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Introduction by John Robles II

Dear American Taxpayers, Your unelected leaders are committing genocide in order to attack and weaken Russian influence and in the end to allow them to wage a war to destroy Russia. This has nothing to do with security or US interests. It is simply imperialism at its ugliest. You are paying for the killing of innocent women and children whose only crime is opposing a nazi junta and living on territory that has been illegally sold to Washington for 65 years. Tell your leaders what you think and stop paying taxes. The believe you are sheep. Is this true? Sincerely, JAR2Fooling the American people by using the word "DRAWDOWN" as if there was such a thing, Obama just authorized $25 million more dollars to be thrown into the bottomless pit that is Ukraine. While calling the "AID" non-lethal but signing off on missile systems and the like the US is staunchly supporting the nazis they brought to power with the expressed intent of eliminating the Russian speaking population of Eastern Ukraine. The Genoicde of 8 million people is the real agenda here, yet the obfuscation is historic and the truth is almost completely muffled. Just look at the documents and make a conclusion yourself. There is no need for further commentary other than perhaps one question: What are the real reasons the Zionist US military industrial intelligence complex placed a Sunni Muslim non-US citizen in the White House? To appease discontent at home? To continue the genocide of Shia all over the Middle East? To continue the Israeli genoicde of Palestinians? Or perhaps because no other individual would authorize the genocide of white European Christian women and children that is now taking place in Ukraine? Zbignew Brzhinsky did well when he chose BARRY SOEBARKAH, AKA BARRY SOETORO, AKA BARRY (Barrack Hussein) OBAMA as president.  



28.01.2015 CyberBerkut gained access to Ukrainian Military Attorney’s PC

In the Southeast the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defeated again. The adventurous attack of the Ukrainian forces in Donetsk was interrupted and totally wrecked by the militia. A huge group of the Ukrainian troops got into a trap near Debaltsevo. And it can be eliminated soon.

The price of "the Blitzkrieg" is heavy: during two last weeks the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost 1100 soldiers, above 100 tanks. Dozens of soldiers and officers have been captured by the guardians of Donbass. Now these scary numbers are the greatest secrets of the Kiev junta. The leadership of the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Defense and the President Poroshenko spare no efforts to convince public opinion of Ukraine that “there are no casualties”, “enemy is defeated”, and “thousands of terrorists are eliminated”.

But the reality is different: the forces are demoralized and surrender, there are no reserves, mobilization makes no progress, and conscripts run away to Russia and to the West. The leadership of the so-called Antiterrorist Operation is in panic, it makes crazy orders, forms anti-retreat forces in a rear, send unskilled recruits to attack highly-trained militia’s defense. At the same time criminal commanders are first to run from the battlefield and prosecutors make for themselves certificates of warfare participants and get benefits for it. Moreover, the population of the nearby combat territories suffers from deserters and looters, maniacs and murderers wearing uniform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

The order of Lieutenant-General S.N. Popko, the first deputy head of the Antiterrorist center at the Ukrainian Security Council (the Commander of the ATO in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions).

The report of Ukraine's Deputy Prosecutor-General – Chief military prosecutor A. Matios about illegal traffic of arms and ammunition from the Antiterrorist Operation by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This document is about homicide investigations of civilian people by Ukrainian army.

The list of military deserters.

The list of military deserters    The document unveils the action plan of the General Staff of Ukraine to stabilize moral and psychological condition of Ukrainian soldiers on the eve of the active phase of the Antiterrorist Operation.

The page of the secret document is about the date of the fourth wave of mobilization in Ukraine.

A list of military prosecutors of Ukraine who arrived in the area of ATO as combatants.

The telegram to the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine which contains facts of criminal infringements by Ukrainian soldiers.

Text of the telegram  We, CyberBerkut, continue the monitoring of other criminal organizations, which unleashed civil war in Ukraine. To be continued…

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

7.01.2015 CyberBerkut has blocked German Chancellor and the Bundestag's websites.


The Ukrainian government wants to review national budget by the 15 of February, 2015. The Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk hopes to obtain multi-billion credits from the EU and the IMF. It is obvious how this money will be wasted. Yatsenyuk needs money to extend the war and not to restore collapsed infrastructure of our country.This war has already taken thousands of lives, and Yatsenyuk will kill more for your money!

That's why we appeal all people and government of Germany to stop financial and political support of criminal regime in Kiev, which unleashed a bloody civil war.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

30.12.2014 In Ukraine enacted a ban on freedom of speech

Without regard to international norms and ignoring one of the UN most important value – the freedom of speech, the anti-national government keeps on the enforcement of those who don’t agree with genocide of native population. Since the new rulers came the massacre of the journalists and the destruction of editors offices becomes customary. And after the creation of "the Ministry of Truth" it became almost legal. Besides, now the government threatens not only news media, but advocacy organizations!

Now, we have learned that the Security Service of Ukraine captured hard disks of Soldiers' Mothers of Ukraine Committee website ( It stands to mention that such organization didn’t make a call for protestation, didn’t advance any political demands. As opposed to punishers from Security Service of Ukraine the Committee served to the people by giving to its' citizens reliable information about the casualties of war. Every Ukrainian mother has one simple desire – see their own children alive and healthy and not tainted with blood of innocent people!

We, CyberBerkut, will keep a close watch on the activity of the Truth Ministry; make known every event connected with infringement of free speech in our country. We are ready to protect from the Information Ministry and the Security Service of Ukraine punishers' attacks all persons, who try to bring the truth to the Ukrainian people.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.11.2014 CyberBerkut gained access to the documents of Joseph Biden’s delegation officials

We, CyberBerkut, have already warned against inadmissibility of the Washington's interference in internal affairs of our country. Moreover, we repeatedly claimed our rejection of Kiev authorities’ antinational policy which had put Ukraine in dependence from the USA.

During two-day visit of Joseph Biden to Kiev on November 20-21 we gained access to confidential files of the State Department that had been stored on American delegation member’s mobile device.

Today we are ready to acquaint Ukrainian citizens, the USA and the world community with the documents that uncover the real volume and direction of American aid to “settle” the Ukrainian crisis.

After examination of just a several files there is the impression that the Ukrainian army is the branch of US Armed Forces. The volume of US financial assistance amazes with its scale. They also show the highest level of degradation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Besides, thousands of dollars go on personal accounts of military personnel and used by certain officers in personal needs. What will the American taxpayers say?

Documents signed by Kiev and foreign authorities speak for themselves:  One of the most surprising documents. The Naval Command begs it's foreign masters to sponsor Ukrainian officers during military exercises headed by the Pentagon on the Ukraine territory. And what about national pride?
Besides, what's the point of transferring more than a half million UAH on a card account of LCDR Denis Stupak? It cannot be explained. Except for uncontrolled spending and enriching without paying taxes. Perhaps it would be very interesting for Ukrainian and American journalists to find this officer and ask him a couple of questions.

Here's another document concerning military exercises. This time the Army Academy Named After Hetman Petro Sagaydachnyi begs to recover exercise expenditure for meals and incidentals of its eleven officers and one civilian. They want up to 53,000 UAH.
And now attention! Why does the assignment allowance of Naval Forces officers come up to 1310 UAH per day, and assignment allowance of the Army Academy officers – 500 UAH per day? Are sailors hungrier? Or is it just blind stupidity?  

This is one of the documents confirming that the Ukrainian army becomes a branch of US Armed Forces. The amount of expenses is amazing. What is much astonishing, almost one million dollars is assigned for opening "linguistic laboratories" and purchasing text-books for them. Undoubtedly, it is what Ukrainian Armed Forces need today. They all need English to understand Washington's orders more quickly.

This document contains signatures of Barak Obama and John Kerry. The USA will provide Ukrainian Armed Forces with counter-mortar radars. It is what Mr. Poroshenko proudly talked about. So it happened. Three radars worth a total of $400 000. It's a penny in comparison with what Ukrainian army will receive from Washington. From these documents it's not difficult to understand that US military assistance calculates in millions of dollars. And as we all know, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

The United States of America continue to assert that they are ready to provide Ukraine only with non-lethal commodities. But for some reasons members of Joseph Biden’s delegation have been given the document with the mark “for the Congress, final”. After reading of this document it’s getting clear that the junta is not going to comply with the Minsk agreements and observe the truce. They are ready to kill again!
400 sniper-rifles, 2000 assault-rifles, 720 hand-held grenade launchers, 200 mortars with more than 70 000 mines, 150 stingers, 420 antitank missiles and so on. That’s the plan of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the South-East by Petro Poroshenko.

For some reason, special attention is paid to Ukraine’s Naval Forces. On one hand it’s clear that there are no Naval Forces in Ukraine. On the other hand it points at aggressive plans of the USA and Kiev to prepare subversive operations not only in the South-East, but in Crimea. It’s hard to find another explanation. Otherwise, for what purpose does Ukraine need 150 combat divers?

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 November 28, 2014

"Heroes of the Maidan" monument defaced in western Ukraine

In the city of Lutsk located in the bastion of extremist fascism and nazi revivalism an unexpected event has occurred. According to reports from the regional prosecutor's office unknown persons smashed a memorial on which the so-called "Heavenly Hundred" were "immortalized". The event is important because it would appear that even in western Ukraine the people are becoming immune to the brainwashing being wrought on the population by the constant Ukrainian propaganda glorifying fascism and extremist racist and ethnic hate..

US Increases Military Aid to Ukraine

According to press service of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), the visit of US Vice President Joseph Biden to Ukraine brought predictably results. The day after the visit the "allies" of the Ukrainian military handed over three light radar systems which will be used to counter mortar fire. In addition, according to DPR Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the National Guard has been equipped with armored Raptor and Shrek heavy vehicles. The Obama administration plans to continue providing Ukraine with military aid and hopes that the US Congress will allocate additional funds for this purpose from the 2015 budget. This situation is another example of the U.S.' perpetual policy of double standards and here it can not be any more evident. The U.S. continues demonizing and criticizing Russia for providing the civilian people of Novorossiya with humanitarian aid yet the United States considers it normal to provide military assistance to the junta’s punitive forces. ISNN

Shame on America

Klitschko Learns to Speak and Plotnitsky Challenges Poroshenko to a Duel

November 25, 2014

В США начались беспорядки

В оплоте мировой демократии оправдали полицейского, застрелившего безоружного невинного подростка, который возмутил стража порядка цветом своей кожи. Американские полицейские жестоко подавили стихийную акцию протеста, которая проходила на улицах города Фергюсона. В результате десятки человек получили ранения. Вот она, пресловутая свобода по-американски. Похоже, и в Вашингтоне скоро запахнет горелыми покрышками.  


Харьковские партизаны нанесли удар по укро-фашистам

В самом Харькове вновь неспокойно. Очередной взрыв на этот раз прогремел возле воинской части на Холодной горе.  Напомним, что это далеко не первый подобный случай в Харькове за последнее время. 9 ноября был взорван паб «Стена», 20 ноября в центре города взорвали электрическую подстанцию на территории военного госпиталя. А в ночь на 22 ноября прогремел взрыв на железной дороге. Похоже, сторонники укро-фашистов не могут себя чувствовать спокойно в Харькове.  


Войска Новороссии окончательно окружили донецкий аэропорт

Пришло время карателей платить по счетам. Полное взятие донецкого аэропорта и прилегающих к столице ДНР городов является лишь вопросом времени. Похоже, каратели забыли, что кто с мечом к нам придёт, тот от меча и погибнет.   На Украине закончились деньги на нужды армии. Как признался Советник президента Украины Юрий Бирюков, на украинскую армию денег больше нет. По его словам, миллиарды гривен, заложенные в бюджете Министерства обороны – просто миф. Последние 10 лет армия практически не финансировалась. Как выяснилось, даже у офицерского состава нет зимнего обмундирования. И до следующего года они не появятся. В условиях, начавшихся на Донбассе холодов, украинским военным остаётся согреваться известным майданным способом.  


Винницкие военнослужащие саботируют приказы командования

По сообщению Винницкой областной прокуратуры, военнослужащие городской военной части отказываются исполнять приказ командира ехать в зону АТО. Всё чаще укро-фашистская машина пропаганды начала давать сбои. Уже и в  Виннице отрезвляются и не хотят воевать против своего народа.  


В Новороссию прибывает Восьмой гуманитарный конвой

Очередной гуманитарный конвой из России прибудет в Новороссию до конца недели. Как сообщил замглавы МЧС России Владимир Степанов, уже в пятницу конвой прибудет на границу Ростовской области. Новый конвой привезёт, в первую очередь, строительные материалы – шифер, стекло, рубероид, а также продукты питания и топливо для работы экстренных оперативных служб: пожарной охраны и скорой помощи.  Всего планируют отправить более ста машин, они в Донбасс привезут более тысячи тонн разных грузов. Русские своих не бросают.  


Жители Западной Украины подались в Россию

Жители самых украинских областей Украины массово отправились на заработки в Россию. Европа перестала жаловать гостеприимством, Майдан разогнали. Денег взять неоткуда. А вот Россия большая и добрая, место для всех


November 24, 2014

Thousands of criminal Cases Opened Against the "Fighters" Kiev's Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO)

The atrocities and the war crimes being committed by Kiev’s punitive forces cannot be hidden even by the Ukrainian government. The head of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Vitaly Yarema said that thousands of criminal cases have been opened against the punitive forces involved in Kiev’s so called anti-terrorist operation against the civilian populations of the country that do not agree with the junta.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office criminal cases have been opened on charges of murder, theft, robbery and failure to comply with orders, he said, and added that the military prosecutor's office has opened more thasn 3,000 cases against members of the armed formations.

The criminal cases are for offenses that are regularly being carried out in the combat zone of Donbass.

Yarema said that among the crimes taking place on a regular basis are: failure to comply with orders, robbery, murder and stealing weapons.

The head prosecutor also said that the GPU had recently dismantled a major channel used for the delivery of weapons from the war zone in the Donbas in Zaporozhye. Russian Spring news resource


US Increases Military Aid to Ukraine

According to DPR news service the visit of US Vice President Joseph Biden to Ukraine predictably brought results.

The very next day the "allies" of the Ukrainian military handed over three light radar systems which will be used to counter mortar fire. In addition, according to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the National Guard has been equipped with armored Raptor and Shrek heavy vehicles.

The Obama administration plans to continue providing Ukraine with military aid and hopes that the US Congress will allocate additional funds for this purpose from the 2015 budget.

Here the perpetual policy of double standards can be no more evident. The U.S. continues demonizing and criticizing Russia for providing the civilian people of Novorossiya with humanitarian aid yet the United States considered it normal to provide military assistance to the junta’s punitive forces.


Blockade of Donetsk Continues

We can’t win so we will destroy everything. This is the motto of the fascists in the war against Novorossiya. Unable to take Donetsk, the punitivve forces have continuously bombed the capital of Donbass. They have destroyed homes, schools, kindergartens and hospitals and other necessary infrastructure. For months the city has not received social security benefits or pensions and the banking system is not functioning.

For the fascists this is obviously not enough. The western backed President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has issued instructions not to deliver medicine to the territory of the DPR and LPR.

History has taught them nothing. The Ukrainian leaders continue to steadily move at full speed towards their logical destination of Nuremberg.


Flag of Novrossiya Risen in Odessa

In their own way the residents of Odessa congratulated the Ukrainian authorities on the anniversary of the Maidan coup.

Odessians who are fans of the Maidan marked the occasion with a laser projector and the flag of Novorossiya, which at the time adorned the facade of one of the regional administration building on 83 Kanatnoy Street.

 It seems that in their campaign of terrorizing Kharkov, where recently local partisan forces have intensified their guerrilla war against the fascists, the punitive forces have weakened their grip on Odessa.


Poltava Stands Up Against Fascism

The Central regions of Ukraine are following the examples of Kharkov and Odessa in standingup against the Kiev fascists On Friday nightresidents of  Poltava painted a monument to the Heavenly Hundred in orange and black paint in the style of "St. George Ribbon"

The monument to the Heavenly hundred is on the site of the destroyed statue of Lenin in Poltava.  Apparently, the "heroes" of the "Heavenly hundreds" in Poltava did not become true heroes. Such as, for example, did the carriers, "St. George Ribbon".


DPR Will Not Abandon Mariupol and Slavyansk

The Vice-Speaker of the National Council of the Republic Denis Pushilin, stated that trhe DPR is preparing for future negotiations with official Kiev. According to him, the DPR can exist only within the administrative boundaries of the former Donetsk region. 


Putin is Confident in the Power of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Russian press that the decisions regarding the situation in and around Crimea were well calculated and there could be no doubt as to their success. This was stated in an interview with ITAR-TASS the publication of which was delayed for 10 days.

In addition, President Putin confirmed rumors that psychologists had found he suffered from what they called “reduced sense of danger.”

"You must be able to weigh all the possible consequences and when making a decision take into account every possible developing scenario in order to avoid the undesirable", Putin said in the interview.

"Actions which are not thought out cannot be tolerated, the cost of making mistakes is very high," he added.

With regard to the question of whether the consequences of Russia’s actions in the Crimea were carefully calculated, Putin replied in the affirmative. "Yes. This was a strategic decision," he said.

In clarifying question as to whether the situation would end well the Russian president responded: "I think that is the way it will be.We are stronger than everyone. Because we are right, and in this case I have no doubt," said the head of the Russian Federation.

President Putin said that he never makes arbitrary decisions. Namely those whose consequences I cannot see," he explained.

"If the consequences are not clear I try to wait until they are" he added, citing the well-known thesis "If you are not sure do not attempt to overtake."

"They are the ones who are trying to compete with us and overtake us in oncoming traffic"; we are in our lane and travelling at the posted speed," said Putin, speaking about modern Russia.

It is also important to note that previously the former adviser to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin Andrei Illarionov said preparations were being made for the war with Ukraine for a minimum of 11 years. It will be a long term war and in fact part of the "World war IV" the goal of which is changing the world order.


November 23, 2014 John Robles and Sergey Moiseyev destroy the myth of Thanksgiving and American democracy for the Russian speaking world.


November 21, 2014 The Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden arrived to the capital of "independent" Ukraine to remind the Ukrainian politicians about the commitments to their American masters. The Yankee arrived to arrange the ministers of the Government and elected MPs in appropriate order and to tell them what to do next. Besides, much prominence is given to the contractual arrangements concerning the military equipment and arms supply, the advancement of the American energy corporations in our country, the submitting of the Ukrainian energy sector to the USA and the American nuclear fuel export enhancement. We, CyberBerkut, oppose the US intervention into the Ukrainian internal affairs. That’s why we published the following picture on the governmental websites:


October 28, 2014 DPR LPR NEWS The Ukrainian Parliament is now completely composed of nazis in a sham election where only a small percentage of the overall Ukrainian population voted and which did not include the votes of those in NovoRossia.  Joe “the nazi backer” Biden arrived in Kiev for a self-gratulatory circle jerk and to attempt to grant legitimacy to another “election” held by an illegally and violently installed US junta government.  Russia’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated the elections were illegitimate and could not be recognized. The LDPR Party does not recognize the elections to the Verhovnaya Rada, the elections were conducted under the threat of automatic weapons. Poroshenko arrived in a military uniform yesterday at the elections. What kind of a president is this? What kind of MPs enact scenes to terrorize the people and throw around ballot boxes. The elections were not legitimate, we do not recognize them. 10.27.14. Message from journalists. "Reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the Ukrainian punitive battalions are increasing their activity. In the district near the Donetsk airport there are intensified skirmishes, including the use of DRONES (UAVs). On the territory of the DPR clashes continue outside Debaltseve and in Novoazovskiy and Miner's areas. Ukrainian punitive artillery has been used to launch more massive artillery strikes on the residential areas of Maloorlovka and Peterpavlovsk, killing four civilians and injuring six. The most tense situation in the Lugansk area. There have been clashes with members of the punitive battalion "Aydar" with several soldiers being captured. In the Perevalsk area the punitive battalions shelled the villages of Sofievka and Bayrachki. In Popasnjansky district after shelling by the Ukrainian side Pervomaisk self-defense militias retaliated against the National Guard checkpoint near the settlement Popasnaya (checkpoint destroyed) and strengthened their forces in the area of ​​the village of Stakhanovets. According to the self-defense militia troops the punitive forces are preparing to attack . The attacks could take place before the elections in NovRossia, which will be held November 2nd. 10-27-2014 Over the last few days Ukrainian punitive forces in Bahmutke have lost about 150 soldiers and 22 armored vehicles. All of the roads in the area are dotted with skeletons of burned out tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. The bodies of punitive fighters have been lying on the side of the roads for days and have been mangled by wild boars and wild dogs. Today, at the request of the self-defense forces the punitive battalions were asked to recover their slain colleagues. At the checkpoint near the settlement there are about 80 fighters who are afraid to leave the position and retreat along the humanitarian corridor because if they do so under Ukrainian law they face up to 7 years in prison for surrendering.


Summer 2014  TRUTH: MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH17 WAS A BLACK OPERATION CARRIED OUT BY CIA/SBU Witnesses at the scene minutes after the crash described bloodless bodies which looked as if they had been in a morgue and fresh passports that had just been printed.




ANTI MAIDAN DOT COM ANTI MADIAN The Donetsk People's Republic thanks John for the help he has provided to the people of NovoRossiya in their battle against neo-nazi fascist forces but they need help as winter begins. Please support the DPR and the children and people of NovoRossiya as they struggle against the continuing genocide of their people by US backed nazi killers.


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