The Loss for Le Pen a Win for the Rothschilds

The Loss of France or the Loss of the Fascist Internationale and the Hegelian Dialect?

Even if one were to have taken her at face value alone, and there were many reasons why that was perhaps hard to do, the loss for French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen was very disappointing and almost heartbreaking on many levels for many of us. However once we are to understand that she was in reality truly against the NWO (something I am now even more convinced of), her loss was actually something to be sadly expected if we are to approach modern elections with the cynical knowledge that the common people, in all reality in 2017, actually have little to do with the whole process of choosing leaders anywhere in the Western world. There are no "elections" in modern "democracies", there are expensive orchestrated "selections".

MFGA: After Trump Can We Trust Anyone Against the Globalist Zionist Octopus?

The level of trust in modern western politicians is almost zero and anyone who knows anything understands that they are merely puppets for the Rothschilds and the Zionist banksters, and the Military Industrial Complex and nothing more. Any real leaders who have the real widespread support of their people but are not under the control of the Rothschilds, anywhere in the world, like Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, Muammar Gaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Sadam Hussein, and now we can add Marine Le Pen, are demonized and eliminated. 

The reality in 2017 is that the Rothschilds' Zionist International Bankster Cabal now rule the world and do so all but openly and more and more often flaunt their power, impunity and the fact that no power in the world has the ability to stop them or hold them to count. After getting away with 911, an open fascist coup in Europe, MH-370, MH-17, pizzagate, revelations they bought and owned the Clintons, the continued robbing of Russia for the choice of Crimea, the continued open genocide of Palestinians and Syrians and millions in the Middle East, the open connections to ISIS and even providing open air-support, the complete taking over of the US Government, bringing Trump to heel and the list goes on and on, the level of arrogant-in-your-face-you-can't-touch-me-I-am-God's-chosen-attitude of the Zionist and non-Semitic European Ashkenazi, Khazari Jews, Saudi Wahhabi lunatics and their assorted brethren has grown so tangible that it is now just standard fact.     

Evidence Marine Le Pen Was Sincere and Even Tried to Escape the Fascist Internationale

Was Marine Le Pen really against the NWO, the EU and France's enslavement to the Anglo-Zionist world order? Was she really against the expansion and existence of NATO? Was she really against the manipulations and the impunity of the Zionists and their banker cabal? Was she truly against the onslaught of immigrants and Muslims into France and the destruction of French culture and the real and true French cultural genocide? Was she truly good for France? Did she sincerely want to establish good relations with Russia? I thought the answer to all of these questions was probably yes until almost the end, but now I am almost certain of a definite yes, because of her loss and several other factors. Let's look at who Ms. Le Pen is by what she has done:

Blasting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Blistering Attack in Defense of European Countries and France

Blasting NATO and the EU as tools of American influence

Stripping of Immunity by EU for Showing True Face of Western Backed/Israeli ISIS

Meeting Putin

Taking on the Zionists

Those are just some of the things she did and ones which were proven to be sincere and not just political theater because of the blowback she received.

5th Column in Her Camp

First they followed me. Then I was banned and was never re-followed!

But whoever the Admin for the English page did follow all of these US Government accounts. Not something Le Pen would do if she was so against US influence and their encroachment on Europe.

Fires at her family home and at her campaign headquarters

Zionist Banksters Cut Her Funding: Classic Tactic

Steps down from National Front Party


Over half a million people received duplicate Macron ballots so they could vote twice and did not receive Le Pen ballots.

Le Pen ballots were systematically destroyed

Media Controlled by You-Know-Who

The media coverage was horrible from the start with all of the globalist media outlets ignoring (as above) Le Pen or being negative about her and positive about Macron. The techniques are obvious for anyone who knows the game. They give constant unverifiable poll numbers and popularity data, then rig the vote and everything works out just like they planned. Unfortunately France does not have hacvktivists and activists and whistle blowers that can take these fabricated elections apart.

When some truth was finally leaked out about Macron, that he is gay and worse the media in France pulled a CNN and told journalist not to report on the information and the French Government said it will seek to prosecute the leak. No word on the dead leaker in classic Rothschild Clinton style.

France Isolated and Under Complete Information Control

On the surface Le Pen was a brilliant patriotic French nationalist who was truly and sincerely interested in advancing the French State and fighting the loss of sovereignty that the country has suffered under the tentacles of the Zionist banksters and the NWO. That made her attractive to me and caused me to support her and won her the admiration of a stark majority of the denizens of the Internet and those people who I have come into contact with.

When I dug deeper her true real patriotic nature was revealed even more.

Unfortunately for the French much of the information I was seeing was simply not available to them and from what I saw France was virtually completely isolated during the run up to the elections and almost no French people were actually accessible even on Twitter in English. I doubt that is because the French do not know English but perhaps this has something to do with it. This shows that social media and Google and the Internet are completely locked down in Europe and the Zionists Banksters are in complete and total control of the information flow. Horrendous!

The other isolating factor which must be taken into account is the real nature of the Internet and mass media in 2017. They are completely controlled and run by Western Intelligence Agencies and the tentacles of the Zionist octopus which are everywhere. The world today is run by the Zionist elites (the NWO Rothschild banksters), corporations, war profiteers and the intelligence agencies who are beholden to them, that is the reality! For them all of the terror must be forever perpetuating to keep their pocket books getting fuller and fuller, for that is how they make their trillions, through fear war and terror and the enslavement of the people perpetually fooled and lied and dumbed down so that they continue to serve as slaves to the machine. 

  The Macron Leak and the French People's Right to Know


Her Name Was Corinne Erhel

So now France has their own dead Seth Rich but in this case the person died in vane because the Rothschild's choice for President of France as opposed to the people's choice has been installed in office. Following the exact same steps and formula as were being used to install Hillary Clinton. Except in this case they did not own both candidates as they did in the US as has been proven by Trump's actions since taking office.

Why I Called the Election

The Rothschilds Connection

The Hegelian Dialectic and the End of the Fascist Internationale

If you are a Zionist you can stop reading here. Although I do not believe the Zionists were using the dialectic in France like they did in the US, Germany, Russia and currently all over the Middle East.


Think about the final goal and then who is offering and promoting or benefits from that goal. For example in the US the Jooz want to establish Zionist "Jewish" mastery. They bring in Muslims who are horrible and must be eliminated and demonize other horrible mud people. You are faced with Zionists who want to control and destroy others including yourself but who do not say that and these horrible Muslims who do according to the Zionists. So you become a nationalist and destroy the Muslims (for example) because they are a threat. You have just eliminated the Zionist's enemy. Since the opposite of a Muslim is supposedly a Jew you then must protect the Jew as well because they are "good". You have now eliminated the Zionists enemy for him and have elevated him above yourself so he is the master. Very sly and cleverly done.

In the direct dialectic first variant which of course is too abhorrent you would just simply directly declare the Zionist God's chosen and elevate them above yourself and follow orders to kill the Muslims and the evil mud people who are evil and must be destroyed.

Two routes and the same result, the Zionist is the master and you kill and die for him. Any sort of true nationalism is of course not beneficial because real nationalism seeks the best for the country and in no way can that end result be the mastery of a foreign race. This is how the Rothschilds, Soros, Rockefellers and other elites play us all against each other and have thus become our masters. One must also remember the Zionist Internationale has no loyalty to any country whatsoever. Every country is just a source for wealth.

 If you are white or a white nationalist you may find the following offensive so stop reading here.

One of the first and foremost sicknesses of the Satanic Zionist filth is their belief in their own inbred superiority! Their historic achievements of land grabs and control and domination through genocide are blotted like stains throughout history and this has nothing to do with Jews. The Zionist demons are not Jews, nor are they Semites. Through subterfuge, lies and the revision of history they pretend to be Jews and have even hijacked the race of the Semites to pretend they have a claim to Palestine which is the home of Jerusalem, the takeover of which is the ultimate victory for the Satanic hoards. Being as the Zionists are Satanist this is obvious.

I have mentioned in my previous work the Fascist Internationale and now I would like to expand on that now that it has been all but wiped out. The Zionists have quietly promoted Nationalist racist groupings and sentiment in order to again get the people to further marginalize their enemies. In the 16th year of the genocide of Arabs and Muslims throughout the Middle East and the destruction of their countries the poor natives of these eviscerated countries, with the destruction of Libya ridding Europe of the only buffer zone there was and Zionist Saudi Arabia refusing to take them in, have found their way to Europe and the United States and other Western countries. Hence the Zionists have promoted the demonization of these populations which they are trying to eradicate and have used nationalists and racists in Europe and the Americas to finish off the job they had the US start for them.

Brilliant how Israel has used the military of NATO and the US to fight its war and has gotten away with the slaughter of American caused by it on 911. The Fascist Internationale was to be a fake union of nationalist leaders employing racist genocidal policies and was to have included Putin, Trump and Le Pen, as well as Merkel and the British leaders. Again all orchestrated by Zionists and mainly directed at Muslims but of course all other ethnic minorities such as myself are also being squashed. The Zionist are interested in a racial war and religious war for Satan. Therefore Christians, Slavs and everyone else are also being wiped out.     

There is a systematic genocide going on all over the world and anyone who does not fit their parameters is being destroyed and slowly eliminated. The tentacles of the octopus even reach deeply into Russia, where the MOSSAD/CIA/Zionist scum have been able to destroy me and my family and I will die soon without enjoying the life here that I deserved for serving this great country. Instead these Khazari, neo-Liberal Neanderthal trash have made sure I am eliminated for their western masters whose feet they lick and after whose dollars they drool for! It does not matter what I do. The Zionists have their agents even in Putin's administration. Every where like a cancer planted in the 80s and 90s and there is no way to get around them or beat them because they are entrenched and control the system. They are even in the security services able to erase, delete and hide anything they wish and make truths into lies and lies and into truths even covering for the greatest Psychological operation ever attempted and carried out in intelligence history, namely the Snow Den Op!

Yet their is a greater lie that is being hidden from all of the world. It is being hidden in all countries by those in power who hope that as with the nazis, that them and their riches will be spared, the comparison is not accidental for these are the same planners as planned the 4th and 5th Reich. The only hope I had was Russia but they have infiltrated Russia so deeply that they are almost inextractable. The demons planning the depopulation of the "mud races" the "undesireables" and those they consider expendable control the international media, legal bodies and economic organ, so there is no one to seek relief from.

Even in Russia which I believed was the last hope there will be no justuce for me and my family without huge sums of money and bribes. That is what the world has become. Through their little pieces of papaer they have taken over and control the entire planet and in order to save our races and our peoples from their planned extermination we must find a way to seek justice outside of their control.

All of the plans for depopulation, massive genoicde and an Orwellian New World Order are true but what they are not saying anywhere is that we  the indigenous peoples, the brown, yellow, red, balck and even the Slav have no place in that order and we will be exterminated. You see it happening in the US with the racists now openly flaunting their white supremacy. Even though the whites seem to argue amongs themselves and have conflicts between their fake Jews and nationalists, this is all theater. They are secretly united by their plans to exterminate us, and they are already doing it.

So is the Zionist Fascist International dead? No it is just taking them longer to implement perhaps than they wish. Will somehow the Slavs be spared? No because their genocide has been desired for thousands of years by the Zionist scum!   



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