Pope Francis Being Blackmailed and Controlled by the NWO?



I have had a very serious problem with the pictures above and the others I have seen of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church kissing the hands of the NWO Zionist Cabal since the day I saw them years ago when I was working as a journalist for the Voice of Russia and now I have found a video of the event and it is even more disturbing than the mere photos. I would like you to watch the video of Pope Francis very carefully and pay attention to his body language, his movements and his face. He appears to be a person under extreme duress and in fact as he is terrified and expects to be killed or harmed at any minute. Watch the Mossad agents and the people around him very carefully.

The above video was disturbing when I found it but it was more disturbing given the fact of the contents of the e-mail that I found in the original trove that WikiLeaks is publishing Podesta e-mails from. The attachment below (photograph of the pope) referred to in the e-mail above is not on 

What happened to the two young girls and the child in the picture below. Who were these three young Asian girls at a Satanic "pizza" party organized by the demon to the right below and hosting no other Asians? Were these girls brought in by one of the many international foundations owned by the attendees of this deprived Satanic event? There must be an investigation.

The sender of the email, Ashok Mahbubani wrote that he had attached some pictures from a "pizza" party that "... Capture the spirit of the evening - at a couple of different levels." One of the photos is the one above of Pope Francis, the other I believe is a leader, or "the" leader of the Church of Satan.

The photograph of the Pope has a line across his lap perhaps an electric wire? Or he is tied down to the chair? If these Satanic demons who would do anything to control the Pope  are blackmailing or forcing Pope Francis into attending these Satanic parties I am sure it would be an outrage that the world must react to. 



Ashok Mahbubani 103 + 1 256 724 7503

The owner of Comet Pizza has made approximately 30 donations or contributions to the Clintons. Download the Excel worsheets here: COMET PIZZA

Due to the above I have decided to publish the first part of the Illuminati lists which includes Illuminati in the Vatican. If there is an honest investigator (and I am sure there is) among the Vatican Intelligence Services I ask you to make sure the Pope is okay and investigate the circumstances reflected here in these photos.

If this article helps the Vatican I would ask to consider annulling the Doctrine of Discovery.

Thank you and may God and the Great Spirit protect you.


Humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it – Pope Francis

22 January, 10:05

The outspoken new leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has sent a message to the global financial elites gathered in Davos Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum, an event where the richest of the rich and the world’s financial and political leaders gather to discuss pressing world issues and work out strategies and form alliances to ensure the status quo is maintained and that their businesses continue to grow, expand and profit.

There is usually little room at Davos for discussing the issues that directly concern the plight of the world's poor and the posh exclusive playboy surroundings of the InterContinental Davos luxury hotel and the exclusive resort 5,000 feet up in the Swiss Alps underline that fact, but this year it might seem that the elites are a little worried about the growing inequality in the world.

This year's get together titled: "The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business", is apparently an attempt at addressing growing inequality in the world and as the Guardian reports "international leaders are still in crisis mode".

The opening thematic for the forum states that "technology is creating huge social change, shifting power from traditional hierarchies to networked heterarchies", meaning that the wealth may have to be spread out a bit, which would explain why the most powerful of the powerful may be in crisis mode.

Pope Francis, a true and humble champion for the world's down trodden has taken the unusual and courageous step of addressing those responsible for the huge disparities in wealth worldwide and for the suffering of what some say is 99% of the world's population that is not a member of their exclusive club in order to implore the elites to finally pay attention to the suffering of their fellow humans and he pulled no Papal punches in doing so.

Marking the first time that a message from the Holly See has been presented to the forum, Pope Francis' comments were read to those gathered by Cardinal Peter Turkson. It was unclear why the Pope himself was not invited, as he has a world popularity rating any of those gathered would envy and has become what some might call the new moral compass of the world, but it would be in keeping with his shunning of the accoutrements of the rich and the elites, who he sees as responsible for the plight of their fellow humans.

In his message the Pope addressed to Professor Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the Pope called on participants to look at "the causes of the economic crisis affecting the world these past few years…"

After praising progress that had been made "…in different areas which have important consequences for the life of humanity", Pope Francis then stated that many achievements have "often have led to a widespread social exclusion. Indeed, the majority of the men and women of our time still continue to experience daily insecurity, often with dramatic consequences."

Pope Francis admonished attendees of the elite forum to attempt to be more inclusive saying it was responsibility: "I wish to emphasize the importance that the various political and economic sectors have in promoting an inclusive approach which takes into consideration the dignity of every human person and the common good. I am referring to a concern that ought to shape every political and economic decision, but which at times seems to be little more than an after-thought."

He called on the wealthy to help the weakest and most vulnerable:"Those working in these sectors have a precise responsibility towards others, particularly those who are most frail, weak and vulnerable. It is intolerable that thousands of people continue to die every day from hunger, even though substantial quantities of food are available, and often simply wasted."

Speaking of the millions of refugees worldwide displaced by the resource wars, seeming to address those directly responsible the Pope then stated: "Likewise, we cannot but be moved by the many refugees seeking minimally dignified living conditions, who not only fail to find hospitality, but often, tragically, perish in moving from place to place."

Pope Francis said his words were a challenge to those gathered to make a difference and a call for: "… decisions, mechanisms and processes directed to a better distribution of wealth, the creation of sources of employment and an integral promotion of the poor which goes beyond a simple welfare mentality."

The Pope's message comes against the backdrop of a report by Oxfam that shockingly concludes that 85 people, yes only 85, share the combined wealth of 3.5 billion of the world's poorest and among them hold approximately 1.6 trillion dollars.

According to Oxfam 1% of the global elites control about $110 trillion which is about 65 times more than the poorest 50% of the world's population. The Guardian reports that Winnie Byanyima, the Executive Director of Oxfam said: "It is staggering that in the 21st Century, half of the world's population – that's three and a half billion people – own no more than a tiny elite whose numbers could all fit comfortably on a double-decker bus."

Also coinciding with the start of "Davos", the International Monetary Fund is set to publish its latest World Economic Outlook which is expected to shed a positive light on forecasts for global GDP for the elites no doubt.


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