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Israeli Occupational Forces killed 3 Palestinians inside the Al Aqsa Mosque.

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Israel Wants Negotiation for the Sake of Negotiation Palestinian Amb Dr. Riyad Mansour

Dr Riyad Mansour

3 October 2011, 10:29 Download audio file

Interview with Palestinian Ambassador Dr. Riyad Mansour from the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations.

I’d like to ask you some questions regarding the historic bid of Palestine before the United Nations. Experts are predicting that Palestine may receive observer status, largely due to the US’ threat to veto. In what ways would this affect Palestine both positively and negatively?

Well first of all, you know, as a result of the historic day last Friday when president Mahmoud Abbass in fact did submit our application for full membership to the United Nations, he did that to the Secretary General, and we are grateful for the Secretary General for passing our application, within the span of one hour, to the president of the Security Council for consideration.  Our application is in the Security Council and an appropriate committee, especially the committee of experts is handling our application and we hope that the Security Council to finish this exercise as quickly as possible, and to adopt a recommendation of approving our application so that the General Assembly can act on that recommendation and grant us what we deserve on the basis of our natural, historic and legal rights to become full members of the United Nations. However we also know that there is a powerful country with a veto power in the Security Council that is declaring that they will obstruct our efforts in the Security Council and will not allow us to have a recommendation from the Security Council to become a member. We will just have to give the Security Council some time, we hope, only a few weeks maximum, to act on our application before we consider other options, including the option in the General Assembly, where it will resolve the issue of the fact that Palestine is a state but it is not a full member of the United Nations, it is an observer non-member state and that would allow us to do many things. Especially joining all of the agencies of the United Nations because these agencies require from us to be a state, not a member-state of the United Nations. And if we become a member in these agencies, a full-member as the State of Palestine, then we will have rights and privileges as the rest of the members and that is a big step in the direction of ending the occupation, and independence of the State of Palestine, therefore full membership of the State of Palestine at the United Nations.

Are the expectations of the Palestinian people high?

Well the expectation of our people is high, because they participated in that historic day, Friday. It was not the decision of only our president and the leadership it was obvious that it is the decision of hundreds of thousands and millions of Palestinians. Those who went to the streets of the cities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, and in the diaspora, rallying around the application of the president for membership, and rallying around his historic speech that he gave the General Assembly. In this connection I must add that almost the entire international community stood and clapped for President Abbass when he entered the General Assembly Hall. Even before he said a single word, and he received many times, a standing ovation and clapping for a few minutes when he specially raised in his hand a copy of the application of membership that delivered, that he had delivered to the Secretary General just a few minutes before he started his speech in the chamber of the General Assembly, and that is a testimony to the international support for the right of Palestine to become a full member at the United Nations.

Has the United States stated any conditions under which they would not veto the application?

The United States is opposing our effort in the Security Council and its opposing our effort to go to the General Assembly. They don’t want us to come to the United Nations period. What they want us to do is to go back to negotiations and they cannot even bring Israel into compliance with their obligation under international law and under the provisions of the Road Map which states clearly that Israel has to stop its illegal behavior of building illegal settlements in all of the occupied territory including East Jerusalem. They cannot stop Israel from doing so, they cannot bring Israel into compliance but yet they want us to go back to negotiations, and that is not possible, to negotiate with Israel while they are creating, unilaterally, illegal facilities on the ground. So how could we negotiate while they are continuing to build settlements?

If Israel, for example: stops settlement building would Palestine be willing to make concessions as well?

President Abbass said that he is willing to negotiate with the Israelis if they meet two obligations. One: There is global consensus at the UN that the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem are occupied territories that Israel occupied in 1967. When we negotiate borders we have to negotiate on the basis of the borders of 1967, accepting the principle of minor adjustments to the border mutually agreed upon by the two parties, and secondly: since there is global consensus on the fact that settlements are illegal obstacles to peace. Then there is a call by the international community to stop all settlement activities in the occupied territories including East Jerusalem while we negotiate. If they meet these two obligations then President Abbass said he is willing to negotiate with them. They gave their answer to the quartet statement two days ago when they announced the approval of the construction of 1,100 units in occupied East Jerusalem. These illegal activities is their practical answer of saying NO to the statement of the quartet inviting the two parties to go back into negotiations and to abide by international law, and to meet their obligations under the Road Map. Therefore you have it, Israel does not, in reality, want to negotiate on any basis. They want negotiation for the sake of negotiation.

What are your next steps towards receiving full status in the UN?

If we do not prevail in the Security Council, which most likely we will not, because of the position of one powerful country. Then the General Assembly could do many things, including not only upgrading our status to an observer state but also it could pressure the Security Council for reconsidering our application and approving our application for membership at the United Nations and it could also recognize the state of Palestine on the borders of 1967. The General Assembly could do a host of things, that will maximize the pressure on those who are obstructing our effort in the Security Council.

Israeli Assassinated Hamas Leader on the Eve of Peace

16 November 2012, 03:52  


Assassinated Hamas leader Jabari was about to broker a permanent peace deal when an Israeli air-strike killed him and everyone around him. With an almost unanimous call from the world community for calm, to exercise restraint and not to escalate the already volatile situation in the region and between the two parties, the current Israeli – Gaza conflict continues to escalate, with Israel preparing for a full blown invasion of Gaza.

The exchange of bombings and rocket fire continues unabated between Israel and Gaza with Israel claiming that at least 245 rockets have been launched in Israel from Gaza since the hostilities began.

Israel claims to have hit more than 200 targets in Gaza and according to statements by officials their targets include missile locations and Hamas infrastructure.

Hamas claims to be targeting military bases and military locations using mortar fire and rockets to attack Israel, Hamas has even released videos showing Fajir F missiles be launch against Israel.

Meanwhile Israel has launched an all out propaganda war as well, with their main onslaught being through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The Western press, always sympathetic to Israel is assisting greatly with news sources repeating words and terms such as "terror sites", “Palestinian terrorist organizations”, “terrorists”, “Islamists” and the like.

Israel is attempting to gain support and saying what they are doing is in self-defense, using catchy American style code names for their military operations against the enclave such as "Operation Pillar of Defense".

The military wing of Hamas, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, of which Khalil al-Jabari was the head, also launched an operation with an American style name, announcing the commencement of “Operation Shale Stones” a short time ago.

Osama Hamdan a spokesman for Hamas also claims that Gaza is defending itself and repeated what many believe, namely that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking to increase his election chances in January. Unfortunately bombing and killing seems to be something people look for in a leader, equating it with strength and security.

The support is there from Israel’s staunchest and eternal allies, the US and the UK but the support is not as broad as Israel would like.

Israel’s refusal to stop settlement building on occupied territories, it refusal to enter into any sort of real productive dialogue with the Palestinian Authority, it superior firepower and military force and the fact that once again most of the victims of Israel’s “precision” missiles are killing innocent civilians, makes it hard for many to accept Israel’s stance. Israel’s threats of a full scale ground war and invasion of Gaza also ring hollow when claiming to act in self-defense.

Then there are all of the political machinations, for example the upcoming elections, and in my opinion the support of the US and the UK for Israel may actually be hurting Israel in the eyes of the world who are beginning to see the US and the UK’s imperial ambitions globally for what they are and have no sympathy for Israel’s own imperial ambitions.

For those citing Netanyahu’s elections prospects as the reason for the current attacks, they are supported by very similar events during the pre-election attacks on Gaza in 2008.

There are also issues as to the illegality of Israel’s actions which are of concern to many and the West’s arbitrary use of the term terrorism and terrorist. In Syria attacks that are truly terroristic in nature are not labeled as such by the West because they support the goal of the terrorists.

For many it seems strange that Gaza would attack the superior power of Israel but few would argue if Hamas did in fact carry out the initial attacks, and some experts are not quick to rule out the possibility that they may have been carried out not by Hamas but by extremist factions, that Israel does not have the right to defend itself. The problem is that Israel has refused to make a serious effort at attaining peace with its neighbors.

To look at the numbers, Gaza has approximately 36,000 fighters with some less-than-state-of-the-art mortars and rockets, while Israel has 175,000 regular troops, 450,000 reservists, US F-16 fighter-bombers, Merkava tanks, the Iron Dome interceptor system, precision guided missiles, Apache gunships and some of the best equipped ground troops in the world.

There is also speculation that, given these figures and the fact the Hamas would have been, quite frankly out of their minds, to risk any aggression against Israel knowing Netanyahu’s position and the fact that the 2013 elections are just around the corner, something that prohibits him from showing any sign of weakness as it may hurt his chances, the event was planned to allow Israel to break all ceasefire agreements and assassinate the leader of Hamas’s military wing Khalil al-Jabari, who was killed in the first precision air strike.

The UN meanwhile was at an impasse after an emergency session, with the US supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, Egypt saying further aggression from Israel would have a negative effect on the security and stability of the region, and Palestine’s envoy characterizing Israel’s aggression as vulgarly and publicly boasting about willfully killing Palestinians.

For Israel the support of Egypt is critical, because Israel needs Egypt to maintain peace with Gaza and the Palestinians, Egypt supports Palestine but experts agree it is unlikely, although possible that Egypt, under Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood, would enter into an armed conflict with Israel.

Israel has the right to defend itself, no one would argue that point I think, but Palestine also has that right. With neighbors who want to see the Jewish state wiped off the face of the earth, Israel has every right to defend itself, and every right to do whatever it takes to guarantee its existence, but this must not infringe on the rights others have to exist as well. The same can be said for any state or people.

Israel, as well as Palestine must do everything they can to not allow innocent civilians to die, on this count Israel has lost the moral high-ground with consistent high-civilian casualties and seemingly indiscriminate killing, even in “precision” assassination operations such as that carried out against Khalil al-Jabari, when everyone who happened to be around him were also taken out. Mossad and Israeli special services could have just as easily assassinated him with a 50 caliber round rather than an air-strike.

Israel has reportedly killed approximately 20 people at the time of writing, including Jabari and six Hamas fighters, a pregnant woman with twins, three infants and, according to RT, the 11-month-old son of BBC Arabic journalist Jihad Masharawi, who also lost his sister-in-law. According to reports at least 200 have been wounded.

There are reports that Israel has lost from 3-15, although there are no accurate reports as to their identities.

Meanwhile peace activists have come out all over the world, even in Israel where about 100 people gathered near the home of the Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak’s home, there were large scale protests in Ramallah, in Cairo, Istanbul, Haifa and Jerusalem.

Anonymous hacktivists are also involved in the protests and have come out strongly in defense of the Palestinians. Anons have called for attacks against websites belonging to the Israeli government and reportedly have been successful in taking down several sites including the Israeli Defense Forces site where the message “tango down” appeared.

Anonymous has distributed a statement reading: “To the people of Gaza and the 'Occupied Territories', know that Anonymous stands with you in this fight. We will do everything in our power to hinder the evil forces of the IDF arrayed against you.” Tools for staying on-line have also appeared on Anon sites.

Israel's sworn enemy Iran, has of course also condemned the Israeli offensive as "organized terrorism" and Lebanon’s Hezbollah called the strikes on Gaza a "criminal aggression".

Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, told Israel’s Haaretz: “Hours before Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip. Senior officials in Israel knew about his contacts with Hamas and Egyptian intelligence aimed at formulating the permanent truce, but nevertheless approved the assassination.”

Some will do anything to keep the genocide machine rolling.

Israeli – Palestinian conflict escalates and “Tango Down”

Double Standards and an Invasion of Palestine

17 November 2012, 13:06  

As Israel prepares to invade Palestine the media war has been cranked up to full blast. The West claims Hamas is a terrorist organization, Israel claims Hamas has no right to defend the territories, rockets have hit Jerusalem, Egypt has come out in support of the Palestinians and no one is ready for peace. The violence threatens to destabilize the entire region which would give the West the impetus for invading Iran and Syria. Hopefully this is wrong but it is a distinct possibility.

As Israel prepares to launch an invasion of Gaza and Palestine with its superior army and forces in what they say is an operation to destroy Hamas, which, is responsible for the launching of rockets into Israel, the worldwide condemnation of the violence by both sides is almost unanimous. Yet pleas for reigning in the violence are being ignored and seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Much of the world’s condemnation has been directed at Israel, although it was Hamas which attacked first and in fact drew first blood in the exchange of rocket fire.

The reason for the attack by Hamas is not as simple as many in the West would like everyone to believe and it is in fact Israel and Washington who have not only caused the conflict but have made it almost impossible to bring Hamas and Islamists to the negotiating table.

While Palestine is seeking recognition at the United Nations and had been ready to enter serious and substantive negotiations with Israel to guarantee that what is currently taking place never did again, Israel refused to stop settlement activity and continues to refuse to recognize the Palestinian state.

Hamas for its part continues to call for the destruction of Israel, which may be understandable as Israel has left them almost no other position as it has refused to negotiate and has refused to cease settlement activity in occupied Palestinian lands.

The problem for decades now has been the question of borders and the whole question could be resolved if Israel ceased all settlement activity and agreed to recognize the 1967 borders, but that is something Israel has refused to do.

Although Israel is surrounding by Islamic countries Israel has for the most part refused to seek peace with its neighbors, instead continuing on a path of never ending violence. This lies in its refusal to abide by the 1967 borders and allow Palestine to have its own state with its capital in part of Jerusalem.

The never ending cycle of violence has been made worse and has been propagated by both sides, one side calling for the destruction of Israel and the other calling for the destruction of Hamas and Hezbollah which they have branded as terrorist groups.

This is where the West and Israel have shot themselves in the foot and where one has to question whether there is any real desire by Israel and the West for any sort of peace.

By branding these groups, in this case Hamas, terrorist organizations, it has made it virtually impossible for Washington to accept their overtures for peace, allow them to be recognized at the negotiating table or come to any form of agreement with them.

The US has continued the terrorist labeling for so long and has not only made it part of the American psyche but official policy that they do not negotiate with terrorists that is impossible politically, especially on the domestic front, to negotiate with these groups even when they seek peace.

In this case it is clear that Hamas was in fact seeking peace, as is evidenced by the fact that Ahmed Jabari, the assassinated leader of the Hamas military wing, was in possession of a draft agreement for a permanent truce hours before he and his entourage were eradicated by an Israeli air-strike.

The terrorist label has been so over-used, that now it covers almost any person, group, organization or country, for that matter that the US does not like for whatever reason.

Palestine has no army as would a normal recognized nation so it is therefore defenseless. This is where groups like Hamas and Hezbollah come into the picture. The Palestinians, just like the Israelis, have the same universal desire to survive and exist as a people and a nation, but because of their status this has been almost impossible.

The problem with labeling groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations, as I said is that then it is extremely difficult to openly negotiate with them, and for them it is then difficult to claim they seek peace as most westerners are already trained to believe this is an impossibility.

Once again we come across another example of US and western hypocrisy. This time in the labeling, in reality Hamas and the Palestinians are fighting for freedom. The problem is that they are doing so from Israel. For the US any enemy of Israel is an enemy for theirs. We have seen the same thing time and time again.

When Muammar Gadaffi decided to cooperate with the US, even after clearly supporting what were considered acts of terrorism, he went from being a terrorists and became a “friend”.

Saddam Hussein’s case was the opposite. When he had “good relations” with the US he was okay. When he did something such as changing the country’s hard currency investments and oil trade to something other than the US dollar (for example) he then became a terrorist.

In Libya, when terrorists brutally assassinated Gadaffi, the US called them rebels and freedom fighters. After all they killed a US enemy, and the same is true in Syria. The US is even paying Al-Qaeda operatives to assist them in changing the regime and they are being called soldiers of the “Free Libya Army”. Why are armed insurgents and real terrorists, who are doing everything to destroy the legitimate power in Syria, supported and accepted? Because they are fulfilling US interests.

Osama Bin Laden is another example, first he was a “freedom fighter” funded and backed by the US, and was a “good” guy when he was fighting the Soviet Union. Then all of a sudden he became terrorist number one, when he was no longer needed.

This has become a disservice to all the parties involved including Israel, but it does remain in line with US policy in the region. Here it is important to recall that the goal is ultimately controlling and taking over Iran and Syria: Iran for its oil and resources which are supposed to be ultimately taken over and the Syria through which the oil is suppose to be routed to the Mediterranean.

It may be that the initial attack on Syria was not from Hamas but a spark to light a larger fire, carried out by rogue elements. This latest violence would allow the West to label Hamas terrorists and Iran as a supporter of terrorism. Something that benefits and justifies US plans for the region.

Israel is right in the middle. If the war continues there will be more groups who will join to defend Palestine, which will lead to more bloodshed on both sides.

Once again we need to look at who benefits here? Does Israel benefit from the violence? Maybe, what with elections coming up. Does the US benefit? Of course they do, this will allow them to expand their operations in the region, under the pretext of defending Israel.

Depending on how they choose to play the current fighting and where supplies such as missiles are coming from (Iran?) this may allow them to launch another aggressive war and an invasion of Iran.

Who will suffer the most in the conflict? Palestine, unless the rest of the Muslim world comes to their rescue, which is not out of the question but which will destabilize the entire region even further and seriously damage Israel.

The question remains, is it possible that the US is ready to sacrifice Israel in order to reach its own ends and advance its geopolitical agenda in the region? Doubtful, but it is one possibility which needs to be looked at.

Victims of the Brutal Murderous Apartheid Israeli Occupiers

Boy Shot by Israel

Abdul-Rahman Mohammad al-Barghouthi


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