Neo-Con Zionist Terrorists, 911 and the Age of Lies: Don't Threaten Putin


The Truth About the VOR - Russia Report - Number 9

Neo-Con Zionist Terrorists, 911 and the Age of Lies: Don't Threaten Putin

Journalism has long been dead thanks to WikiLeaks and the HASBARA MOCKINGBIRD Zionist takeover of the global information space. Today (October 18, 2023) there no longer exists what could be termed as serious fact-based debate or critical analysis almost anywhere in the world and almost everything people believe are lies wrapped in fakery and layer upon layer of half-truths, fabrications and falsehoods, and that dear reader is the new post-911 paradigm, which I call the Age of Lies. The Age of Lies is an age brought to you by the Empire of Lies and its 911 coup rulers the Neo-Cons (Anglo-American Zionists) and their Rothschild City of London Empire builders who are nothing but monied power hungry lunatics who believe in their own supremacy, exceptionalism and their self-given status as some sort of Chosen Ones.

The main tool these lunatics have used and employ to achieve their dreamt of construct of a New World Order is False Flag terrorism which from 911 to the current bombing of a hospital in Gaza they have blamed on their enemies, the Arabs, Semites and “mud people” they seek to eradicate from the Earth. Throughout human history their hand has been involved in every genocide and ethnic cleansing on Earth and even in event such as the assassination of John F Kennedy the tentacles of the Zionist octopus are always nearby. If you recall Kennedy refused to give the fake construct called Israel nuclear weapons, but Israel and then Netanyahu got them anyway as documented on jar2.

Given the heated state that World War III is in (for World War III has been raging since Israel and the USA declared war on most of humanity when they carried out the 911 False Flag which even today no one wants to admit Israel and the USA did) although I continue to observe and monitor I am extremely limited in what I will allow myself to write about as anything can and will be used by the enemy to assist them in waging their Satanic colonizer war against Mother Russia and the free world in general.

Proving that a large part of the human race has been taken down the road to hell into some sort of Orwellian devolutionary dark ages prehistoric Dantesque inferno by the Zionist Cabal controlled global octopus 911 information matrix, open genocide brought to you by the World's genociders the USA and Israel, has now become yet another "political" event and almost no one has the courage to speak out against the dying hegemon and its Zionist masters and even fewer have the will to do anything about it. Even with loud public calls for Days of Rage and Muslim unification there seems to be no reprise in the ongoing genocide with trips by the Palestinian President to the lair of his genociders seeming comical and result in nothing but more deaths among “his” people.

What we are seeing today is just a continuation of the 911 paradigm, all of it, from the Matrix like cell based control grid, to the outright media programming, to Covid, to climate hysteria and to the economic slavery the lunatics have labelled the Great Reset, are just tools of genocide being used by the 911 NATO Globalist Cabal which is just rolling along in its full operational "splendor" decimating humanity, committing more and more genocides and destroying civilizations one after the other in their insane quest for a "New World Order and complete power under the telling label of achieving Full Spectrum Dominance and other such constructs.
I have written about this time and time again and there is nothing new to add, except perhaps the COVID genocides and the current False Flag attack on Israel and the ongoing and in fact never-ending atrocities being committed by the Zionist entity on the Palestinians.

What brought my sleeping journalist out of his standby mode was the horrendous bombing of hospital which the world has decided to show indignation about after ignoring thousands of such events which have been taking place in places like the Donbass (where over 300 people were killed in the House of Unions by Neo-Con Zionist nazis), Latakia Syria (where 426 children were killed by Israel to fabricate a fake chemical weapons attack) and now even not far from me in Russia proper where USA bombs and arch Neo-Con Nuland’s nazis continue bombing civilian infrastructure and now have long-range weapons. After of course attempting to go nuclear and become an illegal nuclear power like IsraHell.

The strike by the JACKALS on the hospital in Gaza may be a key turning point to show the world the true face of Zionism, or it may just be another event by the Zionists to rub their self-granted impunity in the faces of humanity once again like 911. The head of the Russian Security Council Dimity Medvedev stated that the bombing was a war crime and that the final responsibility for it lies with the United States which profits from wars in different countries and different continents and finances and arms its “allies” while falsely promoting the lie that it is protecting democratic ideals. Mr. Medvedev squarely put the blame of the United States of America.
The Russian Ambassador to Israel, Anatoly Victorov said that the bombing of the Al-Ahli hospital was not the first strike on that facility and that several days ago Israel had already bombed it but there was less damage the first time.


ЦРУ / Google должен быть заблокирован / ANDROID тоже!!! ЦРУ/GOOGLE не только имеют доступ ко всему, что переводится, но и манипулируют переводами. Что касается Android, то он обеспечивает ЦРУ почти полную слежку за всеми россиянами с телефонами Android


Meanwhile senile pedophile Joe Biden who is continuing Obama’s presidency for him gave an interview to CNN where he clearly stated that President Vladimir Putin has to be “put down”. Such a call for the assassination of a President is unheard of and the Russian media and Russia translators even in the Kremlin have apparently all used Google to say that Biden merely said that President Putin must be suppressed. Suppressing and putting down are very different things but the Russian media keeps repeating it actually covering up for Biden. This is the Russian 5th Column's “overload” moment.

Biden said President Putin should be "PUT DOWN" - Быть усыпленным

По-видимому, все русские переводчики используют Google. Быть усыпленным означает быть казненным или подвергнутым эвтаназии.

Apparently all Russian translators are using Google. To be put down means to be executed or euthanized they have translated the phrasal verb as "be suppressed" even in the Kremlin pool. Could they ALL be so stupid or is it a conspiracy? Given that Snwoden was brought in to hide 911 and the Neo-Con Zionist hand of the ZOG it is obvious that the conspiracy is there, the only question for me is whether someone will actually see it in time to save the President. .

“Imagine what happens if we, in fact, unite all of Europe and Putin is finally put down where he cannot cause the kind of trouble he's been causing.”

to put down -

Прекратить жизнь животного (обычно путем эвтаназии), чтобы предотвратить его страдания в старости или болезни, или потому, что он представляет угрозу для людей или других животных.

На днях американский президент заявил о своем желании «подавить Путина». Пораженный деменцией мозг Байдена может вильнуть в неожиданном направлении. Пока он «объединяет Европу» в новом крестовом походе против России, на Ближнем Востоке развивается конфликт на грани Третье Мировой с возможным участием как бы неядерных сторон и ядерных держав.

В таких условиях Россия просто обязана быть готовой к симметричному ответу и нанесению неприемлемого ущерба любому агрессору. Мы должны создавать и испытывать новые эффективные образцы ядерного оружия и средств его доставки


Don't forget Rothschild owns the Ukraine and Pedophile Biden is a Rothschild MOSSAD/SHINBET Puppet.

Really if there are real Ukrainian patriots they should eliminate the threat meaning BIden and the Rothschilds.


The goal of Israel in Gaza and Palestine has always been clear and obvious and that is to wipe them off the face of the map! That is clear by how they have already done so in Google maps and it is clear that such a False Flag attack using weapons from the Ukraine to arm fake terrorists and stage photo ops and fictitious attacks gives Israel and the Neo-Con cabal the catalyst they need just like 911. Ther Neo-Cons are losing in the Ukraine and the cash cow that is the USA and NATO are going bankrupt so the real goal of the New World Order has to be carried out as soon as possible and that is the complete takeover of Palestine.
Recently an advisor to “president” Abbas said that the conflict will not end until a sovereign Palestinian State with its capital in Jerusalem is established. It is stunning that there is no more talk about the 1968 borders. The advisor Mahmud al-Habbash said that if Israel continues there will be a second more brutal wave of attacks on the Zionist entity.

Andrey Lugovoy has been the only politician labelling Israel terrorist and along with Lavorv mentioning Hitler’s Jewish roots (a Rothschil) and the fact that the Zionists are the most racist people in the world, it appears that perhaps some of the world is waking up to the Zionist octopus. Lugovoy said that many intelligence operatives, and not only Russian ones, know that the terrosim carried out by the Jews in the Middle East in the 40s was a negative example of how political aims can be reached through terrorism. Lugovoy did not go as far as I have in blaming Israel for 911 but there are enough US Generals and almost every intelligence officer in the world knows that it was the CIA and Israel behind 911.


As an American Indian I have to support the indigenous people of Palestine just like I support the Indigenous people of Russia but it has always been amazing to me that Palestinians have allowed their country to be taken away from them when they have the support of almost the entire Muslim World and my encounters with Palestinians who denigrate “Red Indians” soured my support of them but the fact is they are being genocided and this has been going on for decades and it seems there is nothing even the entire Muslim World can do about it. Since Palestine has no army, no navy, no air force and no armed forces of any kind what Israel is doing can not be called war when they are only killing civilians and if HAMAS has finally decided to attack the Zionist entity they must be supported by the entire planet. If the attack on Israel was a False Flag to distract from the failure in the Ukraine and to serve as the catalyst, impetus and rationalization for the final genocide of the Palestinians that will be evident soon.

Meanwhile the Zionist Hasbara Psychopaths are running around screaming that the Palestinians want the genocide of the Jews when in fact to any reasonable thinking person it is obvious that the complete opposite is true and since the Zionists cannot do it alone they have manipulated and taken over the US Government and brainwashed the “American” people living on land gained by the American’s genocide of the Indians into being their “muscle” or as Mileikowski (the Lithuanian Polish boy Netanyahu who just reappeared) said, the USA is a cash cow and we will milk it dry.

Once again the question has to be posed: What is Israel? Answer: It is a fictitious state like Ukraine and the United States created by colonizing British Imperial lard-assess (Balfour and Rothschild) who gave each other the country to found a State for a questionable religion to be populated by people (AshkeNAZI and Khazari) whose roots are unclear except for the glaring fact that they have absolutely no blood ties to Palestine nor to any country in the region.

The most racist hateful murderous psychopathic killers on the planet are the Zionists, the Rothschilds and the Asteroids and their poor victims repertoire, avatars and narratives that they are currently running with as usual have again been shown to be a fake after committing yet another in an endless series of War Crimes, this time bombing a hospital not once but twice. After 911 of course everything else seems like chicken feed.

In our research we concluded that World War II was used to populate Palestine with German Jews and that those gassed were the ones who refused to go and now WWIII by the same manipulative psychotic arrogant state that believes it has impunity to colonize and expand its NATO/911/Empire of Lies wherever it wants. Kissinger the self-aggrandizing “puppet master” and the Soros Rothschild cabal freaks are actually failing everywhere and must go down.

There may be a New World Order coming soon but it is not the one that the Cabal envisions.

For world peace Israel must be wiped from the map, it is a fictitious country. The country there is called Palestine


As the Globalist Zionist Cabal plays New World Order the people tasked with paying for Israel’s adventures and those of the Jewish nazis in the Ukraine are sleeping in vehicles, eating bugs, being slaughtered by Bill Gates and his viruses and now getting ready to never own anything in some psychotic globalist bankster plan called the Great Reset, or was that the “Great Overload” Hillary? You thought Trump was different? He is an Israeli citizen who since 1992 has been owned by Rothschild? Your 2 party paradigm is a fake and it all goes back to 911 ... Unlike Mr. Limited 911 Hangout Obama boy I am not concerned about Israel... Now some crazy nazis in the Ukraine have long range missiles which the USA just gave them and they could reach my bunker....  


Meanwhile V Sends - 150 Meters Behind German Chancellor People Board as Usual Exposing Airport Fakery

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