A picture is worth a thousand words. You don't take a studio picture with the Director of the CIA AND the NSA unless you are a very very Special Covert CIA Operative indeed. A very special agent sent on a very special Limited Hangout Psychological Operation. Michael Hayden and Michael Snowed-In 

OPINION: Op Snowed-In/Intercept - Moles and PsyOps

E Greenberg VERAX

The Intercept is an Entraptment Operation: The Strange Case of Reality Winner

The Intercept Entrapment Operation: Winner Inercepted 

Snowden Continues Provocations Against Russia



Mark Zukerberg and Edward Snowden are Greenbergs THEY ARE COUSINS Download family album






Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras, Jacob Appelbaum

About the time Laura Poitras and Jacob Appelbaum claim in Der Spiegel to have communicated by encrypted emails with Edward Snowden in "mid-May" the following PGP keys were generated ("Verax" is allegedly a Snowden pseudonym):

Search results for 'verax informed front democracy'

Type bits/keyID     Date       User ID

pub  4096R/2BE0BC29 2013-05-20 Verax (Informed Democracy Front)
	 Fingerprint=5091 7466 B18F 35B3 F644  F700 1D0D 97F2 2BE0 BC29 
From PGPdump Interface:
Public key creation time - Mon May 20 17:41:14 UTC 2013

pub 4096R/C920FAA6 2013-05-20 Verax (Informed Democracy Front) Fingerprint=AC5E 06C5 17D0 A8C1 75D3 17F5 53B9 0192 C920 FAA6 From PGPdump Interface: Public key creation time - Mon May 20 21:41:34 UTC 2013
pub 4096R/E87C2665 2013-05-20 Verax (Informed Democracy Front) Fingerprint=7F99 43F6 5CC9 BAD1 92A9 8DF8 96E6 0F93 E87C 2665 From PGPdump Interface: Public key creation time - Mon May 20 21:41:46 UTC 2013
pub 4096R/79B82638 2013-05-20 Verax (Informed Democracy Front) Fingerprint=4ECC 0702 A2E9 5FA6 2074 C7BE 574F C888 79B8 2638 From PGPdump Interface: Public key creation time - Mon May 20 21:41:56 UTC 2013
pub  4096R/71A3AA96 2013-05-20 Verax (Informed Democracy Front)
	 Fingerprint=2B5D D0BF F454 8592 1FAF  22FB 4569 3580 71A3 AA96 
From PGPdump Interface:
Public key creation time - Mon May 20 21:42:45 UTC 2013

pub  4096R/0E8CD2B6 2013-05-20 Verax (Informed Democracy Front)
	 Fingerprint=F606 1774 A693 72A1 8AD0  1CD7 0C4D AF57 0E8C D2B6 
From PGPdump Interface:
Public key creation time - Mon May 20 21:47:09 UTC 2013

And a day earlier:

pub  4096R/9DCA85F7 2013-05-19 Verax (Informed Democracy Front)
	 Fingerprint=BDE4 AA86 8507 1371 7793  11A8 105D A7AB 9DCA 85F7 
From PGPdump Interface:
Public key creation time - Sun May 19 12:17:29 UTC 2013

Ed Snowden/Edward Snowden generated these earlier keys:

Search results for 'snowden edward'

Type bits/keyID     Date       User ID

pub  4096R/21B7141F 2013-03-24 Ed Snowden <edsnowden@hushmail.com>
                               Edward Snowden <edsnowden@hushmail.com>
                               Edward Snowden <edward_snowden@bah.com>
                               Edward Snowden <esnowden@boozallen.com>
	 Fingerprint=98E6 3244 07FA 26AD B358  7C95 4DB8 A088 21B7 141F
From PGPdump Interface:
Public key creation time - Sun Mar 24 12:21:52 UTC 2013

Search results for '0x08b73ae9e423698a' (disregard ubiquitous Vario sig):

Type bits/keyID     cr. time   exp time   key expir

pub  4096R/E423698A 2010-01-26            
uid Ed Snowden <ed_snowden@lavabit.com>
sig  sig3  E423698A 2010-01-26 __________ __________ [selfsig]
sig  sig   EDD31E2A 2013-06-11 __________ __________ Michael Vario <mvario@gmail.com>
sub  4096R/6F3B623E 2010-01-26            
sig sbind  E423698A 2010-01-26 __________ __________ []
From PGPdump Interface:
Public key creation time - Tue Jan 26 01:35:31 UTC 2010

Greenberg Continues to Provoke the Russian Government and Fight for NWO in Russia

Snowed In an NSA HOAX-A Greenberg Production

Mark Zukerberg and Edward Snowden are Greenbergs THEY ARE COUSINS Download family album

Greenberg Clues Continue to Be Unanswered and Ignored, Real Name Greenberg?

We were exposing McFaul and CIA attempts to install a president in Russia. So Snowy was sent


http://www.jar2.com/Files/Lists/Bohemian%20Grove%20List.txt Maurice Greenberg is a Bohemian Grove Satanist

Snow Den Shills for his Paymasters and Cover Providers: Soon No One Will Be Left

 The Lying CIA/MOSSAD/Jewish controlled media can say whatever they want but the fact is that Edward Snowden (Mark Greenberg?) has never had asylum in Russia. He was given temporary asylum to exit the airport where he found himself stuck by a line painted on the floor.


CIA WAPO Article


NPR Intercept Reporter Who Found Out Too Much Destroyed and Disposed OfNPR Intercept Reporter Who Found Out Too Much Destroyed and Disposed Of

Snowed-In CIA Team May be Traded for Bout (Light Approach)

Indictment Against Harold Martin NSA/CIA

download pdf

NSA Contractor Accused of Stealing Data Far More Sensitive than the Snowden Docs

By James Holbrooks
     According to an indictment released Wednesday, the information stolen by Harold Martin, a former N.S.A. contractor who was arrested in August of last year, may be far more damaging to the U.S. intelligence community than anything taken by Edward Snowden.
     On October 5, the New York Times broke the story that the F.B.I. had arrested an employee of the intelligence community over suspicions the worker had stolen highly classified computer code.
From that report:
     The contractor was identified as Harold T. Martin III of Glen Burnie, Md., according to a criminal complaint filed in late August and unsealed Wednesday. Mr. Martin, who at the time of his arrest was working as a contractor for the Defense Department after leaving the N.S.A., was charged with theft of government property and the unauthorized removal or retention of classified documents.
     According to the Times, a neighbor saw “two dozen F.B.I. agents wearing military-style uniforms and armed with long guns” storm Martin’s home and later escort the man out in handcuffs.
     At the time, there was speculation that Martin could be connected to stolen N.S.A. code that found its way into the hands of a group called the Shadow Brokers — for a period, Martin worked for the elite N.S.A. unit from which the data was taken — but even now, authorities can’t prove he actually passed on any information.
     But the mere fact that he possessed such highly sensitive material is enough to put Martin away for the rest of his life, as the recently released indictment indicates.
     “For more than two decades,” Business Insider wrote on Thursday, “Martin allegedly made off with highly-classified documents that were found in his home and car that included discussions of the US military’s capabilities and gaps in cyberspace, specific targets, and ‘extremely sensitive’ operations against terror groups, according to an indictment released Wednesday.”
     The indictment gives the public a much clearer look at the type of data Martin allegedly stole. And next to Edward Snowden, whose security clearance limited the documents he took to
mostly training materials, it appears Harold Martin’s reach went far further into the national intelligence community.
     Martin is charged with 20 counts of having unauthorized possession of classified material. The government alleges that over this long intelligence career, the 51-year-old took material from the N.S.A., the National Reconnaissance Office, U.S. Cyber Command, and even the C.I.A.
     Some of the items allegedly taken, according to text from the indictment, include:
>>>A 2008 CIA document containing information regarding foreign intelligence collection sources and methods, and relating to a foreign intelligence collection target.
>>>A USCYBERCOM document, dated August 17, 2016, discussing capabilities and gaps in capabilities of the US military and details of specific operations.
>>>A description of the technical architecture of an NSA communications system.
>>>An outline of a classified exercise involving real-world NSA and US military resources to demonstrate existing cyber intelligence and operational capabilities.
     Martin’s first court appearance is set for February 14. If found guilty, he faces up to 200 years in prison.
This article (NSA Contractor Accused of Stealing Data Far More Sensitive Than the Snowden Docs) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to James Holbrooks and theAntiMedia.org. Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific.

Did Juan Thompson Get Too Close to the Truth of the Intercept?

Made a Patsy for Provocations Promoting Jewish Persecution Myth?



Secret U.S. Report on Snowden

Report on Damage from Snowden Revelations


NSA/CIA Officer in Russia Continues to Cover for the CIA

"We badly need US Intelligence" - Snowden

It is stunning that Snowden continues to make public statements in which he admits he has done nothing to hurt the CIA which is my claim from the beginning (that he has revealed nothing) and ridicule those who are critical of the CIA and NATO with regard to Russia and does not, once again say a word in support of Russia when it is under attack and is supposedly protecting him. He continues to spit on Russia further proving my assessment that he is still working for the CIA and in fact has been all along. 

The Russian media outlets being run by the CIa continue to tell everyone what a great guy this trojan horse is. It is stunning!

Snowden Blames Russia for Cyber Ops Without Proof 08-16-2016

After trying to help Hillary and Crapping on Putin Snowden's Trap Strengthen's

Note from John Robles (The First American With Asylum In Russia)

I have been collecting information regarding Edward Snowden since the day he appeared on the radar. What is presented here is part of that collection. I have other files and personal communications that I will be publishing in my book which hopefully will come out in the near future.

As time wears on the evidence that so called Edward Snowden is Limited Hangout continues to grow. That evidence is most clear by what he has NOT said rather than what he has actually said or released. With regard to his "revelations" it is clear and has been since the start that Snowden has not once released anything that we did not already know or suspect. He has not in fact "revealed" anything. The most glaring example is the absence of anything whatsoever regarding 9-11 or the illegal U.S. invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. His so-called revelations to date have done nothing but to obfuscate, distract and silence further debate on real issues we should be looking at very closely.

My personal involvement with the Edward Snowden Operation came when I was a journalist with the Voice of Russia World Service in English which was liquidated. I maintain that the VOR was taken apart by a 5th column working inside of it. One of the objectives of Operation Snowden is attacking and destroying media outlets and journalists who expose the crimes of the US Government and who attack or expose the CIA. His direct target in Russia was me and my family. I was the first American in history with asylum in Russia. 

SNOWED-IN: CIA Op Intercept Keeps Trashing WikiLeaks + Oliver Stone is CIA + Cryptome Down




Related Material

Omidyar and US 5th Column in Russia and Worldwide

Omidyar Greenwald Psychological Operations               


or 369

Snowden Actively Helped Podesta Team and Clinton

Takes a Lot of People to Pull Off a Limited Hangout: Snowden and Podestavites Interfacing

Cuz when you have to hide a pedo-phile operation of that size TOR is not enough


People Are Waking Up

Snowden Part of Western Soft Power 5th Column in Moscow


Evidence Snowden is a Limited Hangout Psy-Op

What exactly is a Limited Hangout? Some good definitions and insights into the tactic can be found in the links below.



Snowden: A Limited Hangout CIA Op


Transcript http://www.amtvmedia.com/snowden-a-limited-hangout-cia-op/

Ed Snowden, NSA, and Fairy Tales: Internal NSA-CIA Turf War


Transcript https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/ed-snowden-nsa-and-fairy-tales-a-child-could-see-through/


Space Reserved for Upcoming Revelations


The Latest Bourne Film and US Media Continue to Cover For and Promote Snowden

10-03-2016 Yes I am a fan of the Bourne franchise and knowing that it is a CIA propaganda psy-op and that any film about the CIA released by Hollywood has to be rigorously cleared by the CIA and approved, I find them a good source for intel. By analyzing the messages they want you to believe you can learn a lot. I came away with two very interesting revelations from the latest Bourne installment. One is that the CIA wants you to believe that Snowden damaged the CIA as is stated by the assistant to the CIA director when the CIA is hacked. Knowing that Snowden released information on the NSA not the CIA and that he is working under deep cover as an "enemy" to the US this maintaining of his legend as being aginst the CIA is expected and transparently false, so false that one must question why, and the answer can only be to maintain legend.

The second is that the CIA wants you to believe that they keep all their Black Ops in one place and their Top Secret mainframe is accessible through the internet, or mil net or whatever. They also want you to believe that this top secret mainframe can be hacked by a DUBNA 48K which is a predecessor to the Dandy PlayStation and a 48K RAM predecessor to MSDos and even the 386. Ridiculous. If those facts are true the CIA has got to be the most incompetent spy agency on the planet. But of course that is not true. The hack is not true, the Snowden damage claim is not true, the ability to shut down power grids which are closed systems is not true and much more. However the use of social media to track and control uprising seems to be close to reality.

Since this is the Snowden page we must also look at the latest non release by the Intercept. Over three years ago I wrote about the drone issues and the information they are claiming is a revelation has already been released and forgotten. They are attempting in a very obvious and childish way to maintain their credibility which is further damaged by releasing old information and stuff we already know, AGAIN, like the entire Snowden Op. But they expect you to buy and most of the sheeple do and Snowden will continue to maintain his cover and all the money will continue to flow to these idiots as the legend of Snowden continues unquestioned.

09-07-16 The Late Michael Ratner: First Snippets of Interviews/Conversations

Michael RatnerThe Late Michael Ratner

The late Michael Ratner on his lack of connection to the Snowden Operation   ZIPPED

Michael Ratner had no connection with Edward Snowden from the start which was quite odd given his caliber and reputation. However his honesty and integrity would have made him an unlikely candidate for a CIA fabricated operation. During his interviews he was also one of the principles who stated that Snowden's real destination was Moscow, Russia. There are also many more statements and more evidence in dozens of conversations with the late Michael Ratner that I will be releasing soon. Michael was also contacted by me regarding my case and the fabricated arrest of my son in the days leading up to his death. I am saddened and shocked that he has passed away. A tremendous loss to mankind and to all of humanity. My condolences and respect to all who knew and loved him. 

The late Michael Ratner casts doubt on Snowden Op    ZIPPED

Michael Ratner asks "What are we talking about here?" In regard to the U.S. intelligence apparatus' supposed failure to actually track Edward Snowden. While the world was caught up in the hysteria and mania of the Snowden affair Michael was clear and realistic and asked the question everyone should have been asking. Time has shown he was right. These recording are introductory, The big revelations are yet to come. 

09-07-16 Radack Files: First Snippets of Interviews/Conversations


Me Commenting to Radack on McFaul Warning    ZIPPED

During his stay at Sheremeteva I was being repeatedly pressured to go and interview Snowden in the transit zone and to make contact with him. Had I done so I would have lost my asylum and now it seems likely that I would have been transported back to the U.S. by Snowden himself. It seemed odd at the time but makes much more sense now given the events that have occurred since then. Snowden himself, Kuchnera and other principles other than Radack and the WikiLeaks people refused to speak to me also pointing to a concentrated effort by the U.S. to contain the real intentions of Snowden and more evidence that WikiLeaks was simply duped.

Radack Commenting on U.S. Going After Asylees    ZIPPED

The admission that the U.S. violates international law by going after asylees is more evidence supporting my claims and my evidence of a long running CIA campaign to crucify my family and I. More on this later.

Radack Commenting on Obama being out of control    ZIPPED

Given that I had been exposing 9-11 since day one these comments are very important and show the lengths the U.S. will go to get anyone. Even someone with asylum. More on this later.




Direct Evidence 09-14-2016 Clandestine Agent Wants Home

Not so quick son, I do believe Russian Counter Intelligence will have a few questions they would like you to clear up first as to what you have been doing in the Russian Federation for the Central Intelligence Agency all of these years. As for Obama you can forget it. Didn't Hayden tell when you signed up for the Op that you can NEVER go home? LULZ

Oh #snowden in case you lost my September 3rd VK post here it is for the sake of curation.

Dear CIA Covert Psychological Operations Operative Edward "Mark" Snowed-In,
Curation, consociation, correlation and irrefutable association are not merely extrapolatory conjugations instigated fore delusional summation. Your duplicity, obfuscation, and three+ years of preparation are evidenced #snowden . "The time has come" your goose is "burned" and not only "snowed in" but out in the cold. Run along now little spy boy before you hurt yourself. "Are you feeling the steel of the trap..." you set for me you worthless prick?

08-16-16 Continues Demonizing Russia, Communicating With NSA


Snowden the "Opportunist" Protecting Clinton and Suppressing Info

Twitter Snowden

Snowden Getting Desperate, Attempt to Stage Death Failed. Feeling the Steel Trap of His Mole Operation Coming Apart

From the net. I do not follow Snowden for obvious reasons. The code is a Bitcoin transaction for 0.000911 BTC - 911 Not 9-11 but US Emergency 911

Snowden Getting Desperate, NSA Propagandist Snowden's "Friend"

Snowden It Is Time

Snowden Geldman

Direct Evidence of Targetting by Operation Snowden The Real Intercept and the MI6 Lists, Exposure of CIA Operations and Violent Attempts to Shut Up the VORR

The Real Intercept

CIA Samuel McCullochCIA Samuel McCulloch


MI6 Lists 1999

Snowden and Joseph Farrell, A Specialist in Alternative History

Snowden Joseph Farrell

SNowden Joseph Farrell

Registered Domain While On the Run?


The Intercept

Paths to Snowden and the Intercept (The U.S. and Norway)

Personal Message: More U.S. Pressure and Warnings

Fuck you Edward

The advice was that I go to the U.S. Embassy and request a one way visa to Guantanamo. The U,S, plan is for me to be destroyed here and never get citizenship. For my support networks to be destroyed and my finances wiped out. There were plans to fabricate criminal cases against me but McFaul failed in that twice so my son was arrested. 

In April I wrote to Michael Ratner. Alarmed and Saddened to Hear of His Death. Condolences


The NSA Will Not Torture. Again No Word About CIA

Snowden No Torture No CIA

CIA Asset Pierre Omidyar $250 Million Project Intercept

Pierre OmidyarSnowden Greenwald Poitras

Among the Snowden Targets (John McCarthy) (Myself, My Son, This Site and the VOR)

John Mcarthy

John McCarthy with Tia Johnson and 60 others.
21 March 2014 ·

Mark Zuckerberg was hired by the CIA through his cousin Edward Snowden, to create a CIA database like Myspace and Google + in over 190 countries. Jeff Rothschild VP of CIA Facebook and CIA asset, suggested to Mark Zuckerberg that Edward Snowden (which is a CIA invented alias) should pretend to leave to China then Russia, in order to act as a second secret agent whistleblower like Julian Assange (Australian Secret Serviceman recruited by the CIA), who is also an anarcho-capitalist like Jeff Rothschild and Snowden. Their job is to pretend the world is free, and that "heroes" can still get their information to light. This is not the reality, the reality is that governments in over 190 countries working for the City of London Corporate Interests, can now censor any story they want in the media, by making it seem unpopular, uninteresting, or because "people are all brainwashed" (not being massively censored in order to be brainwashed). The idea is to keep people in a state of lethargy, while they are constantly being suggested by nazi tyrants like Jeff Rothschild, that if they really wanted to they could find the truth.

Jeff Rothschild arranged the marriage between Mark Zuckerberg and his chinese wife Priscilla Chan, who's parents got very rich in China by helping the CIA install capitalism there after the fall of communism. Jeff Rothschild also is the one who suggested to Mark that he hire his sister to look less sexist, even though that just made him look more sexist, as well as nepotist (nepotism is illegal in the state of California except for CIA agents).

Jeff Rothschild is funding all sides of WW3 and his associates include Priscilla Chan's father, Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, Jordan Belfort, Bush family, Bin Laden family, Sarcozy, Berlusconi, Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Putin, Obama, Li Keqiang, Wen Jiabao, Ban Ki-moon, the british royal family, the pope, and many more members of the global crime organization. They are all planning to move to Australia and NZ, while those countries play a neutral role in WW3, just like the US did at the start of WW2. They are planning to mass murder 90% of humanity if they can, by doing the same thing Jeff Rothschild's ancestors have been doing since Napoleon, which is genocide and international banking for profit.

They need to be stopped now before it is too late...

Clever PR Promoting Image of Patriot

Snowden All American

Hayden and Snowden Both First CIA Then NSA 2 peas in a pod

Snowden Hayden

Media Operations: CIA Assets Omidyar and the Intercept


01-11-2015 By John Robles II

Pierre Omidyar and the Subversion of States: the End is Coming Soon

CIA analyst, advisor to Ronald Reagan during the destruction of the Soviet Union and now “propagandist for the 100% Russian Government owned Sputnik/RIA Novosti/Rossiya Sevodnya/RT” Paul Craig Roberts, who now has my job and is laughing all the way to the bank as Russian taxpayers are paying him to subvert Russia, says the terrorist attack in France was a false flag and now he is supposedly a heroic whistleblower who is out of the loop exposing government crimes. Needless to say he has not called out the US for the Boston Bombing, 9-11 or the phony “War on Terror”, but France! Yes evil France. But why is Roberts blasting France. Because France is friends with Russia. Marine Intelligence content editor for RIA-Sputnik or whatever Samuel “CIA Plant” McCulloch is obviously on board on this one. The 5th column in action. Yes these are alternative media, truth seeker, outsiders! Now let me go and puke. But wait it is worse. Remember I promised a Pierre “Color Revolutions Are US” Omidyar piece, which so cozily interconnects with the 5th column here in Moscow, well read on. Another outsider.((( Anyone will tell you if you are investigating...

Media Operations and 5th Column in Russia

US/CIA Secret 5th Column Operating in Russia


Snowden Lock Step With U.S. Hypocrisy by Attacking Putin Snowden calling law against terrorism a "black day for Russia"

Putin Critic


Snowden calling Putin a liar. Сноуден: Путин не дал правдивого ответа на вопрос о слежке Оригинал новости ИноТВ:


Off Site Analysis of Snowden Op and Related Material


Same problems I had. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/04/13/edward-snowden-is-acting-very-strange-inside-russia.html

CIA Pre-Emptive Damage Control Operation

By putting out a comic story that Snwoden was a top assassin the CIA sought to make any serious questioning of Snowden's CIA status look like the stuff of fantasy and thus put such questioning to immediate dismal in the public mind in order to divert attention in advance from anything that seeks to call Snowden out on his mission status for the CIA. 


Intercept Used to Sell Drones


Zuckerberg Connection: NSA Facial Coordinate Database Facebook Claims Regarding Snowden and Zuckerberg Too Many to Ignore

SNowden ZuckerbergSnowden Zuckerberg







I Asked Snowden If He Was a Deep Cover CIA Project

By John Robles II (retired)  

October 16, 2015

He of course has not answered

like he ignored all requests from Russian media for an interview. In his own words he is involved in secret projects yet he says his enemies are close by and is silent on every issue that affects Russian and that he could help with. My contacts in the Russian Government say he is not working with anyone, he is helping himself and is therefore more likely than not what I thought he was since day one, a deep cover illegal involved in subversion of the Russian state and distraction operations. Opening a Twitter page when ISIS is getting its ass kicked in Syria to distract the public is more evidence against him that even a child could see. Since the beginning I have had a problem with Snowden and his "being trapped in a transit zone" among other things. I voiced my suspicions to him recently and even openly called him a CIA Agent on Twitter when he made a joke about me going to Mars because they do not check documents (done openly on his Twitter page and I suspected it was a message to me after my public request to President Putin for a passport). Now he is planning to go home according to reports and interviews. My old "friends" are telling me I should be quiet and not see conspiracies everywhere.

Snowden Infiltrated WikiLeaks and Distracted from NSA/CIA Illegality

23 June, 2013 19:27  

According to the WikiLeaks organization: “Mr. Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower who exposed evidence of a global surveillance regime conducted by US and UK intelligence agencies, has left Hong Kong legally. He is bound for a democratic nation via a safe route for the purposes of asylum, and is being escorted by diplomats and legal advisors from WikiLeaks.”

“Mr. Snowden requested that WikiLeaks use its legal expertise and experience to secure his safety. Once Mr. Snowden arrives at his final destination his request will be formally processed.”

“Former Spanish Judge Mr Baltasar Garzon, legal director of Wikileaks and lawyer for Julian Assange has made the following statement: "The WikiLeaks legal team and I are interested in preserving Mr Snowden’s rights and protecting him as a person. What is being done to Mr Snowden and to Mr Julian Assange - for making or facilitating disclosures in the public interest - is an assault against the people".

James Corbett of the Corbett report had this to say as Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow: “While the world focuses on the drama of Snowden's escape from Hong Kong and the clutches of US extradition, we lose sight of the NSA scandal itself. Mainstream consensus has centered on the idea that this surveillance was contained (only targeting metadata, limiting NSA access to data of non-US persons, etc.) and legal (having been approved by the DOJ and overseen by Congress).”

“Swept under the rug is the fact that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court admitted two weeks ago that it had determined the NSA's surveillance program was unconstitutional in 2011 but had been prevented from releasing that ruling by the DOJ, who has argued for its classification. And no one is talking about the revelations of actual NSA whistleblower Russ Tice who last week admitted that not only is the NSA collecting all electronic communications (content and metadata) but that they have wiretapped such figures as Justice Alito, General Petraeus and even President Obama back when he was running for Senate.”

“The issue of what country Snowden ends up in or how the US will attempt to bring him back to face charges of espionage pale in comparison to these stories.”



Last Update: 06/22/2017 12:19 +0300


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