Day Two and Three - The CIA Nazis and the Coming Tribunals

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The Truest Truth You Will See About the Ukraine

When your enemy has superiority in any area you must work around, beyond and outside of the borders of their scope of understanding and control. - John Robles II

Believing in their own exclusivity, exceptionalism and  complete control, the Western Zionist axis did what no one else could have done, they gave themselves  all the rope they desired and hung themselves with their own self-conceived impunity. - John Robles II 

One must take with a grain of salt a state which is committing genocide and war crimes worldwide when they talk about who is civilized. - John Robles II

The genocide based Apartheid USA and it's sister British colony Israel are the world's leaders in false flag and state sponsored terrorism. They have no right, and in fact are unable to, determine who in fact is a terrorist. - John Robles II

Through propaganda and information control the modern western man, with the help of crypto Zionists and Russophobes, has convinced themselves and to a certain degree much of the world, that they are civilized when in fact they are the true barbarians of world history. - John Robles II

You can not use Nazis to form governments, intelligence agencies, space programs, military blocks and societies and then claim you civilized and not racist, no matter how much you lie and how complex are your fabrications. A fascist pig is always a fascist pig, no matter what makeup you put on it. - John Robles II 


noun: self-determination
1. The process by which a country determines its own statehood and forms its own government.

2. The process by which a person controls their own life.

noun: freedom

1. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

2. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved."the shark thrashed its way to freedom"

noun/adjective: terrorist

1. A person or entity who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

2. Unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

compound noun: Mockingbird Media

The MOCKINGBIRD program was a CIA operation to use journalists and media to deliver messages that were advanatgeous for the CIA. The program was never stopped and has expanded to what we have today. A global Network of lies and liars spreading fake news to billions around the world for the CIA.

February 27, 2022 - By John Robles II

Truth Has No Variations - Days Two, Three and Four of Russian Special Military Operation Z

The situation is active and fluid and there are changes every hour so writing a conclusive summary is difficult as the operations have just started, even the length of which remains a military secret. However judging from past conflicts and special operations and my experience with the topic at hand, I can safely say with a high degree of certainty, that the active phase of the special operations in the Ukraine will not last more than two days, at maximum three.

Demilitarization – Phase One

With over 800 military targets destroyed on day one and two and as day four has been completed, we can report that, as we predicted, the active phase of what is now openly known as Operation Z, was completed on February 24th with the destruction of over 800 military targets. The USA used to love to talk about “Shock and Awe” and “Surgical Strikes” as they bombed civilians and wantonly targeted everything that moved in Iraq and Afghanistan and in fact worldwide but compared to their CNN scripted media ops delivered by embedded fake journalists, this was the real thing. Today as secondary operations continue and the main wave is over, the total number of Ukrainian army military targets destroyed has reached 1,067 and civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure to date has still not occurred, I repeat there has been no “collateral damage” by the Russian Armed Forces.

The surgical precision of Russian strikes in the Ukraine should be the envy of militaries around the world for decades to come. As the special operation continued into day two, three and now four the targets continued to be struck with precision and the 100% absence of what the USA conveniently labels “collateral damage” meaning when they wantonly kill civilians and innocent victims.

The precision and deadliness of Russia’s new weapons can only be described  as frightening. We witnessed a Russian helicopter gunship take out two tanks and two armored trucks in less than two seconds, raining down what can only be described as a cloud or shower of death in one shot and then disengaging immediately leaving behind burning carcasses of vehicles that had seconds before been fully operational.


The Ukraine's Military Intelligence HQ Burning in Kiev

US/UK Anti-Tank Missile Launcher and single use Bunker Buster left behind by UA Forces

Illegally used on civilians.

Below examples of UA Forces using civilians and children as human shields and trying

to provoke airstrikes on residential areas and schools.


USA/UA/NATO Hypocrisy Will Finally Kick Itself in the Face – Check and Mate

Tomorrow, February 28, 2022 there will be a special UN General Assembly session on Ukraine called for by none other than the nazifiers and over-throwers of the Ukraine with president-in-hiding Zelensky calling for Russia to be taken to the ICC at the Hague. Proving as Victoria Nuland said in her “fuck the EU” intercepted telephone conversation where she said they needed the UN to “glue it together” that the USA uses the UN to cover up its crimes and support its fake narrative on global events.

I would say that Russia would more than welcome such moves as this will help to speed up the International Tribunals that are needed to bring those in the Ukraine and the USA to justice in front of the civilized world. The idiots at NATO, the CIA and the Ukraine seem to have forgotten that the Russian Investigative bodies have been carefully collecting and documenting evidence of the War Crimes being committed by the Ukrainian nazi puppet regime and the CIA and NATO in the Ukraine, so it would be suicide for the USA and the Ukraine to call for Russia to be prosecuted. However this would allow Russia the opportunity to present its evidence in camera and on the record for the world to see.

As a media operation the CIA and the Ukraine may have done the right thing but an actual hearing in the ICC will no doubt be their downfall. However as a journalist I would love to be there to see it.

The Theft and Rape of the Ukraine Continues With Sanctions

Super-mega-nuclear-sanctions are what the West is threatening Russia with but what in fact are sanctions? Sanctions are nothing but the legalized theft of one country or peoples’ assets by another. This is what the USA has become the master of doing for over a hundred years and we can not forget that in fact the genocide based USA was founded on the theft of Indian lands, so the thieves keep do what they do: thieving.

We must remind the world again and again that it was the CIA, the NED, Pierre Omidyar, MI6, NATO and the "West" which overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine and installed a puppet regime which then proceeded to sell and give the USA and the West everything that they possible could, including land rights to the Donbass which was sold for a period of 65 years with the right for prolongation, Ukraine's gold reserves which Yatsenyuk personally flew to the United States, mineral rights which were sold to Germany and the right to install NATO bases and US Military infrastructure on the territory of the Ukraine without it even being allowed to become a member of NATO which is impossible as it has an internal territorial conflict. If that is not enough let's recall the handing over of the Central Bank and the entire banking sector in the Ukraine to the Rothschild family and finally the complete and total liquidation of all Ukrainian manufacturing, construction and istruments of production. As per the "European Integration Agreement" Donbass was sold and in short the Ukraine was crippled and all methods of being self-reliant were destroyed, making it a 100% client state with no production and no wealth entirely dependent on loans and aid from the West, all of that in exchange for allowing Nazis to run wild and kill whoever they want while themselves becoming fabulously rich, being given US citizenship and being set for life. 

We know what the USA does, they tried it in Russia and thanks to President Vladimir Putin they failed, but the seeds of the "American Dream" disease and the lies promoted by the USA 24/7 around the world through every instrument they have, have in many cases taken root and have sprouted into insidious internal enemies of Russia who actually believe that their lives and w ell-being all depend on the "West". 

And Then There is That Secret CIA Genocide in the Donbass

Like the genocides carried out by the USA and Israel in the Middle East and all over the world, the genocide on the people of the Donbass is being covered up in exactly the same way and in classic USA switch the flip fashion they are blaming the victims for the crimes they are guilty of.

I will talk to you again soon…



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