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Ukraine: Obama, CIA, and NATO Demonize Putin to Hide Their Crimes

March 14, 2014

The actions of the US Government since the installation of George Bush as president have been criminal both domestically, where they have effectively cancelled the US Constitution and even more so internationally, where they have flipped international law on its head, made a mockery of the Geneva Conventions, turned the United Nations into just another US Government rubber stamp and committed multiple crimes against humanity. 

Since 9-11 that criminality has grown more and more egregious as it becoming clearer and clearer with each passing day that the plans of the neocons for world domination and eternal American hegemony are doomed to failure and the very country they were pretending to be rising up, is actually being destroyed.

It is understandable that the neocons who usurped the US Government were able to get away with demonizing, invading and/or killing the presidents of Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and completely destroying the Middle East because these countries were isolated, had languages very few people outside of them spoke, had media with little international reach, had governments and leaders which were not technically democracies and were “pre-invasion” either forced to disarm or where never able to properly defend themselves to begin with. Ukraine and Russia are different stories.

At first I hoped that Americans themselves would rise up and challenge their government but they were cowed and dumbed down into submission. Then I kept hoping that the UN or the ICC and the Hague would finally do something. No luck. Finally I kept whimsically wishing the countries in the world would join together and put an end to the age of American illegality and genocide. But this also has not happened. apparently all of the countries in the world are so terrorized of the American mass killing war machine that they have unleashed on the world and so subverted by low brow knuckle dragging club wielding American influence that the world has proven impotent. So literally what it comes down to is one country and one leader, the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin.

The fact that President Putin is the only leader who has stood up to them and perhaps the only one who can, is clear to the psychotic American neocons, of which Obama is one. These are lunatics who know nothing of wrong or right and live in their own sanitized little security bubbles seemingly unaware and completely uncaring as to the death, destruction and suffering their policies and actions have unleashed on the world and even on their own populace.

They have built up their machine, its gears grinding up the bones and bodies of their own people and spitting them out, to such an efficient level of interoperability, that there are no defining lines left between the neocons, those in the shadows playing them like marionettes in a theater of the insane in some Machiavellian comedy played out in the depths of one of Dante’s deepest infernos, the organs of power, the corporations and their media.

They have come to the point in their demonization of leaders and countries that they are delusional and at a point where it is no longer a case of the emperor having no clothes, but of the very same emperor insisting the rest of the obedient populace have no clothes and then executing them for being naked. This demonization of Russia and President Putin has taken on the quality of a cheap disgusting freak show played out to a captive audience chained to their chairs, eyes sewn open, forced to watch until blood pours from their orifices and their hearts stop.

The situation in Ukraine has shown that the western and US media are completely useless when it comes to the simple act of reporting the facts, no mention of a fair or balanced debate needed. That has long been a concept killed and buried by faux news and the original neocon usurpers.

Ukraine is the start of the big end game for the neocons, Russia has been their target from day one (and China) and Ukraine is the door they think they need to batter down to get in. Hence the totally over-the-top-lies and false reality that the US and their enslaved media have been pushing into the war weary overloaded minds of their audience.

The US Government, and their liar-in-chief Barrack Obama have been lying since day one (I would say they have made it an art if they were not so bad at it) but the lies surrounding Ukraine have been so many, so often repeated and so easy to disprove that it is difficult to keep up. Infowars dot com recently did a piece on the twisting of statements by President Putin with regard to Ukraine. I have also compiled several lists already which you can findHEREHERE, and HERE.

Quotes by President Putin

The first group are lies and misrepresentations regarding statements made by President Vladimir Putin and were compiled by John-Paul Leonard at Apparently the US State Department quotes President Putin and then spins their lies.

Putin: “The Rada is under the influence of extremists or terrorists.”

The Rada which was taken over in an armed coup, its elected leaders forced out at gunpoint, beaten and even killed is under the complete control of the thugs the CIA and the neocons hired to carry out their coup. Governors and the heads of all government bodies were chosen on a stage in Maidan Square in front of an audience exclusively made up of members of the junta. The government is illegitimate from top to bottom.

Lie: “The Rada is the most representative institution in Ukraine.”

Putin: “Kiev is trying to destabilize Crimea.”

There are reports of the “opposition” killing civilians trying to flee Ukraine for Crimea, burning buses filled with civilians, attempting to deliver trainloads and truckloads of weapons and even an attempted alliance with Muslim extremists who were supposed to assist in arming the Bandera nazis when they arrived in Crimea. Now there are also reports of terrorist attacks be called for by the Right Sector leader Dimitry Yarosh.

Lie: “Ukraine’s interim government has acted with restraint and sought dialogue.”

Putin: “There have been mass attacks on churches and synagogues in southern and eastern Ukraine.”

Lie: The US does not want to talk about that the same way they refuse to talk about attacks on Jews, Russians and ethnic minorities. Just like they refuse to talk about the endemic racism and the killing of their own minorities. Being as the neocons are so pro-Israel it would not be expedient for their audience to hear that the operatives in Ukraine are destroying Synagogues. Again Russia is having to defend Jews this time while they are being attacked by nazis hired by Zionist neocons elements in the US. The twisting of logic is intense.

Putin: “Russian bases are under threat.”

Lie: Russian military facilities were and remain secure.

Putin: “Ethnic Russians are under threat.”

The Right Sector and its leaders have openly called for hanging Russians, Jews, Poles and Blacks. Their first act was to outlaw the Russian language which is spoken by more than 89% of Ukrainians as language of daily usage. The Right Sector has also attempted to engage Chechen terrorists and Tatar separatists to wage a war of terror against Russians.

Lie: “Outside of Russian press and Russian state television, there are no credible reports of any ethnic Russians being under threat. The new Ukrainian government placed a priority on peace and reconciliation from the outset.”

Putin: “There is a humanitarian crisis and hundreds of thousands are fleeing Ukraine to Russia and seeking asylum. ”

The crisis has reached such a level that the Russian Government was forced to change immigration and naturalization policies to deal with the in-flow. It is a standard practice of the Right Sector to terrorize and invade homes forcing the owners to sign over deeds and titles to automobiles, humiliate and degrade people who they find disagreeable, including beating to death in public, pouring gasoline of entire busloads of passengers and setting them on fire, forcing people to sing the hymn of Ukraine and breaking limbs and killing people who cannot. Junta thugs regularly invade homes, hotels and stop people in the streets and destroy documents, falsely arrest and imprison and openly steal property. The campaign of terror on the populace is something right out of a nazis SS or SA handbook.

The nazi junta has now forbidden Russian and foreign journalists from entering Ukraine, has clamped down on the media and forbidden broadcasts in Russian and has made communications almost impossible.

Lie: “To date, there is absolutely no evidence of a humanitarian crisis.”

Putin: “Ukraine’s government is illegitimate. Yanukovych is still the legitimate leader of Ukraine.”

Under international law and the laws existing under the constitution of Ukraine, President Victor Yanukovich is still the President of Ukraine. He was not legally impeached or removed from office, his term did not expire and he did not pass away. Those are the legal means by which a president in Ukraine leaves office. Given the $5 billion dollars Victoria Nuland admitted the US has paid to overthrow the government there is no way that they can admit that it was an armed coup and that they are supporting and illegal nazi junta of puppets which is the reality.

Lie: “On March 4, President Putin himself acknowledged the reality that Yanukovych “has no political future.”

Putin: “The opposition failed to implement the February 21 agreement with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.”

President Yanukovich had 48 hours to sign the agreement. The junta raided his offices and his home and stormed the parliament within 24 of the terms being outlined. These actions by the nazi junta were in direct violation of the terms of the agreement which called for an immediate cease to all violence. Amid calls for his death and massive violence he was forced to go into hiding. Had he attempted appeared he would have been lynched. The junta continued storming the houses of government and with their campaign of terror unrestrained.

Lie: “Under the terms of the agreement, Yanukovych was to sign the enacting legislation within 24 hours and bring the crisis to a peaceful conclusion. Yanukovych refused to keep his end of the bargain.

Putin: “Russia’s actions fall within the scope of the 1997 Friendship Treaty between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.”

Like the agreement allowing for the Black Sea Fleet and the stationing of up to 25,000 Russian troops in Crimea this agreement was obviously never read by Washington or the State Department or interpreted by the same criminals who interpreted that the Geneva Conventions to mean that torture, indefinite detention and aggressive war are all legal. All of Russia’s actions in Ukraine have been done in compliance with all international and intra-national agreements treaties and laws.

The State Department also ignores that the Russian troops that are in Crimea have been there for decades, there is no invasion and has never been one. There has though been a request by the legitimate authorities in Crimea and by the legally recognized President of Ukraine for Russian intervention to secure peace and guarantee the safety and the security of the civilian population.

Lie: “The 1997 agreement requires Russia to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, which have given them operational control of Crimea, are in clear violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.”

Putin: “Russian forces in Crimea are only acting to protect Russian military assets. It is “citizens’ defense groups,” not Russian forces, who have seized infrastructure and military facilities in Crimea.”

Lie: “Strong evidence suggests that members of Russian security services are at the heart of the highly organized anti-Ukraine forces in Crimea.”

This bald-faced blatant lie is probably one of the most egregious on so many levels. First it raises the bogey man of the KGB. Next it completely turns the situation on its head by comparing the paramilitary neo nazi Blackwater supported junta forces of the Right Sector who have been training for 10 years with full CIA and US support with fearful civilians and ex Berkut members, police and soldiers who had to flee when the country they were loyal to was overtaken.

Thanks to infowars for that. Although they have published some pretty demonizing stuff about Russia and fantasy KGB plots before, at least they are on the side of truth on Ukraine.

Finally the monster lies.

The snipers on Maidan were hired by the junta and the Trident.

The EU Agreement Obama is trying fast track through his temporary puppet junta gives the entire Russian gas pipeline to Exxon Oil.

The entire coup was a CIA engineered regime change.

Finally, it is all part of a neocon plan for NATO expansion into Russian space.

Will keep you updated.






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