Pope Francis Being Blackmailed and Controlled by the NWO?

by John Robles 


I have had a very serious problem with the pictures above and the others I have seen of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church kissing the hands of the NWO Zionist Cabal since the day I saw them years ago when I was working as a journalist for the Voice of Russia and now I have found a video of the event and it is even more disturbing than the mere photos. I would like you to watch the video of Pope Francis very carefully and pay attention to his body language, his movements and his face. He appears to be a person under extreme duress and in fact as he is terrified and expects to be killed or harmed at any minute. Watch the Mossad agents and the people around him very carefully.

The above video was disturbing when I found it but it was more disturbing given the fact of the contents of the e-mail that I found in the original trove that WikiLeaks is publishing Podesta e-mails from. The attachment below (photograph of the pope) referred to in the e-mail above is not on 

What happened to the two young girls and the child in the picture below. Who were these three young Asian girls at a Satanic "pizza" party organized by the demon to the right below and hosting no other Asians? Were these girls brought in by one of the many international foundations owned by the attendees of this deprived Satanic event? There must be an investigation.

The sender of the email, Ashok Mahbubani wrote that he had attached some pictures from a "pizza" party that "... Capture the spirit of the evening - at a couple of different levels." One of the photos is the one above of Pope Francis, the other I believe is a leader, or "the" leader of the Church of Satan.

The photograph of the Pope has a line across his lap perhaps an electric wire? Or he is tied down to the chair? If these Satanic demons who would do anything to control the Pope  are blackmailing or forcing Pope Francis into attending these Satanic parties I am sure it would be an outrage that the world must react to. 



Ashok Mahbubani 103 + 1 256 724 7503

The owner of Comet Pizza has made approximately 30 donations or contributions to the Clintons. Download the Excel worsheets here: COMET PIZZA

Due to the above I have decided to publish the first part of the Illuminati lists which includes Illuminati in the Vatican. If there is an honest investigator (and I am sure there is) among the Vatican Intelligence Services I ask you to make sure the Pope is okay and investigate the circumstances reflected here in these photos.

If this article helps the Vatican I would ask to consider annulling the Doctrine of Discovery.

Thank you and may God and the Great Spirit protect you.



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