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jj abrams life is a lie



     here we have a MKULTRA dissociative/hypnotic swirl

This blog is about exposing the lies and deceit of Hollywood. Its important for people to free themselves of the sickness and delusions of degenerate jewish Hollywood if anything is to change for the better. Jewish manipulation that keeps everyone sick and ignorant so they can carry on with their disgusting paedophilia and incest shoved down everyones throats HAS TO GO. Mostly its for political control going back centuries. I'm really sick of it. And im sick of the false flags we've gone through daily for a very long time now. First I'd like to start with JJ Abrams. I started reading his book Ship Of Theseus a few years ago. I've been connecting the dots since. Ship Of Theseus to me is all about paedophiles kidnapping children. The sailors in the book all sow their mouths shut. That is a sign of paedophilia and secrecy. In the book the sailors take children to ships to rape them much like Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard and his Sea Org. Sailors did who kidnapped children to rape on his ships he sailed around the world in. L. Ron Hubbard's son, grandson and great grandson exposed his lies.  Around the same time I started reading S.O.T. I also became aware that the Manson Murders were faked by Roman Polanski to trigger a race war. I noticed that JJ Abrams looks just like Roman Polanski they have the exact same nose.You cant hide from genetics. JJ Abrams birthday is even 6/27/66 the day after Rosemary's babys birthday in the book by Ira Levin. Even tho he was born in october of '69. Sharon being 8 1/2 months pregnant at time of manson murders.

JJ has Roman's Widowspeak and nose.

Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda and son Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate, JJ Abrams, Roman Polanski and Genrikh Yagoda


Sharon went to hide in brazil after the faked manson murders. To me its clear they realized they had a problem with Sharon once she realized that Roman is a Paedophile. Sharon Tate was MKULTRA'd.

These people think it's funny to trick non jews into wars they create and profit from. If you dont know jews fund all sides of all wars look it up. By this picture below, alone, you can know the manson murders were faked. There would be no colour in Sharon's lips if she were dead and she would not be smiling like that! har har.


Also Sharon trained with Bruce Lee for the movie The Wrecking Crew. How is that she a pregnant mother can let two skinny little hippy druggy girls tie her up and kill her unborn child!? She didnt. It's all a lie.


n S.O.T. there are 5 postcards from Brazil. Brazil being a hub of paedophilia:  also Israel Mossad runs Brazil.   I read Miles Mathis' paper on the manson murders which was very eye opening compared to other things I had read about the Manson Murders.  So I contacted Miles about my suspicion that JJ Abrams is the son of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanksi. But he eventually decided to sell the lie about JJ Abrams being the son of Gerald Abrams as wikipedia tells us. But mostly Miles discredits wikipedia. We have to wonder why it is that he decides this time not to discredit wikipedia. And Even tho JJ looks nothing like Gerald Abrams. That paper was followed by a very strange angry rant about women. Very curious!   All that to me tells me Miles(pantsload)Mathis is controlled oppositon. He picks and chooses what he wants to expose. He even admits it. He is like most 'Truthers' out there just making money while they can. They dont care for the Truth anymore than they care about making money. So back to JJ Abrams. As you can see he looks nothing like Gerald Abrams on the right.




JJ has his mother Sharon Tate's smile. 

Debrah Tate is Sharon Tate who was also pretending to be Patti Tate. Batshit Crazy. Also a horrible liar. 

JJ Abrams and grandfather Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda.


His life on wikipedia is a lie (which Miles Mathis endorses). Because the truth is much more horrific and it goes back further from Roman Polanksi to his father Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda. Jewish soviet mass murderer of millions of non jews. Genrikh (Henry) Yagoda had a son that had to leave and change his name that name was Rajmund Theirry Leibling. Roman Polanski's 'birthname'. Yagoda was supposedly shot in the basement of Lubyanka. Ordered by Stalin, who Yagoda had built a falied canal for, killing millions in the process. Lubyanka Sounds familiar!? Kind of like the Labianca murders which was just Roman Polanski laughing at duping us goyim more with more faked murders. All to trigger a race war for the so called 'jews'. And given that JJ Abrams directed Regarding Henry we can assume it was really about his grandfather Genrikh Yagoda surviving being shot in the basement of Lubyanka. Also "His work often includes plotlines in which pregnant women get kidnapped by mysterious people or groups who eventually turn out to be trying to help the woman and/or her pregnancy--for example, Alias (2001), Lost (2004), Fringe (2008)." Sounds like Sharon Tate no!? Westworld is about Sharon Tate and Monarch Programming.  JJ Abrams was even given the Star Wars films to work on at a young age from someone at Lookout Mountain. why was Steven Spielberg so interested in JJ Abrams!?



Because he, being a fellow paedophile, was helping fellow paedophile Roman Polanski


JJ Abrams is very proud of his mass murdering grandfather which is why Kylo Ren is the spitting image of him. He even named his eldest son Henry after him. So sweet right!?? And his father Roman pretends to be a holohoax survivor to get away with rape all these years.

Yagoda had a poison lab that he used to poison people for Stalin. They killed anyone they deemed anti'semitic' (which there is no such thing as.) Let that sink in.  MILLIONS WERE STARVED, SLAUGHTERED AND WORKED TO DEATH IN FREEZING CONDITIONS. The main character in Ship Of Theseus is name S. he doesnt know his name but hes searching for Vevoda..who is really Yagoda. In star wars there's all kinds of references to Yagoda and to Roman Polanski. the castle  in the flashback is the castle in the 9th gate. 

I suspect that lesbian paedophile spy Moura Budberg is Romans mother. She helped move spies throughout europe mostly France. She also worked in film.  

Moura Budberg was close with Yagoda. She feared being blackmailed by him as I'm sure many were at that time in Soviet Russia. Yet JJ Abrams wants to finish what his grandfather started is what Star Wars tells us. The man who does reboots of others peoples work just like his father Roman Polanski is going to do that how!? By funding mass murdering Hillary Clinton!? By making cartoon praising jewish racist Margaret Sanger and whitewashing planned parenthoods racist beginnings!?? jews started planned parenthood to kill the native and black populations but it was mostly white women that were lined up getting abortions.   

And its curious that JJ Abrams And wife Katie Mcgrath are co chairs of the fraudulent Childrens Defese Fund that was used by Hillary Clinton to launder money. Katie Mcgrath who got her start working for paedophile Ted Kennedy in Washington D.C.  who is also listed in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book: which brings me back To Ship Of Theseus the 'author' is V. M. Straka. Straka is czech for magpie as in so the case isnt looking good. it gets worse

I looked into childrens defense fund and they have set up Freedom Schools where at risk children are being brainwashed to be loyal to israel. The 'schools' look like prisons as well. The Childrens Defense Fund Logo:


How can people not notice the penis in this logo!!?? and the way seais spelt in the black and white version. These people are clearly sick and laughing at us while making a profit from selling children into sex slavery. The children at these Defense Fund Freedom Schools are being trained to be a loyal army to Israel over America. How is that any way for any American child to have to grow up!?? Especially after Israel has attacked us numerous times. THIS IS SICK AND HORRIFIC AND WRONG!!! 

While in israel 'jews' of colour other than white are kicked out of israel or have bioweapons tested on them. THIS IS A PROBLEM. Nevermind the genocide thats happening to the Palestinians on a daily basis since 1948. The Childrens Defense Fund videos are very disturbing given whats being exposed with the pizzagate emails investigation. They have the children shooting music videos so that who knows who can be selecting children they can see some children that are really hurting and dont want to participate. Also Katie McGrath and JJ Abrams are in the podesta emails


I find this all very disturbing.  Thats all for now. Part 2 coming soon.  


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