Day One - Nuland's Nazis and the Coming Tribunals

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The Truest Truth You Will See About Ukraine

When your enemy has superiority in any area you must work around, beyond and outside of the borders of their scope of understanding and control. - John Robles II

Believing in their own exclusivity, exceptionalism and  complete control, the Western Zionist axis did what no one else could have done, they gave themselves  all the rope they desired and hung themselves with their own self-conceived impunity. - John Robles II 

One must take with a grain of salt a state which is committing genocide and war crimes worldwide when they talk about who is civilized. - John Robles II

The genocide based Apartheid USA and it's sister British colony Israel are the world's leaders in false flag and state sponsored terrorism. They have no right, and in fact are unable to, determine who in fact is a terrorist. - John Robles II

Through propaganda and information control the modern western man, with the help of crypto Zionists and Russophobes, has convinced themselves and to a certain degree much of the world, that they are civilized when in fact they are the true barbarians of world history. - John Robles II

You can not use Nazis to form governments, intelligence agencies, space programs, military blocks and societies and then claim you civilized and not racist, no matter how much you lie and how complex are your fabrications. A fascist pig is always a fascist pig, no matter what makeup you put on it. - John Robles II 


noun: self-determination
1. The process by which a country determines its own statehood and forms its own government.

2. The process by which a person controls their own life.

noun: freedom

1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

2. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved."the shark thrashed its way to freedom"

noun/adjective: terrorist

1. A person or entity who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

2. Unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

compound noun: Mockingbird Media

The MOCKINGBIRD program was a CIA operation to use journalists and media to deliver messages that were advanatgeous for the CIA. The program was never stopped and has expanded to what we have today. A global Network of lies and liars spreading fake news to billions around the world for the CIA.

February 23, 2022 - By John Robles II

Truth Has No Variations - Day One of Russian Special Military Operation in the Ukraine

The situation is active and fluid and there are changes every hour so writing a conclusive summary is difficult as the operations have just started, even the length of which remains a military secret. However judging from past conflicts and special operations and my experience with the topic at hand, I can safely say with a high degree of certainty, that the active phase of the special operations in the Ukraine will not last more than two days, at maximum three.

With surgical precision that should be envied by armies around the world, in the last 24 hours the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out one of the most complex and complete demilitarization operations in history and this is just judging from the results of day one. As of this writing 83 military facilities were destroyed including the headquarters of Ukrainian military intelligence in the heart of Kiev.

In 6 hours Russia also liquidated almost all of the Ukrainian military air facilities, dozens of weapons stores, radio and electronic warfare facilities, all ports and bases of the Ukrainian Navy, 95% of Ukrainian anti-aircraft and anti-missile facilities, all headquarters and bases of the Azov and other nazi battalions and other command and control centers. Russia was also able to gain control over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat which was decaying and becoming a dangerous threat to global security due to the negligence of the corrupt and incompetent CIA installed puppet nazi government. Russia was also able to restore water supplies from the Ukraine to the Crimean Peninsula which was blocked by the nazi junta to punish the civilian populations of Crimea. Russia’s operations also significantly cut the number of attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Donetsk and the Donbass and finally Russia and Donbass were able to free Harkhov and allow it to join the Russian World.

Of special note are the attempts by the Ukraine under Zelensky to obtain nuclear weapons, something which no country of government in the world should support. The world already saw in WWII the results of what happens when an overly ambitious nazi regime gains real military power and the regime in the Ukraine is one that is dangerously unbalanced and corrupt.

Note from the author:

Almost everything you are about to read regarding the events in the Ukraine, including the origins of the conflict and details of particular events, have been covered by me in previous articles, interviews and other journalistic work and are kept available on for research and historical purposes.

There are ongoing investigations covering crimes which have no statute of limitations and any new conclusions or evidence presented in this report are requested to be taken seriously and entered into databases to support cases against the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity which have occurred in the Ukraine and the crime of genocide, which although not yet internationally recognized for political purposes, has occurred and must be prosecuted.

I remind the reader that I have paid a high price for my journalistic work and in the final summary must take responsibility for the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service, which evidence has proven was carried out to silence my voice and eliminate all of the journalistic work and evidence that I had gathered when employed by the Russian Government at the Voice of Russia World Service. Given the threat of a criminal case against me by Sergey Sayenko, my ex vice editor, which failed and then the targetting of my son who spent five years in prison, it is clear to me why these enemies of Russia did what they did and liquidated the only voice that Russia had that could not be shut down or controlled by their Western masters.

The fact that the Voice of Russia World Service was infiltrated by Western Intelligence and then the liquidation of RIA Novosti was flipped to make it the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service was a politicized, expedient political game used by would-be-oligarch Dmitry Kisilev and oligarch daughter Margarita Semonyan to expand their own personal influence and power. The treasonous nature of agreements with the US State Department and the cooperation with Michael McFaul and the CIA to attempt to carry out a military coup and color revolution in Russia may never be prosecuted due to the “political” implications, but the complaints were many and the evidence, including the certification of Dmitry Kisilev as one of nine voices in the world for the CIA, are in the hands of the proper authorities and if permission is ever obtained to prosecute these traitors then their trials will be quick and the results inarguable.

I am a realist and no longer believe that there are bodies interested in justice or human rights as those are “privileges” only granted in certain cases by those in power when it coincides with their agenda, but it is my life’s work to expose and at least attempt to bring to justice some of the worst criminals the human race has ever seen, such as the 911 cabal. Given all of that it is wonderful after eight long years to see President Putin finally doing and end to the CIA nazi regime in the Ukraine.

Note from the Author: My original article on the recognition of the DPR and LPR began as thus and was integrated into this current work.

February 22, 2022 - By John Robles II

The CIA’s MOCKINGBIRD Lie Machine and the Self-Annihilating Effects of a Fake Reality

History: if you deny it, hide it or re-write it, you have no future. – John Robles II

Note: Part of Other Research but Applicable Here

The liquidation of the Russian “Knizhnaya Palata” was a perfect example of how the global criminal cabal attempted to secure their illegal information operations in the Russian Federation. Although no one anywhere has ever mentioned this fact except me, the liquidation of the “Knizhnaya Palata” was in itself a coup for the CIA/MI6 and their agents in Russia who attempted to overthrow the government of Vladimir Putin.

Mathematically and given scientifically based theories of timelines temporality and causality by their hundreds of years of attempting to change the past by rewriting history they have led themselves down a dead end road from which they will never be able to return from. Mathematically this is something which can be proven and is a topic so complex and beyond the understanding of even the greatest minds that it has not even been studied and now, at this juncture when it has become too late for them to reset or tailor their operations, it has become possible to mention what I am telling you. To cause a human experience no matter based temporal causal collapse time travel is not even necessary, just the erasure and reprogramming of memory which while if not complete will be destroyed by the observation effect of those who know the truth.

NovoRossiya, North Stream 2: Proving That All Wars Are Rothschild/Rockefeller Banker's Wars 

How is it possible that in this day and age when we are so advanced technologically and have enough wealth and knowledge to create heaven on Earth for ever human being a sick twisted London Banker and his cronies are still able to control governments, launch wars, and use NATO to steal resources and make "markets safe"??? For me that is a rhetorical question but for the majority of the world's current population that is a question that they could not even begin to answer, let alone dare to ask.

The deep answer lies in the genocidal Dynasties of the United Kingdom and the Khazri Empire and their control of almost all of the world's media and financial mechanisms, including global trade, the oil flows and the daily pricing of gold (which should give the novice researcher a good clue).

The Hand of the Grey Cardinals of Oil and the Black Gold of Death

Strategically Ukraine made a serious mistake two days ago which exposed the true nature of their little CIA installed puppet government, but the world is too dumbed down and too distracted by the millions of lies being fed to them to have even noticed it. The CIA slash SBU sent Ukrainian, Polish and other sabotage teams to the Donbass during the first wave of their attack which besides illegal heavy artillery fire also included leaflet drops, the failed assassination of the Donetsk militia commander, fake SMS messages pretending to be from the FSB and numerous failed attempts to sabotage civilian infrastructure and activate sleeper cells. Honestly if militarily this was the best that the CIA/SBU could do, nobody really has anything to worry about as long as our guards stay up. Now the all-exposing event I am referring to is the sabotage of a Donetsk gas facility and pipelines. The SBU's best were able to temporarily damage the pipeline into Donetsk but here is the beautiful thing: they did not damage closely connected infrastructure that delivers Russian gas to Kiev and onward to Europe. If they really wanted to damage the system they could have blown the entire pipeline to smithereens (or maybe I am over-estimating their abilities) and this would have been a serious problem for the DPR and LPR, but the nazis in Kiev are obviously more interested in keeping themselves warm that actually winning anything, which of course for us is a good thing, but more importantly gas is the chief income of the nazi oligarchs and the Globalist Banksters in the Ukraine.

Lenin Made Ukraine and Decommunization

For many younger Russians President Putin’s recent address, before the recognizing of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic, was a real history lesson, judging from the reactions by younger Russians on Russian Social media. For me it was refreshing to finally hear the President saying the things I have been saying for years, and there was one fact I had never heard about before, namely that it was in fact Vladimir Lenin who created the state which was then called the Ukraine. Vladimir Putin then recalled how subsequent Soviet governments had continued to give the Ukraine more and more territory.

In connection to this, for the first time, since perhaps even 1999, President Putin became visibly angry when he told the Ukrainian state that if they wanted decommunization they would get real decommunization. If taken at face value then the Ukraine can expect to have its territory defined by the borders which existed during the times of Imperial Russia.

The official statements regarding denazification and demilitarization are clear and after day one the latter is almost complete.

Soft Power Media Operations No Longer Matter

President Putin and the special operations in the Ukraine prove without a doubt that Western soft power and media operations no longer have any effect in the Russian space, with regard to the government and its sovereign operations. This is a wonderful and positive thing in my opinion and I am so happy to finally see President Putin and the Russian Government doing what is right in terms of international law, history and elementary human rights, namely securing the rights of the innocent people of the Donbass to simply exist.

The CIA and their MOCKINGBIRD Social Media networks have been attempting to destabilize Russia and even the US Embassy in Moscow had openly attempted to use the same tactics of fear that they have used in the Ukraine for eight years and in America forever but to no avail. The US Embassy tried to terrorize Russians by saying there would be terrorist attacks in public places but this was quickly proven to be more fake news from the USA.

The freaks in the USA and the media lackeys in the MOCKINGBIRD are now trying to portray the special operation by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as being an invasion that will cost untold human lives. After day one this should also be accepted for what it is, more fake news. Russia is demilitarizing the Ukraine so the sociopathic nazis in Kiev can no longer slaughter their own civilian population, which is the reality of what has been going on in the Ukraine for the last eight years.

Statements by Russian Officials and in fact all over the world, now prove and have shown that the words of Stoltenberg, Psaki, the regurgitated Nuland and Biden and the usual array of talking heads and liars have no meaning whatsoever as they have lost all credibility to anyone who even knows a little bit of the truth. The Goebbels channeling Big Lie theorists have failed and no amount of censorship and fake news will bring back what they lost, namely credibility, nobody believes them anymore, or at least nobody that matters.

NATO is an Atavism

The atavism that is NATO will be stopped and its slow motion invasion of Eastern Europe will be put to an end and 1991 borders will be restored. The same borders that existed when NATO and the USA promised that they would not expand their little GDP theft protection racket Eastward.

NATO Missiles: a Gun at Moscow’s Head

The NATO plans for basing first strike missiles disguised as air-defense weapons less than 4 minutes from Moscow have been thwarted on day one. I wrote extensively about this in 2012 I believe and that is what has occurred.

Russia’s new hypersonic capabilities have also served to guarantee that NATO will never achieve their goal of global domination and the taking over of the world.

The United Nations is Useless

As we have seen by the reaction to the recognition of the DPR and LPR the United Nations has long ago drifted away from its own charter, proving that, as Victoria Nuland implied when she said that they would use the UN to “glue together” their nazi coup in 2014, the UN is just another Globalist US Tool. By launching its special operation Russia is in fact fulfilling the humanitarian role of the United Nations, which should have been providing peace keeping forces since 2014 to protect the people of the Donbass and the Ukraine from the CIA nazi puppets who were illegally put in power.

Historical Record Keeper and Liberal Education

President Putin’s address to the people was an irritant to many young people in the Russian Internet space who have undergone the programming of a western designed educational system and know nothing about history. For those of us who remember history and the past it was a breath of fresh air to finally have someone saying what we all know to be true.

Coming Tribunals for Brutal Ukrainian Nazis and Their Curators

President Putin, in his addresses mentioned the War Crimes of the nazi junta and gave me hope once again that the crimes committed by Nuland’s Nazis in Odessa and all over the Ukraine will finally be prosecuted and those responsible will be forced to face tribunals.

Finally Blasting the Hypocritical Lying Western MOCKINGBIRD

The entire Western media space is having a total meltdown with everyone somehow trying to paint the righteous actions of President Putin and the Russian Federation as something horrible and have done so in so many different ways that it is impossible to keep up. Those publishers and outlets who are perhaps reporting 40% truths however continue to use terms such as interventionism, democracy, sovereignty and diplomacy to describe the illegal overthrowing of a democratically elected President and the installation of a nazi regime in Europe in the 21st century. Like 911 and Israel they just can’t handle the truth.

It's a sad day for all the Neoliberals and America loving traitors ready to sell their grandmothers for a fake American dream and for the global media they go to for instructions but let's treat them like they have treated us for eight years, and spit. - John Robles II

To be continued on Day Two...  



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