Operations Chief of the Serbian National Organization #1389

Criminals Demand Unblock Road in Serbia - Part One

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Interview with Operations Chief of the Serbian National Organization #1389.

Can you tell our listeners a little bit about what’s going on there in Serbia along the Kosovo border?

In midnight between 22nd and 23rd of February, around midnight, a group of masked people in black uniforms came and started to destroy tents on part of the blocked road. Protests were organized against placing Albanian Customs and border police, on administration of border crossings called Jarinje. It was a peaceful form of protest with no violence at all. Two or three days before that NATO soldiers, from KFOR, tried to remove the roadblock and the people who barricaded the road block but they couldn’t succeed because guards with some resistance and they could not succeed in what they tried to do. Then Serbian police came, but before the police, a group of uniformed people in black uniforms and masks on their faces came, they did not show any official identification cards.

Who were they? Do you know?

No, I don’t know. It could be some police unit or it could be some criminals. I don’t know. No one can tell who it was.

Was anybody injured? Was anyone shot or did they open fire?

No, some 20 minutes after, regular police came and backed them up, they didn’t support, and the protesters removed themselves because they don’t want to confront the Serbian police. There were some threats like “we will kill you all, we will throw you in the river, we will take revenge on your families” and stuff like that.

Who has said that? The Serbian police?

Yes, the Serbian police. When Serbian police showed up in uniforms, they did not say anything. They just came and just went to people from Northern Kosovo and Metohija territory. But before them those people in black uniforms were making some threats and guards on the barricades assumed that they are police, they are Serbs and they did not try to confront them, it’s unnecessary to make an incident from such politically sensitive territory and politically sensitive moment. So it’s betrayal of Belgrade’s government with Boris Tadic at its head, it’s betrayal of people who live in Kosovo and Metohija, it’s betrayal of all Serbian people. It’s a shame, and all people in Serbia are very frustrated and they dislike this kind of action of Serbian police and armed criminal groups.

Did the criminals in the black uniforms demand anything?

They demanded that the road be unblocked. They demanded to all the protesters to remove themselves from the road and to remove their tents and to remove obstacles they put on the road. It’s very interesting that NATO soldiers came some three or four days before and they had the same demand but when protesters confronted them, they pulled back in their base that’s in the nearby hill and they could not remove them, but then when they could not succeed it, when KFOR could not remove the road block, the Serbian police came and no one wanted to confront them because they are all Serbs and no one wanted to make such an incident on that point.

Is there anybody there blocking the road right now or has everybody left?

No, now there are only police patrols and there are only patrols of Serbian police and only the patrols of KFOR on their territory, on their part of the road.

I see. You said the Serbian police were threatening people. I mean does that happen very often?

No, this is the first time that such activity is done by Serbian police. This was unexpected and this was a very shameful act of Serbian regime and the Serbian President and Serbian part of government. This is controlled by NATO and by European Union. That government doesn’t have support from people in Serbia. Right now the situation is quiet. It a kind of normal situation but everybody is frustrated with the decision of the Belgrade Government to sign an agreement with the criminal institutions in Pristina about placing a border between two Serbian provinces, between Central Serbia and the Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija. Everybody is very, very frustrated, people are kind of angry but the situation in normal, no activities from the blocking roads protests are happening right now. No such activities at this moment. Right now Belgrade is cooperating with the European Union and they are really really doing things to fulfill every demand that is put in front of them by the European Union and they are making the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija an independent state. People in Serbia are very frightened that this damage done by Belgrade regime may not be made better in any moment.

Can you tell us, because we had some mixed reports as to the situation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, are there in Central Serbia and Northern Kosovo, any Orthodox Churches that are open and operating right now?

The Serbian Orthodox Church and Monasteries right now on the territory of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, north from Ibar River, it’s small part of territory of Kosovo and Metohija, they are working in normal matter but churches and monasteries south from Ibar River, they are systematically ruined and destroyed from Albanians. Serbian people are put in kind of ghetto and they cannot move freely because Albanians are attacking them and KFOR is doing nothing to protect them.

This is horrible, unbelievable. I mean, this is a humanitarian disaster.

Yes, it’s worse than horrible. One must come to see to believe. It’s unbelievable when you talk to people, tell thing to people which they did not see with their own eyes, they can not believe and I understand that they can not believe it. Every Serb in Northern Kosovo and Metohija and Central Serbia will tell you the same thing.

Serbians Against EU Entry - Part Two

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How is everything going there? Can you tell us a little bit about what was happening in Belgrade today?

There were some protests in Belgrade today. The protests were inspired by the betrayal of the Serbian regime in Belgrade, they were about Kosovo and Metohija matter and about an agreement that part of Government in Belgrade made with Kosovo Albania criminal institutions in Pristine. Also the protests were inspired by joining of Serbia to the European Union. Serbs don’t want to be the members of the European Union, they want to make closer relationships with Russia and Muslim India KUNA organization.

 But the Serbian part of Government and the regime in Belgrade and Boris Tadic as its head want to put Serbia in the European Union and Serbs dislike that and try to hold protests. Large forces of Serbian police stepped in and they broke protests using their repressing methods, they used tear gas, they used brutal force on the Serbian people who came to make peaceful protests in Belgrade against joining the European Union and against the Belgrade regime.

Two points here. I’ve heard reports lately and it seems that the Government, and you correct me if I’m wrong, but the Serbian Government now, would you say that they are not representing the interests of the Serbian people?

Large majority of the Serbian people think that the Serbian Government is not representing their interests in a best way and the Serbian Government is controlled by the European Union and NATO alliance. The Serbian Government is very unpopular in Serbia.

Last time I spoke with somebody about the barricades there, was in fact the Serbian police that broke that up? You said there were clashes between the police and the young people, was anybody injured?

I don’t have any information about serious injuries, but there are some slight injuries from the tear gas. And I have information that one of our activists has broken nose today but it’s not confirmed till now.

What are your organization’s plans for the summer and for the near future? Are you planning more demonstrations or what can you do to put more pressure on the Serbian Government to represent the interests of the Serbian people?

We have a lot of information about the movement reacting on our website, there will be protests against any harmful decision of the Serbian part of Government and Belgrade regime. People will make protests any time if the Serbian regime makes some bad decisions for the Serbian people, any time when the Belgrade regime tries to put Serbia in slavery of the European Union and any time the Belgrade regime tries to make distance with Russia and other relative nations our organization will make some protests.

When are the next elections?

The elections will be in the last week of April and first week of May.

And what do you think of the chances of more sympathetic representatives into the Government?

We hope that this will happen. Now the things are very bad and personally I don’t think that anything can be worse than this. So, I think that the National party will win and elections will view changes. That is an opinion that they cannot be represented in the Serbian parliament, today when the clashes between the protesters and police took place, this was the central news on state television and there was not a single word about those protests.

On state television in Serbia?

Yes, on the Serbian state television there wasn’t a word about those protests today.

Ok, recently on the 23 it was Defenders of the Fatherland Day and as I understand the Serbian Government did not marked this holiday even though that was a very important holiday and Russian Ambassador Konuzin received a lot of e-mails from the Serbian people in support of the holiday. Was there any statement from the Russian Embassy regarding the protests today?

I don’t have any information about this at the moment but if can talk about it later tomorrow maybe I can tell you something more.

Is the Russian Embassy assisting the people there in any way right now?

I don’t know about assisting from the Russian Embassy in making protests, I don’t know if such activity is going on. But there was a humanitarian aid for Kosovo and Metohija maybe a few months ago and it was a great thing which helped people living in Kosovo and Metohija very much and all the Serbs and especially Serbs from there are very, very thankful to this kind of help from the Russian Federation.

Have you been in touch with the European Court of Human Rights in Hague? Are there any international, like the Human Rights Organization, operating in Serbia?

Yes, there is Human Rights Organization here but they took the side. Large majority of Serbs think that this kind of organization would like to help them because they help to the Serbian enemies Muslims, Albanians and they protect the rights of sexual minorities. And I told you that at this moment large majority of Serbs think that only God and Russia can help us, all our hopes are in God and in Russia.

Do you think that the relations between Russia and Serbia will improve if the Prime Minister Putin is elected president?

I think it would be in the best interests of Serbia to make closest possible relations with the Russian Federation and Prime Minister Putin. And personally I have no doubts that Mr. Putin will win this election and I hope the relationships between Serbia and Russia will be the as close as possible, any kind of relations. It is the only solution for Serbia now.


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