St. Petersburg and Syria: More CIA/MOSSAD Terror

CIA/MOSSAD Terror: A Tool to Blackmail World Leaders. CIA Has Russian Blood on Their Hands

It is long long overdue for the international community and the countries of the world to finally reign in and hold accountable the trio of terror that is the United States of America, the false State of Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The World can no longer stand by and watch as this trio flaunts the rule of law and continues committing crime after egregious crime against all humanity as they manipulate, destroy, attack and commit genocide in country after country after country. The world knows that this trio staged 911 and that all organs of international law and justice are compromised and under their control, therefore a new body must be formed by the countries of the world who stand for peace and the rule of international law.

I am at the end of my rope in recording, investigating and following the crimes of this trio. They now have too much Russian blood on their hands for even the weakest of politicians to pretend there is nothing wrong and the time has come for something to be done. The disgust and nausea I feel thinking about the horrific attack in St. Petersburg and the 14 innocent people who were just going about their daily affairs and were brutally murdered and the 45 others who were injured and scarred for life are only second to the cold rage and disgust I feel towards those who did it and my ex “countrymen” who seem to be wallowing in sadistic pleasure and applauding such as horror because it happened to Russians.

The West has gone insane with their callous, brutal and horrendous insatiable bloodlust and sanctimonious self-righteousness and is so completely and utterly

obsessed with their insane jealousy and drooling at the mouth hatred for President Vladimir Putin and Russia that they have lost all vestiges of humanity! That unfortunately is just the general population who have been brainwashed for years on end to believe that for some reason Russia and Russians are evil and need to be wiped off the face of the earth, those who are doing it are even worse and have to be dealt with now and with extreme prejudice before they bring about World War III and the deaths of hundreds of millions more.

I am sickened and disgusted and enraged at the impunity with which the CIA and MOSSAD and their agents operate wherever they like. When you have been an investigative journalist as long as I have and been researching the CIA and 911 and the workings of intelligence agencies as much as I have it is obvious who was behind the attack in Russia and even you, if you do a little research, should see clearly who is behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria. Furthermore these two events are related and anyone who is involved in security or understands the enemy that we have been fighting since September 11, 2001, knows who the real guilty parties are. Yet because they are so “rich and powerful” the world has to pretend that we do not know and pretend that these criminals are legitimate and not really just genocidal demons who should be arrested the minute they leave US territory.

I am certain that the CIA and MOSSAD were behind the attack in St Petersburg timed to send a message to President Putin on the eve of Tillerson's visit so that Putin would be afraid and agree to run like a dog from Syria because so CIA goons ordered him to. They obviously do not know Putin.

I remember discussing the Ukraine coup with a panel of experts on RT television, one of my last appearances on major media, and I clearly remember the gasps of shock when I said the obvious, that those guilty of carrying out the coup should be arrested. That "covering up by default of crimes" is the problem with the Jewish controlled media and political “officials” who are forced to work with these criminals and pretend they are legitimate and in doing so give them legitimacy.

In all reality, in a normal world where the United Nations functioned as it was supposed to and there was truly something called International Law, every Neo-Con scum wad from Nuland on down and all of the people above her would have been dragged in front of an international tribunal for arranging a coup d’état in a sovereign nation! They should have been arrested for providing material support to terrorists and radical nazi groups and should have been tried for multiple crimes against humanity and instances of aggressive war. But none of this has happened and will never happen because they have too much power and too many weapons and are in fact holding the world at gunpoint and under economic blackmail.

I mentioned the reaction of common folks to the terrorist act in St Petersburg and will borrow a phrase from a writer in the UK who I recently met on Twitter, she said the West operates with a “Template”, which has pre-arranged mechanisms of outrage, condemnation, unity and calls for greater security. This template is pulled out every time there is a false flag attack in the West, monuments are lit up with national colors in a show of unity, statements are made by officials and outrage is expressed on social media and in all of the mass media! However for Russia this template is not and was not applied. They have a different template for Russia and I will give a little personal example of what the “Russia Template” entails.

I had a “friend” who I met on the Internet and who seemed to support my work and even supported the site financially and donated to my journalistic work and we seemed to get along and agree on almost all issues and I thought we were fighting the same fight. This person was also a Native American, or so I thought, and everything was fine and dandy until the fourth of April when the terrorist attack occurred in St. Petersburg.

Now, given my political situation and the fact that I live

in Russia, I am constantly targeted by people working for Intelligence Agencies and every sort of nut you can imagine so I am used to duplicity and trolls, but this person really threw me for a curve. Before there was any information whatsoever this person started screaming that Putin ordered it. I was amazed. Russia has never orchestrated false flags like they do in the West. Russia has never increased security, funding for intelligence agencies or stripped away the rights of citizens due to a terror attack, which are all just some of the things the West does and are standard operating procedure in the West, part of the “Terror Attack Template” if you will, that Western governments use to increase spying, surveillance, introduce Draconian measures and to crack down on their own citizenry. Russia has never done any of that nor invaded or attempted to destroy 7 countries in 5 years based on a staged mass murder event! Even though it is hard for people in the West to believe, for the most part Russia is a law abiding and civilized country with Christian values which does not slaughter its own citizens as is par for the course in the US! Just look at how many people the police murder every day, it is horrendous!

So back to this “friend”: Naturally me being a normal person who is affected by things, such as pizzagate which I researched and which made me physically ill for almost week, I was quite upset by this attack on innocent civilians in St Petersburg! Just as I am sickened by the over 10 thousand ethnic Russians that the US installed and CIA controlled Nazi junta have slaughtered in Donbass, so maybe the False Flag accusation hit me wrong, but as a journalist I told this person: "If you have evidence please show me! Why do you think it is a false flag carried out by Putin? What is your theory or evidence? What will they gain? Who benefits?"

The person could not provide one little tiny piece of evidence and thus I was quite dismayed. So I said please research and when you have some evidence let me know. So the person gave me all these links to Russophobic sites following the Russia-is-bad-get-rid-of-Putin template that the West and the Russian opposition use.

I went through all the vitriol in all of the "reports" and in the end said to this "friend": “nothing conclusive”. Then the person went ballistic and starting attacking me personally and sending me all kinds of crap. I was very dismayed by the pictures of dead bodies this person was sending me saying they were fake, that it was all a hoax! This went on for a while and finally I told this person, “Please stop your groundless attacks on President Putin there are innocent people who died and one of my ex-students contacted me and said they had a teenage relative who died in the attack”, the person responded by saying: “So what! Prove it!”

Prove it? What am I supposed to do send this person part of the body? Needless to say I had to go separate ways with person but managed to stay civilized to the end. Even to the end this person who I counted on for support kept insisting that I call it a false flag and blame Putin.

The last message I read from this person was: “I am waiting for you to say it was Putin and that it was a hoax and for proof that your damn friends died.”

The utter cynicism was nauseating and had me almost shaking for several days and I have only now calmed down enough to write about it.

That is the whole attitude with Americans and people in the West and in particular the Zionist scum. They slaughter millions of Iraqis, or Afghanis, or Palestinians or Russians or even American Indians and don’t bat an eye, as if those people are not really people, as if those people deserve to die and do not deserve life and this mentality, regardless if it is being promoted by Zionists as they steal Palestine and try to eradicate all Arab people for their greater Israel Project or if it is an endemic American problem stemming from the fact that the United States was founded on genocide and built by slaves, has no place in the international community and requires that the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia be isolated from the peaceful law abiding members of the world community and not be allowed to wage aggressive war any longer or genocide on populations they target in their false war on terror.

CIA/MOSSAD Terrorism: Why the CIA has Russian Blood on their Hands


Bombing Syria an Illegal Act of War by an Illegitimate State

The Hegelian Dialect and the Trump Lie

How the people all over the world had hoped that Donald Trump would have brought the change that Obama had promised. How the world hoped that he would at least keep the promises he had made. How the world has been disappointed by another fake us puppet once again. Another Zionist slave for Israel and another warmongering war criminal bent on world domination.

The Trump campaign was brilliant, after Obama lied to blacks and minorities for 8 years with a false message of hope, Trump lied to racist whites with a false message of white supremacy and making America great again which in fact it never was. And in the end both were simply puppets for the Rothschild Zionist puppet masters and those who came to power in the 911 coup.

Trump’s illegal missile strike on Syria has now made him an international war criminal and the American people should be screaming for an investigation as to why and how the daughter of an American President with no qualifications can first get a job in the White House and second advise and convince her father the President to illegally bomb a sovereign nation which never attacked the United States.

The Mad Mad World Of The Trump Regime, Over 21 Civilians Slaughtered By U.S. Airstrikes In Syria Including Ten Children


While US “outrage” at civilian casualties from Syrian airstrikes is being used as a pretext for military intervention against the Syrian government, US forces continue their own airstrikes backing military operations in northeastern Syria, and are killing an increasing number of civilians in their own right.

Today, US airstrikes near Raqqa killed at least 21 people, mostly civilians, and while some of the strikes were near fighting between US-backed troops and ISIS, at least one of the strikes appears to have been a deliberate attack on a boatload of civilians attempting to cross the Euphrates River.

The boat was carrying about 40 people, and NGOs say that at least seven bodies, six of them children, have been recovered so far, with more missing. The US has dropped leaflets in the area urging civilians to flee toward the Euphrates, but apparently dropped a second leaflet warning them not to try to cross the river or they’d be attacked.

The airstrikes centered around the village of Hanida, which is along the Euphrates River west of Raqqa. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported a number of additional civilians killed in US strikes on the village. That the US is attacking the village is puzzling, because ISIS is not believed to have any presence in the village itself, and it appears to be at least some distance from the fight.

The biggest target in the Hanida strikes was an Internet cafe, with the US strike destroying the site, killing 14 people within, including four children. The US is so far not offering any justification for any of the attacks in the area.

US Military Psychological Operations and the US CIA controlled Jewish media have now gone to calling Assad and animal and amazingly many of the Russian media outlets are just parroting these reports such as Zionist controlled Sputinik.

Which regulrly parrpots US media talking points without contra argument context or argument and serves as the global US NWO MSM for the world audience that think they are listening or reading the opinion of the Russina Government or the Russian side but are in fact just reading and listening to crypto globalists pretending to give the Russian opinion.

Assad told Trump that even if the Americans are all animals he should not assume that everyone else did. A wonderful answer but so far I have not seen that translated by the Jewish run Russian media into English with only Russian language media outlets carrying the material. Should be a matter for the Security Services

Tillerson Delivers Threats and Leaves Red-Faced: Kremlin Site Ignores the Visit

Finally with all of that we now had an oil company exec playing Secretary of State who arrived in Russia to make imperialist threats to Moscow and to give the conditions by which Russia must ignore international law and obligations and allow these barbarians to finish destroying Syria so that Israel can have its stolen Eratz Israel Caliphate and build its pipeline to Europe.

It gave me hope that the visit was not mentioned on the Kremlin website, no photos were taken and the US Secretary of State left red-faced from Putin's offices. OF course the lying self-serving US media and Trump are saying they had some victory but it appears like the US had it ass handed to them.


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