya Sevodnya/RT” Paul Craig Roberts, who now has my job and is laughing all the way to the bank as Russian taxpayers are paying him to subvert Russia, says the terrorist attack in France was a false flag and now he is supposedly a heroic whistleblower who is out of the loop exposing government crimes. Needless to say he has not called out the US for the Boston Bombing, 9-11 or the phony “War on Terror”, but France! Yes evil France. But why is Roberts blasting France. Because France is friends with Russia. Marine Intelligence content editor for RIA-Sputnik or whatever Samuel “CIA Plant” McCulloch is obviously on board on this one. The 5th column in action. Yes these are alternative media, truth seeker, outsiders! Now let me go and puke. But wait it is worse. Remember I promised a Pierre “Color Revolutions Are US” Omidyar piece, which so cozily interconnects with the 5th column here in Moscow, well read on. Another outsider.((( Anyone will tell you if you are investigating...

CIA Front Exposed by UK Ambassador

20-01-2014 CIA Front Exposed by UK Ambassador, Interview with Craig Murray

Spot the Spook by Philip Agee and Louis Wolf

How to Spot a Spook by John Marks From: Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe

NSA Black Budget: TOP SECRET

Budget reveals black operations, programs and much more about the US' most secret agency

satan's son is near

CIA Asset Hillary Clinton's E-Mails

download Hillary Clinton E-mails

CIA Director John Brennan's E-Mails and Contacts

CIA Director John Brennan's Secret Unidentified Intel Group 

FBI Agent Dossier Middle East Operations 9-11 Liason Donovan-J-Leighton.pdf 

contact list      

Torture Ways     




Draft-Intel-Position-Paper.pdf John-Brennan-Draft-SF86.pdf         



CIA War in Donbass: All the Circles of Hell  


CIA/NSA Information Operations Openly Hiring in Moscow

Please sign the petition to stop them   Video on the issue in Russian

The Fake Reason Hugo Chavez was Assassinated by CIA

Letter from US Congress to Hillary Rodham Clinton regarding Iran and Hugo Chavez and Nuclear Weapons

When Osama Bin Laden Was Tim Osman

Evidence that Osama Bin Laden was working for the CIA  Ted Was Another MKULTRA Subject: He Also Knew Who Tom Was

The CIA's Hugo Chavez Assassination: Precipitated Op Snowed-In

The Assassination of Hugo Chavez by the CIA

CIA: Разведка без головы: ветеран Альфы о ЦРУ/СБУ шпиона


ФСБ: Какое задание ЦРУ выполнял украинский шпион

http://www.vladtime.ru/proish/480395  Top Story

CIA/SBU Crimean Info-Ops Exposed: FSB Arrests SBU Agents


CIA COS Morocco and CIA Agent Dalai Lama

PHOTO OF Frederick Briland CIA Chief of Station Morocco

Далай лама с куратором ЦРУ Фредриком Вриландом

резидентом ЦРУ в Морокко http://politikus.ru/articles/8727-dalay-lama-agent-cru.html


US/CIA/NATO-Owned-Ukranian-Nazis Kill 2nd Journalist in Week

In last interview criticized Ukraine for becoming a US client and for attempting to join NATO   Report on murder       

Television report on murder     

27:00 Kiselyov: Buzina Represents Russian Party/Russian Bloc        

Kiselyov Allows Buzina beat up

CIA Front Companies

http://www.jar2.com/2/Intel/CIA/CIA Fronts.htm


Snowden is a CIA Operation Called a Limited Hangout




I Asked Snowden If He Was a Deep Cover CIA Project

He of course has not answered like he ignored all requests from Russian media for an interview

Edward Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales

Download Video  

Watch on YouTube

«Антимайдан» просит СКР проверить заявление Касьянова



Navalny Trained at CIA: CIA Attempting to Own Russian Presidency

The CIA is attempting to install an agent into the office of the President of the Russian Federation, the only question was who? Using very simple deduction we have determined due largely to the complete absence of any photographs on the internet of Alexey Navalny with US Ambassadors and US figures that they key figure in the plot for the top spot is Alexy Navalny. An article detailing a 2 week visit to the CIA has never been challenged by Navalny in the 2 years that it has been on the net. Being as Navalny loves to sue everyone and anything to protect his cover if he can in any way argue his innocence and the fact that he has never countered the CIA claim we can also assume that it is true. If anything I have written here is not true and can be challenged I will gladly remove this post and apologize. The deduction is mine, it is a dangerous one but after years of watching this unfold it is the only deduction I can make. The CIA is attempting to own the Russian Presidency.










Subplot: Nemtsov

When analyzing such machinations there are two things that any analyst or investigator must watch closely, one is the flow of the money and two is always the question of who is the “least” obvious. The person who is the most protected is likely the person who is of greatest interest. In the case of Boris Nemtsov I offer the following thesis: he was the cashier for CIA political operations in Russia and he knew far too much. After the meeting with McFaul upon his arrival, the neo-Liberal landscape changed and decisions were made as to who would be serving the CIA in what posts. Navalny was obviously chosen to attempt to own the office of President of the Russian Federation. He is the only candidate that the US deems has a chance. However that is all changed now with the publication of this material.   

Meet CIA COS Bradford Bell + Navalny Meets His CIA Controllers

CIA Chief of Station Bradford Bell and Russian 5th Column

Alexey Navalny Has Completely Lost His Mind

The US States Department's poster-boy for the Russian opposition has apparently completely forgotten that Russia is a sovereign nation and that US law does not apply here. He has asked the US Government to check the finances of the wife of Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov in an unheard of publicity act. I am therefore asking the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB RF, which does have jurisdiction over the sovereign territory of the Russian Federation) to investigate the finances of Navalny and his party of thieves and traitors. After his recent meeting with a CIA officer in Kostroma it seems Navalny now believes he is in America and has lost all fear. Please support my Twitter post on the issue and RETWEET


CyberBerkut: US/CIA/SBU and Alexey Navalny

We do not forgive, we do not forget, don't expect us we are already here

Vladimir Kara-Murza CIA Agent and New Cashier




CIA Color Revolution Specialist McFaul Attempted to Install Asset in Duma: Failed



Browder and Navalny CIA/MI6 Agents "Sash" and "Freedom"


Michael Bom Overeacts, Protects Navalny and is asked if he is CIA


CIA Officers Blown in Moscow

Robert Hines, Timothy Finnegan, and John Granos


CIA Moscow Officer Robert Manuel Hines OFTPOT

 CIA Officer Wife Laura Ann Carlson Moscow Pristina, Kosovo Warsaw Poland 2009

CIA Political Moles Blow Their Covers: Kasyanova and Pelevina

We should be expecting to see an exodus as CIA bought opposition cut and run likes rats out of Russia.



CIA: Brennan's Secret Moscow Visit - O визите главы ЦРУ


CIA/NSA Information Operations Openly Hiring in Moscow

Please sign the petition to stop them   Video on the issue in Russian

05-14-2013 FSB catches CIA Agent Controller red handed  

According to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) on Tuesday night May 13th a career US Central Intelligence Agency agent controller was arrested while in the process of attempting to recruit a member of one of the Russian special services. The FSB has not specified which service the potential spy was supposed to be attached to but has said the CIA officer was caught red handed in the act of attempting to recruit an agent. According to the FSB the CIA officer who was arrested was one Ryan Christopher Fogle who was working for the CIA under official cover as the Third Secretary of the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The Political Section of the US Embassy, headed by one Michael Klecheski, according to the embassy site, reportedly: “… interprets Russia's major foreign, defense and security policies. Analyzes and reports on significant events and trends in Russian domestic politics (elections, political parties, Kremlin-regional relations, media, human rights etc.) and consists of three units: External Affairs, Political-Military Affairs, Internal Affairs.” While the CIA may place an agent or officer under official cover in any ...

CIA Assassinates Nemtsov

Posts and Conclusions by John Robles II


03-09-2015 Nemtsov's reported killer arrested. Ramzan Kadirov, the head of Chechnya said the suspect Zaur Dadaev was a devout Muslim and a Russian patriot. Law enforcement sources say they have evidence of Dadaev's foreign contacts and the version of a foreign ordered hit is still being investigated.  

03-01-2015 Odessa organizer detained in Moscow. Wanted for the murder of over 112 anti-junta protestors in Odessa , the son of the ex-mayor of Odessa, Alexey Alexevich Goncharenko was arrested here in Moscow at the march in memory of Boris Nemtsov. He is being held on charges of ordering police to conduct illegal activities and as to be be charged in the deaths of Russian nationals in the House of Unions in Odessa last summer.

03-01-2015 17:05 I was right. During the mourning march for Nemtsov, which gathered thousands of more people than his new Bolotnaya meeting ever would have (up to 21,000 as opposed to several hundred) Ukrainian flags were being waved, people were singing the national hymn of Ukraine and others could be heard shouting "Free Savchenko", the Ukrainian female soldier responsible for the murder of journalists last summer. None of these things would have been tolerated or even been allowed to happen in the heart of Moscow if not for his killing. The television media is to blame for the large turnout. They ran his story all day yesterday painting the largely forgotten oppositionist as an important figure, which he suddenly became in death. The cynical way his death has been used by those promoting anti-Russian ideas in the heart of Moscow is disgusting but it is being allowed.  

Ramzan Kadirov blames western special services for the death of Nemtsov

CCVTV Footage of Boris Nemtsov assassination 02:27 Ksenya Sobchak and American friend show up at the scene.

02-28-2015 10:05  Boris Nemtsov was planning to hold an opposition rally today, Saturday February 28, 2015, on Bolotnaya Square in order to foment internal political and social strife in the hopes of creating a Maidan on the doorstep of the Kremlin. Nemtsov had been receiving millions of dollars in funding from US interests since the 1990s, including from the Soros Foundation, the US State Department, USAID and the like. He was one of the first to meet ex US Ambassador and CIA color revolution architect Michael McFaul when McFaul arrived in Moscow and was in reality a traitor to the Russian Federation. Nemtsov was highly in debt to his western masters who were extremely displeased with his ineffectiveness. Nemtsov, being part of the CIA subversion architecture from the beginning knew much too much about their operations and his continued collusion was becoming dangerous for the CIA. Nemtsov crossed a point for the CIA which sooner or later comes to any traitor who is operating in the political field, due to his ineffectiveness he became more useful dead than alive, as his death is hoped to cause a political upheaval that he could not cause alive. My version, judging from the circumstances and the evidence, is that the CIA took him out.  

 News Video      TASS   


1 February, 2014 22:31

CIA Front Exposed by UK Ambassador, Interview with Craig Murray

AMB Craig Murray

Download audio file

At the beginning of the US war on terror, and even to this day, the US literally kidnapped "suspects" and took them to countries where the could torture and even kill suspects. This practice of kidnapping and usually flying suspects around the world and then torturing or killing them in countries with poor human rights records or brutal regimes happened so much that the practice soon became known to all and the name for it "extraordinary rendition" became a household word. 

The Voice of Russia's John Robles spoke to Craig Murray the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan and he stated that during his time as ambassador over 126 people were renditioned to Uzbekistan and never heard from again. He personally learned the name of the airline the CIA was using from CIA pilots. That airline was called Premier Executives.

Hello this is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mr. Craig Murray, he is a former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, an author and a former whistle blower. This is part 3 of an interview in progress.

PART 1     PART 2

Murray: The most prestigious BBC current affairs program really is Question Time, where a studio audience get to ask political questions of guests. I was invited to take part in that and the episode I was invited to take part, it was being recorded in Leeds. Now I was actually on the train to Leeds, on my way to take part in the program, when they phoned up and cancelled it.

This wasn’t the first time, and yet some of my views in this interview, they are not startling or unusual, and when it comes to opposing the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan and one can say the civil liberties - those are views which are held by the majority of citizens of the United Kingdom, but they are not views you will hear on television very often.

During the war in Iraq although there were at all times, around two weeks immediately after the invasion and of course it just surged, a deep surge of patriotism. And opinion polls at all times, the majority of people were against the war in Iraq, and yet the BBC, the people interviewed by the BBC, or talking about the war on the BBC reject war by a majority of 13 to 1. And which … and that remains fairly constant throughout the war. The only thing, it’s quite extraordinary, we consider in the UK that we have liberty and freedom of speech, but we don’t; it’s very cynical, and these things are done quite subtly.

And the truth is that anyone who has genuinely radical views would never be given that kind of media exposure. I just give the BBC as a single example. But the entire media game in effect works much the same way. After Glenn Greenwald, you know that problem with the Guardian about the Snowden revelations where the Guardian, which is supposed to be a left-wing newspaper in the UK, would only published certain revelations with both Snowden and WikiLeaks.

The Guardian heavily censored what was published, didn’t publish the vast majority of it, and the Guardian actually handed over lots and lots of classified material back to the UK security services. We have the gate-keeper system out there, which will prevent any genuinely radical politician being able to get over his views to the public in order to succeed.

Robles: If I can comment on that, I had an interview with Jeselyn Raddack, she was a US Department of Justice legal ethics advisor. And I talked to her about the revelations - now she is an advisor for Snowden - and she told me matter-of-factly and I was quite taken aback actually, she said that: ‘You know, all the journalists’, she said ‘there is no danger of injury or damage to National Security because all of the journalists run this stuff by the government first’. And I thought, she said it like it was a normal procedure - I guess it is in the US. My jaw just dropped, I was like ‘what the… what’s going on here? And yeah, so there you go. She said the Guardian does the same thing, she said anyone … it’s all vetted first. So I mean, so basically these revelations they are revelations they want people to know about, because if there is anything damaging they tell the journalists – ‘well that’s a danger to national security’, and the journalists cut it out. Which, I found that shocking.

Murray: I am absolutely sure that it is true, but it is also interesting that journalists, and certainly in the UK. All the best media repeated the mantra again and again with regard to Bradley Manning’s revelations, and making of these revelations have put life at risk to people, this was Hillary Clinton’s great claim.

Robles: The woman responsible for so much death and destruction that her hands were almost bloodier than Bush’s, and she is going to talk about protecting lives, OK. I wonder if our Ambassador Stevens would have liked to have heard that from her. But anyway, I’m sorry, go ahead Sir.

Murray: No, well you’re quite right, because of course what Manning things revealing: illegal war, war crimes, killing of people, and despite the fact that all mainstream journalists again and again parrot it, and when people were interviewed on the subject of these revelations, journalists ask … I saw Glen Greenwald being very aggressively asked on BBC Hard Talk: was he not putting lives at risk, was he not putting lives at risk.

But the mainstream media have not been able to name one single person, not one single person who was killed as a result of Manning’s and Snowden’s revelations. And yet, there are undoubtedly millions of people being killed as the result of the illegal wars and war crimes that whistle-blowing has been revealing.

Robles: Right, what about the attack on patriotism for whistleblowers? I am sure you are no doubt a patriot. You were an Ambassador for your country; of course you were promoting your country’s interests abroad etc. Was your patriotism ever questioned when you blew the whistle on some of the things you saw, and what is your opinion on that, on questioning patriotism?

Murray: Well, no it … it was in fact very, very directly. I recall when I was essentially trying to stop our collusion with extraordinary rendition and torture in Uzbekistan. The Council of Europe set up an inquiry into extraordinary rendition. I think it revealed 127 extraordinary rendition flights that went into Tashkent. Of the people flown into Uzbekistan on extraordinary rendition not one came out alive again. I think that is worth stating, and obviously there’s no records of what happened to them, but I’m pretty sure they were all killed.

Robles: One more time,126 people, and none of them got out of there alive?

Murray: It’s a minimum of 126 people because of course some of those flights may have contained more than one person. So several hundred people probably, and not one of them came out alive again. And when I was attempting to query this and fight against it internally, I should say this is the ploy that I took. My line boss was flown out to Uzbekistan to see me and told me that I was regarded unpatriotic and apparently no opposings torture and murder was unpatriotic.

I think it is quite extraordinary because the values which the western world is supposed to support plainly are not upheld by their entire leadership and political governments. And the people who are upholding the supposed values of the west, who actually seem to believe in them or try to enforce them, and its people like Snowden and Bradley Manning, and I would humbly put myself in the company of them trying to do something similar but in a less spectacular and successful way.

But no, it’s the people who are upholding what are supposed to be western values, are the people who are condemned as unpatriotic. But they in fact are the patriots because they are the only people who are in fact implementing the ideology of the state, whereas the governments, as I state, are doing something absolutely different.

Robles: What is patriotic about extraordinary rendition? What is patriotic about torture? What is patriotic about launching aggressive Hitler-style preventive wars against small countries? What is patriotic about surveillance on everything and anything everybody does? What is patriotic about committing war crimes and murder? What is patriotic about all that? Can you answer one question?

Murray: No, I think you actually … I think that’s a rhetorical question which you put beautifully. So you ask, you are absolutely right that the twisting of the idea of patriotism is extraordinary and the ability of Blair media to sell that to the people is scary.

Robles: Now it is really unbelievable. I don’t know if you remember, Dick Cheney, he signed off “Oh we can puncture an eyeball, yes, that is good, we can slice a testicle, yeah that is good, we can do that, we can crush the testicle of a child in front of his father, yeah that’s good. Hey we can put him in boxes with like spiders crawling on their eyelids. Hey that is cool, yeah. Oh, you are going to tell someone I do this stuff? You are a traitor. I am a patriot.” It is like the most unbelievable evil, criminal, psychopaths controlling everything. It is crazy.

Murray: Yeah. What we … everything which, I think it’s important to say this, I’m … I often meet people particularly on the leftist of politics in the UK who say have things always like this. They look at what the British Empire did, look at the other, but it has not always been this bad. You know there are, there are degrees of evil, that there are some states that are worse than other states.

Undoubtedly, when I was a much younger man, if anybody had said what … those things that Dick Cheney said, it would have prompted absolute outrage among pretty well-off and all classes of people. It’s really, the world has changed, fair wind. The idea that the defense of torture was an intellectually respectable position would in my lifetime have, would have seemed impossible when I look at it. It really is quite extraordinary change in public opinion, which has been manipulated and achieved by the media in the last couple of decades. It is very very scary.

Robles: I remember a time when just one of these crimes that were committed by Bush and Cheney and Blair. Just one of them, would have been enough, I thought, back like 20 years ago, have the person censured, imprisoned; it would have just been the scandal of the century. But here it’s like people have been programmed to just accept this stuff again and again and again, and nobody is shocked by it anymore. I don’t know. I’m sorry Sir, go ahead.

Murray: It’s a … No, it’s a …

Robles: I get a little emotional. I deal with this stuff all the time, and I get pretty fed up with it sometimes, because I have to document, I have to talk to people about it. Everybody is telling me, hundreds of people, thousands are saying the same thing over and over again, and these monsters are still in power and still running everything and all we can do is talk about how horrible they are. I’m sorry.

Murray: No, you are absolutely right. I’d like to make one point which is a bit lengthy and historical, but I think is actually quite important. During the Second Afghan War, would you believe, back in the1880s, William Gladstone who had been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom twice, campaigning - he was in opposition, and campaigning to become Prime Minister for the third time, and he made a speech against the invasion of Afghanistan, against the Second Afghan War, the second Anglian Afghan War.

And he spoke of an incidence where British troops had burned down a village, and he said that they had given the wives and children of the Afghans into the snows of winter, children, and he said the hearts of the humble Afghans should be as sacred as is yours and mine. And of the Afghans who were fighting the British troops, he said: ‘if they resist invasion, would you not do the same?’ If they resist, would you not do the same?’

And that speech was extremely widely reported in the media at the time, and he won the election, he became Prime Minister again. And it is unthinkable now, it is absolutely unthinkable that any mainstream opposition leader in anywhere in the west, it is unthinkable that they would say of Afghans fighting the British or American forces in Afghanistan, “if they resist, would you not do the same?”

Nowadays we are conditioned to any Afghans who was fighting the invaders, must be the Taliban, must be a mad Islamic extremist, must be crazy. The idea that somebody enters your country, and you fight them, and that is a natural instinct and we would all do the same, of which is self-evidently actually true, is an idea which no politician can say now, because no politician can ever say anything convincing anymore because we have become such militarist societies. Any politician in the UK who said that Afghans fighting British troops might be in the right, would be absolutely divided by all of the mainstream media undoubtedly, called unpatriotic, called a killer of British troops.

And1880 was the height of the British Empire, and then, it was possible then for a politician to win an election saying look “the people fighting us is in the right, we invaded their country”, and it is not possible now, it is not conceivable now, because we are a much less liberal and free society than we were historically. And we don’t live in a space of freedom of open critical debate anymore. And that is something which I think is extremely sad and extremely important.

That was the end of part 3 of an interview with Mr. Craig Murray, he is a former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.

PART 1    PART 2


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